Markov, Galchenyuk to rejoin team; Gallagher headed home, while Scherbak, Andrighetto called up

Alex Galchenyuk #27 of the Montreal Canadiens skates during the NHL game against the Boston Bruins at the Bell Centre on November 8, 2016 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  The Montreal Canadiens defeated the Boston Bruins 3-2.  (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 672869373

The Canadiens announced Thursday that Brendan Gallagher will return to Montreal to be evaluated by team doctors after leaving Wednesday night’s game in Dallas with an injured left hand.

Gallagher took a shot from teammate Shea Weber off the hand in the third period and was in obvious pain.

Last season, Gallagher missed significant time with two broken broken fingers on the same hand.

The Habs also announced that injured defenceman Andrei Markov and No. 1 centre Alex Galchenyuk will join the team in Toronto for practice Friday.

Markov has been out with a groin injury, while Galchenyuk has been recovering from an injured knee.

The prognosis for Galchenyuk had him out until later this month, so news of his return to practice is a positive step in his recovery. 

With the Gallagher and Paul Byron injury, the Canadiens announced just after 5 p.m. Thursday that forwards Nikita Scherbak and Sven Andrighetto were being recalled from the IceCaps. 


  1. longtimehabsfan says:

    They’re all winners. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t give to be their age, playing hockey and a chance to play in the NHL.

    To Coach K: There were several times I turned to my father during the game and said boy did Canada get away with a non call.

    I thought team USA was more sound in their own end and had the better goalie. Canada didn’t play well as a unit in their own end. They left many players wide open in front of the net. If it wasn’t for some great checking along the boards USA would have won easily.

  2. bman123 says:

    Anyone have experience with going to watch the Habs practise at the MasterCard centre in Toronto. I’d like to take my 5 year old and 3 year old today.

  3. Timo says:

    I could have swore I was watching Habs powerplay over and over and over during this game. Ducharme would be a great next Habs coach. He’s got da system down.

    What a wasted opportunity.

  4. powerplay says:

    Great game!

    • berc says:

      I was there, and it was worth every penny. The overtime was incredibly exciting. Too bad the boys couldn’t pull it off, and too bad that such a good game has to end in a shootout. Loudest that I remember the Bell Centre since we beat Washington in game 6 in 2010. And glad to see the BJs’ winning streak come to an end.

  5. USA_Habs_Fan says:

    Wow. That last Canadian loser didn’t even get a shot off. His family should be ashamed of him. Can’t wait to hear the USA anthem being played in Canada.

    • Coach K says:

      I never get into flame wars on HIO but this is the one time I have to make an exception.

      Listen bud, that kind of classless lack of respect for an opponent is exactly why some Americans are hated. Lose with class, win with class. If you can’t then shut up.

      Referring to a teen-aged hockey player as a “loser” and saying his parents should be “ashamed of him” is revolting. Grow up.

      All that was proven by making such tasteless comments is that you’re probably the loser. I’m sure your parents are very proud.

      -Adversity Does Not Build Character…it Reveals it-
      (James Lane Allen)

    • Kvothe says:

      What kind of loser needs to go out of their way to post this? And how can you be a Habs fan and say stuff like this? Habs fans are classy people, you’re lacking that quality.

      To echo Coach K’s comments, why should a teenager at the pinnacle of the sport, and his parents, feel any shame?

      Sounds like you’re overcompensating for something, and internet comments won’t make that any better.

    • tonyhabsfan says:

      To all my friends in Canada, please understand that this guy in no way represents sane Americans who have nothing but respect for you, your culture and your love of hockey, and hopefully his Mom and Dad catch him on the computer past his bedtime and take away his computer.

      Habs fan- the very definition of insanity for 20+years…..

      • Coach K says:

        No need to apologize on his behalf. Its his mess not yours. And you must be right since he hasn’t replied.

        The closest thing this person ever came to playing anything at this level is on an XBox that his mummy and daddy probably just took away from him for the next two weeks.

        -Adversity Does Not Build Character…it Reveals it-
        (James Lane Allen)

    • Cheech says:

      Yanks were the better team but at the end of the day you got Trump !

    • toneez says:

      Canadian Loser ??? Really … I believe we were all winners being treated to a spectacular game , unfortunately only one team can win , and as far as the USA Anthem , well we hear it in every Canadian city before the game whenever we play an American Team so what’s your point ?

      All Habs all the Time

  6. Duffy says:

    Better team won, you don’t blow two 2 goal leads and expect you win

  7. HNS says:

    The shoot out is BS.

  8. filchock79 says:

    What a wonderful victory by the Yanks. Overcame a pair of two goal deficits to beat a determined Canadian team and two biased refs. Bravo and Amen!

  9. FormalWare says:

    Another great WJC tournament. The best team won.

    “Good Luck With That,” Habs!

  10. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Feel terrible for Roy. He played great. Congrats to both teams. Ending championship games with shoot-outs is ludicrous.

  11. CH Sam says:

    wow.. what a way to lose..

  12. PK says:

    Heartbreak in Montreal.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    “Une équipe de hockey sur glace de l’île de Mont-Royal va gagner la Coupe de Lord Stanley à 24 reprises dans le 20e siècle et trois fois au cours du 21e siècle.”

    – Nostradamus, 1552

  13. StanleyHab says:

    Who cares.

  14. Coach K says:

    Bummer. No shame in losing to that team.

    -Adversity Does Not Build Character…it Reveals it-
    (James Lane Allen)

  15. Timo says:

    They deserved to lose. Absolutely talentless.

  16. FormalWare says:

    Good thing I’m not into gambling. I’d have bet a lot of money this wasn’t gonna get to a shootout.

    “Good Luck With That,” Habs!

  17. Coach K says:

    Regardless what happens this has been one hell of a game between two very well matched teams. Both teams giving an inch but only an inch. These kids are absolutely gassed. What a game!

    -Adversity Does Not Build Character…it Reveals it-
    (James Lane Allen)

  18. Timo says:

    Advantage US. Their goalie is much better.

    • Coach K says:

      most likely. no defence can help him now…

      -Adversity Does Not Build Character…it Reveals it-
      (James Lane Allen)

      • Coach K says:

        In fairness to Hart he was great in the shootout. The shooters, not so much. Nothing wrong with silver.

        -Adversity Does Not Build Character…it Reveals it-
        (James Lane Allen)

        • eddie 56 says:

          Indeed, better outing than last year that’s for sure. Thought the kids really stepped up their game, only head scratcher, and correct me if I’m wrong but, were any of the Canadian goal scorers out there for the shootout? Felt like no. Thought Gauthier deserved a chance, am I blind was he there?

          Play PK, just Play

  19. Duffy says:

    The US Goalie will be the shoot out winner,

  20. savethepuck says:

    This Jr game is definitely entertaining.

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

    • berc says:

      I bought a ticket last night after finding out that Canada had made it to the final. Debated selling it before the game, but decided I had to be there. It was a good decision. Very entertaining hockey game. Most of these guys have a long way to go until they are nhl-calibre. U.S. was bigger and faster, but Canada played with more heart. Lots of bad giveaways and lots of plays that you would never see in the NHL, but it sure was exciting. Canadian coaching may have been deficient–after the third U.S. goal, there didn’t seem to be any change in game plan and the U.S. really took the play to them. Great performance by Canada in the overtime, but just couldn’t quite get it done.

  21. Coach K says:

    Hate to admit it but the refs do seem to have a bias in favour of Canada…

    -Adversity Does Not Build Character…it Reveals it-
    (James Lane Allen)

  22. CH Sam says:

    new thread… literally

  23. PK says:

    Gauthier and Roy look just as good as Dubois, at least in this tournament. Too bad that the Habs did not – or were not able to -draft one of them.

  24. Duffy says:

    The US will win, better goalie,,,

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