Canadiens announce camp roster, sign Trotter


Canadiens first-round pick Nathan Beaulieu.

The Canadiens signed Brock Trotter to a one-year, two-way deal on Monday, and also announced the 12 players who will take part in the second part of the club’s development camp, which runs July 6-8 at the Bell Sports complex in Brossard.

In 2010-11, Trotter registered 26 points (nine goals, 17 assists) in 49 games with Riga of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL).

Trotter, 24, played 172 regular season games with the AHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs from 2007-08 to 2009-10, recording 135 points (57 goals, 78 assists).
A native of Brandon, Manitoba, Trotter joined the Canadiens as a free agent on February 7, 2008 after three seasons with the WCHA University of Denver Pioneers. He led the team in scoring with 40 points in 40 games in 2006-07.

For the development camp, the list of prospects includes all seven players chosen at the 2011 NHL Entry Draft last month.

The Canadiens prospects will first take to the ice on Wednesday, July 6, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. The development camp consists of two on-ice training daily sessions at the Bell Sports Complex. All practices are open to the public. Off-ice conditioning sessions are also scheduled each day.

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  1. Dulljerk says:

    Add Josh McFadden of the Sudbury Wolves.

  2. SyntaxLove says:

    Seems like Phoenix & Colorado will be completing very closely for worst team in the West/League next year.

  3. hobbsie says:

    eklund wat an ass!! give me a break!! jf jacques not bad for the fourth line with another addition would make us honest! ive always believed that st louis was more a leader than the other guy anyways i love his heart! i guess we will wait and see but we need to add to the bottom 6 anyways! who”s going to replace capt kirk????

    red white and true

  4. HabsFan24Cups says:

    If the Habs are going to try to steal someone like TO did, why not try for a dark horse like Geoffrion from Nashville? It would be nice to have a legitimate 4th generation HAB (Morenz, Boom Boom, etc)

    The current woes can be traced to that fateful October when Houle was hired as GM and he hired Mario and the Roadrunner. The team they had in front of them was picked apart in order to bring back people like Richer because he was a fan favorite.

    Is there a petition that we can start to bar Houle from being an ambassador for the team? He set us back 10-15 years

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      There is so much to that story, someone should write a book.

      Rejean Houle was a Molson flak before he got the job. My sister met him at a meeting at a PR firm she used to work at. She said he was totally stiff and awkward and came across as a really dim bulb, in both official languages. She didn’t follow hockey and didn’t know who he was, so she quizzed me on him, and I explained how he was a junior star but an underwhelming pro. I told her the story of the wag on a call-in show who had said he had more “points sur la figure (stitches on his face)” than points on the ice.

      Anyway, Ronald Corey is the great underappreciated villain and boob in this story, he felt he needed to replace Serge Savard as GM (we all did, we were so spoiled) but didn’t have a candidate in waiting. He panicked and got company man (and family screwup) Mr. Houle and gave him the keys to the family car, which he promptly rolled into the ditch.

      He definitely should not be employed by the Canadiens, he and Mr. Tremblay should not allowed to touch anything related to the team, for everything they touch turns to sludge.

      Let’s do something like this again: 1) Mike Cammalleri 2) Brian Gionta 3) Hall Gill

      • db says:

        Rejean Houle is a really nice man. Doesn’t know hockey, shouldn’t have been there. But, he’s family. We take care of our own.

      • Marc10 says:

        Rejean is a nice guy. He shouldn’t have volunteered for that assignment and Corey shouldn’t have given it to him.

        Tremblay and Cournoyer were also in over their heads…

        That said, the error lies with Savard. He started the process by offloading under performing Leclair and slightly off pace Desjardins for Dr Recchi — to the Flyers no less! Enough said. That started the great unravelling of the Habs.

        So I wouldn’t hang it all on Rej. He traded Saint Pat in an equally disastrous deal, but I it’s not all on him or Le Bleuet. There’s plenty of blame to go around…

        “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”.
        Andy Warhol

        Go PK Go!

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          Serge Savard had some whoppers during his reign, but he righted the ship after the Grundman regime.

          Quick story about how I was working an overnight security shift at the Jazz Festival when the news broke that Chris Chelios had been traded for Denis Savard. Our shift supervisor was Andre Savard, Denis’ big brother if I remember correctly, but it might have been a cousin. Anyway, we were kind of teasing him on the radio and during breaks that we’d given up too much for Denis, that he was too old, … Anyway, it was a little uneasy, because we were happy for him, and all regretted drafting Doug Wickenheiser instead of Mr. Savard, but we all thought it was a bad trade.

          Having said that, Chris Chelios had become unmanageable in Montreal, Serge Savard’s hands were a little bit tied on that one, I just wish he had gotten much better value.

          As far as Mr. Houle being a good decent guy, I believe it, but that shouldn’t be enough to qualify for the job. Once again, when Serge Savard became the GM, we all bought in, he fit the role. All the cries on this medium about Mr. Gauthier being a vegetarian, we didn’t hear any of that when Serge Savard took over, he inspired confidence. Mr. Houle was diametrically opposed as a personality to Mr. Savard, even back as a player.

          Thought experiment: if someone told you that Brian Gionta or Hal Gill ten years in the future or so is the GM of the Canadiens, or that Mike Cammalleri or Josh Gorges fifteen years from now are coaches for the team. You think to yourself that that’s plausible. It fits. But if you hear Stephane Richer or Andrei Kostitsyn, that doesn’t fit. Your gut tells you that’s amiss.

          Let’s do something like this again: 1) Mike Cammalleri 2) Brian Gionta 3) Hall Gill

          • neumann103 says:

            I find the threading of the new HIO comments hard to follow, but this is a great point (although I am not sure what it is in response to).

            I remember back in the day, even as a kid, thinking that Robinson or Lemaire or Savard or Dryden would make a good coach (probably didn’t even consider a GM position) but it would have seemed ludicrous for Lafleur (even though he was the guy we all aspired to emulate) or Tremblay (even though I loved the guy as a player and wore #14 as a kid) to occupy a meaningful front office position.

            “Et le but!”

  5. naweed235 says:

    how would you guys like it if PG gives Kovalev a 1 yr / $ 2M contract to play our third line and power play? I think it would be great

    Cole – Pleks – Cammi
    Gio – Gomez – Patch
    A-Kost – Eller – Kovy
    Moen / White – DD – Darche

    Markov – Yemelin
    Pk – Gill
    Gorges – Spacek / Webber

    That’s a pretty deep line up if you ask me…
    this also gives us the option to switch Kovalev and Kost. occasionally in the first two lines if things are not going well…
    I know Kovalev has been pretty much $hit since he left Mtl but I think the fact of being back in the city and the fans would definitly put us in a spot to make a deep playoff run…

  6. db says:

    Anyone else hear the Habs offered JF Jacques a 2way deal? He’s tough too, right?

    • Timo says:

      Something like that. Didn’t he used to play for the Ducks? Or the Wild?

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Here’s his blurb from Hockey’s Future, but it looks like the last time it was updated was 2008.

      I like the last sentence. Food for thought for those who say there is/isn’t a bias against LHJMQ/French Canadian players.

      “Jacques has deceptively good speed for a big winger and a shot as hard as it is inaccurate. Jacques can crush opponents with his checking and possesses the strength to hold off defensemen in tight and along the boards. He has all the tools of a power forward, and although not one to initiate a fight he isn’t shy about accepting an invitation.

      Jacques has been his own worst enemy. His focus has been on point production instead of concentrating on what is expected of him at the NHL level. In junior and in the AHL he has been a scorer but that is not his role in the NHL.

      His English is very strong.”

      Let’s do something like this again: 1) Mike Cammalleri 2) Brian Gionta 3) Hall Gill

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      From the Edmonton Journal:

      Today, to the delight of most Oilers fans, Jean-Francois Jacques was not qualified. He will no longer be an Edmonton Oiler.

      Oilers fans can be cruel at times, but there’s nothing cruel about them being happy that the player known as JFJ is now off the team.

      The fact is, Jacques was given a chance, another chance, and another chance, but he simply isn’t an NHL player at this point.

      He was OK when it came to hitting, but when it came to everything else it takes to win NHL hockey games, he was not OK, not even close.

      For example, in 160 NHL games, playing as a wing with the least amount of defensive responsibility and the best chance to put up points, and also playing against the weakest competition of almost any Oilers forward, Jacques scored just nine goals.

      Let’s do something like this again: 1) Mike Cammalleri 2) Brian Gionta 3) Hall Gill

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Jacques is listed at 6’3″, 230 lbs.


      ““After 2- years of waiting (because of back and wrist injuries) I’m finally going to come to camp healthy, but obviously not with the Oilers,” he said. “I’ve been with the Oilers my whole hockey life and this is going to be different.
      “It’s a little bit weird, but I thought two years ago when Pat Quinn was coaching I started to grow as a player and, if I can stay healthy, I can help teams. It’s not like I’m 35 and on the verge of retiring.”
      Jacques, who played 51 games last season and 160 in his Oilers career, has been a bit of an enigma. He’s a hard-skating, 230-pound guy who hits and can fight. But he hasn’t put it all together, his injuries certainly cramping his style, although the Oilers wanted him to be harder on the puck-carrier.
      Now, he’ll find out if another team wants him.
      At first blush, the Montreal Canadiens, who have a small army of small forwards, would seem a natural. Jacques was born in Montreal and lives there.
      “You never know. I don’t think I’ll get a lot of calls on Friday (the NHL’s first day of free agency). They’ll come in the days and weeks after,” said Jacques, who talked to Pouliot on Monday.
      Pouliot was in the same boat last year and was signed later by the Tampa Bay Lightning, but was traded to the Phoenix Coyotes for a seventh-round draft pick this past weekend. The Lightning chose Mike Peca’s son, Matthew, with the 201st pick.”

      Let’s do something like this again: 1) Mike Cammalleri 2) Brian Gionta 3) Hall Gill

  7. HardHabits says:


    Pat Hickey is reporting the Habs might sign Konopka.

    And I qoute:

    Gauthier might want to think about adding some grit on the bottom two lines. The Islanders’ Zenon Konopka is still available.

    • Bugs says:

      How is that “Habs might sign Konopka”?
      I read “Imo, we need grit. I like Konopka.”
      Habs have nothing to do with it in that quote you provide.
      Are there any ACTUAL quotes that say Habs might sign Konopka in the article?

      Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

      • TomNickle says:

        Quotation of a Habs executive saying they may sign Konopka isn’t really news worthy though is it? They may trade for Crosby.

        • Bugs says:

          If it WAS a quote of an exec saying they might sign Konopka, it might or mightn’t be.
          All beside the point since it’s NOT a quote of ANYBODY saying they may sign Konopka.
          Rather, it’s a quote of Hickey bemoaning what he perceives as a lack of grit on our team and hinting that he, personally, wouldn’t mind having Konopka by pointing out his availability.

          Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

    • Bill says:

      Proof that Hickey reads HIO and, like Boone perhaps, is susceptible to its contagion. I say that with love.

      Konopka has “grit”, but so does bad motor oil. He fights a lot, but not particularly well, and mostly against middleweights. Not that fighting counts for anything, but if you’re going to fight, you might as well win.

      He can take faceoffs. But he can’t skate, score, or defend. At an even 6’0 and 200lbs, he’s not even particularly big.


      Full Breezer 4 Life

  8. emann_222 says:

    Don’t know where my comment vanished to, but let me say again – Beaulieu, Archambeault, Nygren, and Pribyl on that list is EXCEPTIONAL.

    I can’t wait to see what the next 5-7 years brings.

    I’m also happy with the Cole signing. I’d love to hear your thoughts too. Here’s a link ( to my guest post on – “Canadiens Free Agency depth Plan”.
    ope to see your thoughts and comments there.

    Visit me at and

  9. habs_r_us says:

    Not saying this would ever happen but after watching what happend with toronto aquiring a defensive gem in cody franson in return for a little salary relief i wonder if a team (not necesarily montreal) is able to pry a top young talent like okposo or even tavares from the islanders in return for taking and eating the ridiculous dipietro contract

    • christophor says:

      Gomert, Lar Zeller, and a 1st for DP-etro and Jonta Varez.

      Bury DP in Hammerton.

      A pleasant scenario but as likely to happen as all these players (and one city) legally switching to these names (though, I think JT should consider ‘Jonta Varez’ as it sound very Star-Wars-scoundrel-ish).

      • habs_r_us says:

        its brain candy to think of. islanders who lose money every year would save roughly 40million dollars if nashville would trade a stud like franson for mearly 3.5$ in salary relief i wonder what 40 million is worth

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