Canadiens acquire Wisniewski

AUDIO: Pierre Gauthier

The Canadiens have acquired defenceman James Wisniewski from the New York
Islanders in return for a
compensatory second round pick in 2011, and a conditional fifth round
pick in 2012.

Wisniewski, who will be 27 in February, is a righthanded shot (like P.K. Subban and Yannick Weber) who’s listed at 5’11” and a solid 205 lbs. He is scheduled to join the team tomorrow in Tampa Bay.

The defenceman is making $3.25 million this season and is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.


The team’s release:

Montreal Canadiens general manager Pierre Gauthier announced today that the team acquired defenseman James Wisniewski from the New York Islanders, in return for a compensatory second round pick in 2011, and a conditional fifth round pick in 2012. Wisniewski is scheduled to join the team on Wednesday in Tampa Bay.
Wisniewski, 26, played in 32 of the Islanders’ 34 games thus far this season. He leads the team defensemen in scoring (18th in the NHL) with 21 points (3 goals, 18 assists) while averaging 23:14 of time on ice. He also registered 71 shots on goal, tallied three powerplay goals and amassed 18 penalty minutes. The 5’11 and 208 lbs defenseman registered a point in his last five games (1-4-5). He also recorded a point in his
first seven games of the season (2 goals, 9 assists).
Since he first joined the NHL back in 2005-06, Wisniewski recorded a total of 118 points (20 goals, 98 assists) in 286 regular season games with the Chicago Blackhawks, the Anaheim Ducks and the New York
Islanders. He also registered 468 shots on goal and scored seven powerplay goals. Wisniewski added three points (1-2-3) and 16 shots on goal in 12 playoff games with the Ducks in 2009.
A native of Canton, Michigan, Wisniewski was a fifth-round selection, 156th overall by the Chicago
Blackhawks at the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.
Wisniewski played his junior hockey with the Plymouth Whalers in the Ontario Hockey League between 2000 and 2004. Following the 2003-04 season when he recorded 70 points in 50 regular season games (17
goals, 53 assists), he was selected to the OHL and the Canadian Hockey League First All-Star Teams, and was named the OHL and the CHL Defenseman of the Year. He also represented the United States at the World Junior Championships in 2003 and 2004.


  1. zak says:

    He plays defence

  2. davelecave says:

    Maybe if we were talking about basketball, O’byrne would be a better choice.  Unfortunately he can’t lay a hit for beans, and he certainly can’t put the puck in the net. 

  3. drivefor25 says:

    Fischer is no longer in the Canadiens’ plans. Because the Habs declined to sign Fischer (a former first-rounder), they received a compensatory second-round pick in the 2011 entry draft. That’s the pick that’s going to the Isles for Wisniewski.


    Fan since ’71

  4. Malreg says:

    The Canadiens never signed David Fischer to a contract, therfore they received a 2nd round draft pick in 2011 as compensation.

    That is the pick they traded for the Wiz.

  5. Keith says:

    CANADA!!! Shorthanded, Louis LeBlanc!!!

  6. MTLForever says:

    LOUIS LEBLANC!!!!!!!

  7. shiram says:

    Can someone explain how this implicates David Fischer??

  8. Former Jets Fan says:

    Wizniewski’s 13 PP points are only one less than Hamrlik, Subban and Spacek (the Habs top-3 D in that category) combined. 

    The trade pushes Weber and Picard, deservedly, down the depth chart.

  9. Mattyleg says:

    I’m happy with this! Looking forward to seeing JW laying on some big hits.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  10. MTLForever says:

    id send weber back, play PK and have Picard in press box, Picard has scored lately yes..however, brutal mistakes

  11. Mattyleg says:

    (high dumb-blonde girly voice) “Another good trade for PG!”

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  12. SeriousFan09 says:

    Heard this trade on TSN watching the game and was worried about cost, nice pick-up I believe, solidifies the D and gives the Habs option to rest Gorges a bit now so he can heal.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  13. MTLForever says:

    the way Martin has handled PK I would not be surprised but I would be pissed if he is sent down

  14. zak says:

    Another good trade for PG. OB was making 1.something mil and a smaller Wishnewski is making 3.25. Oh Bournival should be ready to jump into a Habs uni in about 4 yrs.

  15. Graves says:

    It’s probably a good bet that Weber will be sent down to Hamilton. As for who plays between Picard and Subban, I don’t have a clue, but one or the other will end up in the press box unless Martin decides to roll seven defencemen.

  16. deuce6 says:


    +/- is a team stat..It’s over rated, IMO..

    AK46 is our team leader..LOL

  17. slapshot777 says:

    Great pick up, without giving up any roster players and also gives us a better threat on the powerplay. The cap hit is 3 million which still gives us some room for a forwad if need be. Gauthier and Gainey are doing a great job on putting another piece of the puzzle together. He will hopefully resign here and take the place of one of our aging d-men.


    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  18. deuce6 says:

    Gorges has been playing hurt, Weber was brought in the help the PP, and Picard is a journey man..

    We have 3 D man that are impending UFAs, one of which has a blown out knee, the other 2 are old..

    James Wisniewski is 26 years of age..It’s a no brainer we re up him..So the pick is not a loss..

    This kinda rights it in stone for Hamrlik after this season, IMO..

  19. bigjames says:

    i like bigjames myself, but hey i may be biased…

  20. Sportfan says:

    Now please please please dont bite my head off but can someone explain to me the trade and what that means it will happen to pk yannick and picard im just curious like i kinda understand why and i like the trade but could some one explain it better to me please

  21. Bugs says:

    Funny, but maybe inappropriate.

    Unquestionably unquestionable, I think I’m

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order:

  22. Bar says:

    Actually I would be surprised if it was Webber who went down not Subban, not that I think it should be that way, just the way I think it’ll turn out.

  23. shiram says:

    I noticed that as well, and came to the same conclusion. Also on his other season he has been a mostly plus player, except last year with the ducks a -5.

  24. thebigguy says:

    Another great move by Gauthier!
    I wonder b/w Pickard, Weber and Subban who becomes our 6th and 7th.


    It’d be nice if Markov’s back for the playoffs. Think of the offensive capabilities of a top 6 that has Markov, the Wiz and,depending on development , Subban or Weber.

  25. Shiloh says:

    How about WhizJam?

  26. habsfan321 says:

    I love how they just omit the fact that he’s -18 from the press release…

    …though he was playing for the Islanders.

  27. RGM says:

    Good move – the Habs badly need somebody to help out on the blueline.
    With Markov gone, Josh hurt, the geezers being turnover machines, PK in
    the pressbox instead of on the ice, and Picard and Weber giving me fits
    every night, something was needed to shore up the corps. I’d imagine
    he’ll be on the PP.

    Go Habs Go!

  28. shiram says:

    You gotta think some nickname is coming up for him… Wiz, Wizard… whatever, as long as we dont type out his whole last name.

    Seems like a good trade to me, and he could definately be back come next season as well.

  29. Shiloh says:

    Nice pick up – and so necessary. If he can move the puck offensively it can only help our forwards – especially the Pleks line. He’s young, he has an edge – and the timing couldn’t be better. If he pans out and wants to stay we could have a valuable d-man for the next five years or so. If he bails, it hasn’t cost us much. 

  30. habbyone says:

    The Noose is on the loose. Me likes!

  31. Graves says:

    I really like this trade. I may not be the biggest fan of the coach, but I have to say that I like the work that Gauthier’s done so far. He seems pretty adept at making moves that address the needs of the team.

    For anyone interested, here’s some of Wisniewski’s physical work:

    And fights: (vs. Yandle) (vs. Boynton) (vs. Tootoo)

  32. Keith says:

    He is a mean SOB, but now he’s OUR mean SOB. Good move I think and it fills a huge need without Markov in the mix. I like it alot! Can’t wait to see him play in Tampa.

  33. Bugs says:

    So, are we cool with callin’m “Jimmy”?

    Cuz I ain’t down with fightin with the keyboard every time I wanna mention “Wisniewski”.

    Unquestionably unquestionable, I think I’m

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order:

  34. MTLForever says:

    right i believe

  35. MTLForever says:

    I like this! Why? we didn’t lose a player for him and used the pick we got cuz we didnt sign Fischer. Now, do you send Weber back down or carry 8 dmen with you?

  36. Top Corner says:

    Holeeeeeeeeeee sh!t    YES YES YES……me sa pumped

  37. Former Jets Fan says:

    Good pickup by the Goat.  The Wiz is the type of player you love to hate until he’s on your team.  The powerplay will benefit from his shot, and the blueline in general should benefit from his nastiness.  Will be interesting to see the D pairings going forward, and hopefully this spells the end of Picard.  Somebody save me a google – does he shoot R or L?

  38. Jon Hackett says:

    To steal a comment from someone on another site…


    “I bet this trade really blew him away”

  39. Chuck says:

    Not a bad way to plug that hole. Too bad that he won’t be available tonight, though.

    Centre Hice: Top-10 worst Hab nicknames

  40. smiler2729 says:

    Nice pick up and he’s mean!

  41. deuce6 says:

    Wisniewski is a great pick up, but for those that say he brings size, he is only 5’11” and 205lbs.

    He can play a physical game and his shot is like out of a cannon..We gave next to nothing to get him…

    Good deal, IMO

  42. yukonhab says:

    Christmas just keeps on giving! Great aquistition for this Team right now. Hope he becomes King James! lol!

  43. K-hab25 says:

    Hammer- Subban / Spacek- Wisniewski / Gill- Georges

  44. HardHabits says:

    Yes! I called this a while back. I like!!!

  45. MikeMcLaren says:

    Me too!  I was trying to go back and search my own posts for it.  Turns out it was only like 6 days ago though…

    Submitted by MikeMcLaren on Wed, 12/22/2010 – 22:46.

    Gauthier will pick up Wisniewski… that’s what I say.

    Can I start a website now and have people pay me for these insights?


  46. ESundy36 says:

    My dad and I were commenting at the game Sunday night how nice it would be to have a defenseman with some size and the ability to put up some modest numbers like a Wisniewski on the blue line.

  47. Harani says:

    Habs do some boxing day shopping while waiting in Long Island. Great addition with a cap hit of 3.25. He’ll help the PP and he’s a right-handed shot! And I think that means  Picard and/Weber in the pressbox = less heart-attacks.

    “It must be love!”

  48. kempie says:

    He scored on us the other night. To be fair, so did everyone else.

  49. RJB says:

    Awesome trade, great deal for the Habs

    “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”
    – Bilbo Baggins

  50. kempie says:

    Un-freaking-real. He is honestly the one guy who is at the top of my realistic list of possible acquisitions right now. Unreal. And for a second and a fifth? This is very good news. 

    There is a Santa Clause!

  51. thorandresson says:

    Yup, you land the guy who could possibly be the solution at D and you don’t lose any players, great deal!

  52. iHeart Les Habitants says:

    I like it.  I like it a lot.

  53. Harani says:

    And the second round pick the Habs are giving is the compensatory one the Habs are getting for not signing 1st round pick David Fischer not the Habs real second rounder.

    “It must be love!”

  54. thorandresson says:

    So we’re getting Wizneiski for Fischer? and the 5th round conditional is if we sign the Wiz?

  55. K-hab25 says:

    He’s the D-man I’ve wanted, well realistically thought we could obtain, and now for a 2 and a 5 he’s ours. One word, SWEET!!!

  56. habguy says:

    2 draft picks for a guy who’s only a rental for 4 months.

    I say, Gauthier screwed the habs out of 2 more draft picks,same scenario as Dominic Moore.

    when will our incompetent GM ever stop giving away drfat picks?


  57. itpf says:

    So, Wisni’s cap hit this year is 3 mil, and he’s an UFA at the end of this year? (

    Sounds good to me! also seems like an awful trade for the Islanders. Make Mike Milbury still has some sway over there.

  58. Harani says:

    That is correct! But Habs dont have a 2nd rounder anyway (traded for Dominic Moore)

    “It must be love!”

  59. K-hab25 says:

    LMAO, go talk to one of your negative nancy hater brotherhood, your BS falls on deaf ears with me.

  60. db says:

    5th rounder for signing rights,  2nd rounder for the player… I believe its a pick at the end of the 2nd round, for not signing our first round bust. 


    How many second rounders are playing for us right now?

  61. MTLForever says:

    LOLOL the second pick is NBD cuz it’s from Fischer.

  62. Graves says:

    Yeah, that Moore trade was terrible, it’s not like he scored a handful of huge goals in the series against the Caps and the Pens or anything.

    …wait what?

  63. thebigguy says:

    Our extra second round pick. The 5’s if he resigns.

    Cry me a river.

  64. HardHabits says:

    habguy disapproves. It must be a brilliant move then!!!

  65. HardHabits says:

    Ah the irony.

  66. Danno says:

    Louis Leblanc scores a shorty. And it’s a beauty!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  67. JasonM says:

    Nice goal by Leblanc. Nice chippy game too.

    Looks like a good enough trade. Habs needed some help on D. Unsure how this will help Subban but should hopefully put the habs out of their stinkfest the last 10 games. Wisniewski is a solid team player.

  68. MTLForever says:

    i can see weber going back to the pound and having picard in the press box depending on his play, which has not been good lately. PK needs the playing time!

  69. John Q Public says:

    a wonderful latent meanstreak. We need more like this.

  70. Everlasting1 says:

    This could turn out to be a pricey band-aid on D, but this is an organization used to running things by the seat of their pants. The possibility in acquiring a top 6 forward at trade deadline grows slim.



     “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  71. Harani says:

    Habs have close to 4 million in cap space to add someone at the deadline. This is a good deal. We need help on D and it was time to address it! 

    Habs actually did a good thing by not waiting and closing the deal now/

  72. db says:

    We still have some cap space.. more and more every day.  The team is serious about winning now… a mean, rigt handed solid dman for a 2nd round pick that might play for the CH in 5 years.  Deal.  Good for the Isles for getting something for a UFA.

  73. Mattyleg says:

    How does it smell under that bridge?

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  74. Sith says:

    So far its a steal. Lets see how he does with the team.

  75. Pat8987 says:

    I love watching these world juniors and looking at the prospects and thinking “what players do they play like in the NHL”….


    Louis Leblanc = a young Ryan Getzlaf….same hands and vision (we have a beauty here)

  76. W35T5ID3 says:

        If he’s anything resembling the getzlaf guy then good mofo’ing job hab scouts!

  77. gerrymjrb says:

    I like what I see in these videos. Habs need a guy like that. 

  78. JasonM says:

    I’ll be honest with you, I see it the other way around. Sadly.


    Unless someone else gets hurt…


  79. MTLForever says:

    habs inside out will blow up if so haha

  80. rocketsglare says:

    Good pick up by the team. Wisniewski can move the puck and score the occasional goal, but more importantly, he

    plays a physical game. Should help the D and PP.

    Go Habs Go!

  81. Mattyleg says:

    Yet another reason that Pierre McGuire is a ding-dong: he feels the need to comment on things before he’s watched them properly.

    That Czech kid definitely got the Canadian player’s shoulder in the jaw. It’s clear on every replay, but because he yelled that there was no contact with his head after the first, unclear, replay, he has to keep saying it.

    He’s said it about 20 times, indicating that he doesn’t believe it himself, and is trying to convince himself of it.

    So ‘fatiguant’…

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  82. W35T5ID3 says:

    No it wasnt high and to the jaw.Kassians shoulder clearly hitting the chest of the czech guy and below the jaw.If anything he’s just totally jolted and winded.WTF man.It was a good hit.Watch replay again boy and get them specs checked if u r havin trouble seeing clearly.

  83. W35T5ID3 says:

    No it wasnt high and to the jaw.Kassians shoulder clearly hitting the chest of the czech guy and below the jaw.If anything he’s just totally jolted and winded.WTF man.It was a good hit.Watch replay again boy and get them specs checked if u r havin trouble seeing clearly.

  84. W35T5ID3 says:

    No it wasnt high and to the jaw.Kassians shoulder clearly hitting the chest of the czech guy and below the jaw.If anything he’s just totally jolted and winded.WTF man.It was a good hit.Watch replay again boy and get them specs checked if u r havin trouble seeing clearly.

  85. Lazarus_taxa says:

    Totally agree!  Gord Miller is slowly warming Pierre up to the fact that there was a shoulder to the head.  You clearly have to tread lightly with a ding-dong like mcguire.  Before the period ended he said “Unless he got his visor…”.  It’s not blantant, but it’s there…

  86. 24moreCups says:

    I don’t really think it was a high hit actually, I agree from one of the angles it looks like it could be a head shot by the way the Czech payers head jerked back.

    But from the first angle I saw(which was the one where you can see the Canadian player from the front) it didn’t look like his shoulder hit the Czech players head.

    Wow! as I was typing it’s now 6-1 they score again so.. make that 7-1!! haha

  87. habs365 says:

    finally we have two Dmen that will hit..Subban and Wisniewski..martin don’t blow it..they will help save your job..great move by PG & Gainey..also Wisniewski is still young..point of interest he’s a -18

  88. deuce6 says:

    Why does everyone bring up the -18? lol

    He played for the NYI..Besides, it’s such an over rated stat…

  89. Everlasting1 says:

    What a roofer..Canada up 5-1 after 2.



    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  90. Habs Fan in LeafLand says:

    I love this deal. He was one of the dmen becoming unrestricted free agents at season’s end that I had my eyes on for the Habs. This was reinforced watching him in the game on the island the other night, thinking “Man we should get that guy.”

    He adds much needed grit and a great shot. As the top scoring dman for the Isles, he was also the 3rd leading scorer on the team. He’s small at only 5’11, but doesn’t play like it.

    Nice move Mnsr. DG!!!

  91. SmartDog says:

    I’m glad people are glad! …. but I don’t know this guy well so was just reading…. can someone tell me, why he was traded twice (by the Blackhawks and Ducks) for a bag of pucks and a coupla pogos?   Just trying to get the full picture here.


  92. petefleet says:

    Leaves me to wonder how bad Gorges injury is and also might say PK is headed to the minors.  That’s a log jam on defense.  Hammer, Spaecek, Weber, Subban, Gorges, Gill, and Picard.  They only need 6 and one in the press box.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  93. deuce6 says:

    Hard to say, but both teams were in pretty bad shape cap wise, in recent years….Could have been a cap casualty…

  94. W35T5ID3 says:

    I guess the smart dog doesnt know his poop?No?

  95. SmartDog says:

    I suppose… but cap casualty twice sounds like he was overpaid and two teams figured that out.  Still as a short term guy may be well worth it, I’m not criticizing I’m just trying to see what he is and isn’t.


  96. Bugs says:

    You know, I don’t usuaully do this, but I got two dollars says PK DOESN’T get sent to the minors. Call it a hunch. Two dollars. You in?
    Unquestionably unquestionable, I think I’m

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order:

  97. deuce6 says:

    I’m hoping Hammer and Spacek get less time….Gorges needs to get healthy.

  98. W35T5ID3 says:

    If subban gets demoted to the ahl im seriously gonna go balistic mad crazy pizzed off.GRRRR.Stop messin with our young phenoms JM.

  99. MTLForever says:

    i’d rather send weber back. if PK is sent down, all hell will break loose

  100. sims says:

    love the acquisition.

    louis leblanc is worth getting excited about too!

  101. Ron says:

    I think Weber will be sent back to Ham before PK. Picard will take the box unless injuries start to plague us again.

  102. keepthefaith says:

    congrats to the poster who kept sayin we were gonna get this guy. Now can Picard finally sit ?

  103. j2w4habs25 says:

    Lou Lou Lou!!! Nice Shorty by Louis Lablanc ;;)



  104. Lazarus_taxa says:

    Great pickup!!  Great shot, and some grit that was lacking…. I’m very happy about this move.

  105. VancouverHab says:

    Yeah, because, you know, no fun celebrating the delivery of a free silver cloud without looking hard for the dark lining….


  106. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    I’m glad that it worked to Montreal’s advantage this time around, but I still don’t completely understand (or even really agree with) the rule stating that the NHL gives you an extra draft pick if you don’t sign the guy you picked years ago…..”a wasted pick is a wasted pick” sounds fair to me

  107. W35T5ID3 says:

    Sorry for all the double and even triple posts…LOL….i dont know whats wrong with the enter button on my laptop….its kinda sticky.

  108. Bugs says:

    He’s apparently a meaner M.A. Bergie. 

    Unquestionably unquestionable, I think I’m

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order:

  109. mrhabby says:

    wiz replaces fisher who was never going to cut it with the habs. nice pick up as in young, tough player  with a nasty streak …we need that and lots of upside.

  110. Bugs says:


    2nd and a 5th.

    Unquestionably unquestionable, I think I’m

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order:

  111. W35T5ID3 says:

    Need some scissors? A Barbershop perhaps?

  112. Everlasting1 says:

    I think it’s more to do with the organization’s lack of confidence in Weber, Picard, Subban at this stage..that and/or JM’s inability to utilize them effectively.



    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  113. Bugs says:

    Seen that way, you’re absolutely right. A 5th for’m, that’s fine.

    That’s how I’m gonna see it.

    Now, if he could just change his NAME to David Fischer accordingly, that would really help too cuz writin “Wisniewski” every time you wanna mention’m…sheesh, man, I dunno…

    Unquestionably unquestionable, I think I’m

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order:

  114. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    Wisniewski: “I’m extremely happy to be joining a Cup contender. I’m planning on doing everything I can to help things stay that way”.

    I like the way this guy thinks :-)

  115. Bugs says:

    Not even 5 mins in, the sunovabastich goes up another notch in my book. 5 mins; Notch 2; I can’t believe it. He’s already in my good graces.

    Unquestionably unquestionable, I think I’m

    L. Bugs Potter, esq., Herzog of ze Abominable Habsuchtig Brigade, Markgraf of ze Fearsome Flanell Flausen Flank, und devoted minion of ze Habsbros Order:

  116. habs365 says:

    if he cost the Habs a game..him and PK can have a hotdog contest from the pressbox

  117. mrhabby says:

    lol..i had to check his name while puttin this comment down. wiz,wis,was..christ.

  118. W35T5ID3 says:

    Wow the czechs suck majorly against the canadians in world junior tournament game.Its like Harlem Globetrottershiiiizzzznnit.


  119. mrhabby says:

    i like the log jam it creates at defence..meaning pic/webber get sent back to hammy or maybe some other moves down the road for some help up front..its all good.

  120. sidhu says:

    Very happy with the trade — we needed some depth and JW (the Wiz, nobody beats him) is a solid top 4 guy with playoff experience. 

    I’m glad PG didn’t wait for the deadline, we needed reinforcements now. 

    Sadly we are giving away 2nd round picks like it’s nothing, but we don’t have the internal depth available that would preclude the need for a deal.  Weber and Picard were given their auditions.


  121. MTLForever says:

    i think i will lose my mind completely if PK is sent down. I don’t think he will go down but some people already think he will. It has to be Weber.

  122. petefleet says:

    I’ll take that bet.  You don’t know what you don’t know.

  123. JD_ says:

    BJ Wizzy. #1 on my UFA pickup list.

    Good move. Hopefully, not a 2nd round pick rental.

    I could not care less about a 5th rounder.

    BJ’s gotta be happier than a pig in shiznat.

    Unlike Webby.

  124. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    I think PK would lose his own mind completely if he was sent down

  125. CanadienBoy says:

    Yesterday i suggested AK for Wisniewski or Biaska ,just a great move at this time of the season ,will take the pressure of SP,HAM and Georges , i’m looking forward to watch him play Richard with PK.

  126. Timo says:

    Basically this move means PK is done (hopefully only for this season) in Mtl. Weber probably too. Great move! I don’t know much about Wiesnewski (sp) but is he really an upgrade that we need? I mean, he is if Picard is replaced, but as a replacement for PK? 

  127. SmartDog says:

    Hey! Let’s all stick our heads up our asses and stop thinking forever! 


  128. Habs Fan in LeafLand says:

    I think he’s going to add a lot to this team!!

  129. SmartDog says:

    The Smart Dog knows enough to be honest about what he doesn’t know and to ask quesitons so he can know more.


  130. SmartDog says:

    Thanks Bugs. 

    Incredibly I turn to YOU for sane realistic input!


  131. CanadienBoy says:

    Looking forward to Jan.2 again Atlanta, got 2 red tickets behind the bench and hopefully get to watch the new guy and PK up close ,the bad part 14 hrs return trip

  132. Castor says:

    Timo. The man who can take any piece of good news and turn it into the worst.

    “PK is done in Montreal”. Only Timo.

  133. Habs Fan in LeafLand says:

    I definitely do not agree that PK is done for the season. He is not a replacement for anyone, except in the fact that he can put up points a la Markov.

    In fact, I think this will just bolster and improve PK’s play, and the Wiz can surely act as a younger mentor for him.

  134. RJB says:

    …thats not what it means at all. PK will never be in the minors again

    “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”
    – Bilbo Baggins

  135. CanadienBoy says:

    Weber will go back ,PK is way a head of him

  136. VancouverHab says:

    More or less, Bugs. A definite roster player, PP contributor, a fighter (doubling our fighter on the roster), plays shutdown minutes, and adds a significant hit quotient–and (Mr. Boone says this too, I think) we don’t lose any of our prospects or equivalent roster players.

    & the 2nd-round pick is a conditional anyway. Close enough to free for getting something we really need.

    (My take is that we gain significantly here because he’ll allow Hamr & Spatch to play reasonable minutes which will increase their effectiveness in some of the ‘missing Markov’ areas….)

  137. TomNickle says:

    This man will be our best defenseman the rest of the way.  GREAT MOVE.

    Rocket from the point, doesn’t take any bs and dishes out some nasty punishment.

    He is exactly the kind of player this team needed for so many different reasons and I was hopeful that he was going to be signed in July.

    Great move Pierre, GREAT!

  138. Timo says:

    I know that. Everybody at here knows that. The only person who doesn’t know that or doesn’t wnat to know thatin is JM. He is itching to bury PK somewhere where sun don’t shine. On the depth chart JM has Gill, Gorges, Hammer, Spach, Wiz and Picard… that leaves PK at #7 at best.

  139. petefleet says:

    I agree.  PK needs to go down for the rest of the year.  Weber and Picard can trade games in the press box.  Wisnewski brings some badly needed blueline swagger.  He can shoot and hit and isn’t a liability. 

  140. VancouverHab says:

    Uhmm…the unpleasant location that you mention is where are the darkness is. I’m out here enjoying the sparkle from the bright shiny new present that we just got…

  141. TomNickle says:

    PK isn’t going down Timo.  This is going to ensure nobody gets too comfortable on the back end and I wouldn’t be surprised if Gorges is a little more hurt than what is being let on.

    Perhaps something that could get worse with wear and tear.  Hope I’m wrong there.



  142. JohnBellyful says:

    His being an unrestricted free agent is a concern. So, in essence, the team has traded second and fifth round draft choices for a short-term boost, first to make the playoffs this year and then to improve its chances, however slightly, of winning the Cup. Completes one part of the puzzle for this season, I suppose, as the Habs definitely needed help on the back end. Will the other hole(s) to be filled be for the short-term as well, at the expense of continued improvement over the long haul? If PG’s moves make the Canadiens a legit Cup contender this season, fine, but it would be more comforting to know they also align with the team’s long range plans.

  143. punkster says:

    Excellent. Now we can get rid of that slug PK. Tade him now while his value is high. DO IT PG!!!


  144. habs03 says:

    Exactly, this guy is amazing, don’t be fooled by him being 5’11, he plays big and nasty, I was hoping we get him during the offseason but I guess money wasn’t there, this guy would be perfect to play with Markov if both are resigned. Markov-Wisnieski,UFA(somehow trade Spacek)-Subban,Gill-Gorges, would be one amazing top 6 for next year.

  145. Everlasting1 says:

    He doesn’t look to replace PK’s penalty minutes. An upgrade in that respect.



    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  146. CanadienBoy says:

    At 27 the guy could be a good example for PK and automatically become the #1 D for grit and could shown him some

  147. Malreg says:

    Its only a 2nd round pick.  We only give up a 5th if we resign him.

  148. mrhabby says:

    agree on weber but PK going no where..he is here to play, learn and remains a work in progress.

  149. deuce6 says:

    Nick Kypreos tweets:

    #Canadiens trade has more to do with hurting blu’line than anything else. Latest casualty appears to Josh Gorges. He may not play tonite.

  150. SmartDog says:

    Make sense.  Thanks.


  151. Timo says:

    I think JM will have to have a talk with him about those hitting and playing with an edge habits. 

  152. mrhabby says:

    i don’t believe JM is just itching to bury PK where the sun does not shine..nope.

  153. Muckbringer says:

    i see your 2 and raise you pg’s job 

    (sometimes you have to go againts the house)

    “if someone gives you 10000:1 you take it”


  154. slapshot777 says:

    The team has really only traded away their 2nd round pick the fifth round pick is conditional. Iff the Habs re-sign this player than the Isles get that fifth pick. If the Habs don’t then they don’t lose the pick. So if you really look at the overall picture they really get JW for a second round pick in which they were given for not signing Fischer.


    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  155. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Awesome!  I’ll get to see him in the lineup here for the new years eve game.  I’m hoping Price and PK are in the lineup as well. May be Auld though.

  156. habfab14120 says:

    I’m in favor of signing ANYONE who will tell Sean Avery exactly what kind of scumbag he really is.  😉

  157. larisalapointe says:

    Wiz had me at his Mr. Freezie gesture on Sean Avery! Shows PG has his eye on the prize. Good news.

  158. deuce6 says:

    You know what funny? I wouldn’t hesitate giving JW Hammer’s contract, if I had to give that amount to keep him…

  159. gumper says:

    With Gill and Hammer likely gone next year there will be plenty of money to resign this guy, and at 26 he should have a lot of good hockey ahead of him…just coming into his prime. The fifth rounder is likely contingent up on Habs resigning him, plus he brings a much-needed element of toughness to this team. Maybe he’ll put a little starch in the shorts of the rest of the team when he levels somebody with one of those crushing checks, or drops the gloves and clocks the likes of Milan Lucic. I’m going to go out on a limb and say, this time for real, that everyone on the team just got a little tougher with this acquisition.

  160. J_P says:

    Lol, I didn’t realize that was the internationally recognized gesture for “go eat a mr freezie” 😉

  161. Timo says:

    Watch your mouth about MAB, bunny.

  162. MTLForever says:

    PK needs to go down? what a joke.

  163. Muckbringer says:


  164. Muckbringer says:

    heck of a launch too, we should all be excited with this. MAB with skill

  165. Muckbringer says:

    i think pk should play with slightly less time.  but im not the man…

  166. Muckbringer says:

    spach i agree with. but if we could trade him…..damn i just pooped a little

  167. Lazarus_taxa says:

    Wow to get that kind of inside info you must be Gill’s jock-strap.

  168. Lazarus_taxa says:

    Hahaha!  No, I’m fine thanks!  Mustaches are all the rage apparently…

  169. Everlasting1 says:

    Now, about that coif..



    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  170. Muckbringer says:

    play but no more <20

  171. deuce6 says:

    4M as it stands right now..What if a current roster player was used in another deal? Like AK? Another 3M…

  172. W35T5ID3 says:

    love the pic.

  173. W35T5ID3 says:

    love the pic.

  174. deuce6 says:


    It was my facial expression every time JM makes his line up..

  175. Mattyleg says:

    First of all, don’t call me boy.

    Second of all, I never said that it was a ‘high’ or dirty hit. Get yer own specs checked!

    I agree it was a good hit (never said it wasn’t), but it caught his jaw, which is why he was out cold. Hits to the chest don’t leave you unconscious.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  176. habsfan_61 says:

    good short term move getting wiz for very little.

  177. CanadienBoy says:

    Markov may never come back and as some have say George could be worse .

  178. Psycho29 says:

    The Wiz is in the house!!!

    I like this trade a lot!! A player with some grit…

    Way to go PG !!!!

  179. J_P says:

    Happy with this deal. He’s UFA at seasons end, so this is a nice little audition seeing as we will have openings on defense next season.

    Normally I wouldn’t be happy with acquiring a vet at the expense of playing time for guys like PK and Weber, but frankly, I have so little confidence in JMs ability with young players that I would rather see them in Hamilton playing under cunneyworth. At least they’ll be shown some confidence and learn some things by being allowed to male mistakes every so often without being benched.

  180. Born in a Bad Year says:

    This is going to be very annoying at my house.

    In the few games we have played with the Islanders this year, my Anglo wife, while I watch the RDS feed, has taken to putting on her “kid” voice and going around yelling “Mike Wazowski! Mike Wazowski!” every time his name is mentioned. You have to have kids to understand.

    The only upside is she will probably stop asking “how’s Mark Streit?”

    The great thing it that it will make XM NHL stop running the Wisniewski spots where he talks about how thrilled he was to be signed with the Islanders, how they were a young team with potential and how great it was going to be playing with Streit.  It always sounded like a statement read by a hostage under threat of torture.

    Oh crap, she’s doing it now…

  181. Duracell3 says:

    What the $%*^?

    The isles have 2 legitimate NHL defensemen and they trade one away for a compensatory second round pick in 2011, and a conditional fifth round pick in 2012. Unreal.

    NY Islanders, 2 forwards, 1 D and a goalie away from being an average AHL team.

    Thank You Garth Snow.

  182. slapshot777 says:

    What’s your point? LOL



    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  183. slapshot777 says:

    What’s your point? LOL



    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  184. slapshot777 says:

    What’s your point? LOL



    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  185. Muckbringer says:

    what is youre point?……

  186. homerbowen says:

    Too bad we didn’t include Gomez, or Spachek or Gill, or peraps some of our pussies like Laps or Pouliot.

    Anyway a good pick up on a very soft team.

  187. Hobie Hansen says:

    Absolutely beautiful deal by Pierre Gauthier on this one. He gave away about as little as possible to get a very solid defenseman in Wisniewski. He’s pretty much the only type of player Montreal should have been targeting because he filled the most glaring hole, defence and toughness in their own end. The fact that Wisniewski is not only capable on offence but normally is on the first PP unit also makes this deal a slam dunk for Gauthier.

    Anytime a rough and tumble North American player who can help on offence lands on your club it’s a damn good thing!

    Great job Gauthier! You don’t hear it enough!


    Oh and for people who are worried about other defenseman being demoted, I’m sure Subban will be into form before long and will probably be paired with Wisniewski. Great move!


  188. RetroMikey says:

    Nice Christmas present for me and Habs fans who wanted a physical
    stay at home DMan from last season.  Better late than never as they say.

    that we got a tough ,physical, bruising DMan in Wisniewski. Not big
    though, but tough in front of our nets to protect our goalies.

    Gauthier has to get that big offensive skilled CMan we need and if we
    have to trade a Weber along with Andre Kostitsyn and 2 high round draft
    picks, the team will be an improvement to compete in the East!

    Atta boy Gauthier!  Let’s make a deal one more time!

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  189. BJ says:

    A step in the right direction. Great blend of toughness, hard shot, in his prime as a defenseman at 26 years of age. Good trade. I would say another trade for forward toughness would be helpful.

  190. Muckbringer says:

    im still holding out for iggy

  191. Kooch7800 says:

    I think there will be another trade coming  very shortly for a physical forward.

  192. Timo says:

    On the bright side it is totally fun to say “Wisnewski”… Wiiissszzzzznewwwuuussssski!!!. Awesome.

  193. SeriousFan09 says:

    WJC Update:

    Leblanc finishes his day with a Goal, Assist (and now has his name being pronounced properly now and then) and Finland’s Joonas Nattinen now has 2 goals in as many games.



    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  194. petefleet says:

    This just in……………a chin strap on your helmut can eliminate whip lash.  The panel looked confused but I’m going out now to get one for when I do any physical activity or drive a car.

  195. The Teacher says:

    Well, Wizzy definitely provides everything we were looking for, except possibly defence??


    Can’t fault PG for trying, and didn’t give up much since the pick was a Fischer freebie

  196. habsgod says:

    this just in pierre gauhtier goes before a judge for robbery! he robbed garth snow he’s a thief hahahaha nice deal pierre i didn’t know you had it in you to fleece somebody!

  197. HardHabits says:

    Leblanc’s short-handed goal, and the save by Roy that preceded it, there’s the turning point of the game right there.

    The save was big but the goal is what nailed it.

  198. light_n_tasty says:

    I’m just wondering how good Wizzy actually is.  I mean, I know he’s good against the Habs.  He’s scored 2/3 of his goals against us this year.

    Definitely an upgrade though.  Who’s the odd man out?

  199. The Teacher says:

    And he absolutely killed Boynton.

  200. Muckbringer says:

    im sayin weiser= komi+streit/$1.60





  201. shootdapuck says:

    Goatier speaks!




    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3”

  202. slapshot777 says:

    Welcome to the Weiser hood



    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  203. Everlasting1 says:

    The Isles are looking to revamp by dumping salary..look for them to make some big trades and salvage what they can of this season.



    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  204. Harditya_CareyPrice says:


  205. adam76 says:

    Saw a need and made a trade – great ob.

  206. Keith says:

    Monster kill!!!

  207. Keith says:

    These late goals allowed are really disturbing.

  208. LA Loyalist says:

    Well finally we’ve added a player of the male persuasion to our team. This is great, and finally an impressive move by PG.

    Aside from the impact of getting this player at a modest cost, it shows us poor slobs, the investors, as it were:

    1. management are recognizing that we are too small, too soft and too intangible. 

    2. it protects the development of Subban and Weber

    3. W will be playing for a new contract

    And big moves in Calgary. Stay tuned. Iginla in a Habs jersey and we might actually be ready for the playoffs.

  209. Everlasting1 says:

    Who says the Habs don’t get the favorable whistles? That disallowed goal on the lose puck was obvious.


    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  210. Habs1st says:

    Should be a good pick up, I was surprised to learn that he is only 5’11” though, he always seems to play/look bigger than that.  Hopefully that will continue in Montreal.

  211. bostonantifan says:

    Brilliant move Gauthier.  Absolutely brilliant.  Trade away O’Byrne, then go looking for another defenseman.  This team is too frigging small, with absolutely no toughness.  You trade away the biggest, toughest d-man the habs have had in years because that idiot Martin has an ho for him.  While you’re at it, why not try to get some goal scoring?  Kind of hard for Price to succeed when this team has trouble scoring more than 2 goals per game.  What the hell good is it to give up 2 goals when you only score 1 or none on most nights?  This team’s offense is pathetic, just like it’s management.

  212. Aaron13 says:

    I hope Wiz signs with the Habs this summer otherwise we give up a draft choice(s) for thin air. We also need a second-line forward taller than the boards. A new coach would help as well. JM can’t motivate and run this team. I’d fire him now and let Muller take over.

    Don’t expect Gomez to change his ways.

    Gionta is not what he was last year.

    Hammrlik, Spacek and Gill are a year older and slower.

    The young team members, such as Subban are not being molded properly.

    Some veterans don’t respect this coach. Why should they? A 0.551 record shows he really doesn’t have a clue – it’s a coin toss winning record this year and over his career.

     Others are playing as if to say “please trade me”.




  213. Frank2468 says:

    Ya well I hope JM doesn’t decide to sit Wiz because he is playing to aggressive or cocky.  JM most likely favorite saying is probably from Rocky IV “I’ll will break you”

  214. Deano says:

    Reprint from Monday … step one complete.  Now on to a forward:


    At the deadline the HABS may be able to get any number of July 2011
    free agents for next to nothing (the going rate has been 2nd round picks
    or AHL prospects).  Depending on how these teams do over the next
    month, the following players (Cap Hit in brackets) may be available
    (pick any two under $7M total and there will ot be much to give up for

    Carolina: Pitkanen ($4M), Cole ($2.9M)

    Devils: Arnott ($4.5M), Langenbrunner ($2.8M)

    Ducks: Selanne ($4.5M)

    Flames: Staios ($2.7M)

    Avalanche: Hejduk ($3.0M) … I know COL is playing well … I guy can dream can’t he.

    Florida: Stillman ($3.5M)

    Isles: Moulson ($2.45M) … great name for a HAB, Wisniewski ($3.18)

    PHX: Vrbata ($3.0M)

    STL: Brewer ($4.25M)

    TOR: Kaberle ($4.0M)

    Dump AK47 somehow and you can pick any two.

  215. MTLForever says:

    i don’t think it’s necessary to call laps or pouliot pussies? unbelievable.

  216. LA Loyalist says:

    It’s not necessary, but it’s funny.

    Anyway, Pouliot has actually shown flashes of serious skill. Can we get him going steadily? JM? Earth to JM?

  217. HardHabits says:

    Iggy for AK46 and Desharnais.

  218. LA Loyalist says:

    … and Gomez, and a tray of smoked meat sandwiches from Schwartz’s – medium. Calgary send us Iggy, a couple of Hitmen jerseys and a case of Big Rock. Suddenly 2011 doesn’t look like Custard’s last sandwich.

  219. Muckbringer says:

    no fries and we throw in spac

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