Bruins go one up

Tampa Bay loses consecutive games for the first time since the opening Pittsburgh series.
Boston looks great, and the Lightning are in trouble.
And at least the Canadiens weren’t shut out at the Bell Centre.
Patrice Bergeron was back and went 18-10 on faceoffs.
Boston was outshot 31-25 but that’s misleading.
The Bruins won puck battles at both ends of the ice, and the Lightning were unable to exert anything resembling sustained pressure.
Zdeno Chara played 28:27 and was one for almost every Vincent Lecavalier shift.
Look, Canadiens fans hate to admit it, but Boston is looking REALLY good.
They dominated every important aspect of the game, with the exception of coach tantrums.

Photo by  Mike Carlson/Reuters


  1. 4m3y2j says:


    You are nothing if not consistent.Are you also preparing for the end of the worlds tomorrow.Any sign of an obstacle and you wave the white flag.This is not to say that you do not make effective points about Bostons efficiency but you always bail, even slightly when faced with a bump in the road.Habs down by a goal,game over with 15 minutes left.Tampa down 1 game in a chess match series and you are predicting the end is near,you are a born fatalist.On many occasions this season the habs came back and you were jumping for really is annoying to read,you are the Donnie Downer of tbhe media…

  2. naweed235 says:

    so no boobstonight?

  3. habs001 says:

    we had 4 forwards that we could rely on to score in the playoffs camm,gion,plecks and ak46 and even these players go into slumps…the rest of our team was full of forwards who are very capable to go into one goal in 15 game slumps regularly….there is no way you can win 4 rounds with this type of scoring….we may not like it but the bruins are capable of winning the cup this year and sadly will have a better pick in the draft than we will.

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