Can Canadiens bottle Lightning?

Canadiens’ Steve Bégin, Mike Komisarek and Roman Hamrlik visit with patient Sara Levitt during the team’s annual visit to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.
John Morstad, Gazette

The Canadiens have been struggling at home this season, but it may not matter when they entertain the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight.

With a 5-6-3 record at the Bell Centre, home ice has been anything but an advantage for the Canadiens. But if the Habs have been bad at home, the Lightning has been awful on the road. Tampa Bay has the worst road record in the National Hockey League – 2-11-1 – after losing 6-1 in Toronto last night.

The Gazette’s Pat Hickey sets up tonight’s game, while reporter Stephanie Myles shares the warmth of the Canadiens’ 42nd annual visit to two Montreal children’s hospitals yesterday.


  1. Grabbed The Cup says:


  2. Gilles Poisson says:

    Im not sure what “Excruciantingly” is supposed to mean but I’d just let it go EBK. He trolls for fights then wants you to respond so he can cry to the moderators. Pretty sad really.

  3. ebk says:

    Then I apologize for ruining your fine site, sir. I aspire to be a true hab fan like yourself. I also aspire to put the anal in hockey analyst as you do.

  4. ebk says:

    again with the insults, LOL

  5. Gilles Poisson says:

    Thank you mjames I have always enjoyed your posts as well. I admire how you stick to the high road. It’s hard to do with people like Mr. Grabs around. I hate to indulge him whenever he comes looking for a fight but it had to be said. Hopefully he will be on better behaviour from now on and HIO will be a better place. Thank you.

  6. cautiousoptimist says:

    I’m a pretty optimistic guy, but even I find it a little hard to get excited about a defenceman on the top line… Where are you Sergei?!

  7. Grabbed The Cup says:

    Funny how the three of you (fish, mjames, and yourself) knew who I was talking about, kudos for identifying yourselves boys! Let’s see if the last couple of members chime in…

  8. Grabbed The Cup says:

    If you open your friggin eyes you’d see it has nothing to do with a disagreement, it has everything to do with you jumping in every time I have to defend myself from fish’s BS. You’ve done it many times already, I now expect you to chime in with your two cents whenever I’m involved with that twit, you are the pathetic one little dog.

  9. Smart Dog says:

    The chicken and egg question…. I think you need to not just have the system but know that you have the right players for it, so I would think the system almost comes first. But with a team of good talent you also adapt your system somewhat to their skills and strengths – and even how they like to play.

    About the other question above – Gainey doesn’t need to mortgage the future to get a 40 goal-scorer (assuming he can find one one the market). We have a few quite strong veterans, deep goaltending AND a lot of young prospects. You either put together a Koivu-Huet-strong_prospect package…. or you trade Huet and Koivu (or Kovalev, or ??) for strong prospects to people needing experience for a play-off run, and then you have so many good prospects on this team you can afford to trade a couple. The fact is we do have the depth right now in assets – which we haven’t for awhile – but it needs to be used smartly. I have to say I love Bob G mostly, but some of his trades… dunno. It’s great he went after Smyth and Briere – it shows he’s looking for a slam-dunk winner and not a maybe. The Hammer too – great signing. So I’m hopeful.

    My favorite player is Grabarfski!

  10. mjames says:

    Spot on with your assessment of Grabs – I loved your post. A poster, bingo, and now bowling – you lead a full life –


  11. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    Question, do you think Philidelphia had the system and then went out and got the players for the system or did they get the quality players and then build a system around that talent?

  12. Bouleau noir says:

    I see the ” playing well defensivelly ” Carbo’s system as incongruous with winning in the newNHL.

    If this ” defensive system ” of his is undermining the use of our speed and putting a sleep our chances of improving the puck possession part of our game as season progresses,… than it shouldn’t be respected and he should change it.

    Carbo’s ” defeatist system ” will not make our average team better than it is.

    The numerous line changes and all is a symptom of the innadequacys at the system level,… our lack of identity as a team is alarming and the obvious on ice strugling we are once again witnessing is also a testament to that,…. I dont mind loosing when there is a sens of direction…. but loosing and no sens of direction is not an appealing proposition.

  13. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    wait, of a snowball getting Vinny in hell? I don’t get it… is Vinny an expert snowball dodger?

  14. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    they couldn’t bottle lightning if it sat in the bottle and asked them to shut the lid. We just can’t close out deals…

  15. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    I was just thinking about what Montreal would give up for a guy like Boogard. They would never give up anyone of value, but I still believe there is still space for the enforcer (ie. goons) in todays NHL.

  16. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    haha… We’re terrible, but at least we’re gentlemen right? I agree, I like the class of les habs, but I’d like to see some passion in there somewhere.

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