Cammy’s status soars in Montreal

A few things while wondering whether Sir Paul McCartney, performing at the Bell Centre tonight, asked for a tour of the Canadiens’ dressing room:

Michael Cammalleri is on the cover of The Hockey News Yearbook that landed in my mail today, and he’s clearly one of highest-profile Canadiens heading into the 2010-11 season.

An interesting profile of Cammalleri by Vicki Hall of the Calgary Herald, from the city where Cammy played before arriving in Montreal where’s he’s become a huge fan favourite.

• One I missed a week ago (but better late than never): Jimmy Murphy talks to Bruins coach Claude Julien, who’s thrilled to have for Habs assistant coach Doug Jarvis join his staff.

• And in this week’s Hudson Gazette: Jacques Demers on his second chance at life after botched surgery took him much too near the ever-after.

The Habs former coach isn’t bitter – he’s genuinely happy to still be on this Earth.


  1. soperman says:

    I have been a Cammalleri fan since he first came to Montréal (grudging respect for him when he was in Calgary) but I cannot believe that some people give him less credit than he deserves because of his size.  He is tough and strong and his size is an advantage when defenders literally seem to lose sight of him in the offensive zone.  No, he is not going to deliver a punishing hit very often but that is not his job.

    Definitely a candidate for Captain, though Gio or Gorges may have the inside track.


    Give it up, Carey – sign the darn contract!

  2. Bill J says:

    Still better then having to look at Phil Kessel and his ugly jersey.


  3. crazydude says:

    I wish my THN copy had Cammy on the front instead of Taylor Hall

  4. Habsrule1 says:

    I love Cammalleri….maybe my favorite player, but somehow I still see Gionta as Captain. I’m starting to be able to picture Cammy with the C though.

    I don’t think I’d really be dissapointed with Cammy, Gionta, or Markov as Captain. I can picture Gorges being the next one in a few years too.

    Go Habs Go!! “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  5. Habsforlife 1959 says:

    Thank you. Me too. Been in the Military family for 34 years now and now serving in the Reserves for the past couple of years.

  6. Ian Cobb says:

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  7. Rob says:

    sorry to hear your’e leaving.  one less person for potential playoff get togethers!  alas, i’m stuck out here for at least another couple of years, before i head back home.  Good meeting you!

  8. db says:

    C- Cammy

    A- Markov, Gionta, Gorges, Gill.. Pleks?


  9. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Cammi for Captain say’s I !

  10. Clay4bc says:

    In Montreal hockey is their religion…in Calgary they worship oil…

    Those of us from the west who are serious about hockey cheer for the Habs.


    If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

    – George Orwell –

  11. kempie says:

    Well, it’s my last sleep in Calgary. Victory is mine. Can’t wait to get back to the land of the living. I swear hockey fans out here either don’t realize or care how badly their team is managed. If this was Montreal, the place would be in flames (no pun intended). Out here, everybody seems just fine with the way things are. This town will never look better than it will in the rear view mirror. At least I got to hang with Timo.

  12. thehuds says:

    Crap, being in Ontario my THN yearbook has Kessel on the cover. Just another reason why I should move to Quebec.

  13. Harani says:

    (non-hockey related) If you have 10 minutes to spare, please do watch this video of soldiers coming home to their families. Truely touches your heart. Cried like a baby watching it (happy tears though).

  14. Hockey Socks says:

    I’m actually hoping Subban plays for Team Canada in 2014.

  15. Bill J says:

    Yeah because a serious fan can not appreciate other teams players.

    Hell by your standards, no one is allowed to be a fan of Halak anymore.


  16. pointu says:

    For a guy calling himself”Serious fan”you should not list players like Ovi and Mario in your favorite player category.

  17. SeriousFan09 says:

    For a guy borrowing the nickname of the best practical joke man the Canadiens ever had, you should at least try to be funny.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  18. Storm Man says:

    I stand by what I said. You say you have done more than I have ever done? is this other oversight on your part again? Calgary has alot more going on besides oil, You should read up on what is going on. Alot has changed in the past 10 years. 

  19. DCos says:

    Wow! Just Wow! I don’t even know what to say. I didn’t think people could be so stupid, but Adam, ya proved me wrong kid (which you pretty much have to be with a post like that).

    You’d think that most people that took time to post on a Habs blog would know something, anything about hockey, but you kid clearly do not. That’s the only explanation for such a moronic post. Well, that or you’re a trolling Leafs fan (actually that does make more sense).

    ——————————————————————————————————————-Whining, sniveling, complaining, negative “fans” annoy me. BG, PG and CP bashers….take a hike!

  20. Bill J says:

    Sorry, your wrong.

    Brett Hull has dual citizenship, but has NEVER played for Team Canada.

    As he was CUT by Team Canada, and then was accepted by Team USA.

    Edit perhaps your not wrong as much as I miss-understood what you said.

    If you meant to say U.S. as opposed to us. (perhaps you can see why I was confused) then your right.

    us & U.S. are two different things.

  21. pic1983 says:

    Well at 6′ and 178lbs, Leblanc certainly isnt Big.  He’s a center, perfectly billingual, native montrealer, and a first round pick, so obviously our fan base is going to be high on him.  The fact that hes a right-hand shot certainly doesnt hurt either.

    He certainly has potential, but he isnt a slam dunk of any sort.  The increase in adoration lately is probably due to the fact that he left harvard and will play for the juniors in the QMJHL which should fast track his development. 

  22. ZepFan2 says:

    The many voices in his head told him that.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

  23. pic1983 says:

    Heres an excerpt from the report on paccioretty:

    “His release time on that shot needs to improve however, as he often gets caught taking too long with the puck which leads to him getting hit very hard quite often. His offensive decision making is often subpar, partially due to a lack of confidence and partially due to mediocre hockey sense.”

    I have to say that is an extremely accurate assessment of the minor issues with paccioretty.  I still have faith in the kid though.  Just needs confidence.

  24. Les Habitants says:

    bret Hull was a canadian and played for us.

             The last time the leafs won the cup it was still just a bowl!!

  25. Habsforlife 1959 says:

    You boy do not deserve to comment on this site. Take your comments elsewhere and your life is nothing but a negative pain it the butt. Get real!!!

  26. crabvader says:

    LOL! Check-mate.

  27. crabvader says:

    Purely coincidental, lol!

  28. K-hab25 says:

    You got me!! I printed it off HIO and have had it on my wall ever since. You don’t have to be jealous about it, just let me know where you want me to send your copy of the pic, P-troll.

  29. Bill J says:

    LMAO @

    X-Troll & A-Troll

    Nicely done.

  30. Bill J says:

    Made me laugh to see you agree with K-Hab…. considering your avatar & what it says Vis-a-vis K-Hab’s real name ;)


  31. pointu says:

    And you still have that picture stapled to your ceiling above your bed and Shane has it stapled to the back of his wifes head.

  32. K-hab25 says:

    LMAO – I don’t know A-troll’s pic is pretty douchey aswell. It’s to close to call for me. :-)

  33. Bill J says:

    Keep in mind the location of the 2014 Olympics.

    Does ANYONE seriously believe Markov will wear Canadian colours ?

    I think not!

  34. B says:

    Would Markov be able to crack Canada’s roster in 2014?

  35. crabvader says:

    Xtra has the pic to go with the title.

  36. subdoxastic says:


    Admittedly google didn’t do a hell of a translation for me, but what I gathered was this:

     that any g.m.; player or coach; and any fan (who doesn’t care more about the Canadiens speaking French) is a wife abuser.

    I can understand that francophones would want francophone stars, or black fans would want to see black stars or latinos/latinas latino stars. This isn’t racism but an issue of social acceptance and standing up for groups that have historically not been best represented by the dominant ideology in politcs or sport. I’m all for it.

    Maybe this is just an English thing, I’m no good at French– we can blame the sub-standard teaching of French in South Western Ontario on the seeds sown with the ‘decapitation’ at the plains of Abraham– but that phrase ‘francophone star’ is composed of two words. One is ‘francophone’ an adjective and a noun, the other is ‘star’ both a noun and a verb.

    Here’s where it gets tricky:

     I think Tremblay is within his rights to insist that ‘francophone’ be a person and not just an adjective. I further think that francophones (self-identified) have a right to work out amongst themselves what their identity means. Unfortunately, francophone is often used in a manner that most emphatically resembles Quebecois or some other weird, regional/racial qaulifier. While I find the slide to the right disingenuous, I can understand it. 

    But, by focussing too much on the first noun I think we might just be handicapping ourselves regarding the evaluation of the second noun– the star. This is not a matter that divides along racial or linguistic lines. Unless you are willing to ignore the careers of “The Rocket,” Beliveau, Lafleur, Roy, you can’t ignore that the competitive nature of the sport guarantees that performers will be rewarded, at the very least with playing time, even if ‘systemic discrimination’ screws them out fair consideration for league awards. What we have on the ice is a meritocracy. You might disagree with the who the coach puts on the ice, but once their out there, they’re on their own to perform. 

    Which lead to the verb form of star. Have Gui! and Lapierre, “starred”? They both had some good games, and longer trends where parts of their game were deemed good, but star? Do I feel that if they had received more playing time, more power play time, more whatever the hell you want to call it, that their stars would ascend?

    Nope, and I’d be fricking p.o. at any coach who kept somebody like markov, cammi, gionta, gomez, pleks off the ice in favour of Gui! or Lapierre, because they were French, rather than because what either of them as individuals (and team members) might be capable of or suited for.

    Am I p.o. that Lapierre is on the “fourth line” as Tremblay put it? Yes, but that has more to do with my disappointment in Lapierre’s last season and less to do with whatever language he lives in.

    This is getting cumbersome in length, so I’ll wrap up by asking if Louis Leblanc isn’t in for a hell of a trip when he’s in the bigs.

    P.S. “Massively obese” hired as “sports writer” is offensive– but oh so perfectly pitched.


  37. K-hab25 says:

    Don’t worry X-troll, you fall into the same category as A-troll.

  38. Rob says:

    ahhh yes. if only it were 1975.  we wouldn’t have to deal with you

  39. Rob says:

    there a few players who DON’T party hard.  They’re athletes….not losers.  Mr. Cammaleri has been known to hit the bars pretty hard himself.  Seen him out a couple times in Calgary, i can only imagine what he gets up to in montreal!  I guess that mean we should expect that he will become useless as well. 

  40. Xtrahabsfan says:


  41. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Lennox  battled for Great Britian and Rusinski played tennis fot them too ,Welcome to Team Canada Andre!

  42. RS says:

    Markov was (jokingly) asked this question when he got his Canadian citizenship. He laughed and said he would still play for Russia.

  43. RS says:

    Peter Stastny

    Bryan Trottier

  44. Rob says:

    hmmm….you don’t seem to read very well.

    Sounds about right

  45. Bill J says:

    “My last post on Price”

    Promise ?

    Because as I’ve told you repeatedly, when you do not speak of him.  You DO bring quality posts here, but for the last little bit you seem to have been on a Price Hate Bandwagon.

    And for all the times you say Price does not deserve Praise & Support…  He equally does not deserve the exact opposite.

    How about a level headed approach ?


    Oh BTW —

    “Can you do it, can you prove half of the fan base wrong?”

    Half ? – your numbers are dwindling Adam, there was a time here that Half the posters would have sided with you.  But now, your support group amounts to Xtra + terrygain + Tony…. Not much of a “team” or fan base for that matter.

    Perhaps your on the wrong side of the debate and clearly you do not realize it.

  46. K-hab25 says:

    You don’t think the players on the 86′ and 93′ teams partyed. Hell one of the biggest party animals on the Habs was Chelios and he still plays today. If thats to long ago for you how about Kane, out drinking and beating up cab drivers. Or Ovechkin and Markov, who are always out drinking and partying. I would be willing to bet 90% of the unmarried players drink and party quite reguarly, especially the ones 25 and under. As far as Carey being fat goes, you’re nuts. His rookie year he had that picture at a Halloween party with O,byrne, Higgins and Georges, every one of them had there shirts off, with abs showing. That was his rookie year, before he lost 20 pounds.

  47. TheDagger says:

    What about guys like Hnat Domenichelli…. played for Canada in the world juniors and play with Swizterland during these Olympics.  And I know he isn’t the only one.  Hockey Canada probably signs over their status pretty quickly since they wouldn’t have a shot at Team Canada.

  48. GuyDoon says:

    That’s right! I thought he played for Canada first, then switched, but he never did play for Canada. Thanks

  49. adam76 says:

    Why should I be banned, because you disagree?  Go back to cuba, commie!!!!

  50. adam76 says:

    If only it was 1975, your argument would be valid.

  51. G-Man says:

    It’s summer and mid-August. Dream all you want. We’ll start seeing the reality in October.

    I want this team to do well after so many years of futility. Last season’s run to the ECF was great, but management couldn’t believe their eyes and allowed a lot of change to occur.
    Losing Halak, Moore and Metro will hurt a lot. Losing Mara won’t.Gaining a lot of question marks while not addressing the top 6 forward issues (hello BP and AK46)is a mistake. Assuming a kid (Eller) can do the necessary job of scoring 30 and adding 30 helpers is demanding a lot too much for someone who hasn’t worked a day in Martin’s system.
    The D should move the puck better with both Markov and Subban in the lineup. However, this is still a soft D that doesn’t hit enough.
    Choosing CP over Halak has left me completely pi$$ed this off-season. IMO, it’s a blind and stubborn management decision. Rewarding failure is always a bad thing.
    Prediction: Habs get 76 to 86 points. They score 235 to 245 goals. They allow 260 to 270. They win games by 1 goal, eking them out but they will not go on winning streaks of 5 + games. The losing streaks will last longer.

  52. madcap_habsfan says:

    i say bring it on

  53. madcap_habsfan says:

    cheers to that m. cleghorn :P

  54. pic1983 says:

    4-11 with a SV% over .91 and a GAA of around 2.7.  Last time I checked, win/loss records is a team stat.  Also, how many games do you plan on winning when your team averages 2.52 goals per game for 5th WORST in the league? If you’re going to average 2.52 goals per game, the only way you are going to win hockey games if your goalie plays out of his mind (which halak did), and there hasnt been a goalie in the history of hockey whos played over 250 games and has a career SV% over .93 which is essentially what you need to win when you’re scoring 2.52 goals per game, and allowing over 35 shots per game.  You want to bash someone? Bash management for not getting the proper offensive support, dont bash the 22 year old who has career numbers that 25 out of 30 teams would kill for their goalie to have right now. 

    I think you’re just saying these things for shock value…. You have no real numbers or true facts to back up your statements.

    Drinking? smoking butts? Kipper Chain smokes like its his job, and your habs heroes of the past’s training regimens consisted of binge drinking and chain smoking. 

    Carey has his issues, but your hatred towards him is excessive and completely unwarranted. 

  55. madcap_habsfan says:

    and thats what he’s saying..he knows that “goalie who’s name i refuse to metion ” is actually practising in the offseason and dedicating himself the way you seem to believe he’s not

  56. Bill J says:

    Brett Hull never played for Team Canada.

    Slight difference.

  57. Puck Bard says:

    Thanks all!

  58. madcap_habsfan says:

    that’s true  ,i mean you hear stories all the time. c’est la vie really, no harm no foul for the most part

  59. adam76 says:

    The 1970s was a long time ago.  Modern NHL players train and are dedicated 11 months out of the year.  Saying lafleur drank and smoked is a moot point – it is no longer 1975.

    “” he’s told me a few stories about the boy that make me wince a bit””

    Sounds about right.



  60. GuyDoon says:

    Brett Hull switched to USA.

  61. Propwash says:

    Meh, its Corona….beginner beer lol. Plus Im posting through my blackberry, kinda hard to see the pics.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  62. ooder says:

    there have been some exceptions like Nabokov who played for Kazakhstan as a junior but now plays for Russia.

    But i think this has to do more with the politics of the USSR spliiting up and stuff


    88 is the new 23

  63. Aybara says:

    This post made me smile.

    Although it’s sad really. It reflects not how much you hate Price, but how much you hate yourself.

  64. TheDagger says:

    That is Carey, doing what 21 year olds do on vacation in Mexico. No big deal.

  65. adam76 says:

    That my friend, is Price.

  66. Mark C says:

    Think you are reading a bit much into these assessments. The report is just another any voice among many trying to predict the future.

    Not sure how you consider Avtsin to be a sure thing, yet consider a player like Kristo to be a potential mediocre NHLer. As a further point, in any given year there aren’t more than 10-15 non-potential mediocre NHL prospects.

    re: Leblanc. I think some posters “project” him to be a big center, I’ve seen him listed as 6’0″ to 6’1″, once he fills out in a few years, he’ll be something like 6’1″ 200lbs+. Maybe, that’s not considered Carter or Getzlaf “big” but it’s a least average.

    Nothing Ive seen other than rabid fanboys mentions him as anything other than a potential everyday plunger.

    Guess you missed the first line about him in the report:

    “There’s a lot to like about Louis Leblanc and his potential to develop into a top-line NHL player”. 

    Again, beside the super elite prospects, such Hall, Hedman, Crosby etc. all prospects have the downside of mediocre NHLer.  

  67. pic1983 says:

    Has it ever happened before that a player switched countries?



  68. Rob says:

    so i’ve made it a point to not reply to any of your posts becasue, quite frankly, i didn’t see the point.  But i have to at least clear up one thing so that maybe, if you are the Habs fan you say you are and really only require to have your misinformed opinion…..well, informed……then maybe it would help for you to have a little insight.  Carey Price has had a few nights out since becoming a Hab.  Of that there is no doubt.  In fact I’m friends with a guy who grew up in Carey’s hometown, and he’s told me a few stories about the boy that make me wince a bit.  HOWEVER….this notion that he is not a professional and just parties all summer is nonsense.  I live in Calgary at the moment and my wife is a sports psychologist who works at the National Sports Development centre.  This is where Carey does much of his offseason training.  And i can tell you with absolute certainty, that he spends a LOT of time at this centre working out in the offseason.  And not just this offseason, but last offseason as well. So if you want to continue on with your hate of Carey Price, that’s fine.  But at least have actual reasons to do so.  Not just the fact that he went out a few times in his first year and was photographed doing so.  Besides, if partying in Montreal was a reason for a player’s demise, the Montreal Canadiens would have ZERO Stanley Cups.

  69. bwoar says:

    wait never mind

  70. Propwash says:

    Kinda pot and kettle there, seeing that your avatar is someone chugging a Corona.

    Just sayin’…..


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  71. Bill J says:

    Right back at ya with think what ya want.

    But don’t think for a split second (albeit I know its hard for you to actually THINK) that 21,273 EVER booed Price.

    Take off the Dunce cap, or keep it on – up to you….

    But know this, I believe you to be a immature idiotic child. (seeing as you welcomed me to say & think what I want)


  72. bwoar says:

    Is there any other kind of sports writer?  I’ve taken to doing exercises during TV breaks and intermissions; I smoke my j’s during the game action, and the beers have been dialed down to 3-4 per game.  Even that is excessive for watching doubleheaders (where it once was 8 / game)  That barely gets me through 150 games a year, with about a 10 lbs weight gain.  Not to mention the part where sportswriters must sit and write about the game afterwards. I can hardly imagine a load of sportswriters catching 250 games a year & staying trim.

    And yeah, Trembley’s as useful as a week-old deuce on the kitchen floor, but we could always be stuck with Herb Brooks, or freakin’ Bruce “Rumour King” Garrioch.

    For all the complaining about the Montreal media the Habs coverage is pretty terrific compared to, say, any other NHL city.

  73. sprague cleghorn says:

    Yeah, he has to live up to the temperate, teetotal, non-smoking example set by past Habs immortals like Doug Harvey and Guy Lafleur and… aw, forget it. 

  74. sprague cleghorn says:

    What a fantastic post!  I mean the part where you said “My last post on Price”.  I must be dreaming.

  75. SeriousFan09 says:

    So you’re either his official biographer or a stalker to have such in-depth knowledge of what he does away from the rink. Or you’re just listening to baseless rumours and think that lets you know what’s really going on in MTL…

    And why is everything suddenly being posted in italics.

    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

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