Cammy out for game vs. Habs


The Canadiens are in Calgary for the first of their four game road trip on Tuesday against the Flames, but they won’t be seeing Mike Cammalleri.

The former Hab, who was exchanged for Rene Bourque on Jan. 12, is out with the ubiquitous upper body injury, and no one seems to know how it happened. Plus — as the traveling Mike Boone reports — he was not made available to the media by the Calgary organization on Monday.

Some around the Flames speculate Cammalleri may have been injured when a puck shot by Olli Jokinen hit him in the throat last Friday in Anaheim (a game the Flames lost in the last minute of regulation), but coach Brent Sutter denied that. Others have speculated he may be suffering the after-effects from one of two incidents on Sunday, an elbow from the Stars Sheldon Souray or an open-ice hit by the Stars Steve Ott.

His absence will put a hole in the middle of Calgary second line, Cammalleri having been shifted to centre by Sutter in mid-February, and it seems to have been a good move once the 29-year-old Cammalleri adjusted to his new surroundings. He had nine points (4g, 5a) in the previous 12 games. He’s got five goals and 11 points total in 21 games since the trade.

As Boone quoted from Sutter’s remarks to the media, the Flames will miss his puck moving talents. “I like him having the puck in his hands,” Sutter said. “In the neutral zone, making plays. He’s a skilled player, a shooter, but I like the play in his own zone, working with the defence and coming through the neutral zone, he has the puck on his stick.”

His absence is forcing Sutter to move his third and fourth line centres — Matt Stajan and Roman Horak — one notch up the depth chart.

The Flames have also suffered injuries to two other forwards in the last few games — and they’ve had injury problems all year with the likes of veteran Lee Stempniak, promising young centre Mikael Backlund and depth forward Blair Jones and defenceman Chris Butler all on IR.

Among the newest casualties, Blake Comeau picked up a shoulder injury last week and he’s out for two-three weeks and Lance Bouma left Sunday’s game with an upper body injury that will force him to miss Tuesday’s game as well.

So the Flames reached down into their AHL Abbortsford Heat club Monday and recalled an entire forward line — Guillaume Desbiens, Krys Kolanos and Greg Nemisz. It’s projected they will play as the fourth trio against the Habs. “I decided I wanted to bring up one full line and have three guys that can come in and play together and are used to playing with each other,” Sutter said.

This is a significant game for Calgary, who look to be as fragile mentally as they are physically. They’ve won only once in their last seven. They were in eighth spot in mid-February but have fallen back to 11th in the West, three points behind the eighth place Sharks, who have two games in hand on the Flames.

Their big failing has been on home ice (something the Canadiens know about) where they’ve not won in their past five outings (0-2-3) and they scored first in each of those games. They’re in the middle of a stretch in which they’ll end up playing nine of 11 at home, but it hasn’t gone well. They now have a 16-10-5 record in the Saddledome.

And they don’t play well against the East. They’re 4-7-5 against the Eastern clubs so far and after they play the Habs, they host the Jets.

More bad signs: The Flames were outshot 40-38 by Dallas and have been outshot for 13 consecutive games.

Still, they are in the race. “We keep going,” captain Jarome Iginla said. “There’s lots of hockey to be played … lots of points left. We need to put a string together. We know we need to win a good share of those games, but we believe we can do that.”

With Miikka Kiprusoff in goal, that’s certainly possible. The Flames workhorse has seen more pucks than most NHL netminders (his 1526 saves are third most in the league) and his save percentage of .921 is quite good for that amount of work. His 57 appearances are also third in the league.

Henrik Karlsson is his backup, but when the Flames plan to rest Kiprusoff, as they did against Anaheim Friday, they’ll again call up rookie Leland Irving, who played well against the Ducks, to start.

Here’s a guess on how the banged-up Flames might look Tuesday. Boone points out the game will be the 600th of ex-Hab Tom Kostopoulos’s career.

Alex Tanguay, Olli Jokinen, Jarome Iginla
Curtis Glencross, Matt Stajan, David Moss
Tom Kostopoulos, Roman Horak, Tim Jackman
Guillaume Desbiens, Greg Nemisz, Krys Kolanos

Derek Smith, Jay Bouwmeester
Mark Giordano, Scott Hannan
T.J. Brodie, Cory Sarich

Miikka Kiprusoff
Henrik Karlsson


  1. Roger Ramjet says:

    What Cammi said before he was “ushered” away was the total truth. It may pain some to admit it, but it was the truth. Bunch of losers!

    The whole team (from top to bottom) reeked of losing mentality.

    Call everyone out, get the f*ck out of here, who can blame him?

    I don’t.

    We (Habs nation) have become a bunch of losers.

    Somebody better wake up real soon.

    It’s embarrassing.

    Been following the team since 1965.

    Embarrassing indeed.


  2. db says:

    What the hell man, there I am reading a post and following the threads below it. I decided to comment. And Poof, there goes the post and replies!!

    What is going on with the censorship here? Pretty easy to blame the servers……. it’s getting annoying.

  3. wall2bay says:

    Unless the Habs win the lottery and get the first overall (ie. Yakapov), I would seriously think about trading it for a top end prospect who’s a little more somewhat proven.

    It’s pretty clear that after Yapakov it’s pretty much a crap shoot with a ton of D-men (when what we need most is a fwd).

    Best example is Crosby’s draft year……in hindsight there’s no doubt that if the Habs were one spot higher that we would’ve selected Pouliot but thankfully we were not.

    “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

  4. duffy says:

    Iwas hoping to see Emelin give Cammalleri a going away present tonight.

    • HabsFanMTL says:

      oh yeah, well ok earlier i was thinking i’;m glad that Cammi’ wasn’t playing tonight, i don’t want him to have the satisfaction of trying to prove us wrong for trading him but on the other hand, if Emelin gives him a going away SLAMMER i’d of been happy to see that

    • Bill says:

      People act like Cammalleri slapped their grandmothers. He talked about the Habs “losing mentality”, saying something obvious like “losing breeds a losing attitude” and it deepens problems.

      So for that, he gets hauled off the ice mid-game by this side-show organization and shipped across the country.

      Gauthier’s Rule #3 – You can suck, you can lose, you can be absolutely terrible: but you can never acknowledge it.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • cthab says:

        You are absolutely Right!!!!!
        and let;s not forget the good old days(this argument is always revisited). I’m surprised that management doesn’t insist on using the old Post for communication…..remember those good old days. Why evolve like everyone else. Ooops forgot, players should all speak french ’cause that’s what distiguishes them as being better. Oh yeah! that player Markov…..he’s going to make a real difference. He’s aged 3 years without playing a full season.

      • habsnyc says:

        Cammalleri received the 2011 Jean Beliveau trophy for the player who best exemplifies leadership qualities in the community. The charities he supported includes Cammy’s Heroes (armed forces) Canadiens Children’s Foundation, Starlight, Just for Kids and Burgudy Brick.

        Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

      • Stephen York says:

        I think Cammy said what he said to expedite his trade. He wanted out; he knew what he was doing when threw the team under the bus.
        I disliked him and was happy he was traded because he was the laziest Hab on the ice. He floated all year. He never went into the corners. Hardly ever backchecked. Hung out at the opposing blue line, waiting for breakaway passes. He was revered for his shooting skills, yet he barely ever put it in the net.
        I’m glad he was yanked in the middle of a game to find out he’d been shipped to Calgary – fair compensation for his embarrassing, uninspired play this year. Even Gomez has shown a ton more effort than he did this season.

        Good riddance Cammy, you gutless prima donna smurf.

  5. HabsFanMTL says:

    All Markov wants is to play for his Country at the Olympics…..he screwed us a couple years back when we were trying to just make it into the playoffs that one weekend we needed him against Philly, he was close to coming back and skipped the PHilly game then 24 hours later he is playing for his Country in a championship game. He is a double crossing liar and should move his ass out of town

  6. DorvalTony says:

    TSN radio has a problem in Montreal. Melnick doesn’t even do a sports show, it’s a personal political blog mixed with dentist office music and other fluff. Marinaro is quite frankly out of control. How about Ron Fournier or Normand Baron or Francois Gagnon instead? Clean house fer crissakes. There’s controversial then there’s stupid. Where’s Michael Whalen?

    “A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It’s a proof. A proof is
    a proof. And when you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven.” – Jean Crooktien

    • gump says:

      open question – why is pierre gauthier still gm?

      • krob1000 says:

        Sens fans used to ask daily how Bryan Murray was still GM, Rangers fans used to ask daily how Glen Sather was still GM …..I don’t think PG has done as poorly as people let on. I do expect a change just to save face but I am not so sure it is deserved in his case. I like most of his deals though.

        • gump says:

          “most of his deals” (and firings) have us at the bottom of the standings – open question – why is pierre gauthier still gm? (he can’t be trusted with a first round draft pick)

      • joeybarrie says:

        Because despite us losing Ribeiro, Ryder, SK, AK, Grabovski, McDonagh, O’Byrne, Komisarek, Latendresse, Higgins, Lapierre, D’agostini and Halak.
        We replaced them with players like Cole, MaxPac, DD, Gionta, Eller, Bourque, Pleks, Markov, Leblanc, White, Moen, PK, Gorges, Emelin and Price.

        • Cardiac says:

          Half those players came up through our system so we didn’t really replace them… We got Cole, Gionta and Moen though free agency. Eller, Bourque, and Gorges are the only ones we got through trades that have worked out (somewhat…).

          Now look at that we got for Ribeiro.. nothing! Ryder… nothing! Sk? Grabovski? Latendresse? Pouliot? Lapierre? Nothing!!! Not even a decent draft pick! Koivu…. don’t get me started… McDonagh and Higgin… we all know how that worked out…

          “There’s genius everywhere, but until they turn pro, it’s like popcorn in the pan. Some pop… some don’t.”
          – Jerry Maguire

          • Cal says:

            Ribiero would be dead if he stayed in Montreal. Same with Higgins. Their party party lifestyle would have stopped them cold.

          • joeybarrie says:

            I see what you are saying, but you can only have so many top 2 centers. Also when you get Pouliot For Latendresse, you can’t really say you got nothing for either. So e deals are great… Gorges. Some not. Gomez. When a player ditches the team, and flies to see his agent without the teams permission and everyone in Montreal talks about it non stop to the entire league. Your position of strength lowers somewhat doesn’t. The players value goes down.
            I choose to look at the entire picture. As far as top 6 players go. I prefer Bourque to AK. Pleks to Grabovsky. MaxPac to Ribeiro. Cole to Ryder. Gionta to SK. DD to Higgins. Gorges to Komi. Etc etc.
            Yes we didn’t always get fair value. But try to remember it happens to everyone. Just ask Detroit what they got for Quincey the first time, and what they lost to get him back.
            We complain about not getting anything for players like Ryder. But no one would have said anything if we had of traded him straight up for Cammalleri… Instead we picked up Cammi, for which Calgary got NOTHING, then gave up Bourque to get him back… No one congratulates PG for turning. FA like Gill into a 2nd rounder.

    • HabsFanMTL says:

      i agree about Melnick, every time i turn on TSN Radio at 3 pm i think mistakenly put it on CHOM, all i hear is Neil Young and some other crap and then he’s doing live on phone interviews with Rockers with upcoming concert dates……WTF i can’t get 2 words worth of sports on Melnicks show

      • Duke_Rauol says:

        So are u saying Neil Young is crap?

        We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold……

        • HabsFanMTL says:

          i hate all of Neil Youngs new Crap, his 70’s stuff was good. But more to the point, Most sports radio hosts play the first few seconds of a song when returning from a commercial break, Melnick plays the whole song whether or not u like the tune. Its not a farken music station with live interviews with rockers, ur supposed to be interviewing athletes and coaches or anyone in the sports world, not because some farken rocker used to play hockey in the streets when he was 16 . Talk sports!!!

  7. HabinBurlington says:

    To all the Halakites out there, do they realize we had Tony Esposito and let him go, shouldn’t that be more disconcerting than Halak?

  8. habsnyc says:

    Grabovski has signed two contracts as Leaf that will pay a combined $36.2 million over eight years. Had he remained with Montreal, he would probably still be on a two way contract.

    Sergei Kostitsyn left Montreal to get a one year $2.50 million deal with Nashville. He is going to get at least three years $10million in the off season. If he was with Montreal, he would be a leading scorer in the AHL.

    Matt D’Agostini is on a two year $3.3 million deal. Latendresse has a two year $5 million deal with the Wild.

    Prospects are figuring out that they make more money if they manage to leave the organization. Montreal does not look after their draft picks. The team trades them or lets them leave. That is the sign of a disfunctional organization.

    Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

    • habfan53 says:

      Personally I would not want any of those 3 here . The one I miss is Ryder. A proven goal scorer, I thought it was just Claude Julien he could play for but he is lighting it up in Dallas this year as well.

      to paraphrase Nixon: If the Bruins do it, it is not illegal

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      We seem to mishandle our prospects “better” than anyone. Fire their a$$es outta there if they so much as twitch the wrong way. Never try to work with them. That wouldn’t do for such a proud and storied franchise.

    • Bill says:

      I am glad to see the Leafs commit those cap dollars to an undersized, moderately-skilled, inconsistent centre, who mainly plays well against his old team and who has a history of acting like a complete knob.

      Between Grabovski and Connolly, the Leafs are set to suck down the middle for years to come. Oh well, there’s always Bozak … doh!

      Not saying the Habs are any better, lol.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

    • joeybarrie says:

      So what you are saying is you want to spend, 13 million a season on 44 goals so far.

      • habsnyc says:

        No, I am saying that history shows very strongly that prospects earn more money if they can get out of Montreal and into another organization.

        BTW 13mil for 44 goals is better than 7 for 2.

        Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

  9. HabinBurlington says:

    So I am thinking that right about now Timo is watching the Habs practise, probably sitting beside PG telling him what a nice job he has done with the team so far this year.

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