Cammalleri, Bergeron in, Moen out

Michael Cammalleri is back in his usual spot on left wing on a line with Tomas Plekanec and Andrei Kostitsyn while Marc-André Bergeron is on the fourth line with Glen Metropolit and Sergei Kostitsyn. Both are expected to play Wednesday in Buffalo.

Travis Moen won’t be in Buffalo. He suffered a cut to his forehead from Matt Cullen’s skate.

Moen’s spot on the third line will be filled by Mathieu Darche.

AUDIO: Mike Cammalleri | Jacques Martin


  1. nHL80 says:

    great idea!

  2. TomNickle says:

    What I got from that is that he was saying that this time of year is all about goaltending.  That Halak has been our most consistent goalie this season and has been deemed the number one guy because of it.  That the team didn’t show up to play Ottawa last night and that Halak did.  I agree with everything other than that this time of year is all about goaltending.  Halak played very well and we lost.  Ottawa’s defensemen made several key shot blocks and our skaters couldn’t have played worse, as a group(there were a couple of good individual efforts).  Let me ask you this Ed because I’m fairly certain where you were going with prompting me to read that.  

    Are you acting in the best interests of the team when…..?

    You are relying on a goalie that hasn’t had a 40 game season in 5 years to carry the playoff load and stretch run without giving him a sufficient break.

    You keep your other goalie completely cold and don’t give him game action with the win and you’re in rule you’ve preached as an organization to the two young goalies for three years.


  3. Bugs says:

    Making the same mistake as Jeff there, Silly. Building a strawman so you can tear it down.

    Never said anything about french players, so there’s no need to be overzealous, I’m sure you agree.

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  4. ed lopaz says:

    if i’m pleks, i’m gone fishing on july 1. i sign with L.A. or Toronto, or 20 other teams that will ‘show me the money”.

    i might be wrong here, but i think he’s gone

  5. TheDagger says:

    What way does this Feng Shui guy shoot?  I hope he’s over 6’…

    “A month before the season I stop putting ketchup on my french fries.” -Mario Lemieux on his off-season training.

  6. Bugs says:

    If someone got it, my work is done.

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  7. Say Ash says:

    OK, here’s a simple start: Why not call it the “Bell Forum”? Everyone still makes a brain fart and calls it the Forum anyway.

  8. mrhabby says:

    the dalai was at the BELL already…he did not help.

  9. nHL80 says:

    true, they are just rumours after all.  But there have been a few documented scraps between Cammy and teammates at practice.  I believe it was reported twice here on HIO.  I don’t ever recall Koivu throwing down with anyone, but I could be wrong.  I don’t disagree that Cammy has been a valuable asset to this team, in fact I’m very pleased that he is returning to the lineup.  I was simply pointing out a possible reason why he wouldn’t be named captain THIS season. 

  10. ed lopaz says:

    thats why the day this season ends sutter is out of a job- bad call on bow – he has become what i call a “professional loser”. he’s good at losing, he knows how to lose, and he plays like he expects to lose.


  11. longtimehabsfan says:

    Maybe we need to have a seance [sp?] at the old Forum and ask the ghosts to move to the Bell Centre?

  12. SeriousFan09 says:

    Rumours circulate about many things when it comes to Les Habitants, but if rumours were true they would be facts, not rumours. Anyone can say that about a player and pass it in on as information, but it doesn’t make it true. Cammalleri’s been a great guy for this team the whole time.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  13. Top Corner says:

    AGREE !!  CAMMY for the “C”


     GIO!!! for the “A”   no question…..


    but iam thinkin Markov or Pleks for the other “A” because they earned it as well over the years , i guess that leaves out Gomez , sorry bud , your a champ , and i KNOW youll blow us away during the playoffs , its a hefty price to pay , but i beleive he’ll give us his worth in the post season…..thats what Veterans are for

    does this sound all too familiar  >> <<

  14. G-Man says:

    Feng Shui? Bush Wa.

    Not frivolous; superstitious. It’s the 21st century for crying out loud!

  15. longtimehabsfan says:

    If they make Cammy captain he can go around telling the other players “do what I say or step outside!!”

  16. Bill says:

    The Habs’ luck has indeed been crap since the move. Zero cups. Freak injuries. Horrible let downs. Bad Feng Shui? Who knows. I would definitely look into it, it can’t hurt anything.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  17. ed lopaz says:

    it is true that there were rumnours circulating that Cammy was a selfish player – only interested in padding his won stats.

    hey Tom – have you read this article?

    its red fisher’s view on the goaltending, this season and since the olympic break.

     i think red fisher might just be the most knowledgeable hockey guy (media) in the NHL.

    after 50+ years of following the habs EVERY NIGHt, he has seen alot and knows even more than that.

    have a quick read and let me know what you think

  18. longtimehabsfan says:

    Pose?  How to use your 6’7″ frame to suffocate your opponent against the boards?

  19. filincal says:

    what will happen when Captain Cammo scores 18 goals in 2011 season?




  20. Top Corner says:

    LMAO !!

  21. Bugs says:

    Calling me stupid doesn’t erase your epic failure, Biggie.

    You said appeasing us hasn’t worked; NOTHING about “the last 17 years”, for which, I assume, you mean that not winning the Cup in the last 17 years is the French’s fault. Riiiight.

    Disregarding the ridiculousness of THAT statement, either way, you’re changing your story, because appeasing us DID work.

    24 Cups. Dead wrong, Biggie.

    Epic fail.

    But thanks for playing.

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  22. SLONCOLD says:

    funny thing about them is they can’t score though. they valued bouwie over cammy

  23. boy from school says:

    i’m pretty sure darryl sutter is on recored as saying that if they hadn’t managed to snag bouwmeester they would have resigned cammalleri.

  24. nickster13 says:

    zednik’s neck getting cut didnt happen here, nor did Theodore’s situation so i wouldnt blame the bell centre quite just yet

  25. Say Ash says:

    I’m all for bringing in a Feng Shui guy. Sh*t, bring in the Dalai Lama to do a tango with the Pope at centre ice for all I care. Whatever it takes, man. I wanna take my kid to a parade before I’m the one wearing the diapers!

  26. SLONCOLD says:

    I have a buddy who is a huge LA fan and he said they had some issues with cammy being a little full of himself there. i mean he’s looks good here and i haven’t heard anythign bad about him but it is interesting how a 30 and potential 40 goal scorer is on his 3rd team; escpecially seeing how hard it is to find good snipers these days

  27. SLONCOLD says:

    i originally read “tranny” tuesday lol

  28. TomNickle says:

    Pleks isn’t the hardest working guy every night.  Gionta, no question.

    I don’t recall hearing any rumours about Cammalleri being unpopular in that locker room.  I remember more than a dozen players from that team saying publicly that they wanted him to be brought back though.

    I think you mean Kiprussoff.

  29. SLONCOLD says:

    theo………………………. theo………………………. theo……………………….

  30. kakey says:

    Totally OT.

    Ever since the Habs moved into the then Molson Centre, some pretty freak accidents and misfortunes occurred to players on ice and those associated with the Habs in the past: Trent McCleary (puck to the throat, tracheotomy); Donald Audette (tendons of his forearm severed); Saku Koivu (high stick to eye, cancer); Richard Zedník (neck cut by skate); Sergei Zholtok (heart failure); José Théodore (son’s miscarriage). And now Travis Moen. I maybe missing anything else, that’s as far as I can recall.

    So my point may seem frivolous to most, but having grown up in Hong Kong where Feng Shui is omnipresent, and most people would have a general idea of the dos and don’ts, the Bell Centre has bad Feng Shui. I’ve noticed it since day one. The main culprit is the placement of the Lucien l’Allier train station on the west side of the building, acting as a piercing sword into the building. In Feng Shui one should always avoid having a building facing incoming traffic or at the outer edge of a curved road, which is logical for practical reasons, but also to avoid bad energy flowing in.

    It would not hurt nor cost much to the Canadien’s organization to remedy this. They’ll just have to hire a reputable Feng Shui master and he/she will provide solutions that won’t alter the functions of the building. Again what I’ve just said may seem BS to many, but this is just my gut observation from another cultural perspective.

  31. nHL80 says:

    anyone for Pleks as Captain?  I’m sure that would help with the negotiations to keep him here at a reasonable price.  Plus he’s young and the hardest working player every game.


    I like Gionta and Gomez as well for the C, and I don’t think the big dogs upstairs would jump the gun and give it to Cammalleri this season given the fact that he’s had a few scraps during practice with other players.  I’ve heard rumors that he was quite unpopular in the Flames’ locker room because of his ego…of course these could all be just rumors and nothing more, but you have to ask why they didn’t keep him, just like they didn’t keep Tanguay.

  32. likehoy says:

    Hal Gill — Don’t laugh

    He’s currently an alternate, he’s funny and charismatic…he’s a veteran and a cup winner…and he’s only signed for 2 years so he could captain for a short period of time before someone else grows into the role!

    also he has to be held accountable for his glaring mistakes…at least as captain he’ll have to answer why he passes to the other team, and whacks our own goalie in the head…but on the flipsdie, he can teach us the art of lying on the ice on 5 on 3s.

    - Team Halak V.S. Team Price…Montreal Canadiens Fans are similar to 14 year-old Girls going through Puberty.

  33. Jordio-oh says:


    crosby and malkin are tied for #1 at 8.7 mill cap hit a peice. if you want to get chintzy, haha.

    Oh and Arnott. He is tied with Legwand, Erat and Weber at 4.5

  34. SLONCOLD says:

    nah gionta… i get the logic but does it really matter? u can change captains if someone leaves. it’s about having the best leader now in the room. Mayeb long term a guy like Georges could jump in to to fill a leadership roll.

  35. vive_les_habs says:

    Check out this link, although I don’t agree with all his conclusions, he does have some interesting points, it also gives us some leverage on Pleks…….

  36. Jordio-oh says:

    The penalty skill sexy pose?

    a la George Costanza?



    most successful penalty killing pose in recent memory

  37. light_n_tasty says:

    what he said.

  38. sam says:

    come back quick, Travis!!! he’ll be alright but i want him back so we can take MAB off the … wait a minute. isn’t moen on the Sergei-Moore line? why does Darche take his place yet you’ve got MAB on that line — with Metropolit? somebody’s still hungover from the loss.

  39. TomNickle says:

    Ugh, I hate the irony in becoming a follower while discussing leaders.  But ok.

  40. SeriousFan09 says:

    I really like Cammalleri these days for the C, Markov and Gionta as the Alternates, both of them give an excellent work ethic model of leadership, Cammalleri seems to be the best team guy of them, very engaged when he plays, speaks very well and seems to really embrace being a member of the Canadiens.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  41. ed lopaz says:

    gionta is my choice as well

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