Cammalleri, Bergeron in, Moen out

Michael Cammalleri is back in his usual spot on left wing on a line with Tomas Plekanec and Andrei Kostitsyn while Marc-André Bergeron is on the fourth line with Glen Metropolit and Sergei Kostitsyn. Both are expected to play Wednesday in Buffalo.

Travis Moen won’t be in Buffalo. He suffered a cut to his forehead from Matt Cullen’s skate.

Moen’s spot on the third line will be filled by Mathieu Darche.

AUDIO: Mike Cammalleri | Jacques Martin


  1. Bugs says:

    He’s a Louise Ciccone?

    What does that mean?

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  2. Jbell10 says:

    Sssshhhh. Someone is a little cranky.

    Go to bed little boy where you can dream of lollipops and hills made of chocolat, maybe a playoff birth for your maple pops.

    Dont worry summer is coming soon, you will be able to put your floaties on and swim in the big boy pool.



  3. hab lifer says:

    AK is a total waste of cap space. his head is on another planet. example being last night when he received a breakaway pass and totally muffed it, because he has zero intensity and so lacadaisical. kind of reminds me of Price.

    but folks shouldn’t worry about who we play in the playoffs, because there won’t be any playoffs for les crappy habitants!

  4. Jeff says:

    You continue to babble incoherently, i guess it’s genetic.

    There are 29 other losing teams, Bugsy, your Habs will be in that group of losers.


  5. ed lopaz says:

    not dumping on anyone – i clearly stated that i don’t blame russian players or him for that matter. i was making the comment as a habs fan – and some of my gfavorite hockey players have bene russian going back to the old days of the KLM line

    russian hockey players can be extremely talented – just don’t think we should draft any until this KHL stuff is figured out.

    thanks for the inside info on the story – great info.

  6. Bugs says:

    That’s funny; they got 24 already…

    Epic fail, Biggie.

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  7. Jeff says:

    Sorry for some grammatical errors, although I thought we were discussing content?

    I have a place here to keep all Hab fans realistic, it is my mission.

    Who is your hero, not the Buttman?

    I will not cease & desist!  Ha! Ha!

  8. Bugs says:

    If you can GUARANTEE me a Cup? Guarantee. Life in the fire guarantee?

    Then by all means, broaden the search to the 4th moon of Saturn.

    Until I get it, for my part, I want a coach and a GM that can speak to two thirds of the fan base for whom this club was created.

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  9. Jeff says:

    You are certifiably bi-polar!

    Kessel is an impact player, the Habs have one too Pleks…..for a while anyway.

    Next 2 drafts are very weak after the first 3 or 4, Boston may get one to beat up on your Habs again, HA!

    Points are points, we are playing spoiler and doing a great job at it too.

    You must do more research, Bozak has better stats than Duchene.  Kessel is an NHL star and young!

    What happended to Daigle, Stefan, Wickenheiser, et al…. great draft picks.  Do some research!


  10. andrewberkshire says:

    Why in the world would Martin demote SK74? He was one of the better players last night and has flourished with Moore.

  11. Bugs says:

    One big rush of anguish. No paragraph breaks. No order.

    Jeff, you’re babbling. I can’t read that.

    You’re not gonna make me hate you, I’m sorry. It’s not gonna work. I have too much pity for you, knowing you’re stuck loving incompetence personified. Pure incompetence. Losing. All the time. Like losers. (shudder) I don’t know how you do it. But still, you keep going. No hope, no future, no chance, and you still keep going. I should be impressed with your resolve but since it’s Losing you pursue, it’s pity I feel for you instead.

    You guys just keep losing, ok?

    It’s all you’re good for.

    Certainly better than us at it, that’s fersure, so you can rejoice about that, I guess.

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  12. Jeff says:

    Welcome JD to the group of delusional summit of Hab supporters (fans?).

    As I suspected, there is no intellgent retort to the post above.

    I cannot understand what it took to instill such a hatred for the Maple Leafs, Canada’s team in a lot of Hab supporters.

    It is inconceivable to many real fans that your group is so filled with vicious hatred for the Leafs or Bruins or Sens all Canadian teams??

    Why is this so?  Is it an utter sense of futility in the face of overwhelming loss of ancient Hab history?

    Decades or long, long years, yes, everything is relative.

    Darryl Sittler would have given you an autograph whereas some of your traitors such as Roy would have his son beat you up.  Darryl is a gentleman you are of an other ilk. 

    Grezky wanted to be a Leaf too, not a Hab!  Other NHL stars have made this abundantly clear too!

    I suppose you sell things, probably not that sucessful at it either. From your tone, it is clear that it is a waste of time to respond .

    Enjoy your hatred, I would venture that it also includes aspects of racism in your daily life.

    Such a sad, sad person. I hope you get some counselling!  



  13. crabvader says:

    1. Start by purchasing a Loafs jersey (assuming you don’t already have one)

    2. Delete your HI/O account

    3. Sign up to LeafsNation

    4. Leave us alone :)

  14. crabvader says:

    Shut up, Meg.

  15. hab lifer says:

    Kessel is a franchise player and I’d take him in a heartbeat.

  16. crabvader says:

    I don’t think an Anglo would do a better job. I think it’s just the fact that it never seems like we broaden our searches and consider all our options. It’s French-Canadian or bust.

  17. HabFanSince72 says:

    You might be marginally better than at the start of the season, but you are still a poor team. Remember that Bozak and Kulemin are your 2nd and 3rd best forwards. And will be next year too. Not exactly Semin and Backstrom.

    The Marlies are the worst team in the AHL.

    You have no cap space. And no draft picks.

    Your goaltending duo is not good and very expensive.

    A lot of teams start winning at the end of the season when there’s nothing to play for. Your 3-game winning streak (ha ha) has you wetting yourselves with excitement, but stop dreaming about the Stanley Cup. Ain’t gonna happen unless they go back to a 6-team NHL.

    But go ahead and gloat. You are still the 29th best team in the league.





  18. hab lifer says:

    the habs al;ways suck too! didn’t you watch their pathetic performance last night?

  19. Bugs says:

    As opposed to pure anglo? Which is a guaranteed, throw your firstborn to the wolves, engraved in stone, certitude?

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  20. crabvader says:

    I’d make John LeClair coach… At least he has a French last name…No?

  21. Bugs says:

    Gui wasn’t the only one to show scoring ability. Ryder, Higgy and D’Ago did too. Who else was there? They showed ability and then they stopped showing ability. And that was it. I don’t see the teams where they’re at “developping them” any better. How in HECK did Minny “develop” Gui in time for his FIRST GAME? 

    And kudos to the Tampa Bay “developping team” for the extraordinary “developping job” they did with Stamkos. See what I’m sayin? It’s all about the player, his ability and his confidence.

    As for Gui’s “attitude”, can I have a link? You know something we don’t? Because even your perception is strong, it doesn’t make it fact. “We traded him cuz for his attitude”? Really? Cuz I thought we traded him for Poulio. So, I’d love a link.

    Chipper woulda been great. Then he got injured rather badly in the minors and that was it. The dream was over.

    Pyatt is up on the depth chart to show return on McDonagh deal. He would have been assigned to checking role but checking role is properly filled already. Only normal to have him take a spot about to be filled as well. But yes, we all see he’s a checker. And a dang good one too. Further along than McDonagh btw.

    Oh, and this kid comin Soobie? Maybe you can check out what he gets up to.

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  22. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I am not sure on all the details about what happened and Flynn is not going to release all that went on. Kirill left to play in the Under 18 for Russia. Flynn did mention that the tournament would end before the WildCats are done (which would be the 3rd round), so I don’t think the door is closed on the kid. Whether or not he plays again for the Cats…no one knows.

    He went through a lot to get here and was hyped up beyond belief (hmmm we as HABS fans know all about that). His injury then left him sidelined, so it had to be hard to get back into it, while learning a new system, etc.

    When he took the penalty here in Moncton during game 1, I guess it was Savard that was ripping into him. I also heard that he was not happy playing 3rd line minutes, but hey he is 17 and probably just needs to grow up a little bit. Probably did not help having his parents over here either (from what I heard as well). But so much is speculation.

    I think there is a lot to this story that we may never know…but I am not going to dump all over a 17 yr old or just because he is Russian.

  23. K-hab25 says:

    Glad we’re getting Cammy and MAB back, we need their offense. Including last night, the Habs have scored 1or 0 goals in 17 games this year. Of those 17 games 11 were Price starts, including 1-0 to BUF. He’ll probably start WED, hope they can atleast score a goal for him this time. Price is 1-1 against BUF allowing 2 goals total, Halak is 0-2 allowing 10 goals total. Just thought I’d post that for the people who think Halak should play WED, hopefully Martin uses his brain and not his heart.

  24. deggy24 says:

    I agree. Lapierre looks terrible out there. Moore isn’t looking that great either, doesn’t win 20% of his one on one battles. I like Darche’s ability to at least win 50% of his corner battles.

    On another note, I know people were disappointed in last nights game, but in a pure hockey sense, it was much more enjoyable than the Leafs game. Thought Pleks and AKost had some phenomenal shifts.

  25. BoomBoom says:

    Get a life…Leafs have been irrelevant since X-mas. Who cares about the Leafs and next year. The Habs have the playoffs to worry about. GO discuss the Leafs on the Loser message boards!


  26. BoomBoom says:

    I agree, AK is sleep-walking again. He is so frustrating to watch because you know the guy is one of the most talented guys on the ice.

  27. Jbell10 says:

    hard to argue that.


    So he might just be exhausted…hasnt missed a game all season + olympics.


  28. nickster13 says:

    well, from what ive read he wants to play in the NHL hence his coming over to N.A early, so maybe its more a case of ok i guess ill wait till i can make an nhl team to come over instead of playing N.A junior leagues and having to deal with low skill level and a coach i dont even like. who knows.

    at any rate, id still risk picking him simply based on his skill set, and the fact he wants to play in the NHL someday makes a huge difference

  29. SLONCOLD says:

    ya he got clocked last nigth as did benny.

  30. Iceberg84 says:

    If that’s accurate, then I totally agree and that worries me too. I don’t really have an answer to that, I just hope (like most fans) that things will start clicking again when Cammalleri and Bergeron get back. Bergeron may not be the best defensively, but I think his +/- is a bit misleading since half of his 28 points have come on the powerplay. The two of them ought to give us a big boost and that’ll make up for Pleks’ lack of production (maybe he’s distracted by contract negotiations?)

  31. mike g says:

    Yup, I clearly remember the discussion…

    Not trying to defend my point of view, but I don’t think a visor would have saved him. The skate didn’t come from eye level, it came from the ice and moved it’s way up his body and eventually hit his face. The visor would have surely prevented a direct hit, but this was a rising one.

    However, if he wore a visor and his helmet strap was tied on tight, the visor would have protected him. Alot of player who wear a visor don’t tie their helmets tight enough, so the visor just lifts up very easily..(see Andrei Kostitsyn)

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  32. ed lopaz says:

    that’s exactly my point – we can’t get sucked into that type of thinking any longer – I know he’s a stud – but if he can walk away from his junior team, he will walk away from his nhl team one day and not come back.

  33. JD_ says:

    “I guarantee you that the Leafs improve next year.”

    I’ll second that based purely on the immutable laws of physics.

    “They destroyed the Sens all year and were never defeated by the Habs ONCE in regulation time.”

    The Loafs would rule in a three-team league. It’s just those 27 other meddlin’ teams that are getting in the way of destiny.

    Jeff, I have no personal knowledge of what these guys have written in regard to your Loafs. You need, however, to appreciate that for many of us, Loaf-hating is an art form. I make no apologies about my own personal animosity regarding the Make-Me-Heaves. I have always and will continue to despise the team. Yes, many will pontificate that all of this is a pointless exercise, that it is inherently juvenile, etc… If, however, I were to cease engaging in all the pointless and juvenile activities that I currently enjoy, my calendar would be filled with voids.

    The Loafs’ saga, the decades of complete misery, opportunities lost and perpetual failure is a source of neverending entertainment and pleasure. Call it schadenloafe. For example, I note your favourite player of all time is Darryl Sittler. One evening a few years ago, I was in a sports bar in T.O. to grab a beer before heading out to dinner with a client. It was a Loaf game night and Sittler was in the bar signing autographs. I asked him why he was doing so given he’d never won the Stanley Cup. Then, I remembered he had that 10-pointer, patted him on the head, and told him to carry on. Ok, so maybe I didn’t, but the thought crossed my mind.

    If Gretzky had been a Loaf, I would have hated him, as well. Same goes for Jesus.

    In the end, Jeff, don’t take any of it personally. The Mopey Loafs suck. We enjoy it. It is not a reflection on you.


  34. K-hab25 says:

    It was a joke. The laff troll said all we do is say “leafs suck” and “Hall is the next Crosby”. So since somebody already posted “leafs suck”, I went with “Hall is the next Crosby”. Thanks for messing up the joke.

  35. crabvader says:

    Management needs to understand that we need to play a physical game. They rely too much on raw skill.

    Until they get it through their thick skull-caps that they have to play hard to win, our North American prospects will just wither away with us.

  36. nickster13 says:

    except that guy is a stud i would take on my team anyday, once he harnesses his potential. He has the hands of semin and the size of kovalchuk, but like semin needs a little seasoning and he will be an amazing player

  37. SLONCOLD says:

    well the whole starting a fight could get you the instigator… i also don’t think fights in games do anything otehr than act as a side show for the fans

  38. Jbell10 says:

    Yes ur right he was the best player on the team, no doubt.

    I think it comes down to the fact that he has a tough time playing great when the games get closer to the end of the year. He has trouble with the physical-tight play you need to be successful down the stretch and into the playoffs. Cammy will open up some room on the ice which will help…

    Like you said…5 mill bucks? lets see how he does going forward.

  39. crabvader says:

    Better idea: send Pyatt to Hamilton, sit Lapierre and call up White.

  40. mike g says:

    Totally understand where your going with this, but he’s still not playing like he was before…check this out:

    If teams are covering him more than before because he’s the lone threat on his line, ok. But that’s 5 on 5. In the past 13 games, Plekanec has 0 points on the powerplay. They can’t all focus on him on PP’s, because they’re down a man and we have our best players out there….

    0 points on the PP in 13 games for your leading scorer, that’s alarming…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  41. habs001 says:

    we have been very poor in developing any north american scoring forwards…the only guy who has shown any scoring ability is latts but because of his attitude he had to be traded…chips,dags turned out to be busts..and i am afraid that maxwell,white,pyatt,maxpac, lapps dont really seem to be more than grinders/checkers…i seen a couple of bulldog games and the remaining forwards on the team do not seem any of them will amount to any offensive threat in the nhl….now our hope is leblanc and kristo but those guys are at least 2 years away…

  42. SLONCOLD says:

    don’t worry. pleks won’t be back next year. the habs said good bye to him last summer when they got gomez and only extended him contract by one year. i would be shocked if he returns

  43. Les-Habitants says:

    From everything I’ve read, your line combinations are the ones that seems to be that are actually going to be practised.


  44. smiley4 says:

    So who is dropped? Lapierre or Pyatt.


    3rd line Moore Darche  ??????

    4th Line MAB Metro SK74

  45. crabvader says:

    Another pre-madonna.

    I hope we can draft El Nino.

  46. Iceberg84 says:

    I’d make my lines look like this:

    Pouliot – Gomez – Gionta

    Cammalleri – Plekanec – Andrei K.

    Darche – Moore – Sergei K.

    Bergeron  – Metropolit – Lapierre


    Also, how come they broke up the Hamrlik – Spacek pairing last night? I thought they were supposed to have played well together while Markov was out.

  47. SLONCOLD says:


  48. nick says:

    It’s the coaching equivalent of Colin Campbell’s disciplinary committee 😛


  49. Iceberg84 says:

    ignore double post

  50. Kooch7800 says:

    I agree with you on the Moen and Plek’s.  What scares me about pleks is that he is brutal in the playoffs (as you mentioned) and remember how bad he was last year.  What if we sign him to a big contract and he is garbage again?  We won’t win a cup with our top two centres being Gomez and Plek’s.

  51. mike g says:

    I really can’t answer that question properly. I don’t work for the NHL or one of their franchises, so I have no clue what goes on during negotiations….

    But from a knowledgable fans perspective, he has to be one of the most puzzling players out there. How can you give him big money if he’s a constant no show in big games? But then, how can you not sign this loyal player who could sign elsewhere and lose him for nothing?

    It’s such a tough situation for the Habs. In a perfect world, I’d offer him 3.5 or 4 million for about 4 years. But he’ll never take that. This years UFA crop is disgusting…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  52. crabvader says:

    Piss off, old timer.

  53. Iceberg84 says:

    Actually, on the Pleks note, maybe some of it has to do with Andrei K coming back from injury and not being 100% and having Tom Pyatt on the other side. Andrei is half asleep (probably because he’s half-injured) and Pyatt just isn’t Cammalleri. Nobody is going to smother Pyatt and expect anything huge from him, they’re all going to be covering Pleks. Having actual threats out there on the ice with him will make Plekanec more effective. At least, I hope it will.

  54. SLONCOLD says:

    1. Ya pleks will look better when he can pass the puck to someone who can shoot the puck or atleast hit the net. AK is invisible and cammy was out. sorry but he doesn’t have anyone to play with who can finish. the boys from hamilton like darche and pyatt are 3/4 liners

    2. hope he gets better. (remember our discussions about visors?)

    3. He’s caution as a coach no surprise… but like u said open it up and do soemthing

    4. Halak played very well last night. i think right now u go with the guy who will gives you the best chance to win. I personally don’t think price will be any better so i wouldn’t change my goalie(kinda sucks for price; i bet he isn’t so happy sitting out right now)


  55. Kooch7800 says:

    Hall is good but he is no Crosby.  He is better than Kessel though!

  56. ed lopaz says:

    Kirill Kabanov quitte les Wildcats

    for those who don’t know this guy he should go in the first round of the 2010 nhl entry draft.

    he left his junior team, the moncton wildcats, because he was benched for a bad penalty an had a run in with the coach,

    the coach, flynn, is one of the most respected in the Q.

    i’m really sorry to say this, but I will use this as another example of why the habs should NOT draft russian players until the KHL issue is resolved.

    the russians – and other mostly east european players, have a great opportunity to play closer to home, for a lot of money, in a league with their peers,

    the risk does not match the reward

    the russians are skilled – but far too many are simply not going to want to make the sacrifice it takes to play in the nhl.

    nashville got completely burned when they lost radulov – who is a very talented player.

    this is more than a short term phenomenon  -its becoming an epidemic – and I don’t blame the russians at all for their choice to play at home.

  57. Kooch7800 says:

    I think the Moore line has been more of the 3rd line than the 4th.  AK 46 should be on the third line and Sergei on the 2nd.  AK is a waste of space

  58. jimmy shaker says:

    Pyatt is the odd man out, and then on Thursday with Moen back, lapierre will be watching from the press box as well!


  59. mike g says:

    I’m hoping his “A” game returns, and Cammy can be a big factor in providing some much needed finish around the net.

    My point was just to prove that all year long, no matter who Tomas played with, he was by far our best player. He played with every single possible winger on our roster throughout the year, and was constantly producing. Now, when the games are way more important and against desperate teams, he’s gone back to his little girl personality….

    Not the way to play when you want big money

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  60. SegerHabs says:

    Why do I get the feeling you copied and pasted this post on a Sens fansite too?

  61. smiler2729 says:



    P.S. Leafs suuuuck!

  62. Wops says:

    From Cyberpresse

    Les trios à l’entraînement:

    Pouliot – Gomez – Gionta

    Cammalleri – Plekanec – Andrei K.

    Pyatt – Moore – Sergei K.

    Bergeron (Darche) – Metropolit – Lapierre

  63. light_n_tasty says:

    The Pleks thing is alarming.  He did have 4 goals during the 6 game winning streak, but you’re absolutely right about his big-game performances. A 70 pt player in a supposed breakout / career year.  How much should he get?  

  64. nick says:

    Sergei down to the 4th?!

    Are you kidding me? He wasn’t any worse than anyone else out there last night… and given his two first star performances in the last couple games, this doesnt seem like the most intelligent of moves.

    But hey thats me.

  65. Bryan says:

    Leafs are 2nd last in the league with no first round picks for the next 2 years, and you come on here acting like they are going to compete for the Cup next year.  Every year the Leafs make a late season surge once they are eliminated from the playoffs – this year is no different.  Fine, you have some young guys who have some potential… but Kulemin is not the answer to your problems.

    Personally, I wouldn’t trade ONE top 3 pick for Kessel, let alone 2.  Kessel’s not a franchise player, but if you look at the players drafted 1-2 in the last couple of years, each is already an impact player. (ie. Stamkos and Doughty)


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  66. Chuck says:

    I’m guessing that they don’t address run-on sentences, paragraphing, and proper punctuation until Grade 2.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  67. mike g says:

    I also think the Habs will make the playoffs…

    But back to the coaching issue, it’s not always about changing lines. Sometimes one shift, a big hit, a big save or even a timeout can be momentum shifters. The only one present last night was some big saves by Halak, but nothing came out of it. The team was still flat. Call a timeout and say nothing, like Babcock did this weekend. It sends a message to the players. Send out Lapierre or O’byrne to start a fight or dish out a big hit. Anything to stirr up something and get Ottawa off their game. Maybe they’ll take a penality and we’d get a powerplay goal off a shitty bounce. WHO KNOWS?

    But, none of this was tried last night. JM gave up because nothing was working like it should be, and he looked like he just wanted to run home after the game. You can’t be doing that when your the boss….

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  68. K-hab25 says:

    Hall is the next Crosby

  69. avatar_58 says:

    Leafs suck

  70. Jbell10 says:

    Good stuff.


    I think that Cammy missing is a big reason why Pleks has looked sloppy out there. Cammy was a constant sniper and kept the goal scoring confidence up. With him out much of the weight fell on Pleks shoulders and  he just cant handle the extra weight. Luckily Gomer and GIO have been playing great as of late. Pleks will start to grease the wheels once Cammy hits the ice though.



  71. Iceberg84 says:

    Well said on that last note about the bandwagon. It’s as if you can’t be upset after a loss and say so in the comments without getting snarky replies in response for ‘jumping off the bandwagon’ with things like ‘see you next year, we don’t need you’ blah blah blah. I root for the habs all the way and always will.

    I pretty much agree with what you said in general and don’t have many additional thoughts. Price next game, Halak the one after that. The one thing I disagree with is #3. Carbo’s problem was that he was constantly changing lines and never settled on anything. My  guess (and it’s only a guess) is that JM is trying to see what happens if he sticks with the same line combinations every game to let them (finally) develop some chemistry. I think coaching is one of those aspects of the game that’s very difficult to judge and it’s full of ‘what ifs’. So far he’s got a winning record with the habs, and unless that changes he gets a thumbs up from me (though I didn’t think they should have fired Carbo or Julien when they did).

    I think the habs will make the playoffs but they certainly aren’t going to clinch a spot this week with games against Buffalo and NJ, plus Florida always tends to step it up a notch against the habs so I don’t count that as a gimme. If Montreal can grab 4 out of the next 6 points, the boys deserve a pat on the back for a job well done.

  72. Jeff says:

    Here is a post for Bugs, Sholi, Ooder & all the other Leaf-haters, I would like to see a similar post for the future of your Habs???? 

    My Leaf team is ten times better than it was at the start of the season both on paper and on the ice. They didn’t just ‘start’ to win games. They started to win games when Phaneuf, Sjostrom and Giguere came over and they didn’t have a sieve goaltender and paper thin defense. I know that saying ‘Leafs will always suck’ and ‘Hall in the next Crosby’ makes you feel more secure about the Leafs being whipping boys again next year but it’s just not going to be the case. As for the young guys, Gustavsson hasn’t solidified himself as a starter yet but he’s on his way. Bozak wasn’t drafted but his points per game are better than Andrew Ladd and Blake Wheeler who were drafted 4th and 5th overall respectively in 2004, the year Bozak should have been drafted. If you can honestly say you wouldn’t want Kulemin on your hockey team then you know nothing about hockey. The only difference between the Leafs re-build and the 5-7 year re-builds of some other teams is that the Leafs are building with mostly 20-25 year olds instead of drafting them at 18 and waiting 3 years until they develop. I really don’t understand the fallacy that the Leafs aren’t building with high draft picks. They are; the picks just aren’t all theirs. Kadri (7th in 2009), Paradis (29th in 2009), Schenn (5th overall 2008), Kessel (5th overall 2006), Bozak who is having a better season than 2/3 of the 2004 1st round, Phaneuf (9th overall in 2003), Komisarek (7th overall 2001), Sjostrom (11th overall 2001). Even Jamie Lundmark was 9th overall in 1999. Combine that with free agent signings and you have a good base of youth. I don’t see how building with players who are mostly between 20-24 years old is not building with youth. It is. Also, do you think that Hall or Seguin will have more goals than Jordan Staal, Jonathan Toews and Nicklas Backstrom (3 of the 4 guys taken ahead of Kessel)? Because Kessel has more career goals than any of them. I guarantee you that the Leafs improve next year. They destroyed the Sens all year and were never defeated by the Habs ONCE in regulation time. If the Leafs get better it’s only going to get worse for Sens and Habs fans as Scott Gomez isn’t getting any younger, better or cheaper. Oh and I’d like people to remember that Detroit have won 4 Cups since the late 90s and the last time Detroit drafted in the top 5 was 1990 with Keith Primeau. The Anaheim Ducks also won with zero lottery picks on their roster. The highest picks of their own they had were Getzlaf and Perry who were late 1st rounders. The Thrashers on the other hand have zero playoff wins and 6 lottery picks in the past 10 drafts. Tanking guarantees nothing. There’s more than one way to build a team; if you don’t think so, then your Habs and Sens also don’t stand a chance as they’ll never be bad enough to get a succession of top two picks

  73. Jbell10 says:

    AH finally! Cant wait to see Cammy lean into to one again! The guys a stud….


    2 goals in his 1st game back, one on the PP one 5v5.

  74. mike g says:

    Simple Jack’s Not So Simple Thaughts On Last Night’s Game

    Oooookkkk people. The Habs have only generated 1 point in their last 2 games. Everyone in the city is about to jump off the Jacques Cartier bridge. PG and the Molson’s have cancelled their July reservations of St-Catherine’s street. Stores are liquidating all Habs gear, and this site looks more negative than Britney Spears’ kid smoking cigarettes….Just plain rediculous. Now, for my thaughts:

    1- Come out, come out wherever you are: Knock-knock, who’s there? NOT Thomas Plekanec, that’s for sure. I’m not sure if he’s put on his skirt and makeup again because the playoffs are around the corner, but he’s been invisible lately. Now that the games seem to matter alot, he’s as quiet as they come on the scoresheet. In the past month and a half, we’ve played Boston(4 times), Philly (2 times), SJ and Ottawa. 8 huge games, against a great team and 7 vs the teams you are totally in a dog-fight with for a playoff spot. His stats? 0 POINTS. Invisible. Yeah, he draws a penality here and there and gets under the skin of the opposition at least, but that’s not his job as #1 center. To make matters worse, for a guy whose supposed to be a passer, he has 1 assist in his past 14 games. 1!. Say all you want about Cammy being injured, but Tomas was lights out during the year with anybody he played with. He was making 4th liners look spectacular. Step it up when it counts Tomas, or you can take the 5+ million$ you want and shove it…..

    2- Travis Moaning: Glad to hear that Moen’s doing much better, and didn’t suffer any damage to his eyes. While he hasn’t been playing like the Mack truck we thaught he would be, he still shows up more than a bunch of the Habs. Speedy recovery my friend, we’ll need you for the playoffs.

    3- When all else fails, give up: JM seemed to be on a roll the past 2 weeks, coaching the Habs to 6 straights wins. He publicly announces that he won’t be matching his defensive pairings with the oppositions best players, proving he has a ton of confidence in our healthy defense. He made little changes to his game-plan and lineups, and the team responded with some great play. Does that mean when your team is stoned on sleeping pills during one of the most recent “big” games of the year, you don’t change anything and hope that luck strikes again? NO. Watching him look helpless on the bench last night pissed me off more than anything. Immagine how that makes the team feel. Try something; call a timeout, stirr up a fight or kick dumbass Max Lapierre in the face for his pee-wee play at the blueline that resulted in the 1st goal. Wtv you do, just don’t give up like you did. Your attitude last night reflected the play on the ice.

    4- Halak a day off, please: That’s probably exactly what Jaro’s thinking right now. He battled hard last night and did his job. It’s not his fault we got shutout, the guy can’t score goals too. But I think we can officially put to rest the notion that “the team plays better infront of Halak”. The last 2 games have been stinkers by the Habs, and Halak was in for both of them. If you ask me he’s still performing up to par, and can still win us the important games. But this kid needs a rest. Play Carey tomorrow and see what happens. Maybe he’ll get us a huge 2 points and go on a winning streak too. Maybe not, but it’s worth a try right now.


    Anyways guys I don’t want you to think I’m off the bandwagon. IMO there is no bandwagon. You either cheer them on from the day you’re born and always hope for the best, or you pretend to like them and spit out the same constantly alternating negative/positive garbage as the radio stations do on a daily basis. These were just a few thaughts about last night, and what I’d like to see. We’ve seen them play so much better, so we know they’re capable.

    Your thaughts?

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  75. avatar_58 says:

    The PP was beyond terrible last night so I really hope Bergeron can fix it with his shot.

  76. jimmy shaker says:

    Thank you Dr.s…….a day late just for the record, you jabrone’s.

    Still think if Moen was okay, JM needs to go with 7 D and 11 forwards, please make it the lineup on florida thursday.  Moen, your a big tough saskatchewan boy, you’ll be back thursday right?


  77. avatar_58 says:

    Moen hasn’t done much to impress me lately. Then again neither has Pouliot or AK46. Seems like a few of the habs need a good talking to….

  78. luca says:

    honestly how the hell does sk 74 get droped to the 4th line and darche goes to the 3rd wowwwww

  79. lavie says:

    Jacques Martinism.

  80. The Cat says:

    Last night was a typical playoff game, tight play by the senators, and we saw just how useful SK was: basically a waste of space. Not trying to flame but I honestly dont see what people see in him.

  81. jbroderi says:

    Who would you rather have sk74 with, Metro or lapierre??  That i think answers the 3 vs 4th line thing.  If the fourth line is clicking, they will get third line minutes.  maybe this can get lappy the yapster going.  He could be valuable in the playoffs if he gets in gear.


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  82. mike g says:

    I’m thinking the exact same thing….

    Sergei was one of about 3 players who showed up last night and never took a shift off. How do we reward him? Ship him to the 4th line……CRAZY

    Sit his big-baby brother down for a few shifts. He’s the one who deserves 4th line minutes right now. Andrei looks like his face is numb from multiple overdoses….Don’t want to start rumors or any garbage about scandals and organized crime, but comon….AK46 seems to be in la-la land 24/7.


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  83. Mike says:

    How is Sergei dropped to 4th line??????? And How is Lapierre on the third??



  84. avatar_58 says:

    I keep seeing that Price is in – I hope this is simply because he needs play time and not any sort of Halak-blaming game. Last time I checked he was the ONLY reason these two games weren’t 10-0. Disgraceful.

  85. says:

    They should play Halak against the Sabres and let Carey get the rust out against the Panthers. 

    Halak not getting any goal support?  There’s a switch!

    They call me Shane

  86. Say Ash says:

    Price has beaten Buffalo this year, albeit in the second game of the season, and Halak was horrible against the Sabres. And Halak has had success against Florida. Also, it’s back to back games, so it makes sense.

  87. Mr.Hazard says:

    My fear is that this isn’t going to make a difference… Hopefully the players aren’t thinking “Yay, problems solved! Our PP guy and our goal-scorer are back!”

    “love cannot drown truth, Nefertiti”

  88. jbroderi says:

    Halak kept them in it last night, can’t blame him.  Price’ll get us a big win tomorrow and Halak will on thursday and then we can all sit back with a beer and watch the canadiens dismantle the NJ Devils on saturday.

    be nice to have a little hot streak to finish off the season.  Realsistically, we could play, Wash, Pitts, Buff, or NJ.  (we might miss too, but that won’t happen)


    go habs go


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  89. avatar_58 says:

    Price won’t “get” them a win any more than Halak could. If there aren’t any goals scored or defensive moves what is he supposed to do? It’s only a matter of time before that light goes off. Solution? SHOOT AT THE OPPOSTION’S NET.

    Yeesh. Elliott didn’t even have to break a sweat. I don’t even want to go into that godawful Toronto effort. Hey everybody – let’s aim at his crest! Shootout? Hey crest shots galore! I can barely watch this crap…

  90. K-hab25 says:

    Play great, give up 2 goals and lose. This sounds familiar. Maybe his teammates don’t like him for all those dirty looks he gives them after he gives up a goal. Grow up Jaro!! :-) By the way I’m being sarcastic. Just think it’s funny how certain posters said it was Carey’s fault when he had games like Jaro’s last 2 starts, but now it’s the team not being able to score. Alot of people were called names and put down for pointing this fact out all year. That isn’t the goaltenders that are the problem, not scoring regularly is the problem. I guess it just took it happening to “the great one” before some people got a clue.

  91. avatar_58 says:

    Because Lapierre, Moen, Andrei and Darche did so much better last night right? Mmhmm

  92. Mike says:

    LOOK AT HIS LINEMATES!!!!  Put him on a line with Gomez and Gionta, and i garentee instant success.

  93. avatar_58 says:

    Might as well. Poutliot needs a switch anyway. Move SK to the Gomez line and Pouliot to Cammy’s line. You know – do some goddamned coaching for once….

  94. Chuck says:

    Yup… tough to post a win in this league if your offence doesn’t score three for you.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  95. avatar_58 says:

    I’d have been happy with a SINGLE tying goal last night. Just ONE. ONE goal. They couldn’t even do that.

  96. Chuck says:

    Unfortunately they needed two to tie.  :)


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  97. GrimJim says:

    It took me two readings of your post to get it but, yeah we put a playmaker (SKost) with a guy who is having a career year scoring (Metro), and add a player with a cannonading shot (MAB). That does make way more sense than getting caught up with the 3rd vs 4th debate. PLus didn’t Laps get going when he was paired with Darche earlier in the year? When you think it through, the lines make a lot of sense (on paper)

  98. jimmy shaker says:

    Very true, but I do believe that he’ll prove his worth in the postseason….that is if we can get into the dance, which I do also believe we very much can.


  99. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Regarding tonight’s games, Boston vs Atlanta & Ottawa vs Flyers, I hope whoever wins does it in regulation. I hate those 3 point games especially this time of the season.

    I’ll be pulling for Ottawa & Atlanta. Would love nothing more than to see Boston OUT.

  100. Say Ash says:

    Two-point games tonight, yes. But you’re cheering for the 9th-place team to pull within two points of us? Makes no sense. You gotta put space between the guys that are in and the guys that are out – whatever it takes. Go…Bruins (x_x)

  101. SeriousFan09 says:

    Sergei’s down to the 4th line? Did JM catch Sergei with his wife and daughter at the same time?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  102. light_n_tasty says:

    Yes…that happened in September…dontcha remember?

  103. Say Ash says:

    Captain Sergei!

  104. longtimehabsfan says:

    He’s an all-liner!!!

  105. light_n_tasty says:

    Actually, in researching a family law matter, I came across Martin’s divorce.  Here’s the trial decision, and the Court of Appeal decision, if anyone is interested.



  106. ed lopaz says:

    not cool; not funny.

  107. luca says:

    hahahah i thought it was hilarious

  108. ed lopaz says:

    not sure why you would publish this? what’s your motivation?

  109. light_n_tasty says:

    I didn’t publish it: it’s a publicly available court case on the public record.

  110. Say Ash says:

    Very impressive sleuthing. $27,000 per month? Wow.

  111. Offensive DMan says:

    Why would you do this…nasty.  I am flabbergasted people (you) would do something like this….because it’e there, that makes it all right?

  112. avatar_58 says:

    Why would anyone be interested? I don’t see how his personal life has any bearing here, or is anyone’s business.

  113. light_n_tasty says:

    Well, I was interested because I was researching a particular topic and this case came up.  You may be interested if you are interested in public court cases involving members of the Habs.  On the other hand, you might not be interested.  It’s up to you whether or not you read it.

    If you wan’t, I can track down Pouliot’s DUI or O’Byrne’s little run in.


  114. Psycho29 says:


    It has absolutely no bearing on the performance of the Montreal Canadiens, so it really doesn’t belong here.

  115. light_n_tasty says:

    Well, the trial decision case does give a thorough history of Martin’s coaching positions, if you are interested.


    Again, only if you are interested.

  116. Psycho29 says:

    so does

  117. ed lopaz says:

    dude – i’m glad you’ve passed the bar exams and i hope you’re successful at what you do.

    a man’s divorce should be kept private

    show some respect.

    just because something is public information does not mean you have the moral authority to post it here.

    the information is irrelevant to our discussion here and JM would no doubt be quite embarassed to see it posted here.

    show some respect.

  118. light_n_tasty says:

    I haven’t passed any bar exams.

    If you will see the post I replied to, I would also say that it is relevant.

    And if you read the cases, you will see it’s mostly about his coaching career.

  119. ed lopaz says:

    i’m divorced. i wouldn’t want my papers posted here or on any other site for that matter. divorce is quite serious to most people. that was my point.

  120. light_n_tasty says:

    I get your point. But you gotta remember that this isn’t some private divorce settlement being approved by the courts. It’s millionaires who chose to fight a public battle over money because the money was more important than the privacy. These aren’t divorce papers. This is a trial decision from public proceedings.

  121. newbrunswick troy says:

    You know i was at work and just saying to a co-worker”you know what scares me about The Habs winning streak”  the answer is that all season long if you look at the stats you will see that they met every streak with the exact same or more “losing streak”   that said they can,t aford to be losing  2or 3 more straight!!!!


     WoW does the next few games mean everything or what?

    I have a feeling that like the last few years ..this is going to go down to Apr.10 vrs. Leafs

    to see if we get in!!!!!!!  Oh and i just so happen to have  tickets to that game (section 334 d)

    do those seats suck??????hope not

  122. BKAK72 says:

    Good to see CAMMI back.  PLEKS was pretty decent the last two months but AK46 has been absent minded and ineffective w/out the threat from the other wing.  Not to be forgotten is the GOMEZ line which will see more open ice.  That’s two strong offensive lines – can’t wait!

    — I will not apologize for being a delirious HABS fan! —

  123. old fan says:

    These guys better get with it and right away -this is starting to look like last years finish – Martin and his staff better figure out how to get the team to wake up !!! – if play like they did last night they may not win another game this year ! -SHUT OUT AT HOME !!!  – Come on Mr. Martin -get to work -if we’re not going to make it at least look like we are fighting to win !

  124. TheDagger says:

    Looking like last year?  7-2-1 in the last ten, come on man, relax.  Teams lose from time to time, and they are certainly looking better than last year.  They will be alright.

    “A month before the season I stop putting ketchup on my french fries.” -Mario Lemieux on his off-season training.

  125. newbrunswick troy says:

    Oh ya more thing that scares me…We,ve been battered with injuries all year and as a result i,ve noticed that it take our guys a few plus games to re-gell with each other…and once again if we are destined for a 4 or 5 game losing streak  we don,t have the re-gell time  that said i think its going to be a squeeker..and God forbid if it does go down to having to win in Toronto on Apr. 10  because you know the Leafs would treat that game like it was the GOLD METAL in Vancouver!!!!!

  126. hab_skill says:

    WHY is Lapierre moved up to the 3rd line? He has played terrible hockey..

  127. mike g says:

    Check his birth cirtificate……explains alot…..

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  128. newbrunswick troy says:

    I,m sure its a token way of keeping RDS and La JOURNAL at bay so they don,t fabricate some B.S and cause diruption in locker room so close to playoffs

  129. SeriousFan09 says:

    He made the bus in September training camp!


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  130. Bugs says:

    Yes. “La Journal”. That’s probably why.

    You certainly have your finger on the pulse of this province, Troy.

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  131. mike g says:

    Congratulations, you found a spelling mistake….

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  132. Bugs says:

    That’s not a spelling mistake; that’s a I-don’t-know-french-so-who-am-I-to-judge-them mistake.

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  133. mike g says:

    What a shame that he can’t write perfectly in french…I wonder what he’ll do with his life?

    Oh that’s right, I guess he can work anywhere else in the world then….not so bad afterall…

    Don’t be ignorant, buddy. It’s the internet, not school…He doesn’t have to spell properly.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  134. Bugs says:

    Again, your avatar reflects your comprehension skills. I have to dumb it down.

    Troy NOT make spelling mistake, Mikey. Troy spell word perfectly. “La” is proper french word. But “la” not work with “journal”. Only “le” works with “journal”. A french person knows this. A person who does not speak french does not. If not speak properly, not read properly. If not read properly, not understand properly. If not understand properly, not judge properly. Most of your posts serve as good example of this.

    Nothing to do with spelling, Simpleton Jack. One day, you learn to undertand good too, I hope.


    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  135. Habhopeful says:

    “Nothing to do with spelling, Simpleton Jack. One day, you learn to undertand good too, I hope.”



    Bahaha Im sorry SJ But Bugs…Loved it! keep em comin’ lol

    “I went to see a fight the other night…And A hockey game broke out!” ~Rodney Dangerfield~

  136. light_n_tasty says:

    BUGZIE.  Man you are peeved these last couple of days!

  137. newbrunswick troy says:

    Ya i do have my finger on the pulse ….But mostly cause my doctor says i got high blood pressure!!!

  138. mike g says:

    Oh, sorry Sir.

    It was a grammatical mistake. He should always use spell check when writting on the internet….

    And btw (if I’m allowed to use “btw” when I speak to you, because it’s a grammatical mistake used for writting “by the way”), you have to stop using capital letters to write complete words. Only the first letter needs to be in “caps”, not the whole word.

    Silly people here making such OBVIOUS grammatical errors….shame on them!

    And no I don’t want a cookie. But I’m sure you want something to fill those nice lips of yours, don’t you?

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  139. SeriousFan09 says:

    Pouliot is getting some flack lately and he’s Bugs’ main boy right now so that’s made him testy.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  140. Bugs says:

    With the way we’re playiin at the moment, I don’t blame ya.

    But surely, the french media being supposedly pandered to is neither cause or consequence to what ails ya, Troy.

    I’m sure you agree with this.

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  141. Bugs says:

    So we BOTH agree it takes you three read-throughs to understand the gist of a post?


    I also see that the levels of your gutter wit have a sort’ve post-modern kindergarten vibe. Tips the playing field in my favour. Suits me fine.

    (chuckle) Simpleton Jack.

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  142. Jeff says:

    You two had better make sure that you remain in the darkness of cyberspace.

    I can’t belive the crap you spout with regularity, I guess you are both so safe in the darkness.

    Do you feel good about yourselves.  Are you taking your meds?

    We surely would like to meet both of you at a summit, it will happen.

    Some of the other sensible posters would also like the opportunity, game on?

    We’ll play ringette, it suits your style.  Pussies! 


  143. Jeff says:

    Do these so-called fans belong to some idiot fringe like a brotherhood of LOSERS? 

    They resort to taunting when they have nothing to offer! 

    Enjoy the moment guys, the Bugs is their leader, and he is angry!!!!   HA! HA!

  144. Habhopeful says:

    Oh…Jeffy…Stop…It…Your killin’ us….Enjoy your time at the Leafs Annual April Golf Tournament…The newcomers finally going to beat Sundin’s record golf score? 


    “I went to see a fight the other night…And A hockey game broke out!” ~Rodney Dangerfield~

  145. Omit says:

    You have a bit of a problem, don’t you big guy?

  146. Bugs says:

    Said the spokesman for Losers Incorporated, otherwise known as the Toranna leafs. (who can’t even spell their own name right)

    Dubiously unequivocal, know me as

    L.B. Potter, esq. First Bugler of the St-Habberson’s Club Red Brigade and Head Coachman to the President of Habsbros Flannel-weaving Services:

  147. SeriousFan09 says:

    Meh, Worlds are something to watch in April when a good NHL playoff game isn’t on.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  148. HabFanSince72 says:

    Unless Mac T is Mario Tremblay’s nickname, Mac T is not the worst to ever coach anything and anybody.

  149. Bill says:

    Actuallly, I enjoyed listening to MacT on the telly this year.I thought he made some interesting and salient points. Given the choice, I’d rather see him in charge of the Habs than JM …

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  150. mike g says:

    Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls…..

    Simple Jack has just found something quite interesting. You see, in Montreal we are bombarded non-stop by sports media outlets spitting out rumors/opinions/controversial information. It’s often about the Habs because we love them. These same pieces of information are put into our minds, and most people then repeat it and often believe it. Often the “information” is either false, made up, or said in a way to make you believe something they want you to believe. And here is a great example, by our always sneaky friends at RDS..

    -That article says that the Capitals are being investigated for possible drug use, and IT IS NOT CONFIRMED YET WHETHER THEY ARE INVOLVED WITH STERIODS OR NOT.

    And here, we have the very educated and full story of this account, by TSN….

    -TSN obviously did there normal, professional job and got it done properly. They reported the full story.

    So, RDS is obviously trying to make you believe that the Capitals are being tested and MAY be using steriods, while TSN is saying the Caps have been tested already twice this year and HAVE NOT tested positive for drugs. TSN also says the Capitals are not the prime objective of this investigation. So basically RDS, as usual, is looking for controversy and a story to sell. They want to make you believe something, and will report the story in an  innapropriate manner. Propaganda people….Don’t believe what RDS says about the Habs, that they’re involved with all the mobsters, and are out sniffing every night.

    RDS is pure garbage…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  151. SeriousFan09 says:

    But we Habs fans have to rely on them if we want to watch the games. It’s pathetic isn’t it? They get enabled just because we want to see the boys in action.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  152. SLONCOLD says:

    still don’t get the reference to simple jack. lol

  153. Say Ash says:

    Heatly is second in international scoring behind Gretzky because he’s always on early-exit teams.

  154. Danno says:

    When a fan refers to the Canadiens and he uses the word “we,” as in
    “we’re going to make the playoffs this year,” well – he loses me right
    there. “We” applies to the guys on the roster. If your claim to fame is
    that you watch a whole lot of hockey on TV, you’re not part of that
    “we.” If you’re still in doubt, check your pay slip. If you’re making
    less than a half-million a year and the cheque does not come from the
    Montreal Canadiens, you’re not a “we.” Thank you.


    All I can say is, Jack Todd must have a wee brain.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  155. Willy the bum says:

    That fourth line of SK-Metro-Bergeron sounds like a sweet-a** line, but for scoring chances SK should’ve switch with Lapierre ’cause he can score with good assistance from Moore and Darche.

    But we’ll see how they go tomorrow night.

    P.S. I’m guessing Pyatt is the odd man out?

  156. Will Longlade says:

    Lots of overreaction to the team’s recent short slide. The Habs didn’t play too badly in T.O., nor did they totally stink the joint out against the Sens. But the PP has hit a wall and I’m afraid the team just doesn’t excel against physical teams like the Sens. To turn it around, more than a handful of key players need to pick-up their games a notch. I would put Markov, Hamrlik (terrible pinches in both games and way to slow to recover), Pleks (Sens know how to play him – physical and rough him up), AK46 and Pouliot (Sens know how to play him too – lots of pressure on the side wall) in that group. If the team can’t get these key guys on track, they will back their way into the playoffs. That scenario typically leads to an early exit.    

  157. EricInStL says:

    I once went on a Bruins blog site, and used the “we”, and lots of the posters didn’t understand what I was saying until the moderator said that this is the way Montreal fans talk.

    Since Todd is an american kinda makes me understand his non comprehension of the whole “we” thing.

    WE get it, he doesn’t….

    In Guy Boucher I trust.

  158. Danno says:

    I blame Price for those losses. :)


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  159. newbrunswick troy says:

    Ladies And Gentlemen:::  Upon reviewing the games left to be played by the competing teams(playoff spots) i do declair that our Habs do make it into the playoffs but in seventh place  see how:::::(CRITIQUE U MAY)

    ATLANTA__ final games..BOS(L)Tor(W)(L)Car(W)WASH(L)PITTS(L)N.J(W)WASH(L)PTTS(W)CAR(W)**10pts…..



    OttAwA__final games..PHILLI(W)BUF(W)FLR(L)CAR(W)ISLES(W)FLOR(W)T.BAY(W)BUFF(L)WASH(L)***12pts


  160. Habhopeful says:

    Found this on Dobber Hockey:

    “Grant Clitsome has been recalled by the Blue Jackets. Any time Clitsome does something, I feel I need to comment on it. So Clitsome has been recalled. The 24-year-old had two points the last time he was up, but he’s a 25-point guy at best. So Clitsome is back in the NHL. If they dub Antero Niittymaki as “Nitty” in the dressing room, what’s Clitsome’s nickname?”

     “Sigh. Sometimes I wish I was seven again.”


    “I went to see a fight the other night…And A hockey game broke out!” ~Rodney Dangerfield~

  161. g says:

    It’s more than that. I think its a CanadiAn thing. I grew up in a border town and knew a lot of Americans, they never say “we”. I like it when I have to explain this to people, I think in a way in defines us as a country. it’s a cultural thing.

    “Long before I ever wore the jersey, I wore the jersey.” Dryden

  162. newbrunswick troy says:

    HA HA HA HA …I new you were going thier

  163. Harani says:

    I don’t know if anyone posted it earlier but Cammi put up a pic of his roomate on the road Gio, lying down in his jeans. LOL! Can’t wait to have the sniper back. 

    “I gotta a feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  164. Harani says:

    On a side note, I just found out about an info that may interest many of you. The ice the Habs use to practice at the Bell Sports Complex is available to the public everyday except Sunday at certain times until April 9th. All you need to do is bring your skates and hop on the ice. If you are are Brossard Servicarte holder, it’s free, if not it’s only 3$. (It would cool to bring little kids, let them watch the Habs practice earlier in the day and then have them go out on the ice. I know I would be flipping out at such an opportunity.

    • Monday 15 h 30 à 18 h 00
    • Tuesday 13 h 30 à 15 h 30
    • Wednesday 13 h 30 à 18 h 00
    • Thursday 13 h 30 à 15 h 30
    • Friday  13 h 30 à 15 h 30

    “I gotta a feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  165. mike g says:

    Thanks alot man….

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  166. Harani says:

    No problem. Glad I can help. Btw, man?

    “I gotta a feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  167. avatar_58 says:


    I had to doublecheck the CBJ website but yes it’s true…..

  168. Les Habitants says:

    final standings 89pts  

    6.phill 89pts

    7.mtl 89pts

    8.bos 84pts

    the last time the leafs won the cup it was still just a bowl!!

  169. Robert L says:

    Maybe he could room with marek Zidlicki

  170. mike g says:

    OH ME SCUZI,lol…

    didn’t even look at the picture! 

    Sorry, m’am

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  171. Harani says:

    Not many girls around here so you’re excused!

    “I gotta a feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  172. Harani says:

    Changed my pic guys! Go Cammi! Super Snipe! 

    “I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  173. matmacat says:

    Ya that’s cool, thanks. Who else we know and rooming? Plek and Halak from what I read here before. Now Gio and Cam. Any other duos we know?

  174. Harani says:

    I think I heard Gorges and Price here before. Remember reading some interview that Gill rooms with Moen and he snores really loud. 

    “I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  175. SeriousFan09 says:

    10 teams in action right now and not one I can bring myself to give a crap about to watch.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  176. Mattyleg says:

    On a completely unrelated note (to unrelated posts), came across this whilst perusing the CBC website, and noticed a resemblance between the RCMP officer on trial for sexual assault and a certain former Toronto Maple Leafs door-post known as Wade Belak. A little delving later, and -bingo- it’s his brother.

    Never did care for ol’ Hammerhead, but this has to suck.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  177. SeriousFan09 says:

    Board of Governors Approve Anti-Decapitation Rule, that’s some progress.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  178. WestHab says:

    We obviously does not refer to the guys on the roster.  That would be “they”. ” We” is us the fans, don’t get so knottted up over nothing.

  179. Fenrir767 says:

    I’m just shocked that Sergei is on the 4th line the 3rd Line of Moen, Moore and Sergei has been consistently one of your better lignes over the past few games. I figured Martin would have kept Moore and Sergei together oh well at least with the firepower of cammaleiri and Bergeron we should be able to get through it.

  180. SeriousFan09 says:

    The New Jersey Devils have scored 3 Short-handed goals against the Blue Jackets!

    Kovalchuk has a goal and 3 assists.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  181. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Why the hell is there so much hype about the Leafs? Especially on Sportsnet connected and TSN.

    They’re 7-4-1 since the Olympic break. With all the hype (especially in my school), I thought they were 9-2-1 or something lol. Now that Kovalchuk has been traded Bobby Ryan rumours are in the air. Leafs fans are funny haha.

  182. HabFanSince72 says:

    Because Canadian media are all centred in Toronto.

  183. dpthehabsfan says:

    Todd is playing with pronouns to stir controversy. Every true blood Canadiens fan knows that they are a part of the team as much as any player. When you’ve been to, and watched and listened to thousands of games, when you’ve cheered, cried and bitched over every play….you are “We”. That is the way it is.

    In French they say; “Nos Canadiens” and “on gagne” or “on perd”. That’s the same as saying “we”.

    If Todd doesn’t understand the context in this city, well he should just not write about it.

    Oh, and one more thing, I’m sending in my 6th application for Canadiens’ GM, because one day I will get the job, and I’m guessing they will reviewing all positions before the draft in June.

  184. SeriousFan09 says:

    You give self-righteous anonymous blog posters a bad name.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  185. SeriousFan09 says:

    Go find somewhere else to be a jerk.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  186. SeriousFan09 says:

    Wow, now I’m gay? Good one, your trenchant wit is on match of that with an 8th-grader.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  187. mcLovin says:

    any word on price starting tomorrow? I know his record against buffalo is good this season, but I still get the feeling he’ll start Thursday instead. thoughts?

  188. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    lol, funny Jeff

  189. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    The starting goaltender should be confirmed around.. 12 pm tomorrow.

    I am assuming Price starts because of Martin’s “win and you’re in” system. Jaro has lost 2 in a row (he played good in both of those losses) but I have a feeling that Halak will start Thursday.

    Halak has a better record against Panthers this year, and Price has a really good record against the Sabres this year.

  190. mcLovin says:

    lets just hope price ain’t rusty

  191. light_n_tasty says:

    This may be a longshot…but were you playing on pokerstars at around 2:30ish this afternoon????

  192. The Cat says:

    Thanks a lot Harani!

  193. mark_13 says:

    Two balanced scoring lines now, hope Cammy get into his stride quickly!  Maybe it will give Andrei a jump start too, he’s a streaky scorer, maybe he’ll come good just when we need it!

  194. mike g says:


    I just laughed so much at his character in Tropic Thunder, I figured I’d use it on this site. So my picture has him, and for fun I’ll sometimes refer to Simple Jack. I used to have a picture of Alec Baldwin, you might remember. So I switched it up just like that.

    It’s the internet, you gotta have fun!

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  195. ed lopaz says:

    you were alec baldwin?

  196. SLONCOLD says:

    well so the other get it too:

    and this one is just for you as well:


  197. mike g says:


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  198. mike g says:

    Thanks for the links, but I’m at work and Youtube is blocked…but I’ll watch them at home….

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  199. Paulin98C says:

    Wicked movie… “You never go full retard…”

    “Price may not be the problem, but Halak is the solution.” – light_n_tasty

  200. badbalance says:

    Me llamo LOPEZ! L-O-P-E-Z dont get it wrong, I disaprove of your good time!

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