Calgary is getting colder

CALGARY – The lovely plus-3C forecasts we heard earlier in the week have turned south, as forecasts often do in this lovely town.

They’re now saying we’ll be looking at minus-9C for the Heritage Classic, but refresh this page and that might have changed. The game goes on, rain or shine.

The NHL’s headquarters hotel for the game is swarming with league types and others. Outdoor bellmen (“You keep up this good work and I’ll see that you become a bellman,” Peter Sellers told the bellboy in The Return of the Pink Panther) are alternating Canadiens tuques with Flames tuques, and there is enough corporate signage to make a marketer a very happy person.

Updates to come from this afternoon’s Canadiens’ practice at the Saddledome; headed there shortly, with the team scheduled to skate at 2:45 pm MST. I’ll likely be updating more frequently on Twitter, so follow me there live, if you wish. You’ll find me here.

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