Muller to Carolina, but who will coach Jarred Tinordi?


It’s a bad Monday morning for coaches:

Bruce Boudreau has been fired in Washington, replaced by Dale Hunter.

And Canadiens alumnus Kirk Muller is back in the NHL, replacing Paul Maurice in Carolina.

Let’s get to the important issue:
With Dale Hunter leaving the OHL London Knights to coach the Washington Capitals, who will take over the nurturing of the Canadiens’ prize defence prospect?

The chance to play for Hunter was one of the factors that influenced Tinordi in deciding to play major junior hockey, rather than accepting a scholarship to Notre Dame University.

The list of NHLers Hunter has coached in London includes Rick Nash, Kyle Quincey, Dennis Wideman, Corey Perry, Sergei Kostitsyn, Dave Bolland, Rob Schremp, Steve Mason, Sam Gagner, Patrick Kane, Michael Del Zotto and John Carlson.

Hunter and Mark Tinordi, the Habs’ prospect’s father, were Washington teammates for four and a half seasons.

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Update from a spirited practice that includes puck-battle drills:

Andrei Markov is paired with Alexei Emelin. The other pairings: P.K.-Gorges, Diaz-Gill, Weber-St. Denis

Max Pacioretty is on the ice. His telephone chat with Brendan Shanahan will be later this morning.

Andrei Markov is practicing, and Chris Campoli is wearing a no-hit maroon jersey (regulars are in red and blue).

And Ryan White!

In a maroon jersey on the alternate rink.

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Lines are the ones we saw against Pittsburgh.


  1. Aaron13 says:

    Well, two good coaches were passed up by our team – Muller and Guy Boucher. We’re stuck with Alfred E. Newman until Molson steps in and hands this ineptly coached team over to someone else.

    I’ve become disinterested in watching the Habs. I knew that when Pittsburgh scored that second goal, we were going to lose.

    If I were Price and P.K., I’d think seriously think of going to a contender if Martin isn’t locked out of Bell Centre. Take his belongings out of his office, dump it in front of the building and post a guard. Perhaps the same for Gauthier as well.

    This team is a pathetic synthesis of great, good and borderline players, coached by a baboon’s ass.

  2. Habby says:

    We took Cole so they took Muller. About evens out the field, yes?

    I gotta say I miss Captain Kirk’s smile. He was such a smile-y guy. lol I know it’s weird but I like seeing people smile. (Well it’s better than looking at grumpy people.)

    As it’s looking like our season’s going down the drain with our constant injuries and, as a result, inability to gain momentum to win I shall wish Mr. Muller the best of luck. But of course if the Habs can beat the Canes in our remaining meetings I’ll be very happy with that.

    The drive for 25 is alive dying!
    A humble fan of the Montreal “constantly injured” Canadiens

  3. homerbowen says:

    Wow! Boudreau and Maurice fired!! How the hell does Martin stay put???? Oh, yes I know why! And, PG look at his track record why is he still with the Habs making player personnel decisions? Oh yes I know why. These two clowns are from another time warp and can’t handle todays game. Geoff move them out now.

    • chilli says:

      You know very little about hockey homerbowen – but I’ll explain something to you: the Habs have been decimated by injuries so far this year. This is not the team they envisioned going into the season. Not missing so many pieces for extended periods of time.
      I live in LA and watch a lot of Ducks games. They have last years MVP in Corey Perry, as well as Ryan Getzlaf, Bobby Ryan, Teemu Salanne and Saku Koivu – all 5 of those guys would replace our top 5 save Pleks.
      And the Ducks suck this year. Totally suck.

      The Jackets made big splashes in the off season, so did the Kings….neither are showing much improvement.

      It’s about team chemistry. I promise you that if and when we have our full team, the Habs can beat anybody.

      They are playing with an AHL D corps and we are counting on young guys like Eller and Max to win games for us when our veterans are going.

      What’s really hurting us is the PP. We’d have 8 more points in the standing if our PP was working.

      We have a 7th place team but can only get there if the whole team plays and the pp starts working. One we nab that 7th spot, we can beat anybody in the playoffs.

      This whole season started on the wrong foot with that loss to the Leafs.


      • Dulljerk says:

        You’re kidding right? lol. Markov is done, trust me. He will not be the same player as he was. Ryan White? Chris Campoli?? I think it’s you who needs to learn a little about hockey, sir. This team is way to small and timid to beat most teams. Look for a quick playoff exit (if they manage to make the playoffs).

        “Muckers win games”

      • Benoitr says:

        Well said Chilli, Scotty Bowman couldn’t get this group PP going with no quarterback on the point. Wait till Markov gets back. (if he gets back). If he doesn’t then it’s time to look for a hired gun. Maybe Streit could be lured away since the Islanders are going nowhere.

  4. RetroMikey says:

    Good luck to the very green Kirk Muller to coach the Hurricanes, he’ll need it.
    Still too early for him to coach in the big leagues in my opinion, he’s got a long way to go.
    Sad to see Boudreau go and hope Hunter can coach in the NHL, he’ll need to carry a wad of Tums to ease the heartburn coming his way as well.

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  5. DorvalTony says:

    Maybe it’s time to bring Tinordi to the A.

  6. duffy says:

    The hurricanes will now blow well past the Habs in the standings.

  7. nunacanadien says:

    Come on Geoff Molson, continue the trend, fire Jacques Martin, heck the other struggling teams have done that. The five on defense style of play have cost the habs their offense. So what are we stuck with? A bunch of fast skating small guys with a few big guys and mostly average small players……shoving the puck at the net….except when MaxPac is on the ice….or Subban on a power play. But the rest of the time the team is stuck playing a defensive position! How the hell is that supposed to get us a cup? Fire Jacques Martin!

    • V says:

      Yeah. You never see teams with a good defensive scheme win the Stanley Cup. It’s all run and gun – teams regularly scoring 9 or 10 goals.

      A ‘defensive position’ is exactly how the hell you do win a cup.

  8. TINMAN17 says:

    What a bunch of sh!t. Muller should be the new coach in Montreal. Just awful. I wrote on here at the beginning of the season that we should have given Muller a shot on the fast track, no minors that is, and I was crucified for suggesting that he would be ready to coach in the NHL. Well, the Canes, get him and it’s hip hip hooray for Muller. BS!
    Oh, Captain, my Captain, you’ve slipped through our fingers yet again! I hope there is a third time and it, like most third times, will be a charm.

    Born and Bred in Enemy Territory (Boston).

  9. Ian Cobb says:

    What is with the posted time into the 24 hour clock??

    My brain can not keep up to all the changes on the ice, let alone to have to compute the time now!?????

  10. The Dude says:

    So ….who’s gonna get turfed next on the new NHL’s gameshow”So your coach sucks trailer-hitches” ???

  11. G-Man says:

    Good for Kirk Muller. He translated this: Milwaukee Admirals 17GP 10W 6L 0 1OTL PTS 21 Winning % 0.618 GF 46 GA 45 into a NHL head coach job. Think it might have been the 5 seasons in the pressure cooker here in Montreal that clinched it for the Canes.

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