Bummer … on many levels


Photo by Anthony Bolante/Reuters

HIO is not happy that Boston won the Stanley Cup.
And we’re angered by what ensued on the streets of a great city.

Hockey dream turns to urban nightmare

Gallery of riot photos

So close, but no ring

Great season ends in painful loss

Luongo,  teammates fold on big stage

Montreal Juniors get out of town


  1. sally122 says:

    Not only that, but “Saddledome” is such a stupid name for an arena, I hear ya, incentives to care are few.
    But as Hab fans? Man, we be trippin, yo!
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  2. Bad Digestion says:

    Make sure to check out the official NHL site, there is a beautiful piece about Colin Campbell and how hes so proud of his son. Really touching stuff, brings a tear to my eye…

  3. slychard says:

    Yes I do. I live in Florida and I would give my left testy to be having a cold one in old MTL at this moment

  4. slychard says:

    Really now, trollers, I’ve read this thread all day on my iPhone from work, and, coming from a Montrealer who lived in Boston for 5 years from 90-95 I must say… Although not surprised, you have really hit ROCK bottom when it comes to unsportmanlike showmanship. I went to the old garden in 94 for all 4 games in the hab series. 1st game I wore a habs jersey and hat… Almost had a fight while in line for the John. Second game? Wore a habs hat, feeling I would get less scrap… Did not work, so, for game 7 I wore a Houston oilers hat, why? Not because I was scared but because I had seats two rows behind the habs bench and I knew I would be pelted by insults, hatred, drinks, fight challenges, so on and so forth. This was in the 90’s it seems to have gotten worst now. Really bruin fans. Get a grip. Get a clue.

    • CHsam says:

      Well…….. can you imagine? Trolls coming here saying enjoy your “whine and cheese” ? They have NOOOO idea about Montreal. Fine, let them have their Cup. Seriously, I wonder what Bobby Orr thought about this Bruins season and playoffs… oh well who cares. Wish I was in Montreal having a drink right now. Yall know what I’m talking bout

  5. AK_PK_Usay says:

    So we will have 21 million for markov, wiz, gorges, a backup goalie for 1mil and 3-4 forwards? besides patches getting a raise, how cant we get all that?

    Next year Spacek and Gill are done, their salary pads PK and Price’s cap hit.

    I see no problem.

  6. dasbooth says:

    @AK_pk_Usay that coach lost to Claude julien who might as well have been playing with JM’s playbook. Coaching ain’t the issue with Habs. More size and skill up front and we are there.

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      I wasnt saying we should have hired him, besides Boucher, no point getting another coach, my 2nd choice is Muller, as he is a true Hab.

      No i was saying how maybe the nhl teams realise that old coaches were good back in the day, doesnt mean theyre still good

  7. Timo says:

    Is it just me who is surprisingly completely indifferent that Bruins won the cup? NHL has become such a turn off, especially this season, that really… who cares who wins or loses? The league is a multi billion dollar business and the only rule is making money. The spirit of the game as known and experienced by many here during their younger years no longer exists. If NHL never came back in October, I don’t think I would care much.

    Anyway, let the golf begin, as soon as that effing rain finally stops.

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      Yes, i fully agree.

      Very sad really, the same feels for so many of the entertainment industries. quite honestly, its time we go back to real fun, having your click of friends, hanging out at someone house, good home made food, beer and real person relationships.
      Sports, just play the actual sport.

    • Bugs says:

      Not only that, but “Saddledome” is such a stupid name for an arena, I hear ya, incentives to care are few.
      But as Hab fans? Man, we be trippin, yo!

      Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

    • jon514 says:

      Sounds like somebody needs to watch BASEketball!

      “Let’s be clear on the facts…”

    • The Cat says:

      I absolsmurfly agree.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  8. DanielTheRussian says:

    How is it a bummer for you Boone? You predicted Boston in 7, looks like you weren’t even cheering the Canucks at all.

    • Bugs says:

      Only non-Nuck cheerin’em on was Stephen Harper and even HE said it out the corner of his mouth.
      They were just the lesser of two unworthy and lame evils is all.

      Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

    • Clay says:

      You seem to have the concept of ‘stating an educated opinion’ with the concept of ‘cheering for’. These are not the same things.

      I can’t speak for Boone, but for myself, I wanted the Canucks to win, yet thought Boston would. I came to this conclusion after watching both teams play three rounds.

      Being a fan doesn’t have to mean you can no longer have an objective, reality based opinion – although many on this site seem to forget this fact.

      Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.

      Winston Churchill

  9. zedder81 says:

    Anyone see on hockeybuzz they are suggesting Markov to Laughs to play with Komi. That’s insane…. that sight is insane and I hate myself for continually going to it.

    In my life the Habs have won 8 Stanley Cups and the Leafs 0. How can you put a value on that?

  10. AK_PK_Usay says:

    Probably seeing TB success with a young coach that gets todays hockey and players, Wild hired a 37 year old coach. Good luck to them.

  11. Neutral says:

    Artyukhin would be an up grade from moen or pyatt in size and putting up points

  12. TheMock780 says:

    Not sure if this has been posted, but a story in La Presse in which Don Meehan says that he feels a deal between the Habs and Markov could be done by next week:


    • MontrealAtheist says:

      Markov has certainly served the Habs nation well over the years, but the time has come for him to move on. We can’t afford to allocate multiple millions on an aging player who would most like suffer another season-ending injury in game 1 next season.

      Taking into account the current trends in the league we will need a good young Canadian boy who can absorb a few hits and take a beating when he has to.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        So hypothetically, what if Habs dont’ get this first line forward for 3-4 mill we talk about. What if Habs sign both Wiz and Markov. If Markov is playing lights out 20-30 games into season and everything is looking good, perhaps trade Wiz. If Markov does get hurt salary doesn’t hurt cap. I know the math makes this tough, but sometimes we have to take risks with our roster to advance.

        Hell look at the Bruins and the contract they gave Timmy Thomas. Chiarelli was trying to trade him all last season, but after he got healthy look what he did this year. Would kill me to watch Markov light up the NHL on another team next year, KILL ME.

      • Timo says:

        We found 8 mil for Gomez.

  13. Mr_MacDougall says:

    Here is a good one.. A bruin gets bloodied!


    • HabinBurlington says:

      Corson really did leave it all out there on the ice for us for a couple years. Really a shame his medical condition was so hard on him. Pained me to watch him in Toronto. Especially with him and Tucker becoming such buds. Buddy of mine (Big Hab Fan) was at the bar his daughter was tending bar at when Tucker and Corson came in. They both started hitting on her, buddy just leaned over and told Corson since you put that leaf jersey on, hands off my daughter. Corson laughed and said yes sir.

    • 24moreCups says:

      Corson kinda looked like he was on the losing end of that fight, so bad example for a super tough player, wish we had another one of him on our team.

  14. Bill says:

    Lot of people posting wishes about the Habs getting some tough guy who is bad-ass enough to take down Chara. This is foolish.

    The Bruins are tough, but they didn’t win the Cup by beating the Canucks in fights. They did it by limiting them to 8 goals in 7 games and getting scoring from every line. And they didn’t beat the Habs with fists either: they did it by again being a better team, though they were also extremely lucky to win in OT in another game seven.

    I’m all for more physical toughness on the Habs, but not in the fighting department. That’s a sideshow that just doesn’t matter in the end. Remember the BGL debacle and be careful what you wish for.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      How many injuries happened to the nucks vs the bruins to important players, Raymond and Hamhuis are core players.

      What about the suspension to rome and the tap on the hand to Boychuk?

      Yes, in game 7 Vancouver was beat, and they did not have the fire to come back. But don’t tell me the Bruins did not get preferential treatment and play dirty to get that cup.

    • Marc10 says:

      Yep. Good point. Getting a tough guy that doesn’t fight or make a contribution is pointless. That’s why Thornton is such a great fit for Boston.

      Either we get someone like that or Ryan Clowe or we don’t bother. Artyukhin works on that level provided he gels well in the room and doesn’t piss JM off. If the goon can’t play, you know JM won’t use him…

      Hopefully Goat is on the case and surprises us with a few deft moves over the summer. His pick up of Wiz when we needed him most was a master stroke. Come on Pierre!

      “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”.
      Andy Warhol

      Go PK Go!

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      You’re a bit off with your statement. A large part of the reason the Bruins beat the Canucks is because they were bigger and stronger.
      By game 6 the Canucks were limping and exhausted from wrestling with the Bruins for five gruelling games.
      And I think it would make a large difference for the team’s confidence if a player in a Montreal jersey was to grab Lucic or Horton by the scruff of the neck and give him a licking after they face washed Subban or taunted him in a scrum.
      Look at Marchand. He didn’t have a care in the world because he had Chara, Lucic and Thornton in his corner that would step in if anybody looked at him funny.

      • Sean Bonjovi says:

        Montreal played Boston in the first round, so there’s no need to set up the Canucks as a straw man. Consider the statement “A large part of the reason the Bruins beat the Canadiens is because they were bigger and stronger.” In my opinion it was not, but my opinion is beside the point. What’s important is that we ask the right questions. “For what reasons did the Bruins beat the Canadiens?” That’s the only relevant question in any discussion of what the Montreal Canadiens need to do to beat the Boston Bruins.

        * Ville Leino would make Sergei Samsonov look like Alex Kovalev *

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          I said “Canucks”…not “Canadiens”.

          And yes I do think it is possible to defeat Boston and catch them flat footed with speed. We almost did.

          But say we do get past Boston next year, then Philadelphia or Pittsburgh is next in line.

          It would be nice to have a big 4th line and a couple bigger players on the top lines to take the strain off the entire lineup.

          Doesn’t take a genius to see it….

          • Sean Bonjovi says:

            “I said “Canucks”…not “Canadiens””
            You should be talking about the Canadiens though.

            “It would be nice to have a big 4th line and a couple bigger players on the top lines to take the strain off the entire lineup.”

            “Doesn’t take a genius to see it….”

            You’re begging the question.

            * Ville Leino would make Sergei Samsonov look like Alex Kovalev *

    • Caballero says:

      I agree it is not about getting one fighter, it is about the philosophy of the team.

      • Sean Bonjovi says:

        The last thing any team needs is ONE fighter.

        * Ville Leino would make Sergei Samsonov look like Alex Kovalev *

        • Caballero says:

          But is getting around 3 a shift in philosophy that is required to beat Boston?

          • Sean Bonjovi says:

            It might work, but I think there are other ways that would also work.
            I don’t think shaping a roster with to beat a specific opponent is a good idea in a 30 team league, but it might work.

            * Ville Leino would make Sergei Samsonov look like Alex Kovalev *

    • Timo says:

      Habs just need to get dirty. They need to get a few dirty pricks who would drive players into the boards from behind, go for the knees, blind side, etc… I am sick and tired of Habs being a bunch of pussycat nice guys that every team just rolls over.

      This is not how this league works and it’s time for Pierre and Bobo to catch on and play by the jungle rules.

  15. Hab Hater says:

    Habs in Burlington, I like you. As such, I will honour your request and depart for good. Have a good “summer”, we’ll see you in the fall. And trust that Lord Stanley’s Cup will be in the good care of the Bruins and the GREAT City of Boston and Greater New England. Go Bruins !

    • HabinBurlington says:

      We shall be well rested, our golf game a little sharper and we will bring back the dominance that you Bruins so enjoyed from us for years. One last question, where exactly in Boston does Mr. Cherry buy all those jackets. I am guessing you loved his jacket from game 7, had Bruins written all over it. Cheers.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Actually the cup will be here most of the summer because that’s where your entire team is from.

  16. AK_PK_Usay says:

    Also Evgeny Artyukhin was part of the 2001 and 2003 junior teams that won gold, he’s clearly not been used properly in the NHL.

    He’s currently with SKA St. Petersburg, shouldn’t be hard to get him back to the NHL. Especially since Yemelin came.

    He seems to be a 1 million cap hit, which we can afford.

  17. JohnBellyful says:

    We could save ourselves a lot of bother and speculation about trying to acquire a tough guy via the trade or draft if we developed an in-house dirty tricks program. Teach every player in the system how to defend himself in a fight but, more importantly, how to clutch, elbow, slash, and butt end in an effective but unobtrusive manner so as to escape the attention of officials. Not a high bar, agreed, but the Habs need to take advantage of the new regime in place. We can look to history for inspiration, ie, Brewer cutting out the palms of his gloves to grab onto players while appearing only to brush their sweater.
    The Canadiens are already accused of all sorts of misdeeds, why disappoint their critics. They just won’t get to see it. Let devious be our new watchword.

  18. HabinBurlington says:

    So Arthyukin’s name keeps coming up here. Is he a free agent this year? (not signed in KHL?) I am guessing there is no link to him here, we are just suggesting his name correct?

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      No rumors, just the perfect fit for montreal, clean player, tough and beat chara… also, he actually produces on 3rd/4th line, unlike any of the goons others are suggesting. just getting another goon is as bad as brokeback tofu man…

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Yah I remember him in Tampa, he played a fairly regular shift from what I recall. The Yemelin/Markov connection makes it interesting. I just wish I knew what PG’s thoughts were on how he plans to retool our team. As many others have said, we dont need a major overhaul just a few key pieces.

      • Duracell3 says:

        “clean player”

        I’ll say this, he would be a model Bruin.

  19. AK_PK_Usay says:

    After watching Evgeny Artyukhin VS Chara i realise, Chara does NOT know how to fight, jabs beat the crap out of him. And i want Evgeny Artyukhin with habs!

    Look at the wide mouth and large neck, this guy is built like arnold!
    Bring him to montrel, im sure he will get along with Markov and Yemelin.

    when all think alike, no one is thinking very much

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Dude…As tough as Artyukhin might be…Chara is the toughest man in the NHL and one fight doesn’t prove anything.

      When Probert was the heavyweight champ he’d still lose 1 of 5 fights and I think Chara’s ratio would be much better than that.

      I’m all for Artyukhin but get serious.

      • AK_PK_Usay says:

        Yeah, I agree chara is still a beast, but this guy beat him cleanly, and check his other fights, also Artyukhin is NOT a dirty player, which fits well with habs.

        Chara is tough, but his boxing skills are crap. He trains in greco-roman wrestling in the offseason with his fellow countryman, its a nice sport, but boxing is what you need in an nhl fight.

    • Bill J says:

      I will always remember him for cutting Tanguay’s season short when he played for the Habs. I think, if he came to the Habs. I would hold a grudge until he inflicted pain on a opposing team’s player.

      The moral dilemma I have in this above thought, is that I do not like the current level of violent acts in the NHL these days, whatever the root cause is.

  20. Habbu says:

    Gauthier should sign Steve McIntyre the best fighter in the NHL and a UFA. Played for the Oilers last year and is one scarey dude.

    • AK_PK_Usay says:

      He played what exactly? cos he cant play hockey…

      You can criticize Chara, but he is a solid Dman…

    • Marc10 says:

      I remember the Ivanans fight. Ouch. Not sure he can play a shift, but that’s one guy Lucic would run from and Thornton would get owned by. Only Chara would have a chance and there’s no way that happens.

      “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”.
      Andy Warhol

      Go PK Go!

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      I agree, get him. We tend to sit one guy on the fourth and give Gio and Cammy the odd shift with two fourth liners anyway…

  21. HabinBurlington says:

    Was walking my dog tonight and saw a neighbour who was decked out in his Bruins Jersey and Bruin Hat. I had to wear my Habs hat today in light of last nights occurrences. Well he looked right at me with a big grin on his face, I said well you guys finally got one good for you. He said now were even for 93. I said well you may have one to match that but you are still way behind. He proceeded to start mumbling crap and swearing. I then asked if he wanted to pet my 135 pound dog which i told him loves to chew on stupid people. Our conversation ended with nods to each other.

    • True Hab fan right here.

      I swear at my friends all the time, lol they’re leafs fans 😉

    • Hab Hater says:

      Can’t be much of a Bruins fan if he is only stinging from 93 as there have been many heart breaking losses to the Habs before and after 93. Yes, overall you have owned us which is why we loathe your diving (PK), whining organization (call 911) and annoying fan base (no opinion about hockey matters except ours). I’m here to stick it to you because I’ve had it stuck to me many times by the Habs. So for this offseason, I gloriously and unceremoniously say “Suck It Habs!”

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Well then you can pet my dog as well. He will love you!

      • Caballero says:

        No matter how many cups your team wins, they will never come close to the greatness of the Montreal Canadiens. I know this is exactly the arrogant attitude that kills you Bruins fans, but hey it’s the truth. The Montreal Canadiens are the greatest franchise in the NHL, and one of the greatest sports franchises period. The downside of this is that sometimes it feels like the Habs should just stop playing and be placed under glass at the hockey hall of fame because this team is quickly becoming a museum installation resting on past glories and not staying current.

  22. HNS says:

    How’s about this story from the Boston Globe…………………police have reported finding a body floating off a well known party area. The individual in question was obviously drowned due to alcoholic excess and misadventure. He was wearing ladies black nylon stockings and a red garter belt. He was also wearing a huge strap-on dildo and had on a boston bruin jersey.
He also had a rather large cucumber stuffed in his butt.
Police say they have removed the boston bruin jersey to save the family any embarrassment…

    • Hab Hater says:

      Classy post. Had Montreal been rioting again, you would have been the first throwing a bottle and setting fires.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        In Boston maybe there’s enough fans in the street celebrating to push over a mountain bike. Chara got off the plane with the cup and there were 30 people there…wow!

        • HabinBurlington says:

          All the rest of them were still trying to figure out how to log out of HockeyInsideOut.

        • JohnBellyful says:

          They had booked the next flight out of town and were waiting for the plane.

        • Hab Hater says:

          We are TITLETOWN. Our teams win alot (Patriots 3 superbowls, Celtics, Red Sox twice….all in last 10 years!!). We love our sports but we realize there’s way more important stuff — which is why we don’t riot. If your questioning the importance of this win to New England, you shold know that a MILLION people are expected at the parade on Sat.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            First off basket ball is crap and nobody here cares.
            Secondly, when the Red Sox buy their way to a championship by spending more than 90% of the other teams it’s not all that impressive.
            The Pats won it fairly because of the cap in the NFL so I’ll give you that.
            And yes the Bruins do have a decent fan base for an American team.
            Nothing compared to the true fans north of the boarder though, the place where your entire team is from.

          • Bill J says:

            Enjoy the win, but for your sake. Leave this place & enjoy it. Remember that Karma’s a bitch. And if you think PK “dives” for a living. Ask Brad Marchand… PK will be owning Marchand for years. Get used to it.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Well the beauty of living in Canada, is I have my choice of teams in the US for Football. I will take my Steelers over your Patriots. I hate the Patriots as much as the Bruins (respect the Patriots though).

            But really Bill J makes a great point, LEAVE you guys figured out how to guide your internet browser outside of the Boston city limits now be careful, we may start taxing your time on this site and we have GST. So go celebrate at the airport with the other 30, and get ready for your million man march on Saturday, I am guessing it will be a tea party rally.

          • JayBee says:

            None of your teams were relevant 10 years ago. Don’t go acting like you’ve been this great sports town for decades.

          • Hab Hater says:

            Hobie, you could have mentioned that Coach Belicheck is a cheater for video taping other teams practices……
            Bill J, if Karma exists then Boston would not have been the Habs bitch for since I can remember. As for Marchand, c’mon man, give the kid credit, afterall he is a rookie !

          • JohnBellyful says:

            Too bad you couldn’t get that many out for health care reform. Priorities, I know.

          • Bill J says:

            Marchand is just as much a Rookie as Subban is. What exactly is your point ?

          • Duracell3 says:

            3 Cups in 69 years, titletown LOL?

    • Caballero says:

      oh moderator!

  23. HNS says:

    Whatever……Chara and the Rooins still eat my arse. Cup or no cup, they will always be Montreal’s bitch.

  24. LL says:

    Today in the mad crowds of downtown Montreal, I came face to face with Yvan Cournoyer.

    The most interesting thing was that we were the same height, and I’m only 5’5″. Had I been wearing heels, he’d be looking up at me. lol

  25. HabinBurlington says:

    Well the “well connected” Eklund is preaching from his ivory tower again, and is saying Habs are getting Jagr and Markov is going to Toronto. I guess we now know we arent getting Jagr, and glad to hear Markov isn’t going to Toronto.

  26. LA Loyalist says:

    Dr. Recchi has just retired to focus full time on his medical practice.

    Rectum? Damn near killed him.

    TSN has it, so it must be true.

  27. JohnBellyful says:

    Here’s what it might take to end the thuggery in the NHL. The KHL starts paying comparable wages top to bottom of rosters — and it becomes known as a league that calls penalties, from opening whistle to the final siren, from the start of the season to the crowning of the champions. If that ever were to happen, skilled players and honest, hardworking players would head overseas in droves. Even the NHL couldn’t ignore an exodus like that and not do something – like crack open a rulebook and force referees to read it from start to finish. And then apply their newfound knowledge.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      John you are exactly right IF the KHL did that. From what i have seen however, they have their share of thuggery as well. There is one particular rivalry I read about earlier this year which was a complete bloodbath from the drop of the puck. In theory however, if the KHL wanted to attract that talent they could by doing that. Lots of politics in their league also.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Even at comparable wages do you think the majority of guys from Peterborough, Calgary or Montreal want to live in Russia?

        Humm instead of making one million bucks in the NHL I’ll go make 1.5 million and never see my family while being surrounded by gangsters, more snow and corruption.

        Sounds great.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          I thought you were talking about Gary Bettman.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            LOL. Good to see some humor around here instead of feeling like you’re in the cancer wing.

        • JohnBellyful says:

          gangsters, snow and corruption … only in Russia, you say?
          Lower taxes, right?

          And never see their families again? Gawd, how long are the seasons over there?

          • Duracell3 says:

            0% taxes for North Americans, 13% for Russians typically. Training Camp starts in late July; PO end in April.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Hobie, i replied to a comment of yours earlier but that is back a page, gonna try repost below. In regards to your point about adding big 3rd and 4th liner.

          Can’t really disagree Hobie. I think are skilled players are very skilled. What they need is some open ice which the players you speak of can help create. The other thing is our “System” is such that we are never going to have an Art Ross winner on our current team. I don’t say this in a bad way, but by not playing a free wheeling system it just isn’t going to happen.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          I think the point i was making to John’s suggestion, was the theory of a rival league with equal or greater money but none of the goonery we witnessed this year. I wasn’t really thinking specifically of the KHL but rather the eutopian concept of a well run league.

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            Agreed. I like rough play but things were overboard this year.

            I was cool with the new NHL a few years ago but things have changed again and we’re back to old time hockey and we’ve got the most timid team around.

            I can watch Olympic hockey with a rare fight all year long but unfortunately that’s not the league we’re playing in at the moment.

      • Duracell3 says:

        Omsk vs. Vityaz Chekhov is what youre thinking, but Vitaz is a complete joke.

        Think 70’s flyers with less skill. Im not joking when I say an ECHL team would probably have their way with them. To my knowledge Artyukhin is their ONLY NHL alumni. All of their imports are fighters, as are many of their developed players and have been warned with being kicked out of the league which would be fair as they finish bottom 2-3 every year anyway. Even with the subsidization I have no idea how they actually stay financially viable.

    • Bugs says:

      Yeah, I wanna make the same amounta money in Stratzilbrashka asI do in my home-town with all my family and friends and everyone speaks the same language as I do and where I know what food I’m eating because over there, they call two extra penalties a month in their league and that’s why I wanna move over there.

      Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

  28. mike3131 says:

    Watch Zdeno Chara be on the cover for NHL 12.

    ♪ And we’re livin’ here in Allentown… ♪ – Stu (Hangover 2)

  29. Hobie Hansen says:

    I’m stunned if Gauthier doesn’t bring in an absolute monster to play on the 4th line or as a 6th/7th defenseman. General Managers, coaches and hockey people greatly believe in momentum and delivering messages.

    Imagine playing Boston in the first month of the season and having a repeat of the game where Spacek, Hamrlik and Pyatt were beat up and totally embarrassed. That would probably break the Canadiens confidence for the entire season right off the bat. And it’s a guarantee Boston and also a bunch of other clubs will have that in mind when they face the Canadiens.

    As crazy as it sounds, Montreal really needs a guy to come in and set the tone right away to let other clubs, especially Boston, know that you’re not running over us and it will be painful if you try. A 30 second fight in game five of the regular season really could make a huge difference for the team’s and the fans’ confidence.

    There is no answer for Chara, plain and simple. But Montreal needs 235lbs pound bruiser that will drop them without question with the likes of Thornton, Lucic or Horton if they get in the faces and make life difficult for Subban or Price….

    In saying that, White and Moen aren’t bad and they might be able to hold the fort but I still think a true enforcer is needed.

    You saw Gauthier bring in Mara so I’ll think you’ll see him bring in someone who plays the role a little better from a bigger selection over the summer.

    • Marc10 says:

      Arthyukin. Size, speed, hands… hurts people.

      “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”.
      Andy Warhol

      Go PK Go!

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Oh come on, that is seriously going overboard, one bad game early on with some fights and the Habs are broken for the season? Please, that’s quite insulting to the entire roster.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Sigh. The best is a deterrent that is rarely needed. How often did Knuckles or John Ferguson actually fight. Not much, they didn’t need to. Larry Robinson didn’t fight much once he was established.

      It’s really too bad Laraque went vegetarian on us. A couple of pastings of other team’s tough guys early in the year and he could have cruised.

      Poster is right, the best thing for us is to run the table with Boston next year, 6 games, especially the first 1 or 2. Well I guess we’ll see what the team looks like in October. Go Goat! Now is your time to prove you are serieux!!!

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        Between 1980 and 1992, Nilan had at least 17 fights in 8 of those seasons including a whopping 98 fights between 1984 and 1986. Nilan fought constantly Loyalist and like most NHL enforcers, had to quit in about 12 years. Ferguson was a much better example of a guy for which with fights, less was more.

        And Laraque, DJ King, Boogaard (RIP) have not really done much in recent years for making the opposition think twice about attacking star players. Better to have Rupps, Whites, Moens and such, guys who can actually do things beyond throwing a punch.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
        SF09 on Twitter

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          I agree with the bottom half of your statement Serious but take a look at the impact and momentum swing Thornton added to the Bruins when he was inserted into the lineup in the finals.

          Imagine a guy like him between Moen and White on our forth line? That could be a very effective line! And i think our friend Konopka is as every bit as good as Thornton, if not better.

  30. Marc10 says:

    Why not keep Wiz and Gorges and Markov? If we’re not going to find the missing piece to our forward core in free agency, why don’t we stick with our current group and ship Webber off for a gritty 4th line center. Can you imagine the 2 PP units with Markov, PK and Wiz on the backend. Ouch!

    But if you do keep all three Ds, you’ll need to ship one off at the close of the season. There just won’t be cap space to sign Price and PK the following year. Maybe you worry about that then if you can avoid No Trade Clauses…

    I think Gomer will bounce back. We’re stuck with him, but if he centers MaxPac and Gio, it will work. Max creates all kinds of room for these guys and he’s terrific in front of the net. Pleks, Cams and AK46 are fine top 6 players to support them. It’s a shame Pouliot didn’t work out because if he played to his potential with Eller and Darche/DD, that would be a solid 3rd line.

    A healthy Habs Team with a full stacked D in front of Price would not be fun to play against. Contender…? Not yet… But not that far either…

    So who are we drafting anyway? Anybody with size and a mean streak out there?

    “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”.
    Andy Warhol

    Go PK Go!

  31. christophor says:

    Someone explain to me why Jagr signing would be a bad thing.

    1 year deal, no long term commitment that interferes with resigning Price/Subban/Eller/Patches, and not much by way of comparison on the UFA market.

    Lets say he gets 15 minutes a game. AK would be on the third line with Eller/DD but would play the odd shift with Plek and Cammi to cut down on Jagr’s minutes.

    Crazy? Sane?

    • Marc10 says:

      Jagr as a PP specialist and occasional winger for Pleks under 2mil works for me. But I just don’t believe he’d take a discount for us (given taxes and all). As other posters have pointed out, he’s likely using us to get more elsewhere.

      But yeah… If he was serious… in a heartbeat. I never thought Robert Lang would work back in the day and he was the right fit. Jagr is in the same mould. I would love to see him on the PP. I would then not really bother signing another forward unless there was a mean guy who could fight out there (Arthyukin) to complement the 4th line and smash the odd Bruin. Heck, I would keep Pouliot if I could bring Jagr in da house just to show the big lug what a true skilled winger/hall of famer with size looks like. That lineup would be sick, and if healthy, a definite Stanley Cup Contender.

      Plus, can you imagine the renewed excitement if Jagr showed up to win one last cup. Oh man… got to stop dreaming. Just can’t go there…

      Ah the off season… where all dreams are possible!

      “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”.
      Andy Warhol

      Go PK Go!

    • Bugs says:

      -Hurts himself in training camp, misses all year
      -Doesn’t want to practice as hard, becomes disturbing influence on youth
      -Lost his pace, becomes burden on the ice, becomes disrupting factor on club
      -Lost his endurance, season becomes grind, flames out halfway, becomes disrupting factor on club
      -Having paid dues, is not as vague in responses to media, inadvertently pointing out flaws or laying blame, becomes disruptive factor on club
      -Hogs puck, steals ice-time, wants too much responsibility, becomes disruptive factor on club
      …are just a few thoughts pop to mind there.
      I could do a list of GOOD reasons too, mind. But your thinly-veiled implication that there could not possibly be any REASONABLE explanations since, by the very act of asking, you tell us that you could not CONCEIVABLY come up with any yourself is a bit…cheap.

      Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        That’s Gomez in 2011/12, only there’s no list of good reasons.

      • Marc10 says:

        Yep. Big Risk. Big Reward?

        I don’t see any other moves that get us closer to the promised land – provided it comes off. But yeah, he could be a cancer… I imagine PG or Goat (I like that monicker) have the scoop from Gomer and Pleks on how he is in the room.

        In any event it goes into my Mats Sundin pile. Pretty darn likely never to happen. (And yes, that never paid off for the Nucks too…)

        I still think it’s worthy of consideration. There isn’t much out there to help us get to where we want to go. No PK in the pipeline next year…

        “To be irreplaceable, you have to be different”.
        Andy Warhol

        Go PK Go!

      • christophor says:

        I won’t deal with the reasons you list, since you say yourself they aren’t good ones (though, these non-good reasons take up 2/3 of your post, mind).

        As far as veiling anything, I ask to be called crazy or sane, meaning both are possible, and want reasons for either assertion. I hope I’m sane, which I take it you see accounts for my pushing my case. Though in the end, there’s still the “you’re crazy and here’s why” option. You didn’t take that route but you’d likely be able to, and stick it to me good no less.

        Pretty straightforward, I think.

        In fairness to yourself, some of your reasons aren’t all that bad. I want to know the good ones. But if he tanks, he can take a flight home. I don’t follow a club that’s short on money to make some low risk wagers.

        Edit: oh, ‘GOOD’ as in “Good reason to sign ‘im”. Silly me.

        • Bugs says:

          Sooo, what are you saying? Looks like you’re doubling back on your double-back. Kinda confusin.
          You wanted reasons to show his signin would be a bad thing, there some are.

          Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

          • christophor says:

            Bad reasons I asked for, yes. Thanks. But none of this veiling business you’re on about, and only one double back, that being your own ambiguous fault (even though I was kind enough to assume the error with a ‘silly me’).

            Last, rather than implying the self-evidence of my argument, I was laying a challenge to someone who might object. Why post something so obviously right?


          • Bugs says:

            Dressing up a list of pros and cons is a…”challenge”???
            You were implying that any opposing argument to your OPINION was unreasonable since you could obviously not come up with any “cons” to sign Jagr yourself.
            Since we all know there are pros and cons to EVERYTHING, the only conclusion is that you were being deliberately close-minded to any dissenting opinion to your own and this “challenge” you’re spinning now was merely pretentious posturing in disguise.
            But whatever.
            There’s your list. It was easy too. Took me a minute. Kinda surprised you couldn’t come up with at least some of’em yourself.
            Wasn’t much of a challenge, really.

            Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

    • Mullie01 says:

      I just think what the other teams would say if we got him. Wouldn’t that make us a bit more intimidating? Wouldn’t they have to plan for him a bit more? If he has the right attitude, why not?

      Our style matches well (i.e. oil and water) with the current champs, so a move like this, combined with the strong leadership core in place keeps pace in the division.

  32. Old Bald Bird says:

    I moved to the Ottawa area not too long before the year the Sens got to the finals. I think the prevailing feeling was one of accomplishment and relief for having made it through the east after so many failures, so much so that they weren’t truly up for the finals. By that I simply mean that they lost a bit of the edge that carried them that far. It wasn’t intentional but just happened. I am wondering if that’s what happened to VC this year. If so, I hope they get another kick at the cat and don’t rapidly sink to the bottom like the Sens did.

  33. Ian Cobb says:

    One positive to take from this win, was that we were put out of the play offs by the Cup champs.

    And by the difference of one goal. Who is to say what would have happened if we had Gorges, Markov and Pacioretty on the ice for us.

    Next year is our year boys and girls!

  34. Toe Blake says:

    I for one am not all that upset that the Bruins won. The Vanc’rs were wankers. Did they really expect that they would just hand them the Cup after winning The Betmann? The really positive takeaway is that despite all our criticisms of the Habs, they are not really all that far away from being legit contenders. Less extended time in the clinic for several key players last season and it really could have been our guys smiling last night.

    • punkster says:

      Holy crap, I like the new Toe. He’s upbeat and positive, without a hint of sarcasm and he never once mentioned Brisebois. He should be warned though that such an attitude will likely bring a s–tstorm of push back, protest and passionate pi–ing and moaning about the general lack of size, grit and b-lls on this team. Good for you, TB.

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

      • Toe Blake says:

        Hey, don’t think that I have gone soft on the need for a nice outlet pass. I would also make a bold move a reacquire Higgins in the off-season. He may still have hands of stone, but he is a huge uptrade on the likes of Pyatt and Moen. Those two dudes couldn’t score in the pre-Disney Times Square with their pants at their ankles and rolls of fifties in their hands!

        • punkster says:

          There’s the Toe we all love and respect. Higgins? Well, maybe someone like him but I’d be afraid that back in the sin bins of Montreal we’d see the old Higgy revert to form and that ain’t pretty.

          ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  35. Dwayne33 says:

    Montreal’s average size is 6’0 200 pounds and Boston’s average size is 6’1″ 201 pounds. Not much in the difference!

  36. adamkennelly says:

    what is wrong with some of you…Jagr, Hemsky, etc…are you freaking blind? Habs have almost enough talent – need 1 more scorer and prolly 3 more players with size, grit and a mean streak. Canucks lost because they were bullied into giving up….if the Habs surround their stars with the right support – we are immediately in the mix. if our 4th line is a bunch of non producing 2nd liners – no chance.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I tend to agree. There’s nothing that drives me nuts more than having a 4th line of castoffs that don’t cut it on any other line. Pouliot on the 4th line or a defenseman is just stupid.
      The 4th line should be White-Brawler-Moen
      The 3rd line should be UFA-Eller-Darche
      Desharnais is a good little player but he isn’t playing on the 4th line and he isn’t playing wing on the third cuz he’s too small and Eller will be at center.
      Minus Desharnais, Pouliot and Pyatt from the forwards and bring in a goon who take an honest shift, like Thornton or Konopka and then another UFA like a Laich or Cole to play on the 3rd line. Konopka was among the league leaders in ther faceoff circle btw people. And he would love to smash Lucic in the face if he was asked to.
      Bring in one nasty ass defender to play as our 6th man back there, like UFA Shane O’Brien, and the deal is done and we compete without ruining what brought us within one shot of beating the cup champs.
      It’s a long regular season with ugly games like we saw this year. I don’t want to see our players pushed around and laughed at around the league again.
      I hate to say it but anyone who doesn’t see that as being the best way to improve our team is kinda…I better not say it.
      Jagr and Hemsky…that is a joke I agree!

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Can’t really disagree Hobie. I think are skilled players are very skilled. What they need is some open ice which the players you speak of can help create. The other thing is our “System” is such that we are never going to have an Art Ross winner on our current team. I don’t say this in a bad way, but by not playing a free wheeling system it just isn’t going to happen.

  37. 24moreCups says:

    On other news the Montreal Juniors are leaving my town of Verdun, didn’t really ever go see them play live but still sucks they’re leaving.

  38. JohnBellyful says:

    My therapist tells me I might have stepped over the line in a few of my recent posts by hinting that acts of violence against the Bruins might not be a bad thing. Drawing the line at dismemberment and evisceration apparently isn’t enough. I’m looking for a new therapist but until I find one I guess what the current shrink says makes sense, in a la-di-da kind of way.
    So I’ve decided a campaign of psychological warfare against the Bruins can be just as effective as brute force in getting results — without the mess. I’m drawing up a roster so we can take shifts in a summer-long campaign to ring their doorbells in the middle of the night, ask for autographs with leaky pens, form picket lines to show up wherever they take the Cup, sign them up with telemarketers and charities expressing an interest in their products/services/fundraisers, put bogus ads on E-bay and other places offering to sell Stanley Cup memorabilia, send out tweets, emails and news releases in their name saying they support the Tea Party … you get the idea.
    We’ll probably need 250 members to make it work.
    Bruin trolls, you’re welcome to join in the fun.

    — “A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants.” —

  39. savethepuck says:

    Don’t know if anyone posted this yet but there is a report on TSN that Jagr’s agent has reached out to 5 NHL teams to see if there is any interest. Det, Pitt,Was, NYR and Montreal

    “That beautiful bastard scored semi-conscious.” On the Rocket’s Game 7 game winning goal against the Bruin’s April, 1952

    • Bill J says:

      So once again, the Habs are used for negotiating value. Same old news.

      I read his preference is Detroit. The other teams ? The three he’s played for before. Not very original. We will see I guess.

  40. habsfansince91 says:

    Looks like Jagr’s agent has contacted the habs and four other NHL teams.


    thoughts anyone?

  41. SeriousFan09 says:

    Can’t afford to go big with a UFA this year, but if we want to firm up the Top 3 lines with someone who’s more acceptable than Moen, how about:

    Tomas Kopecky, scored 15G, 27A last season, could be a good linemate for Eller and a much better fill-in on Top-6 when injuries strike than Moen. Kopecky-Eller-Darche and as I’ve suggested before, Moen-Talbot-White for the Bottom 6 next season.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

    • ed lopaz says:

      I think there will be at least 5 or 6 teams bidding for Kopecky.

      The free agent market for forwards is so bare, he will be very much in demand.

      He made 1.2 million last season and put up 42 points.

      He will get offered (by more than 1 team) something like 3.5 per,

      and at least 3 or 4 seasons – in my view.

      he is big, he has talent, and he has played with some good players, and has been well coached.

      Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        I doubt he’ll get THAT. 3.5 million for a 15 goal scorer is pretty outragerous even on a weak UFA pool, He could collect 2 million + though, but if we dump Pouliot, space opens up. As long as his deal is reasonable, MTL can deal him later as prospects break on to the team.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
        SF09 on Twitter

        • ed lopaz says:

          I think he will cash in big time. Maybe. not 3.5

          Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

          • LA Loyalist says:

            $2 or $3 million bucks doesn’t buy what it used to, is the problem is what it is.

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      It seems much of the focus will be put on the defense this off season. The singing of Markov, Georges, and possibly Wiz seem to be top priority. I do like the thought of Kopecky, but I fear Talbot is a smaller Moen.. 6-10 goal scorer with one impressive playoff run that will end up being over paid.

  42. habsfan_61 says:

    almost surreal watching the bs hoist the cup. thug hockey wins.also thought this was the worst finals i have seen in years.too much post whistle scrums without reprecussions, finger jabs/biting just a whole lot of garbage hockey.thug element ruins the post game atmosphere last night. way to embarass yourselves. the few screwing it up for the many.glad the season is over. now pg get to work for next friday and the draft. impress us please

  43. billylove says:

    Winning the cup is the hardest pro championship to win. In order to do so, as demonstrated again by the Goons, two things are necessary. 1) A team needs to stay relatively healthy and, 2) a team must be tough. The grind that is the playoffs in today’s NHL wears teams down. Tougher players survive, the rest fail. The Goons remained relatively healthy, the Canucks didn’t. Yes, luck does play a role but the tougher teams are more likely to absorb the abuse and the Goons were certainly the tougher team.
    I also think skill players today are more likely to be neutralized the way the playoffs drag on. Did anyone say the Goons were a better team than Vancouver 4 months ago, or 3 months ago, or 2 months ago or last month? Not many. The Canucks lost too many players and simply ran out of gas. That looked pretty obvious in both game 6 and 7. The time when the team with the most skilled players won is no longer the case.
    I can hear those saying wait a minute, what about goaltending? Sure a hot goalie can make adifference, but the Canucks came within a game of winning the cup with very shaky goaltending and last year Niemi wasn’t anything special. Sure TT won the CS but he is one of those goalies who make somewhat routine saves look like highlight reel material. I’m not taking anything away from TT’s performance, I think he deserved the CS but I think the Goons may very well have still won the cup with Rask in the nets.
    So, PG, look for some tough customers! We need more!

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Be careful…people on this site want four offensive lines on this team and mentioning the word “tough” can start a firestorm!
      We’ve had a small skilled team for almost a decade now so people think that even though we’re maybe 1 of 3 teams in the NHL that follow that philosophy and since we’re the Montreal Canadiens that we know best..!
      We should sign Jagr and trade for Hemsky!!! That will leave the Bruins shaking in their boots!!!

      • billylove says:

        Burn, baby, BURN!

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        Is Hemsky on the trading block? I haven’t heard that… I like the Jagr and Hemsky additions.. both would expire after next season.. would that leave enough money to keep Markov, Georges, and Wiz?

      • ed lopaz says:

        for hobie,

        the coach you support – Martin – does not agree with your philosophy on making this team tougher.

        he believes in the small skilled team.

        I, for one, do not support Martin, for this and a few other reasons.

        He has never won a cup, and I am very doubtful that he will.

        Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

      • Dwayne33 says:

        Your saying montreal couldn’t play with boston if they got more skilled players when we only lost to them in o.t. in game seven with 3 major injuries(markov gorges and pacioretty). Why? Because they are so tough. B.S. Yes they have Lucic , Thornton ,and Horton up front who are tough, but what after that? Recchi, Ryder, Peverly, Seguin, Bergeron, Campbell, Paille,Kelly, Seidenberg, Ference and the rat Marchand. None of these players would scare anyone!The Bruins don’t have that many tough guys that a team like Montreal(who is not as small as a lot of people think) can’t contend with.. Remember it is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog! What Montreal lacks in size,they have in heart(i.e. cammy,gionta, plexs, desharnais).These are are smallest guys but they don’t play small. Are MaxPac, Eller, Moen, AK47, Darche, White, Gill, Subban, Hamrlik… to small to play Boston. I don’t think so! Everyone is brainwashed by the media always saying Montreal is too small. The media is wrong and too stupid to come out with some other reason as to why Montreal hasn’t won a cup in the last 18 years.

        • HardHabits says:

          Really? We’re all brainwashed. Hilarious. That comment is the most blue-blanc-rouge coloured lens wearing post of the day. Hopefully no-one in management shares your view.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        Hemsky, why, do we not worry enough already about our better players being on IR?

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
        SF09 on Twitter

        • Dwayne33 says:

          yes he has been injured in the past, but it happens to a lot of players. Crosby was hurt last year, but i would not complain if Montreal traded for him. Just because he was hurt in the past doesn’t mean it has to happen every year.

    • Tony McLean says:

      The Gooins never had to play the Sharks and Hawks, only the softer Canadiens and Lightning, that helped soften up the Canucks. And with Crosby and Malkin out it was similar to the Canadiens ’86 and ’93 runs when there was a perfect storm – someone took out the favourites, leaving a team with a miracle-working goalie to sneak up the middle.

      Agreed CH are weak small and spineless. Goat and Martin are pacifists though, don’t believe in fists.


  44. Hobie Hansen says:

    The thing that stinks most about this entire Bruins cup victory is that next year we can beat them 6-0 in the season series and sweep them 4-0 in the playoffs but they trump us until we win the cup again.
    We’ve got to wait 10 months for the playoffs to start and then we have a 1 in 16 chance. That’s hockey I guess…

  45. Mr_MacDougall says:

    I really think the team is planning for the post Gomez Habs. That maybe sooner then we think. A “cap floor” team with a low budget could make a key financial move by trading for Gomez after this season. they would use up almost 15 million of cap space over two seasons with a cost of 10 million.

    Under the assumption Gomez can be traded after next season the team has only 3 players signed for the 2012-13 season in Plekanec, Gionta, and Cammalleri.

    It is not out of the question to sign Markov, Wiz, and Georges this season and PK, Price, Pacioretty and Eller next season.. and who knows, maybe sign a promising RFA like James Van Riemsdyk to an offer sheet from a cap strapped team.

    I have no idea what type of contracts Price, PK, Pacioretty, and Eller will be, hopefully 10-14 million will do the job!

    I think we will have a very similar squad to last season for one more year!

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I still don’t see why that would entice teams to want Gomez? Why wouldn’t teams in that situation just sign a player for the same price that’s actually good?
      What are examples of that being done in the past?

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        It is being hopeful. If he is hear for the duration of his contract, I believe the team will have a tough time competing for the cup in the next three seasons. The point of the post was looking past the upcoming season to where the true management decisions will be made.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          I agree 100%. I’ve heard that scenario mentioned in the past and was only wondering if there was a remote chance or if it is just a pipe dream?

          • Mr_MacDougall says:

            If you were an owner that knew you weren’t making the playoffs and would lose 8 million per season, would you examine the possibility of adding a couple players with similar contracts to get you closer to Breaking even? it is possible, but I do not know how likely.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I love reading about everyone’s wet dreams wherein a Prince Charming rides in on a fine steed and relieves us of Gomez, and leaves as tokens of his devotion a big tall tough winger who can score and drop the mitts, plus a draft choice or two.

      Wake up people, we’re stuck with Gomez, he’s ours. Our only hope is that last season’s shameful performance is a dip in the road, and he meant what he said at the end when he “took responsibility” and will train like a SOB this summer instead of playing golf, or whatever he did last summer. If he does and comes back with a best-case-scenario 20 G, 50 A season, he’ll mitigate the damage his contract is inflicting on our roster and not be the anchor around our necks which sinks us in the playoffs.

      “I hate the Bruins more than the Nordiques, who I hate more than the Flyers.”

      • billylove says:

        20 G AND 50 A’s! Damn, can I have some of what you’re smoking.

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          Notice I said “best-case-scenario”, and if he produced at that level he would still be overpaid.

          If you comment on a post, you should read it, not glean it.

          “I hate the Bruins more than the Nordiques, who I hate more than the Flyers.”

          • billylove says:

            Chill dude, just saying that Gomer getting 20 and 50 sounds far beyond “best case.” I would call it “hallucinogenic.”

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        There is some value in his contract, there are many teams losing money annually because of the Salary Cap Floor, if I had a team that was losing money annually and had the opportunity to add a player that essentially put five million in my pocket and has a ring and Olympic and World Cup of Hockey experience… I would at least put some thought into it. That is the loophole of front loaded contracts, low budget teams value players that get paid less than their cap hit.

        To say it is impossible and so lewdly refer to a “wet dream” is insulting. I can tell you some teams operate on a budget not a Cap.

        • billylove says:

          Hey Mac, glad you attended University and studied business. Can you pass me what you’re smokin, you must have the good stuff!

          • Mr_MacDougall says:

            No good stuff, just weed. You didn’t even have a rebuttal, you just said I must be high? What is it that I said that is so unbelievable? The fact that some teams lose money and the fastest and easiest way to decrease losses is to cut payroll?

        • billylove says:

          First, feeling “insulted” over a “wet dream” comment is rather thin skinned, don’t you think? Second, in today’s NHL, financial reality requires operating with both a budget and consideration of the cap. The two are NOT mutually exclusive.

          • Mr_MacDougall says:

            Yeah, but you are missing my point.. to some teams the Cap Ceiling is an issue, while other the Cap Floor is the problem. The teams being “forced to lose money” have a way to reach the cap floor without PAYING that amount. That is all I am saying. It is a fact.

            I never said it was likely, i said it was a possibility.

            Also, i never said I was insulted, i said it was insulting. You are much too confrontational. You look for reasons to attack people, great character trait to have.

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            Hmmm, love talking hockey and Canadiens, hate getting into flame wars. Having said that, I’m not saying I didn’t come on a little strong. Apologies to Billy and Mac.

            Mr. MacDougall, I do understand the idea of getting a player whose contract has a higher cap hit than the actual financial outlay. What I was commenting on specifically was that every second thread on HIO is about how we’re going to get rid of Gomez’s contract. Way way too many proposals call for us to trade him away, as if the other GM’s out there don’t have access to game film from the last two seasons.

            We’re not going to be able to trade Gomez. Sather was able to do it because Mr. Gainey played a hunch that small skilled fast forwards would rule the NHL, and assembled Gomez with Gionta and Cammy to skate Neanderthals back to the Stone Age. What bit him in the ass is that the NHL has backed off enforcing penalties, especially in the playoffs. In this new climate, and with another two underwhelming seasons by Gomez, he isn’t tradeable. The cap savings don’t justify overpaying a dud to this degree.

            Billy, I can chill a little, but can you please elevate your commentary beyond “What are you smoking?” remarks? I don’t think you’re a one-trick pony, but you replied to two posts in a row with this. Not enlightening or productive.

            “I hate the Bruins more than the Nordiques, who I hate more than the Flyers.”

        • LA Loyalist says:

          Gomez is now the kind of player that used to go to an expansion team to give them some experience to share with their kids and a “name” player to sell a few tickets to the yahoos who are seeing puck for the first time.

          Unfortunately, that time is not RIGHT NOW.

  46. Bugs says:

    Finally found the courage to check up what’s goin on. Swear to gosh, I shut the tv off with 10 mins left; I couldn’t watch, I just…I just COULDN’T, man.
    So now, I find out there was a riot in Couver and I was like “oh boy, at least, we got some action over there” and you all know I love me some mayhem so I click on the links and…THAT’S a riot???
    Reporters wailin and police officers cryin and players makin excuses and for WHAT? A few cars burned, bits of broken glass here and there, and barely a couple hundred injured? Pff, gimme a break.
    What they call “a riot” in Couver, we call “Sunday brunch” over here, knowumsayin?
    Which makes Couverton pansies ALL ACROSS THE BOARD, if you ask me.
    Unbelievable. Not since the Farmer’s Union team of 1894 accidentally lost a game to a mule what kicked the frozen horsepoop pallet into their goal during a 1-minute game has a team been so unworthy to be called champs and now a lame-ass, woe-is-us “riot”? Puh-lease.
    Couver, you’re a bunch of pansies. And that’s comin from US, ok?
    And Boston, you’re just lucky. No talent, just a lucky run. All it showed us was close WE are to the Cup, soooo…to quote the great Argentinian coke-sniffer, “Chupa la y que la sigan chupando, suertuRdos.” How does that sound? Good?
    Cuz lucky-lucky-lucky, that’s all it was.
    There’s your Cup. Enjoy.
    (nose in the air, flashy turn, grand exit)

    Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

    • Propwash says:

      Posers is what they all are!

    • drivefor25 says:

      Obviously you’ve never owned a business that’s been trashed by ‘hockey fans’ enjoying a ‘Sunday brunch.’ Sometimes Bugs, you’re just not funny. Today is one of those days…

      Fan since ’71

      • Bugs says:

        I had a business brunch that was trashed by a fan with a hockey logo on it once though, fell from the top of the tv right into my eggs benedict, swear to god.
        That wasn’t funny either so I guess I feel your pain on that score.
        I’ll try to be more careful in the future with my mayhem-lovin comments.
        But uhhhh…yeah, well…yeah, nevermind; I’ll be careful.

        Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

    • D Mex says:

      First responders, business owners, well-intentioned citizens and innocent bystanders seriously injured ; two (2) hospital ERs in code orange ; triage being conducted in parking lots. Millions of dollars in damage to private and public property ; the image of a city and our country heavily tainted ; lives turned upside down. And you crack jokes – ?

      You’re way over the line on this esquire.
      You either either recognize this and cut bait, or you are a goof.
      Your call – go ahead and chuckle about that.

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

      • Bugs says:

        I crack jokes, I crack corn, and I crack whip, D-Mex; I’m an equal opportunity whipper, you could say.
        All I can be is myself. And that’s it.
        Don’t like it; don’t read it. Ain’t complicated.

        Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

  47. habstrinifan says:

    Turned off the game after 4-0. Banned all sports news. And woke up this morning to hear abot the riots etc.

    Boone is right.. the game was a bummer; the outcome was a bummer; the way the Canucks played was a bummer and the way hooliganism reared its ugly head was a bummer.

    As a hockey fan, and a Canadien and as a HABS fan I couldnt feel worse for about everything surrounding the hockey playoffs NOW. And it is not because I HATE the Bruins… The league allowed their Stanly finals to be part parody and part farce becaus eof the lousy and inconsistent officiating.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      We pretty much concur that we hate Boston’s guts and their only deserving player is Thomas (and we can hardly blame the kid Sequin).

      But now that the season is really over, I am gravely concerned over the quality of the final, the crappy reffing, the thuggin’ in Vancouver after the game… all broadcast to kids in the U.S. in beautiful color.

      I think it is clear that Gary’s vision of the NHL is essentially WWF – a cartoon sport that looks good on TV.

      The problem is also on the players association side. If they prioritize quantity of jobs against quality of hockey, we are screwed.

      The NHL needs to contract by at least 3 or 4 teams. That this Phoenix farce is still going on is ridiculous. Let us pray that the NHLPA gets some wise leadership with some vision. Maybe it means upgrading the pay in the farm system or maybe we need a multiple-tier system more like soccer. I’m not advocating, I’m just throwing out some thoughts for us to explore over the summer.

      Let’s step waaaay back and think about how the NHL will look in 5 years if Gary has his way. We will have a team in Las Vegas, probably not in Hamilton or Quebec City, and will still be subsidizing Sun-belt teams. We must also assume the economy will limp along for a few years yet. Even with tax cuts it will take years for the economy to restore employment and there will be many structural changes.

      So rather than worrying about who’s playing with who on the 4th line, how should we fix the NHL so it is viable financially with high quality hockey and not a circus?

      Guys? We have quite a lot of brain power on this site when we’re not dissing each other. Crank it up!!

      • Bugs says:

        Bergeron was deserving too. Marchand brought game. And gosh help me, but I can’t say nuthin bad about Ryder when it came time to bring it to another level.
        No one else impressed me.

        Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

      • Dwayne33 says:

        Bettman has to go. It is the only way the league can be fixed. If anyone has any idea on how to do this, please let me know.

      • billylove says:

        Good points LA. As a lifelong hockey nut (50 years) the state of the NHL today is disgusting and I’m not talking about officiating, that’s always been shaky. The problem is Bettman (loved the way he was booed last night) and yes, you’re right, the NHL is turning into something similar to the WWF.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        NHL will never contract, 4 teams subtracted means the NHLPA loses more than 80 members and their dues, they’d flip out on that one. Teams relocated to HAM and QC would be a start to improve issues with debt-stricken NHL squads.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
        SF09 on Twitter

        • LA Loyalist says:

          Then we are not going to see improvement in our game.

          I agree that Hamilton and Quebec will help, especially if it’s teams like Florida, Columbus or Phoenix coming this way, as the losses down there will stop. I think it’s reasonable to project that those Canadian markets can at least hold their own (as long as the $CDN dollar doesn’t take another major dump).

          On the blind head-shot side, I think it is going to take a player getting killed or paralyzed to clean up the game. I hope to hell I’m wrong and Shanahan comes out guns blazing this fall. I guess there is always hope.

          As for Habs, I’m pretty much with you, wait 2-3 years for the kids, I don’t think we have the depth or cap room to do much else.

        • issie74 says:

          Don’t be surprised if NJ Devils are Bettman’s next Cinderella team.They are hurting big time.


  48. Ian Cobb says:

    So there are assholes in Vancouver as well. Don’t they make you feel proud of our country. Burning cop cars and making a mess of the city in general. Just shoot the bastards, instead of shooting innocent people on their way to work.

    Maybe Mtl. police could loan Vancouver a couple of their officers for a few days.

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      I would be so upset if my vehicle got overturned and burnt. I hope that many people get charged due to extensive video surveillance.

    • Bugs says:

      Murder instead of vandalism?
      Umm…well, we can give it a shot, but I dunno…

      Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        that was funny.

        • D Mex says:

          Nothing funny about it – what happened last night is tragic. Dumb post – too bad.

          ALWAYS Habs –
          D Mex

          • LA Loyalist says:

            What I meant was funny was the joke “give it a shot” – maybe you missed it, it was a jeu de mot, after all.

            As for the vandalism, as a Canadian here in LA, I’m mortified, just like I was embarassed in ’93 when I was previously in LA and it happened in Montreal.

            We like to think of ourselves as morally superior to the U.S., but nobody rioted in Miami the other night (that I know of) after the NBA game.

            I get to go to the hockey rink tonight for my old-timers game and I’m sure someone on my team of 19 Americans, 1 Swede and 2 Canadians is going to ask me about it. I am not looking forward to that at all.

          • D Mex says:

            To assist you in explaining things at the rink tonight, following is info that surfaced in media reports out of Vancouver today, take it for what it’s worth :
            – those responsible are being referred to as hooligans & anarchists. VPD states that many of them are known in relation to similar events staged in Vancouver during the 2010 olympics
            – among those arrested, many were carrying backpacks containing bricks, rocks, molotov cocktails and bandanas with which to conceal identity. Most nights, there is no need to possess these items for watching hockey or any other legal purpose – anywhere
            – according to media reports, one of the first vehicles overturned and burned had been pre-positioned for that purpose

            Collectively, all of the above is being interpreted by authorities as evidence of premeditated, organized criminal activity that would have occurred regardless of the game 7 outcome. It’s unlikely anyone in LA will need help with what premeditated and organized mean after Rodney King, but you never know.

            Not sure what the ref to ‘ morally superior ‘ has to do with anything, it’s about basic respect and knowing the difference between right and wrong. You (the corporate you) either do or you don’t, decent people understand this.

            ALWAYS Habs –
            D Mex

      • Ian Cobb says:

        Bugs! You must be use to being shot at, the way you hop around and all.

    • D Mex says:

      There have been plenty of news updates on the riot from BC and National media outlets since last night. Many Vancouverites openly expressing their disgust with what transpired last night, some of them organized on social media to get together early this AM to pitch in with the cleanup effort.

      Another initiative on facebook is aimed at identifying the morons who went off the rails last night, and the Premier was on TV this AM talking tough about establishing a ‘ wall of shame ‘ aimed at flushing the knobs out of their false sense of anonymity.

      So yes, Ian, there are assholes in Vancouver as well. Having resided in both PQ and BC on multiple separate occasions, plus points in between, I know that there are plenty of them to go around. My sense is that Vancouver lost more than a stanley cup last night – it also lost its sense of pristine innocence. It was brutal & ugly – a hell of a way to come of age …

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

  49. lenny says:

    On TSN.ca NUCKS fans are saying their team lacked toughness and grit..skill is great, but you need toughness…sound familiar?

    I hate the Bruins, really I do!

  50. Dwayne33 says:

    Here is a trade I would like to see Montreal pull off. Spacek, Pouliot, Webber, and maybe a 3RD round pick to Edmonton for Ales Hemsky and. J.F. Jacques. Edmonton could use some defence and Hemsky probably isn’t in their long term plans with all the young forwards they have. Also, this would benefit Montreal because they would be getting tremendous skill in Hemsky and a big tough forward that opposing teams fear! Plus getting rid of Spacek’s contract, Montreal could maybe resign Wisniewski and Sopel(two gritty d-men).
    Therefore, this is how their lines could look.
    Plexs, Cammy, Hemsky
    Gomez, Gionta, MaxPac
    Eller, AK47, Desharnais
    White, Darche,Jacques
    Extras Pyatt Dawes and Palushaj

    Markov, Gorges
    Subban, Gill
    Wisniewski, Sopel

    Price, Drew Macintyre(would be an inexpensive backup who had a great AHL campaign, especially in the play offs!)

    Just thought this post might be a fun conversation piece. Boston winning the cup is killing me, so I am trying to get my mind off it.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I love the skills Hemsky would bring, but I really think Plex and Cammy need a forward with some size on their line. Not talking a scrapper, but a forward that can get in front of net, dig puck out of corner and play the body. Like a Max-Pac with more experience.

      Also, think the Habs will be going with Emelin ahead of resigning Sopel.

      I would like to see Wiz signed also, but don’t see how the $’s can do that along with 1st line winger, unless a trade is happening.

      • Dwayne33 says:

        thanks I can’t believe I forgot the young russian defenceman

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        I think the Habs need to add a “one year deal” forward this season, and with the Spacek, Price, Subban, Patch, Moen, Eller, and Kostitsyn money available to sign PK, Eller, Price and Pacioretty.

        Once those players are locked up, hopefully Price 5 mill, PK 2.5-3.5 Patch 1.75 and Eller 1.5… I could be way way off, The Habs will be able to make the decisions regarding adding complementary player.

        IMO the upcoming season is one where the goal is to make the playoffs, further evaluate our young talent and compete with the Bruins for a division title. There is not any expectation to win the Cup next year, although, it could happen!

      • patience is a virtue says:

        Agree with all that.

        My dream is that PG signs Markov and the Wiz. The trade is for Gorges + maybe DD or Pouliot + a pick, for a big skilled top six forward.

        OR, Gorges for a pick or prospect and sign Laich with the money.

        Line up:



        Carey, Auld

        But it’s more likely that PG starts with Weber in Ham (waivers! hmmm) waits to see if Emelin has the stuff and how Markov and Gorges knees are doing, and then makes a trade for a forward once the D is sorted out.

  51. patience is a virtue says:

    @JayBee – that’s crazy talk – Pleks and Cam are complimentary players? My bum bum they are. They are two of our best three forwards (+Gio = 3), and Pleks in particular is great value for the full package on O and D. HFS72 might be right that Boston was the better team after games 1 and 2, but it sure wasn’t because of their top line – Pleks neutralized Krejci all the way, just like he did Crosby and Ovi last year.

    Max and Eller are the future up front, but the Hab’s window for contention opens next season with an affordable youth movement of impressive young guns (as listed by you and others) and talented veterans with rings on their fingers + Cammy, one of the best clutch wingers in the NHL, period.

    Who you gonna trade Pleks and/or Cammy for that makes it worth while next season? I tire of random hypotheticals around here as if there is an abundance of acquireable grit combined with skill, or elite forwards out there for the taking (hence this rant, my apologies). Who do you have in mind and what would the deal look like?

    With Max, Markov and Gorges in the line up things might not have ended with Round 1 this season. OK, so the Wiz wouldn’t have come on board. However, we CAN afford to keep the Wiz AND Markov for one season: sign them both PG, and trade the Wiz next summer if Markov returns to form, otherwise, he’s Markov’s replacement.

    The Habs are under-rated due to an extraordinary number of injuries to key players these past two seasons. We beat the freshly minted SC Champs in the season series and it came down to three overtime loses in the playoffs.

    The Habs are very close. Let’s not blow things up again, eh JayBee?

    • JayBee says:

      Just because they’re complimentary players, doesn’t mean they’re not good or not important.

      I’m not going to pick trades out of the air. What I said was I WOULD trade them if the right deal became available. I wouldn’t actively look to trade em, but if a GM calls me and offers me an impact player, I’ll listen. Great players get traded all the time, lets not act like Cam and Pleks are untradable.

      If English is your 2nd language I understand. But when did I ever say I’d trade Cam/Pleks next year or that I’d shop them? When did I ever say I’d blow up the team? The question was asked who the untradables were. I responded that I’d build the team around Eller, PK, Patches and Price.

      My goodness.

      • patience is a virtue says:


        OK, ok, I get it. I would still be interested in a single example of what such a trade might look like.

        IMO EVERYONE is on the table if the offer is right. It’s just next to impossible to imagine a GM being willing to offer what it would take to get Price or Subban. I’d take Duncan Keith and a 1st round pick for the affordable young potential future Norris winner Subban, for example. Chicago would have to be nutso to do that deal, and PG would have to be nutso to do less – who knows how good PK might be when he’s Keith’s age?

        It’s the same kinda thing with Cam and Pleks. They are not complimentary, they are core, nearly irreplacable players – especially Pleks at 5mil long-term. Neither have hit 30 yet. They’re in their prime years both, on a team with the right mix of youth and vets, goaltending and coaching, team attitude, etc, for contention.

        It’s hard to imagine a reasonable deal that would force PG to give up Cam or Pleks. Hence my reaction, however over the top (I did apologize for it already, my goodness 🙂

        • HabinBurlington says:

          The danger in us trading a Plex, Cammy, Gionta type player is we start to lose part of the chemistry of this team. Part of what is making our Habs so competitive is how good the team chemistry, and i think Plex Gionta Cammy are big leaders in that dressing room. The big forward we all want PG to get has to have a great attitude. Thus the reason we can’t have a Bertuzzi type.

        • JayBee says:

          Pleks is a second line center. If he’s irreplaceable, you have a problem. Cam is a good player, again…he is replaceable.

          Just because you’re good, it doesn’t mean you’re imovable.

          Would I trade either of those guys? Not likely…but if I got a good offer for a top line player, I would.

    • Bugs says:

      “Patience is a virtue”
      “Max and Eller are the future”
      I LOVE this place!

      Gone figuratively fishin filibusts L. B. Potter, esq.

  52. mike3131 says:

    I watched until the 2nd Bergeron goal and then I just didn’t care to watch the rest of the game. I didn’t watch the celebrations and I will never want to see Chara, Lucic and especially Marchand skate with the cup. Didn’t feel like commenting last night (it must’ve been a troll cave) but finally here are my thoughts:

    This was possibly the worst Stanley Cup final in history. I was rooting for Vancouver all the way but the rioting and chaos that went on last night was despicable. Lost a lot of respect for their fans.
    As for Boston fans, we know how hypocritical and classless MOST of them are (nothing towards the odd, classy B’s fan). Won’t go there.

    I never blame the reffs for a loss. As a fan, I accept it, suck it up and move on. But for the NHL to have let this go this far is an absolute joke. I’ll even support B’s fans in the case of the Savard hit. That rat, Cooke OBVIOUSLY should’ve been suspended. This year Steckel should’ve been suspended for what he did to Crosby, I witnessed the Chara hit and whether there was intent or not and regardless the outcome, it was proved (http://images.blippitt.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Zdeno-Chara-Max-Pacioretty.gif) that it was a clear hit to the head and should’ve been suspended. Then in the playoffs, the NHL didn’t take action on the McQuaid/Eller hit, Lucic/Spacek hit, Finger Ference, Water-bottle Horton, everything that puke Brad Marchand does after the whistle, and the goonings of Hedman, Moore and Sedin. I even think Burrows should’ve been suspended and Rome shouldn’t have gotten more than a 1-2 game suspension. At least future commissioners will be able to look at Buttman as an example of what not to do.

    A guy who I’ve been hating on the whole time was Tim Thomas, but in the end, I (hate to) admit it, but he truly deserves the Conn Smythe Trophy as well as the Vezina (which he will get for sure). I still think he is way overrated but he just never gives up on a play no matter how much he can be out of position, and his overaggressive style compliments Boston’s big strong defensemen who box out forwards and take away second chances. However, I still think Vancouver would’ve beaten him more often had they shot low when they had to shoot low (on the rush) and elevate their shots when they had to (when he was down and out), and HIT THE NET. But in the end, Thomas’ plays with a heart (almost) the size of Gionta’s and with the utmost desire to keep the puck out of the net. I applaud him for that.

    I’m also glad for the other few classy Bruins. Bergeron, Kelly, Ryder, Thornton, Seguin and Peverley are the only guys I respect on that team.

    As for the Habs, I hope PG is taking notes. Other than the fact that the Bruins had the NHL behind them, they won because they had a deep/well balanced lineup that competed and battled every game no matter what the media said, or how stats played against them.

    I believe we CAN contend next year. With a full/healthy lineup from this year, I believe we are already a top 5 team in the East. But I think that if PG is active and makes good use of the UFA market, we can be a top 5 team in the league. Yes we need more size, but we also need more DEPTH. Krejci was invisible against us thanks to Plekanec, but our weak bottom six couldn’t handle the offensively capable Kelly – Peverley- Ryder line and the physicality of the Thornton – Campbell – Paille line. I hope we can have a bottom six that looks like:
    AK46 – Eller – Joel Ward/Darche or ?
    Moen – Rupp/Konopka – White/Darche or ?
    We already have a solid enough core (Price, PK, Plecks, Cammy, Gionta, Pacioretty, Gomez) but WE NEED THE DEPTH. I know people say we need a franchise #1 centre, but I think Plecks is already a solid #1 centre. We DO however need Gomez to step up as a #2 centre and solid wingers that can compliment Eller’s playmaking ability as a #3 centre. A 65-75 point-per-player first line with a 35-45 pt-per-player third line is better than a 85+ pt-per-player first line with a 15-25 pt-per-player third line.

    On the bright side of the B’s winning the cup. The last two times a Boston team won a championship (Red Sox in 2007, Celtics in 2008) their arch-rivals won championships within the next two years (Yankees in 2009, Lakers in 2009-10). Also, in terms of the UFA market, perhaps guys like Ehrhoff, Bieksa and Torres have a slightly better chance of being on the move? Just sayin’…

    Sorry about the lecture, but I can go on and on. Just forget about 2010-11 and look forward to 2011-12 and 2012-13. PG get to work, make the right moves and be active! GO HABS GO!!!

    ♪ And we’re livin’ here in Allentown… ♪ – Stu (Hangover 2)

  53. markd9 says:

    Community question:
    If a trade were to happen this offseason. What player’s do you think are untouchable and what players do you think are trade bait?

    Edit: Let’s exclude Subban and Price.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Untouchable: PK. I wouldn’t even trade him for Ovechkin.

      Price is almost untouchable but I would probably trade him for Ovie.

      Everyone else is touchable.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        If you exclude Price and Soobie then there are no untouchables on this team. (Honestly, there are no other players under contract that another team might want very badly.)

        I think we are getting hung up on the fact that we took Boston to 7 games. Really what we did is win the first two because the Bs were out of sorts. Once they regained their mojo they won 4 of 5.

        We are not just a little bit behind the Stanley Cup champions (who themselves got very lucky to win the cup). I think we should think of ourselves as a team that was not assured of a playoff spot with three games to go.

        I think this team needs to increase its competitiveness next year. That means we should be open to any trade, including a blockbuster. Not that it will be offered to us.

        More importantly, if a certain Mr Roy from Quebec City makes it known that he’s ready for a move to the big leagues we need to prepare a couple of pink slips for you know who.

        • TomNickle says:

          Patrick Roy doesn’t have the discipline or respect for players to run an NHL team. Sorry, but it isn’t happening until he’s grown up. Which probably won’t be for another few years.

          As for blockbusters. Teams would love to have Plekanec, Cammalleri, Gionta, Pacioretty, Kostitsyn, Eller, Leblanc, Tinordi, Kristo, Gallagher and probably a few others in their organizations.

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            We need a winner’s mentality. And we need someone who will not react to Bruins goonery with equanimity.

          • TomNickle says:

            You’re talking about a fine line. Roy would alienate more players than he would garner respect from. This team would be a joke with him, as is, running it.

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            We also need someone who isn’t so arrogant he thinks he can step over the ladder of reaching the highest level of coaching and management in hockey because he’s Patrick Roy.

            If Steve Yzerman can take half a decade to work under the best GM of the last 15 years before he takes over an NHL team, what exactly makes Roy so special that he doesn’t actually have to get experience with the daily operations of an NHL team before running one?

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
            SF09 on Twitter

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            “what exactly makes Roy so special”

            Sorry, I thought you were a Hab fan.

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            When did I insult Roy’s prowess in nets? I said I don’t think he has any special talent in him that makes him immediately qualified to run an NHL team.

            If Yzerman can buckle down and work under one of the best GMs in the league to learn the ropes, why is Patrick Roy so superior to him that he gets to skip that step and be just as good if not better as well?

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
            SF09 on Twitter

          • LA Loyalist says:

            I suggest we keep it to the team roster as of the end of the season.

            Our prospects, as wonderful as they may be, are prospects and it will just be too abstract to include them in the discussion (IMHO). I think the only high value trade bait we have outside of PK and Price is Cammy (who the Kings would take back in a heart beat) and maybe Pleks.

            Wiz can’t be considered as he’s not signed, and Markov and Gorges are technically “unknown” coming back from major injuries, as is Pax. And actually Markov’s not signed either.

            I think we have to suck it up for 2 more years until Gomer is gone, and Tinordi, Kristo, LeBlanc, Emelin, Eller etc. have worked their way up. I remind myself that in 2 years Price and PK will still be very young, and we’ll have our window in 2014/15/16/17/18 to make a run – or two.

            I can’t visualize any blockbuster trade this summer. We don’t have the horses, and the horses we have ain’t moving.

        • SeriousFan09 says:

          Because of his extensive experience in Professional hockey operations and professional coaching? If Roy wants to move up, he can take an assistant GM’s job in an NHL front office or try HC in the AHL first. No reason to put someone who’s got no experience in the NHL in charge.

          Weren’t people tearing their hair out for about a decade because people w/o any previous experience kept getting HC or the GM job in MTL?

          – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
          SF09 on Twitter

          • TomNickle says:

            Did a great job with Angelo Esposito didn’t he.

          • HabFanSince72 says:

            Serious – I don’t think experience is as big an issue as you make it. Peter Chiarelli had very little experience prior to taking over the Bruins.

            But in any case having played and succeeded under immense pressure is perhaps more experience than being an assistant GM for a couple of years.

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          I think this team is on the upswing and improving quickly. I think the best strategy is to slowly turn the team over. Letting the Gomez contract expire, or trading him to a “cap floor” team during the 2012 off season (where the contract will be a 14.75 mill cap hit for 10 million in cash) nice way for a budget team to save 5 mill!

          Signing Markov, and all-star, an Olympian, a loyal player would be my first move. Give him the chance to get healthy like others that have had consecutive knee injuries like Roenick and Koivu.

        • habstrinifan says:

          I almost always agree with your posts so hope you wont mind if I absolutely disagree on many of your points.

          I think the fact that we took Boston to 7 games and all the games were close and we could/should have won games we lost .. and yes vice versa… is very significant and does indicate that with the right ‘adjustments’ the HABS are indeed only a litte away from the them.

          As far as JM. I too think hIS CURRENT METHODS are not going to get the best out of this team. But if JM can keep the structural soundness intrinsic to his ‘system’ while adding a more forceful forechecking and room for individual skill then this team will be top six in the league.

          Rarely does a team have at the same time in each of it’s zones a player or players who look like furture super stars. And HABS have that. PK on defense/Price in goal/Max Pac and Eller in forward. Based on what I saw sincerely believe that these players are going to be incredible NHL performers.
          Add to thatgroup Cammy and Gionta and the prospects f Yemelin and things look even better.

          PG and JM and all management must strike NOW. The upcoming season is the SEASON where the right moves must be made to add, for want of a better word’ gritty offense and gritty defense and more aggressive 5 on 5 play. And if JM adjusts he can coach this team to a CUP but if he coaches with the temerity and over reliance on veterans that he has shown all his career, the team WILL NOT improve.

          As for ROY.. I dont think he has the organizational ad disciplinary skills to coach yet. He will be another Carbonneau coaching too much by the seat of his pants… and while the artistry and excitement may flourish the chaos of Carbonneau may return.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Patches, Price, Subban, Eller are untouchable, but Cammy, Pleks and Gio pretty much are as well due to NTC.

      I would put Desharnais, Pouliot, Pyatt, Weber, Spacek out as potentials, but Spacek has an NTC as well and his age/$ makes him unattractive.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
      SF09 on Twitter

    • JayBee says:

      I don’t think anyone’s untouchable but guys you should build around are:


    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      Price, Subban, Markov (if signed) Pacioretty, Eller, Cammalleri, Plekanec are untouchable.

      • JayBee says:

        As much as I like Pleks and Cam…I’d trade em and it wouldn’t even take that much.

        • patience is a virtue says:


          The leader in playoff points until his team was eliminated two years running – i.e. Cam, one of the game’s few true snippers? And one of the best, most durable, two way centres in the game locked up long-term for a reasonable cap hit? And it wouldn’t take that much???

          What would it take, in your opinion?

          • JayBee says:

            Ok, and? I’d still trade them for the right deal. They are NOT untouchable.

            If it meant I could get an elite centerman or winger, I’d trade em.

            I think anyone can be traded….but guys like Price and PK…I wouldn’t even entertain a trade. I’d trade Max and Eller if it mean an elite talent was coming back…but personally I think you build around Subban, Price, Eller, Max. I don’t think you build around Cam or Pleks. They’re complimentary players and those guys can be traded.

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          I think we have a playoff performer in Cam, and Pleks has proven his ability to shut down top lines in the playoffs… Crosby, Ovechkin, B’s top line (which actually had Lucic sent to the 3rd)

          I’d love to see Pleks and Cam as a second line in 2-3 years once Gomez is done and we sign or trade for a number 1 center.

    • TomNickle says:

      Price and Subban are the only untouchables on the team. As valuable as Eller and Pacioretty are, and as bright of future’s as they have, the right offer could probably see them in a different uniform, and it would have to be significant.

      The players who could be shopped or mentioned in potential deals is a funny one. I’m wondering why Gorges hasn’t been signed yet. Many would argue it’s because he’s an rfa and that he’s a sure thing. I don’t know about that anymore. The logic doesn’t really apply when you consider that Kostitsyn was signed relatively quickly. It wouldn’t shock me if Gorges’ name was mentioned in potential deals. Somebody will surely respond with “he isn’t going anywhere”. But he isn’t so good or so valuable that he’s a sure thing to return. I’ll just leave it at that.

      Pouliot surely is being dangled. 4th overall picks hold value to teams who believe they can fix players, and with what will certainly be a reasonable price tag for a player with his skills, I would be surprised if a team didn’t bite by offering up a mid round pick or project prospect. But it may be in the teams’ best interests to keep him into November or December and see if they can maximize his value on the back end of a hot streak.

      I think Weber and White are being dangled too. A lot of people think Weber fits into the long term plans of the team but I think, and I’m not alone, that Morgan Ellis and Greg Pateryn will beat him out for a roster spot within the next three years. He, like Pouliot is cheap and the team would probably be better served by keeping him on the roster and maximizing his value, but if a team sees his potential and offers up a good deal I think he could be moved easily. White is a bit of a spark plug and probably holds little value in the trade market. But on the other hand he was instructed to leave practice on deadline day prior to a deal being finalized that surely fell through.

      I think Wisniewski’s and Markov’s rights are in play. The team absolutely wants Markov on a one year term and I really see him leaving at this point. The only way he stays with the team is to take a one year deal. Gauthier can’t announce to the league that Gomez is getting bought out or sent to Hamilton following next season. And a 2 year deal for Markov at $5 million per would make that announcement. There simply wouldn’t be enough money to re-sign Price, Subban, Pacioretty, Eller and Yemelin.

      • patience is a virtue says:

        Interesting ideas Tom.

        Of course, I agree about PK and Carey, and would probably add Eller to that list due to the Halak trade and the dearth of depth at centre in the system (unless another possible top sox centre came back).

        Patches is oooozing with top six power forward potential. What would it take for the Habs to move him now, you think?

        Most interesting is your theory about Markov. I doubt the Habs will give him up unless he is being completely unreasonable in his demands. How many all around defensemen of his calliber exist? Lidstrom, Pronger, Keith, Weber, Chara. Maybe a couple of others, maybe.

        They’ll give him what they have to, but you can bet it’s an intense negotiation. Everything else hinges upon it and that’s the hold up, IMHO.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        I wonder about Pouliot’s value as a “project” given that we got him as a project from the Wild. No question of his skill, and maybe a better coach could get him focused, but I suspect the most we could get for him is another head case, pretty much like the original Latendresse/Pouliot deal, and unless there are other players involved, it’s not going to be an impact deal for us.

        As for Markov, I will feel really bad if we trade his rights.

        It doesn’t send a good message to the kids about what happens when you take one for the team.

        Of course we walked away from Saku and got Gomez instead, which is about what we deserved, so I guess anything can happen.

    • kempie says:

      If I was Pouliot, I wouldn’t buy a house right now.
      I smell something cooking. I see this:

      Then you’ve got Pouls, DD, White, Pyatt, Enqvist should get a good look this year and even Halps may get an offer. Too many bodies if you ask me and we need someone for that first line. Can’t really sign a UFA to a long-term contract because of the raises that are due after next season. So a trade for someone with a year left might be worth considering.

      • TomNickle says:

        Jagr. One year.

        • LA Loyalist says:

          You know we’ve kicked around the Jagr idea a lot and I like it if he’s not too expensive because he’s low risk, has something to prove and we’re not giving up one of our kids to get him. Plex is vouching for him, and we might finally have a killer power play again… I think it’s worth looking at very hard as it buys our kids time.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Untouchable: PK, Price, Cammy, MaxPac, Plex
      Trade Bait: AK, Pouliot, Moen, Gomez, Spacek, Pyatt, Darche (maybe like Gill below) White, Weber, DIaz
      Trade only For Big retuns: Gionta, Markov, Gorges, Eller, Yemelin

      Not sure you can trade Gill without looking like a prick GM after just giving him 1 yr. deal.

    • markd9 says:

      Thanks for you answers folks. I was getting bored reading about the Bruin’s and the Canucks’ riot.

      Would Roy be a good fill in for Muller if he goes elsewhere?

  54. ProHabs says:

    NJ Devils are in big cap trouble. THe Habs should really go get Clarkson to have a third line of

    Kost Eller Clarkson

    Then a fourth line of
    White Brad Winchester Moen

  55. HNS says:

    Whatever……Chara and the Rooins still (deleted). Cup or no cup, they will always be Montreal’s bitch.

    • BruinsForever says:

      Bruins are Montreal’s bitch? I do believe it was Montreal that was beaten by the Stanley Cup champions – the Boston Bruins.

      Bruins are Stanley Cup champions. What has your team done lately? You were probably born after 93. So you wouldn’t know.

      6/15/11 Forever!

      • Duracell3 says:

        Lately? 3 in the last 69 years.

        Gonna need 18 more before you can talk, sorry.

      • kempie says:

        Shouldn’t you be out celebrating something somewhere?

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        The Bottom line is Boston is the Stanley Cup Champions without a doubt!

        However, the Bruins had every break in the world go their way; including having the son of Colin Campbell on their team.

        There were at least four plays where any other player on a different team in the league would have been suspended and the Bruins got nothing.

        Boston faced Montreal without Markov, Pacioretty and Gorges.
        Boston faced the Flyers with Pronger missing.

        And they also advanced without playing the Penguins because Crosby and Malkin were injured.

        Bottom line is with help from the NHL, injuries and some luck, they won Stanley Cup.

        Many people believe there should be an (*) beside the Bruins name in the record books for sure.

        Congratulations and enjoy.

      • nek25plus says:

        Imagine your team won the stanley cup and you’re still on a Habs fan website…no one to talk to or party with? HMMM

      • issie74 says:

        I don’t know why you come on this site only to be abused.
        Go enjoy your cup.Please!


      • LA Loyalist says:

        Boston Stanley Cups: 5

        Montreal Stanley Cups: 24

        Do the math, if you can.

  56. Habitoba says:

    Wondering where all these Boston fans on this site come from. Did they join the site simply to rub in the win or have they always been there, ready to strike like a snake inthe grass? I hate the Bruins but hats off to them for earning their way to the cup. Nice to see an original 6 team in the northeast division win the cup. Might force Pierre Gauthier to get the team up to “contender” level now that they have to play the champs next year.

    I can’t bitch about the outcome, really, my season ended when the Habs got ousted anyway.

  57. JayBee says:

    I keep hearing the Habs have depth but no one is able to explain where/wha that depth is.

    • bleublancrouge says:

      Yea damn our depth has progressed too quickly.. Why oh why do all our young players have to take on roles as NHL regulars

    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      It means we can scratch 5 guys good enough to play on the 3rd or 4th line. None of them are good enough to move up to the second line, so it’s the wrong kind of depth IMO.

      * Ville Leino would make Sergei Samsonov look like Alex Kovalev *

  58. smiler2729 says:

    As much as I despise the Boston Bruins, I freakin’ love the Boston Red Sox (RIP Montreal Expos) and it’s warm out so it’s baseball time, time to move on to the grand ol’ game, hot dogs, ice cream and the best All-Star Game of any sport in July…

    Baseball Fever… Catch It!

    “D’ya know what we get to do today, Brooks? We get to play baseball!”
    -Dennis Quaid as minor league pitcher Jim Morris in “The Rookie”

  59. songles says:

    I’m glad, for the sake of decent hockey, that the Bruins won. They played their hearts out and raised their game when it counted. The only thing Vancouver was able to prove is that they don’t have the character to win when it counts. And their sense of cup entitlement led to their fall. Skill only gets you so far, and that’s exactly the way it should be. I love the current Habs for this reason. They almost always elevate their game when it counts and they’re so much more than the sum of their parts minus Gomez.

    • JF says:

      While I don’t like the Bruins and so can’t really be happy they won, I agree with you about the Canucks and Habs. I love our team and feel that they’re a group of guys with sufficient character and mental toughness to win the Cup. We’re on the right track. If I were a Canucks fan, I’d be less worried about Luongo’s performance and the inability to score than about the lamentable lack of character displayed by the team in their repeated collapses.

  60. CHsam says:

    Dear Montreal, thinking of microbrewed beers on patios and all the gorgeous honeys walking outside. Much love.

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