Bulldog cuts

Guillaume Latendresse’s older brother, Olivier, was among the players cut by the Hamilton Bulldogs toay. Latendresse has been assigned to the Cincinnati Cyclones of the ECHL. Thomas Beauregard and goaltender Loic Lacasse were also among the players sent to the Cyclones. All three were with the Cyclones earlier this year when they won the Kelly Cup.


  1. krob1000 says:


    I actually wanted Beuaregard to play for Hamilton this year…I really thought he could be a diamond in the rough. I think that little Desharnais guy may have just scooped his job. Beauregard has a nose for the net and you can tell his on ice intellect is exceptional.

  2. mjames says:

    I think you are spot on with your comment on Beauregard. He did not look that bad whe he played with the Habs. I hope he makes it to Hamilton.


  3. nightmare_49 says:

    krob – When HabFan pointed out the demotion last night it hit me the same way and i noticed thru training camp that the Habs purposely kept Beauregard away from Desharnois as a test to both of them. When the Bulldogs have a few forwards injured i’m sure Beau will be the 1st call up. In Cincinnati Beau would get much more ice time to develop and prove them wrong.

  4. krob1000 says:

    I hope so and I am glad to see from both of you that Beauregard’s play didn’t go unnoticed by others to…I thought maybe I was partial tohim because I am a little bit bias at times in favour of offense but he seems smart and appears to have tha killer instinct offensively that is hard to find. He is always aware and seemed to make the right plays last year and this year IMO in the exhibition play but I only saw the televised games and one in Ottawa so perhaps he played his best hockey in those games. I hope he earns his way to the farm real soon.

  5. Skotbot says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. (sic?)

    I assume they figure he will get more ice time, etc down in Cinci.
    Im not toooooo familiar with the guy, however he has stood out more than others.

    Do I listen to pop music because I am miserable?
    Or am I miserable because I listen to pop music?

  6. usversusthem says:

    Man, I feel bad for Olly Lats. Playing two levels of professional hockey below your younger brother, but in the same organization, must kinda suck.

  7. HabFab says:

    Unfortunately one of Beauregards problems is that he is not owned by Montreal but rather by the Bulldogs.The Canadiens are going to push their players first for those roster spots.

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