Bring plenty of cash if you want to watch P.K. Subban in Nashville


If you’re thinking about travelling to Nashville to watch former Canadiens defenceman Yannick Weber (and P.K. Subban) in the Western Conference final, brings lots of cash or be prepared to make a longterm commitment to the Predators.

If you’re not already a season-ticket holder, the only way to buy tickets for the conference final is to buy season tickets for the 2017-18 season. The team is holding a Select-a-Seat Tuesday and is offering new season-ticket holders a discount on season tickets.

There are some tickets available on the secondary market.

As of Monday afternoon, there were fewer than 300 tickets available on StubHub for Game 1, with the date and opponent — either Anaheim or Edmonton — to be determined. Prices start at US$211 and climb from there. The priciest tickets are at centre ice in the sixth row of the lower bowl with an asking price of US$2,999. has tickets ranging from $189 to $1,217.

Prices go up for Game 2 with offering a four-seat, lower-bowl package for $6,407. 

(Photo: Mark Humphrey/The Associated Press)

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  1. Habnormal says:

    If Price was in the nets for Ottawa instead of Anderson, does Ottawa win the series?

  2. Danno says:

    Monsieur Microfracture took advantage of the sieve they call the King.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  3. deggy24 says:

    The Habs can leave Weber and Petry unprotectd. .Nashville can leave Pk .unprotected in the first round. Salaries are too big. Of the three pk is by far the best.

  4. Le Revenant says:

    New thread.

    And, 17’s plaint has registered. Score one for the little guy. HIO now takes requests.

  5. on2ndthought says:

    Second summer in a row PK gets traded?

    To PHI or NJ for their first (and a piece)?

    PHI would become an instant contender Provorov/PK as good a top pairing as any. NJ would make the playoffs with a good goalie. We know anything can happen.

    NSH gets one of the two can’t miss players in the draft. Could help their team next year.

  6. Le Revenant says:

    Isn’t there a Jude or Jack Tavares kicking around out there who we could draft or sign? Don’t we specialize in rostering the younger, lesser brothers of NHL stars, like Valeri Bure and Marcel Hossa? Heck, we’ve had our own players’ watered-down siblings like Patrick Lebeau and Serge Roberge.

    And who can forget Jean-Guy Kord ic?…

    “Last season we couldn’t win at home. This season we can’t win on the road. My failure as a coach is I can’t think of any place else to play.”–Harry Neale

  7. RightNyder says:

    “Shredded cheese is good if you spread it on…. SCORES!!!!!!!!!!”
    – Bob Cole

    • JohnBellyful says:

      “That should just about do it, Gary. An empty net goal with one second to play.”

      • RightNyder says:

        What’s funny is mine are made up and yours aren’t.

        “Lookit those hot dogs, Garry. Four of ’em. Mustard right in there. Doesn’t get any better than… THEY SCOOOOORRE!”

        • JohnBellyful says:

          “I’ve often wondered, Gary, as we listen to the national anthem, what it would be like if we whistled along. Are you up for it?”

          • bellcentre hotdog says:

            Aside from Bob Cole using ‘coming hard’ and ‘banging away in there’ every game, my favourite is … ‘and now a 24th Stanley Cup banner will hang from the famous Forum in Montreal … the Canadiens win the Stanley Cup!’

            His call of Desjardin’s OT winner in game 2 was also brilliant.

    • Captain aHab says:

      LMFAO!! Sounds about right.

      Drop da puck already!

  8. RightNyder says:

    Rumour mill says Dadonov and Kovalchuk could join Shipachev in Vegas…

  9. Habs62 says:

    Unfortunately Tavares isn’t going anywhere now unless he absolutely hates the Isles

  10. veryhabby says:

    As per RDS, NYI about to offer Taverese 8 yrs- $80M offer

    So basically highest paid category for max years

    Guess we will see soon enough if he wants out of NYI. Cause he won’t be leaving to chase more money.

    NYI can not afford to lose him or it’s back to rebuild mode

    If he walks, do you think he gets that amount elsewhere…well minus 1 yr as other teams can only offer 7yrs max

  11. The ice ghost says:

    Don’t worry guys. PK be bringin’ da cup to Montréal, though he might just drive down St. Catherine with it in the trunk.

    I say we trade Price n’ Patches for the #1 male center we can get. Sign Rad, keep Galy at #2 center and sign Kovalchuk.

    Whomever loses between Edmonton and Quackers is going to think a goalie will solve their problems. Crap, they’re right.

    I’m thinking Edmonton. I was in Hockey Giant last night (Ducks land) and the staff were all doom and gloom. My boy is skating with a Ducks team tonight.

    Ducks have Getzlaf, but they don’t have Teemu or Saku anymore for that gravitas thing. Going to be interesting.

    How fast did Weber blow out of town after losing? Anyone know?

  12. Habs62 says:

    Before people speculate on if one of the 4 top D on Nashville will be available explore this
    It seems to be pretty accurate. I think Nashville will be one team opting to protect 4 D and 4 forward. I do agree that there will be quit a bit of movement as teams make trades to get some value from exposed surplus similar to what was seen with the Chicago Carolina trade

  13. JohnBellyful says:

    My YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE got conflated:
    Kellyanne Conway Confirms the Rumors are True! Canadiens could win the Stanley Cup.

    I’m going to refresh. Maybe she’ll include the year next time.

  14. JR-sHabs01 says:

    Subby Doobie Doo.
    I’ll take 2 for $1000 Alex.

  15. ClutchNGrab says:

    At one point in time the Habs were seen as a small but fast team. Good in transition and aiming at being a puck possession team.

    What is the identity of the current Habs team? I have a hard time figuring out which three defencemen need to be protected for the NHL expansion draft. Same with the seven forwards.

    Since MB came in, we’ve made changes but the results are not an improvement.

    We went from one player on which the absence could be blamed for a mediocre season in Markov, to another in Price.

    We went from gritty Ryan White, to Brandon Prust, to Andrew Shaw.

    We went from goal scorer Erik Cole, to Michael Ryder, to Thomas Vanek, to Alexander Semin, to Alexander Radulov

    After all that, the Habs are not faster. They are a bit bigger, but not intimidating. Last year they were 18th in shots for and 20th in shots against. Of 16 playoff teams, only San Jose and St Louis were worst on both stats.

    The words character and leadership have been overused by MB during is tenure, I’m not sure how those two traits wins a Stanley Cup if talent is not also a big part of the mix.

    • johnnylarue says:

      I now wince whenever I hear the word “character” used to describe a desirable quality in a hockey player. I’m a bona fide cowardly hothouse flower, but even I would put my ass in front of a Shea Weber slapper if I was getting paid a million a year to do it. So I guess I have “character”…?

    • JohnBellyful says:

      character — a surfeit of locker room intangibles in a body deficient of talent

      • RightNyder says:

        Hardtoplayagainstness > soff talent

      • johnnylarue says:

        Intangibles win championships (… or they will, when “tag” is officially recognized as a competitive sport.)

        • JohnBellyful says:

          No, it’s tangibles, as in (scoring) touch.

          Edit: It are tangibles, as in (scoring) touch.
          (I don’t like the new grammatical service the site is providing.)

          • johnnylarue says:

            In hindsight, I should have used touch football instead of tag in order to provide the reader with a more direct route to laughter.

          • JohnBellyful says:

            If a bon mot you must tweak
            Stay away from the oblique

            Hindsight — I’ve never understood why it’s 20-20 when we’re talking one eye.

          • johnnylarue says:

            That’s… a very disturbing take on human anatomy, and definitely not what people are referring to when they use the phrase, “stink eye”.

          • JohnBellyful says:

            Ohhhh. So you’re saying I should issue an errectum, I mean, erratum?

  16. D Mex says:

    @ New
    Your post on Previous page ending with The Habs simply got more bang for the dollar. Great deal. refers. Beyond recognizing that the AAV of Weber’s contract is lower, I hadn’t seen the numbers broken down as posted by you – enjoyed the read.

    It surprises me that, while some place so much emphasis on the age gap between the 2 players as their comments transition to how the SW contract will hurt the Habs when he pulls the plug, references to corresponding financial penalties reverting back to NSH are invariably overlooked.
    Poile being hailed as the genius GM amuses me, altho he may also have calculated that he’ll be long gone when that time comes (?)

    With Weber, the on-camera persona is unchanged face-to-face, and nothing in his makeup suggests being ego-driven. He stated plainly before getting to town that he intended to continue to be the player he is on the ice without trying to replace anyone else, and he has certainly been true to that
    IMO, that kind of quiet confidence serves any team much better as a centre piece to build around than the alternative that is so lamented by some here.

    Inputs that his playing style lends itself to longevity are interesting and, while I happen to believe demand for Shea Weber away from Montréal will sustain going forward, I don’t see Bergevin moving him in the same way that he won’t move Price.
    They are the pillars.
    That being said, however, I also have no doubt about him trying to push the envelope once he thinks it’s time. Quiet confidence allows that.

    • bwoar says:

      I’ll give Poile one thing, he’s paying Josi, Ellis AND Ekholm barely more combined than PK Subban himself. That was great cap management.

      • D Mex says:

        Be interesting to see how that all plays out now that the big contract, horses & buggies are part of the equation, no ?

      • joeybarrie says:

        Las Vegas will be appreciative depending on which one of those four defensemen they take.

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        Poile also finds steals in the draft and develops players. The last five years is not comparable between these 2 GMs (forget the lateral trade). Poile even has another puck moving Dman who he found in the 4th round and just finished his 1st successful AHL season at 20…and the guy is from Quebec (another QCer MB/Timmins missed).

    • ClutchNGrab says:

      That post made no sense. It’s comparing the AAV on two different length. The reality is the NHL Salary of Subban until the end of his contracts amounts to 58 Million. The amount that Weber will receive during that same period is 48 Million. So one is being paid 9.7M per year in average, the other 8M per year.

      But the other part is, all those great values Weber has, don’t you think Poile wasn’t aware of them? He’s the one who drafted him a few picks after the Habs drafted Cory Urquhart. He was aware of both Weber and Subban’s contract. He was also aware of all these rumors about the ego-driven player that is Subban.

      And yet he still traded Weber for Subban.

      I’m not saying Subban couldn’t be traded after this season, I just thing the Subban situation was mismanaged from the get go by MB, starting with that 2 year offer when he was still an RFA.

      • D Mex says:

        Thought it was a good post, and enjoyed reading it.
        Reference your question about ” all those great values Weber has “, given the length of time he has been all-world calibre, it seems a safe bet the entire hockey world is aware.
        There were two (2) GMs involved in that trade, and one of them chose to acquire Shea Weber, a no-brainer in my book.

        Reference the financials, Weber is technically under contract until 2025-26, with a final bonus of $8M payable next season. No way he plays that long IMO and, again, NSH will take the penalty hit.
        Strictly a guess that 2022 could be when he calls it a career (his actual salary drops from $6M to 3M then) altho he’ll have more than enough in the bank well before, so could decide to pull the plug when it stops being fun. Nice position to be in.

    • The ice ghost says:

      I just want to make a record that Weber is a great player, happy to have him, for now anyway.

      My grievance is with Bergy solving an OFFENSIVE probem, chronic, by swapping D, and then signing a bunch of journeymen D.

      Journeymen D are like back-up singers man, all doo and no wop. Bergy keeps signing the Supremes, when we need Diana Ross.

      How’s that for a mixed metaphor?

      That’s all. Go Preds.

    • New says:

      Thanks for the shout back.

      People seem to think because they disagree with a GM that the fella is an idiot. Poile knows his team, the business, and his market I am sure. Better than I do. All I know is they are fighting for a bigger, fancier, barn with perks and that they had issues filling seats and escalating revenue.

      PK will help with that. Montreal doesn’t need it. Weber is a better defenseman all around, but he isn’t exciting. The reduced cost, the friction, the constant distraction, I am sure they were all factors. But both GM’s made deals that helped their team.

      Capfriendly has all the figures. The Cap is important. The money saved on Subban > Weber Cap allowed for example, Byron, to play for them. Next year PA and DD come off the books, another 2 million.
      First thing you know these little millions add up to a real player.

      People take this stuff too seriously. It is business. Players move. No one is untouchable, ask Orr.

  17. RightNyder says:

    Who ya got tonight, Sens or Rangers?

    • johnnylarue says:

      They’re both equally loathsome, but over the course of the Habs’ Franchise Record Streak of Futility, I’ve often found a smidgen of solace in those instances where they were eliminated by the eventual cup winners. So I gotta go with the Rags over “Kanata’s Team”.

  18. twocents says:

    Pardon the re-post but that was ridiculously bad timing, minutes after posting, new page. I hadn’t posted anything in weeks either, so here goes…

    Regardless of where anyone stands, it seems to be accepted by the majority that the big trade will progressively favour the Preds as the two players age. I would like to counter that common wisdom.

    Given Weber’s game, based largely on positioning, anticipation, size/reach, shooting and excellent decision making, I believe he may age extremely well. Players like Scott Stevens or Al MacInnis support this view.

    Subban on the other hand, relies on his skating, athleticism, risk-taking and skill. These attributes age less gracefully in many players. What will Subban’s game look like when he gets out of position at age 32?

    I basically don’t accept it as a given that a 32 year old Subban will be a definitively better player than a 35 year old Weber.

    To be clear, I miss Subban, and wish we had both players on the Habs.

    • TheSleeveen says:

      Sorry, but your argument fell apart when you said PK relies on his athleticism and skill. It’s exactly that that will keep him in his prime. You ignore the facts that Weber has slowed down and will continue to do so. It was evident last year in the playoffs. Why do you think Poile dumped him for PK? Weber will be a great D_man for a few more years, but his prime is behind him. Montreal is on the negative side of this trade.

      • twocents says:

        I don’t ignore that Weber has slowed. In fact my point is, as he slows his game may deteriorate less than some. Things like positioning, anticipation, size/reach and sound decision-making don’t abandon players easily as they slow down. Nether do big accurate cannons.

        Look at Markov, it’s exactly those qualities(minus size/reach and big shot) that keep him delivering quality minutes at 38. He has slowed greatly due to age and injury, but he can still read the game better than 90% of the league. There were debates about him as long as 8 years ago here and whetber the Habs should dump Markov due to his age and knees. Some of us argued then that he had the qualities to age well and he has.

        Your point about Subban is missing my point. Yes today’s game rewards his current skill set. But, his skill set is more affected by age and slowing. When P.K. starts to lose a step he may not have the other skills in enough measure to make a graceful transition.

        We will see. I am simply saying the future is not as easy to predict as many on here appear to believe.

    • sakuknows says:

      If you watch any team that has success, aside from the obvious skill, they have a certain element of speed. Whether that’s on the back end like Ana or Nash or their forwards like Pitt it seems today’s and tomorrow’s game is heading in this direction.

      The athletisism that PK “relies” on is exactly what is needed to be successful today. Like MB it appears, through your examples of Stevens and even older McCinnis, the game has too passed you by.

      With that said, we have Weber. Fine. He has some outstanding qualities and skills. We need to however compliment that with speed and PMD. N8 is neither, so before you go there…..

      • twocents says:

        My argument isn’t that speed isn’t important, it’s that it abandons some players earlier than others. Besides P.K. is many things, but speed is not his greatest asset. He is a remarkable skater, but that is mostly predicated on his edgework and agility, not flat out speed.

        • sakuknows says:

          Sure. Makes sense. But whatever it takes to win now is what’s important. Who really cares about longevity? Like really, I’d take a cup next year and suffer another 30 without. Ya know?

  19. WarHero says:

    Has anyone considered a Draisaitl for Galchenyuk+ type of deal ? if I was Bergy, I’d be calling Edmonton daily …

    • sakuknows says:

      If you were Edmonton, you’d be hanging up the phone.

      Wasn’t there a PK deal for Draisaitl plus Edmonton’s 1st pick in this past draft? Could be wrong but that was the rumor?

    • Le Revenant says:

      When Marc Bergevin was flogging P.K., he reportedly tried to obtain Leon Draisaitl + from Peter Chiarelli, who apparently wouldn’t hear of it. He had Taylor Hall as his major trade chip, and neither came around to the other’s way of thinking and the trade talks never really got off the ground. I think Elliotte Friedman was the source of this info, which is somewhat credible since the Oilers used Taylor Hall to obtain Adam Larsson, the rightie defenceman they needed so badly.

      In that light, with the season Leon Draisaitl had (29 G, 48 A !), he’s even more untouchablerer, like Elliott Ness on steroids. No package of Chucky + a gaggle of Andrighettos will land that fish.

      EDIT: Wow, found the link on the first Google!

    • Luke says:

      I, personally, have never once ever considered acquire Draisaitl. Whether it be in a trade for PK, Max, Price or another Hab, as an RFA offer Sheet, a trade for every single draft pick in the 2016 or 2017 draft or a simple kidnap and quick brainwash.


    • chilli says:

      And Bergy would get hung up on daily.

  20. Caesar says:

    Bob Cole is 100 % first ballot (if announcers have ballots)

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