Brendon Nash called up

The Canadiens have called Brendon Nash up from the Hamilton Bulldogs.

He is insurance if Jaroslav Spacek, who was not at morning skate, can’t go against Buffalo tonight.

The team announcement:

Defenceman Brendon Nash has been called up from the AHL Hamilton Bulldogs. Nash will join the Canadiens in Montreal, for tonight’s game against the Buffalo Sabres, at the Bell Centre.

The 23 year old, 6’03’’, 210 lbs defenseman has recorded 23 points (3 goals, 20 assists) in 50 games with the Bulldogs this season. His three goals have all been scored on the power play. He registered 53 shots on goal and served 41 penalty minutes. Nash is tied for second on the Bulldogs with a +12 differential.

In his last season at Cornell University in 2009-10, Nash led all team defensemen in scoring with 19 points in 33 games (2 goals, 17 assists) and served 48 penalty minutes. He recorded a total of 67 points (8 goals, 59 assists) and 173 penalty minutes in four full seasons with Cornell. From 2004 to 2006, Nash registered 60 points (9 goals, 51 assists) in 112 regular season games with the Salmon Arm Silverbacks of the BCHL (British Columbia Hockey League).

A native of Kamloops, BC, Nash signed with the Canadiens as a free agent on March 30, 2010. He participated in the Canadiens’ development camp, as well as the rookie camp and the team official training camp in 2010, from which he was released on September 27, after posting a 1-1-2 record in two games.

Hockey’s Future on Nash:

” … a smart, offensive-minded defenseman who possesses a nice combination of size, mobility and puck skills. He uses his 6’3 frame and long reach to great advantage, particularly in protecting or stripping the puck. He’s also not afraid to join the offensive play. Defensively, he is solid and keeps things pretty simple. Nash has great poise and patience with the puck, but what sets him apart from many young defensemen is in his timely passing ability, particularly on power plays. Though he skates quite well for a big man, Nash needs to work on having quicker feet. Developing speed and strength are two areas that will be paramount to his future success.

“Cornell head coach Mike Schafer’s comments on Nash: ‘With Sasha Pokulok and Ryan O’Byrne signing pro contracts last summer, Brendan had a lot of responsibilities as a freshman and he did a tremendous job. He logged as much ice time as we could possibly give him and played in all situations. It’s just a matter of Brendan continuing to excel. We expect big things from him next year and I think he’ll be one of the top defensemen in our league.” “


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  2. Trisomy 21 says:

    Great post, but what sort of contract do you expect markov to want? I think he pretty much has to take a cut, after all he can’t play a full season, became a Canadian citizen (maybe that means he will take a cut just to stay in Montreal) and possibly feels like he owes it to the organization to stay for less? (like how hasek didn’t want to get paid for being injured the whole year?)

    I see the immediate need for defense, but Montreal is averaging less than 3 goals per game, closer to 2.5 infact. And that’s dangerously close to Toronto (sorry to say that word here). Montreal can’t lean on the D and Price all the time. With young guys like Nash, Weber and Picard in the system and available for resigning, I think the D core should remain. I do expect to lose at least 2 of the UFA Dmen, but my biggest worry with getting a new guy is to hamper the development of one of the young guys in the system. I honestly don’t think playing in hamilton for another year can really help anyone on D right now.


    But… I would take that franson guy for a straight up trade for AK

  3. drivefor25 says:

    I agree with Brocas Brain. I’m from BC and O’Brien had  a bad rep for partying too much. Maybe he’s getting a bad rap, but there are more talented and versatile D-men on the Preds.

    Fan since ’71

  4. habs001 says:

    i believe the flyers can be beaten but probably has to be done early…i believe the canes or rangers can give them problems…the only chance the habs have in the playoffs is for every player to step up…last year we had to overuse our forwards as ak46 and pouliot disappeared in the playoffs…by the third round plecks,gion and camm had very little left because they were playing way too much….we need some of the 3rd and 4th line players to step up also and contribute more to the pk…the playoffs will be physical and if plecks has to pk ,pp and play so much he will have nothing left by the third round…but probably this is why we are not cup contenders as we may be able to beat any team in a series but because of depth issues by the third round we would have injuries and many of our key players would be dead tired.

  5. habs03 says:

    Nashville paper reported that MTL scouts are in Nash for their 3 game homestand and Habs ast GM Larry Carriere was going to be there for 2 of those games. Only logical to think we are looking at one of their D-man, funny thing is if you go on TSN ice chips they have Spacek listed as questionable for tonights game but next to Nashville’s team logo lol, Spacek for Cody Franson, lol I wishhhhhh.

  6. FrederictonHabsfan says:

    With Nash getting the call up, I’m guesing that doens’t bode well for Matheiu Carle’s future with the Habs.  They can argue they were looking for more size, but Carle SHOULD be at the point now where he’s good enough (and with Weber already here) to be the 1st callup.


  7. crabvader says:

    We didn’t “dump” O’Byrne, we got a good young prospect named michael bournival. Look him up, he is impressive.

  8. Gormdog says:

    Nash’s pedigree leads me to believe he could 1-up Soobie for celebrating with flair…


  9. nick says:

    Haha… Eklund states Nashville and MTL are talking… Sergei for Andrei? (just kidding folks… don’t go off the deep end)

  10. forskis says:

    6’3″ and 210lbs…well the people who wanted size just got it…

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  11. wall2bay says:

    Hey weren’t you the guy that picked the Caps in 3 last year?


    “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

  12. nick says:

    Ok but Nash is replacing Gill who is 6’7, 250 pounds…

  13. crabvader says:

    I like this kid. He scored in the pre-season with us and didn’t look out of place.

    Let’s see what he can do.

  14. alestar says:

    I love Gill, a great team guy and mentor for PK this season, but he does not play the physical game that his size seems ideally suited for.  


    XXIV…and counting

  15. kirkiswork says:

    TSN reports that Nash is replacing Spacek unless it’s a typo.

  16. Habnofear says:

    It’s a good thind we dumped O’Bryne @#!&*%???

  17. scrowe21 says:

    Lol..I never understood why people care about high numbers… not trying to be rude but I think its kind of a foolish thing to care about.

  18. HFX-HabFan says:

    Alright Brendan, please wear a lower number so that you don’t make us look more like a football team.

    8, 17, 22, 24, 25, 27, 28 are all available.  You can do this.

  19. blu3chip says:

    He is #47.

    MAB lovers are not going to like this.

  20. patience is a virtue says:

    OK ranters and ravers, how about these apples:

    Gotta believe we’re looking for a big d-man, maybe scrambling for one if Gill is out for an extended period. Despite our collective tendancy to downplay Mtl’s playoff potential this season, you gotta respect the resilience, determination and success of JM and his team. If they do move up another spot or two in the standings during the next couple of weeks, I expect PG to make a serious move before the deadline to bolster our backend for the playoffs.

    Habsworld has posted links to media reports of Montreal scouts and the assistant GM heading to Nashville to watch three games this week.   Two options being touted in these articles, Alexander Sulzer or Shane O’Brien.

    Each has their advantages. Either could be had as an affordable rental, for some combo of a mid-level pick (3rd or 4th?) + a prospect like Maxwell, Carle or Nash.

    But I don’t see a lot of upside for Nashville. They are making a serious run for a playoff spot themselves in the West. They must be looking for something immediate as well. I don’t know the details of their needs, but they are even more starved for top six scoring than we are!

    This leads me to the possibility of the other K dropping.

    It seems totally possible to me that the Preds have asked the Habs to consider shipping the other brother their way – Sergei is a hit in Nashville afterall, and Andrei has even more potential.

    PG won’t part with RFA AK lightly, nor should he. Yet, I find it easy to imagine no AK in Montreal next season. And easy to imagine that the Preds would make the best offer going for AK, given their positive experience with his bro and the possibility that the Belarussians might like to be re-united (not to mention the fact that most Habs fans way underestimate AK’s value). Nashville has defensive depth to offer in return (Blum and Ellis are their top prospects).

    My guess is that Cody Franson would come the other way.

    23 years old, 6’5″, 213lbs, signed till 2012 at 800K, an all round d-man with speed and Tinordi-like size, a plus rating and points. Exactly what the doctor ordered for the short-term and adds to our exciting youth movement for the long-term. Added bonus – would put a little pressure on The Wiz to play a more physical and balanced game or slip down the depth chart and risk short-changing his big upcoming UFA payday.

    Some have pointed out that Nashville wouldn’t take on AK’s salary without shedding more than Franson’s cap hit in return.  So, I  wonder if PG would take a risk on on a four/five player deal: Franson and veteran Montrealer J-P Dumont for AK and Picard + a third round pick, or a prospect like Nash.

    Maybe part of the reason for calling up Nash is to test him in the show – at the Pred’s request?


  21. HFX-HabFan says:

    Neither will the Stephane Lebeau lovers.

  22. HabsFanInTampa says:

    Micheal Bourniwho? If I have to “look him up”, then yes, we dumped OB.

  23. HFX-HabFan says:

    Darche back in tonight, Eller watching from the press box.

  24. HFX-HabFan says:

    Or, maybe you don’t follow junior hockey closely enough.

    Bournival almost made Canada’s WJC team and is having a pretty good season in the Q (I know it’s only the Q, but still).

  25. blu3chip says:

    I really really hate to say this but I don’t see any team in the East can beat the Flyers, they are just too disgustingly deep. Their weaknesses are goaltending and inexperienced coach, and those are what we must exploit.

  26. observer says:

    This is why there was no line tonight yet ——————-

  27. HFX-HabFan says:

    Inexperienced coach?  The Flyers did a complete 180 under Laviolette last season, and the guy coached Carolina to a Cup in 2006.  There are only seven other coaches in the league who have won a Cup as head coach, what more experience would you want from the guy?

  28. Brocas Brain says:

    Nasher is a solid D prospect and is having a great year in dog country.  He has good size and is a smooth skater, while bringing some much needed Jam to the d-line…looking forward to seeing if he can translate it to the NHL.

  29. Brocas Brain says:

    It might be best for Eller’s development to spend some time in Hamilton to find his scoring touch…like MaxiePac

  30. blu3chip says:

    Sorry for some reason I was thinking about TB while typing my comment lol

    I was talking about Boucher, which clearly has nothing to do with what I said. lol

  31. Mattyleg says:

    I hate to be one of those guys saying “I’ve been saying this for months.”

    But… (see above)

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  32. scrowe21 says:

    Cody Franson would be nice. If they do trade for him, or another young D gotta think they’re not planning on resigning Markov or the Wiz. Cap is gunna be tight as it is.

  33. TheDagger says:

    Unless we get an instant 50-goal scoring superstar, the player was dumped… man some people. These folks probably thought we “dumped” Craig Rivet, but wait… after a few years it was an awesome trade!

    Also, seeing as you’re from Hali, anyone there talking about that young Nathan MacKinnon from Cole Harbour now playing for Shattuck-Saint Mary’s?

  34. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    I hope they are going after Shane O’Brien. Big and mean? Could be a new O’B to replace our old O’B

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  35. Hobie Hansen says:

    Well people who love MAB have bigger issues I think…

  36. pierre lapuck says:

    I have known Shane O’Brien since he was about 7 and I coached in baseball from age 8 -17 and he was a stud player.  I’d love to see him on the Habs, he’s a team guy, has real solid hockey sense (his uncle is Dennis O’Brien ex of the Bruins and the Colorado Rockies and Cleveland Barons) and he’s big mean and tough.  Go get him PG.

  37. savethepuck says:

    And when Enqvist was called up before White earlier, people said the management must not have a place for White. Don’t read to much into this call up, he’s probably here for a coffee before being sent back down

  38. savethepuck says:

    Yeah, management are idiots for not realizing that by Feb 15th we would have 4 of our starting top 6 DMen out

  39. TheDagger says:

    Come onnnnn PG go grab Ryan Ellis!!

    Sometimes wishes come true..

  40. habs-hampton says:

    I joined late. I’ve only been saying it since Christmas.

  41. Brocas Brain says:

    Canuck fans and everyone @ the roxy know O’Brien…in team guy are you talking about him getting wasted the night before big playoff games? … canucks are not missing him this year. 

    Habs should go grab that O’Byrne kid from the Avs plays big minutes everynight (more than Adam Foote).  He’s a team guy who stole a chicks purse to delete a picture of Quebec’s adopted son Huet making out with a random, so he didn’t get caught by his wife. 

    I hope PG doesn’t make any big trades this deadline..other than the Wiz…he doesn’t have a great track record.

  42. shiram says:

    It might have happened a bit sooner if not for the injury to Cammy. It’s not only Eller’s play, but also Plek, Desy, Halpy are doing there jobs, and Gomez…, so basically there’s no center spot for him in the Habs right now.

  43. Say Ash says:

    Moore was a pretty good one. Price over Halak wasn’t bad either.

  44. habs-hampton says:

    Goaltending will be their demise (as usual). But the West wins the cup, no matter who gets through in the East.

  45. Brocas Brain says:

    Price over Halak…yes, right choice in goalies, but the way he handle the Halak trade was minor league. PG could have easly got a top 6 forward in return…but instead rushed the trade and got a boarderline NHL player and a guy that is a boarderline hamilton player. Eller may prove his worth in 2 or 3 more years of development or he may not.  It was a gamble PG did not need to take.

  46. Mark C says:

    Based on what the Blackhawks got for Niemi, you are right PG should have got a lot more for Halak.

  47. thebigguy says:

    The 2 best teams in the East going into the playoffs last year were Washington and Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh was a deep team with a lot of playoff experience. Both were eliminated early. THe playoffs are at tricky thing. The best team on paper isn’t who always holds the cup.

    Ideally we play Boston or Washington in the 1st round but there honestly isn’t asingle team in the East that doesn’t have some sort of major flaw.

  48. Bash says:

    Wowie!…I mean Jeezy Weeezy!


    “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” (anon)

  49. Hockey Socks says:

    Neither O’Brien or Sulzer is a good target for the Canadiens. I suspect they’re looking at Kevin Klein – an early second round pick in that deep 2003 draft class. He’s good at both ends of the ice and a strong player. He would be a welcome addition on the Montreal blueline where he can log Josh Gorges minutes and play a very similar role.

  50. king ddd says:

    if habs meet them in the first round we’ve got a chance but not in later rounds. the habs are notorious for taking down the top dogs in the first round. just ask boston, washington, and pittsburg( although it was 2nd round series)


    ** Buck Fruins **

  51. KenD29 says:

    Or Aaron Downey lovers


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  52. KenD29 says:

    If that !


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  53. HardHabits says:

    Halak was an RFA with arbitration rights and he hasn’t been that good this year. Many Blues fans think they got fleeced in the trade.

    It wasn’t a gamble. It was a trade for a player the Habs coveted.

  54. Brocas Brain says:

    It was a gamble & PG didn’t need to take, IMO. (I am not talking hindsight here.) Btw, have you watched any Blue’s games this year?  I really don’t think Halak is the problem there.



  55. Hali_Hab says:—Through-A-Scouts-Eyes-Michael-Bournival/139/31783         there  do some reading there are a few guys that you should know about, before you go talking foolishness again  ryan obryne  gimmie a break!



    “After 13 years, I couldn’t accept to be number two.“ Guy Lafleur.

  56. andrewberkshire says:

    Please provide one instance in the last 20 years where an arbitration elible, unsigned RFA goaltender who’s never been a starter for a full season has ever fetched more than Halak did in the summer. Please.

  57. Bouleau noir says:

    Our team salary structure had no room to accomodate the salary of an additional proven top six player to the roster……. getting a past first rounder selection with top six rôle potential like Eller was an extremelly sound choice under the circumstance. 

  58. HabsFaninMarkham says:

    I just wanted to share my comments on PK Subban. Longtime reader of HIO, first time commenter. I have had enough of the negative comments against this guy across the league and just felt the need to vent. No one has mentioned it YET, but eventually it will come out. And by the sound of PK’s latest comments, he sure seems like he’s thinking it at the back of his mind; but he’s too classy to say anything. There is no doubt that there is a little racism at work here. If PK was from Kingston and white, Don Cherry would be talking up a storm at how great this kid is and how he has ‘guts’. There would be no talk of ‘disrespect of his elders’ or ‘learning the code’. When was the last time that a player called up from the minors whose only role was to add muscle to a team ever accused of ‘not respecting his elders’ or ‘mouthing off too much as a rookie’. Or has such a player ever been told to ‘hold back’ or ‘earn the respect of his peers first’? Even Sean Avery gets the benefit of the doubt now and then. So along comes a skilled player and NHL players expect this guy to hold back ‘skill’ while fighters are expected to go out and bowl over opponents at will?

    Give me a break.

  59. Trisomy 21 says:

    I’ve been a long time reader of this website and made an account to respond to this.

    It was only a matter of time before race was brought into this. I think that PK  does get the short end of the stick, he gets chinsey penalties called on him and the same ones won’t be called against someone who does the same thing. Take the Ovechkin incident 2 weeks ago for instance.

    But I think it’s ridiculas to say it has anything to do with the colour of his skin. This isn’t the first black NHL player. I think the problem others have with PK is exactly what they say it is. For a rookie, he runs his mouth alot. Gil played with laraque, they got along fine, but Gil is a veteren and PK is a rookie, it’s his unwritten job to whip those boys into shape. That explains why he tells the rookie to pick his goddamn clothes off the floor, because Subban needs to carry himself as a man, not a boy. This is a matter of growing up, watch, in 2 seasons from now we will forget he was all over the news.


    Now back to the topic, I’m glad to see Nash get a chance, seems like his numbers in the AHL show that for his development to further, he needs to play in the NHL

  60. Trisomy 21 says:

    That’s a pretty poor assesment.. Afterall someone who’s a fan of a team other than MTL or COL would have to look up ryan o’byrne. and Bournival is still young, so i’m not surprised people haven’t heard of him.

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    five: Jade Emperor and the Queen Mom is the mom and boy or girl or husband and wife? A
    no connection among them is innocent. Queen Mom appeared in Chinese history was previously than the Jade Emperor, the Jade Emperor is definitely a priest who was a brother of heaven invention, the Queen Mom opened the Jade Pool Party to turned out to be a hostess. If you need to count their partnership, it could possibly barely be counted being a relationship between colleagues. Nevertheless, the Queen Mother’s qualifications to become older, and for that reason the Jade Emperor, the Normal Assembly to attend her peaches for her birthday. This is not bronchitis, but the respect of old comrades.
    6: a make any difference of time, Houge was pressed for 500 years, which can be 500 years 500 years of heaven or earth for 500 years? If it is heaven 500 years, this Hericium Havoc in Heaven, committed as major previously, it was sentenced to 500 days?
    A Please note, he is serving a sentence on the globe. The idea of 500 days, unless of course the Monkey King is locked up in heaven prison, to become capable to create. At this level, the Monkey King has been minimal the god, like mortals in mortal struggling,flash professional Keyboard Piano (really can play the yo), in 500 years is 500 years. Simultaneously, really don’t overlook he was hungry thirsty, they are able to consume copper juice iron capsules, it is hell, the meals criteria. So, these kinds of punishment has not lighter. Apart from, if it is 500 years off while in the sky, then the ground early to fly to India monk, and also might need to Monkey accomplishing?
    seven: Why didn’t imagine Goku every monk must say that somebody isn’t a monster?
    A monk’s role set would be the scenario, not his innate goodness, but he faithfully execute the command leadership. Kuan Yin, once the Monkey King to his account as well, this person features a historical challenge, can not be simply trusted, so the monk faithful implementation of this command. He clearly knows that his instant superior as the Monkey King, Sun Wukong 10 thousand instances incorrect won’t make a difference, big deal Well you depart the Monkey King to resign, and now the financial system was so sluggish, kind of out by myself to discover deliver the results. Nonetheless, the monk do not ever dare to offend his instant leadership Guanyin, make her sense significantly less loyalty.
    8: Houge previous to inside East China Sea want to Why Why, then why h2o normally says he’s not?
    A your foot pressure in rheumatoid five years previous and cold legs can’t? The fact is that, the issue is this: the Monkey King just before the water will be to examine the drinking water avoidance tactics. Yet, 5 years following currently being pressed, long-term no one to discuss, then he grew to become a TB, see who ought to Kuangpen cities. Within this way, he couldn’t are actually absorbed in studying a tactic in order to avoid the drinking water. Also, the Monkey King during the long-term career comrades also realize the reality: the get the job done have to be carried out before the leadership. Monkey might not be h2o,windows server 2003 product key I love you than ex, and no piercing eyes, the Monkey King played inside drinking water working really hard, anyway, can not see monk. Do not see the outcomes for the zero, so he asked them to lure the enemy Pig h2o, then land and air display to your monk to determine.
    9: in the long run official told us that whoever came to stay for eating?
    A Hong eighty-one hard because it is put to use to check Tang Seng, that is definitely constructed Bureau. So, who constructed the Council, imagine you can expect to soon have an understanding of. . . . . .
    10: naturally immortal gods, then the Lord Lao Zi’s two boy, so why did Baba have to do the Golden Horn where the underground king, silver king Laizhuo official instructed Angle to consume, choose to reside permanently?
    A Lord Lao Zi’s two boy along with the Bodhisattva Guanyin’s golden couple will not be a degree of character. Lord Lao Zi who furnish domestic service for a very long time, at perfect, but a god within the maid, a degree increased than the monster, shouldn’t be a god. To become immortal, please recall the yr of your Monkey King Patriarch Bodhi instructor explained to him the One particular no matter how demon Ye Hao, really good apply inner alchemy, not always to turn into immortal, inside the year 1500 in the subsequent 3 disasters have escaped the stake, please open the P23232 Page:
    See the heart of tomorrow, ahead of time to prevent. refrain from them life and days with each other, not escape this suicide be aware. and then five years later, major fire burn you. The fire is not daily of fire, nor is any fire, Huanzuo yin fire. from alone Yongquan underneath burned, Zhitou mud wall home, ash internal organs, limbs are rotten on the Millennium ascetic, each as illusory. and then 5 hundred years, and down storm blowing you. The wind just isn’t a truck wind, not with smoked gold north wind, the wind will not be venereal Shochiku, Huan Zuogua wind. fontanelle inside the blown six fu considering that, above the pubic region, use Jiuqiao, wipe out blood thinning, and its human body knew option, it needs to be escaped. the monkey’s eyes that see no change Pig Bull Demon King?
    A Please be aware that the Bull Demon King along with the Monkey King was sworn brothers. In the event the Bull Demon skill since the Monkey King, how could you sworn? In addition, the reason might be Polymorph curiosity is to resist the three disasters. Niu is definitely a senior devil monster, that he needed to resist effectively, so it can be counter-piercing eyes.
    12: Top secret Enjoy Monkey Monkey King is simply not it?
    A not. Ma Tang Seng white crush, so as monk, he did not end up being a lady from the car later on than the country by itself seduce the enemy. Stockholm Syndrome Monkey King to get a monk, monk that he can’t escape suffering, so I lastly grew to become a monk he was a strong advocate. This is not absolutely adore, but when TB Tang Seng long-term utilization of magic spells and then the end result of slavery.
    13: Monkey King had never been to college,win vista x64, read publications, why achieve this lots of outdated stating goes, the saying goes, a good deal of publications as well as other theories?
    A nonsense! Spirit mountains, Samsung-dong on oblique. Mountains in Samsung-dong may be a first-class universities, with all the biggest assortment The moment upon a stock, easy methods to say the Monkey King did not attend college, study the e-book? As will say that the declaring, boundaries. Holding pole test the water, even too shallow, leaving the raft, jump ashore. I saw some individuals fishing from the sea, Batangas, Festival clams, Amoy salt. He approached the front, get hold of tricks, make-up a tiger, frightened folks who throw baskets of abandoned nets, scattered operating. The maintain will not run that one, stripped off his outfits, but additionally master men and women wear on the system, and swaying by means of the state authorities had inside the city Chan, the scholars ceremony, understand with him. North Korea food overnight, a see to the Buddha cents sacred heart with the Road, look for an extended life from the social gathering.
    this process, the e-book mentioned there had been 8 or nine a great deal. The Monkey King’s comprehension, the right way to not discover a mouthful of Looking at, be careful!
    14: Just after the previous take the time to examine by way of the book that asks the two of them towards the rewards of monkeys, the monk gave them the purple bowl, really unfortunate appear. . . Monkeys not develop into so many things, why would be the very same one for them?
    A because it modifications things, practically nothing more than a cover-up, in essence, is a monkey hair. Should you can’t inform if they explore, then how can suppress the Monkey King? Monkey wouldn’t transfer this notion, due to the fact he know that there exists invalid. This illustrates once you select up the other folks a lesson, considering that the other aspect won’t transfer any unhealthy thoughts.
    Ultimately, why would not monk factors to a monster to eat meat? For the reason that he knew early on that it truly is principles with the sport, other individuals want, undoubtedly cannot give. Otherwise, why is he once the Monkey King’s leadership?

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