Bourque ‘a force out there’ in Habs 7-4 victory over Rangers (Video)

(Photo: Allen McInnis/The Gazette)

It wasn’t Rene Bourque’s first hat-trick, but by his own admission it was the biggest of his career.

Bourque helped the Canadiens stave off elimination Tuesday with three goals as the Habs beat the New York Rangers 7-4 at the Bell Centre.  With the win, the Canadiens force Game 6 in the Eastern Conference final series. The Rangers now lead the best-of-seven series 3-2.

“Everybody was ready for this game before we went out there,” Bourque said.

“We knew the situation. We got a big power play goal early and a few others throughout the night. So that was the difference for us tonight. I think our power play finally clicked a little bit and it was probably the difference in the game.”

Bourque played a great game, Canadiens coach Michel Therrien said.

“He was a force out there,” Therrien said.

“On the forecheck he took the man. He was moving his feet. He was going hard to the net. He’s a guy who can score. Definitely that was a great performance by him.”

Nathan Beaulieu was in for defenceman Alexei Emelin who was out of the lineup with an undisclosed injury.

“First of all he got injured last game and it’s a body injury,” said a tight-lipped Therrien when asked if it was an ‘upper’ or ‘lower’ body injury.

The Canadiens blew a 4-1 lead in the second period when the Rangers scored three goals in under five minutes. But then Bourque scored his second goal of the night to put the Canadiens ahead 5-4. He followed that up with another goal in the third period.

The Rangers pulled goaltender Henrik Lundqvist at 8:58 of the second period.

“It was just a see-saw battle back and forth,” Bourque said of the game that was a nail-biter for fans.

Rangers defenceman John Moore received a match penalty for a blind-side hit on Dale Weise in the third period. Weise looked shaken by the hit and went to the dressing room, but returned to the game.

“He went to the quiet room and saw our doctor and they felt that he was good to go,” Therrien said.

As for the hit by Moore, Therrien said: “First of all I thought it was the right call on the ice. We all saw it…It’s up to the league to decide what they’re going to do.”

You can watch what Bourque had to say after the game here:

And you can watch what Canadiens rookie goaltender Dustin Tokarski had to stay here:

(Video: Brenda Branswell)


  1. RiverviewCanadien says:

    The best part of this win tonight, the fact the team has progressed in how they attack the Rangers every game. Therrien has done a tremendous job, you have to think that when Vanek is still in the lineup, gets an assist, and the Habs win an elimination game, the coach knows what he is doing.

    So we all know the scoring is there (I forget who said it, but someone posted that the Habs would make King Henry look like Queen Latifah), the PP has finally been solved, but when is JJ going to amp up the ‘ol don’t get hemmed in your own end and get scored on practices?

    Wow, is that D awful at times, and when they take their foot off the gas…Yikes.

    At one moment, I seriously thought Gorges lost the series when he scored on Dustin, which in turn really rattled the kid after making some big time saves. That one made me feel the Habs were going to get all the unlucky bounces for the rest of the game. It was tied a short time later…what a kick to the gonads…

    Anyhoo…we really have not watched the best this team can offer against the Rangers. Not like what the boys left on the ice in games 6 and 7 from the last series. I think they still have enough left

    Here’s to hoping the flag on my car is still flapping on Sunday.


    Folks, it’s Playoffs time, and that’ll keep ya on yer seats!

  2. FirstDerivative says:

    What a series this has been. I love watching an Original Six matchup, and have been enjoying reading the liveblogs even before the playoffs. (Although I am a Rangers fan, I have multiple friends who root for the Canadiens.) This series has actually had everything you want:Hard hitting, overtime, a little chippiness, unpredictability, and a wonderful atmosphere every game. For the record, Moore gets 2, Dorsett probably gets 1, Borque likely a fine. (Or they cancel out Dorsett/Borque). I’m ok with Dorsett getting a game, because frankly I think Fast is a tougher matchup for you guys. Diaz is essentially a wash for Moore, not really concerned about that. I expected the Habs to win tonight (Not expecting 3 wins in a row at the Bell Centre), but it’s going to be a heck of a lot tougher on Garden ice. If the stripes can kick out aggressive play towards the goalie (on our end, looking at Zuc, not as much the Nash play as he was ridden into the net on a goal scoring attempt with great defense) and the diving team tryouts (P.K. on the Pouilet trip and Plekanec taking a dumb penalty) this next game could be a classic.

    Despite the ire this will draw – #LGR!

    • PK says:

      Bye Bye Rangers.

      Why are you on this board?

      Habs in 7.

      >>>>> Les Canadiens sont là

    • artartand says:

      OMG! A rationale Ranger fan! And you were doing fine until the PK comment. The hit was well after the puck was gone and if it wasn’t tripping it was interference. And last I heard, when you have a broken jaw, they wire it shut and you can’t talk. Stepan gave a pretty clear interview prior to the game. Fractured? Maybe. Broken? Nope!

      Once a Habs Fan Always a Habs Fan!

  3. Prop says:

    If only Bourque could maintain a level of consistency…


  4. Timo says:

    I can’t stop… overshadowed by Bourques great game is another player who I think had a very good game – Galchenyuk. He made Plekanec’s otherwise deadbeat line look alive.

  5. CHicoHab says:

    Moored skates left the ice. Direct head contact. Not smart for Weise to comeback in. A hearing has been called for tomorrow afternoon. My guess is 3-4 games.

  6. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Moore should definitely get a suspension(at least 2) but what about Dorsett headbutting Weaver?

  7. Timo says:

    So… Price for game 6?

  8. Habitant in Surrey says:

    ‘With Brandon Prust returning to the Habs lineup for Game 6, which one of these forwards would you make a healthy scratch ?’

    …Vanek, Briere or Bournival ?

    …tough, My first instinct is Vanek, but in the end I would stay with tonight’s line-up for game 6

  9. DLS HAB says:

    It’s a no-brainer Prust in next game. Prust bangs and keeps the Rags on their toes. He needs to be there as no one answered Dorset, Moore and the new net crasher Nash.

  10. PK says:

    Weise … I hope that he is OK
    Bourque … Wow!! .. Great playoff run.
    J. Moore … suspension time … two games?
    Rags … You think the Bruins are the problem?
    Lundqvist … A court jester

    HNIC … losers

    Habs in 7
    Cup in 6

    >>>>> Les Canadiens sont là

  11. DLS HAB says:

    I must say (and I know it’s been beat too death) the officiating leaves something to be desired. The NHL drastically needs to improve this part of the game. Tonight, there were a couple of calls that were almost phantom calls. It’s no wonder the linesman got slugged. I guess the linesman took the brunt for the ref’s incompetency in that instance the other night.

  12. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …O ! …Ye of little faith

    …I’m talkin’ ’bout Me

    …thought it was over when da Strangers tied it at 4 🙁

    …kick Me !

    • Clay says:

      That was stunning. Loved the push back after that though. They never gave up…and a lot of teams would have folded after that.

      ☞ “The deepest sin of the human mind is to believe things without evidence” ~ Aldous Huxley ☜

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …that’s what is special about Our Team, so many times this season They could have folded

        …I think there are a core of Players, like Gionta, Pleks, and Markov that are hungry to win at this stage of Their careers with Montreal, plus the young’uns also loaded with grit, that refuse to die and go away peacefully

  13. prep says:

    just watch “that’s hockey” they just said dorsetts head butt was a poor miss..A miss? I missed oned number to win the super wife missed her period but that head butt was not a miss

  14. Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On ® says:

    Emelin’s healthy, except for that case of float-itis that he contracted on the overtime goal.

  15. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …IF only ! …Rene played like this EVERY game

    …what a horse He can be

    • Timo says:

      At least he played like this sometimes this playoffs… something that can’t be said about Vanek or Pacioretty or Plekanec.

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …will be a tough decision putting Prust back in Mike

        …You need speed against that team

        • Timo says:

          Yes, I agree, but speed alone doesn’t do much. Prust rattled some feathers in game 3 and he got Rangers off their game. Rags are line the Bruins… they hate being hit and can’t take contact. If Prust plays a smart game he will have a much greater contribution than Bournival (again, as much as I like Bournival and think that he has a good future with the Habs)

    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      I’ve always liked Bourque & often said while others wanted him gone, that under the right coach, Rene has an excellent chance to flourish. During the playoffs, I have to give MT credit because he has trusted & rewarded Bourque.

  16. Habcouver says:

    Does Emelin draw back in if he’s healthy?

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

    • Timo says:

      Oh god I hope not. And I also hope that Gorges sits… how many goals has he scored for Rangers already? Two?

      • shrack says:

        Gorges has to get his head out of his ass.

      • WindsorHab-10 says:

        Timo, some people get testy when we dare say that Gorges should sit in the press-box & watch a game. How much worse can Tinordi be? At least he’s physical, can skate & has a decent shot. And oh yea, he doesn’t score against his own goalie.

      • bustthebusters says:

        3.9 million for a guy whose best move is a pass up the boards to no one, flops like a baby harp seal, always gets caught out of position and manages to score or assist on more goals against the Habs than any other D we’ve had in recent memory, but yeah he’s great in the room. Rah rah rah.

  17. Timo says:

    I hope Therrien doesn’t go with “don’t change the winning roster” BS. Prust needs to be in next game. I like Bournival as much as the next guy but like someone said the other day… he is like a fly – buzzing back and forth but makes no impact and easy to “swat off”.

  18. Thomas Le Fan says:


    Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

  19. DLS HAB says:

    Dorset will get a fine. Moore targeting the head should be 2 games. If Prust gets 2 games for a non head hit Moore should get 2 easily.

  20. Timo says:

    Well. Forgive me for not jumping up with excitement. Despite the score, this win was not overly convincing, starting with a blown 4-1 lead. Defense was still a mess in a lot of cases and Prust’s absence was again felt. What happened to the defense all of a sudden? Come on, it’s horrible. Beaulieu was good tonight but overall.. .as a team Habs are playing terrible defense.

    Also, Pacioretty. I know he scored, but still… I see way too much floating. Saw him in front of the net once… that’s it. Anyway… still not convinced.

  21. Habcouver says:

    Gotta love Bork!
    Clutch performance today.

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      He has been great. Good things always happen when you go to the net. Did you hear that Vanek? Gionta?

    • Timo says:

      Bourque was indeed the beast out there. Fantastic game by that entire line. I hope Weise won’t have any concussion symptoms and is good to go next game. It is guaranteed that Moore won’t be suspended.

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