Boone tackles World Cup soccer

Because he misses live blogging so much, Mike Boone will now turn his attention to the World Cup of soccer and live blog some of the games on The Gazette’s Goal Posts blog.

First up, Italy vs. Paraguay today at 2 p.m.


  1. ed lopaz says:

    unfortunately, true!!!

    would not be surprised if burke signs plekanec.


  2. HabFanSince72 says:

    Normally on H I/O one gets ignorant blather on the topic of hockey.

    Interesting to read ignorant blather on football too.


  3. ed lopaz says:

    whose spot would willie mitchell take?

    i don’t think he makes our team.

    markov, gorges, Pk, Harmlik, Spacek, gill, o’byrne.

    that’s our top 7.


  4. HabFanSince72 says:

    And a Toronto Maple Leaf.

  5. ManApart says:

    I’m not overly impressed with # of drafted players who are regulars, for we see that that hasn’t done very much for this organization. Take away Savard’s last year where 3 or 4 regulars were drafted and that doesn’t leave anyone of note for Gainey’s regime outside of a Subban. The 1st round is the most important, because that’s where an organization mostly finds it’s impact players, that’s where Gainey et al. were the biggest losers. There were multiple drafts where there were some pretty decent players available and were missed. This shortcoming at the draft table is what has handcuffed this organization above all else. There has been very little contibution to helping this organization the past 5 years internally. The few exceptions such as Streit were lost. “Regulars” are not hard to come by (example Moore). It’s the key pieces that are very hard to get if you don’t draft them. That is why Gainey had to blow so much money on guys like Gomez, Gionta, Spacek, Hammer etc. There was no choice because those guys just weren’t available in the system. Even next year, there is no help coming and any improvements must be done via the trade or free agent route. It just really stalls a franchise’s growth. That is why they see to have been going in circles for so long. I agree with you, it is not an exact science or easy in the least. Detroit has not done well the past 5 years after hitting homeruns for a decade or 2. Hence the decline in their dominance. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean we should shrug off an average at best record and give the management a pass.

  6. ed lopaz says:

    Brian Burke:

    Played Division 1 for Providence, as a Captain in his senior year (Lou Lamoriello was coach),

    and 1 year AHL.

    After that he went to Harvard Law School, graduated in 1981.

    Won the stanley cup with anaheim

    seriously, Mike, you’re a smart guy. I’m sure you are.

    But do you think what Brian Burke has done in his lifetime has been easy.

    He has worked his butt off, has been hugely successful, and he deserves some respect for it.

    I’m sorry to disagree with you again – its nothing personal against you at all.

    I’m 46 years old, and I can tell you first hand that what Brian Burke has accomplished in his lifetime is quite remarkable.

    I went to school for 18 years, 5 years of university.

    You might not like his “style” – that’s fine.

    But he’s not a “world class donkey”;

    he’s a Harvard law school graduate, NHL stanley cup champion General manager.


  7. mike g says:

    Add a smart, physical, and tough defenseman like Willie Mitchell.

    Add a sniper like Kovalchuk.

    Add a world class defenseman like Markov. Don’t say he wouldn’t have made a difference.

    Just those 3 additions give us a way better shot. And it can be done, cap wise too. You forget how many PP’s the Caps and Pens were getting per game eh? Like 5-6, that’s alot of time to grab momentum and score key goals. Markov on our PP would have made such a difference vs the Flyers. Game 4 at home, our PP was terrible. Markov makes a nice pass cross-zone right there, and we have a chance to win the game cuz we played very well in that game. Series would be tied 2-2, anything can happen.

    I know it’s alot of ifs, but don’t say he wouldn’t have been a factor. When you add someone of his talent, it only does good.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  8. mike g says:

    It’s not the fact that his play declined, it’s how it did…

    To go from a 60 pt d-man to a 30 pt d-man, it’s a radical curve in development or commitment. And to for that point total to fall when your career should logically be on the rise is another red flag. I never said he’s overrated or not talented. He’s very talented. I just don’t think it’s worth trading for someone with so many red flags, who carries a 6.5 mill$ price tag in the salary cap era, and slap the “C” on his chest at 25 years old after his worst year of his career. Add that to the fact that the Leafs haven’t won since black and white tv, and it’s a whole lot of question marks for someone his age and baggage…

    I just hope it doesn’t work out for one reason; Burke. It’s not cuz he’s with the Leafs, it’s cuz of his poor attitude. He’s not rebuilding that team properly. When he arrived, he promised they’d blow it up properly and build a solid contender for many years. How the fruck are you supposed to do that when you immediately trade away your next two 1st round picks, and your farm system is more dry than Austrailia? Add that to the fact that you knew, if you know anything about hockey, that the Leafs would have a lottery pick this year, and it proves that Burke’s a world class donkey. He could have used those 2nd overall picks to grab franchise players, cap friendly for 5 years, and build with them. Instead, he gets a 6.5 mill 35 goalscorer who is fragile and lazy. And I’m not even gonna mention the 4.5 mill$ deal he gave to Komi for 5 years, along with his contrcats to Exelby and others. Just terrible.And when people question his moves, he makes fun of them on camera to make it seem like they’re the idiots.

    I’m sorry, but that’s not smart management.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  9. showey47 says:

    Great post!

  10. ManApart says:

    Probably true, but I think Montreal has a lot farther to go than at least 8 to 10 teams out there.

  11. ManApart says:

    You’re over-estimating the team exactly the way I hope PG doesn’t.  Markov would have made little difference against the Flyers. The team was beaten like children, getting shut out 3 games. I didn’t  find Philly even tried particularly hard. The Habs played hard the first 2 series, but there’s no way they could do that again. The first series they were hammered almost every game, but Halak played out of his mind the last 3 games to lead Montreal to a win. Washington was also too overconfident and refused to change their game plan. Very lucky. Against the Pens they played  better, but were consistently outplayed until game 7. Halak and Cammy playing at very high levels, along with a poor series by Fleury allowed montreal to squeak that one out. I’m not taking anything away from the character of the team to steal the 2 series, but we all saw that once a team adapted to Montreal’s style of play, especially defensively, they were out of their league. I believe it will take more than 1 or 2 pieces to bring this team to a Cup. A lot more.

  12. andrewberkshire says:

    That could be said about any team except Chicago.

  13. Chuck says:

    The St. Louis Blues 3rd jersey with the horns on the front was pretty horrendous. So was the California Seals’ uniform. The King’s first 3rd jersey, with the king’s head on the shoulder, just plain sucked. As did almost anything (read: everything) with a Mighty Duck mask on it. And the bRuin’s yellow “Pooh Bear” jersey? Maybe my least-favourite of all-time.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  14. Chris says:

    As much as I disagree with some of their personnel decisions, the Gainey drafting record is not so bad if you’re objective.

    In Gainey’s first 4 years as GM (albeit in the first draft, 2003, Andre Savard did the heavy lifting as Gainey had only just been appointed GM a month before), the Habs drafted 33 players.  Of those 33 players, 11 are NHL regulars today and another 3 remain prospects that could see careers in the NHL.  So a 30-40% success rate.

    Contrast that with everybody’s model organization, the Detroit Red Wings.  Over the same time period, the Red Wings drafted 32 players.  Of those 32 players, 6 have become NHL regulars (counting Justin Abdelkader, Darren Helm and Shawn Matthias as “regulars”, which might be considered to be a stretch), with another 2 or 3 potential NHL prospects.  So despite one of the keenest amateur scouting departments in hockey according to many experts, the Red Wings have unearthed slightly more than half the number of NHL regulars that the Habs have.

    Drafting ain’t easy, unless you’ve got top 5 picks.  And even then, the Islanders have shown that you can still mess it up.

  15. Habhopeful says:

    I notice alot of people here that say “would” not like  “X” player to join the Habs, Be it Trade or Free Agency, It seems only because of personal Hate for that player…The Dion Phaneuf argument is a good example, The guy may have had 2 Bad years in Calgary, but every player suffers atleast 1 bad year, Whether it be personal reasons, Coaching problems or problems with teammates…That can easily change with a change of team, Dion was Great 2 years, there is a HUGE reward over risk with Phaneuf, any GM would be nuts not too inquire about him or try to pry him from the team he is on…Mike G gives exmaples of his play declining, but the guy is 25 Years old, he isnt washed up and while he obviously has his problems, he is a better player to have on the ice than to not have at all especially for what he was traded for…Marleau is the same, it would be better to have him on the team then not, he is great defensively, can score goals and while he may not be “Clutch” he is a great piece of the puzzle to have on the team…Nobody in the NHL is considered clutch unless they win the big prize, thats how most of the people here view most NHL players…Trading or Free Agency is all about taking a risk on a player, Gainey took that gamble with Gomer/Gio/Cammy last year and it almost worked out, the pieces are there but we still have some pieces to fill…People here treat the NHL as if its run the same as a Fantasy Pool…Its not all about points, Big Salaries (like Gomez)can hurt a team but if it brings a cup home for 1 year out of 3-5 Years, that is still a victory for the franchise and those Risks taken previously eventually turn into Rewards…If people want to win the NHL, they have to gamble, and the majority of people here who hate, Mike Richards for example, he is a great person to build around regardless of his dirty hits, cause if you want rough and tumble NHL players on your team, Fact is, they will sometimes cross the line, but those players are often the ones who will work there ass off to get a cup, sorry if this post was all over the place, My Iphone is annoying to write with and im goin off the top of my head, apologies!


    “I went to see a fight the other night…And A hockey game broke out!” ~Rodney Dangerfield~

  16. ManApart says:

    It’s hard to say. He could fold under the spotlight or it could motivate him to get his act together and rise to the occasion. I’m not overly familiar with what exactly was Phaneuf’s issues. Juts heard vague rumblings about his attitude. It’s not like Toronto has many options anyway. Outside of Komi and Phaneuf, who are you going to go with? I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out.

  17. Chris says:

    The Phoenix “Picasso” Coyote is in there for me.  The Captain Highliner jersey and Nashville Mustards were pretty ugly, and I detest the powder blue Atlanta jerseys with the Atlanta down the sleeve.

    Check out this link for other doozies…  :)  And Paul Lukas’ Uni Watch at ESPN (here is an example article) was always a good read.

  18. crabvader says:

    There’s obviously credit due to Cammalleri.

    The point I’m trying to make is that if Jaro weren’t there, we wouldn’t have seen Cammy shine because we’d have been eliminated by Washington in the first round.

    We worked really hard and fought for every win and that was all we could ask for, but we are not a perfect team that will contend for the Cup year in and year out.

  19. mike g says:

    Every team has a long way to go..

    Chicago has a long way to go with their serious cap issues. Philly has a long way to go with Pronger turning 78 next year, and their consistent lack of goaltending. SJ might lose Nabby and Marleau. The Wings looked like beaten 12 year old horses in this years playoffs, almost being eliminated by the NHL’s orphan Coyotes. The Pens looked like a team with 2 excelent players, but nothing else; they’ll lose Gonchar too. The Caps weren’t able to shutdown Cammy and Gio, 2 forwards smaller than my gf.

    Every single team has serious decisions. I agree with you when you say that we have some nice pieces, I just can’t agree with the fluked playoff run part. Sure Halak played out of his mind, but our guys outworked every team except for the one that beat us; the Flyers. And in the playoffs, the team that works harder for the longest will win in a 7 game series. If we add 1 or 2 pieces, manage to re-sign Pleks or find an equal replacement, and have a healthy Markov, were just fine.

    Poeple tend to forget we shut down the Cup champs and best 1-2 punch in the league in Sid and Geno, without our best player, PP quarterback, and best transition defenseman. Add that guy, Markov, and we probably push Philly to 7 games.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  20. Storm Man says:

    Hmmmm you give no love to number 13……….. Guess he needs to be run out of town. 

  21. mike g says:

    I’ll tell you what…

    The amount his game has dropped constantly, mixed with the fact there’s a bunch of questions surrounding his attitude, I wouldn’t wanna slap the “C” on his jersey of the most struggling franchise in the NHL. They have the longest Cup drought in the NHL, another factor right there…

    Not really “good” pressure you wanna put on someone carrying so much baggage for the past few years.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  22. ManApart says:

    I hope he’s not tricked by that flukey playoff run, because this team has some nice pieces, but still has a long way to go.

  23. ManApart says:

    Oh you mean draft the opposite of what Gainey and his crew have been doing.

  24. SeriousFan09 says:

    GMs who place in the ECF don’t generally come out and say “Yeah, this team is **** and we’re not going anywhere without exactly the right moves”.

    We’ll see what he really thinks of the team in the off-season moves.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  25. ManApart says:

    Phaneuf has the goods and will bounce back in Toronto. I think he’ll embrace the fresh start with a very important responsability, wearing the C in Toronto. I don’t care what has happened the past year or 2, that guy is a very rare and valuable piece to the championship team puzzle. There’s a small chance he’s all done, but very unlikely.

  26. sprague cleghorn says:

    Okay, let’s get into it.  Nominations are now open for ugliest NHL uniform ever. 

    My personal top (or bottom) three: the mustard yellow Nashville Predators uni of a few years back, the LA Kings head to toe gold of the late sixties-early seventies (man, those gold pants) and the immortal Captain Highliner tribute from Long Island. (Dishounourable mention to those above referenced Canucks “V” things).

  27. crabvader says:

    Official goodbye to Georges Laraque tomorrow, lol.


    I also sincerely hope that PG and crew realize that a lot of our success during the playoffs came because of Jaroslav F.

    We had timely goal scoring but we were heavily outshot most of our games.

    Gill and Gorges took 1/3 of Halak’s workload also with all the blocked shots.

    We need puck movement and some size upfront.

    The size is crucial if we’re gonna maintain puck possession in the offensive zone. We need guys who will fight defencemen behind the net instead of just dumping it in and hoping for an errant pass.

    We still have a lot to improve on and I hope to God we don’t hear the dreaded “I think we are in a good place already” notion from PG.

  28. SeriousFan09 says:

    Favourite part aside from their new superstar captain reading his lines off a page?

    “Our fans have been quite vocal since 2007. They have wanted the stripes
    and shoulder patch back on the sweater,”
    Tom Anselmi, executive
    vice-president and chief operating officer for Maple Leaf Sports &
    Entertainment, said in a statement. “We listened to them, and we hope
    they are as excited about the new, classic look as we are.”

    I bet a few of the fans were pretty vocal about the team not sucking as well. Oh well, at least their jerseys are back to the way they like them!


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  29. since1988 says:

    Boone you should have blogged about the leafs new jerseys it might have made things more exciting…i think phaneuf being captain is hilarious and not because of his precieved attitude issues or being a bad team mate…its hilarious because you are suppose to be the captain of a historic franchise yet u read off a piece of paper and don’t look at the media…if you know this is happening shouldnt you prepare or something i cant wait for the many more interviews with him to come lol

  30. mike g says:

    Before you run your mouth off like you’re the most knowledgeable and least biased fan in the world, look at this…

    Check out his stats, even going back to the WHL. He progressed every year, points wise. He was a friggin’ 60 point d-man in the NHL, do you know what that is when you’re under 24 years old? That’s insanity, pure talent and hard work. He WAS a machine, now if you watch he just runs around looking to dish big hits. He swayed so far off his old style of play. Before he was an offensive threat, a scary guy to be in the corners with, and played with a big edge. All at the age of 20,21,22.

    Since he turned 23, he dropped his offensive game staright out the window. Do you know what it is to go from being a 60 pt d-man and 20 goal scorer at 22 years old, to a 32 point d-man at 25? That’s a real big drop-off…

    It’s not like people are waiting for him to develop, they know what he can do, he’s done it. But it’s 2 years since he’s done it, and he’s showing no signs of a resurrection. There’s no reason in the world for a 25 year old to lose his game when he dominated the NHL at age 21 and 22….


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  31. habs001 says:

    with markov out for about 20 games ..hopefully martin realizes you cannot have a good pp if gorges is on the second unit …

  32. Habsforlife 1959 says:

    Will BGL be bought out tomorrow?

  33. pic1983 says:

    totally agree with your post


    I love how people talk about 25 year old hockey players like their washed up 35 year olds…unreal

    a 25 year old defensemen generally hasnt even hit their prime yet! Drew Doughty is an anomaly, not the norm!


  34. pic1983 says:

    Now if you want to talk about perennial disappointment, the calgary flames!

    The fact that sutters still hold employment with the flames is baffling to me…

  35. Chris says:

    Bring back the yellow jerseys!!!!!!  :)

    Especially the “Flying V’s” of the early 1980’s Canucks!

  36. ed lopaz says:

    you think Phaneuf hurt bowmeester’s game?

    OK. here’s where we disagree. :-)

    I think Bowmeester stinks. GREAT SKATER!!!!!!

    But, the rest of his game is awful, over rated, and soft as baby’s bum.

    he has the florida panther’s loser complex.

    why would calgary even bring him in; talk about screwing up a room???

    any way, agree to disagree on this one.


  37. SeriousFan09 says:

    I could outdo the page count of War and Peace if I did one on Canucks and Penguins jerseys.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  38. SeriousFan09 says:

    I never liked Phaneuf before he joined the Leafs, has nothing to do with his jersey. Overhyped defencemen who had some great early success, but he’s never really lived up to his hype when it counts.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  39. mike g says:

    I don’t give a crap about his age..

    The way he played the past 2 years, he looks like he went from being 23 to being 40. Stop talking about what he has done in the past and the size and grit he can bring. Talk about what he’s done in the past 2 years. Compare him to Hamrlik and sure he looks great. Compare him to Duncan Keith who made 1.3 million last year and he looks like a giant bust at 6.5 mill.

    The only way Burke and the Leafs win is if he finds his game again. Otherwise they’ll be screaming at him to be the player he was and could be…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  40. mike g says:

    It has nothing to do with my Habs bias…

    Like I said, 2 years ago I would have traded a ton to get a guy like that. He seems like the ideal, total package for a defenseman. But trust me, take it from someone who watches a ton of hockey, and played at a very high level; Dion’s lost his game.

    Whether he can find it again, and keep it at that level for the remainder of his career is still a huge question mark. Don’t forget, Dion was playing on a CGY team that totally stacked their defense and it should have been alot easier for him last year. They braught in Jay Bo, and already had Dion and Reghir. But, he ended up struggling even more, and it hurt Jay Bo’s game too in the end…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  41. Chuck says:

    A photo of each jersey design that they’ve worn on the ice since the early 90’s would easily take up 61/2 of those pages.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  42. Chuck says:

    For all of the blowhard-iness of the Leafs concerning their history, you’d think that they’d pick a jersey design and be done with it.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  43. Anonymous says:

    From Elliotte F.:

    “If you hate the Leafs, don’t read The Toronto Sun
    tomorrow — 7 pages on the new uniform and captain.” There is no way they can come up with seven pages of good things to say about Phaneuf, Look for a lot of pictures.

  44. ed lopaz says:

    he just turned 25!!

    maybe he’s not “normal”. its possible. I don’t know him personally.

    but maybe the situation in Calgary is not “normal”.

    that franchise is being run into the ground by a bunch of bozos.


  45. ed lopaz says:

    come on, those are not factual comments, that’s media driven speculation.

    for all we know he couldn’t get along with his coach, and i would not blame him for that one bit.

    the Sutter mafia is ruining the Flames.

    I’m talking talent here. numbers. physical play, nastiness.

    let’s stick to the facts and let Todd and the others speculate about “emotional” problems.

  46. nickster13 says:

    I agree totally. lets be honest here, some teams like the portugese (IMO the worst divers, but at least king diver figo is gone) practice diving

  47. mike g says:

    I used to like Dion alot…

    And it wasn’t the trade to TO that made me change. It’s just his overall attitude, and how quickly his stock dropped around the league. CGY knew the guy was a problem, and look what they got for him…

    A few years ago, Phaneuf was supposed to be one of the top 5 d-men in the league for the next 10 years. Big, strong, rocket of a shot, put up 50+ points, etc…..How does a guy like that drop so far down the rankings? Infact, how does someone who looked so good at such a young age in the NHL drop like that when he’s surely surrounded by a group of people telling him to keep his head staright cuz he’s got a very bright future? A normal person would not fall of the tracks as far as Dion did.

    To then trade for this guy and name him captain after he’s played less than 30 games for you is a crazy gamble. Burke looks like this kinda guy to try pull this off. It’s just how he is.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  48. ed lopaz says:

    I think your habs bias is shining through on this one, bud.

    close your eyes for a moment, and forget the name dion phaneuf, and forget your bias against leafs and burke.

    ok, here it goes.

    imagine we had, for 6.5 million (hamr is 5.5)

    6’3 235 lbs, quarterbacks power play, plays 25-28 minutes a game, hits like an animal, career average over 40 points per season.

    you might think he was trouble in calgary, but I would take him on my team in a second.

    that’s EXACTLY one of the pieces our habs are missing, and Burke absolutely stole Phaneuf in that trade.


  49. ooder says:

    not true.. there are teams with an excessive amount of players that dive and it’s in their style


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  50. ooder says:

    objectively, today it’s not that bad


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  51. SeriousFan09 says:

    Phaneuf couldn’t handle being on a team in CGY that had established leadership (Iginla, Regehr) because of his ego and his need to ‘take over the room’. How would he respond facing up to the leadership grouping of Gorges, Gill, Giunta, Cammalleri and Markov? Not well I think.

    Let’s hope Boone is correct and McIlrath is our 1st-round selection.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  52. nickster13 says:

    i dont cuz i wouldnt want my favourite player in the nhl playing for that joke of a franchise

  53. SeriousFan09 says:

    Ryan isn’t going anywhere, Burke doesn’t have the pieces to negotiate for him and a half-dozen teams can throw together better offers for Sharp than Burke can, like 1st round picks.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  54. habsfansince91 says:

    there is no “diving nations”. Every country has players that dive. It’s stupid to single out three countries that dive when the rest of the world does the exact same thing.

  55. mike g says:

    The Leafs are doing everything wrong, it’s so funny and I’m loving it…

    They’re naming the wrong guy captain. I’m no insider nor do I know Dion personally, but I’ll tell you that when word gets around the whole league and the media that someone is a bad teammate, it’s more than likely the case. And to name someone captain after they played 25 games for your team, seem to have attitude problems, and have dropped their level of play over the past 3 years is extreamly risky. Burke is trying to hit the jackpot way to hard here, and I really hope it backfires. You just don’t blow up a team that fast, trade all your 1st round picks for a 6 million dollar 35 goalscorer who’s fragile and lazy, and then trade for an apparent problem player coming off 2 bad years and name him captain.

    I really think Burke chose Phaneuf as captain because he resembles him in character and attitude the most. They’re both SOB’s, and “don’t take sh*t from nobody” apparently. Both have this tough guy image, and I think that’s what Toronto will try to build as their model.

    Get ready for an even better rivalry.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  56. nickster13 says:

    hey you sound like me! I generally say the italians, portugese and dutch though

  57. ed lopaz says:

    i would take Phaneuf on my team in heart beat.

    trade Hamrlik’s 5.5 mil. for phaneuf and we’re in business big time.

    “back in the day”, when everyone thought the habs were the “flying frenchmen”, they actually had several players who played key physical roles / on the edge nastiness.

    we need to add at least 1 phaneuf / pronger type player if we expect to make it to the next level.

    guys who quarterback power plays and are still considered “dirty” players, are tough to find.

  58. Mikey_39 says:

    A lot of people don’t want Toronto to get Kovalchuk.  I disagree, in fact, I encourage it.  Another 9 mil on the salary cap for one player would actually be funny.  What I am afraid of, however, is if Toronto acquires two players that Burke has shown interest in: Sharp and Ryan.  

  59. ooder says:

    the three diving nations..

    argentina, italy and portugal.

    argentina and portugal aren’t playing today so i didn’t mention them

    but they dive a lot to.


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  60. Anonymous says:

    I’m happy with Phanuef as captain, He is the most unstable C in the league now. When the pressure is on Phaneuf it is painfully obvious to see him collapsing under said pressure.

  61. Storm Man says:

    Yes the glasses have to go…. And send the horn people to music school.

  62. slamtherimtim says:


  63. Chris says:

    Andrei Markov is Rusian, Chris Higgins is American and Saku Koivu is Finnish.  Throw in my historical faves like Mats Naslund (Swedish), Stephan Lebeau (Canadian), Eric Desjardins (Canadian) and Kirk Muller (Canadian), and I would say my favourite players list is quite worldly.

    I remain a fan of Mike Komisarek (American), and I always respected the heck out of Mats Sundin (Swedish) and Igor Larionov (Russian) as well.  :)

  64. SeriousFan09 says:

    Going for some light comedy on my viewing schedule, watching the Loafs press conference, I see some ancient Leafs captains on stage along with Burkie, Ron and Celine Phaneuf.

    Apparently it’s a monumentally historic day, holding it in a restaurant, changing their jerseys slightly and name a guy they just added to the team as a captain.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  65. JD_ says:

    Absolutely beautiful goal.

  66. nickster13 says:

    are they diving a lot? i wouldnt put it past them, paint a picture for me

  67. habsfansince91 says:

    what about rooney, gerrard, drogba, ronaldo, messi and many more. They must all play for italy since their the biggest divers around. Enough with this stupid stereotype that all the italian players dive and that italians are the only ones that dive. Divers are everywhere, not only in italy.

  68. says:

    I like your favourite players list.

    Three Canadians and one that played like he was Canadian.

    :) hehe

    They Call Me Shane

  69. BJ says:

    I prefer the sound of chattering teeth in Northern countries. thanks.

  70. Anonymous says:

    if you don’t like s.a vuvuzelas go to South America where they have basically the same thing but higher pitched.

  71. ooder says:

    gotta give credit to Italy,

    while msot teams send their soccer players, they send their divers and actors


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  72. BJ says:

    If I want to hear that kind of mosquito noise, a fishing trip to Northern Quebec or Ontario will do the trick. Can’t stand the noise and quite frankly if thats the best impression S. Africa can leave you with …. I’ll pass. So far the best way around it is the mute button. In any case the broadcasters as we have them here in Europe make a few comments every minute or so, basically mute will do the job. Boy you match soccer and it sends you into hockey fix mode.

  73. Chris says:


    I remember that philosphy so well in the 1990’s. 

    I prefer “Draft smart…I don’t care after that, just draft smart!!!” as my drafting/team building philosophy.

  74. says:

    Draft Big,

    Draft Canadian,

    Build a winner!

    They Call Me Shane

  75. Shiloh says:

    I tried to watch a game the other day but the drone/buzz of the vuvuzelas was too much. A half hour of that and I could see people going postal.

  76. notbigbird says:

    Tell me this is a joke. FIO: FIFA Inside Out.

  77. havok says:






  78. Kevin Mio says:

    I know game starts at 2:30, blog starts at 2 to set things up.

  79. mike g says:

    30 minutes to set up a soccer game?!

    Isn’t 90 minutes of scoreless soccer, mixed with 3 shots on goal boring enough?

    lol, jk. Should be a good game, hopefully better than France-Uraguay.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  80. mike g says:

    I’m Italian, but not an avid soccer fan…

    I’m all hockey. I’ll wacth the WC and the Euro, but that’s about it. I’m not able to follow it year round, and cheer for Inter Milan or AC Milan. Probably like most of you, I watch the WC because it’s the friggin’ WC.

    But I do know that Italy never plays a convincing game, especially against weaker opponents. I’ve seen enough tie games with them involved against teams in the lower half of the world rankings. They’ve never been an offensive team, so I really don’t see them blowing away Paraguay today.

    Probably a 1-0 win, 2-0 max. But honestly, wouldn’t be surprised with a tie. Still gotta cheer though. Go Azzuri.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  81. HabFanSince72 says:

    You must have missed the last world cup.

  82. Storm Man says:

    Soccer or Football as they call it across the pond is the same as watching baseball on tv, But as you know Mike watching it live makes it that more special as you can watch how other players get ready to make a play ect….. It is too bad tv does not show the best of both sports, Oh well football season NCAA and NFL coming up soon.  

  83. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    lol, sorry, i’ll be watching some paint dry before I watch soccer.  I refuse to watch a bunch of grown men dive all over the place all culminating in a 0-0 score.

  84. Robert L says:

    0:00 We’re off.

    0:45 ZZZZZZ!

    1:50 ZZZZZZ!

    7:22 ZZZZZZ!



  85. Chris says:

    After watching my beloved but injury-riddled Danes get schooled today, I can’t watch another game.

    The game was perhaps boring to most, but the Dutch just gave the Danes nothing.  I love tactical football like the Dutch showed in the second half.  The first half was admittedly boring as sin, but that was more due to a Danish side playing for a 0-0 tie due to their roster depletion than anything else.

  86. Josh says:


  87. nickster13 says:

    Did you guys hear, Halak will be playing in goal for the slovaks tomorrow at the FIFA world cup.

  88. Storm Man says:

    I guess the other team will go top left on him.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Finally, a place where his rebound control would be considered his No.1 asset.

  90. TripleX says:

    You forgot the ever present and incredibly annoying VUVUZELA HORNS!  Just tear out my bleeding eardrums and stomp on them.

    The greatest accomplishment of North America was to relegate this dullard sport to the scrap heap of irrelevance to which it so rightly belongs.


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  91. andrewberkshire says:

    Uh, right. More kids in Canada play soccer than hockey.

  92. Chris says:


    A continent that champions NFL football (8 minutes of action, 52 minutes of hype), baseball and golf as some of its major sports doesn’t really have any basis for criticising other sports as being “dullard”.

  93. Anonymous says:

    So why is our country so bad at it?

  94. Storm Man says:

    It’s cheaper but look at the fall out in soccer after kids hit the age of 14 and over.

  95. Storm Man says:


  96. Chris says:

    No facilities…it is awfully hard when you can only play outdoors for 5-6 months per year, often on absolutely crummy fields (the insurance companies for rep soccer teams from other cities won’t cover the kids when they play here in Guelph as the fields are so lumpy).

    Throw in that we lose so many of our top athletes to other professional sports like baseball, hockey, American football and basketball and you’ve got a lot of compoetition for the athletic kids.

    Russia is a decent soccer power, but not at the same level as they play in most other sports, probably because they have the same limitation due to climate.

  97. Anonymous says:

    Alot of those reasons make sense to me, thankyou.

  98. Storm Man says:

    I dont know what NFL games you have been watching, Or maybe you don’t understand the game very well but to say it is 8 minutes of action is way off base. I would have your tv looked at could be something wrong with it.

  99. andrewberkshire says:

    Have to agree with Chris, the NFL is a joke. Their biggest game of the year has nothing to do with football, and everything to do with commercials.

  100. Chris says:

    I’ve been watching NFL games since the mid-1980’s.  And I’m sorry, but there simply isn’t as much action as you think.

    There is a 40 second clock on every single play.  That clock usually runs down to below 10 seconds before any play gets off.  The average play is probably less than 10 seconds.  So you run the play down for 30 seconds, play for 10 seconds.  Rinse, lather, repeat.  Over and over.

    NFL football is the sport of hype.  Every play is analyzed by the commentators and analysts in a million ways while the clock ticks.  The sideline reporters are frequently consulted during the game while we wait for the next snap.  The players are constantly changing because of the nature of the sport, further delaying the action.  The videos are constructed to be grainy and “gladitorial” by the NFL to play into the marketing. 

    I don’t begrudge them…they are masters of marketing their sport.  But if you are objective, a 30-24 NFL game is really a 3.67-2.33 hockey game, they just like to count scores in 7’s and 3’s instead of 1’s.

  101. Storm Man says:

    That is a intresting point of view. I understand your not a football fan, I dont think the NFL is going to lose much sleep on what you think. Oh well some people like Coke others like Pepsi.

  102. andrewberkshire says:

    Clearly they won’t lose sleep, but I have no problem with football. What I do have a problem with is that athletes work their whole lives to win the superbowl, but they’re promptly rushed off the field every year for some crappy concert sponsored by Pepsi or Disney or whatever. The superbowl isn’t about the sport or the players, it a sham money making scheme. 

  103. Storm Man says:

    I have to ask why have you been watching it for over 20 years if you dont like it? Have you played the sport passed high school? and why is it the most watched sports in the States do alot of people have nothing better to do? Just a little Q and A is all.

  104. Chris says:

    Whoops…I WAS wrong.  It isn’t 8 minutes of playing time, it is 11 minutes of playing time, on average.  My apologies.  😀

  105. Storm Man says:

    The crappy concerts as you call them are before the game and at halftime. I have been at 5 superbowls and have yet seen the winning team pushed off the field yet. The NFL in a money making monster that is for sure.

  106. Chris says:

    I like aspects of the sport, and I grew attached to the New Orleans Saints when I was a kid because they had a Danish kicker (my dad was Danish) and a Canadian running back (Reuben Mayes).

    As to what people do or don’t do, your argument is non-sensical.  Soccer is the most watched sport in the world, yet it was derided in the original post as a dullard sport.  But now you are turning around and telling me that I am wrong because NFL football is the most watched sport in America.  Since I already addressed it (hype, hype and more hype….great marketing equals loyal fans!), I’m not sure what more you would like me to say on the topic.

    To be honest, the World Cup is equally over-hyped.  I would rather watch the European Championships, where the spread between the bottom and the top is smaller, than the World Cup.  Still, watching the European teams going up against the likes of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico is fantastic, and you frequently get surprises (Cameroon, Senegal, South Korea and Japan) from some of the other countries.  Good times.

  107. andrewberkshire says:

    A lot of people like twilight, does that make it good?

  108. TripleX says:

    Kids take to it because to play recreationally requires little in the way of equipment, high ability, easy to understand, zero pressure, referees not necessary and is gender agnostic.  I stress that I said soccer for fun, playing soccer at a competitive level requires high skill.

    Parents like soccer because it is cheap to play, both genders can play together, little chance of injury, considered non violent, requires no skill to play for fun, is not a sport with a lot of crazy parents wanting the kid to make the pro leagues.

    All this has been true for the last twenty years.  The overall profile of soccer has not changed.  Just because you play it for fun as a kid does not translate into a love of the game.  We all played badminton, basketball and baseball for fun as well.  Kids enjoy playing sports that require little structure and adult intervention.


    “Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement.”

  109. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    well you’re in the minority,  football is a hugely popular sport.  the fact that you like soccer and hate football is laughable.

  110. Chris says:

    How does this make any sense?

    Am I supposed to be upset that I am not the same as the majority of people around me?

    Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, The Sopranos, Seinfeld, the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers and crocs are other hugely popular things in recent memory that I could care less about.  And I’m going to sleep perfectly fine tonight despite swimming against the cultural current when it comes to those things.  :)

  111. Chris says:

    Hehe…no idea.  Thought that sport died when the Expos moved…  😉

  112. andrewberkshire says:

    Um… Re-read what you said. Soccer is 1000 times more popular than football. Football is ONLY popular in Canada and the USA.

  113. Storm Man says:

    I think you miss the point with football in the States, High School games you get 20,000 people out to watch games on a Friday night towns are closed on game night, and lets not forget NCAA football game 80,000 to 120,000 people going to home games and then you have the people watching the games on tv. so I hate to say it but your hype call on football falls a little short.

  114. Chris says:

    And in Europe, South America and parts of Asia and Africa, soccer games are regularly attended by lots of people too.  Many of the biggest stadiums in the world are for soccer.

    People don’t go to college and professional football games because of the amazing play (although it is an added benefit if it happens).  They go because of the amazing atmosphere…the tailgate parties, the size of the crowds, the fanaticism of the fans.  It is amazing.

    But check out Peter King’s article in S.I. this week.  He’s gone to the World Cup.  After all the Super Bowls he reported, he was blown away by the atmosphere at a soccer game…he claimed the opening game was, in his words, about three times crazier than anything he’d ever seen in a Super Bowl.

    But the original discussion related to televison, and we’re drifting off that.  I don’t disagree that American football is a great sport to watch live.  It is. 

    But on TV, the way that the vast majority of people in North America consume the sport, it is no more interesting than soccer.  The sport is saved by two things:  a fantastic marketing group in the NFL office and how it lends itself to perfectly to fantasy football, whereby every fan completely immerses themselves in the sport to play along with their buddies.  The weekly tradition aspect (every Sunday) and shortness of the season (16 games) contributes to making every game seem “important”, even if it is a stinker of a game.

  115. krob1000 says:

    Seinfeld is where I draw thel ine Chris….you need help! Seinfeld is perhaps the funniest show of all time and amazingly reruns get funnier over time….you truly are missing out there….the rest….mehh…I feel like you do there but Seinfeld?…don’t be knockin my Seinfeld. 

  116. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Thats because soccer is hugely popular in all the third world countries because they are poor and soccer is cheap and easy to play.  get your facts straight.

  117. Storm Man says:

    Atmosphere for WC soccer is always big it is something to behold as you have waited 4 years for it to happen. Superbowl is played every year. NCAA championship game is played every year ect ect. So when you wait for something that happens every four years it better be a good atmosphere.

  118. Chris says:

    Sure.  The every 4 year thing is definitely a big aspect of it.  I really think hockey should move back to a World Cup of Hockey format, hosted every 4 years in a different country, preferably 2 years out of phase with the Olympics.

    But I think you are degrading soccer fanaticism a little.  There are lots of other opportunities for soccer fans to exercise their lungs…Champions League, derby games between city rivals (River Plate vs. Boca Juniors, Man U. vs. Man City, Liverpool vs. Everton, etc.) and the classic rival games (Manchester United vs. Liverpool, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, Inter Milan vs. Juventus vs. AC Milan, ) within the various European leagues are all examples of some of the most passionate fanaticism in professional sports. 

    The European Championships/Copa America/African Cup/ Asian Cup held every 4 years, 2 years out of phase with the World Cup, give fans a chance to embrace their nationalism every 2 years instead of 4.

  119. andrewberkshire says:

    What an ignorant, arrogant comment. You’re a piece of trash.

  120. Chris says:

    Never liked it.  Just never understood what people found so funny about it, as I always found it rather boring.  But I also like Chris Higgins and Mike Komisarek, so take any opinion of mine with a gargantuan grain of salt.

    Nice to see you are still alive!  :)

  121. andrewberkshire says:

    You always do this, you make a ridiculously arrogant and outlandish statement like saying soccer has been relegated to the “scrap heap” in North America, then you backpedal and move the goalposts of your argument. You’re wrong, deal with it. Soccer is massively popular across Canada and the USA.

  122. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    look whos talking.  You really think soccer is more popular in North America than NFL football? You’re a clueless piece of trash. Not to mention an arrogant little know-it-all tool.  Grow up and get a life you petulant little child.

  123. ooder says:

    i honestly had no idea that Europe was a third world country


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  124. Storm Man says:

    Chris if you can find a post of mine where I degraded soccer in anyway…. I lived in London for 5 years and have been a Man Utd fan when Eric had the number 7 on his back. As far as soccer fans exercising their lungs I could say the same thing about football fans who go to NCAA games on Saturday where the whole town shuts down and 80,000 to 120,000 people are at the games live. Here are some of the big match ups Notre Dame vs Michigan, Miami vs Florida State, Nebraska vs Oklahoma, Texas vs Texas AM. I could go on and on with big matchups. 111 Div 1 schools play football you can do the math on how many fans watch the games on a saturday. 

  125. Habhopeful says:

    Some people dont have to say much to prove they are an ignorant idiot…You do a hell of a job in that aspect lol


    “I went to see a fight the other night…And A hockey game broke out!” ~Rodney Dangerfield~

  126. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    sorry if the truth hurts. 

  127. Habhopeful says:

    That is not exact truth so it doesnt hurt one bit…Hey did you know us folk here in Canada live in igloos and ride Moose to work?

    “I went to see a fight the other night…And A hockey game broke out!” ~Rodney Dangerfield~

  128. krob1000 says:

    still reading but I just was not having as much fun posting anymore lately as every word gets jumped on and I am supposedly not a real fan, blah, blah, blah….glad to see you have kept going steady so I have some good stuff to read! 

  129. andrewberkshire says:

    When did I say that? You’re an idiot, I can’t wait until you’re banned from this site because it isn’t going to take long acting the way you do.

  130. Storm Man says:

    Your only point holds no water….. England over 17mil watch MNF and the same goes for Mexico. The NFL has games on TV in China, Japan, ect and to top that off for you the super bowl is broadcasted in 232 countries and territories and in 33 different languages. It looks like your ONLY point falls very very short.

  131. Storm Man says:

    What town do you live in?

  132. Storm Man says:

    you did call him a name for no reason at 16:13pm. just to let you know, I hope you have a better rest of the week.

  133. Habhopeful says:

    Moose Jaw, Where you can just about find a moose anywhere to hop on and get to work, traffic is a bitch though! lol


    “I went to see a fight the other night…And A hockey game broke out!” ~Rodney Dangerfield~

  134. Storm Man says:

    Green peace loves you.

  135. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    exactly, Andrew thinks he is the top dog here and attacks anyone who’s opinion he doesn’t agree with.  he’s a petulant child who needs to grow up. 

  136. Chris says:

    Point taken…I took it the wrong way based on the criticism of my lack of football knowledge following a comment I made defending the “boredom” of watching soccer by a North American fan base that generally reveres American football despite its own lack of action.  You took issue with my 8 minute of action, 52 minutes of hype comment, and it led to this back and forth.

    I stand by that the basis of football as a television spectacle is hype.  That was the original topic of the conversation.  I felt that the continual referral to the big crowds and spectacle of football, while not mentioning the obvious similarity in soccer, was disingenuously trying to score points.  If it was not intended that way, than I certainly apologize.

  137. Chris says:

    “Parents like soccer because it is cheap to play, both genders can play together, little chance of injury, considered non violent, requires no skill to play for fun, is not a sport with a lot of crazy parents wanting the kid to make the pro leagues.”

    As somebody who volunteer coached 8-10 year old boys soccer teams for a number of years, I am sad to report that the last part of that comment couldn’t be further from the truth.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of crazy parents in soccer as well, the parents that live vicariously thorugh their kids and make coaches lives a living Hell.

  138. Storm Man says:

    I like and enjoy your insight on hockey and soccer Chris. I would just like you sometime this year to watch a big NCAA football game so you can see where im coming from on how great and fun to watch football is. I know some NFL games can be a little on the yawning side but it is the game within the game that makes it alot of fun to watch and enjoy.

  139. Chris says:

    I’ve watched many a NCAA football game on TV…my family never missed the old Rose Bowl games when it seemed like it was Michigan and either USC or UCLA every year back in the day.  I was also a big Penn State fan as a kid.

    And I watched a lot of March Madness when I was younger as well, so I’m up on the basketball side.  The college game is fun because of the bands in the crowd and the obvious partisanship.

    As a counter-point, all I can do is point at the CFL or CIAU football…I’ve been to a few games there, and they really lack the vibe of an NFL or US college game.  Yes, the calibre of play is somewhat lower (although the scoring is much higher), but I think the lack of the tailgate parties, the lack of the big bands, the lack of the big crowds all combine to really diminish Canadian football for most people.

    In soccer, there is a game within a game as you mentioned.  The tactical side of soccer is what I love the most.:  the passes into space, as opposed to passes directly to a person, the lineups and formations used to stymie the other team and of course the substitutions, many of which I don’t understand at the time. 

    American football has all of that tactical side as well, but if you are only a casual sports fan unfamiliar to the sport, it would seem an awfully weird sport.

  140. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    I’m Canadian you doofus.  I think I know a little about how things are in Canada.  Now run off and play some soccer with Andrew, cuz it’s way more exciting than NFL football right?  you guy’s are a joke.

  141. Chris says:

    Accidental…he was trying to head it away and hit his own defence partner (Daniel Agger) with the ball.  If the ball doesn’t clip Agger on the way, it misses the net by a foot or two.  The tiny deflection gave it just enough angle to sneak in the post.  Bad luck, but that’s half the fun of the sport.  :)

  142. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    lol! I hate to think how drunk Boone will have to be to blog this stuff.  Someone send him some Northern Lights to get him thru.

  143. BJ says:

    Thanks for a very good laugh on that one Robert L. I’m saving it in my sports quotes folder.

  144. Robert L says:

    Soccer’s just not my thing I guess. I do get that it is the most popular sport in the world, a great game anyone can play, but personally, it just don’t get me off. I do enjoy going to games for my niece and nephew so I gather it is more interesting with a personal stake.

  145. ArmyFan says:

    **moved** – posted in wrong spot

  146. wall2bay says:

    Boone explain this………England, who have a similar passion for soccer as Montreal does for hockey, has an Italian head coach in the World Cup! But the Habs can’t hire a guy from Kingston to be the head coach?

    Sorry but the French folks here need to get with the times!

    “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

  147. SeriousFan09 says:

    If I owned the Canadiens, I’d look right at the media and say “You don’t like my hiring non French-speaking people to run my half-billion dollar investment? Well **** you, this is about winning games and the Stanley Cup.”



    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  148. SlovakHab says:

    Hang on.. Capello speaks fluent English. A major, major difference to what you say. 

  149. G-Man says:

    And when did England last win the World Cup, 1966?

  150. nightmare_49 says:

       Mr. Boone – Here is a Hockey Bloggers Guide to the World Cup. / DGB

       The World Cup: The last thing anyone wants to see is a referee holding a red card.
        The NHL: The last thing anyone wants to see is Chris Neil holding a credit card.

       The World Cup: Watching a game can be almost unbearable thanks to the “vuvuzela”, a South African noisemaking horn that produces a horribly annoying noise that drones on nonstop for the entire game, leaving you fighting the urge to hurl the remote through your TV screen.
       The NHL: Pierre McGuire. (Vuvuzela McGuire, so true).

       The World Cup: If you see a guy wearing flamboyant clothing who is struggling to communicate with you in English, he is likely a diehard fan who was travelled from an exotic foreign land to attend the game.
        The NHL: If you see a guy wearing flamboyant clothing who is struggling to communicate with you in English, he is likely Don Cherry.

  151. SeriousFan09 says:

    Gotta love DGB, even if he is a Leafs fan.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  152. Mike Boone says:

    Down Goes Brown rocks!

  153. SlovakHab says:

    I like this one the most:

    The World Cup: A game which is played under standard rules but won’t have any actual impact on the final standings or eventual champion is known as a “friendly”.
    The NHL: A game which is played under standard rules but won’t have any actual impact on the final standings or eventual champion is known as a “Maple Leafs regular season game after mid-November”.

  154. SlovakHab says:

    My favourite part of Boone’s live blog (Italay-Paraguay). LOL at the last comment!


    Mike Boone: 

    Paraguay seems to win most of the challenges. Younger legs?


    Paraguay is not that much younger, on average, than Italy.

    [Comment From Shawn] 

    Boone are the habs gonna trade halak or price?

  155. SlovakHab says:

    I just read the whole Boone football blog and the comments.

    Brilliantly funny. Loved it.

  156. G-Man says:

    No sense of humour, Mr. Perfect Hockey (and now Soccer) Executive?

    England is behaving like the laffs; they’ll do anything to try to regain some semblance of former glory. It isn’t happening nor will it likely ever do so.


  157. G-Man says:

    Losing 75% of your “paying” customers is not a good business practice. Like it or not, Montreal is mainly French, just like Toronto is mainly English. Catering to your clients is what any good business does, so, yes, marketing to the community does have influence on hiring. Last I looked, the laffs didn’t hire a unilingual Russian speaking coach, did they?

  158. SeriousFan09 says:

    Have a Director of Communications to handle your press conferences then. a GM’s job is to operate the team not brief the media on what his plans might or might not be, let someone whose job it is to interact with the media handle it, in this day and age with mass media markets around sports clubs, having a press officer makes more sense than having a GM do it. Coach, well the Quebecois media either understands English or can try learning some more, if Koivu could work it in to make French his 4th language, they can work on their 2nd a bit.

    No one would care if the Canadiens were having 100-point seasons and deeper playoff runs and if they did, they really well too bad, I’m pretty sure the team would be moving tickets and merchandise, and a lot of it as well.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  159. 24 Cups says:

    This is a hockey site so here is a great article by Robert L on the up coming entry draft.  Which player do you think the Habs should select?

  160. SeriousFan09 says:

    I’d prefer the Habs trade up for Mcllrath, but Jarred Tinordi sounds like a good choice to add bulk to our D prospects list because after O’Byrne, the long-shot addition of Alexei Yemelin, we have very little real choice in size at the blue line. Habs should draft at least two defencemen that are 6’2″ or taller in the draft.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  161. 24 Cups says:

    Should the Habs McGillisize any inflated contracts?

  162. 24 Cups says:

    This could be what the Habs face if they can’t re-sign Pleks.

  163. 24 Cups says:

    laffs pick a captain while Montreal spins it’s wheels.

  164. SeriousFan09 says:

    They were 2 years without a Captain and it’s a foregone conclusion we’ll have a Captain for next training camp with the leadership core we now have established. Leafs picked Phaneuf by default as one writer suggested and IMO it was a poor choice, Phaneuf is coming off of two straight declining seasons and being made the front man to explain every loss the Leafs face next season. This is more likely to backfire than go their way I think.

    They did this for a cash grab and a publicity stunt right after the Hawks won the Cup. Look at us, we have a new uniform and a captain who’s been here for 10 minutes. They’re going to be selling the new jersey and that Phaneuf with the C on it all summer long as they sell Leafs-land on better days, Part 44.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  165. wall2bay says:

    Laffs been spinning wheels for 40+yrs. 

    That organization has no class.  Wilson ripped basically everybody on the team by saying that there was nobody on the team for the past 2 years deserving of this!  Kaberle’s been playing with those jokers since the Garden was around.

    Phaneuf talks way too much and hasn’t backed it up with his play.


    “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

  166. 24 Cups says:

    It’s Gionta or Cammy so let’s just get it done.  Some might go with Gorges as a ‘Mike Keane type’ choice.  Just do it.

  167. SeriousFan09 says:

    It’s been suggested it will occur before the Draft, so Mike or Brian can go up on stage with PG and announce the selection of our 1st-round pick to cement the status. Guess we’ll find out but if they did it tommorow, it’s playing copy-cat to the Leafs and silly. Canadiens will make the decision in their own time, not to win a media battle with the Leafs who hold home-court advantage with the Toronto Sports Network running point for them.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  168. 24 Cups says:

    Makes sense.

  169. 24 Cups says:

    Staying within the limits of this article, it would the appear that the Habs will be drafting another American kid. Nelson up front, or Pitlick or Tinordi on the D.

  170. 24 Cups says:

    A sharp GM might try and do a trade and sign with Chicago for Andrew Ladd.  We have some young assets that Chicago might be interested in that would not cost them a cent in terms of the cap.

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