Boivin tells it like it is


Photo by Robert J. Galbraith/The Gazette

In  conversation with Dave Stubbs, the Canadiens’ soon-to-be-former president tackles the language issue.
“What really upsets me,” Boivin told Stubbs,  “is when people don’t accept or believe that we put significant effort into doing much more than any other team to try to get francophone players.”

Boivin also said:

“There’s one general manager in the league this year who speaks French and he’s in Montreal. If Pierre Gauthier gets hit by a bus, what does (team owner) Geoff Molson do? Every other team says: ‘There are 29 others out there, how many contracts are up?’ Thirty assistant GMs might be prepared to step up, like a Steve Yzerman (in Tampa), and then there’s 30 AHL managers.

“So they have a pool of 90, (even if) not all are good or are available. We have a pool of three, four, five maybe? Sometimes none? It’s the same thing with coaches. And that’s a huge disadvantage when human capital is your most important asset.”

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