Blackhawks, Bad Hits and Bag Skates

From the NY Times Slap Shot blog:

Elliott in The Los Angeles Times
says the N.H.L.’s three-game ban to
the Coyotes Shane Doan for this blindside head check on the Ducks Dan
Sexton (video) “was meant as a warning to fourth-liners and superstars that N.H.L.
justice will be blind. It’s a bold and overdue statement. And it must
become an enduring benchmark that leaves no room for favoritism or
inconsistent reasoning that has eroded the league’s credibility.”

Campbell, the league’s vice president of hockey operations, said in an
email to Elliott that “This is a very difficult call to assess live as we
don’t want the referees guessing. Late and to the head from the blind
side are plays we are attempting to extinguish in the game today.”

The difficulty was apparent when the league rescinded the game
misconduct call last Friday on the Penguins’ Kris Letang, who hit the
Islanders’ Blake Comeau from the blindside, but shoulder to shoulder (video) and on TSN last night, Damien Cox suggested to Gino Reda (video) that the
league should institute video review for blindside hits at rinkside to
determine if the hit was shoulder to head or not.

“This is a
game-changing call, Gino, and I think you want to get this hit out of
the game, but you want to make sure it’s right,” Cox said.

Reda asked why the
league is having problems with this call. Cox answered that the league
is trying to get blindside hits to the head out of the game but not all
hits to the head, which puts uncertainty in the minds of the officials.

“What went wrong is they tried to be half-pregnant. They wanted to get some
of the head shots out of the game but not all of the head shots out of
the game,” Cox said.

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  1. Da Hema says:

    I know it is unrelated to the thread topic, but should we start a pool for how long the Leaves will remain in first place?

    I give them until 21 October 2010.


    Nigel Tufnel: It really puts perspective in things, doesn’t it?

    David St. Hubbins: Oh, too much. Too much fu*king perspective.

    –This is Spinal Tap

  2. RiverviewCanadien says:

    2 top movies of all time for myself.

    – Cube
    – Resevoir Dogs

  3. HardHabits says:

    Use your brain to think FOR YOURSELF for once and follow the link.

    Follow the link below goad. Follow the link below goad. 
    Follow, follow, follow, follow, 
    Follow the link below goad.

    We’re off to slink like lizards, uncomfortable slithering thoughts.
    You’ll find he thinks things you wouldn’t believe! And posts it all days because.
    If ever oh ever he says! not those that differed of thoughts is one because,
    Because, because, because, because, because.
    Because of the unbelievable posts that he does.
    We’re off to slink like lizards. uncomfortable slithering thoughts!

  4. RiverviewCanadien says:


  5. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Love Apocolypse Now…feel bad for the cow though. And that number is pretty accurate. That is why I say Duel should be at least 8.5. I would put Duel at the same level.

  6. fbkj says:

    i hope hes for real, cuz if hes trolling, or if hes a sociology experiment, then ill feel punked lol

  7. fbkj says:

    the BEST plot summary on imdb, is for elvis gratton

    sure thats what its about but dont break it down to the point of MORE AWESOME

  8. punkster says:

    Dr. Strangelove, Apocolypse Now, Lawrence of Arabia…all 8.6…been my top 3 for years.

  9. punkster says:

    I just finished reading the comments on this thread and I must say this; the conversations Tony gets involved in are anything but boring. He brings out the best comebacks from the commentariat. There’s just no telling where he’s going to lead you next.

  10. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I go by IMDB as well, but not necessarily agree with all the ratings, because the recommendation are usually pretty good. But a great site for movies nonetheless.

    They rated one of my favorite movies lower than I would have…Duel only got a 7.7…should have been at least an 8.5.

    EDIT: IMDB has this under the rating “A business commuter is pursued and terrorized by a malevolent driver of a massive tractor-trailer.” How can you NOT want to watch this, it was also Spielbergs first film.

    Damn Leftists Spewing……ah nevermind 😉

  11. fbkj says:

    i know bonafide straussist american neo-cons that would be confused as to what this guys point is

  12. punkster says:

    Sic ‘im boy, you got ‘im treed now.

  13. fbkj says:

    i never said you said it was better, was pointing out that se7en was better

  14. fbkj says:

    you live in effing ville saint laurent who the hell cares whats going on on american cable

    besides habs games are meant to be watched in french, so say we all

  15. observer says:

    I didn’t say it was better. I meant Header is one of the sickest most disgusting movies ever produced.

  16. observer says:

    Just made my argument! – And you can’t get all Habs games in English on TV BECAUSE of similar suits here.

  17. fbkj says:

    your not insulting him, but your saying he is a leftist spewing leftist garbage

    he knows he is (this is suggesting deceit on his end)

    but so do you (ah HAH your on to him)

    explain leftist please, because this is funny

  18. fbkj says:

    5.3 on imdb as opposed to the 8.7 scored by se7en

  19. observer says:

    not insulting him. all i said he is a leftist spewing leftist garbage as usual. he knows he is, so do i. and he’s a phony and a holier than thou on top of it. immediate video replay on penalties he wants! i guess maybe the ref himself should also give the player a hearing right there at center ice if the player appeals it. if cox has an opinion on anything i dont care if he says today is tuesday – it still means nothing.

  20. fbkj says:

    ughhhh i use videotron

    the hell are you smoking?

  21. observer says:

    Did you see Steve Young, Millen and Dilfer last night after the MNF game on ESPN furious that these suits are changing a sport that is and always has been physical where Nighttrain Lanes were heros or in hockey case guys like Scott Stevens and many others played hockey how it always was played. That’s pre- NYC shyster lawyers getting control of those sports. As I said absolutely no co-incidence that both these 2 100 year old leagues does this happen about on the same day.

  22. fbkj says:

    explain, to those of us that havent been innundated into the sillyness that is partisan divide, how left winger, is an insult

  23. observer says:

    Since you like heads in boxes then you should watch a movie called “Header” far more disturbing than Seven.

  24. observer says:

    if it quacks like, waddles like one  –   it is a left winger

  25. rocketsglare says:

    But P.K. can be at times out of control from the point with some wild and inaccurate shots. When he is under

    control, he is able to move the puck efficiently to others or take a better shot from the point on the PP. But,

    he is definitely a good choice to shoot from the point and with Markov soon returning, P.K. will benefit from an

    experienced and savvy PP specialist. P.K. may in time become this team’s eventual PP specialist.


    Go Habs Go!


  26. observer says:

    biggest cable system in nyc is cablevision owned by dolan who owns rangers. dolan and murdoch of fox (2 billionaires)had long simmering dispute over who could ripoff the public more for cable fees – fox or cablevision and fox pulled their channel off nyc cablevision tv this weekend. giants game was not televised in nyc nor was nlcs. you young green people really are ignorant if you dont yet realize that suits not athletes run pro sports.

  27. fbkj says:

    not to MENTION were FORCED to read his op-ed, liberal, leftist DRIVEL

    which in turn MAKES us POST ON THE INTERNETS!

  28. observer says:

    Cox is a holier than thou – I sincerely doubt he’d ever apologize for that, in fact he’d blame someone else. What is surprising is he wants video replay for penalties when he himself was against video replay. Besides I thought he specialized in Tiger Woods, Roger Clemens, A-Rod, Sean Avery, etc., etc., etc. – i.e. – athletes’ morals?

  29. observer says:

    More suits ruining pro sports. Use your brain to think FOR YOURSELF for once – – 

  30. otter649 says:

    Cox was the guy who caused the rumour of Pat Burns death awhile back – He heard Cliff Fletcher mention it and so instead of checking a source other than Fletcher he twitted it and the incorrect news took off……..

  31. fbkj says:

    no doubt but what i meant was, markie got injured at the beginning of the season and things were doom and gloom, sign mab we did

    this year, were getting him back…

    but like you said, see whats up then

  32. HardHabits says:

    You know a douche does wonders for a sandy vagina.

  33. HardHabits says:

    I think they should give swords and shields to UFC fighters and let them go to the death. All this knock-out stuff and choke holds or pinning to the mat is so tame. Bring back gladiators and Lions and Christians. Stupid lefties!!!

  34. fbkj says:

    its literally the only thing that came to mind when i read that post

    call me lazy (thanks copy paste)

  35. ManApart says:

    It’s too early to make any moves and we have to see how the PP looks when Markov returns, but MAB is there if things don’t improve. The PP was troubled last season also, until MAB came on board and the Habs ended up 2nd best. If you don’t have a top half PP in this league, you will have a lot of trouble winning consistently in this league. Ask JM, he’s all about specialty teams.

  36. Bill J says:

    +2 to you for using the quote.

    Nice one! lol

  37. fbkj says:

    thats cuz yur a socialist commie 😉

  38. Bill J says:

    Se7en = one of my all time favourite movies – and yes you are correct.

  39. Bill J says:

    If by greenhorn you’re implying I aspire to be “like you”

    I REJECT the title!

    Pick another Greenhorn.


  40. ManApart says:

    Brad Pitt to Kevin Spacey in Seven?

  41. avatar_58 says:

    I don’t understand anyone who uses “left wing” to start an insult.

  42. Omit says:


    They miss you in the village.

  43. Muckbringer says:

    monkey endtrails??

  44. Muckbringer says:

    he would get back as well

  45. Muckbringer says:

    on the power play anyone can tee one up.  it all depends on whos infront and whos gonna win the chase back. and again, thats anyone but spac (skillsy, given)


  46. fbkj says:

    … i guess its like tea leaves…

  47. fbkj says:

    observer i can only think of one movie quote when i read your posts

    mods bear with me here plz


    “I’ve been trying to figure something in my head, and maybe you can help
    me out, yeah? When a person is insane, as you clearly are, do you know
    that you’re insane? Maybe you’re just sitting around, reading “Guns and
    Ammo”, masturbating in your own feces, do you just stop and go, “Wow! It
    is amazing how fucking crazy I really am!”? Yeah. Do you guys do that”
  48. Muckbringer says:

    i think hes saying pro sports is opening a can of worms here.  after all, isnt there a reason their respective unions have fought for the large pay cheques?

  49. observer says:

    Far, far over your greenhorn head! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  50. Bill J says:

    Are you trying to get banned tonight ? lol

  51. observer says:

    DAMIAN COX is a typical leftwing, holier than thou, hypocrite, know it all sportswriter/commentator who couldn’t lick the boots of any athlete -PERIOD. But like all such as him – he considers HIMSELF as a very MORAL person! Yeah right!

  52. fbkj says:

    not trying to create a straw man here but you havent given me much to work with

    are you suggesting that trying to prevent head injuries is a money grab?

  53. Bill J says:


    Seriously where do you come up with these posts ?

    Wait – NM, I do not want to know!

  54. observer says:

    All of a sudden NHL hockey and the NFL both run by suits and ties consider these sports to be too violent. How about touch hockey and touch NFL football instead? The lawyers and BUSINESSMAN MONEY GRABBERS are ruining pro sports and all sports.

  55. fbkj says:

    no doubt he scored some huge goals but remember when we signed him we were in a completely different situation than we are now…

    yes i realize the PP needs a boost but as is, the team is doing a good job holding the fort for markov

    i know, we shouldnt just depend on one guy for our PP but i think we do have (at the moment) wiggle room to allow the team to improve as a whole…

  56. Bill J says:

    Problem with MAB though.

    He is still not ready to play, and I think any responsible team will carefully look at MAB & his injury/recovery.

    Sans injury, I agree MAB > Picard.

    BUT – with Markov out, and Hamrlik out to begin the season, Picard was a sound addition.


  57. Bill J says:

    PK has not used his booming shot yet in MTL.

    That is what I was referring to.  As was ManApart, because of the MAB reference.


  58. ManApart says:

    PK does have a good shot. I saw it in the Hammer. It’s not like Mab’s though. We’ll see PK on the right point when Markov gets back. I just don’t see it being the threat Mab’s was. I think Weber has a better point shot than PK. PK is very adept at sneaking into the slot and shooting from there. This is the NHL, and it won’t be nearly as easy as it was in Junior or the A. Would Mab be that much worse than Picard? I was looking at highlights fromlast year, and that guy made goals out of nothing. A very accurate shot as well as wicked. He was only -7 last year. Not bad considering he had to play a lot more minutes than he should have because of multiple defensive injuries.

  59. Everlasting1 says:

    He’s in the role already.


    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  60. Bill J says:

    I think PK has the shot, those who have seen in play in Hamilton / Belleville, or the WJHC have seen it.

    I would be interested to see PK given that role, while on the PP.

  61. ManApart says:

    News from TSN that Markov will not play this Thursday or Saturday. Looks like next week at the earliest. Also JM stated that after the Habs have went 1 for 17 on the PP this season, Spacek will no longer be playing the right point. He didn’t say who will replace him. You cannot underestimate the importance of the big point shot. This PP misses MAB big time. Say what you want about his defensive game, he made up for it on the PP. Even when he didn’t score, he opened up the down low and slot plays just by being there.

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