Blackhawks are Stanley Cup champs

For the second time in four seasons, the Chicago Blackhawks are Stanley Cup champions.

Trailing 2-1 with less than two minutes remaining in the game, Bryan Bickell scored with 1:16 on the clock to tie the score and Dave Bolland added the winner with 58 seconds left as the Blackhawks stunned the Boston Bruins with a 3-2 comeback victory in Game 6 to win the Cup final in Boston.

Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford (photo above), a Chateauguay native, made 23 saves for the victory and Patrick Kane won the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP. Kane had nine goals and 10 assists in 22 playoff games.

“I still can’t believe that finish,” Crawford, who grew up on the South Shore of Montreal and graduated from Chateauguay’s Howard S. Billings High School, told reporters after the game. “Oh my God, we never quit.

“It’s unbelievable man,” Crawford added. “So much hard work to get to this point. Great effort by everyone on the team.”

Crawford wasn’t the only Montreal connection on the Blackhawks. For former Canadiens coach Scotty Bowman, now the Blackhawks’ senior advisor of hockey operations, this marks his 13th Stanley Cup championship. Bowman’s son, Stan, is the Blackhawks’ vice-president and general manager.

And yes, that was former Habs GM Pierre Gauthier you saw on the ice celebrating with the Blackhawks. He is now Chicago’s director of player personnel.

Former McGill Redmen captain and coach Jamie Kompon is a Stanley Cup champion for the second straight year. Kompon, an assistant coach on Joel Quenneville’s Blackhawks staff, was an assistant coach with the Los Angeles Kings when they won the Cup last year.

Last year, Kompon became the 14th former McGill hockey player to get his name engraved on the Cup and the third as a coach. The other coaches were Mike Babcock with the Detroit Red Wings in 2008 and Lester Patrick, who led the New York Rangers to Stanley Cup championships in 1928 and 1933.

Now Kompon’s name will be on the Cup twice.

And there will probably be a Stanley Cup parade in Chateauguay this summer.

Blackhawks’ late goals stun Bruins,

Stunning comeback gives Blackhawks Cup, Chicago Tribune

Blackhawks stun Bruins to win Cup, by Bruce Arthur of Postmedia News

Blackhawks win Stanley Cup photo gallery,

Habs have miles to go for Stanley Cup, by Jack Todd

Countdown to 2013 NHL draft,

(Photo by Elise Amendola/The Associated Press)




  1. Alex_425 says:

    Yeeeaaah! I knew something good would finally come from growing up in Chateauguay all my friggin’ life!

    But I’m no expert….

  2. Ed says:

    can we stop posting “give Price some top d-men and watch what happens”. please?

    do you think the Leafs had top d-men this past playoffs?

    Of course not.

    Yet Reimer, for almost the entire playoff, was outstanding.

    Goalies can make tons of key saves regardless of the defenceman in front of them, and goalies can let in TERRIBLE goals that most 13 year olds would stop easily.

    Price did not shine during the playoffs, and there were a few goals that he probably wants back because 13 year olds would have made the saves.

    Price is keenly aware of all of this. He has stated for the record that he needs to be better next season.

    So why are you guys insisting on making excuses for him??

    Let’s just let the young man play and see what he can and can not do.

  3. habstrinifan says:

    Gauthier’s biggest failure was the one and only Jacques Martin. I know he didnt hire JM per se but he recommended him.

    When I read the crap room that JM ran…and the story re Cammallieri and the captaincy… my blood just boils. The public ‘fiasco’ re Cole was indeed an indication of the ____ that JM was. I will be very surprised if JM ever coaches again. This man was a disaster!

  4. Dr.Rex says:

    Has anyone else heard this rumour:

    Sam Gagner to Leafs for Phaneuf, Lupul, Gardiner, A Chis Bosh replica Raptors jersey, A medium order of Potato wedges from Sobeys, Unused playoff vouchers from the previous decade, A pair of tickets to sit in the Thunder Alley at this years Toronto Indy, 3 hrs of free consulting advice from Burkie, Darren Dreger’s blackberry email address and a VHS copy of the 1993 Toronto Maple Leafs called “The year we pretend we won”.

  5. scavanau says:

    Was talking with a proud bruins fan Saturday who was wearing his “6 time Stanley Cup champions” shirt. I told him I’d need 4 of those to cover Montreal’s Cup wins. Then I assured him his shirt would still be current next season…

  6. Fansincebirth says:

    I laughed this morning when a Boston fan I work with said “at least we made it to the final” to which I replied “Boston is just one of 29 teams who did not win the cup this year”.

    Nobody remembers who came in second 🙂

    Losing – looks good on you Bruins and your knuckle-dragging fans!

  7. bwoar says:

    Some team, probably Chicago, is gonna give Bickell 25 million. Under what terms, I can’t say, but I image that dollar figure to be pretty close. Probably 6 years, weighted to the front end. This will last until he’s 33 & still able to sign another contract without the 35+ albatross.

    Basically if you won’t entertain this, or better, you might as well move on.


  8. habs-fan-84 says:

    I saved this post after the Bruins went up 2 – 0 in game 1 of the finals….

    June 12, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    I hate the Bruins, But i give credit where credit is due. And the Bruins are a Great hockey team, to win 2 cups in 3 years is really something

    I support Carey Price

    • florida habs says:

      open the vault, we need him, I would profess that this should be the main criteria for any trade/draft pick. we will need to set up a panel, can’t trust MB and definitely not MT.

  9. sweetmad says:

    I asked last night if anybody had ever seen both goalies pulled like last night but nobody bothered to answear,I haven’t been watching hockey that many years,so I just wandered if that was normal,because I have never seen it.

  10. B says:

    How come a small team like Chicago let a big guy like John Scott go for a 5th rounder last season?

    –Go Habs Go!–

  11. Ian Cobb says:

    My NHL hockey season ends on a high note!
    BOSTON goes golfing!

    The Bowman’s hockey game philosophy continues!
    If only the Hab’s had not let him get away!

    Chicago certainly plays the kind of game that I enjoy watching most. Bowman’s style of game has not changed over the many years he has been in the league. His son Stan, has carried on the same style of game as his father into Chicago, lucky them. Only wished more teams would play this kind of great hockey.

    And yes you have to have been able to draft and acquire the quality of players to implement this style of game first. But Scotty Bowman has his name on 13 Stanley Cups now. The legend continues with Stan!

  12. jon514 says:

    The Chicago Blackhawks organization exemplifies excellence:

    -Their third liners become first liners when they move on to other organizations. (Ladd, Versteeg, Big Buff)
    -Their core can win the cup and they are locked down for years to come.
    -Their coaching staff is beyond reproach. We know from experience how hard it is to out-coach Julien in a 7 game series.

    I am so happy and excited that their former superstar executive is holding the reigns in Montreal. Excellence breeds excellence and in a few short years, les Glorieux will taste champagne from Stanley’s cup once again.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I like your statement accept the “former superstar.” I am not sure that MB was a superstar in Chi town.

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

      • jon514 says:

        Thanks! I wasn’t referring to his on ice career, but his time working for the organization as an executive. He was a superstar which is why he’s now the GM in MTL.

    • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

      jon 514: Re: Being lucky that ‘superstar executive MB is holding the reins…MB had the same job as Pierre Gauthier now holds with the Hawks. With Stan Bowman being guided by Scotty Bowman and having D.Savard and lots of alumni as advisors, I think MB got the coffee and donuts and made photocopies. Molson exaggerated the importance of MB’s contribution. He desperately needed a Francophone GM and MB was the only one he could sell to the media and the fans. How many Francophone GMs have won a Stanley Cup in the last dozen years? NONE. The game has even left Francophone players behind. If you had to name the top 20 stars in the NHL, you’d be hard pressed to put 1 Francophone in there. Giroux would be the closest and he would not be on my list.

      • Psycho29 says:

        Nice to see you’ve matured and are not calling them “Frenchies” today.

        • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

          Psycho 29: I equate the term ‘Frenchies’ to ‘Anglos’. Nothing wrong with either term but the former are hyper-sensitive about everything to do with their culture (like teenage girls). A province that obsesses about the height of the alphabets on an English sign at a butcher shop and actually has a ‘language police’ to oversee and enforce such legislation is a little worrisome to the rest of the country. Quebec would be well advised to focus on the new world order, re-prioritize and start worrying about their rampant corruption and their lousy economy and not about the signage at a butcher shop.

        • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

          Psycho29: FYI Research how many pension and mutual funds are managed by Francophones. How many banks in Canada and the US have French CEOs and Chief Economists? Make sure your retirement portfolio and your savings are in none of them. BTW, Please keep taking your medication so you don’t live up to your ‘moniker’.

  13. veryhabby says:

    With 1:40 left in the game, my child calls out to me from his room upstairs. As a mom, I’m torn between going to see what he needs, and asking him to wait a few minutes. Of course I talk myself to go see what he needs as I figured #1. na Hawks won’t tie it #2. even if they do, at least I can watch the OT in peace.

    I came down about 3 minutes later excited to see if it was the news on or if OT was ahead. Instead I saw a bunch of players shaking hands at center ice.

    I was like WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and my sons request could have waited 3 minutes!

    • myron.selby says:

      I’m thinking this is a pretty lame ploy by Colorado to get Florida to cough up something to get their shot at picking MacKinnon. If I’m Florida, I just go “yeah whatever, take whoever you want” and watch as Colorado takes Seth Jones.

  14. Small_Town_Boy says:

    The highlight of last night should have been Buttman being laid out on the ice with a head shot of some sort from the stands ….

    Dat’s wha me tinks

  15. Lafleurguy says:

    Serge Savard, I believe was the youngest ever Conn Smythe winner. May be a toss-up as to who was second youngest between Patrick Kane and Ken Dryden.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  16. PrimeTime says:

    Poor Lil Dude wimpering non-sensical statements through his trembling little lips and tear drowned eyes. Go give your Lucic dolly a wittle hug poor wittle boy.

  17. issie74 says:

    Speed and Skill. HAWKS!!!


  18. Lafleurguy says:

    Captain Toews now has one more Cup-win than Captain Kid (and two more than Blackbeard). Both won their first as 22 year olds. Drawing analogies to our Galchenyuk, we’ll be strong contenders in 2015-2016. Don’t know if he’ll be known as Captain Galchenyuk, but as long as he evolves into the Golden Sophomore next year after a successful campaign as the Golden Rookie, we’ll be happy fans if not angst-free HIO posters.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  19. ClutchNGrab says:

    Had the Penguins drafted the “right” prospect in 2006 they would have ended up with Toews instead of Staal. With Toews, Crosby and Malkin that scenario represent one of the few where Crosby could have been traded.

  20. ths says:

    Carey, Bouillion, Kaberle, Moen, DD, Gio
    For Crawford, Seabrook, Keith, Bickell, Toews and Kane

    Ooh Aah Habs on the war path

  21. FlyAngler says:

    St. Jean Baptiste- a fitting day for the arrogant Bruins thugs- Marchand, Boychuck, Chara, Ferrence et al to get put in their place. I hope that MB makes a good effort to get Bickell.

    “Elever le flambeau!…Raise the Torch!”

    • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

      FlyAngler: I hate the Bruins and am glad they did not win the Cup but If I had a chance to swap the entire Habs team and ALL their prospects for the entire Bruins team, I’d do it in a New York minute. It’s a no-brainer. Man for man that team is light years better than the Habs and Julien is a far superior coach and Chiarelli could school MB on managing and Timmins and his idiot scouts aren’t fit to sit at the same table as the Bruins scouts. Face it, the Bruins will most likely be back in the finals next year and I doubt the Habs will even make the playoffs’ They’ll be hard pressed to win a playoff series ever with this motley crew of 4th liners and minor leaguers and a ‘thoroughbred’ goalie who can’t make routine Jr. A saves.

  22. Maritime Ron says:

    Re Bickell, you have to wonder how hard a team like…Pittsburgh will take a run at him for all the reasons we saw when they lost to the Bruins.

    Pitt still has $7.8M to Cap and need to deal with a few RFAs/UFAs. They also have some potential moveable pieces in pending summer 2014 UFAs Jokinen ($2.1M) or Kunitz ($3.725M)

    Sometimes teams come out of nowhere to sign UFAs. (Chara Boston 2006)

  23. Dr.Rex says:

    Maybe it was due to his injury or the top talent on the Hawks but Dave Bolland was completely overlooked this season by fans and media. IT is strong depth players like Bolland that bring you to the Cup.

    NO better player to score the winner and leave the Bruins fans with poopy underpants.

  24. habs-fan-84 says:

    What a game!!!

    I woke up this morning and was reminded of this headline from February 28, 2013:

    “A triumph of speed and skill over pugnacity and truculence”

    • Dr.Rex says:

      Im assuming that was the night when the Habs came back in the 3rd to beat the Bruins with Budaj in nets.

      • habs-fan-84 says:

        No, it was when they played the Leafs for the third time this season and outplayed them thoroughly (at one point the Leafs had something like 4 shots … half way through the second period).

  25. Random Facts says:

    It’s all about salary cap. If you spend too much on an Individual player or on the wrong players you pick up. You’ll never win a Stanley Cup that’s why the Habs are in the situation they’re in.

    Can’t afford to build a cup team yet. They’re only chance is to off load contracts that’s not working keep rebuilding. Most of what we have right now. Won’t cut it to win a stanley cup. Under skilled and soft.

    The two teams whom just played for the Stanley cup is skilled and tough not much to choose between them. Breaks and hard work is what won it all.

  26. Strummer says:

    Hawks win the cup twice in 4 seasons with goalies who weren’t top draft picks.

    Lots of goaltending gems out there to be uncovered.

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

    • Timo says:

      What are you saying, Strummer?

      • HardHabits says:

        That Price is over rated and over paid and that the Habs better start drafting goalies and thinking about who replaces him if and when he continues playing like a sieve in the play-offs.

        • Small_Town_Boy says:

          Yeah Carey was a sieve in the 2011 playoffs …

          Give Price some great D -men as we will see what Carey will do!

          Dat’s wha me tinks

          • HardHabits says:

            If Price was on either of the two Cup finalists I’d be hard pressed to believe that either team would have made it that far. It sucks to say but my confidence in Price as a play-off performer is not that great. Hopefully with a new goalie coach his game will get back on track.

            And it’s not just the small and soft hot knife through butter defence, but that the Habs’ forwards are not quick or robust enough to out skate or out hit their way to the finals.

            The Habs were too easily bruised, battered and buried by the lowly Sens of all teams.

          • Lafrich says:

            Give any goalie great D-men and they will be good. It is the elite goalies that can overcome a mediocre D. Price is not elite.

            And as for 2011. He did what almost every goalie in the NHL can do – had a decent series.

          • ont fan says:

            Crawford or for that matter Rask would have been my picks for outstanding goaltending before the playoffs started.

          • kalevine says:

            how long we gonna talk about 2011 like it was some sort of moral victory?
            He had 3 very solid games and 3 that weren’t great, plus he wasn’t the better goalie in OT (0 wins 3 losses). We need to hold him up to a higher standard than that

      • Strummer says:

        It’s not prudent to waste a top 5 draft pick on a goalie.

        Cup winning goalies other than Fleury have not been drafted high by their own teams

        “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

        • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

          Strummer: The Habs forgot the lesson they should have learned in 1970 when they spent a 5th overall pick (just like Price) on Ray Martiniuk a goalie who couldn’t stop a beach ball and never played a minute in the NHL. For years it was known as the Martiniuk rule. NEVER waste 1st round picks,especially top 10, on a goalie. Thank God that Pollock pried Dryden away from Boston. Price is one of the 5 worst stoppers in the NHL. This has nothing to do with his d-men. The crucial goals he lets in have nothing to do with forwards crashing his crease or seeing-eye pucks but simple routine saves that any Junior A goalie could make. Price is a DUD; the second coming of Martiniuk and Thibeault. Watch for Beaulieu. He is the next DUD ‘thoroughbred’ but because he is a francophone we’ll all exaggerate his skills and potential. That kid was a waste of a 1st rounder and he has off-ice problems. Oh Timmins why won’t you get out of town?

  27. Timo says:

    It is a good morning to wake up to a fact that Bruins did not win the cup. This good feeling will last probably couple more days until next brain dead move by Bergevin.

    For now, I rejoice.

    • Marc10 says:

      True… That last draft was a disaster. What were they thinking drafting that kid from Sarnia? 😉

      • Timo says:

        Like I said before, last draft was a no brainer. Even Gainey would have picked Galchenyuk (he already picked a thoroughbred goalie so wouldn’t be picking another one).

        • Dr.Rex says:

          Gainey would have left it up to Goats. I have a feeling either Griffin Reinhart or Matt Dumba would have been the pick.

        • Marc10 says:

          Yeah. Chucky was so obvious. You can tell a lot from a kid who has played 16 games a year ago… Just ask Columbus…

          Other dumb moves obviously included Prust or that ridiculous idea of rushing the kids into the big league right away. And getting a psychologist for the team… well I guess it didn’t do any good, well except for that Eller kid (who the heck is he anyway?)

          And then they dicked around with Subban and look how that turned out. What a terrible season! And the things he said when he picked up the award? What disrespect! He clearly hates the Habs now…

          And buying out Gomez. Wow. Gainey would have kept him and we’d be better off now – what a brain cramp. Dumb, dumb move!!! The Ryder flip for Cole… sure he had a much better season than Cole and it cleared a ton of salary off the books, but that was idiotic! What a cretin!

          Really the only thing Bergie got right this year was the DD contract. Phew. I wish he locked him up for a bit more coin so the kid wouldn’t hate us, but oh well… Dems da breaks!

        • ont fan says:

          Brule just sitting there he chooses a goalie. With Brule we could have been a contender. What a missed opportunity.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      When you’re happy………………lots of us are relieved………Cheers.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

  28. Bripro says:

    My cringe moment last night…
    Pierre Gauthier trying to fight his way into the team picture.
    I would think Stan Bowman has asked him to sit in the corner and monitor the cookies, but I don’t see how that incompetent yahoo can ear the right to be pictured with the Stanley Cup Champions when he had nothing to do with their success.

    • kalevine says:

      yeah what a blemish on the sport he is
      direcor of player personnel? no doubt hired for his superior people skills. Shows what an old boys network this is

  29. The Dude says:

    Great hockey finals …both teams were winners.The kind of players ,effort and heart were demonstrated in how to be in the finals for the Stanley Cup. Crawford,Rask ,Bickell,Lucic,Toews were outstanding…OUTSTANDING! And Lucic and Bickell were the only athletes to demonstrate Superman like endurance ,strength,heart and timely scoring.Big guy’s stole the show in this one….ONCE AGAIN!

  30. TheShade says:

    Hey everyone,

    Long time reader, first time poster…
    I have been hanging out here for quite a while. I particularly enjoy reading during the summer when I am starved for hockey talk. That should be in about 2 weeks… 🙂

    I absolutely love the draft and with this crop of prospects and all our picks this year I am really looking forward to it.

    I did not see this posted and found it interesting.
    RedLine Report’s Mock Draft :

    They have the Habs taking Emile Poirier at 25 and say it would be the steal of the draft. Interesting.

    I have a kind of quiet confidence about the draft. Especially after last year. I can’t help but feel that there will be quality when we make our first 3-4 selections and Timmins and crew will be ready.

  31. myron.selby says:

    @Timo declaimed yesterday:

    “Btw, just so that no one has any silly illusions, Hawks are NOT going to win tonight. Ain’t happening.”

    Always nice to have an expert predict the future for the great unwashed.

  32. Stan Bowman said his team is in better Cap Space to resigned his RFA’s & UFA’s. You can bet Steve Montador is definitely one that will be bought out. The other could be is Rostislav Olesz at 2.2m who is buried in minors. That will leave the Hawks around 8,094,039.00. They’ll more than likely to send down Adam Clendening, Jeremy Morin, Jimmy Hayes & Ben Smith to AHL.

    That will leave 10 Fwds, 6 D & 1 G. Its more than likely Bickell, Stalberg & Leddy will be resigned. They’ll stay with a winning team IMHO. Congrats to Hawks on winning cup!!!!

    5 Days to Draft Day.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  33. BrianSkrudland says:

    Pierre Gauthier played a key role in making a mess of the Habs during his time with the club. The decisions he made himself – or at least had some say in – are only part of the reason that I dislike him. It may seem trivial, but I always cringed when hearing him say ‘Mr.’ before a player’s surname. It always irked me and seemed exceptionally impersonal. I can’t imagine he was warmly received by his personnel.

    Many HIO posters refer to Gauthier as ‘The Goat’. Perhaps this is a misinterpretation of the moniker he gained during his time in Ottawa, where he was referred to as ‘The Ghost’. Neither of the names are particularly flattering and both – to me – serve as confirmation that the man isn’t held in high esteem by fans or media alike.

    I’m sure, however, he won’t pay much mind to what anyone calls him today as he gets fitted for his Stanley Cup ring.
    Daily recommendations for June 25
    Song of the Day:Scar Tissue (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
    Movie of the Day: Bullitt

  34. AndyF says:

    Ok, I’ll be honest… Once the Habs were out of it, I watched the playoffs with one single focus: to be able to see Boston lose.

    With all the accolades being heaped on the Bruins this morning, I have to counter with my own opinion about them.

    The Bruins are a dirty, dirty team whose cheating goes far beyond what “NHL playoff hockey” currently is. Watching Boychuk’s cross-checks to Toews’ head or Chara’s punches into Crosby’s jaw go unpunished is bad enough. But knowing that Jeremy Jacobs is working his network to make sure his Bruins’ brand of hockey becomes the defacto standard for all teams… makes my blood boil!

    Good frickin’ riddance, Boston. You’re a disgrace to hockey.

    • kalevine says:

      a little more strongly than I would have worded it, and not acknowledging that the Bruins can play good solid hockey when they want, and did, I essentially do agree with you

  35. commandant says:

    The Origins of the Hat Trick

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  36. Bripro says:

    Good morning all!
    No news here…. the Hawks are champions.
    We Chateauguay residents are rejoicing!
    Talking to a few this morning, and plans are already in the works for when Corey arrives home with the cup in hand.
    We’ve had many great athletes groomed in Chateauguay, but none as successful as Corey.
    And I assure you, if you me the Crawford family, you would be so proud.
    They’re a wonderfully caring family that has always given back to the (english) community in Chats.
    My nephew Denis drove down with some friends to be at the game and then (hopefully) meet up with his best friend Trevor (Corey’s brother) but doubted he’d be able to have a sit down this week with Corey, with everything that has happened.
    But Burly, take note, I will be seriously disappointed if I can’t get a picture of Corey and I standing around the cup when he comes home.
    Never has a community been so proud of one individual.
    And to bury our most-hated adversary, well… that’s just icing on the cake.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Thanks for sharing Brian, I am happy for you and your community that the Stanley Cup will be able to bring much celebration to that community.

      While I was annoyed at all the media and hangers on (James Belushi) for getting on the ice (no issue with the families eventually joining players) It is still the greatest championship celebration as each player takes that cup and holds it to the air and celebrate with kissing it or yelling some adjectives. I can’t think of any other sport who can provide the players with such an iconic moment to celebrate that special achievement.

      • Bripro says:

        Hey Gerry. I hope you’re well.
        I was never a non-Hab fan, but I think that’s changed. There’s so much class and respect within that Hawks organization.
        And when Toews handed the cup to Handzus, having waited 14-15 years to get it, I thought …. now, that’s class!
        It’s bitter sweet since our Habs aren’t there, but it’s so much sweeter than the alternative.

  37. mrhabby says:

    Bruins… a team that plays on the edge. There a few classless players on every team if iam not mistaken.

    The pounding that some the hawks players received from Chara the Gorilla was astounding. Hawks never quite. Kudo’s to them.

    Iam sure Bergevin was taking notes.

    This was the latest the cup final was played..Its almost July…ridiculous and stupid. Its 90 degress out and beach weather.

  38. Maritime Ron says:

    While many dream of Bickell in a Habs uniform or see him moving to the greene$t pasture available to him, he may just end up staying in Chicago.

    IF, and that is a big IF, Chicago management feels he is a key part of a young core moving forward, they will try hard to get it done. They know him best.

    Then, does Bickell really want to move to an unfamiliar group and would he accept a minor home team discount?

    As Sam Boni points out in his 9:02 post, “… 9 players who were regulars on the 2010 champion Hawks and are now departed, a list that included Dustin Byufglien, Brian Campbell, John Madden, Anttie Niemi, Kris Versteeg, Troy Brouwer, Alan Ladd, Ben Eager.”

    The Hawks have so many options and none which affect their young core group – one being a 34 year old Hossa trade for youth that would free up $5.275M of Cap space.

    • Habfan17 says:

      Shawn Simpson, ex NHL player on the team1200 does not believe Chicago will resign him. His reasoning is that they have depth in the system on the left side and this was one of those play offs where all the stars aligned for him. He believes that the core, Toews, Kane, Hossa, Seabrook and Keith are the key and the other players, interchangable around them.

      I am not sure I agree, I think if Bickell were to accept a reasonable contract, he should be kept. This cup win is invaluable and he has progressed each season.


      • Kooch7800 says:

        Bickell played amazing in the playoffs for them and was an integral part of their cup win. I can’t see them letting him walk for nothing without trying to resign him.

        “Keep your stick on the Ice”

        • Ozmodiar says:

          Ladd and big Buff were integral parts of their cup win in 2010. It’s a salary cap world.

          The Hawks will have to shed salary just to sign their RFA’s (Leddy, Kruger) and back-up goalie.

      • Maritime Ron says:

        I guess at the end of the day, the market will decide the price – Hawks counter – Bickell chooses.

        Advantage to the Hawks this year is that teams can start talking to UFAs on July 1st, yet can only sign players starting on July 5th.
        That gives the Hawks a knowledgeable window to evaluate – and if a no go, they may even trade his rights before and receive some type of return that way.

        • Sam Boni says:

          Trying to recall what draftpick Gainey gave Burke to have Sundin’s rights for a couple of weeks before the most recent Leaf Hall of Famer went UFA.

          “May you live in interesting times.”

    • mrhabby says:

      ur right..i would be very surprised if he left.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Lost in all this Bickell playoff hysteria, is the fact that in his first full NHL season he did score 17 goals. He then potted 9 in a shortened season, with 9 more this playoffs.

      It isn’t like he came into the playoffs having 3 career goals. He is not the second coming of Bob Probert who had an amazing combination of intimidation and goal scoring ability, but I dont think Bickell is a complete brick either.

      However, he has developed great passion and camaraderie with that group of players in Chicago, and sometime being airlifted elsewhere, those intangibles that make him effective are lost.

      I like him, I don’t mind slightly overpaying for him, but 5 mill. per season I think would be bat crazy!

      • commandant says:

        I give him 3.5 million…. not a penny more.

        5 million is nuts IMO.

        Go Habs Go!
        Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

        • Ozmodiar says:

          I predict he’ll land in Montreal @ 3.75 per, say 4 years.

          An overpayment by ~ 500K, but MB did the same with Prust and that worked out okay.

          The thing that Prust and Bickell have in common is that the Habs don’t have any prospects like them, so they’re exceptions to MB’s “patience” mantra. I think he’d rather overpay a bit than go with the status quo. When a team doesn’t have any super stars in the top 6, they can afford to overpay a bit for the players in the bottom 6.

          • Habfan17 says:

            Very sound logic. Hopefully the possibility of being a key core player will also appeal to Bickell


        • Marc10 says:

          He’s going to get 4 to 4.5 over a 4 to 5 year term. Just watch…

        • Maritime Ron says:

          The market may very well be 5 years/$23M…maybe more.

        • Habfan17 says:

          That makes sense to me! At 3.5 million, I would take a chance.


    • Phil C says:

      NHLers have a short career, if Chicago offers him less than what he feels he can get as a free agent, I can see him going to another team. This is a great oportunity to secure his financial future, he only has to wait 10 days to see what his options are and his value will never be higher. I think he would be crazy not to at this point. Someone will overpay, maybe even the Habs. He knows he would get playing time in a place like Montreal, that also has intangible value.

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