Big week begins

Enough of the Sabres!

Enough of the Islanders!

Enough … actually, too much of the Senators.

The mighty Canucks are at the Bell Centre tomorrow night.

On Thursday, the Canadiens are in Boston.

Fans are going to learn to learn some things about the team this week.

• Dave Stubbs on Brian Gionta’s goal drought

• Red Fisher on the loss to Ottawa

• Jack Todd is not impressed by Scott Gomez, Maxim Lapierre

Yvon Pedneault on Gomez

Martin Leclerc on Benoit Pouliot

Today’s argument-starter: How many shutouts would Carey Price have if he were playing behind the surging St. Louis Blues?

Ty Conklin? Really??

And CKAC reports the Blues were talking trade to Pierre Gauthier during the playoffs.

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