Bench Talk: Week 7

Here's looking at you, kid. (Photo by Elsa/ Getty Images)Here’s looking at you, kid.
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With Montreal back in first place, it could be 40C outside and nobody would be talking about the weather. Well, maybe. With it feeling like -20C this morning, it seems that the only thing keeping us warm right now is the idea of locking up a playoff spot.

Below is this week’s selection of the best posts from Habs Inside/Out users.


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there isn’t the same level of urgency at this point in the season as we have seen in past years. obviously, we can’t go and give away the last 8 games, but barring a complete meltdown, we’re in, and that is going to have an impact on the collective psychology of the team.

i don’t enjoy watching this team play a mediocre game, and i think what people (including myself) find a little unsettling, is that we’re not burying teams that arguably we should. i think we’d all like to see the Habs make a strong offensive statement as we look towards the playoffs. furthermore, there’s there the lingering losses to the Sens, who we will face twice more this season.

overall, i think things look very good where i’m sitting, and the fact that the biggest thing we have to talk about is a goaltending "controversy" and whether or not Brisebois should be playing, etc., to me, is a good thing. this team has done remarkably well this year, and i applaud their consistency as well as their resiliency (only team in the league not to lose 4 consecutive games). the fact of the matter is, they’ve outperformed most people’s expectations and we’re going to have hockey in Montreal well into April.
-Submitted by wd40


This is a team effort and some people have to come to grips with that. its not about one individual, its about 20 guys trying to come together as one well-oiled machine.
There is a chief mechanic behind the bench that is watching every gauge, listening to every sound, watching for any evidence of misfire and tuning here and there, getting the right blends of oil and fuel to get the best performance possible from his Red-White and Blue machine. There are assistant ‘top class’ mechanics helping the chief make sure that nothing is overlooked or missed. There is a great engineer watching from up above that is in communication with his trusted mechanics at all times. And, we must never forget that these people were once upon a time the pistons, plugs and high octane fuel that propelled the Red- White and Blue machine to several Championships and Stanley Cups.
Does anyone dispute this? No? terrific!
-Submitted by scotty90


There’s a well-known line of reasoning to support Scotty90’s view that the Chief Mechanic must be the trusted decision maker as to the goalkeepers. It is found often in medieval philosophy.
The Proof of Bob’s Existence:
It would seem that there is a Bob, and we may approach Bob through noticing his effects, i.e., the action of his ‘keepers.
The ‘keeper keeps, but is also kept, since he does not decide when he keeps.
Thus he is a kept ‘keeper.
He who keeps the ‘keeper cannot himself be kept, since then he would himself depend on another keeper, and so on.
Thus we must arrive at an Unkept ‘Keeper. And this we all call "Chief Mechanic", or, "Bob".
Submitted by moser17


Markov has been on the ice for 125 goals for the Canadiens, roughly 54% scored by the team. Kovalev is 2nd with 103 and Streit is 3rd with 95.

-Submitted by ebk


This is going to be a deadly hockey team in the next couple of years, but these young players have a lot of seasoning to go through yet. Have a little faith and patience and watch each move that these coaches make closely. Try to watch the development of this up and coming dynasty hockey club from a more positive perspective, instead of being so critical. The beauty about winning the cup is in the knowing of how we got there. If your negative and critical all the time, you will have missed out on this whole wonderful ride.

-Submitted by Ian G Cobb


seriously…some people just have issues. my only issue is when they lose.

-Submitted by riverviewcanadien


Carbo reads the posts on HI/O?? That changes everything!

-Submitted by moser17


Remember Beniffer? Brangelina?

Now we have Breezinski!

-Submitted by Smart Dog


O’Byrne in 2008 – 14 games; 1 goal; 2 assists; 3 points; +7.
Brisebois in 2008 – 13 games; 2 goals; 2 points; -2.
-Submitted by Ed


While people tend to harp on Breezer and Smolinski let’s realize that they have contributed in ways that we cannot judge as veterans. They have also provided us with "experienced veterans" forcing the younger kids to work that much harder if they are going to play over an "experienced veteran". The competition has been healthy all season and that has been a huge factor in our success. I believe our depth and ability to make changes is the main reason we have steered clear of any lengthy slumps or down times. Breezer and Smolinski are a big part of that ability and we need to acknowledge their role and realize that they have filled it admirably. Noone (with half a brain or more) expects either of them to play like they did seven or eight years ago but they have done what was asked of them. The season is a long way from over and we are going to need these guys again so let’s not get too crazy on here today.

-Submitted by krob1000



will there be an award for the most innovative Breezer bash of the year?

-Submitted by The Teacher



I love the smell of goalie pads in the morning!
– Robert Duvall
-Submitted by tony d



Have always been a Habs fan…will always be a Habs fan. I was born on the bandwagon and will die on the bandwagon…there is no on and off.

-Submitted by Habs 4 Me




-Submitted by The Teacher



warning: this site is extremely addictive. i have even less of a life (during the hockey season) since i discovered H I/O last season. it’s kind of frightening, actually.

-Submitted by wd40




Terry Frei writes about the red jerseys the Habs wore on the road recently.

-Submitted by kevin


Here’s another reason why we should be thankful that George Gillett owns the Habs (and, in particular, not Mark Cuban)

-Submitted by CDK


It’s a nice look at Habs first-rounder Max Pacioretty, as his college team tried to win the national U.S. college championship.

-Submitted by J.T.


This has prolly already been posted, but i just found it and read it now, about the habs and the healthy scratches this year….our health all year in total and the lack of problems we have had with guys that are not dressing. Gotta love this team and the group of guys we have. Playing as ONE unit, we couldnt say that last year.

-Submitted by Habs 008


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