Bench Talk: Week 6

Fighting over the moniker: Beasts of the East. (THE GAZETTE/Allen McInnis)Fighting over the moniker Beasts of the East. (THE GAZETTE/Allen McInnis)There was a lot of excitement floating around Montreal this week
when the Habs found themselves leading the pack in the Eastern
Conference. The Canadiens’ stay at the top, however, was dazzlingly
brief as they were quickly surpassed in the standings by Ottawa,
Pittsburgh, New Jersey, and Carolina.

From the highs of first and to the lows of fifth, from shutout
(the good kind) to shutout (the bad kind), and a return home – there
was a lot to talk about in the city that is hockey.

Here is a selection of a few of the best posts from Habs Inside/Out members over the past 7 days.

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Go Habs Go!


Some comments have been edited for length.

Regardless of this year’s final outcome, one man, not too often mentioned here, deserves a lot of praise for his work in the Habs organization. Those HIO bloggers in the Hamilton area would already know this and I, like many, can only go by what we see on RDS, HNIC etc, so cheers to you Don Lever.

This group of Bulldogs that have been called up this year have been finetued to near perfection. Yes, a touch here and there, but so far these young guns are battle ready and set for an exciting career in the NHL.

So, Mr. Lever, should you see this, I salute you for your tremendous work. Please keep it up, you have other outstanding and promising prospects on the way this summer and may you and your staff continue to provide the Habs current and future stars the way you and your coaching staff have.
Submitted by Hoegarden


We should have a HABS INSIDE OUT PARTY… a Bar or pub or soemthing to watch the game….would be fun for whoever is in the Montreal area….Watch the game at a Bar all together, Get wasted start some riots…..Sounds like fun to me 😉
Submitted by HKisses


Jeepers… i found absolutely nothing negative in the posts today…. almost feel cheated! Well, we can’t have that so here is my negative in-put:

1. Habs have to stop playing so hard and hitting the puck so hard…. its costing a fortune in sticks!

2. Habs have very little class…. shooting the puck like that at Brodeur, one of the best goalies in the league.. so far :)…shame!

3. Why does Komi have to block so many shots? He is such a selfish player, doesn’t care at all about taking away from Price’s save percentage!

4. Why did Carbo have such a big smile at the end of the game? you don’t win games by smiling! Fire Carbo! Was Gainey smiling too? fire Gainey! What.. all the players were smiling? trade the Team and move the Leafs here.

5. Baby Kosti has to learn to shoot the puck and stop passing all the time… you don’t score by getting rid of the puck….right?

6. Habs have to slow down a bit and stop playing for a full 60! geez, I had to wait for intermission to get a beer because of the non-stop action!

7. Finally, can’t they make the crowd shut up? It was so loud I couldn’t hear the play by playin the last 2-3 minutes!
Submitted by Scotty90


Interesting stat – only Komi, Higgins, Markov, Streit and Kovalev have played every Habs game this year.
Submitted by cautiousoptimist


This was one of the best games of the season [vs NJ] (of course looking forward to many more to come).

This is championship quality hockey, heartfelt thanks go to the team and the coaching/management for the excellence on the ice tonight.

I was so ecstatic that I watched the Canadien Express also.
Submitted by A. Berke


Believe or not the game tonight was shown live here in Australia!!
Obviously much better than radio only.
First time I have seen this team play and it was impressive.
Submitted by bigdave


ok here’s my story of today. i live in hong kong, which is 12 hours ahead of montreal. so, as usual, i watched the game on nhl live at the office on my friday morning, completely ruining my morning. then, work sucked, after which i met my wife at the doctor’s office where our four month old had a check up and several injections which made him very unhappy and scream in the car as my wife tried to get out of the parking lot (in IFC for those that know HK). after some areshole in a porshe nearly drove into us, the final straw came when we got to the parking lot barrier and some blonde in a bmw was making some bonehead moves ahead of us delaying a line of departing cars.

at that point i lost it. i was about to get out and yell hostilities at the woman, when i saw that she had a habs bumper sticker! i have lived in HK for 20 years and i have never seen a habs bumper sticker anywhere (i don’t even have one). so i thoght, hey, it is a sign. things may look rough in the short term, but when you are about to dispair and lose it completely, "les canadiens sont la!" last night’s game still sucked, but we are a great team and will do well. i’m glad i was sent that sign this evening in hong kong, some 15,000km away from the bell center. GO HABS!
Submitted by bigjames


I have been a Hab fan through 18 Cups and 3 dynasties and to tell the truth, this young bunch wearing the uniform today elicits as much excitement in me as I can safely bear. A truly promising bunch.
Submitted by Geezerfan


Not too much else to add to the summary of last night’s game, but without trying to plagiarize others’ posts, here are some thoughts:

-the same grit was missing in Habs’ own end. Komi is just not hitting hard these days and it’s very noticeable. Bouillon, "the little tank that could", has gone AWOL, too.

-Ottawa played a sound game in both ends from start to finish. Montreal beat themselves by not showing up.

-some have said the Sens were lucky on a goal or two. I think not: Spezza swatted that puck onto Price’s back with intention to score, not pass. The tip was a beauty!

-Habs PP lacked zip. They have a hard time playing under pressure from the PK forecheck. They have much better success against a "passive" box formation.

-if there was such a pill as "anti-viagra", the Habs all took some. They were limp, slow to get anything going, and looked frustrated for much of the game. …
Submitted by Gr8stFranchizEvr


SK-74: No handlebar mustache this year. (THE GAZETTE/ Pierre Obendrauf)SK-74: No handlebar mustache this year. (THE GAZETTE/ Pierre Obendrauf)Poor Sergei, he’s got such a shaine punim, he’s going to be the only guy who can’t grow a playoff beard on the team.
Submitted by jew4jah


Makes you wonder about how beautiful the art of drafting is!

I mean, 4 goals, 14 points, in 40 games, in what’s regarded as a weak league (Belarus)… And he manages to step right into to one of the best teams in hockey (this season) without missing a beat…

Really, Really, Really nice work Timmins.
Submitted by Gormdog


One of the Canadiens’ big problems last year was scoring at even strength, and as a result most of the forwards had high minuses. This problem has been largely solved this year, so I decided to look at who the Canadiens’ most prolific goal scorers are at even strength, taking into account how much time they have actually played. I have calculated how many minutes, on average, it takes for each player to score a goal while playing at even strength.

________________ES TOI____ES Goals_____ Min per ES Goals
A. Kostitsyn_____822:23_____11____________75
S. Kostitsyn_____493:10_____5_____________98

Submitted by Ed


Also from, this piece on Habs prospect David Desharnais:
Submitted by Naila Jinnah

Good article in today’s USA Today about the media overkill about a team from Toronto.
Submitted by Habs 1966

Chances off teams making the playoffs.
Submitted by wd40

updated top 20 habs prospects
Submitted by showey47

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