Bench Talk: Week 5

Do you believe in Carey? REUTERS/Rick Scuteri (UNITED STATES)Do you believe in Carey? REUTERS/Rick Scuteri (UNITED STATES)Big wins! First place! … a Western road trip. Second place. A (non-existent) goaltending controversy… First place again! Whew! The Habs sure know how to keep us entertained.

And even if they take a day off, well, we’ll just entertain ourselves.

In case you haven’t had the time to read all of the great posts by Habs Inside/Out members, here is a selection of some of the best from the past 7 days.

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Go Habs Go!



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A few cents from the peanut gallery:

(1) San Jose is a good team so there is nothing wrong in losing to them.

(2) The officiating was indeed mickey-mouse. However, we need to get over it and move on. The last thing we want is to develop a complex that the refs are out to get us (like the Leafs). It’s a zero sum game and taking on the officials never generates anything of a positive nature.

(3) I really think O’Byrne is developing into a steady player and enjoy watching him develop.

(4) Carey Price did let in some questionable goals. So what? Are you going to hammer the kid after simply having one bad game? What about the previous three games where everyone was singing his praises? It’s not whether you fall down but how quick you get up. And this kid will get up.

(5) I wasn’t sure about it before but this game does illustrate the need for us to have more toughness/size. We have the speed but when other teams starts to bang us around without taking penalties it seems to illustrate a deficiency that other posters have been calling out for a while

(6) On to the next games on the road trip. Being #1 in our conference is great and all but our goal this year is still to make the playoffs. Everything after that is gravy.

-Submitted by Sulemaan


It really boggles my mind when I consider the endurance and stamina people have in this endless debate of who to start in goal. There were endless arguments last year with the Huet/Abby debate. This year it was the Huet/Price debate from day one in the season. And now it is going to be a Price/Halak debate. People get so passionate in their support of one over the other. Biases often transmutate into an apparent dislike of the "other" goalie, and even a hatred of Carbonneau for not playing one’s favourite goalie.

Price is a very good goalie. So is Halak, but he hasn’t had the chance to show it this year. Both goalies deserve the start on Thursday for different reasons. Whoever plays, I hope they play well, and that the Canadiens win.

-Submitted by Bill H


I haven’t been the easiest on Price in my posts, calling his past performances solid but not great, but reading those articles reminded me why everyone else has so much faith in the guy.
His stats show that he’s been exactly what the Habs have asked of him to be, and his performance lately is probabley more deserving then I’ve been saying.
You can tell he is going to be a great goaltender one day, and I guess I should give him more credit for the goalie he is now. …but I’m still allowed to be nervous!

-Submitted by Les Habitants


I didn’t have a problem when Gainey traded Huet. I can’t help but think that when B.G said he wanted an impact player, he wasn’t just referring to Hossa, but Carey Price as well.
He has all the qualities of an impact player, and by trading Huet, we got an impact player.
He was going for Hossa, we would have had 2 impact players.

-Submitted by Josie


Look folks, this is really easy.

1. Price is born in August so is a Leo, that means he sucks against water teams like the Sharks but will eat the Ducks alive.
2. He should also play the Kings because the Lion is the King of the Beasts.
3. Halak should play the Coyotes. He’s a Taurus (the bull) so intimidating by size, and Price may feel too much affinity with a similar animal.
4. We should’ve brought in a water sign goalie to play the Sharks.
Is that settled then?

-Submitted by Smart Dog

Taking Care of Business. (Photo by Don Smith/NHLI via Getty Images)Taking Care of Business. (Photo by Don Smith/NHLI via Getty Images)

What do you guys think has been the biggest victory so far this season? I’m guessing most will say the come from behind win at New Jersesy. My vote goes for the 2-1 OT win in Florida on 2/13. Habs had just lost 3 in a row and the win started a 4 game win streak. Your thoughts. . .

-Submitted by saku11saku11



Komisarek was awful again last night. I suspect he is injured.
Thats about three or four bad games he’s played and hasnt left a mark or done anything productive.
Anybody else noticed his lackluster play as of late?

-Submitted by mbplekfan



My roomate is a huge Manchester United fan, and i’ve semi converted him to hockey fan-ness since he’s been living in Montreal. He’s absolutely bewildered by the pounding music at the Bell Centre, and wonders why, if the Habs are "the greatest hockey franchise in the history of the NHL" (as i call them), why can’t the fans learn a song or two?

Point is the Habs should bring some Euro love into the Bell Centre and come up with a few chants about how great we are (beyond the traditional, and over the hill "les canadiens sont la" song"). Something modern, and fresh, talking about how Kovalev is a shark on the ice, or how lame the other team is.

Group chants are an intimidating force, they help out with home ice advantage (something the Habs could use), and would be amazing to hear in the ACC ("Who the $&^# are the maple leafs", sung to the tune of "glory glory halleluja" a favorite of any team trying to piss off, normally, Man united, but it works for most teams).
Don’t know what the point is exactly… but lets hear some chants!
(or at least create them on here for fun since things like these are hard to kick)

-Submitted by Gormdog



Bell Centre should stay open as a club after games, the crowd is just amazing.

-Submitted by sidhu



Take away Ottawa’s 15-2 start and they’re 22-22-7. Toronto was 6-7-4 in its first 17 games. Take away their start, and their record is 23-22-6.

-Submitted by frank81


I was wondering why kovy has started playing the left side on the powerplay instead of his office on the right side. Then it donned on me, other teams were starting to pressure kovy on the powerplay and with both pleky and ak46 being left handed shots a cross ice pass from right to left makes for a lousy one timer. But for kovy to switch to the left side he can make the cross ice pass when pressured onto either pleky or ak 46 while they are both left handed shots playing the right side. Its alot better for a one-timer and for shooting angle.

-Submitted by showey47



I have compiled a list of songs for the P.A. guy at the Habs games.

-Hell’s Bell’s for any of the Belarussians or TNT (ACDC) for the Kostitsyn’s and Hell’s Bell’s for Grabs.

-Gettin Jiggy(Higgy) with it for Higgins

-Anything by the Culture Club for O’Byrne (just joking)

– Rock n Roll all night – Kostopolous (again just joking)

-Simply the Best for Kovy

-Knight Rider theme song for Michael either that or Man in The Box

-Mama said knock you out any fight we win….

-Cold as Ice- anytime Carey Price makes a difficult save look easy

-Danger Zone or Thunderstruck when a d-man makes a big hit

-Wild Thing for Begin

-My hero-Saku

-Taking care of Business-Pleks

-Crazy Train for Lapierre

-Zombie or Machinehead for Markov (he’s scary good but has the same demanour no matter what is happening)

-Hit me with your best shot-Gorges

-Iron Man-Bouillon

-We’re not gonna take it-for when Dandy scores after having been sat out for a couple games

-CenterField for Halak (Put me in coach…I’m ready to play…look at me I could be)

-Welcome to the Jungle (at one time the Komisaurus roamed the jungle…right J.T.???)-Komisarek

-Glory Days-Brisebois (back off everyone and let the guy enjoy his final season).

-Sledgehammer – Roman

-Loser by beck for any player on the opposing team who has shunned us or pissed us off in any shape or form.

-Submitted by krob1000



Here’s my cliched post for the next time the Habs are looking good or looking bad, given the manic-depressive nature of our collective temperament. The first part in parentheses should be used when we are playing well; the latter (in CAPS) when we’re in a slump.

"It [is a good time/SUCKS] to be a Habs fan this year. After years of frustration [we’re finally back on top!!!/WHEN THE HELL IS THIS ORGANIZATION GOING TO GET IT?] We’ve got [the top power play/A CRAP PK UNIT] which [reminds me of the 70’s/IS EMBARRASSING WHEN OUR COACHES ARE CARBO, JARVIS, AND MULLER]. Carbonneau has [to be considered for the Jack Adams award/ LOST THE ROOM AND HAS TO GO], Koivu [is showing the leadership he’s shown on the international stage/ IS PISSING ME OFF WITH THE OFFENSIVE ZONE PENALTIES], Higgins [is a future captain and is returing to form/ SHOULD HAVE GONE IN THE HOSSA DEAL], and as far as Price goes, [that was a brilliant move by Gainey to move Huet and tell him this is his team / HE WAS TOO YOUNG AND GAINEY GAMBLED WHEN HE DIDN’T NEED TO.] The fact that TSN rumors that Gainey’s being looked at for the Toronto GM job [is typical of the Toronto Sports Network – give me a break!/ IS AT LEAST SOME GOOD NEWS – MOVE THE BUM!]

The way things are going [we have to be favorites for a Cup run/ IT LOOKS LIKE THE CENTENNIAL SEASON IS GOING TO BE YET ANOTHER EMBARRASSMENT.] It’s time to [get those champagne bottles chilled/ ADMIT THAT WE NEED VETERAN LEADERSHIP AND TRADE THESE OVERRATED KIDS]. Why would I say that? Because [Kovalev is playing like a man posessed, we have the best prospects of any team/ PLAYOFF EXPERIENCE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO WIN IN THIS LEAGUE], and Price
[is God/IS NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME]. Seriously, that guy [has ice for veins/ IS SO FRIGGING OVERRATED] and I’d recommend [signing him long-term now/ TAKING A CLOSER LOOK AT HALAK AND LOOKING FOR A VETERAN].

I’m just so [thrilled/PISSED] today and for the first time in a long time, and I say this hesitantly, [i’m a real believer that the Habs can make a run for the Cup this year/ I AM THINKING THAT MAYBE I NEED TO FIND ANOTHER HOBBY.] The Dynasty Habs are [back/GONE FOREVER] and it [just feels so good!/ IS TIME FOR ME TO REALIZE THAT.]

[go habs go! i believe!!/ F___K!!!!!]

-Submitted by doug


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