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Out with the old... (THE GAZETTE/John Mahoney)Out with the old… (THE GAZETTE/John Mahoney)A big loss, a big win, a big trade, a big no-trade… basically a big week for Habs fans. There has been a lot to discuss, a lot to bemoan, a lot to celebrate and – of course – a lot to debate. In case you haven’t had the time to read all of the great posts by Habs Inside/Out members, here is a selection of some of the best from the past 7 days.

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I have been fortunate to have met M.Richard on several occasions. My favorite was around 1972 I was caddying at the Elm Ridge Golf Club outside Montreal. It was their annual golf tournament and I WANTED his bag. Because I had been in a dispute with the caddy master he gave me somebody elses. It cost me 20.00 to buy his bag back so effectively I caddied for nothing. About an hour after the round finished I was hitching a ride home. Who should stop to pick me up but Henri himself. As we drove I told him he was my favorite player he said I was lucky to get his bag then, I explaind what happened and he laughed. He drove me all the way home and then tried to pay me my 20.00 back. I said thanks but it was a real pleasure to carry his bag he would not accept no and placed the money in my shirt pocket. I later found an extra 10.00.

Submitted by habfan53


Happy Birthday Pocket!! Earlier this year I went to a game against Atlanta with my grandfather. You walked onto the ice with several other Habs greats and I saw a tear in my grandfatehrs eye. He said to me "you see that man? He defines greatness."

-Submitted by Oggie Ogelthorpe


I hope things fare well for Huet in Washington.
What I’m really curious about is what Gainey will do with the opportunity to snag an "impact" free agent come July 1st. I still think the team needs a power forward and/or pure goal scorer. So, while I’m excited and more than a little nervous about this season and the new goalie era, I’m quite pumped about next year, too.

Submitted by HotHabs


Brian Burke couldn’t get squat for bryzgalov and he is twice the goalie huet it. The problem is who needs or wants a 32 year old ufa goalie? A team out of the playoff race won’t trade for him, this leaves playoff teams or teams that are close to being in. Every team in this position essentially has established goaltending. The only real possiblities would of been washington, maybe nashville and ottawa. Would you want to trade him to ottawa? Like i posted before on other threads. You can’t get market value without a market.

Submitted by showey47


I’m one of the fans who would have liked to get Hossa. And the evidence is clear that Bob Gainey tried to make that happen but would not decimate out team just to get a rental player.
I think it would be fair to criticize Gainey if he didn’t try to get an impact player. But he did try. It’s not fair to criticize him for deciding that the price was too high.

Submitted by shiloh

Jarosaurus? (THE GAZETTE/John Mahoney)Jarosaurus? (THE GAZETTE/John Mahoney)

i like Halak cause he reminds me of one of those little dinosaurs in Jurassic Park that attacked Newman (from Seinfeld)…. he’s scary looking with his goalie mask…

Submitted by tony d


Huet, We’ll Miss Ya, But…
Someone HAD to go to make room. We would have either lost Halak (and not got enough for him because he hasn’t had a lot of NHL experience) or Huet. The obvious answer: Huet. Three reasons to keep Halak and not Huet: 1. Better career potential 2. Lower cap hit 3. Better, more stable, tandem with neither goalie having seniority. It was a no-brainer. I’m glad Bob did the smart thing. Too bad the market wasn’t better but he had no choice.

Gainey is Strategic.
 If you’re not convinced by now, this was an obvious move, this will do it. What could be better than to stellar young goalies both on entry level contracts for freeing up cap space to land a top notch sniper this summer. The Pens have Crosby and Malkin for cheap. We get Price and Halak. Not bad, not bad at all…. way to go Bob for seeing the whole board.

Submitted by Smart Dog


Halak it. Halak it a lot.

Submitted by Hot Pie


Lats needs a little more baking time down in the Hamilton oven. As for clearing waivers, from what i remember if he has played less than 160 games (180?) in the NHL he wouldn’t have to clear waivers… actually here i found it:

"Guillaume Latendresse signed an entry-level contract in 2006 at age 19. He would have been exempt from waivers for 4 years; however, he played in 80 NHL games in 2006-07, meaning the exemption was shortened to 3 years. He is now exempt until either the end of the 2008-09 season or he plays in a total of 160 NHL games [whichever comes first]."

Submitted by wd40

From trade rumours to call ups from Hamilton. God I love living in a hockey fishbowl

-Submitted by The Teacher


I got a chance to have great seats at the last game (right behind the Habs bench), and it was nice to see how fired up the guys were. I’m not sure how it looked on TV, but here were a few of my impressions:

Price was good, he stopped all the routine stops but his team played well enough in front of him that he didn’t have to make any great saves. The one really dangerous shot against him all game was the lone goal. He was solid though, no real complaints.

OB had a pretty bad game. He made several horrendous passes in our zone and I lost a few years during those moments. That said, he’ll get better…a poor man’s Komisarek one day, hopefully.

Grabovski has wheels…although he looked nervous as hell. In his first shift, I could see his face as he took the faceoff and he was freaking out. He got kicked out of the faceoff circle in his first 2 tries before a linesman talked to him to calm him down. If he can chill out, that line will be able to produce, as both Ryder and Streit have been playing well recently.

Finally, and most importantly, I got to see the man I was hoping Gainey would get at the trade deadline.. Bobby Holik. The guy is a giant, and ugly as hell, but he could have helped this team alot. For a big guy, he can still skate well and no one was able to knock him off the puck…Komi tried to lay a huge hit on him, and all it did was knock him slightly off balance. In the checking role, we’re missing that big shutdown centerman that this team needs to move to the next level.

Submitted by Les-Habitants


Wouldn’t it be interesting if in the summer that Ottawa sign a free agent by the name of Cristobal Huet.

Submitted by nightmare 49


Fellow Habs fans do not worry or fret! Pittsburgh gave up way too much for Hossa and it will be most notable in the real season. I was hoping we would get a little more for Huet but the demand wasn’t there. Gainey made a few good moves today a none were deals. First, he did not trade Higgins, Grabovski, Streit and a 1st round for Hossa. Second, he gave Price the starting job.Price is our superstar. He is the franchise. He is the equalizer.Like Pittsburgh is building around Crosby and Malkin, we will build around Price and the great thing is that in a seven game series it only takes 1 Price to stop Crosby,Malkin, and Hossa, or Spezza, Heatley, and Alfredsson, or Getzlaf, Perry, and Selanne…got it?…good!

Finally, he has sent a message to the whole organization that we believe in ourselves. We will not sell out for one player!! We have the talent within the orgaization to challenge any rival!! He has, in essence, unified the team. Can you imagine how good Ryder feels about staying and not being traded for a pick? Gainey is building a real "family" atmosphere." We will be patient with your struggles if you continue to work through your problems." They are showing loyalty and it will payoff!! Now I know some might bring up Huet, but it is important to note that he was out this summer (UFA) and his play over the course of this season and most of the second half last season has been less than impressive. We have the makings of a special team and tonight was only the beginning. Watch out N.J. and OTT!!!!!!!!! GO!HABS!GO!

Submitted by POPS


A Tale of Two GMs (Gainey vs JFJ)

Submitted by Habs_008



"Hell’s Bel’s".

Submitted by krob1000


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