Bench Talk: Week 3

With a weekend sweep of the lowly Flyers, a historic comeback versus the Rangers, a visit from the NHL’s point leader, and trade rumours, trade rumours, trade rumours – Montreal fans had a lot to talk about this week. In case you haven’t had the time to read all of the great posts by Habs
Inside/Out members, here is a short selection of some of the best from
the past 7 days.

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Some of the comments have been edited for length.


Ah…that was enjoyable! This is soooo much better than last year, it’s almost indescribable. There are big changes of course…like Hamrlik, O’Byrne and Gorges on defence versus Souray, Dandenault and Rivet, and this year’s Kovalev versus last year’s. But there are so many little things that, when you add them together, make the difference between a decent team that misses the playoffs by one win and a consistently very good team.

Better than last year? (THE GAZETTE/Allen Mcinnis)Better than last year? (THE GAZETTE/Allen Mcinnis)Watching Markov penetrate the offensive zone on the PP is a joy. That little hesitation he makes just at the line to throw off the defender and allow him to carry the puck rather than dumping it in is an art. Gorges’ positioning is great to see. Twice last night I saw him rub out a puck carrier on the boards and flip it out to his own player in a quick transition. Plekanec, Kovalev and Kostitsyn’s blind awareness of their linemates’ positions on the ice is a weapon very difficult to defend against…as we saw with the Habs’ first goal last night. The number of shots the team blocks is indicative of a much more determined will to win than we saw last year. Sergei Kostitsyn’s seeing-eye passes are brilliant, and when he stops surprising his linemates with them so often they’ll generate some pretty goals. So many little things…
-Submitted by J.T.

I am good enough to fill in for Breezer or Smokes in the press box.
And I’d sit there night after night for ahhh…$90,000 per year.
And actually, if the Habs look after my housing and meals, i could live on an allowance of $500 per week.
-Submitted by Richard B


Listening in on the Puckcast, there was some mention of the reaction Bob Gainey would get at his jersey retirement ceremony. For some reason, some people feel Gainey has not been very good at putting this team together.Hamrlik, Huet, Price, Both Kostitsyn brothers, Lapierre, O’Byrne, Begin, Streit, Kovalev, Halak, and Latendresse were all brought in by Bob Gainey. Not to mention the depth he has drafted, where the Habs boast one hell of a farm system; with Halak, Chipchura, Emelin, Valentenko, McDonagh, Paccioretty, Fischer, Maxwell, Ryan White, Yannick Weber, PK Subban, Cameron Cepek, and Mathieu Carle.

The fact is that Bob gainey has developed this team into a good product on the ice, with all signs showing that it could very well be something great, in the not so distant future. This Organization has great scouting, bolstered by the recent addition of Frank Jay Who has been a crucial part in developing the farm systems of Ottawa and New Jersey, both teams who have shown a very strong tradition of good draft picks.

I’m waiting with baited breath for Febuary 23rd 2008, where, if the fans remember him as the team-first, heart on his sleeve, never say die, dignified player he was, and as the very skillful, patient, insightful GM he is. Bob Gainey will be given an reception the kind of which he greatly deserves; the kind that has been reserved for Beliveau, Richard and few others who have truly turned the Montreal Canadiens, from simply being a hockey team, to being an Institution.
-Submitted by 9410


Does anyone know Bob’s e-mail?
I think I need to give him some advice.
-Submitted by Richard B


-Submitted by Blitzen



So, does that mean the Foppa market just floppa’d???

-Submitted by sadave

Are you serious or are you Jokinen?
-Submitted by Rugger

Nah, it was just Sundin I heard.
-Submitted by sadave

Hossa ’bout we don’t trade anyone?
-Submitted by Rugger

Looks like LA put the Blakes on any deal with their UFA.
-Submitted by sadave

Holik Cow!
-Submitted by doug

And while we’re at it, we’d better stop being so Lecavalier about a
trading for a player with a year still to go on his contract.
-Submitted by sadave

Gainey wouldn’t Havlat anyway.
-Submitted by J.T.

Now, that’s just Cournoyer.
-Submitted by G-Man

And the Oilers are Stolling for time…
-Submitted by The Teacher

There isn’t going to be any trades.
We’re just going to have to Huet it out.
-Submitted by The Teacher

How much do you think it would Kostopoulos to Havlat?
-Submitted by Bob Gainey

Well Huntering for the best deal for a low level Prospal is a wise move.
-Submitted by The Teacher

It’s simple really, just take the list of UFA’s and Markov who you want.
-Submitted by Rugger

Whoa! This is Streit out of some comedy routine…
-Submitted by Bob Gainey


Okay Kids, we’ve let this go on too Luongo to bed now.

-Submitted by Rugger

Yeah, this is getting Auld…
-Submitted by Bob Gainey


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