Behind the masks of Huet, Price

The NHL’s media relations department has put together a fun package looking at goaltenders’ masks, and why they look as they do. Too much to upload here in its entirety, but look below for the masks of Canadiens’ Cristobal Huet and Carey Price.

The Canadiens’ masks:



  1. Kenny says:

    Ok this is must be a programer having some fun but i clicked on the USA today link above (thanks for it DYCSoccer17) and when i pressed back on my browser the web address says ‘’ So it sparked my interest…i tried some other players names but it didn’t work. This really has nothing to do with anything but thought it was pretty cool incorporating a Hab’s name into the site. That is all….

  2. says:

    I like Carey’s mask. Been a big fan of his since he was drafted. i wonder if I had anything to do with the Yellow ribbon? Anyway, here’s a little story from last years’s meeting in Winnipeg.

    5 May 2007, A Night to Remember

    Well as a Carey Price fan, I would have to say that I reached the pinnacle of collecting tonight (5 May 07).

    Bulldogs were in Winnipeg to play the Moose in game one of the semi’s.

    Well known that I have been in contact with Carey’s billet from Tri-Cities for the last 2 years, she emailed me the other day to let me know that she and her husband were going to fly to Winterpeg to watch Carey play. I thought that was great, and made plans to watch the game too.

    So 4 tickets, and 2 hours later on game day, we were off to the game. I met up with Jill (Carey’s billet), and she handed me a nice little surprise (see pics).

    We made plans to go downstairs after the game to meet up with Carey. While the family and I met up with Jill, she had her friends she was staying with with her. I met Chet Pickard (Tri City’s goalie), his dad, and just drafted (WHL Seattle) brother. Then walks up Carey’s dad, I recognized him as soon as he stopped. I saw him on TV during the World Juniors this past winter. Jill introduces me too him , and lets him know about my web site. I talk to Jerry for a while, he was interested in what I did for a living, and my Custom Sports figures (he and Jill are getting 2 Carey figures on the house).

    I thought that was just great, and was very pleased. Then I overhear someone saying that a huge rain storm is coming in, and I tell Jill that we were going to leave, it is a 2 hours drive back to Brandon, and I wanted to get ahead of the storm and home by midnight. Then Matthew(6) and Meagan(4) my little rug rats start to cry because we weren’t going to meet the Team Canada goalie who they saw on TV, and beat the Moose that night. We were walking towards the exit, and with all the crying, I stopped and said lets go meet Carey. We ran after the Price clique, and walked downstairs, waited a bit, and out comes Carey in T shirt and shorts. He hugs his dad, and all the people there, then Jill introduces us. All I have to say is wow! I never asked for any autographs as I already have lots of his cards, but we had a family picture taken by Jill’s husband.

    He’s a good kid, and played very well against the Moose. Almost had a shutout but the Moose pulled their goalie and they popped one in with 27 seconds left in the game.

    On the way home I couldn’t stop talking about our little adventure, after asking Matthew and Meagan what they thought of Carey a hundred times, Matthew says “ok daddy we get it, you love him” I chuckled, and said “no I don’t love him Matthew, I did it for you two just as much as for me, he’s going to be a great goalie some day, and we met a future Canadiens Star. We’ll (I) never forget this night.”

    A night to remember for the Oliver Family.
    God Bless Our Infantry
    Death to the Taliban

  3. HABSFAN - NJ says:

    really kewl feature

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