Balsillie totally denies pursuit of Habs

Further to the story brewing today about moneybags Jim Balsillie being interested in buying the Canadiens, this email was received this afternoon from Balsillie’s lawyer in his hockey interests:

"Jim has absolutely no reason to believe the Habs, or any interest in the Habs, is for sale. Furthermore, Jim has met Mr. Gillette (sic) on more than one occasion. Not once has there been any discussion of a possible sale of the Habs now, in the future, ever…….not a controlling interest or a minority interest…..nothing. It is true that Jim is a Habs fan and has attended games at the Bell Centre, which he has enjoyed."

The lawyer added that Balsille "has a tremendous amount of respect for both the Canadiens organization and for Mr. Gillette (sic) personally." Basille apparently has sent an explanation and apology to Gillett about today’s published report.


  1. habs-13 says:

    I blame the NHL messed up schedule for last night’s loss. It’s twice now in this young season that the we have had a 5 day break in between games. We came back from a long break and lost to the Ducks, then we won 3 straight. Now we come back from another long break and lose to the Jackets. How are we supposed to establish a rythym, when we have almost of a week off at once? We have played the fewest games in all of the NHL, so what the hell are we doing with all these days off in a row? A couple people on the team do need to step it up though. Latendresse got off to a fast start and seems to have lost the drive he had at the start of the season. O’Byrne is taking too many bad penalties and doesn’t seem to be playing physical enough. Both Kostistyn’s haven’t done much this season but seem to be working, Sergei a little harder than Andrei. They just don’t seem involved in the play as much. Komisarek and Kovalev aren’t having bad season’s, but are looking a little off and giving the puck up way too much. Finally, Halak hasn’t looked good in his last 2 starts. He’s making a habit of letting in soft goals, which we just cannot afford. Although I couldn’t imagine this at the start of the season, if he continues like this, I could see him being sent down and Denis being called up.

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