Back to the bargaining table


A day after the NHL officially cancelled the Winter Classic, the league and the NHLPA were heading back to the bargaining table Saturday, but meeting in private.

The Canadian Press reported that deputy commissioner Bill Daly was scheduled to meet with Steve Fehr, the NHLPA’s special counsel, at an undisclosed location, according to a source.

It would be the first time the sides have sat down together since Oct. 18. Read more by clicking here.

Peggy Curran wrote the Extra feature in Saturday’s Gazette looking at a sports landscape in flux in which locked-out Canadiens players can still count on a monthly stipend of as much as $15,000 in licensing money to help cover payments on their houses, condos and flashy cars. Compare that with a rookie on the Alouettes’ CFL practice roster, who earns $500 to $800 a week. You can read the feature by clicking here. Curran also has a sidebar on how owners of pro sports teams play on “economic impact fantasy”. You can read that story by clicking here.

Ironically on Friday, the same day the NHL cancelled the Winter Classic, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg cancelled Sunday’s New York marathon as the city continues its recovery from the devastation of Superstorm Sandy. Former NHLer Nick Kypreos, who won a Stanley Cup with the Rangers in 1994, was one of more than 45,000 runners planning to take part in the marathon. You can read Gazette sports editor Stu Cowan’s column on Kypreos by clicking here.

(Photo by Chris Young/The Canadian Press)



  1. Shadow8 says:

    Okay, this is fun.

    Geoffrion scores a nice one, 2nd of the game.

    4-2 Hamilton

  2. Shadow8 says:

    Beaulieu blasts it from the point on the PP, Blunden with the redirect.

    3-2 Hamilton

  3. Shadow8 says:

    Beauty… Gallagher looking awesome!


  4. Shadow8 says:

    Goal! Nice pass Tinordi!

    2-1 Geoffrion

  5. Shadow8 says:

    Common Hamilton comeback!

    Leblanc is missed a little bit… if only Gally was on this team

  6. HabFab says:

    @rayferrarotsn: 1)Players want this,owners want that-we asked for meeting,they didn’t want to meet-one writer is players guy, another owners guy…blah,blah
    2) man people are touchy..lots of great media people so emotionally caught up in this that it is a rock throwing contest

    And this from an ex-player…bravo sir bravo!

  7. HABitual Fan says:

    It’s a far cry from the NHL…but good to see the dogs on the tube tonight. Oh, oh…maybe not, the Amerks just scored!

    “… it’s still better than cheering for the Leafs!”

  8. Shadow8 says:

    Uh oh.. delay of game xD

    edit: close calls, luckily still 0-0 after the first

  9. HabFab says:

    Gally with a goal and an assist in in the first period.

  10. Boomer says:

    2 backdoor empty net misses by the Amercs on the PP. Lucky for Hamilton

  11. Mavid says:

    that is one happy fighter

  12. Boomer says:

    Huge glove save by mayer on Grigensons alone in the slot

  13. Boomer says:

    I like Girgensons

  14. Shadow8 says:

    Alright… that first video was pretty funny, thank you for that… then I clicked on the habs game video… and had to shut it off 1 minute in because I’d forgotten how loud the crowd is and how amazing it is to watch the habs play.

    I heard “Smolinski” and kinda chuckled.. hehe.

    Umm… Go Dogs Go!!!! now to watch the rest of that video.

    EDIT: I really did like the K brothers. Habs played well that year.

  15. Timo says:

    Hockey can be a beautiful thing when Habs win. That game 7 clip brought back some good memories.

  16. ooder says:

    even when hockey does come back…boy what a sour taste it will leave in peoples mouth for the first little while

    The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

    • Timo says:

      The dollars that people will shell (in Canada) to go see the games won’t have the taste or the smell. I don’t know how it will play in US but I imagine that people who love hockey will be back no matter what they say.

      • ooder says: doubt that all of canada + boston, philly, ny rangers… will be back no problem.
        the only palces that can really punish the nhl is the lost momentum in Florida, LA, Nashville …
        The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

  17. Mavid says:

    i will be foolish along with you

  18. Habfan10912 says:

    Am I being foolish if I am beginning to feel optomistic that we’ll see hockey soon?


  19. Mavid says:

    oh your right its on sportsnet..and my hubby reminded me that we are suppose to go out tonight for our friends son’s 30th birthday party..shit how am i gonna get out of that??

  20. Boomer says:

    Dogs game on sportsnet tonight

  21. Mavid says:

    whoohooo I just checked and the game is on 1883 HD on Bell..I am truly excited…

  22. Ron says:

    Bulldogs have confirmed that Greg Pateryn suffered a fractured elbow in last nights game and is to have surgery. He will be out indefinitely. That will be a big loss, he was playing well.

  23. Ron says:

    Dreger has been tweeting that he has received lots of tweets from players that are saying they want their leadership to focus on getting a deal done and stay away from putting petty memos out to the media. Dreger also says that the players aren’t caving but want the focus on negotiations.

    I think this is in regard to the NHL confirming that they had verbally said they would take their share of the Make Whole concept and Fehr said it ment nothing. Players are getting abit skeptical I think.

  24. Commandant,

    Forbes admits that their numbers are based on estimates, not actual numbers. I think they take average ticket price times annual attendance to get estimated annual revenue. I’m not sure how they estimate expenses outside of player salaries.

    Also, I didn’t see that they said that there was an official government audit of their books…it seem like the county auditor was quoted but I’m not sure there was an official audit.

    There are 2 very important points to consider here:
    1. Is the estimated $21M in profits from the Panthers or from their arena management company?
    It isn’t clear in the article but if they are including profits from other events such as concerts you can’t attribute those profits to the Panthers.

    2. It is very interesting to note that according to the same article since 1998 the Panthers have made $117M in profits and the county has given them $90 M in taxpayer dollars!

    That means without the taxpayer money they would have made much less.
    The greatest Canadiens and NHL news-site:
    Twitter: @teliopost

    • commandant says:

      The point is…. when even a non-playoff team, in a horrible market is making double digit profits every season, there is no need for this lockout.

      The owners crying poor rings hollow.

      And yes the article and opposition was based on an official auditor’s report.

      Go Habs Go!
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      • wjc says:

        I have said all along they are not crying poor, not that I believe anyways….they are crying fair….the split has to be fair.


      • Does the $21M profit include the arena management revenue from concerts etc? Many teams make most of their profit from arena management revenue which has nothing to do with hockey…
        It is possible they make $21M in profit from concerts and 0 from hockey games…

        The greatest Canadiens and NHL news-site:
        Twitter: @teliopost

        • commandant says:

          I’m not saying that those profits should be counted for in HRR.

          But I am saying… its a little much to cry poor when your corporation profited 21 million.

          Without the hockey team, you never would have got the government money to build the arena… you’d have no concerts…

          The business is synergistic.

          Which is why the claim that 18 teams lost money rings hollow. There are buyers lined up to buy nearly every team in the NHL, because synergy they create with other business ventures makes them extremely profitable to people with money. Pretty much the only team we can’t sell is the coyotes and that is only because the league is forcing them to stay in a dead end market.

          Go Habs Go!
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  25. commandant says:

    Remember those Forbes numbers of so many teams losing money.

    Well here’s the funny thing, Broward County did an official government audit of the Florida Panthers last year, in conjunction with a loan for upgrades to the Sunrise arena

    “(Since 1998) In that time period, the Panthers have made more than $117 million in profits.”

    “Based on the team’s performance and renovations, the Panthers expect to make $21 million at the arena this year.”

    Can we make it official now? Forbes numbers are complete b/s

    Go Habs Go!
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    • HabFab says:

      Yeah, maybe because Forbes was saying the Panthers would make $25 million in gate revenues not $21 million. It even looks worse for the Panthers…

      • commandant says:

        The numbers in the article and audit are specifically cited as PROFIT, not revenue.

        It actually looks pretty darn good.

        Go Habs Go!
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        • HabFab says:

          Again $21,000,000 after the arena costs are paid or $21 ml HRR of which the first 57% goes to the players. It is not net profit for the Panthers but gross profits from the gate receipts which goes into HRR. Basic accounting principles my law courses taking bro.

          • commandant says:

            Another article.


            “But since the arena opened in 1998, the county has spent tens of millions on it and received little in profit, while the Panthers organization has made an overall profit of $117.4 million from the facility, the county auditor says.

            In 2011 the team made $10.4 million in profits at the BankAtlantic Center while the county made none, according to the Sun Sentinel.”

            PROFIT, not Gross Revenues… .PROFIT.

            Maybe its before tax profit, but there is no such thing as “before arena expenses profit”…. before expenses is called REVENUE

            Go Habs Go!
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          • HabFab says:

            Again, this just confirms what I have stated, but am not going to argue further dude. It is the profit from the gate receipts but not net team profits. In simple lay terms, profits from the tickets to the game after expenses. By comparison, the Habs made $83,000,000 profit from gate receipts. Enjoy the hockey tonight.

          • commandant says:

            It its before Team Expenses and Overhead, it would be called Gross Revenue, not Profit.

            I’m pretty sure the Auditor knows the definition of Profit.

            Remember 21 million in profit is what the corporation made on all their activities (including ones that aren’t included in HRR like other arena events).

            Now to be clear, I’m not saying the players should get a share of the non-HRR revenues… what I am saying is that the claim of “18 teams lost money:” rings hollow. There is a reason why so many NHL teams always seem to find owners (and Phoenix could have an owner tomorrow if they just agreed to let them leave Phoenix).

            The synergistic opportunities of owning a hockey team and other businesses is very good. 18 Owners are not “losing money”.

            Go Habs Go!
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  26. Ncognito says:

    Let’s see where this one goes

  27. HardHabits says:

    No comment.

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