Back to practice on eve of Game 6

Canadiens’ Travis Moen dislodges the net of Capitals’ Semyon Varlamov with a high-speed crash Friday in Game 5.
Jim McIsaac, Getty Images

A tough job, but Moen’s gotta do it: Stubbs
Power outage jolts Capitals: Hickey

The Canadiens return to practice this morning in Brossard to prepare for Monday’s Game 6 against the Washington Capitals.

The Habs we spoke with Saturday – Travis Moen, Hal Gill and Dominic Moore – all echoed a familiar refrain: Friday’s 2-1 Game 5 win in Washington will mean nothing unless they follow up with a victory Monday at home.

Pat Hickey will be at practice late this morning (it begins at 11:30 a.m., for those planning to attend) and will provide updates later today.

The Capitals practice this morning in Arlington, Va., then charter into Montreal later in the day.


  1. HabFab says:

    Is that the straight poop!


    Bad and too much! Of course you can now add “pooper scooper” to your illustrious titles!

  2. Bob Barker says:

    Well it’s good you haven’t written him off. Look at his game log, he was producing at a decent pace until 12 games ago.

    In the 12 games following the Olympic break, he had 4 goals and 5 assists. Pretty good production. 

    In the 12 games since, he has 0 goals and 2 assists. 


  3. ManApart says:

    RFA does not fall under the category of a year in which a new contract must be negotiated and signed? Look it up. I could post an equally long list of players that had average or below average seasons in a contract year. So if pros can turn it up in a contract year, why do half of them choose not to? Maybe a few can and do, but to generalise it as a rule for the reason a player is doing well, is flawed. I bet that if a study was done, it is almost just as likely, a player does the same or worse than his career average, rather than better in a contract year. Maybe slightly better, but no way enough to make it a rule…..Look at last year, Koivu, Kovalev, Tanguay, Higgins, Dandy, Begin, Bouillion, Ryder the year before, Price this year. All contract years, all average to below average seasons according to their own standards. And the final point to prove your theory wrong about Pleks. It was a contract year for him last season. He had a bad season. So does that mean Pleks doesn’t think it’s important to turn in up during a RFA year, but only during a UFA year? Now that is kind of nuts.

  4. ManApart says:

    First of all it’s been a pattern his whole NHL career and it’s more like the past 20+ games with the Habs. Secondly, when did I say, I wrote him off. I said he’s blowing his chance “so far”. I didn’t say trade him. You definately give the guy a full opportunity next year to play on the top 6 and PP and see how it goes, before making any final assessment.

  5. Bill J says:

    Not my defence, so will assume Priceberg’s lol

    My defense is – he is not the first nor the last.  And ultimately if Jaro was given till he was 24 to break out, Price as a backup to Jaro should also be given the chance to break out by the age of 24.

    Goalies develop at a far different pace then other players, I will assume you know this.

    So @ 22 it is FAR too early to quit on him.

    Someone listed a bunch of “busts” who had won WJC & Calder Cups.

    NONE of which EVER showed moments of brilliance as Price has.

    This past season was a GARBAGE season for the HABS – the proof is in Price’s GAA & Save %.  He had little to no goal support on MANY of those losses.  Jaro has had much better luck, and his maturity (at the age of 24) has shown to be a great asset.


  6. derfab says:

    ditto. habs should be up 3-2. bad breaks in game 2 defines the series so far. albeit the continuing advantage, caps still won’t go far given the way pitt, philly have played.

  7. ManApart says:

    All right, I blame both Lat’s and Pouliot’s parents, for not instilling a better work ethic and sense of responsability in them, to have a Gionta type attitude towards life and towards their chosen profession. I blame the French fans and media for giving Lats a sense of entitlement and for making him out to be more than he was (equivalent of Price on the english side), in turn creating a spoiled man-child who thought he didn’t have to work for anything. I do blame Gainey for not having him play at least a  year in the AHL to develop.And foremost, I blame the players themselves, for not having the character and fortitude to listen to what their coaches are telling them and WORK HARD.

  8. Bob Barker says:

    He’s struggled for the past 10-12 games, he was bound to have a slump at some point. Maybe you should give him a full season in the nhl before you write him off. 

  9. ManApart says:

    I know Carbo is with you on that one. He’s on the record saying he wishes he had a team with 12 Tom Kostopouloses. I wonder who would win, your team of Moens or Carbos team of Tm the Bombs?

  10. Bill H says:

    The truth is, Paul, that we will never know what could have been and what would have been with Latendresse under a different set of circumstances.  Latendresse was lighting it up in the Q with 51GP  43G  40A  +/- +20  He was still underage, if I remember correctly, and so he was not eligible to play in the AHL.  He had a great training camp, so Canadiens management made the decision to let him have a shot with the big club, rather than play another year in junior.  In retrospect, that might have been a mistake.  For sure there was a lot of fan and media pressure to bring up the next big francophone star. 

    So Latendresse never really met inflated expectations in Montreal.  He played 3 full years and scored 16, 16 and 14 goals – not too bad, but way short of expectations.  The wheels came off this past season, with only 2G in 23GP.  Its easy to blame JM for that, but what evidence is there that it was his fault?  Latendresse was not trying.  He got traded to Minnesota and now he’s trying.  

    Montreal is a unique hockey environment, especially for a francophone hockey player.  Why do you think so many refuse to come play here?  You acknowledge that with your comment about playoff hockey in October.  Its just simplistic and convenient to blame JM.  Maybe even lazy…like Latendresse.  😉


  11. Storm Man says:

    Price is UFA this year? no he is not but anyways if I was to post all the players whos stats were better come contract year the HIO site would crash. To say pros in any sport cant turn it on come contract year is a little nuts. 

  12. Bugs says:


    What’s the point of gettin pissed if ya can’t blame nobody?

    Point some fingers, Manny, c’mon!

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

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