Back to practice Friday morning


Canadiens consider new goal nets for one end of Bell Centre.
Matt Cardy, Getty Images

The Canadiens have a 10:30 am meeting scheduled in Brossard – if it’s in the video room, they’re not going to like what they see – followed by an 11:30 practice that’s been scheduled. Yet to be seen whether that takes place, or if most of the troops lick their wounds and retreat to the gym for an off-ice workout.

You file Boston and you forget it, if you can. Washington is in town Saturday night, and a Canadiens goal would be their first scored in six days.


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  2. 44har48 says:

    Anyone tired of the 1-2-2 trap? Can any of you hockey minds in Montreal tell me why my speedy and very small habs play a trap against teams that can move the puck?

    I’m getting real $%^&ing tired of watching it and teams just literally dominate us when we play it.

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  4. habs63 says:

    Its too late in the year for a bag skate. Damn

  5. Fig Newton says:

    Nice game, girls. Maybe next time you’ll actually score.

    I hear that they are having tryouts at practice this morning. Surely there must be 18 MEN in the city of Montreal that want to play hockey.

  6. Big Ted says:

    File and forget… same thing everyone said after Buffalo. And after New York. The Habs can’t just forget to show up against every Eastern conference opponent, it’s time for them to actually show they can learn from their mistakes.

  7. rob_c says:

    Now that I slept on it a few quick things…

    Some hab players refer to Cammalleri as a “ferrari”, I think “neon” is more like it. He sure as hell isn’t winning any races. Actually he’s not doing much of anything.

    Have to admit Mara is growing on me a bit.

    Who is observer and why does he talk about the leafs every other post?

    Its incredible how UGLY the Boston fans in that crowd were

    It’s obnoxious “USA, USA, USA” chants like that, that make me not care when their national anthem gets booed in Montreal. I acknowledge it’s disrespectful, but man does that get my blood boiling.

    I look forward to seeing Ryan White for many years…. a great role/depth player thats coming out of the woodwork.. have to admit, prior to this season I never thought he’d be an affective player for us.

    Sopel, I have NEVER seen a DMAN shy away from contact so much in one game. There was atlas 3 PERFECT examples, they happened to show ONE on TSN. If your not healthy enough to take a hit to make a play, Picard/Weber should have been in.

    I LOVE the way Darche plays. he’s fearless out there.

    And finally, THANK YOU SCOTT GOMEZ! We now know you cant do anything while 5 on 3 either.. Just when I thought my view of you couldn’t get any worse it did.

  8. HabsFansince49 says:

    You make good points. Tons of rationalizations will appear today (injuries, Pleks and Halpern just returning, unlucky, the NHL hates the Habs, Mark Recci) but it is only a way to gloss over reality. And it’s time to stop referring back to last year’s Cup run. It was an anomaly. Truth is none of our lines are working consistently. The defense except PK is tired and perhaps so is Price. Don’t blame him; he’s been over used. It is not so much that Martin’s system is bad; it is transparent. It may work in the AHL but in The Show it is so easy to crack. Toss in a few veterans who have failed miserably. Make no wonder they are laughing at us in Boston.

    I don’t pretend to be an expert; just a die-hard Habs fan passing my opinion

  9. LizardKing1967 says:

    Heard late last night that players have stopped playing for JM. My question on that is: why’d it take so long?

  10. CHCanadien says:

    It’s just one game but……WTF!

  11. solomio says:

    No matter how die hard a Hab fan you are you do have to admit something is wrong.. The Hab have lost important games to the Rangers, Sabres, Caps not long ago, Bruins,.
    Don’t say the playoffs haven’t started yet or those games meant nothing.I’ve got a Habs Heart but I am not blinded by it, Those failures stand out like warts. Under duress are there cracks in the dressing room?
    Don’t blame the refs, thuggery or injuries.Look at the teams performance when it counts and tell me what you see, realistically.
    And we are not guaranteed a play off spot and the teams below us keep winning ( yes even the Leafs) and after a win one lose one spree the Habs just maybe in free fall.
    So lets stop all the rah rah rah stuff and take a look at what is really happening on the ice now. Last night was a humiliation.
    Will the Habs find the resolve to come back and beat a much improved Caps team on Saturday or have the the Habs reached the end of the line? Tune in Saturday for… Habs Heart On The Line…

    • 44har48 says:

      I’m with you, these are statement games and “must win” games this close to the playoffs. They look exausted, or have stopped playing for this coach, or are really hurt, which is BS…all teams and players are banged up at this time of year. I am tired of the 1-2-2 trap and watching teams dominate us while we play it.

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