Back to hockey tonight

But everyone is still talking about The Hit

Red Fisher and Jack Todd weigh in on Pacioretty

Gomez tells Stubbs that NHL inaction stunned Canadiens

Pat Hickey on Price vs. Halak

Eric Duhatschek and Roy MacGregor on Chara

Fans are calling the cops

Boston Herald likes NHL decision


  1. J.T. says:

    Tommy, the league is so commercialized now that actual hockey has become secondary to the “product”.  That’s why Air Canada, if it moves against the league, would be groundbreaking.  Hit ’em in the wallet and you get the attention of the ponces running the operation in New York.  It’s kind of poetic, actually.  The league feeds at the corporate teat, so let the corporate de facto owners of the league call the shots. 

    I’d like the next in line to be Molson’s.  Then Labatt’s, and Tim Horton’s, whose spokesperson is the still-injured Crosby.  If Sid has any pull with the company he represents, perhaps he can persuade Tim’s to get tough. 

    I decided two years ago never to listen to Don Cherry again, and for the most part, I haven’t.  I’ve got better things to do than waste brain cells listening to the likes of him.


  2. Former Jets Fan says:

    Renaud Lavoie posted the same story on at the same time as Blob McKenzie. 

  3. Mr. Habs says:


    SPOT ON!


  4. Habs64 says:

    Wonder how much money Chara got or if there was a bounty on Patches?

  5. 123456 says:

    stubbs boone et al – first of all i am not trying to be a jerk here (i save that for other times). does anyone know why mckenzie got the interview with pach? (obviously i am implying why not one of you guys)

  6. habsguy says:

    what a bunch of jerks,  Kypreos said if this happened in columbus we wouldnt even be talking about it,  the only reason it’s news is because he was a Hab !!!!!…….The NHL really needs to clean house,  starting right with Bettmem

  7. DD says:

    “I’ve gotten hit into that partition before,” said slew foot artist Johnny Boychuk. “He just rubbed him out and he hit his head on that partition, and that thing’s not going to move.” 

    What thing? Colin Campbell?

     The Bruins and Chara’s earlier actions and words point to premeditation. even if they and the league say there was no intent to injure. The fact is, not only did Chara interfere with Pacioretty on the play, he elbowed his head into the partition.

    Read JT’s blog entitled ‘SHAME’   

    This should also be sent to Bettman, Campbell and Murphy.


    The NHL is a joke.

  8. Mr. Habs says:

    This comming from a Douche who’s head is softer than jello!

  9. awesomerino says:

    To paraphrase Bill Hicks:

    Stephen Harris is a fevered ego who’s tainting our collective subconscious and making us all pay a higher psychic price.

    Truly, the world would be a better place without him in it.

  10. arcosenate says:

    Well, all this does is put the ball in the Habs court, the league is essentially saying you punish him. So be it, if that’s the way they want to deal with these issues then that’s exactly what they’ll get. Frontier justice. What a sorry, sad day for hockey.

  11. observer says:

    the first joke is the 5 foot tall commissioner/money grabber who put these turnbuckles where they are.

  12. Mr. Habs says:

    Us Habs fans should gather up as many game tickets as we can & make the trip to Stupidtown USA (AKA Boston)on March 24. We can cause the biggest stink that arena has ever seen!

  13. observer says:

    gary bettman is out in phoenix trying to steal more mmoney today. bettman his best friend and backer jeremy jacobs/ jacobs giving campbells worthless hockey playing son a job – bettman’s nhl is organized crime. thats why he approved all those criminal owners from boots del baggio, the former isles owners, anaheim’s current thief. bettman was not going to suspend jacobs best d-man in a year bruins think they are a contender. if the dwarf ever appears in the forum/bell centre he should be treated like clarence campbell was times 10 times!

  14. observer says:

    the only place kypreos has an announcing job is canada – because they would never listen to any hockey expert in columbus or phoenix — pj stock another 4 goal scorer NOW AN EXPERT ON HOW TO PLAY THE GAME- how come the only announcer ex-jocks now are all flunkies at the sport?

  15. Fansincebirth says:

    What a travesty, an absolute joke. They had their chance to send a message, a very clear message that this garbage that has infested the league will stop NOW. However, whether influenced

    by money (owners) or by association (Colin’s son), the league has decided to do nothing, to let things rest. No further action necessary, it was a part of the game, he was just finishing his check.

    So now, we have a young man lying in a hospital bed with a severe concussion and a broken vertebrae in his neck from someone just finishing the check. No intent, they said, no targeting of the head, they said. They are blinded by their own prejudice and stupidity.

    So, what now, what is going to happen? A very dangerous precedence has been set. The NHL will turn it’s back, look away from nasty, disgusting hits because they are just part of the game.

    Well Mr Campbell, here is my wish….

    I will wish for a hit on YOUR SON, one that is borderline criminal like this was, one that lands YOUR SON in the hospital with very serious injuries and I hope you are at that game and witness it, like Max’s parents did. I also wish it to be done by someone who has no history of doing anything like that, a first timer. I hope your world is rocked so badly that you are forced to take the blinders off and see what is going on in this league. I would wish the same for Bettman but I doubt he has ever been allowed to reproduce. I want to see what happens when the person who crushes your son and potentially ends his career sits on the other end of the phone with his feet up on the coffee table, video game on hold and listens to your fellow henchman Mr Murphy tell him and the rest of the hockey world that he can find no basis with which to suspend him from the game of hockey.

    Then, and only then will justice have been served, Mr Campbell.

    Reap what you have sown you SOB!

    Patches, get well soon…

    Welcome to the new NHL – NASCAR on Ice

    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  16. J.T. says:

    The more I think about this situation, the madder I get.  The thing that’s currently enraging me is the idea that the NHL thinks Sean Avery’s “sloppy seconds” comment is worth six games.  Wisniewski’s “suck it” gesture to Avery got him two.  Yet Chara’s breaking a man’s neck…whether he intended to is beside the point…gets nothing.  It’s really, really unbelievable.  Maybe if Chara had called Pacioretty a name first, or pretended to hump him or something, there might be justice today.



  17. observer says:

    watch it come up in parliament today again?

  18. CoachJoe says:



    “We can be as pissed off as we want, but it’s not going to change anything,” Canadiens centreman Scott Gomez was saying last night from St. Louis.

    “But guys are livid. They’re very pissed off.”

    That is all I needed to know as a fan.  We can go over what happened all we want, but it is time to start thinking about action.  

    This is a slap in the face of Montreal.  No other way to look at it.  It is a slap to the team and a slap to the league’s most loyal and best fan base.  

    I am sick and tired of seeing this fan base called crazy and difficult and that Montreal is a hard place to play.

    I propose that we crank up our emotions to a height that has not been seen before.  Gomez says the guys are pissed, then we are pissed!  

    The league wants to do nothing, the experts want to blame the infrastructure, other players and coaches want to all it a hockey play….fine!  They are the enemy.

    Let’s really crank it up.  Let’s go nuts at the next home game.  Chant Pacioretty’s name.  Pick these Habs up and propel them.  This city can do it.  This fan base can do it.  

    If you are in a bar watching a game, crank up the cheering.  Use your cell phones and video it.  Post it on the web.  Let the Habs players know that our fan base is a bunch of crazed dogs and we are now foaming at the mouth.  

    There are only a handful of games left and then playoffs.  This might have been a call from the Hockey Gods to lift our team to the promised land.

    Personally, I am going to cheer this team on like I never have before.  I am going to boo every single opposing player that scores on us mercilessly.  I am going to remember every single player and coach who went on record calling Chara’s hit a hockey play and I am going to NEVER let them live it down.  EVER!!  I am going to turn my radio off whenever it is time for “Insiders” like McKenzie and Dreger to come on and I am going to tell Team 990 that I am doing that.  I am going to do whatever I can to try to focus my support on the Habs while eliminating my support of the NHL, TSN, and all the other A-hole organizations that refused to take the proper stance on this.

    I am gong to apologize for making this such a long read…




  19. Dee says:

    Where is the NHLPA in all of this?

    Habs Fan 4 Ever & Ever Amen.

  20. Matt_in_TO says:

    Further proof this league can’t do anything right.  Everyone see St. Louis’ shoot-out goal last night?  How they hell did the refs allow that?


    – In Price We Trust

  21. adam76 says:

    To quote the late 1990s Bloodhound Gang……

  22. danedmunds says:

    air canada has threatened to withdraw sponsorship because of the hit. that would be fantastic! go air canada!!

  23. Clay4bc says:

    Agreed…I’ve been looking forward to that game for a long time (of course pulling for Price to get a shut-out), but now I am barely interested.

    F@#$ing Chara even ruined hockey…


    The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

  24. 123456 says:

    agreed on all points – now who is going to break chara’s neck in the next meeting??

  25. avatar_58 says:

    Price vs Halak? Who gives a shit. Not me. All I care about is justice here

  26. DearyLeary says:

    I don’t even feel like watching tonight… hockey just feels empty with the disregard for the safety of the players now.  It’s barbarism, and they just want to sweep it under a rug and hope people will forget about it.

  27. mrhabby says:

    Air Canada pulling sponsorship..well thats a start. but if there replaced by somebody else it will be business as usual.

  28. matrags says:

    lol, love it , wh en the law will not protect us we must protect ourselves. Go Habs Go!!!!!!!!

  29. RGM says:

    It’s amazing to think that we’ve all had this date with the Blues circled on our hockey calendars for the whole season….and now, thanks to the gutless Chara and even more gutless NHL, the game itself is not even close to the forefront of my mind.

    Go Habs Go!

  30. Clay4bc says:

    (repost) e-mail bettman to show him your

    i have heard a lot of comparisons between this and the Bertuzzi incident. However, I think in actuality (other than the specific type of injury) this is more like the incident that led to the Bertuzzi/Moore incident. A cheap head shot to a player that resulted in serious injury (Naslund went down with a concussion then, Pacioretty now). The league does nothing. Revenge ensues.

    I wonder if the same thing will happen here? Will someone take revenge on Chara for this, like Bertuzzi did on Moore?

    And lost in all this – Gomez played the best 2 periods of his entire season. If he had played like that all year, no one would be complaining about his salary, because he would have earned it.


    The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

  31. CHsam says:

    I didn’t think it’s possible, but I feel worse about it today than I did yesterday.

  32. TommyB says:

    The NHL turned it’s head and looked away on Jan. 1, during their big-splash production of an outdoor hockey game designed to sell itself to a nation that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about hockey. And I say that with apologies to the regions in the U.S. who do love and enjoy the sport. During that game, the sport’s best player was blindsided with a concussion-giving check in clear view of all who were watching. This showcase game. The NHL immediately looked the other way while everyone else looked at Crosby facedown on the ice. No suspension was given. In fact, no penalty was called. I thought that was an incredible moment, and though I knew well before that hit that the NHL had become bush-league, that event sealed the deal.

    Two and a half months later, Crosby is still on the sidelines. One of the game’s most recognizable stars from the past, and owner of the Penguins franchise,speaks out about what the league has become, and questions his continuing membership in this “club” known as the NHL. The NHL still does nothing, and continues on it’s merry way, trying to salvage a franchise in the middle of the desert. Something that is apparently more important.

    Now this. This “hit” on Pacioretty. I call it a hit, in the way the mob would put a hit on someone. I see no difference. Chara executed the hit on Pacioretty, and there was clearly intent to injure, but not in the eyes of the NHL talking heads. Given what we have witnessed prior to this, why should we expect anything different?

    I congratulate Air Canada for speaking out, and at least threatening to take a stand (cuz let’s be honest, all it is at the moment is a threat). It would be even better if more big-name corporations would step forward and say something similar. Tim Horton’s? MacDonald’s? Instead, we will suffer through another idiotic statement from Don Cherry on Coaches Corner. I must force myself to turn away this Saturday night. 46 inch TV’s are too costly to throw a beer bottle through.

  33. arrow says:

    Vote Max 3rd Star every HOME Game until he returns!


  34. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    doesn’t matter…TSN was a good move by PATCHs… its nation wide and they’ve shown nonstop since yesterday, Chara is a liar

  35. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    it was a cowardly act, the more you watch it, the more plainly it becomes, the thrust of his check happens exactly at the right time to send MAXPAX into the steel post…

    THIS IS A NO BRAINER…. he shoved him into the steel post you idiotic imbeciles….

    and in DON CHERRYS own words, Chara didn’t look back… CRIMINALS (THE GUILTY) NEVER LOOK BACK, THEY KEEP WALKING.



    Wednesday March, 9th, 2011 – the day NHL Hockey “officially” died

  36. RGM says:

    It’s a hell of a world eh? It’s usually so easily to get excited and pumped up for a particular game, but this one….I just don’t have it. I didn’t even pay attention to Sportscentre this morning to get the updates on what happened last night. The whole mess has just really ruined my ability to care about a playoffs race for the time being.

    Go Habs Go!

  37. habsfaninboston says:

    I can’t bring myself to watching the game tonight. My blood is still boiling. I’m so disgusted at the NHL.

    FU Bettman.

  38. 123456 says:

    figured iut was bc of tsn being national and also a potential biased reporting form the local media – but still i’m sure there were discussions among media before attempting to contact paches – or at least i hope there was.

  39. Ton says:

    Firstly I am appaled that their is another side that doesn’t wish the kid well, if you read some of the coments regarding max’s comments their sickening. This is what winning at all costs as done to our sport, hits like such are viewed as entertainment. there always going to be someone at the end of that hit. Lindros had the opportunity to protect himself against stevens but max beat chara on speed, he had the upper hand and he was taken down viciously. how the other side can be so unhumaine is beyond me.  Nhl will crumble, its started faster than what I thought…… it go fast…….mcquire said sometning interesting in his interview…..speed and skill make franchises…….boston and philadelphia are the only two franchises that could survive without it however doubtful for boston had a run of empty seats for years.

    Think about and tell the critics, how credible is this decision……..the chief commander cannot make a decsion because of conflict of interest………..what?????!!! The level of intellegence at the broadcast booth is sickening, most former hockey players with bad communication skills, remember most of them are employed in an industry that pays them well, how many of them upgraded their education, bet you that have not made it past grade 10!!!  I hope the students of the game will comment, flower, beliveau, orr,……..Orr will not he as vested interest with agents/players in boston meaning he will be wishy washy, gretzy will not the nhl owe him 8 milllion and he got taken out once real good, poor kid only played 10 games after than, cudo’s to those who are straight shooters and shame on you if you said this hit was clean…………how ignorant of you, I have watched hockey for 40 years and tried to keep a perspective…… was an elegal hit……called that way by the chosen nhl referree of choice for this game…………….

  40. Kooch7800 says:

    God Bless Air Canada for standing up and stating it as it is!!!!!!

  41. Fansincebirth says:

    I’d volunteer but I’m only 5’4″…never make it.

    Welcome to the new NHL – NASCAR on Ice

  42. Kooch7800 says:

    As habs fans we need to figure out a way to send a message to the NHL.  I don’t know how lets think of something. A boycott of watching a game but there has to be something we can do

  43. avatar_58 says:

    He’s lucky gomez didn’t pull a Bertuzzi then

  44. Kooch7800 says:

    What Air Canada did was right and they sent it to the press.  That is exactly the negative press that this deserves.I was proud of them when they did it. At least they have a spine.

  45. habs63 says:

    I agree with a lot of you. I doubt I will watch the game tonight and really could care less about the result. As long as no other hab ends up like Max.


    One of the few games I don’t mind if they lose due to a poor effort.

  46. madcap_habsfan says:

    I hate the Bruins…that being said I don’t believe Chara intended to land our boy in the hospital…he still should have been suspended regardless. Colin Soupy needs to get his act together and have consistant no exception rules when it comes to this kind of thing. If one player injures another regardless of automatic suspension should occur PERIOD. I can’t for the life of me understand why its so effing hard to figure that out. Getting the police involved however doesn’t help and makes us look ridiculous…cause you know when a few fans do something we all get lumped together.

    -“People have to really suffer before they can risk doing what they love.” Chuck Palahniuk

  47. drivefor25 says:

    I liked the suggestion – far-fetched as it was – that the Habs, other Canadian teams and skilled teams like the Hawks and Red Wngs set up their own league.  That way, the Bruins, the Atlanta Whatzits and the Florida Whozatts could compete in the “new” NHL (Neanderthal Hockey League) for the Bettman Cup (small as it is).

    Yesterday I e-mailed Patches and Gary Bettman (e-mail content entirely different); today, it’s Tim Horton’s and other NHL partners.

    NHL = Neanderthal Hockey League

  48. notbigbird says:

    Reading your comments below, you seem like a decent sort, but this is not a great time for you to be here. It’s like a family in mourning, and outsiders need to respect that.

  49. observer says:

    from above sun story —- It’s scary to think this incident, which happened on the seven-year anniversary of Todd Bertuzzi’s attack on Steve Moore, could be the first step in another potential catastrophe for the NHL to explain.

  50. Trenton_Romulox says:  Max Pacioretty for 3rd Star

    I’m going to find it hard to watch the game tonight. If they’re going to show replays of the hit (which I bet they will) I’m not going to watch, I don’t want to see it again. But, I’ll give the game a try anyways. Go Habs Go! I think the Habs will be playing with a giant fire in their collective belly for the rest of the season. Tragic events like this could destroy a team, but they can also inspire them. I believe the Habs will be inspired. Channel that rage into wins, boys, for Max. 

  51. J_P says:

    The hockey world does dislike the habs because the habs are winners and the rest of the hockey world are a bunch of haters.  Same way people hate the yankees, or manchester united, or the lakers and the celtics.   

    You yourself are a clearly a “hater”, heck you don’t even hide it.

    Bruins fans should be up in arms about cooke’s hit on savard.  The main difference though, at least that was an actual open ice hit, body to body.  The kind of hit that scott stevens was famous for.  However, what chara did was not body on body.  He used an inaminate object to cause bodily harm to a player, and whether or not the result was intended, the use of the turnbuckle certainy was. 

    Anyways, keep hating hater.  Karma will prevail, and your beloved bruins will get theirs.   Your team can rarely beat us on the scoreboard so they have to result to goon tactics.  And to think that little puke Brad Marchand had the audacity to call the habs divers, a dirty team, and a bunch of chirpers who will get what’s coming to them. 

  52. Shiloh says:

    Excellent initiative regarding Tim Horton’s and Bell – see Ian’s posts below. My family will boycott those companies immediately. I will also boycott all NHL products – which will change my Christmas shopping habits for sure.

    I contacted CBC via e-mail and indicated that I would not do business with any of HNIC’s sponsors until an independent arms-length body is established to 1) oversee and evaluate on-ice officials 2) conduct hearings into on-ice behaviour and 3) impose sanctions where necessary.

    This would require the dismissal of both Campbell and Murphy.

  53. NightRyder says:

    It would never, ever happen.

    But I would love to see every single Montreal fan, just before the opening faceoff in Chara’s next game in the Bell Centre, get up en masse and leave their seats for a period.

    Every news/sports highlight would show all the empty seats and Count Chocula might actually pay attention.

    Not throwing things on the ice to endanger anyone’s safety, not booing the national anthem.

    Just a simple, classy and massive show of support for Pacioretty and disdain for the NHL.

  54. Hab Hater says:

    Vent away.  I totally understand the anger. My point was that it’s crazy to take this tradegy and fabricate a conspiracy against your team.  That is baseless and takes this thing way too far.  Call for Chara’s head. Call for the league to be more consistent in it’s approach to discipline. Burn cars (again). Riot (again).  It’s all okay. 

    Gotta check out. C you on the 24th !!

  55. Coldbeaver says:

    I think Habs fans should take up a collection to raise money for Pierre Gauthier, enough to pay whatever fine he might incur by saying something – anything! – in defense of his player and against the idiocy of the NHL’s disciplinary process. Perhaps the embarrassment would help him grow a pair?

  56. Fansincebirth says:

    and were you and the rest of the Bruins fans not enraged about those two hits?

    Are you saying we’re not allowed to vent on our own forum or to the league?

    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  57. Strabo says:

    I guess Murphy missed this one as well from last year,


    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein

  58. Norcal Habsfan says:

    Why does it feel like this? We’ve seen devastating hits before. We’ve seen neck injuries before; Brian Savage, Eric Cole.

    It feels like this because i think that the Habs nation  has been victim to a kind of discrimination not by race or color but by virtue of the hockey team we love. We all feel hints of it every game, we see it in the refs calls, with almost every announcer or commentator. We see it hockey world of pundits and we now see it in the highest officials in the league. The same officials that deemed Laps to a 4 game suspension with a hit from behind resulting in no injury to Nichol.

    We didn’t just witness another injury from a vicious hit with devastating results. With the reaction of the league and its many pundits, we are witnessing the hockey equivilent of a lynching. If you take the CH off of his jersey, the reaction and punishment would be completely different.

  59. Hab Hater says:

    Seriously??  You are joking?  Don’t confuse the hockey worlds dislike of the Habs for discrimination.

    No suspensions for Cooke on Savard or Richards on Booth (just to name a few).  And there was plenty of intent to hurt on those hits.

  60. Bugs says:

    What do wanna us to do, get on a flight to Cuba?

    We’ll miss the game!

  61. Bugs says:

    On the Priceberg vs the Halakanator, has the starting goalie been named?

    Cuz there are few 2-pt games remaining, would it be surprising if Auld.., you know, got the call instead?

  62. LA Loyalist says:

    Silence implies consent? Do you consent? Well then….

  63. habsfan_61 says:

    kudos to air canada for their stance and hopefully more will join.thumbs down to the habs mgmt team for not saying a thing about this. mr. molson has to speak up about this. silence is not golden in this case.

  64. forskis says:

    Wow..Mark Spector of Sportsnet argues that it was Pacioretty’s fault….it was his fault for being a thorn in the side of Chara for three games, it was his fault for going along the boards instead of towards the middle, it was his fault for giving Chara the opporutnity for payback and it was his fault for believing the NHL rulebook was going to protect him.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  65. habs4ever2894 says:

    Its very hard to be a fan of the NHL today. I still cannot believe no suspension was given to chara, I could have made the strongest case in a court room to prove chara’s guilt because all of the evidence is there. Anyways next time chara steps foot in montreal us habs fans should make him wish he got suspended. Anyone else think it would be awesome to whip an egg right at the face of that POS?

  66. adam76 says:

    What exactly would a statement solve?  The team needs to focus on tonights game – statements form ownership will not help and will not solve anything.


  67. Shiloh says:

    Yep – and we don’t even have to look south to see the discrimination. HNIC treats the Habs and their supporters with contempt.

  68. DearyLeary says:

    /plugs ears.


    I’m not listening lalalalalalalala

  69. LA Loyalist says:

    Where’s Waldo?

    Where is PG, Bob Gainey, Mr. Molson?

    What time is the press conference?

    If they are working furiously behind the scenes for the GM’s meetings next week, can we get some sort of secret handshake to tell us so?

    I think they should speak out, calmly and definitively. We should boycott the last game in Boston. Screw Boston, screw their beer sales, make them refund tickets, screw their parking revenue. Screw them.

    Where is our leadership? And screw Gary Bettman, Colin Campbell and Mike Murphy, rude letter to follow.


    PLEASE everyone e-mail Air Canada and say thank you! Give the marketing guy who had the balls to do this the support he needs to sell it internally. I spent years in corporate life involved with major sponsorships like this and anything this dramatic is a tough sell in a really conservative environment, so let’s support Air Canada!


  70. 21272andme says:

    Who says Chara doesn’t target heads?

    Less than a month ago, he did it twice to Grabovski in same game:

  71. habs4ever2894 says:

    completely agree with you. If this happened to a leafs player no way Chara doesent get suspended. Its extremly frustrating to be a habs fan right now…

  72. Chris F says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. This incident has made me contemplate watching my beloved Habs. This goes much deeper than this incident. And I am not talking about a tiny conspiracy against our team.

    Can you imagine if Max Lapierre, while playing with us, took out Kaberle with the same play? In Boston, just after the acquisition. What would have been the result. I would like that puke Bettman to answer my question, I would like to see if he could look me in the eyes and tell me the same result would have ocurred, …….which was complete denial.

    This is sickening, it’s a case of the bully realising they can’t win……but wait, a bully can always win when they decide to injure, maim, kill even, their opponent. I don’t want to watch another game and simply worry about our players safety. I really hope Karma doesn’t take too long to spin it’s magic.

    I feel sorry for Max, his family, his team. I teach Phys. Ed and used the incident to open discussion on bullying, a huge problem in schools today. Chara is a bully, just like Lucic who, unbelievably after the incident, tried to goat our tough guy (Benoit Pouliot!!!) into a fight. Lets get this straight……after their biggest goon (and I mean goon, they come in different sizes, and bully in different ways) almost kills one of our players, goon #2 goes after his eventual replacement who is playing on a line with two guys smaller than some of my high school kids. I wonder if Lucic would have felt so inclined if Benny had a couple of fighters on the ice with him at the same time.

    And this sickeniing explanation from the NHL regarding intent. What the f*uk does intent have to do with it, if someone accidentally kills someone with their car, but the judge decides they didn’t mean it, and the roads were icy, and on that particular road there was no passing lane, and it was dark, and ……., come on, it you kill someone, you have to answer the bell, it doesn’t matter if it’s the first person you have killed, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done something like this before. Embarassing, and the worst part is it just seems like Boston has won, the league has won, and our team has to suck it up and keep playing. Well, this time it’s just not good enough. When PK opens his mouth the entire league cries foul, when Lucic beat down Komi and paraded around the ice with his hands waving in the air, it was just perfect.

    I still remember the game against the leafs four years ago, we had one game remaining, the leafs two. It was played in Toronto. We were leading by two goals, or was it three. to make the playoffs, I couldn’t believe it. I was yelling and screaming, I couldn’t believe the league were actually going to allow the leafs to lose to the Habs on the second last day of the year, to eliminate the leafs, and give Montreal the last spot. I kept saying over and over, I can’t believe the league is going to let this happen. We were playing great hockey, and then, one penalty, two penalties, three penalties, four……..and it was all over. That game changed alot for me, Max’s injury and the subsequent leagues denial and explanation may prove to be the final nail.

  73. Storm Man says:

    This maybe the first time in my life I don’t watch the Habs play tonight. My heart is just not in it.

  74. rocketsglare says:

    I would not be surprised if the team is emotionally deflated and not into the game. Who can blame them.

    Hoping that the anger the club has can be harnessed and funneled into propelling the team forward and

    onward into the playoffs.

    Go Habs Go!

  75. Flobomb12 says:

    I kinda figured Pouliot would replace Max on that line, but why is Halpern still up on the top line?  He has put up no points since being up there and is really a checker at this point in his career.  Is JM just planning on rolling with him there the rest of the way?  Plus he was our best faceoff guy, would much rather get another offensive player up there, DD in this case. The guy has put up points in limited mintues and is rewarded with centering a 4th line with pyatt and white, not sure that is fair.  Switch DD and Halpern and i think we are on to something.

  76. redgorf says:

    Let us assume that Pacioretty hits Cambell the same way ,I wonder wath penalty PAC gets. If Cambell can’t disassociate himself  from teams, he should resign, he’s showing that he’s capable of favoritism, as for Murphy the call on this one,shows incompitence at what he’s su[pose to do.

  77. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Chara new exactly what he was doing… don’t kid yourself, he is no pussycat

  78. whahis56 says:

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  79. wd40 says:

    Kudos, Chuck.  Excellent letter.

  80. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    excellent letter.

  81. Kooch7800 says:

    Good on you Chuck

  82. Chuck says:

    I sent this off to Gary Bettman’s office this morning. Fat lot of good it’ll do, though.


    Dear Mr. Bettman,

    In its ruling, the NHL described the Chara/Pacioretty incident as a “hockey play”, essentially washing their hands in the matter as if to say, “hey… stuff happens.” That simply isn’t good enough. Over 50 players this season have been in the injury list due to concussions. The league’s marquee player hasn’t played since the first day of the year due to a blatant hit to the head; another un-suspended ‘hockey play’. On Tuesday night, they came literally within inches of having a player die on the ice, in front of a stunned live audience, including Pacioretty’s parents. By refusing to address the issue, they’ve created an environment where players are ultimately not responsible for their actions, and eventually, it’s going to kill someone. With the most violent example of a head being targeted this season, the NHL missed a huge opportunity to say, “Enough is enough.”

    Chara not being a thug or having a history of disciplinary action against him is a moot point. All that matters is that in THIS instance, he broke the rules, by interfering with Pacioretty’s progress up the ice… and in doing so, put another player’s head at risk of injury. The video and photographic evidence is there for everyone to see: Chara’s left arm, during contact with Pacioretty, is in a position that ensures that Pacioretty’s head will make contact with the post.

    Chara’s intent should not be in question here. Whether or not he meant to injure Pacioretty is besides the point. Example: using the NHL’s own rules, if one player high-sticks another, intentional or not, he’s penalized. The referee doesn’t need to consider whether or not the player in question has a history of high sticking, or that he intended to use it to hit another player above the shoulders. If you want to translate that to a court of law, consider this: if because of my actions I break the rules of the road and drive my car through a red light, injuring another person in the process, would my excuse of “I didn’t mean to do it, and I’ve never done this sort of thing before” keep me from facing charges?

    “Because he’s never done it before” should never be part of an excuse for NOT handing out a suspension. Whether or not a suspension is handed out should be based solely on the play in question. The player’s disciplinary history should be considered only when determining the LENGTH of the suspension.  

    Blaming the design of the NHL rink is also missing the point. Every arena in the league has posts next to the players’ benched to hold up the plexiglass. Through the hundreds of NHL games in a season, players skate by those posts literally thousands of times, and yet in the vast, vast majority of games, no player comes even close to being injured. That doesn’t mean to say that the NHL standard for rink design couldn’t be improved to help reduce the severity of injuries; the iron bars that held the nets in place were long ago changed to lessen the possibility of a player getting hurt should they make contact with it at speed. That still doesn’t mean that a player is excused from knowing his surroundings and playing in a manner that wouldn’t jeopardize the health of an opponent.

    Air Canada has come out to say that they’re not happy with the direction of the game. I’d suspect that there are also other major NHL sponsors, especially those that are involved with sponsoring kids’ hockey, that feel the same. It’s a shame that they have to speak up on an issue that the league continues to ignore.

    In the sport of baseball, the Commissioner can invoke a ruling “for the good of the game”. That hockey’s Commissioner remains silent on the subject speaks volumes about his priorities in developing the sport.

    This is so much bigger than just whether or not Zdeno Chara should have been suspended for his role in Max Pacioretty’s injury. The league is at a crossroads. Sitting a star player for a lengthy amount of time would have gone a long way in telling their players–and even more importantly, their fans–that the safety of their players, both current and future, are a top priority.

    Yours truly,

    Chuck Lewis, a concerned fan of hockey



  83. larisalapointe says:

    Most of my relatives live in Boston and I spent all my summers there. If there is one place where you are not allowed to have your own identity is Boston.

    One of my uncles is even a WWII vet, and yet when he spoke his native tongue on the streets, a cop would hit him with his billy club and tell him to speak English with his own Irish brogue.

    Please just go back to Boston and pray for Max. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  84. fbkj says:

    other opinions matter, just fortunately for the world, yours doesnt

  85. Hab Hater says:

    Most of what you say is…..well, true.   I have endured decades of (playoff) losses to your team. Since I was kid wearing PJs, watching the Bs/Habs with my brothers – the result was the same. 

    You are also correct in stating that Boston’s style of play has remained unchanged in over 40 years — bruising and brawling.  The desire of this type of play is not limited to Boston.  This is why fans everywhere stand to cheer a big hit and applaud a good fight.

    You have practically owned us forever.  That’s irrefutable.  It hurts me to my core to be on this site and admit as much.  As such, I do have a deep dislike of the Habs. You can understand.  

    I’ve also grown weary of your fanbase.  Quick to curse and insult and even quicker to bring nationality into the picture.  There is often an arrogance about the Habs fanbase when it comes to differrent opinions — that because of the games history and importance here, that no other opinions matter. 



  86. TommyB says:

    Agreed.  But provincial governments cannot do it.  It’s been tried before (McMurtry…early 70’s).  I certainly believe that major sponsors speaking out would go a lot further than any government intervention.  Sponsors have their fingers on the pulse of it’s customers.  Let them know how you feel about their sponsorship of this bush league NHL.

  87. fbkj says:

    the government is urging montreal police, they will not be handling the investigation

  88. fbkj says:

    but hockey isnt policing itself, thats the problem

  89. G-Man says:

    Frankly, the NHL does not police itself. Thugs are running the league. The Montreal Police have every right to arrest Chara for assault the next time he visits Montreal. Perhaps the sight of Chara being led away in handcuffs will be the turning point regarding the league’s lack of action on head shots. Maybe then, those blind idiots will do something.

  90. fbkj says:


    I have zero problems with this

    something must have been done, the nhl decided to do nothing

    thank god others will

  91. TommyB says:

    Great.  Let me know how it turns out. 

  92. TommyB says:

    Police taking direction from  the attorney general, who takes direction from the provincial government.  Follow the chain. 

  93. fbkj says:

    ? how is a minister located in quebec city the same thing as the MUC police?

  94. TommyB says:

    Come on, it’s the same thing. 

  95. TommyB says:

    Thugs=neanderthals [see above].  As for the rest of your statement see my reply to the fellow below.  I understand the anger and outrage, I feel it too, but the only road to real change has to come from the league itself. 

  96. TommyB says:

    Personally, I think the Quebec government is taking political advantage of a situation that really is out of their jurisdiction.  Hockey needs to police itself.  The neanderthals running the league need to be replaced, and the players need to re-examine their role in the game.  Where has all this lack of respect for each other come from?  That is the root of the problem, and like a weed, it won’t disappear until you tear out the roots.  People speaking out, sponsors speaking out, and media speaking out, is really all that can be done outside of the players/owners/league governors taking control of the quality of the game.  And by the way, Government of Quebec, how are your chances of bringing an NHL franchise back to Quebec going to look if you stick your nose into this?  Stick to running the province.

  97. G-Man says:

    Get your POS logo off of HIO- go back to your cave.

  98. adam76 says:

    Thanks for your point of view, while most of the hockey world disagrees with your take (including a lot of Bruins fans) it was classy for you to come on and wish Max a speedy recovery.



  99. Ian Cobb says:

    You cannot wish this does not happen again, without admitting it is not part of our game. I understand we support our own different colors. But if we cannot support the way the game is to be played, kids will die. Do you care or not. And don’t candy coat it.

    I have been involved with hockey for over 60 years at all levels. We must have respect put back in our game again, Step up and call a spade a spade, not only for one team, for the life of our youth and our game.

  100. Ton says:

    the referee has chosen by the nhl represented by your fatherinlaw (well you know what I mean) called it an ilegal play. In regards to well wishes does Jack Edwards wish him the same. Do you want to hear his best wishes? It is afterall in your name Hab Hater it tells it all. speak intelligently or don’t speak at all.

  101. HabFanSince72 says:

    For 40 years Boston’s fanbase has enjoyed thug hockey.

    Your team has always thrived on intimidation and violence.

    This particular team more than most.

    Your username says it all.Boston Bruin fans and players have a psychotic hatred against us.

    The Habs have beaten every collection of goons you could scrape together  year after year, fairly, through superior skill,  and it’s making you angry.

    You were probably happy when Julien put his goons on the ice last game to “send a message”.

    Chara was just punctuating that message.

    I don’t really want to hear your perspective.



  102. fbkj says:

    and montreals fanbase is thanking the quebec governments recommendation that criminal charges be placed on chara


  103. j2c says:

    While you might not be able to prove intent, it was a dangerous play that should lead to a suspension. Boston of all teams should understand because you have had Bergeron and Savard out with dangerous concussions. Also as Colin Campbell said himself in 2010, “If you cause a player to be injured, then you have to be responsible for the play that you’re involved in.”


    Anyway you cut it, it was a dangerous play which has objective intent, that should have received some form of punishment such as a suspension. What will it take a player to die on the ice before they get serious about dirty and dangerous plays. 

  104. Kooch7800 says:

    He didn’t have the puck and Chara’s elbow was on Max’s head.  That is not finsihing a check when you don’t have the puck that is interference and the elbow is intent. Max’s career could be over and think of all the kids who saw that play and the NHL did nothing.

    This is bad for the game in general to mention Max’s LIFE. Chara deserves to be out for the rest of the season regardless of whether he meant to do it or not. HE DID DO IT on a play where the player did not have the puck. You have to be responsible for own actions.

    Think about Max and his family not just the game. I really could GIVE A RATS ASS WHAT BOSTON FANS THINK.


  105. Hab Hater says:

    We get it !  You think the hit was dirty and the league was wrong.  Let me give you some Boston perspective: Chara finished his hit and did not have “intent” (as defined by the league) to injure.  Also, his hit was neither targeted at the head or from the blind side.  Boston’s fanbase, based on numerous posts on our blogs, all wish Maxpac a speedy recovery and wish this never happened to any player.

  106. longtimehabsfan says:

    Don’t the Bruins have their own blog where you can post?  Why come here to annoy us?  Do you have a mother?

  107. Shiloh says:

    There are thousands of people who’ve spent serious time behind bars for crimes committed without intent – manslaughter and criminal negligence to name two. I have no desire for revenge – just a desire to see the craziness stop, and it won’t stop without proper sanctions in place. Chara may not have intended to kill Pacioretty, but he came damn close to accomplishing just that. He behaved in a dangerously reckless manner – and a significant suspension was called for.

  108. Hab Hater says:

    Anything that can substantially injure a player, ANY real hockey fan wants to remove.  The players are so much bigger, stronger and faster.  The collisions much more violent.  I think the NHL has made some improvements to the rules which attempt to protect players.   On Chara’s hit, it’s hard to know what was the intent.  Should he have disengaged from the player when Maxpac no longer had the  puck?  Yes.  No doubt.  But I don’t believe in that fraction of a second, he could have known that his action could have led to the horrible result that it did.  Is he still responsible?  Yes. Of course. 

    Overall, Bruins Nation would have accepted a suspension and frankly expected it.  But the discipline handed out by the league has been inconsistent and unpredictable.  As such, we can’t be totally surprised by their decision.

  109. Ton says:

    you might be trying to be sincere at the wrong place, afterall, hab hater!! there a man in the hospital with a broken neck,  jack edwards (employed by the bruins organization) call of someone loosing their head pretty well summarized the thought process of the bruin’s philosphy of the game.  he was referring to max P. Don’t educate us on hockey for one of ours from parry sound ontario provided you with all the education you know about hockey. 

  110. longtimehabsfan says:

    We know the Boston perspective.  We know the MacKenzie perspective.  We know what finishing checks are [although this was interference long after the opportunity to finish the check was available].  We also know you need intent as far as the NHL is concerned.  But intent is subjective in this situation because only Chara knows what he intended. 

    We understand your opinion and wouldn’t expect anything different from you, unless of course the same type of thing happened to one of your players.

    You come on this sight with the username Hab Hater and write that you are just trying to voice a different opinion.  Your username alone let’s us know immediately where you are coming from.  You actually want us to take your opinion seriously?

  111. wd40 says:

    Oh, and by the way, you mention in your profile your favorite habs players are “all dead ones”.   Chara almost added another one to that list.  clap clap.  You must be proud.  

    It’s not the time or the place.  show some respect and go away.

  112. Hab Hater says:


    Not trying to annoy, but trying to voice a different opinion….that’s okay, eh?

    And no.

  113. larisalapointe says:

    I always felt Max was destined for greatness, but greatness comes in all forms.

    The NHL shot themselves in the foot. If Chara had been suspended even for a few games, we would have all shut-up. But outrage forces changes.

    Thank you NHL for loading the gun.

    Price vs Halak… who gives a flying you-know-what with Max’s career and life on the line.

  114. G-Man says:

    I disagree with Stubbs about Gauthier going mum about this. The Habs fanbase needs to hear their GM defend his players, whether or not it costs a fine.

    The NHL has had it in against the Habs for years because of the success of 24 Stanley Cups. Enough is enough. Something has to give or the fans will do something stupid and vicious to Chara on his next visit. And don’t tell me you can’t see it coming, because it’s a runaway train right now and it won’t be forgotten.

  115. joshua94k says:

    The Quebec chief crown prosecutor has ordered the police to investigate the Pacioretty hit by Chara to see if charges should be laid on Chara.

    Earlier Air Canada has threatened to withdraw it sponsorship.

    Colin Campbell and his replacement should be ordered to step down.

    “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

  116. Habs64 says:

    The evidence showed his arm on his head directing it into the post. Go back to Boston DB!!

  117. TommyB says:

    I can’t agree with the “I’m so disgusted, pissed off, [ insert whatever level of emotion]” crowd.  I’m still a hockey fan, and I’m still a Habs fan.  How can I not watch the Habs play tonight?  Sure, the Pacioretty thing will be sitting in my mind the whole game, but hockey still goes on.  There’s still a season to compete, and playoffs on the horizon.  I’ll be watching this game like any other game, except I’ll also be watching to see how the Habs players react as a team in light of the situation.  As a hockey team, there really is only one way to put things in perspective, and that is to continue on playing the best hockey that you can.  Do any of you think Max Pac will not be thinking of that game tonight?

  118. forskis says:

    I am seeing a few people wish ill on the B’s or a hit on Gregory Campbell, etc….chances are the next “bad hit” is going to get a suspension whether the offending player has a history or not because of all this attention…and when that happens, I hope that suspended player sues the NHL into bankruptcy for bias and discrimination since no one else has been punished really.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  119. StevieRay says:

    Fact ..there was history between the 2

    Fact..earlier Chara “rubbed” out DD behind the net .excessively’

    Fact .. he guided Pacs upper body toward the stanchion

    Fact .. of course he didn’t leave his feet …he’s a foot taller… intelligent statment Murphy !

    Fact…Pac says it was intentional

    Fact … Canadian’s uper honchos say nothin’ ..nice

    Fact…Air Canada pulls sponsorship …get the message Bettman ! probably not

    Fact … the NHL echelon of old retired NHL’ers give vetern’s a free ride no matter what !!

    Fact …Crosby is still out …now this !

    nuff said !

  120. forskis says:

    You know, I thought so too…I still think that he will go ballistic in Boston for some reason with enough quips to almost get off scot-free.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  121. CanadienBoy says:

    I wish Gomez will have lost it and break is stick across Chara neck

  122. matrags says:

    I know the feeling. I have lost interest, listening to some of the talking heads rationalize this tradgedy, is upsetting and scary, the line between civilization and the law of the wild is very thin , I think  homus Luppus is alive and well and finds comfort in the violence of the sport we love.We are edging closer and closer to the colleseum and Rome , where spectacle and violence trancended the value of sport . Faber is right , about the NHL losing its moral compass but I fear that The malaise runs well beyond the League failure and makes me pause to look around and wonder as I hear  alot of the talking heads of the world, say that nothing is wrong

  123. HalifaxHabs says:

    I feel completely drained of emotion after the last 36 hours. I’m disgusted with the NHL. It will never be better until the entire upper management of the league is replaced.

    I hope more sponsors threaten to pull their sponsorship, and the government starts putting some serious pressure on the league, before we end up with a paralyzed or dead player lying on the ice.

  124. Matt_in_TO says:

    I agree that it’s clear what Chara’s intention was.  Even if you can’t prove it, if you do the crime, you gotta do the time.  If I accidentally hit a pedestrian with my car and seriously hurt or kill them, even though I never intended to hit them in the first place, I would still be punished in a court of law.


    – In Price We Trust

  125. CalgaryHabsFan says:

    The thing that really makes me angry is all this talk about not being able to prove Charas intent.

    If a court of law worked that way no one would ever be convicted of anything because you can never read someones mind.

    Intent is inferred and proven by the act itself. If I aim a gun at you it can be reasonable inferred I intended to shoot you. If I drive my car towards you on the street it can be reasonably inferred I intended to run you over.

    That video is very clear.

    Chara clearly intended to put Max into that stanchion and he should be held responsible for the consequences of his act.

  126. 123456 says:

    nhlpa will remain silent – they protect their superstars (in this case chara) but they will not make a statement out of respect for pach.

    nhlpa is a joke

  127. geo_habsgo says:

    That would be laughable and a damn tragedy. I think technically he is subject to it. In other circumstances his comments would have him suspended or at least fined. But I am hoping that in light of the injury and the NHL’s inaction on Chara would mean that they turn a blind eye to this. Can you imagine at the end of it all that its Patches who ends up with the suspension? LOL that’s just ridiculous and I’m not confident that it won’t happen.

  128. secretdragonfly says:
    I have two questions, if anyone can help me out: 1) Will Max be subject to the $10K fine for speaking out against the NHL’s decision? 2) Has anyone heard or read anything by way of a statement from the NHLPA? I would be very interested to know what their stance is.
  129. 123456 says:

    agreed – to try to prove intent is not the point. the intent was to interfere with a player – accomplished. the intent was to push a players head – accomplished. it’ snot like chara was literally trying to end his career – he was delivering a hard hit with the INTENT that the player not get around him. when the intent resulted in a sever heard injury how can this not be a suspendable offense?

    “Mr. Ref, my intent was to hit the puck out of the air to prevent a scoring chance by the opposing team, so what if the other guys face got hit – i did not mean to hit him”


  130. adam76 says:

    This quote sums it up for me:


    I’m a Bruins fan but that it too much for me. I was watching the game with my 8 years old son and decided it was time to go to bed seconds after the hit. It was intentional, no question about it. I know Chara didn’t want to hurt so much but he did hit the way he intended. No suspension, that’s a joke!

  131. JF says:

    Agree about Julien.  I can’t stand the way he invariably sends his goons out late in a game against us.  And I absolutely loathe the Bruins.  The Flyers have a reputation for thuggery, but the Bruins leave them standing.

  132. Clay4bc says:

    Interesting petition…


    The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

  133. JF says:

    I don’t usually read Jack Todd, but his piece is right on.

  134. Bob_Sacamano says:

    Yes, apart from his ridiculous love for Julien. Average head coach, classless man, good fit with the Bruins.

  135. Caballero says:

    This ruling shows what a sham the NHL has become. To Boston fans this must be a vindication of their style of hockey and that’s what hurts the most. I wonder of parents take their young kids to hockey games in Boston, or if the fans there are simply lonely angry men whose lives are so empty that they need to see other people get hurt to feel any kind of emotion. I am getting a very strong last straw feeling from this ruling. I wouldn’t be surprised if people take matters into their own hands.

    If anyone has any suggestions for some kind of protest this is probably the time.

  136. adam76 says:

    So – anyone have tickets for the March 24th game?

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