Awaiting the royal visit

The Kings are at the Bell Centre tonight. Here’s some pre-game reading.

Price at the top of his game

Jacques Martin in a rare bad mood

Your Canadiens, new TV series

• Red Fisher on Doug Wickenheiser and the Forum

• Our old friend Robert Lefebvre dissects the Gomez conundrum
• Marc Antoine Godin on the Gomez dilemma

Canadiens fourth (before Philly game) in ESPN power rankings and fifth per The Hockey News


  1. Mattyleg says:

    Great article by Robert L.

    I agree with pretty much everything he says about Gomer.

    I liked his attention to his stick curve, and encouraging him to play more physically would definitely help his game.

    Look at Pleks, and how willing he is to get rubbed into the boards to free up space!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  2. Mattyleg says:


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    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  3. TommyB says:

    Good reading here this morning.  Some good articles.  I’d like to commend Robert’s assessment of the mechanics of Scott Gomez’ game.  How nice to read something with actual analytical skill, as opposed to the usual “he sucks” that we so often read.  I agree with you, Robert, that Gomez has been playing like a one-trick pony, and that the opposition has him totally figured out.  This is why changing his linemates over and over until the cows come home will not work.  It’s he who must change his game somewhat.  The Montreal Canadiens are not the New Jersey Devils.  The style is so very different.  What worked under the Devils’ system, does not work so well under the Habs (JM’s) system.  Should Martin alter his system to fit Gomez?  You all know the answer to that is “no way, Jose”.  Hopefully, and I’m sure it is the case, the coaching staff are working with Gomez to find a way to better fit into the system.  Changing linemates doesn’t seem to be the answer.  Gomez is a very skilled hockey player.  A professional.  The coaches too are professional.  I think there is a good chance things will work out.  As Robert stated, though, it starts with Gomez recognizing the situation and then following through with working it out, in his mind first, and then transferring that down from his brain to his hands and feet.

  4. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Robert’s dissection of Gomer’s play is very well done. I thought he’d invented a new position but I see that he just doesn’t play centre very well. Unlike Robert, however, while I pray I’m wrong, I don’t believe Gomer can fix it. Not here. Not now. He may be able to work on his game in a better situation. An 8 million man on the Bulldogs would be my solution.    

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