Avalanche won’t take Jones with No. 1 pick

The Colorado Avalanche won’t be selecting defenceman Seth Jones with the No. 1 pick at this year’s NHL draft.

Adrian Dater of the Denver Post reports that after a week of internal meetings, the Avalanche brass decided that if it doesn’t deal the No. 1 pick it will select one of the three top-rated forwards: Nathan MacKinnon, Jonathan Drouin or Aleksander Barkov.

“If we do pick first, we’re leaning more toward one of those three forwards,” Joe Sakic, the Avalanche executive vice-president of hockey operations, told Dater.

“We feel those three forwards are just too good to pass up,” Sakic added.

In its mock draft, The Hockey News had the Avalanche taking Jones with the No. 1 pick, followed by MacKinnon going to Florida at No. 2, Drouin to Tampa Bay at No. 3 and Barkov to Nashville at No. 4. THN also had the Canadiens selecting goaltender Zach Fucale , a Montreal native, with the No. 25 pick.

“Carey Price needs an heir and local boy Fucale is the best available netminder this year,” THN wrote in its July edition.

In other news, Hockey Canada has announced it will hold press conferences Thursday morning in Montreal and Toronto to announce that a “major event” will be hosted by the cities. It is expected to be the world junior championship.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie tweeted that the cities will share the 2015 and 2017 junior championships with Montreal hosting the preliminary round and Toronto the medal round in 2015 and then the reverse will happen in 2017.

(Photo by Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press)

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  1. jols101 says:

    That was a wild end to the 2nd period. 3rd should be a beauty.

  2. H.Upmann says:

    figures… I order a beer and the brains score

  3. habs001 says:

    Was Price traded today? lol

    • L Elle says:

      No, but you get to eyewitness what happens to great goalies when their respective teams don’t come to play. The difference though, is that these 2 teams, at least, can score at will.

  4. Mark C says:

    How do they always get such good luck when they need it the most?

  5. Saw Roy post a capgeek roster below, and I figured since we’re playing that game… : )

    This is no dream team, but it’s a better team than the one we iced this year IMO. Of course, this assumes that Boston can’t afford to re-sign both Horton and Rask, and chooses Rask:

    Max Pacioretty ($4.500m) / David Desharnais ($3.500m) / Nathan Horton ($5.000m)
    Alex Galchenyuk ($3.225m) / Tomas Plekanec ($5.000m) / Brian Gionta ($5.000m)
    Rene Bourque ($3.333m) / Lars Eller ($1.325m) / Brendan Gallagher ($0.870m)
    Brandon Prust ($2.500m) / Craig Adams ($0.750m) / Brad Boyes ($2.250m)
    Jody Shelley ($1.000m) / Ryan White ($0.722m)
    Alexei Emelin ($2.000m) / P.K. Subban ($2.875m)
    Josh Gorges ($3.900m) / Joe Corvo ($2.500m)
    Raphael Diaz ($1.225m) / Douglas Murray ($3.000m)
    Jarred Tinordi ($1.083m) / Francis Bouillon ($1.500m)
    Carey Price ($6.500m)
    Peter Budaj ($1.400m)
    Buyout: Tomas Kaberle ($0.000m)
    CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
    (these totals are compiled with the bonus cushion)
    SALARY CAP: $64,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $64,957,708; BONUSES: $2,697,500
    CAP SPACE (24-man roster): $2,039,792

    • Habbergasted says:

      I do like Horton and that first line would look good (with the 60 pt DD) but I think I would rather see Bickell in that spot, and at a nicer cap hit. I agree with Pleks and Gio together but not with A-Gally on the left, I would consider Eller. He has made loads of improvement and has even shown signs of brilliance, give him top 6 minutes and see what he does. Not to mention Pleks could cheat like a horse on the faceoff and Eller could step in after Pleks gets tossed. Prust, A-Gally, and B-Gally make up the third. A-Gally gets faceoff experience, a must for his and the Habs future, and I love watching the Gals play together. Prust on that line makes opposition second guess themselves. I like White as a forth center, but am not shy in getting him two new wingers.

      Our D pool speaks for itself, minus a bigger Josh Georges.
      And we need to hold onto Price for at least next season with his new goalie coach.

      • Habbergasted says:

        P.s. In an ideal world (or maybe a couple more seasons) DD and Gio will reside elsewhere, to a team that could really use their skill sets, maybe Boston? …A guy can dream right?

        But depending on their development I am hoping to see our top 3 centers as: 1. A-Gally 2. Eller 3. Pleks

        If Pleks still has game in a few seasons maybe swap him and Eller, if not hes still a great defensive center.

      • That makes a ton of sense — and you’re right, A.Gally does need to play centre at some point. I like Eller too — and Eller-Pleks-Gionta would be one seriously hermetic defensive line that can also score. Prust played great with the gals last year, but if he’s on the 3rd, Bourque is bumped down to the 4th.

        On D, I can’t say I’m thrilled with Corvo and Murray as long-term solutions, but they do buy us a year or two for the kids to come up from the farm. With Markov traded in my fairytale scenario, Corvo takes a bit of the pressure off of Subban and Diaz to produce offensively, and is probably alright so long as he has a solid defensive partner like Gorges to cover for him. And there’s Nygren, too — as someone posted on here a while back, I can’t imagine that the best defenceman playing in Sweden can’t crack our top 6.

        Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”

        • Habbergasted says:

          I don’t want to mess with Pacman on the left wing, and I know that Bourque prefers that side as well (and believe he has been tested on the right) but if MB doesn’t bring in that big winger what about leaving Bourque-DD-Pacman or vise-versa Pacman-DD-Bourque.

          Bourque started digging in those corners and sparked himself abit, and thats what Max Pac and DD need on that line. Hes no Horton or Bickell but we utilize our core and can still make a large mid-season acquisition.

          AnyonebutArmstrong – White – AnyonebutMoen 😉

          • Bickell sounds great, but with the season he’s had I bet some GM throws too much money at him — as much as I like him, I’m not sure he’s a consistent top six forward. I guess I’d rather get a Horton type for $5M than Bickell for $3M. I could be wrong, but I’m guessing that Clarkson will be overpriced too — maybe in the neighbourhood of $4.5M.

            BTW, I like that fourth line a lot. )

            Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Disqualified from consideration as soon as I saw Nathan Horton.

      No. Him we can not abide. I’d rather play all season with a line with just two players than have him on my team.

  6. Millsie says:

    Enter the goons!

  7. Dust says:

    Hawks came out to play this period.
    It helps when your best players score goals.
    I love what Bickell is doing. He is a big boy who can keep up with Toews and Kane. I think he is worth the contract he is going to get as a ufa

    • Strummer says:

      Do you have a dollar figure and term for the contract he deserves?

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

      • Dust says:

        4 years 4mil per is what i think he will get
        I would prefer to get him at 4 years 3 mil per

        • SlovakHab says:

          Well surely he will sign here for $3M if any one of 29 other teams offers $4M.

          • Dust says:

            Not sure how you got that from what i wrote. I said i think he will get 4mil.
            I would prefer 3mil. the only team he will sign for 3mil with though, in my opinion, is chi town.
            I understand though that he will have a bidding war and get probably get 4 mil on open market.
            If habs gave him 4 mil. i would be ok with that.

  8. Mavid says:

    3-1 oh yea

  9. Dust says:

    Goal! great work by Bickell in front of the net

  10. Timo says:

    So how are Eller contract negotiations progressing? Haven;t heard anything.

  11. HabinBurlington says:

    Does Don Cherry have to water the jacket he was wearing tonight?

  12. Timo says:

    Chicago is done. THey are brutal.
    Bruins with the second cup in 3 years… Bergevin, take some notes and stop signing useless players like DD and Drewiske.

  13. SmartDog says:

    The Chicago power play makes me want to barf and lick it back up.

    Everyone is afraid to shoot the puck.

    It is the most pathetic thing ever. Like Gomez entering the zone.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  14. Mark C says:

    Keith has been absolutely terrible today.

  15. montreal ace says:

    I would hope that with all the improvements in scouting, the Habs can uncover a gem or two, are being misused. A player I liked when I saw him play, was Labrie with Tampa, I think he would do well in Montreal. The Ducks signed a young guy out of Harvard, Laganiere and I was disappointed, he did not sign with Montreal. The last thing I will say, is I think Bob Gainey, made a lot of deals based on the fact, that ownership needed playoff revenue, and were not in it for the long run. He made Gilette a ton of cash, in a very short period of time. Molson has been a dream come true for a fan like me. I see him as being knowledgeable, and with an understanding of how important the Canadiens are to Montreal. I also like the job MT did as a coach, I really like the fact he cares about players, and has a good way with most of them. I think that next year we will surprise again, with a few additions.

    • SUMO says:

      Hello Montreal Ace.

      Thats a very good point about GM Gainey that alot of people don’t understand or give much thought about. The business side of Hockey. For George Gillette it was less about winning Championships than about the playoff revenue or exploiting the Habs brand.

      If you know any British soccer fans ask them about what they think about him and Tom Hicks buying of Liverpool. They understand what they tried to do with the club and no one bought into it.

  16. Dust says:

    So many times in this playoffs it seems like the bruins can just turn on a switch and dominate teams. I hate to say but they are a good team

    • SmartDog says:

      Just like Chicago in this series can flip a switch and make stupid mistakes like a non-playoff team.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  17. Mark C says:

    WTF Crawford.

  18. Mavid says:

    yea..Go Hawks..

  19. savethepuck says:

    That was a regular season penalty that they haven’t been calling against Boston all series. Glad Hawks got a shorty, that was a BS call.

    “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
    Carey Price

  20. Mark C says:

    Brandon Saad. Keep those second round picks.

    • Dust says:

      Saad was predicted to be a 1st round pick going into the draft. I have no idea why he dropped. Same thing happened with Colburg last year and we got him. Hopefully hi s future matches saads present

      • Mark C says:

        Right you are, but every year “1st rounders” drop into the second, glad the Habs have two prime picks get another Saad/Collberg or two.

  21. L Elle says:

    I loathe every single player on the Boston Bruins. I loathe their coach, GM, owner and fans.

    But, they are a great team. I would take any of those aholes on our team, and I hope MB will model our Habs to something similar.

    And to be even more blasphemous ;), if I weren’t a lifelong Hab fan and/or new to hockey, I’d be a Bruins’ fan…maybe. (yuck). After all, it was the winning past of the Habs that made so many of us fans, and now, waiting…waiting…to return to glory.

    I don’t mind if the Bruins win. I’m bored of hearing how great the Western teams are. They may be bigger, but they play excruciating defensive hockey. So, Go East Go?

  22. Psycho29 says:

    For Soprano fans, sad news….James Gandolfini dead at 51, looks to be a heart attack


  23. donmarco says:

    So Seth Jones is the #1 ranked prospect in what analysts are saying is one of the strongest classes in years and nobody wants him? If I’m Nashville or Carolina I’m starting to dream. This will put a nice big chip on the kid’s shoulder to start his career. I might take MacKinnon if I had the first, but nobody else before Jones.
    “Fans don’t boo nobodies”. Reggie Jackson

  24. ooder says:

    watching some players step up from year to year and help their team succeed in the playoffs makes me wonder how long we have to wait to see the same for us.
    outside of subban, and in recent memory hall gill, halak, koivu and kovalev, we really don’t have anybody like that.
    Pleks has 0 extra gear (although he doesn’t play below a certain level), Gionta meh, DD lol, Gallagher and Galchenyuk (I really hope these guys develop), Eller we don’t know yet, Markov not really, Diaz lol, Pacioretty who knows.
    I mean you look at the bruins, and you look at their roster and it’s not a super star laden roster, but they are winning because players step up at the right times and they have that extra gear that our players so sorely lack throughout the lineup.
    I remember in 2011 when we played them, what pissed me off is the absolute b!tch smacking we recieved in the face off circles. Outside of Eller (who really didn’t have that much experience so hard to blame him), Pleks, Gomez and DD where the most pathetic bunch taking faceoffs that I remember

  25. JohnBellyful says:

    Has someone hijacked wjc’s account? Cuz the posts bearing his name below read as if written by another person. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 🙂

  26. HabFab says:

    Habs hire another coach for the Bulldogs;

    Marco Marciano will be the next video coach with the Hamilton Bulldogs. He was the goaltender coach with Blainville Armada…Renaud Lavoie

  27. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    If you’re a competent GM, why in the world would you talk to a reporter about who you are going to draft? I’ll give Sakic the benefit of the doubt. They must be fishing for someone in the top four who wants MacKinnon to trade into their spot.

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • HabFab says:

      Brennan Klak @nhlupdate – There are some in the hockey world who believe Sakic was bluffing to the Denver Post, seeing if teams wanting Jones would pay more in trade.

    • donmarco says:

      Sakic listed 3 forwards, any one of which he’d be happy with. Meaning if there’s a team that truly covets Jones as long as the Av’s pick no lower than 4th, he’s guaranteed to get one of them. The problem is The teams from 2 to 5 need forwards too. Calgary needs everything. Edmonton would be the ideal trade target, but with the 7th pick the players Sakic wants will be gone. I predict there will be a ton of rumours between now and the draft, but none of the top 7 picks will change.

      “Fans don’t boo nobodies”. Reggie Jackson

  28. Roy_s_WINK says:

    This would be my dream lineup for the Habs next season.

    Here is what MB should do:

    Oh…and before you asked, yes, I traded Gionta, Desharnais, and added the size and intensity we needed.

    Our shortest player should be our only short player: Gallagher

    • HabFan in Edmonton says:

      Yeah, if Clarkson would sign with us for 2.6 million that would be awesome. Maybe the federal government will also eliminate income taxes. Sure is nice to dream,

    • Steven says:

      I highly doubt you sign Clarkson for less than 4M, especially if Clowe’s making 3.

      Defense didn’t change either, but otherwise I like the changes. Not sure it’s realistic, though :/

  29. Un Canadien errant says:

    Part 2 of the Bruins embellishment video is ready. Not only Claude Julien, but Milan Lucic’s and Jack Edwards’ own words sink them.

    Blake from “Glengarry Glen Ross” makes an appearance too.


    “There’s a little bit of embelleshing going on. You know, on our team, we don’t accept it. You kow, it’s something we don’t accept as players, and as teammates.”–Milan Lucic.

  30. Mavid says:

    Man that World War Z looks intense..I may have to go and see it..don’t forget when zombies attack we meet at the Costco in Gatineau..

  31. Un Canadien errant says:

    As far as Mr. Jones’ physique goes, let’s not get carried away. He’s still a mountain of a young man, and he’s just lean and not flexing. He looks unremarkable in that picture, but really, who are we to judge.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      “Who are we to judge?”

      Exactly — how about between now and July 1st all HIO posters submit their own nude torso shots (with optional medic with tongs) as avatars?

      Could be an effective way of ensuring only the truly committed remain members…

    • Stuck_in_To. says:

      I skipped over those posts as they were not worthy of notice (much like the preseason photo of Emelin was not comment worthy) but I will add my support to your position. Never mind cultural stereo types of strength and fitness in relation to body types, but the boy is just that: a boy. His control over his body is minimal at best if he is still growing and if he is about to add an inch or two to his height, his body will do what it wants to abet that.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      I’m not an anatomy expert but I think a normal 17 year old is not supposed to look like a bodybuilder. Dunkin’ Byfuglien on the other hand…

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Habbergasted says:

      I agree that picture doesn’t look so good on Jones, but how many of us look at the camera after taking a pic and say, “Better delete that one.” I remember seeing that first pic of Emelin and thinking “Seriously? Looks like he enjoys his beer.” Then I watched him throw all that Molson muscle into every hit. I’ll drink to that. Blue Dry of course.

  32. Un Canadien errant says:

    I tried to post my analysis of the latest mock draft on draftsite.com, but it got bounced from HIO. Now, I think I know what the trick is, I haven’t had any problems posting the last couple of days, I’ll test out my theory and report back.

    In any case, if you’re interested, follow the link below.


  33. wjc says:

    So Scott Cullen is going to analyze all 30 teams and be accurate.

    How many times could he have possibly seen Montreal play, along with the other 29 teams?

    Could you analyze accurately all 30 teams without cheating a little and missing a lot.

    If watched each team 10 times to get an assessment that would be 300 games. How confusing would that be. Trying to assess goaltending,prospects, duds, coaching, trades, systems, defense, forwards, rookies, new players brought in, players leaving, injuries…….impossible to be accurate.

    He is relying on stats, that do not always tell the whole story. He is missing great games and maybe seeing teams in slumps. Look how Boston played at the end.

    He would be watching desperate teams trying to make it and relaxed teams already in. Trust your own eyes, if you watch for the season, but remember you are focused on one team not 30.


    • florida habs says:

      how do scouts do it? that is why they are paid to assess and we blog, but as you point out doesn’t mean they are always right. I thought the Habs assessment wasn’t too bad. He did point out Markov has lost a step, I like to refer to it as a turnover machine. If I had to watch another failed attempt on a pinch then try to chase down odd man rush I was going to die.

      • wjc says:

        Scouts travel around to teams arena’s and check out 1 or two players live. They may see someone that catches their eye. They talk with the locals sometimes and get idea’s.

        That whole Markov has lost a step stuff is old news may or may not be true for next year. They finished high during the regular season so he must have done okay. Emilin getting hurt was a blow however.

        Please, whatever you do, do not die, it is not worth it over a hockey game.


  34. Dunboyne Mike says:

    @ Sam Boni

    You need an avatar: try this for starters —


    Uniquely you, but also channeling Habstrinifan.

  35. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Thanks for the TSN link, Krob.

    Scott Cullen on Dietz: “he plays an aggressive physical game. The Habs blueline isn’t in urgent need right now.”

    Did he write this in March?

  36. HabFab says:

    Danny Kristo’s birthday yesterday, taking time off from training to celebrate with some buddies. Maybe a trip to the Big Apple this weekend?

  37. Soolz says:

    I wonder why Colorado will pass on Jones for 1st overall?? Oh wait.. maybe it’s because he looks like he should be going 1st overall in the PS3 gamer NHL draft. Unreal.. go to the gym kid – you look like a slob. Can’t imagine what you would look like if you didn’t play hockey daily!

  38. Chris says:

    I sincerely doubt that Vincent Lecavalier is a buyout target this season.

    1) He is scheduled to earn $10 M next season, and has 7 years and $45 M left on his contract. He was a prorated 60 point player last season in an injury shortened season, but he could easily get them 60-70 points next year. That isn’t worth his $10 M salary, but it is not something they will replace either.

    2) Waiting one more year and doing the compliance buyout next season, if that is the ultimate decision, means that the Tampa Bay owners have to pay out $23.1 M over 12 years ($1.92 M per year) instead of $29.7M over 14 years ($2.12 M per year) for a guy that wouldn’t help them in any shape or form. The Lightning owners aren’t relying on food banks, obviously, but their pockets aren’t so deep that that $6 M in savings isn’t notable.

    3) The Lighting stand to get one of MacKinnon, Drouin, Jones or Barkov with that 3rd overall pick, a third building block (along with Hedman and Stamkos) towards building a dominant team moving forwards. Fans in Tampa have shown that they will support that club when there is a good product on the ice.

    4) In Brett Connolly and Richard Panik, the Lightning have two NHL ready forwards that are cheap and can chip in some offence. If they buyout Ohlund, they have the cap space they need for next season to ice a decent team without sacrificing the building block they stand to gain in this draft.

    5) Like the Flyers, the Lightning got off to a slow start and injuries did them in. I wouldn’t bail on this team quite yet. If I’m Yzerman, I give their veterans (St. Louis, Lecavalier, Malone, Salo, Brewer, and Carle) one more kick at the can. If Lecavalier still looks lost, you buy him out next season.

    • Habfan17 says:

      Very good points. On top of that, the cap goes down next season, but will go up after that. How much, who knows but they had a very strong season after the lockout which was a surprise. If next year is as strong, it may well be back up to $70 million. It makes sense for teams to wait one year to but out players with a lot of term left, unless they have no other options to get under the cap this season.


    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Agreed. Some buyout candidates like Tomas Kaberle and Mike Komisarek are obvious, you get them done now, but with players like Brad Richards and Vincent Lecavalier, they still have some value, even though they’re not cost-effective. There’s a definite argument to getting an extra year of production out of them, an extra season to evaluate, before making a decision.

      • Mr. Biter says:

        I’d rather have Komo as our 7/8 D-man than Dreweski if the price was right of course.

        Mr. Biter
        No Guts No Glory

        • habstrinifan says:

          I would cautiously say I agree. GM’s etc would of course have all the ‘inside stuff’ but I would want to make certain about Komisarek’s mindset as to where he sees his career in the next two to three years. If he still sees himself as a 1-2 I would balk.. and if he does see himself as a 7-8 I would also balk.

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          Hey, I tried all last season to trade Tomas Kaberle to get Mike Komisarek back, I figured if we have a useless defenceman, we might as well trade him for a useless defenceman who’s of use to us, but no dice, I was shouted down. He can’t play, everyone said. Which I didn’t doubt, really, but at least he’ll be can’t playing with some size and strength that we don’t have. But no, it was impossible. Everyone said so.


  39. ClutchNGrab says:

    For everyone doubting DD, be reassured:


    On the other hand, I think I’ve read this a few times from Gomez.

  40. HardHabits says:

    In case it hasn’t been posted, here’s a months worth of HIO articles crammed into one page. Even some tidbits for the EOTP crowd.


    • punkster says:

      Probably not for you to be reading stuff like that…so many numbers, charts, and stats can sap your precious bodily fluids…and hockey “is too important to be left to GMs as they have neither the time, the training or the inclination for strategic thought.”

      ***SUBBANGIN’ NOW BABY!!!***

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Agreed that it’s kind of disappointing now to read newspaper articles about the Canadiens’ prospects and other topics like that. It’s so basic, Hamilton Bulldogs 101 stuff, while we’re enrolled in the post-doctoral Habs program here at HIO.

  41. <----- ALMOST PERFECT says:

    If Habs were smart they’d Draft Fucale a Montreal Boy and a very good Goalie Maybe he’d be an inspiration for Price to work harder.

    Price has it to easy. No one to challenge him. That’s why he’s a so, so, Goalie and a lot of times hurts the team.

    • Timo says:

      No one is allowed to challenge Price. Budaj played a lot better than Price down the stretch and Therrien kept coming back with Carey even though it was plain obvious he is not going to stop a beach ball.

      Halak did better than Price by carrying the team on his shoulders into conference finals and got shipped out of town for his efforts.

      Price was untouchable before and he is untouchable now. Why? That I don’t know.

      • florida habs says:

        so did Steve Penny/Theo, one run does not make a career. Halak does not appear to be setting the world on fire, he is still a back up. I think between the 2 we made the right decision. If Price does not rise to an elite level, every single hockey expert, that would exclude the likes of us, will be proven wrong. I think that is why he has been chosen as the man, he does come from a pedigree of past accomplishments before arriving on the big stage. The story isn’t finished yet, I hope Price isn’t either.

      • wjc says:

        Actually Halak got a ‘HUGE’ contract because of his efforts.

        Hasn’t carried any team on his shoulders lately and is not earning his big contract.

        Could Canadiens have afforded to sign Halak and end up with the liability he has become.

        Price is ‘NOT’ untouchable, if they can trade ‘Roy’ they can trade anybody, who is to say Price would not welcome a trade to the right team.

        That trade thing can work both ways. Trade him when he is coming into his own is a veteran. Okay I get it, you are disappointed and feel he should be better at this stage. The team is not ready to challenge just yet, but as your ‘hero’ Sam Pollock used to say, the fastest way to start losing is to listen to the fans.

        Montreal management are not nuts enough to trade Price, unless he was to insist on it or the offer was too good to pass up. Who would blame him?


    • Habfan17 says:

      Only if they trade some players for an extra 1st round pic…even then. I would rather they get Ristolainen and then someone like Mantha, Ernie, Zykov, De La ose, or Gauthier. They just signed Mike Condon. I would rather they use a later pick on a goalie or even pick one next draft.


  42. Sam Boni says:

    Thanks krob/josh for linking the TSN analysis written by Scott Cullen. Couple of interesting points raised.

    Five full-time players were added last year (Galchenyuk, Gallagher, Prust, Armstrong, Bouillon….I think Cullen forgot about Ryder). Would a similar turnover of 5 or 6 players improve the team next year?

    Draft-eligible juniors ranked around the no. 25 position (Habs draft position) are Frederik Gauthier, Nicolas Petan, and Kerby Rychel.

    Their TSN.ca rating system (an arcane measuring stick) had Markov ranked as the 7th-best defenseman on the team ahead of Bouillon. It had Price ranked as a below-average goaltender….oh, the horn sounded, I have to resurface.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  43. joshbenn says:

    From the Offseason Game Plan: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=425872

    Patrik Elias ($6.000m) / Tomas Plekanec ($5.000m) / Brian Gionta ($5.000m)
    Max Pacioretty ($4.500m) / David Desharnais ($3.500m) / Rene Bourque ($3.333m)
    Alex Galchenyuk ($3.225m) / Lars Eller ($1.325m) / Brendan Gallagher ($0.870m)
    Brandon Prust ($2.500m) / Ryan White ($0.725m) / Travis Moen ($1.850m)
    Gabriel Dumont ($0.600m) /
    Josh Gorges ($3.900m) / P.K. Subban ($2.875m)
    Andrei Markov ($5.750m) / Alexei Emelin ($2.000m)
    Francis Bouillon ($1.500m) / Raphael Diaz ($1.225m)
    Davis Drewiske ($0.638m) / Yannick Weber ($1.000m)
    Carey Price ($6.500m)
    Peter Budaj ($1.400m)
    Buyout: Tomas Kaberle ($0.000m)
    CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
    (these totals are compiled with the bonus cushion)
    SALARY CAP: $64,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $65,215,833; BONUSES: $2,485,000
    CAP SPACE (23-man roster): $1,569,167

    • Kooch7800 says:

      So it would be a down grade really. The only addition being Elias in place of Cole/Ryder. Elias is a good player but with that roster and no changes to D this team in an 82 schedule would struggle to make the playoffs. I really hope MB tries to address the Defense.

      Emelin will be out for two months of the season and it will most likely be Tinordi in his place

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      A 37 year old Elias for 6 million a year as the only acquisition? No thanks. I´d much rather sign a cheaper and younger Dupuis and Rob Scuderi.

    • Timo says:

      So basically get beat down game in and out. Maybe make playoffs. Out in 4 or 5 in the first round. Nothing changes.

      • wjc says:

        Timo, how about miss the playoffs and enjoy the nice weather.

        How about rebuild from within and steadily improve or not.

        How about go to the second round and then lose.

        How about go to the third round and then lose.

        How about go to the finals and then lose.

        How about stop watching, find another hobby. Join something that you have to perform in and then berate yourself.

        Aim high, expect nothing but the best from yourself, and keep the Television off.


        • Habbergasted says:

          How about being a Hab fan over the past 20 years and constantly watching your favorite team muscled out of the playoffs time and again, while the Gm’s themselves say ‘we need to get bigger’ then sign players like DD to an extension.

          I grew up in Montreal eat, sleep and breathing Habs. I have never been able to see the cup hoisted by les bleu, blanc, et rouge and that will not change with the smurfs Habs brass like to sign.

          You wjc may be content to cheer for a team of Hobbits who can make the playoffs but can go no further. Yes how about the second round? The third? The finals! If they lose so be it but its better then one playoff win over the last two seasons.

    • The Dude says:

      Is that the line-up for the Washington Generals ?? FUTURE top 3 draft picks forever!

  44. krob1000 says:


    Very in depth analysis on TSN re Canadiens offseason plans

    • Timo says:

      Couldn’t be any deeper.

    • Habfan17 says:

      Funny, the analysis did not include the Habs needing a top 6 forward or top 4 defenceman for this season. They mention a top 9 forward and depth forwards.


      • Fransaskois says:

        I’m with Habfan on this one. I’m thinking our needs are a little bigger than they’re anticipating. They even say how Markov and Gionta are going to need to be used differently and mention the Emelin injury. These holes just fill themselves? Maybe they’re anticipating rookies/Galchenyuk to move into the top-6/top-4.

    • alfieturcotte says:

      While it was not an in depth review, the one thing they were spot on about was Price.

      A few quotes:
      1. One of the most remarkable facets of Montreal’s success last season is that they finished with such a strong record despite subpar goaltending.
      2. It’s not that a team can’t win without good goaltending, but Montreal has been built, to some degree, on the premise that Carey Price would provide above-average puck stopping and that’s not what made the difference.
      3. While he has the pedigree to be an elite puck-stopper, 25-year-old Price still has to put it together. Since he arrived in the league, in 2007, Price has a .915 save percentage, which isn’t bad, but it ranks 15th among goalies with at least 200 games played.

      Clearly TSN’s Cullen sees it correctly w/respect to the Canadiens’ season. We had a solid regular season despite subpar goaltending. Sadly, in the playoffs, weak goaltending was the reason for our early elimination.

      • johnnylarue says:

        Pretty convenient to ignore the fact that the Habs scored 2 goals or less in all 4 losses to the Sens.

        As they used to say back in 2011, “Just sayin’.”

        • Fransaskois says:

          Goalscoring was non existent and…. have you seen our defence lately? I don’t think we can hang it on Price. It takes a team to win and lose games and Price kept most of the games very winnable (i.e. doing his job).

      • Bob_Sacamano says:

        Price surely wasn´t good enough against the Sens but the main reason we lost to them were injuries.

      • Trisomy 21 says:

        Some people have quite the poor memory, and Cullen seems to be one of them. Price played just fine up until the end of the regular season. Sure he choked at the worst time, I am not denying that. But let’s all remember that the coaches in the Eastern conference said Price was the front runner in the East to win the Vezina. This was more than 3/4 through the season.

        • habstrinifan says:

          I am gonna disagree that Price was ‘fine’ until the ‘end’ of the regular season.

          • kalevine says:

            me too
            he tends to be “fine” all season except when a game is on the line, and when he gives up goals on the first 4 shots thus effectively ending the game before the 10 minute mark

  45. ClutchNGrab says:

    I was looking at different sites on potential buyout candidates and none of them list Shea Weber. Am I the only one thinking that a contract that have him signed until 2026 (he’ll be 41) at 7.8 M is a bad contract?

    If I am, let’s say you are Pittsburgh would you trade Letang for Weber given that you’ll make other moves to keep everything under the cap? Why Letang? Well rumors are the Pens would do the same as they did for Staal and offer him a take or leave contract. Given that the Pens desperately need an all star all-around defenceman Weber seems a fit.

    But again, that contract…


    • JF says:

      Didn’t the Predators pay Weber a huge signing bonus last summer? That would militate against trading him after only one season. And I thought Letang was a problem because of the cap. So how would trading for Weber help?

      • ClutchNGrab says:

        Well, Weber signed an offer sheet from the Flyers (typical Flyers contract) and Nashville matched the offer. The contract is highly front loaded and given that Nashville did not make the playoff this year, I assume that contract is taking a toll on their budget.

        I would say Letang’s future salary is a problem because Letang doesn’t answer the Pens needs for the amount he’s going to sign for. The need for an all-star all around defenceman. In other word, along with Fleury he would be the scapegoat for this year’s underachievement in the playoffs.

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          Swapping Kris Letang’s cap hit for Shea Weber’s cap hit doesn’t help either team, or am I missing something?

          The Preds already endured the pain of the front-loaded contract the Flyers made them match. They might as well now profit from the services of the guy they’ve bought and paid for.

          • ClutchNGrab says:

            I think Weber’s cap hit will be similar to Letang’s but Pittsburgh needs a player like Weber, that’s what Pittsburgh gets. What Nashville get is the elimination of a bad contract . From what I understand Weber makes 14 Million the first four seasons then 12 Millions the next two. The signing bonus (68 Millions) seems to be spread during those first six years.

            Given that the first season of that contract was for 44 games, the real hit for Nashville will be during the 2013-14 season. Getting rid of that contract seems the right thing to do, but with Weber out there is no superstar in Nashville. Getting Letang would help on that front.

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            Actually, Shea Weber’s contract is highly singular, as it was meant to be lockout proof, and hard for the Preds to match. So the Flyers structured their offer with a $13M bonus payable on July 1 for four seasons, plus a $1M salary each year. The kicker was that the bonus is payable whether a lockout endures or not. This was meant to be a poison pill for the Preds to avoid.


            So by July 1 of this year, in less than a calendar year, the Preds will have paid Shea Weber roughly $26.5M of the $27M he was slated to make (half a mill lost due to lockout). Now that they’ve taken a big bite of the sandwich, paid down a chunk of the mortgage, I don’t see them unloading it for Kris Letang, who will command a similar contract, and who is possibly not as much of an impact defenceman as Shea Weber.


            Also, I don’t understand how if you think Shea Weber’s is a bad contract, that Kris Letang’s will be much better. It will be shorter, maximum seven years if he signed with Nashville, but still the cap hits would be equivalent.

  46. habs001 says:

    Interesting question…If the Habs finished bottom 3 this year like last year how much of a difference would that have made in becoming a contender in the next couple of years?..

    • Cal says:

      Not much if the “can’t miss” draft pick is a bust.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      In theory would be good, however, if this team finished in bottom of the league, then not only would it be confirmed that Price, Markov, Gorges, MaxPac, Gionta, Plex and DD suck, but also then Galchenyuk and Gallagher would already also be confirmed busts.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      See “Edmonton Oilers.”

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • Fransaskois says:

      I think we’ve got unrealistic expectations for the team so… if fans were running the show, we’d be totally lost as it seems many think we’re capable of competing and should have traded away our picks at the Trade Deadline. I don’t think that would be a good idea. Hopefully Bergevin thinks the same way I do and continues the rebuild. Would’ve been nice to draft Drouin…

      You need high-end players to compete for the cup, I think we’re on our way to developing them (Price, Galchenyuk, Subban) but there are definitely some holes.

  47. <----- ALMOST PERFECT says:

    Management is the name of the game and Boston has it. They will be a cup contender for a long time. Built for playoff Hockey.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      As long as they have Chara they will be tough to beat. Just as a healthy Pronger always helped his teams. Not sure Tinordi will ever be in their category, but one can dream. NHL Playoff hockey rewards the big, mean, stud defenceman.

    • JF says:

      Chiarelli just might be the best GM in the League. The Bruins have drafted well and have benefited hugely from Brian Burke’s short-sightedness (not to mention his predecessor’s handing over Tuukka Rask) But Chiarelli has also made some very astute trades, bringing in Dennis Seidenberg, Nathan Horton, Chris Kelly, Rich Peverley, and Daniel Paille. That’s five key players acquired through trades, which is impressive. Not to mention Zdeno Chara all those years ago.

    • wjc says:

      Boston won in 1970 and 1972 and then disappeared for a while.

      Chara will get too old, Bruins will burn out because of LONG seasons to win and the cap will do them in. So if history follows its predictable course. Chara will be less effective and vulnerable. The team will burn out from too much hockey and the cap will force unwanted but necessary changes, because players being players will look for the ‘gold.

      The Stanley cups will be won and longer summers will be wanted, just watch and see. They will lose the will and the hunger.


  48. Un Canadien errant says:

    As far as the Roger Millions quote of Corban Knight that “Danny Kristo could suprise” at the draft in New Jersey next Sunday (https://twitter.com/RogMillions/status/347083473732894720), I think the logical inference for a draft nerd like me is that he was wooed to sign with Calgary with some ‘nudge nudge, wink wink’ allusions to a trade being in the works with the Canadiens whereby the Flames would acquire him and reunite them as linemates.

    It might make sense in that Calgary is desperately thin at the NHL level, and may not be able to wait three or four years for a late-first rounder to pan out. Danny Kristo holds a more immediate promise, especially if paired with a player he already has some good chemistry with.

    The Canadiens meanwhile can flip a valuable player who maybe doesn’t complement what we have on the farm right now, and go back to the well for one that does. Since there are a lot of big forwards in the late first and early second, maybe that’s taking a step back to be in a position to take two steps forward. Or, that extra pick might be packaged to move up in the first round.

    I’d like it if we could be the recipients of throw-ins this time, maybe pick up longshot bruiser Michael Ferland, or some late-rounders.

    I have to say also that it’s kind of cool that Corban Knight turned down the South Beach babes and year-round golf and sunshine to go to Calgary. I take stories like his and Justin Schultz positively.



  49. JayK-47 says:

    Has anyone asked Boone about his stance on Metadata, HIO and PRISM?

  50. H.Upmann says:

    I like the idea of Vinny as a Hab (of course a lot of things would need to happen). Even as a 2nd or 3rd centre, teams would notice.. It’ll make Molson money, satisfy french media, and add a little bit of excitement. Can’t be worse than DD right?

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Apart from money, i would base it on where his head is: if the residue of childhood dreams of playing for the Habs could still fire him, and he’d be happy to leave the Sunshine State, I think it would be great.

  51. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I would not use Our first (24th ?) round pick on Fucale …I would select him in the second round if still available

    …My priority would be one of the goliath QMJHL forwards like Gauthier, Mantha or D Sam Morin if available

    …whether QMJHL or not, I think Our first selection must be a huge skilled mother popper …or as skilled and sized as possible in that category

  52. mrhabby says:

    Avs trade 1st overall to Habs for Price.
    We then trade for Bernier..


  53. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …that photo doesn’t show Jones in the best light …certainly not the perceived physique of a number one

    …yet, if he was that good as a junior with a jelly-belly I would think he can become something exceptional in the NHL with professional level training and diet

    …despite Seth’s dad’s history with Denver, I am not surprised that once Patrick became involved the first-choice came down to MacKinnon and Drouin

    …for Me ? …Nathan MacKinnon

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Yeah, while it’s not awesome that Seth Jones isn’t a workout warrior and a beast, it’s not awful either. He’s doing what he does right now on pure natural ability, if he ever does get into the gym he’ll be even better.

      It’s interesting that a couple of decades ago, the common wisdom was that kids shouldn’t work out in the gym, with heavy weights at least, until they’d stopped growing and their growth plates fused. They were restricted to calisthenics and ‘body weight’ exercises, like push ups and squat thrusts. I know that’s no longer cutting edge, but maybe Seth got that advice from his old school father, or from his coaches who thought he’d benefit more by focusing his work to on-ice activities, developing his skills.

      If he was lazy at practice or in general, that’d be a red flag for me. If he was a workout warrior like Alex Galchenyuk, I’d take it as a plus. That’s as far as I would take it, but it’s personal opinion, not sure what the common practice is with junior players now.



      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        …Normand, We have Thrower to keep Us occupied next season …’Our’ Jones ? 🙂

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          We absolutely, positively have to go scout him next season, and report to the Commentariat our findings.

          I still cling to the dream of having our own West Coast Mini-Summit, with The Dude and Habcouver and others. A Giants game, followed by an AGM with libations.

          • Habitant in Surrey says:

            …I am awaiting My Son to be of age …tickticktick (not far away)

            …He would likely wear His Henri Richard sweater 🙂

            Post Script: …I am being facetious describing Thrower as Our Jones, by the way 😉

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Hey, early enough in fall or late in spring and this doubles as a golf trip. You never know who may journey out there from the East!

          • Habitant in Surrey says:

            …are We still talking camping on My front lawn, or will this be a Motel 6 thingy ?

    • Cal says:

      Is Seth Jones the new face of Dunkin Donuts?
      Or will it be his belly?

  54. Un Canadien errant says:

    So it’s official, Lorne Molleken is being replaced as Head Coach of the Saskatoon Blades by Dave Struch, the former assistant coach, but will remain as General Manager. Not that it’s very topical for Canadiens fans, now that Dalton Thrower has been traded to the Vancouver Giants, but it does confirm our suspicion that Mr. Molleken was a fiery head coach who obviously cares deeply about his boys, but is definitely old school and may wear thin on certain players. Dave Struch seemed like he was caught between a rock and hard place during the “Road to the Memorial Cup” documentaries, the loyal soldier who toed the line but maybe felt another approach might work.


    Here’s a post from a few weeks ago, when we discussed this issue.


    MAY 21, 2013 AT 12:49 AM

    I looked for clues in the “Road to the Memorial Cup” documentaries, and there was precious little camera time for Dalton. Through other channels we heard of his suspension for not playing according to team rules, and of the rumoured fight in practice during which he supposedly suffered a concussion, a fight that stemmed from the fractured dressing room. In the episodes, nothing.

    Watching the episodes, I feel that Lorne Molleken is the kind of coach who some players might have problems with. He seems very passionate and dedicated, he cares about his players and winning, but he definitely is old-school, a ‘my way or the highway’ guy, and if you got on his wrong side he might have a hard time getting to the ‘forgive and forget’ stage. I never heard him say anything that was creative or insightful, he just insisted on complete effort and making the safe dump-and-chase play all the time.

    Some posters posited that Dalton Thrower and his coach had differences that affected his play. That’s plausible. Going forward, I think he needs another season in Junior, and with another team. As I’ve said before, Saskatoon’s cupboard of picks and prospects is bare, they blew their wad on this Cup run, so they need to restock. Hopefully, they trade Dalton to a contending team, one with a strong coaching staff and he can put his game back together. Considering that Hamilton has a lot of young defencemen already, and Magnus Nygren and Darren Dietz will be heading there next fall, I don’t know if Dalton Thrower has a spot there.

    Let’s hope that this year is a hiccup, and the kid delivers on last season’s promise. He says he patterns his game after Kevin Bieksa’s, and I’d take anything approaching that in a heartbeat.

    • Ed says:

      playing Junior hockey in Canada is about developing young men into NHL prospects.

      Molleken, Hunter, Roy, and almost every Junior coach in the country is no nonsense, old school, fiery, “my way or the highway”.

      although your description of Molleken is accurate, you won’t find too much “creative and insightful” in Major Junior.

      the young men, often 16 when they join the team, need a tough leader, and there isn’t much “forgive and forget” unless the young player is a star, then, of course, all is forgiven and forgotten in a heartbeat.

      Major Junior is a tough world.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        This may be an uneducated comment, but perhaps Junior has indeed become more about owners making money, and the development of players is much further down the list of priorities. However, Hockey Canada will continue to preach how Junior hockey is developing hockey players.

        • Ed says:

          For the owners it has always been about making money – developing NHL players is part of the business’s marketing strategy.

          Junior players who get drafted to the NHL draw fans to the arena.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Just win baby, Al Davis’s mantra fits in many different levels of sport.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Interesting Ed, I don’t follow junior hockey as you or other posters seem to. I thought that maybe it’s being overtaken by some of the newer-style head coaches, ‘player coaches’ who communicate a little bit better and give players a little more responsibility and freedom. Old-school coaches like Mike Keenan and Ken Hitchcock 1.0 don’t seem to cut it nowadays. I would have thought that with younger pro players finishing their careers and going back to the CHL to coach, there would be a new breed of coaches, and guys like Lorne Molleken would be fewer and farther between.

        • Ed says:

          maybe Chris has seen some “player coaches” in Ontario, I haven’t seen them in Quebec.

          • scuba says:

            Here in Halifax, Ducharme is definately not a Rah Rah in your face type of coach. He was very demanding but had a tough job of motivating a great team and trying to mentor some very young stars without disrupting anything. He seemed to walk the line between “players coach” and hard ass. In the end though I would not argue with calling him a players coach.

        • Chris says:

          I primarily follow the OHL, so I will limit my comments to that group.

          For coaches in this league, fiery and “my-way-or-the-highway” is the norm. Brian Kilrea was a pretty fiery guy, and he didn’t put up with much from his players. Same with Dale Hunter, which is part of the reason he went back to London. There, he can be a dictator and the players can’t do squat about it. Robbie Ftorek was canned by Erie this year, but he was nobody’s idea of a shrinking violet. Stan Butler is another guy that demands a lot from his players, but they generally respond to him.

          In Guelph, we now have Scott Walker who is as fiery as they come and puts up with almost nothing. But most of the players love playing for him and know that he’s trying to get them to be better hockey players.

          I can’t think of many “players’ coaches” in the league because that style doesn’t really work. The coach is not there to be the players’ friends…he’s there to make them better players. Most teams have an alumnus or former OHL player as an assistant coach to smooth the ruffled feathers.

          Players’ coaches work in very limited cases in the NHL when the team has a strong veteran core that can police itself. Given the very nature of junior hockey, that environment is all but impossible to create when you have 3-4 years maximum with your players. And junior hockey is full of guys who get shipped out of town for breaking team rules or clashing with their coach. The players have no leverage, so they always lose those fights.

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            Thanks for the insights guys.

            How do you think Dave Struch compares? I see him as more of a mentor-nurture type, a guy who’ll motivate guys by inspiring them rather than fear, but that might be just based on first impressions, because he’s fresh-faced and eager on camera.

          • Chris says:

            I don’t know enough about him to comment. Assistant coaches often have really tough transitions to being head coaches, though.

            We had Dave Barr as the head coach here in Guelph for a number of years, and Jason Brooks as an assistant coach. When Barr left for an assistant coach position in the NHL, Brooks took over. He struggled mightily with a fairly talented roster, and completely lost control of the room. He started off as a players’ coach, and they walked all over him. The team needed to be blown up, but he tried to change coaching styles and just made things worse. Ultimately, he lost his job and the team floundered.

  55. habs001 says:

    In todays NHL very hard to determine who will contend for the cup…No guarantees…The Habs young core PK,Galch,Gallagher,Eller etc and their prospects in Hamilton plus their other picks plus this years pick look good….but the reality is there are 15+ teams that have very comparable if not better players and many of these teams have way better 28-35 veterans on the team….

    • Kooch7800 says:

      a lot of factors go into it….injuries….goalie getting hot….a player getting red hot at the right time

      As shown by the Pens exit at the hands of Boston….on paper means jack squat

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

      • habs001 says:

        Very true…We also have some very good and dedicated posters on this site that give us breakdowns on the Habs propsects and future prospects….but they are Habs fans ..i am sure most other teams have the same dedicated fans who would argue their young propects are top notch also…This is where last years first round pick was huge because the Habs obtained a potential elite player…a team has a much better chance at getting an elite player if they pick top 5….you certainly can get an elite player as a low pick but when you are picking latter all teams have equal chance and some luck is involved…

        • Kooch7800 says:

          in all honesty I think what makes a true contender these days is Depth. the Bruins are running three lines and they are all doing their part. The third line becomes just as important as the top 2 in the playoffs.

          Right now I would say we don’t have enough depth up on D but we have a ton of solid prospects that should really help in that department in a year or two.

          Hopefully we will someone get some pure goal scorers by then.

          “Keep your stick on the Ice”

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      You didn’t mention coaching — on purpose 001?! C’mon, spit it out!

  56. Maritime Ron says:

    OK learned HIO posters…. when is the best time to do our imminent change of the present Room Leadership Group?

    There is a lot of respect for oft injured Gionta and now wonky knee Markov, yet we all know they won’t be around when we seriously start contending for the Cup in 3-4-5 years down the road – seriously contending on a yearly basis, and not succumbing to the false notion of, “Just make the playoffs and anything can happen.”

    When is the right time to move their combined $10.750M Cap Hits?
    Both have modified NTCs, therefore there may be a specific window or list of teams.

    Do we do it THIS summer if we can find some trading partners, or do we wait until the trade deadline next year before both become UFAs?

    Some may say that could possibly create a leadership void, yet perhaps the opposite may also happen.
    Guys like PK, Max, Lars, Prust….(add names if you wish) may seize the opportunity to put their own stamp on the team – and Josh the ultimate warrior could be a veteran link.

    As for Captain/Assistant Captain, there doesn’t need to be any rush as in 2009/10 we did not have a Captain.

    Are those guys too young?
    If need be, several young guys have been named Captain at an early age.
    Landeskog of Colorado was 19 years old as was Crosby. Toews was 20, Dustin Brown was 22 and Ryan Callaghan was 21 when they were named Captain.

    Only the guys in the room know what’s really going on, yet something tells me all is not 100% perfect.
    As an example, once upon a time Philly had an issue with 2 separate factions being Richards-Carter, and Giroux-Briere.
    Philly decided to go with the later pairing to bring perceived unity and peace and the former duo was moved.

    23 NHL players on a team is a big, difficult family to manage with egos and pecking orders.
    Only great harmony and chemistry, not always just supreme talent, gets you a shot at the Cup (see Boston-see Pittsburgh)
    Going to war and sacrificing together, has always been a trait of great teams.
    Remember our Cup winning Habs of the past?

    • Habilis says:

      You bring up a great point. The changing of the guard is imminent, no doubt. However, there seems to be a bit of a gap between the vets and the kids. Guys who we would want to see as leaders as you said (PK, Max, Eller, Gally, Chucky, Tinordi) simply aren’t ready to assume the mantle yet, at least IMHO. Well, maybe Max and PK are ready for an “A”, but not the “C”.

      One guy who I would like to see with a letter is Prust. He is one of the few who is between the vets and the kids, age wise. He has the experience and he obviously has the heart. Would be nice to see.

      However it breaks down, I get the feeling that Gionta is the type of guy who would willingly give up the captaincy if he felt like it was time.

      Is it time?

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      You have a way of introducing potentially divisive topics in a way that simply and calmly invites comment and discussion! It always sets a great tone and everyone feels free to voice their opinion and probably doesn’t feel the need to call anyone names!
      I’m not asking, but I’m very curious what you do for a living!
      Cheers, Keep it up!

      • Fransaskois says:

        I’ve been looking for a way to word this topic right and, as DunBoyne Mike said, you’ve presented it perfectly.

        I think there’s a big gap between the young/new and the old players. Plekanec and Markov seem to be especially out of the loop. Gionta seems to do okay with dealing with young guys but these two seem totally clueless when I’m watching them on the bench, in interviews, on 24CH etc. Of course, I’m not sure if either of them have ever been expected to be leaders before but it seems they ARE thought to be on this team. I get the feeling that Plekanec expects to be a leader but has found himself outside the group. Potentially entirely unrelated but we all remember the fight with PK in practice.

        I think with the Norris trophy and perhaps another year as a #1 Dman, PK has the chance to be the next captain. He’s a great spokesperson, seems to get along with most of the team and brings all of the things you’d look for in a captain in terms of on-ice passion and work-ethic. He’s also been a captain before, if I’m not mistaken.

        It’s a very difficult topic to discuss as we can’t readily identify the leaders or the room dynamic as we have no real access to this information.

      • Maritime Ron says:

        Hi Mike,

        That comment was very gracious and humbling…
        I have been very lucky in life being at the right place at the right time…I also had some wonderful mentors earlier on and will never forget the words of wisdom of a very very successful person when he told me, “To be able to run the trains, you have to ride the trains – perhaps past your comfort hours.”
        The next words of wisdom was, “Look in the mirror – define your qualities and short comings and hire the best and pay them the best.”
        Well, that was quite simple. Possessing few qualities, it was easy to define what was needed to bring some ventures to another level.
        The rest is personal history and an outstanding group of incredible and talented individuals allows me to smell the roses and have a little fun – some of the fun being to be able to exchange with wonderful people on this site also being a passionate Habs fan yet also a realist.

    • Cal says:

      This “changing of the guard” is kind of funny.
      There is always a blend of youth and veterans. Pretending the Habs will contend in 3 years because that’s when the draft picks and very young Dmen show up is funny, too.
      That being said, it is time to get bigger and faster. So, Gionta and Markov will not bring more than a 2nd rounder each, based on their ages and general wonkiness.
      It will take a while because everyone wants size and speed and they’re all willing to give up injured and/or small players. I don’t really see a market for Gionta. Detroit, or another deep club, may want Markov.

      • Chris says:

        Douglas Murray, a slow plodding defensive defenceman, netted two second round picks this year. You’re telling me that the guy who led the NHL in PP points and finished fourth overall in defence scoring (2nd in goals) can’t net a 1st round pick at the deadline?

        Let’s just say we disagree.

    • Chris says:

      Markov is still the second best defenceman on the team. Curtail his minutes, but don’t trade him unless the return is significant.

      Gionta is a tougher one. There is no place for him when his contract expires, but I hate seeing captains traded mid-season. Ultimately, he probably nets a 2nd round pick, traded at the deadline. His high cap hit makes him somewhat unattractive until teams are sure they are poised for a playoff run.

      Being named captain in cities such as Pittsburgh, Colorado or mid-2000’s Chicago wasn’t really that big a deal. The media coverage of those teams was not particularly intense. The Montreal Canadiens captaincy, on the other hand, is a pretty heavy undertaking and is highly politicized and scrutinized. I wouldn’t wish that crap on a young kid unless they were exceptionally mature. The closest to that level on the Habs is Pacioretty, and I just don’t see him as the captain quite yet.

      Corrections: Callahan was 26 and Brown was 24 when they were named captains of the Rangers and Kings, respectively.

      It was more Richards-Carter vs. Briere/Hartnell/Pronger. Pronger and Richards detested one another, and the rumoured Carter/Hartnell feud had to be settled with one guy or the other going if the rumoured cause was true. The problem for the Flyers was that Pronger was hurt and robbed them of the leader that was left behind.

      Regarding Boston, yes, they have great chemistry. But they also have great talent. David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron are both better than any of Montreal’s centres. Chara is better than any of our defencemen. Their third line is perhaps better than our second line, and their fourth line is better than our third line. The Bruins are talented, big, fast, and they are now confident after surviving the Leafs. They are, as they have been for the past few years, the best defensive team in the NHL. With Rask playing calm and controlled, they are a tough out, as everybody expected.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Chris, it’s good for us that Markov’s first season back after knee surgery was only a half season, and the knee appears to have held up well. Is it likely to be even stronger come preseason? Might his overall fitness be improved given he now enjoys two good knees to train on?

        (Feel free to re-direct to Dr Recchi in deference to his superior medical knowledge/clairvoyance).

        • Chris says:

          That is partially my belief, that he will be in better shape to train on that knee. He had to work off a couple of years worth of rink rust. Remember how shaky Patrice Bergeron looked in 2008-09, after missing all but 10 games in 2007-08 due to a concussion?

          It isn’t easy to come back after missing time due to an injury. Losing basically two years to knee injuries is huge. The loss of confidence in the leg, the loss of training and conditioning time, the rust…it can take a lot longer than fans are willing to allow.

          Will Markov be back to normal next year? Probably not…some of what we saw this year was inevitable age-related decline convoluted in with that rust. But I would not at all be shocked to see a marked improvement from Markov, improvement that can be amplified if his minutes are managed a little more adroitly than they were by Therrien last season. Let Subban play the painful minutes against the other team’s top guns…he’s shown he can do it, and has a Norris Trophy to defend.

          Andrei Markov out there against the second and third lines of other teams is a much more dangerous beast.

          • Dunboyne Mike says:

            These are not unreasonable hopes.
            I love the thought of Markov vs 2nd and 3rd lines. I wonder did MT keep him on the No. 1 pairing for fear of undermining his confidence. There were times when he just couldn’t keep up. But yeah, there’s every chance he’s better again next season.

          • kalevine says:

            Markov needs to learn to stop pinching willy nilly (willy told me he didn’t like it). Give any line all those 2 on 1 chances and you will get burned often.

  57. Luke says:

    Not sure if this has been posted already, but in Friedman’s recent 30 thoughts column (are they still columns?) he discusses moving into the top five of the draft. Mentioning the Flames offered Colorado the 6th, 22nd, 28th for the 1st. It was no dice.

    Certainly, not the same quality as DD, Weber and Calgary’s 2nd rounder, but something to keep in mind when pondering trade options.


    Seth Jones looks to be on the Alexei Emelin Ab-Blaster workout program.

  58. ont fan says:

    This is where Colorado trades their pick to Florida for their’s and a 2nd if they want Mackinnon. I see what they are up to.

    • Dust says:

      i was thinking the same thing. Or they trade with tampa. One or the other

    • JayK-47 says:

      I think it’s an inspired move. They’re saying 1st overall is up for grabs, if someone 2 or 3 spaces back is willing to pay the price. But without coming out and saying that, which would make them look eager to sell.

  59. <----- ALMOST PERFECT says:

    Back to the playoffs – Boston beat pittsburgh with Goaltending Defense and toughness.

    So far they’re beating Chicago with Defense, Toughness, Goaltending, close to being even.

    It’s not over yet but Boston is looking like the better team.

    • Saintpatrick33 says:

      Unfortunately they are and I probably won’t be able to tolerate watching that team win the cup again.

    • Ghosts of the Forum says:

      I still feel that if Chicago plays their game, they’ll win. But so hard to tell if they just aren’t playing right, or Boston isn’t letting them, haha

      Regardless, I think this series will be as close as the games. Has seven written all over it…

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      I presume we can expect the Hawks to have watched tape and be planning to try something different. What they’ve been doing — even in their one win — has not been effective.

      Dump+chase, lots of o-zone hitting, take it to the Bruins big D and stop letting them dictate the game (because I think you’re right, Ghost, that “Boston isn’t letting them” play).

      Of course, as Burly pointed out on the previous thread, the Hawks may be carrying the kinds of injuries that prevent them from playing physical.

      And by physical I don’t mean dirty — no need. Just hit repeatedly, especially Chara, the puck will come loose, D will get caught up in the corners away from the net, and the Bruins will take penalties.

      (Ha! Given the Chicago PP en ce moment, maybe that’s not such a great idea).

      Marchand touching the Cup reminds me of Smelly Norman wanting to ask my sister out…

      • 1010 says:

        I was wondering why they weren`t smearing that gnat called Krug every time he moved. Dump it on his side every time and get him. I don`t care how skilled he is-given his extremely small frame- I would paste him on every shoot in. Tell me he wouldn`t hear footsteps after 4 or 5 good licks.

        GO HABS…

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          Nicely put!
          I’d also advocate hitting the big guys, especially Chara, whose self-control diminishes when anyone offends him by making physical contact.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        What you don’t understand is that the Axe body spray is an alcohol-based product, not oil-based, so it dissipates very quickly. You therefore have to wear a lot of it to have an effect. It might be a little much at first, but you quickly get desensitized, and sometimes feel like you should splash some more on, and you do a little bit, and maybe it’s a little stronger now, but then your nose deceives you, so you give yourself another blast or two, just to make sure…

        Still no grounds for the calumny and censure you’re subjecting me to.

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          You have a ‘D’, as in NormanD!

          But thanks for sharing!

          I refer to a real guy, in the 1970s, when the most-advertised antiperspirant was Arrid Extra Dry and Axe wasn’t invented!

          (Were you still in Montreal then?)

  60. Mavid says:

    Scotiabank place is now Canadian Tire Center..still the building fun forgot..

    • Saintpatrick33 says:

      Aint that the truth. A boring name for a boring building.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Personal question, Mavid: is that yourself kissing the lovely grandchild in your avatar?

      • Mavid says:

        yes it is I..and my little princess :-)..she is so adorable I am going over to see her this afternoon..

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          She is indeed adorable (and may be mortified later in life to learn how her gestation was tracked online by a bunch of hockey fans!).

          But the reason I asked was because you in no way match my mental image of the word “grandmother” as regards age! Wow!

          (Either Habsfan0 or Johnnylarue once suggested we all use photos of ourselves as our avatars for a week — you’re already there: what do you think?)

          • Mavid says:

            I am most defiantly not your run of the mill granny.. given my obsession with hockey and the Habs..

          • Dunboyne Mike says:

            In Montreal I was prepared for confirmation by a wonderful nun. She was a friend of my parents, was often in the house for dinner. If there was hockey on she’d join my brother and me and watch. But alas, her Order was based in Boston and she was an insane Bruins fan! Shouting at the tv, at us. Even took a stick from the porch once and wielded it a la Billy Smith to keep us in order. Not run-of-the-mill either! Happily it was the late 70s and we always won.

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          Hey I’m not hitting on you!
          I’ve already been romantically linked to Lafleurguy — we shared a virtual bottle of wine here late one night when everyone else had gone and we were the only two left on HIO.
          Or so we thought…

  61. This Guy says:

    Feels good to see Galchenyuk overtake Morgan Rielly, Yakupov and even this year’s calder recipient in hockeysfuture post-season ranking.


  62. Ozmodiar says:

    Roger Millions showin’ off dem reportin’ skillz!!!

    “cryptic quote, must clarify…. hey, that dog has a fluffy tail!!”
    /chases dog

    • Un Canadien errant says:


      I’m not sure who the onus to clarify falls on, Roger Millions or Corban Knight. I vote we let this one suppurate for a couple more days, we need something to talk about, besides how Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien bungled or brilliantly executed the P.K. Subban plan this year.

  63. JayK-47 says:

    Calgary-Montreal TRADE RUMOR!!! (made up by me)

    To Montreal:

    Sven Baertschi

    To Calgary:

    Pleks or Eller

    And something else, I dunno, Diaz-Sarich.

    • Ghosts of the Forum says:

      I’d rather take Giordano…exactly what we need on the backend. Would fit the team well, play big minutes with PK, good on the PP, got some sandpaper to his game…

      Kristo and DD for Giordano and a late round pick

      (Also because I’d be shocked if the Flames gave up Baertschi…he’s a piece they’re going to build around)

      • Fransaskois says:

        I think you guys are both nuts 😛 Giordano and Baertschi will definitely not be moved. Baerstchi because of the rebuild and Giordano because he specifically took a pay cut to stay with Calgary and loves it there. Gio’s a big part of their team, rebuilding or otherwise.

        I’d think it’s either older assets being moved, a swap of two prospects that will help both teams, a more NHL ready prospect for a pick, or a change in draft position that will benefit both teams (i.e. moving up or down because of a valued player).

  64. HardHabits says:

    Three contractors are bidding to fix a broken fence at Government House. One is from Ottawa, another is from Toronto, and the third is from Montreal.

    All three go with an official to examine the fence.

    The Ottawa contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring, then works some figures with a pencil.

    “Well,” he says, “I figure the job will run about $900, $400 for materials, $400 for my crew and $100 profit for me.”

    The Toronto contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says, “I can do this job for $700. That’s $300 for materials, $300 for my crew and $100 profit for me.”

    The Montreal contractor doesn’t measure or figure, but leans over to the government official and whispers, “$2,700.”

    The official, incredulous, says, “You didn’t even measure like the other guys. How did you come up with such a high figure?”

    The Montreal contractor whispers back, “$1000 for me, $1000 for you, and we hire the guy from Toronto to fix the fence.”

  65. Sportfan says:

    Maybe Sakic has a trade for a decent D-man coming his way?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  66. New says:

    Awh, that’s so cool…Sakic says they won’t take Jones. They couldn’t sell the pick so now they are trying to sell insurance on the others. Maybe the market is overpriced.

  67. JayK-47 says:

    I’m bored (got called in to cover for someone so my mental investment in monitoring the nuclear rods is nil) so let’s bounce some trade rumors!

  68. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    Also, Tokarski is an RFA. I think MB should make signing him a priority.

    • Fransaskois says:

      Looks like Mayer may be staying with us as he’s been released by Biel. Cloudy situation in terms of the goaltending situation in Hamilton. Mayer would likely be looking for (undeserved) #1 opportunities.

      • Ghosts of the Forum says:

        I’d take Tokarski any day…or at least get him signed up and keep as a potential trade asset. Lots of teams looking for goalies out there and he has pedigree for sure

        • Fransaskois says:

          Couldn’t agree more, I’ve got a lot of faith in him. Syracuse kinda fell apart without him. He’s also a good ol’ Sask boy and, from personal experience, a pretty nice guy. Hopefully he gets time as the #1 in Hamilton this year. Maybe not #1 upside in the NHL but could very well be a good backup.

  69. Ghosts of the Forum says:

    There are a lot of decent players on indecent contracts out there…will be interesting to see what happens when the buyout window opens.

    Briere is gone for sure. Doubt he’d come to Montreal, and he’s small, which would give people fits.

    Vinny for 4 or 5 mill a year for 2 or 3 years? Awfully interesting…

  70. The Jackal says:

    Maybe this will start a chain reaction amongst GMs – they will think Jones is not that great and pass on him, opting for the many forwards that are supposed to be very good. Jones then falls to 25th, and voila, Habs have a solid D corp for years to come.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  71. commandant says:

    The Western Conference potential buyouts.


    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  72. arcosenate says:

    Still think if he can be convinced to come to Montreal after rumoured buyout, Lecavalier would be an asset.

    • Jerman says:

      I would maybe explore trading Markov and Plecky (maybe to move up in the draft, or additional 1st round selections) and then sign a guy like Lecavalier if we could get him for cheap and not to long of a contract. I would see Lecavalier be a decent 2nd or 3rd center all depending how our other 3 young centers are ready to take on.

      This would free some spots (and cash) to add more size on offence and defense via free agency and I think it would set up for a better future for the Habs.

      • Dust says:

        I think Lecavalier would be our number 1 centre next year if we signed him. I don’t see how siging him if he becomes available would be a bad move.

        • florida habs says:

          don’t thing a francophone with deteriorating skills would want to come here and deal with the media circus. we tried that with Savard.

          • Jerman says:

            I still think he has a lot of good in him. In his last 3 season he has had : 54pts in 65 games; 49Pts in 64 games; and 32 pts in 39 games. For a forward with a diminish role on a team, that is pretty good.

            I think a change for him would jolt back some emotion in him. I think it helps that if he would ever come to Montreal at this stage in his career, the media would not be as bad as everyone is expecting (only for the fact that the expectation on him is not the “French savior” but more of an aging Frenchman that could help this team in a supporting role). That is just my feeling but you never know with media stupidity that is Montreal media.

          • Saintpatrick33 says:

            And Turgeon he imploded under the media pressure.

        • Kooch7800 says:

          Vinny head 10 goals and 32 points last year. Desharnais had 4 less points (same amount of goals) playing with much less talented wingers.

          Vinny is not the player he once was. With the style he plays his body has worn down.

          If you could get him at the right price he would be worth it but he isn’t worth overpaying for

          “Keep your stick on the Ice”

          • Dust says:

            I don’t think Vinny played with better wingers at all. ARe you saying malone lewis or conacor(spl) are better than Patches bourque or gionta. I think not

          • Kooch7800 says:

            He was on the first wave PP with Stamkos and St louis…that is two pretty wicked line mates and PP time should be bread and butter.

            “Keep your stick on the Ice”

    • Saintpatrick33 says:

      I agree. Without that albatross contract he might be a decent pick up. Whether or not he would want to come to the media fishbowl that is Montreal is another story.

  73. HabinBurlington says:

    Nothing to see here, move along…..

    The Seth Jones picture is probably not the most flattering shot for a top prospect big dman.

  74. Bill says:

    FIRST overall should be MacKinnon

    Full Breezer 4 Life

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