Auld in nets vs. Maple Leafs

Goalie Alex Auld gets the start tonight vs. the Toronto Maple Leafs, mildly surprising given that Carey Price has blanked the Leafs twice this season. But head coach Jacques Martin said in Vancouver there would be more work ahead for the Habs’ backup, and some of that work is tonight.

Defenceman Jaroslav Spacek and forward Mathieu Darche, believed to be rehabbing a knee and a groin, continue to undergo treatment and will be re-evaluated in the days ahead.

Habs lines are expected to be the same as they were for the 3-2 win over the Canucks on Tuesday.


  1. observer says:

    habs got beat by hot islanders last 2 times. reimer shut them down.

  2. Habs_Fan_In_Edmonton says:

    We will never win the big one? I dont know, two game seven victories last spring seemes pretty big to me. But then again, maybe that was just me

  3. drivefor25 says:


    LOL! Twice!

    Fan since ’71

  4. Aaron13 says:

    Kovalev was unhappy in OTT and although he’s not a prolific scorer, he was loved by the fans in MTL. Perhaps, he could have motivated our team to a higher level of play down the stretch. I’m glad PIT picked him up. 

    As an aside, I think the commentators on RDS and L’antichambre are fair and have unparalled hockey insight. They get it. Martin et. al. and most in the press don’t.


  5. Aaron13 says:

    There are two reasons Alfred E. is placed next to JM. Both are obvious. To paraphrase Jack Johnson: “…think deep thoughts”.

  6. Mattyleg says:

    (why do you respond to him? I’ve been ignoring him for days, and it feels great!)

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  7. GrimJim says:

    Are you seriously comparing the Leafs to a boxer with a perfect record? That Leaf’s stiffie has drawn ALL the blood away from your brain…

    And for the record, on a website developed by a Mtl newspaper for Mtl fans to discuss the Mtl team, how another team’s goalie is doing is a tertiary concern which most people here would consider worthy of only superficial analysis (unless you are a Leafs troll)…

  8. Aaron13 says:

    I don’t want to see JM pulling out his little black book after a TO goal or MTL penalty. The professor doesn’t really take notes – he merely channels his anger into that book by drawing stick figures with nooses.

  9. LA Loyalist says:

    You’re presuming Gomez knows where the net even is.

  10. TomNickle says:

    He may be a good goalie but that doesn’t change the fact that you are a Leaf fan trolling a Hab fan site.  You sound exactly like every one of their fans who said that Gustavsson was the answer, that Burke’s plan is working, that a rough and tough style that they don’t employ is the key to success.

    Fact:  Reimer hasn’t played 20 NHL games.  Look at the start Halak had, how’s  he done lately?

    Fact:  Burke hasn’t denied that Kessel wants out of there because of Wilson, he’s only denied that he’s shopping him.

    Fact:  Kaberle wanted out.  His Dad told the World at the start of the year.  The reason?  Wilson.

    Fact:  By using your math the Leafs are 8 games under .500.  So why the love fest?

    Because you’re a Leaf fan.


  11. observer says:

    ive watched most of his games – this is a real good goalie.

  12. punkster says:

    Gomez in net? Wait one…that’s BRILLIANT Tom. That’s it!!!


  13. observer says:

    will they show the intensity they did against vancouver or in last years playoffs? this is today’s nhl.

  14. Aaron13 says:

    You don’t see it like a lot of people. He is very shaky in the net. Slow glove, poor lateral movement and poor concentration. All you have to do is check previous game videos. In one game, he was facing the back of the net during a play. He needs a compass. I guess many think JM is a genius. Shame on you.

  15. SPATS says:

    Had you bothered to read below, you’d know it’s a conspiracy to get the Laffs into the playoffs. It will be a 3 point game with us winning the extra point when Moen does a spinerramma in the 14th round of the shootout. C’mon man, do your research! ;-)


  16. SPATS says:

    Had you bothered to read below, you’d know it’s a conspiracy to get the Laffs into the playoffs. It will be a 3 point game with us winning the extra point when Moen does a spinerramma in the 14th round of the shootout. C’mon man, do your research! ;-)


  17. Jeff says:

    Gooday Tommy, yes I agree if you can’t beat the decimated Leafs ( Beach, Kabbs & Versteeg) then you don’t deserve the playoffs.

    R u guys getting nervous?

    The Leafs are winning & the Habs are losing, the end result is obvious. If u continue this trend, no playoffs.

    We were too easy on you last year allowing the Habs to make in on the last day, not this year.

    It will be so nice to see our larger, younger, more talented Leafs kick your collective Hobbitt butts tonite.

    Ha! Is that a good start to get those hate juices going…..Tommy?


  18. SmartDog says:

    Sounds like Gauthier didn’t even look his way.


  19. christophor says:

    Thanks. I’m a little surprised no one took a shot at him. I’m also wondering what that means for AKs value.

  20. SPATS says:

    Conspiracy nuts in the internet age are called skeptics. We take it all with a grain of salt rather than drinking the koolaid. How do you know it’s not a conspiracy? You don’t. I believed in WMD’s until the “conspiracy” was proven to be the truth. Broad use of the term “conspiracy nut” needs to be put to bed. Oh and by the way, I think Auld will do just fine in helping keep the Laffs out of the playoffs!

  21. SLONCOLD says:

    i can steal a purse for you tomorrow for your bday:-p

  22. KenD29 says:

    Thank goodness!


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  23. Bryan says:

    Zherdev cleared waivers


    The Habs are making me slightly less bi-polar.

  24. Habs1st says:

    So if Price played and lost badly, cause he was too tired, everyone would be crapping on JM for playing Price too much?????  Yes, the points are important, but Price can’t play every single game!

    On a side note, anyone know a good website for watching the games on-line?

  25. christophor says:

    Reimer: best goalie in the Leafs Skills Competition.

  26. christophor says:

    Yeah the very idea of the Dreger Report makes me throw up in my mouth a little. What a guy. Used to be ok until his “insider” status got to his head.

  27. SmartieHab says:

    Bah, the first game I get to go since moving down here and we get Auld in net. Sigh. O well I thought I may have to use my paper brown bag anyway, maybe I’ll get shown on tv or my photo taken with it on… 5-1 maybe 5-2 Leafs.

    Really I don’t trust Auld at all especially after those Calgary and Islander games, hes just lets in soul crushing weak goals at the worst possible times.

  28. RGM says:

    Great minds think alike.

    Go Habs Go!

  29. Habs1st says:

    The Habs play the Laffs on the last game of the season… maybe Price will get his third shutout then!

  30. TomNickle says:

    Carey Price.  Vezina nomination in a couple of months.

  31. Haligonian-Hab says:

    Dammit! Play Price, and give him tomorrow off from practice to rest for Saturday. We need these points!!!!

  32. observer says:

    he was best in pittsburgh!

  33. gohabsgo25 says:

    thank you god, kovy is not here, well you never know he might sign with us in the summer.

    according to some sites

    habs have a deal in place, but this website hasnt told me any names but the names that are floating around are

    A kots, Pouliot, Gomez Webber

  34. HabsFanInTampa says:

    I wonder if the Habs are going to make any significant or insignificant deals before the trade deadline. I see teams around the league making tweeks, trades and deals to position themselves for the playoff push. It seems that the Habs management is content with what we have and will go with the current lineup until the end. for example, the Bolts acquired veteran defenceman and captain Eric Brewer from St. Louis the other day and traded disappointing goalie Ellis to the Ducks yesterday. Why couldn’t we get Eric Brewer considering the injuries we have on Defence and the advanced age of some of our defencemen?

  35. christophor says:

    Can someone enlighten me on the waiver process.

    Did no one pick up yesterday’s waived players or has the deadline to put a claim in not passed?


  36. TomNickle says:

    Jack Todd gets paid so anything’s possible.

  37. avatar_58 says:

    Now hold on a second – stats are what matter most? Funny when Price was losing with a good save percentage/gaa people didn’t care.

    Have you seen the goals Auld has let in? His lack of glove ability? His total panic when the game is around the net? He is not a good goaltender, that’s a fact. I don’t really care if he’s able to stop the 20+ perimeter shots he faces versus these weak assed teams.

    Fact is this team NEEDS Price to win. I pretty much assume it’s a loss when Auld is in, unless they manage to keep shots to a bare minimum.

  38. Chuck says:

    I’ve got tickets to that game, and I’d be just as happy if the Habs had already salted away a playoff berth and were able to give Price a night off in advance of a (hopefully) long playoff run.

  39. GrimJim says:

    I’m wondering what Aaron’s definition of “tight” is. In the Western Conf two points separate the 5th and 11th place teams. In the East, the 5th place team has 74 points, the 11th has 59 (15 point spread for those who don’t want to do the math).

  40. Fred D says:

    If Auld is hot you have nothing to worry about. If he is cold he will get yanked anyway, and we will play from behind as we have many times this year. The point is Price simply can’t play them all.

    Sometimes doing “nothing” in the trade department is actually doing something. Have faith.

  41. HalifaxHabs says:

    Price just played every game on the West Cost road trip, and Saturday night we play a team ahead of the Leafs in our Conference.

    We all wish Price could play every night, but they have to give him some rest if they want him to stand on his head for 20-some straight playoff games.

  42. SLONCOLD says:


    gezzzz he’s not that bad. he’s done the job when called upon this year.

  43. Pieboy says:

    Price has already had a huge workload, just returned from the west coast, and they can’t play him every night without exhausting him both physically and mentally. Habs fortunes rely on Price- can’t ride this kid into the ground.

  44. Aaron13 says:

    Why play Auld? He’s a lousy goaltender and we need every point in a tight conference. JM is a mystery to me.

  45. Dave Stubbs says:

    How early in the morning do you have to get up to be this ridiculous?

    Auld has a 2.25 avg and .926 save pct in nine games, despite sitting for long stretches. “Lousy.” OK, if you say so.

    Dave Stubbs
    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Columnist/Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette
    • On Twitter:

  46. ed lopaz says:

    we got The Wiz, remember?

    Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

  47. PrimeTime says:

    O’Byrne caught a skate in his face last in COL loss to EDM…..scary!

  48. filincal says:

    I enjoy sending our back-up against the Leafs..





  49. SPATS says:

    Here’s the youtube link.. gotta admire how unemotional O’B is as he skates off with a big slice in his cheek


  50. CrashTheNetCrashTheNet says:

    HaHa – Nicely done.

    “When I was a baby I wish my first word had been “QUOTE”, then right before I die I could say “UNQUOTE” – Stephen Wright

  51. Bryan says:

    Nice one Stubbs!  High-five!


    The Habs are making me slightly less bi-polar.

  52. Castor says:

    Wow. Just. Wow

  53. Fred D says:

    Thank you, Dave. Echos my sentiments exactly!

  54. Corporate says:

    You took lessons fro the Mad Magazine mascot. This is rediculous. Price can’t play all 82 games. Auld needs to play also once in a while. Other than that one game against the flames where he was clearly nervous, he has done a spectacular job going in nets when called upon. 

  55. observer says:

    First time Habs face Reimer. Seems like Habs using Auld mean they are trying to help Leafs get into the playoffs? Have a feeling Habs players won’t be as intense in this game?

  56. rdhabsfan says:

    Kovalev to Pens.

  57. GrimJim says:

    You really are a conspiracy nut, aren’t you Tony. Does it get sweaty under that tin-foil hat?

  58. observer says:

    How about Reimers’s record?

  59. SmartDog says:

    Yowza. Done deal.

    Ppl can stop dreaming – he’s gone now.  And we’ll get a chance to see what he’s got left in him.


  60. Corporate says:

    Plain and simple. In order to trade, you ahve to have people to trade. The only one I can see potentially traded is AK46. Other than that, who will you send. You can’t touch any of our defense. The forwards, are not that great so their trade value isn’t that good. The ones that are good, we need them. PG’s hands are pretty tied down. Also we have the cap issue. 

  61. longbow says:

    Thank God !!!  Was very worried he might end up here.  I can breath again.



    Einstein’s definition of insanity – “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

  62. TomNickle says:

    Thank God Gauthier didn’t get him.

  63. HabFanSince72 says:

    I note that the Vancouver Sun’s headline after the last game was

    “Price is right, Canuck weren’t.”

    You can actually get paid for writing stuff like that?


    Now here’s my headline if Vancouver meets Tampa in the Stanley Cup finals: “The Nucks and Bolts of the Stanley Cup”.



  64. GrimJim says:

    My thoughts exactly, Tommy

  65. SmartDog says:

    It’s that same unemotional trait that ran him outa town.

    “What?  Huh….?  Something… hurt… my… face….  Something… sharp… bleeding.”

  66. observer says:

    No, but tell me you can’t see the many games the Habs and every other team for that matter appear like they didn’t show up for the game in today’s NHL? And this may be one of them? Habs sure try their guts out against good teams but when they play weaker or bottom teams many times they DON’T.

  67. LA Loyalist says:

    … he’s been fine – AND he needs to PLAY – look at Ducks – Hiller has been all-world but he is dizzy and they are scrambling like crazy, just traded a kid McIllerny (sp) for Dan Ellis, and they’re trying to rehab Emery in the minors, it’s a huge problem in a really tight playoff race.

    All it takes is a rut in the ice or a puck off the helmet at a bad angle and we have the same problem. So let Auld play and work hard in front of him. 

    I know! Score a couple of goals, that will help! (background sounds of JM wretching).


  68. SeriousFan09 says:

    Better them than us.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  69. Habs Proud says:

    Take a bow Mr Stubbs, sometimes the obvious just needs to be said out loud.

  70. LA Loyalist says:

    Prom night is tight.

  71. HabFanSince72 says:

    I pretty much assume it’s a loss when Auld is in,

    If you had put $$ on that assumption you’d have lost money. He’s 4-2-1.


  72. HabFanSince72 says:

    Does it get sweaty under that tin-foil hat?



    So you admit you wear one?

  73. arcosenate says:

    Kovalev to Pitt for a 7th rounder.

  74. HabFanSince72 says:

    Traded for a 7th round pick. I think he could help the Pens if Crosby ever returns.

  75. alexspencer says:

    Does anyone else find it odd that we are not hearing anything at all about Spacek? My guess is that he’s gone for the year. They want to keep it quiet in case we want to trade for a D-man. Don’t want to bargain from a point of desperation.

  76. HalifaxHabs says:

    That sounds about right

  77. EastCoastJoe says:

    I think you nailed it.

  78. filincal says:

    I think maybe it’s because we haven’t been affected…considering our current position in the standings.




  79. Rudy says:

    So is doing a piece on the Top 10 teams most affected by injuries this year, and guess what……Montreal isn’t on the list. Just our top 2 defenseman for the season, 2 other defensemen at various times and our sniper, but we’re not affected.

    “Start the season with a clean equipment bag and a freah bucket of febreze!”-CharlieHodgeFan

  80. punkster says:

    Definite snub. This team is the snubbin’ bunch of snubs that ever snubbed a snub. And that Snubban guy is the worst of the mudda-snubbin’ lot, I tells ya! Bunch o’ snubbers.


  81. JD_ says:

    Can’t play the kid every night.

    That or JM is snubbin’ Price by preventin’ him from settin’ the single-season S/O record against the Loafs.

  82. Rudy says:

    I wanted Pricey to make it in the recordbooks, 3 shutouts vs Toronto in one year

    “Start the season with a clean equipment bag and a freah bucket of febreze!”-CharlieHodgeFan

  83. habsguy says:

    I’m offically on the JM sucks band wagon now !!!!!!!!!!

  84. tony d says:

    Well naturally the Leafs will feel snubbed again and this should motivate their troops. I’m saying Leafs win it

    3-2 in OT.

  85. habsguy says:

    are you kidding me,  the Leafs have been hot lately and we need the points !!!!!!…this is just plain stupid!!!!!!!

  86. TomNickle says:

    Would somebody mind giving Auld directions to the Bell Centre?  I’m afraid he’ll get lost on the way to the rink.  

  87. shootdapuck says:

    Sopel and Dawes from Atlanta coming for Maxwell and a fourth rounder!


    “I only like to watch and takes notes” JM

  88. Aaron13 says:

    Kovalev was unhappy in OTT and although he’s not a prolific scorer, he was loved by the fans in MTL. Perhaps, he could have motivated our team to a higher level of play down the stretch. I’m glad PIT picked him up. 

    As an aside, I think the commentators on RDS and L’antichambre are fair and have unparalled hockey insight. They get it. Martin et. al. and most in the press don’t.


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