Audio (updated): Gainey on Saturday; trading

Canadiens general manager Bob Gainey met the media at the Bell Centre this morning, The Gazette’s Pat Hickey among the mob.

Gainey offered these thoughts on the retirement tomorrow of his No. 23, his number to be raised to the Bell Centre rafters in a ceremony preceding the Canadiens-Columbus Blue Jackets game, and how he’s considering deals that might be made between now and Tuesday’s 3 p.m. trading deadline. Clip runs just shy of 12 minutes.

Plus: head coach Guy Carbonneau on Gainey’s influence, and on facing Columbus tomorrow.


  1. Rogie30 says:

    Rhank goodness.

  2. Rogie30 says:

    Wish he was 28 instead of nearly 38, how many yearsdoes he have left, and are we just a player away, DONT THINK SO.

  3. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    krob – unless we won the cup or made it to the conference finals or even game 7 of the 2nd round…that would lessen the blow…and of course depends on what prospects..and/or drafts we lost….and really the loss would be Sundin’s…

    obviously our expectations would be high for the post season.

    question is what gives us more of an impact?
    Sundin? or Hossa? or Jokinen?

    of the three I’d say SUNDIN.

    only one who can top him is LeCAV.
    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  4. zamboni says:

    24 cups and coutNY
    both right on the money.
    we would finish 5th and not 4th
    Although the simulation takes into account that winner of each division must finish 1-3 regardless of their points total, this is done in each loop (of 1 million iterations) the final output is sorted by the “making the playoffs” chances.
    I could easily sort it in the final standings order.

  5. zamboni says:

    I don’t recall us having high chances of making the playoffs around this time last year. 😉

    I threw points total in there just as a bonus, it’s really meaningless, and a simple extrapolation would more or less get the same results.
    What can’t be extrapolated though, specially when we near the playoffs is the probability of making the playoffs (and finishing at a particular position in the standings)
    That’s because each game’s outcome can have a huge impact on all the teams on the bubble, also some teams end up playing other teams that are in the race, hence being more in charge of their own destiny.

    If I would have ran this on the first day of the season, all chances would have been equal, as we near the playoffs, they become more meaningful.

    Either way, its just numbers, it doesn’t take into account anything. Injuries, hot streaks, how some teams fare against others, home / away records, all of these can effect the outcome, the simulation is just simulation to see the probabilities.

  6. 24 Cups says:

    zamboni – Wouldn’t we land up facing either Pittsburgh or Jersey in the first round seeing we would finish 5th in the standings? A SE team would finish third regardless of points. Then Pitts and Jersey and then us in 5th. Or am I not reading the chart properly?

    The Original 24 Cups

  7. Will Longlade says:

    Nice work!

  8. coutNY says:

    That wouldn’t be the case because the Southeast team gets an automatic bid. So we’d either play NJD or PITT in ZAMBO’s simulation.

  9. coutNY says:

    OH NO ZAMBO didn’t you run this monte carlo simulation last year and we had like an 87% chance of making the playoffs?

    You can come up with numbers similar your #’s if you take the Number of points a team has now Multiple it by 82 number of games in a season- than divide that by games played.
    Example Mtl: (75*82)/62 = 99

    and if you do that for each team you’ll see the numbers line up pretty close to yours.

    Simple but gives you an average idea of where our points could be at the end of the season.

    I also palyed around with how many games a team can lose and still reach the playoffs… using 93 points as the number needed to make the playoffs the LAFFS only can lose 3 games out of the remaining 20. Only Los Angeles who can’t lose any games of their remaining 19 are worse. Tampa tied…

  10. krob1000 says:

    What would be worse is if we get Sundin (believing he would sign for another year or two). In the summer he says see ya and thanks for the prospects…….That would bother me… dealing with the Leafs please. Lets focus on Hossa or Jokinen.

  11. Dave Stubbs says:

    No knock on Hamrlik, the guy just had no idea. And let’s face it, there ARE a lot of retired numbers in this town.

    I’m guessing it’s a lot different knowing the history of the Canadiens than, say, the Columbus Blue Jackets, where last month’s game program is considered vintage.

    Some players are very aware of Canadiens history, or take time to learn it once they’re here. Others, well, less so. But I’ve seen a number of the players taking time to study the rosters of championship teams that are on plaques around the dressing room. Some have even asked me about a certain player who might be staring down at them from above the stall facing theirs.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  12. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    good point, i didn’t think of that!

    and based on what we’ve had to endure for the last 15years in regards to the 1993 cup and Gretzky hitting gilmour etc and if that was called they’d have won the cup…

    I can imagine what we’d have to put up with for the Sundin loan!

    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  13. The Teacher says:

    Hahaha, funny.

    Dave, are most players like Hamrlik in the NHL these days? Do they not know the history?

  14. Sbah Reverof says:

    Could pay off big, H-P, but that’s some gamble. One more thing, I also like that our team has done so well without having to buy marquee players, and that half of the Bulldogs are atop the NHL.
    If we can get him without mortgaging our future, let’s do it, but I doubt the Laffs would let him go for less than a few mil and the other half of the Bulldogs.

  15. zamboni says:

    You’re welcome, let’s just hope it materializes.
    Finishing 1st overall would probably mean facing the Rangers.
    No thanks, I’ll take Bruins.

    Carolina, would probably be out of playoffs if it wasn’t for the stupid rule of division leaders being 1-3

  16. krob1000 says:

    Just ran my sim program 1 million out of 1 million times I was completely joking. I guess I should have added lol….next time.

  17. zamboni says:

    what’s happening?
    Glass half full?

    97.11% chances of making the playoffs, after which anything can happen, and you’re looking at the chances of landing Stamkos?

    I know you’re just joking right?

  18. Ed says:

    Would you really want to win the cup with Sundin in the lineup? I can hear the leaf fans saying that we only won it because they were good enough to give us Sundin. The cup would be tainted forever with leaf taunts. They will latch onto anything they can to torment us, and right now they’ve got nothing, zero, zilch. Let’s leave it that way.

  19. krob1000 says:

    0 percent at 15th …….Great…..There goes Stamkos.

  20. G-Man says:

    Smart teams do NOT trade franchise players. Look what’s happened to Edmonton since they lost Greztky. They won 1 Cup because of Messier and co, but since only 1 sniff at the final at back to being mediocre.


  21. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Only way I make a trade with the Leafs is if I have assurances from Sundin & his agent that he’ll sign a contract with the Habs. I would truly hate giving up prospects only to lose Sundin at the end.

  22. G-Man says:

    You’re offering way too much for a rental or at most 2 more seasons. I like him, but at that price he may as well stay in loserville.


  23. stephen says:

    Thanks for the work, zamboni!

    I really do like those first round playoff match-ups!

  24. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    but fletchers hand is forced here…TANK NATION demands something…and we have some youth and picks without dismantling our core team…and in the end it is Sundins choice so Fletcher has to pull the trigger.

    Don’t forget, the leafs are confident that come sept Sundin is back.
    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  25. zamboni says:

    testing the use of nbsp

    22/02/2008 2:36:54 PM   Sim runs: 1000000
    Teams           P       1st     2nd     3rd     4th     5th     6th     7th     8th
    Ottawa          99.24   33.41   27.66   0.05    15.01   12.07   6.45    3.16    1.43
    New Jersey      98.56   25.32   23.63   0.07    21.35   13.8    7.99    4.25    2.15
    Pittsburgh      98.42   24.43   22.53   0.07    22.44   14.17   8.11    4.4     2.27
    Montreal        97.11   13.32   15.81   0.04    22.81   20.51   12.93   7.59    4.1
    Boston          80.26   2.19    4.54    0.02    8.27    14.47   19.16   17.6    14.01
    Buffalo         68.05   0.72    2.21    0.01    4.58    9.83    15.38   17.77   17.55
    NY Rangers      54.36   0.26    1.4     0.01    2.27    5.94    11.23   15.65   17.6
    Philadelphia    48.41   0.19    1.01    0.01    1.82    4.97    9.74    13.95   16.72
    NY Islanders    45.68   0.14    0.91    0.01    1.44    4.19    8.54    13.49   16.96
    Carolina        43.42   0       0.12    40.33   0       0.02    0.15    0.67    2.13
    Washington      36.01   0.01    0.15    33.09   0       0.02    0.14    0.61    1.99
    Atlanta         20.15   0       0.02    18.18   0       0.01    0.07    0.4     1.47
    Florida         6.13    0       0       5.38    0       0       0.02    0.13    0.6
    Tampa Bay       3.02    0       0       2.71    0       0       0.01    0.05    0.25
    Toronto         1.11    0       0       0       0       0.01    0.07    0.27    0.76

    Teams              9th     10th    11th    12th    13th    14th    15th
    Ottawa             0.54    0.16    0.04    0.01    0       0       0
    New Jersey         0.96    0.35    0.1     0.03    0.01    0       0
    Pittsburgh         1.05    0.39    0.1     0.03    0.01    0       0
    Montreal           1.89    0.67    0.21    0.07    0.02    0       0
    Boston             9.43    5.19    2.66    1.45    0.65    0.27    0.07
    Buffalo            13.95   8.65    4.69    2.68    1.28    0.55    0.15
    NY Rangers         17.24   13.04   7.35    4.44    2.3     0.98    0.29
    Philadelphia       17.46   14.5    8.73    5.71    3.14    1.53    0.53
    NY Islanders       17.97   15.12   9.36    6.17    3.48    1.66    0.56
    Carolina           5.41    10.57   14.23   11.95   7.95    4.51    1.95
    Washington         5.14    10.29   14.7    13.53   10.12   6.66    3.55
    Atlanta            4.15    9.2     14.8    17.04   15.13   11.84   7.69
    Florida            1.98    5.04    9.6     14.79   20.32   22.12   20.01
    Tampa Bay          0.94    2.74    6.02    10.32   16.85   24.45   35.64
    Toronto            1.91    4.1     7.42    11.77   18.73   25.41   29.55

    Teams                   P
    Ottawa                  102
    Pittsburgh              101
    New Jersey              101
    Montreal                99.99
    Boston                  95
    Buffalo                 94
    NY Rangers              93
    Philadelphia            92
    NY Islanders            92
    Carolina                89.5
    Washington              89
    Atlanta                 87
    Florida                 84.74
    Toronto                 84
    Tampa Bay               83.25

    This looks like it might work
    Though I much prefer not having to use hunderds of nbsp

  26. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Sbah: I don’t see Sundin coming in for a playoff run being the type that will disrupt chemistry, he’d come in quietly, maybe take Higgins “A” and fit in with Koivu’s line.

    lets face it, he carries the LEAFS on his BACK…can you imagine the impact he would have in the playoffs with our talent.

    like I said, our team would DOUBLE with his presence…

    aside from Lecav, Sundin is the only other BIG IMPACT PLAYER out there.

    and don’t get me wrong, as a “player” I hate Sundin!!!, as he was first the enemy with QUEBEC then with the LAFFS…but in a Hab Jersey it would be SWEET REVENGE!

    Grover: – as for resigning….Gainey has a way of convincing, and I guess that call is made after the run and how far we get.
    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  27. 1010 says:

    Interesting… but would the Leafs risk having one of their all- time greats finally hoisting the Stanley Cup with Les Canadiens? It would have to be a deal Fletcher couldn’t resist. And that cost could be too high.

    GO HABS.

  28. stephen says:

    Hard to say no to Habs-Bruins in the first round! 😉

  29. Sbah Reverof says:

    I’ve always admired Sundin the captain, even if I didn’t always like Sundin the player. He certainly fits the bill, and I’m all for sticking it to the Laffs anytime I can, but I’m afraid it would prove to be too costly for us. Look at what we’d have to give away for a guy who can choose to not re-sign if he wants.
    Also, his presence, while impressive, might disrupt the so-called team chemistry we’ve got going. We’ve already got at least two leaders on the team (Saks & Kovy), and a third (Komi) who leads quietly, so that might lead to some friction.
    I think overall it looks better on paper; we should look elsewhere, and find the deal that’s better for US, not for Sundin.
    My humble opinion.

  30. habitual says:

    Quite aside from the laugh at poor Hamrlik’s expense, please keep these little gems coming Dave.

  31. zamboni says:

    Argh… looks terrible
    It looks like multiple space characters are replaced with just 1 space char.
    Who do we contact to address this?
    The old site didn’t have this problem.
    Dru? you there?

  32. zamboni says:

    Considering the the trade deadline is just around the corner, I ran
    Monte-Carlo simulation (inspired by Jay in PA last year around this time) on the current Eastern Conference teams (1 million simulation runs).

    Here’s the outcome of it, it shows the odds of each team making the playoffs along with the odds of them finishing at each respective positions (1 to 15)
    I just hope that with the new HIO site, the fixed font formatting is not broken.

    22/02/2008 2:36:54 PM Sim runs: 1000000
    Teams P 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th
    Ottawa 99.24 33.41 27.66 0.05 15.01 12.07 6.45 3.16 1.43 0.54 0.16 0.04 0.01 0 0 0
    New Jersey 98.56 25.32 23.63 0.07 21.35 13.8 7.99 4.25 2.15 0.96 0.35 0.1 0.03 0.01 0 0
    Pittsburgh 98.42 24.43 22.53 0.07 22.44 14.17 8.11 4.4 2.27 1.05 0.39 0.1 0.03 0.01 0 0
    Montreal 97.11 13.32 15.81 0.04 22.81 20.51 12.93 7.59 4.1 1.89 0.67 0.21 0.07 0.02 0 0
    Boston 80.26 2.19 4.54 0.02 8.27 14.47 19.16 17.6 14.01 9.43 5.19 2.66 1.45 0.65 0.27 0.07
    Buffalo 68.05 0.72 2.21 0.01 4.58 9.83 15.38 17.77 17.55 13.95 8.65 4.69 2.68 1.28 0.55 0.15
    NY Rangers 54.36 0.26 1.4 0.01 2.27 5.94 11.23 15.65 17.6 17.24 13.04 7.35 4.44 2.3 0.98 0.29
    Philadelphia 48.41 0.19 1.01 0.01 1.82 4.97 9.74 13.95 16.72 17.46 14.5 8.73 5.71 3.14 1.53 0.53
    NY Islanders 45.68 0.14 0.91 0.01 1.44 4.19 8.54 13.49 16.96 17.97 15.12 9.36 6.17 3.48 1.66 0.56
    Carolina 43.42 0 0.12 40.33 0 0.02 0.15 0.67 2.13 5.41 10.57 14.23 11.95 7.95 4.51 1.95
    Washington 36.01 0.01 0.15 33.09 0 0.02 0.14 0.61 1.99 5.14 10.29 14.7 13.53 10.12 6.66 3.55
    Atlanta 20.15 0 0.02 18.18 0 0.01 0.07 0.4 1.47 4.15 9.2 14.8 17.04 15.13 11.84 7.69
    Florida 6.13 0 0 5.38 0 0 0.02 0.13 0.6 1.98 5.04 9.6 14.79 20.32 22.12 20.01
    Tampa Bay 3.02 0 0 2.71 0 0 0.01 0.05 0.25 0.94 2.74 6.02 10.32 16.85 24.45 35.64
    Toronto 1.11 0 0 0 0 0.01 0.07 0.27 0.76 1.91 4.1 7.42 11.77 18.73 25.41 29.55

    And here’s the average points each team would likely end up with

    Teams P
    Ottawa 102
    Pittsburgh 101
    New Jersey 101
    Montreal 99.99
    Boston 95
    Buffalo 94
    NY Rangers 93
    Philadelphia 92
    NY Islanders 92
    Carolina 89.5
    Washington 89
    Atlanta 87
    Florida 84.74
    Toronto 84
    Tampa Bay 83.25

  33. Sbah Reverof says:

    A fine, fine man; surely our most valuable asset.
    Congrats, BG.

  34. OldGrover says:

    Listening to Gainey, it didn’t sound like he was’t going to trade for anybody that he couldn’t resign. I can’t imagine Sundin being reliable in that way – unless he knew he was gonna be able to extend that contract.

  35. Chuck says:

    “TSN reports that Fletcher asked Sundin to give him a list of teams he would play for, making a trade before the Feb26th deadline now likely.”

    Not if that list had zero teams on it, of course.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  36. wd40 says:

    great comeback by Gervais!!

    here’s the that! this 44 can’t hit the broad side of a barn (sorry Hammer but it’s true!), but i’ll take his defensive abilities any day.

  37. 24 Cups says:

    Cable Guy – As I said, you can debate it all day long. I don’t think anyone can doubt that Nieuwendyk was instrumental in Dallas winning the Cup – even though it was a few years after the trade. He was the leading scorer in the playoffs and won the Conn Smythe. (by the way, the Habs selected Terry Ryan 3 spots ahead of Iginla in the draft – now there is something to really get upset about!) Walmsley was the backup to Vernon but Ramage was a steady regular on defense. Many people feel the Leafs wouls have stil won the Cup with Duff and Nevin but who’s to say. Regardless, I really don’t see Gainey trading away any major future stars unless McDonagh is on the table. I’ll be pissed if he goes – unless we win the Cup of course:-)

    The Original 24 Cups

  38. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    SUNDIN as a HAB

    from TSN: Detriot, San Jose, Anaheim and Vancouver are believed to be the main Western Conference contenders for Sundin, however with Sundin in full control of his destiny, an Eastern Conference team remains a strong possiblity as well, and some believe the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators will be in play.

    It is a possibility, so here is my take.

    Lets put Leaf prejudice aside here…Sundin would solve the following:


    and not to be overlooked:


    other than Ottawa, I don’t think Sundin would move farther away from
    his home base….if he chooses the EAST then we are to be considered.

    anyone interested in this trade?
    SUNDIN for 2 dogs, 1 pick, Ryder, Striet and the usual (smoke/breeze) or something of that nature..

    remember what fletcher said…that he was offered “rowboats” for a battleship…so it won’t be cheap
    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  39. Wencz says:

    BG had 33 PIM in 4 GP in his first season with the Petes. Was Gainey their enforcer?

  40. showey47 says:

    talk about funny, poor roman must of been embarassed. I do think this number 44 is an improvement over the previous though.

  41. stephen says:

    The poor guy. Talk about sticking your foot in it right off the bat!

  42. Scotty90 says:

    RDS reports… No charges against Kosto in Tampa. No word yet on O’byrne’s status.

  43. HKisses says:

    At the 6 minute mark of this…..soudned like Gainey became a little emeotional? not sure just sounded liek it tho…felt his emotion their….This guy is such a class act…Im happy we have this guy watching over our team

  44. Rogie30 says:

    TSN reports that Fletcher asked Sundin to give him a list of teams he would play for, making a trade before the Feb26th deadline now likely.

  45. showey47 says:

    The endorsments money alone he would make coming to montreal should make this an easy business decision. Or am i off base with a comment like this?

  46. Dave Stubbs says:

    Lecavalier actually plays Béliveau in the Maurice Richard film released in 2005.

    And the best story about the retired No. 4: When Roman Hamrlik signed here last summer, he asked equipment manager Pierre Gervais if he could have sweater No. 4, the same number he wore in Calgary (without knowing, obviously).

    Gervais cleared his throat and said, “Well, if Mr. Béliveau is OK with you getting a very long ladder and taking it down from the Bell Centre rafters, help yourself.”

    Hamrlik looks fine in 44, don’t you think?

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  47. Cable Guy says:

    If someone said we had to trade Price this year and we’d win the cup this year, yes I’d do it. I was just referring to the Iginla trade specifically because they traded him and it took 4 more years to win the cup. I would not give up a future star this year for a cup 4 years from now because I think we could win a cup in less than 4 years time.
    If Gainey knew the type of player Iginla would turn into I don’t think that trade would have happened.

    Also I don’t think Calgary won the cup by trading away Brett Hull, they got Rob Ramage and Rick Walmsley in return, those two guys weren’t what put Calgary over the top.

  48. Rogie30 says:

    Whenever I see Iginla,s name, I drool, as that would be the type of player I would love to have. Calgary, lets be friends and talk this over.lmao.

  49. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Thanks Dave…I didn’t know Mr Beliveau actually spoke with Briere face to face…INCREDIBLE that he turned the offer down….INCREDIBLE….the Fan BOOING of Briere is TOTALLY JUSTIFIED then.

    as for Lecav, there is a difference of situation compared with Briere.

    Lecav has won the CUP, Briere has not…and there is no future in Tampa, there may be one in Philly for Briere.

    If Lecav is a true champion then he would easily embrace the opportunity to play for the team of his dreams and bring the cup home to his people.

    remember the look on Lecav’s face with his brief scuffle with KOVALEV the other day….LECAV LOOKED UP AND SAW BELIVEAU staring at him in the stands…so he lowered his arm.

    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  50. 24 Cups says:

    Cable Guy – that’s a debate that could go on all day. Do you trade Brett Hull or Iginla to win the Cup, knowing full well they will turn out to be great players down the road? Heck, even Imlach did that with the Bathgate/McKenny trade with the Rangers back in the 60’s. Leafs won the Cup and the Rangers never came close for decades. Calgary and Dallas also won by trading Hull and Iginla. For me, it’s totally worth it, especially in this day and age of parity.

    If someone told me that we would win the Cup this year but would have to trade a great player to do it then I would say go ahead, you can have anyone on the roster you want including Price or the K brothers. It’s all about winning the Cup – nothing else matters.

    The Original 24 Cups

  51. Scotty90 says:

    either that or stop all St-Hubert BBQ deliveries to Tampa 🙂

  52. showey47 says:

    Oh yeah your right, sorry my bad.

  53. Cable Guy says:

    But was Briere a fan of Beliveau’s? I don’t see Briere wearing the number 4.
    Vinny will come and Beliveau will unretire his jersey just for Vinny.

  54. Cable Guy says:

    Well actually Gainey traded for nieuwendyk in 95 and they didn’t win the cup till 99.

  55. nightmare_49 says:

    Feb 26/08 is going to be one hell of a day. Each move that’s made will be analyzed inside/out , no pun , more so than ever and can determine the future and direction of their club. The laffs , besides the no trade clauses , could come out smelling like a rose if done right. Somehow the trade bait that Bob’s offering may fall short of what the other GM’s expect as they scramble to keep their jobs. Time will tell.

  56. showey47 says:

    Dallas won the cup that year and the conn smythe winner was the guy he traded for, joe nieuwendyk. I know what you mean by trading away a future super star, but thats a gamble g.m.’s take when trying to win a cup.

  57. Cable Guy says:

    I just hope that if and when he does make a trade he doesn’t trade away some future super star like he did with Iginla.

  58. Dave Stubbs says:

    Jean Béliveau spoke to Daniel Brière about coming to Montreal last summer, but Brière went to Philly. I know Lecavalier is a huge fan of Le Gros Bill, but in the end, it comes down to a business decision. The heart doesn’t figure much into a contract these days.

    Dave Stubbs

    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette


  59. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    I said it before and I’ll keep on saying it,

    Bob needs to bring Mr. Beliveau into the mix, he needs to send Mr Beliveau to Mr. Lecav’s home to pay him a visit…not sure when this will happen but it should happen sometime in 2009, before Lecav resigns.


    1. Feb 19, 2008 – History was made.
    2. Thank GOD we have Alex Kovalev… his PRIME
    3. The BELL CENTRE should be rebuilt to sit 80,000 fans
    4. We will win the CUP

  60. linp says:

    Forget it. His heart wouldn’t be in it. We would have to play against our guys next year. Bad move!!!!

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