Audio: Spy vs Spy at Caps practice?

AUDIO: Jacques Martin | Mike Cammalleri | Jaro Halak | Carey Price | Bruce Boudreau | Alex Ovechkin

The Washington Capitals power play has fired nothing but blanks this playoffs. But they didn’t practice too many specifics today during an optional that drew the participation of every player but Joe Corvo and Shaone Morrison, who were taking maintenance days.

That’s because Caps head coach Bruce Boudreau spotted Habs head coach Jacques Martin in the stands. Not necessarily watching, but there anyway.

Nothing illegal about this – teams have personnel looking at the opponent’s morning skate all the time – but it added a dash of espionage to this morning’s activity at the Bell Centre.


  1. Bob Barker says:

    Jonathan Toews should win every award just for his performance at the Olympics. He was ridiculously good and made everyone he played with better. 

  2. ed lopaz says:

    Habs hockey = Smart hockey

    Let me tell you why Price will start tomorrow.

    The team is not winning – end of story.

    price will start. Guaranteed.


  3. andrewberkshire says:

    Agree with you, Halak has lost some of his “puck luck”.

    As for lineup changes, if I were the coach I would double shift AK46 and Gio alternately with the 4th line because they’re the RWs, use Bergeron only for PP and offensive zone faceoffs after Washington ices the puck, or near the end of the period. Darche and Metropolit get scratched, SK and O’Byrne draw in. O’Byrne starts with Markov, but can switch places with Gorges if need be.

  4. andrewberkshire says:

    I would agree if he wasn’t getting quality icetime, but he is, as well as a ton of PP icetime. He also has pretty good linemates comparatively to Crosby and Malkin when you’re looking at his role. Crosby and Malkin wear down the defense of the opposing teams every game, carry the Penguins all the time, and Staal scores the occasional goal against 3rd pairing defensemen. Watching games, I never see his talent.

  5. andrewberkshire says:

    I wouldn’t come back with Halak because from what I’ve seen in the past two games, he just isn’t battling. He’s not staying in plays and fighting to stop the puck. The way Price fought off Knuble and made a huge save yesterday, and drew a goalie interference penalty, I thought was exactly what the team needed.

  6. Chorske says:

    I guess what I really mean is that I don’t think Either goalie is going to win this for us if the team does not execute, or simply stops executing for 20 minutes. We can beat this team. We are capable of dominating them and running around in their zone and confusing their weakass D and their even weakasser G– that is, IF we stick to the gorram game plan.

    But Robert L makes a good case for Price.

  7. mb says:

    It was disappointing, indeed.  I really had the feeling that the ones in charge of the ceremonies either prepared it at the last minute or simply didn’t want to put any effort into it.  No wonder why the crowd wasn’t pumped up at the first place.  The lack of scoring and the lack of energy in the 2nd period also didn’t help through the rest of the game. 

  8. Chorske says:

    Jordan Staal is the most overrated player in hockey.

    NO. Pronger.

  9. Chorske says:

    I’d come back with Halak.

  10. pic1983 says:

    Love the hypothesis.  Its a little extreme to blame the whole series on that, but you make a valid point.

    JM has no idea how to motivate players.  A young player makes one mistake and they are glued to the bench, it just doesnt make sense.  Heck, id bench the veteran player when he makes a mistake before the young player because the veteran should really know better!

    I didnt like the move to move SK out of the line-up.  How do they expect the kid to get better when hes shown no confidence and benched at even the slightest mistake? 

    And I totally agree that taking SK out of the line up messed up all the lines! Pouliot has been doing nothing, how come cammy hasnt been put with Gomez and Gionta, and the kostitsyn brothers with Pleks, and pouliot down to the third line?! You know? a little creativity maybe? I guess thats just too much to ask from jacques martin!

  11. mike g says:

    Funny you say that, the same happened to me. When I got the foam hand at the door, I immediately looked into the seating arean of the Reds to see if there were towels placed on our seats. When I didn’t see any, I was so dissapointed and knew it was a botch right away…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  12. pic1983 says:

    Yeah I saw it this morning, and I thought the exact same thing as you!


    I hope the habs saw that and had the same feeling, maybe it will give them some motivation!

  13. SeriousFan09 says:

    Jordan Staal had 7 SH goals in his first NHL season, he has had 3 since then including none in his 2nd season, that is not a short handed scoring machine if you have 3 in your last 3 NHL seasons.

    Staal does not have the ability to fly through the neutral zone with the puck like Gomez or have his vision for the pass, or Plekanec’s on-ice vision or shooting abilities. He doesn’t have the speed to keep up with the forwards like Pleks or Gomez does and he’s not Mr. physical either, can’t finish and is shielded by having Crosby and Malkin do all the heavy lifting.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  14. mike g says:

    In all honesty, the crowd was okay. But never have I been to a Habs home playoff game and left saying the crowd was decent. That’s why we are proud to say the Bell is the loudest building in the league. Last night was nothing like that, it didn’t feel like the playoffs…

    And I might be making a big deal out of it, but those towels make a huge difference. When the crowd is screaming and waiving those things, it’s not only loud to the ears but also to the eyes. And when you can actually SEE how loud a building is, you know it’s special. That’s playoff hockey in Montreal, not what we witnessed last night…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  15. mrhabby says:

    choose price based on the fact that JM has to see Halak has lost some of that magic. its just a confidence thing. its a short series so change it up and pull out some stops..have nothing to lose.

    btw.. its time to start OB and get SK back in. keep MAB for PP only.

  16. pic1983 says:

    Hard to show your true potential as a center, and grow as an offensive center when you’re behind CROSBY and MALKIN on the depth chart. 

    Staal is a second line center on any other team in the league pretty much.  Ill gladly take him over one of either plekanec or gomez.  Not to mention that hes a short handed scoring machine.


  17. mb says:

    I was at the game too and I totally agree with all your post.  Seriously, when I came in and was given the “foam finger”, I was sure that someone somewhere would hand me the white towel that’s been used in the past years, but it didn’t happen.  And you are so right about the intro!  A Habs intro isn’t a Habs intro if the Coldplay song is not playing!  (at least they could have used a powerful song).  The video intro with the players wasn’t bad, but not so exciting either.  Thanks to the kid holding the torch, because like you wrote in your post, it was pretty much the only part that was well done!


    As for the atmosphere, except for the first 20 minutes, it was plain dead.  I expected more from a playoff game. 

  18. Laramy87 says:

    Lots of negativity on this site.  I guess thats what happens when we lose 5-1, but at least the ppl are more educated on here than reading the pos on… just awful..

    I agree to pretty everything shaker as said. MAB is the least of the worries, ya not the greatest of d-man, but he is busting his ass all game, Calling up Subban is dumb. Keep him with bulldogs and let him have a chance at the Calder.

    I said this after last game, but friends co-workers are calling me crazy, but this series is far from over. I still think we will win tomorrow and head back to Washington all tied up. we let down for about 15 minutes yesterday and Caps took advantage. We got an excellent first period and a great 3rd period, 15 minutes we didn’t play and got frustrated and Caps took advantage. Habs will come out strong tomorrow nite again and feed off the crowd, get some traffic in front of varlamov score a goal and keep the crowd in the game. Thats the best way to feed off the crowd…. Get one who knows…  But like i said come Friday im calling for a totally different series… GO HABS

  19. andrewberkshire says:

    Robert L asks who should start in net for game 4?

  20. mrhabby says:

    interesting take on the atmosphere. Boone said it was great, it looked great from the TV (if possible). I was looking for the towels also and then the finger….management giving us  the finger shameful  i say shameful.

    we have no one to really give it to OV,  were just a nice team…nice team.

    i would like to see PG bring some players in who have a very ugly/nasty side . how that is done i have no idea.

  21. Kalcon says:

    Thanks. Thought I dreamed it.


  22. mike g says:

    That stuff is classic. Loved it when I was growing up, still watch it now and then on Youtube…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  23. spoonfullofjelly says:

    SAY ASH:

    lol thank you for letting me remember the great RDS…..BIRDIE!!!

  24. mike g says:


    I always sit in the upper-bowl for numerous reasons. Of course money is one of them, but another is to enjoy the atmosphere at it’s best. And last night, not being able to look down and see 21,273 towels waiving like crazy took away all the atmosphere. Usually I’d see a sea of white or red towels covering everyone, and the players would feed off of it….

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  25. LeopardSeal says:

    No no no no no, not at all.  That isn’t what BB was implying whatsoever.  He was being self-deprecating, that is all.  Its called “hyperbole”, implying that the PP has vanished and won’t return for a ridiculously long time. 

    You don’t understand BB, he is mildly snarky, but no way is he or anyone else on this team taking you for granted any more.  If they ever were, they aren’t now.  This is a dog fight.  Maybe the Caps win in 5, maybe you guys win a few more, but you have earned the attention and the respect.

    Reading these message boards, I am amazed at how sensitive you are.  I thought we Caps fans were paranoid, but good grief.  (See my post under “Round 1, Game 3: Capitals take series lead” for more on conspiracy theorists, you guys are almost as bad as Caps fans.)

    For a Caps fan, the glass always appears half empty.

  26. mike g says:

    Jordan Stall is a joke.

    Overrated, period. Isn’t a good finisher, doesn’t hit like he should, and isn’t able to produce enough offensively to be a 1st or 2nd like player. Basically, he is Jason Chimera but younger, and perhaps maximum 10% more skill. Never found him special..

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  27. joeybarrie says:

    Interesting stuff about the opening game. I feel the need however to point out that the 4th line last night played a total of 2 minutes. Darche, Pyatt playe 2:20 some odd seconds, and Metro played 5 minutes. I have never seen such a terrible second period, and it left me feeling lower than any other game I can remember.. So your negativity is understandable. And I dont think your wrong either…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  28. wmarcello says:

    Don’t break up Gill/Gorges. They did a great job shutting down Ovi last game. Pair Hammer with OB and limit their ice and matchups. If Hammer is on the ice against top lines (regardless of who his partner is) he will get torn apart. The Caps are zeroing in on the weak link in each pairing (Hammer, MAB). The only solution is to make the top 2 pairs solid and balanced and hope for the best with the third pairing against 3rd and 4th line players.

  29. SeriousFan09 says:

    Staal won’t win it over Kesler/Datsyuk anyway, but Toews has Olympic Gold so he’ll have to console him with that, that and being Olympic Tournament MVP Forward. Toews will have his Selke in his career, likely more than 1 as well.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  30. mike g says:

    “Simple Jack’s Simply Negative Comments”:

    Just to let ya’ll know, I was fortunate enough to be at the game last night. Every year the Habs make the playoffs, it’s essential for me to attend the opening game. There’s just something about the crowd and non-stop chanting that keeps me wanting to go. But last night was different, and here’s why…

    Sticking Us The Finger: Habs management stuck all of our fans the finger last night, literally. What was the deal with giving out those foam hands to the fans? Towels have been used for the past 5 years, and do such a great job in making a crowd electric. All teams in the league now use them, and they seem like such a boost. Last night, those foam hands did nothing, zippo. Most fans never used them, and the crowd looked like a regular season crowd. Sounds like I’m whining, but it was the most dead playoff home game I’ve been to yet.

    Bad Intro: I’m not sure why any changes were made to the Coldplay song the Habs always come out to before games, but it was awful. It sounded like a piano and violin duet, something that wouldn’t even pump up Mozart. It was slow and “museum” like, and the crowd responded like that too. Once again, combined with  the missing towels, worst playoff intro I’ve ever been a part of. (the only decent part was when the kid came out with the torch, crowd liked that alot. But then the classical music came in and everyone was like WTF)

    Lucky Number…..4?: JM seems to love number 4. He continuously plays the 4th line like it anyways. Down 4-0 at the beginning of the 3rd period, he was rolling the bench as if we had a 7 goal lead. Just pathetic. It doesn’t have to be the playoffs in order to cut the bench. But when it is and you are down by 3 goals with 17 minutes left, you definitely cut the bench if you want to have any chance at coming back. This wasn’t done, and neither was a comeback.

    Other Random Thaughts: The NHL is continuing to operate like a joke, and it doesn’t seem like it will change anytime soon. Goal reviews in the playoffs are taking minimum 5-10 minutes, which is totally rediculous when considering most are obvious/easy to make decisions. The refs in general are just awful, and must become accountable for some really bad calls/non-calls. The Habs are basically giving Ovi a free-pass in order to do whatever he wants at the Bell Center. Instead of making him pay the price and have to fight for an inch of space, they’re allowing him to score a goal and blow kisses to everyone while he’s gliding on his knees. Last time I checked, the Bell Center was home of the Habs, not home of whoever wants to come here and do how they please. The latter is what you call throwing home-ice advantage into the garbage. Slash him on the foot in a legal or non-legal way, but atleast do something…

    Sorry for the negativity, but I had to say it. I’ve never had a worse time at a playoff game, and I’ve been to some pretty bad losses. It just didn’t feel like that special playoff atmosphere that only Montreal fans are capable of providing. Usually the loudest building in the league seemed like it was stuck in a regular season game vs the Panthers last night. Sad, really sad…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  31. andrewberkshire says:

    100% agree. Jordan Staal is the most overrated player in hockey. He’s a good 3rd line center, and that’s it. He’s not even a very good checker, he’s rarely physical, and for his size, very easily knocked off the puck. He’s definitely not anywhere near the strength or talent level of Eric.

  32. adamkennelly says:

    MAB is at -5 – worst +/- in the playoffs with a plethora of Habs not far behind – including Darche, Pyatt, Markov..interesting pattern – seems like our 4th line gets scored on all the time and genius JM has the worst defensman in the league on the ice with the worst forwards on our team – HOUSE LEAGUE coaches know – that you NEVER DO THAT…wtf is wrong with him…its embarassing.

    also Hammer looks old and worn out – give him a break – pair him with Georges and limit his ice time.

  33. diehardhab says:

    Tomorrow after writing my 3rd final exam in 3 days I will be going to the Bell Centre. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The torch be yours to hold it high!

  34. wmarcello says:

    Can’t imagine how Toews didn’t make that list.

  35. coachdoug says:

    I heard JM was at their practice disguised as Youpi and it was working until he cussed out some kid looking for a picture…

    JM reportably told the kid “What the f#ck are doing?  That’s not our system! Get the hell out of here before I bench your @ss.”

    “Save us Turtleneck Man…We need you now more than ever!”

  36. wmarcello says:

    JM needs to consider Hammer’s mindset right now. Hammer surely must
    know he’s struggling. I can’t imagine stepping on the ice for 20 minutes
    a game knowing that top players are going to tear me to pieces
    because I simply can’t keep up physically or mentally. JM should give the
    guy a break and put him in 3rd pairing role where he has a chance at
    succeeding and playing with confidence. I was never an elite athlete,
    but when I played sports I always made a lot more mistakes out there
    when I thought I was being outmatched. It can be very demoralizing.




  37. SeriousFan09 says:

    Yes but it’s the failure over the years that is the issue, if this was a bad-luck year where we couldn’t get Markov a guy who could run with him that’d be different, this is a consistent failure on the organization’s part over the years sadly. Not BG’s finest accomplishment, but let’s hope Subban can play with Andrei next season and solve that dilemma.

    I know none of these guys are really meant to be Markov’s partner, but OB can at least give Markov a physical partner to help him out and give WSH a new problem to deal with, a physical guy that won’t just let them run around in our end. We have to make them worry a little about going into the corners and skating in along the boards entering our zone. OB presents them a new challenge to work around. We use the Game 3 plan in Game 4, we’re going to have the same results I suspect.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  38. jimmy shaker says:

    You guys can drop the PK handle…it’s not going to happen.  Yes, he will be here next year, but unless someone gets hurt on the D, he’s going to stay with Hamilton.  We only have 1 more call up left anyway.  Let the guy, be the guy in their run for the calder cup.  Don’t get him up here and throw him to the wolves this year.  Give him the experience and valuable situations he going to face in the AHL so he’s better prepared next year with the big boys.  And O’byrne for MAB is a serious decline in my opinion vs MAB.  We disagree, bottom line!  You don’t see my angle and I don’t see yours.  But the bottom line JM isn’t going to change MAB…..he’s going to be back there with Marky tomorrow, O’byrne is still going to be in the presser and Price will be in the net and the 3rd and 4th line need to show up, and get some traffic on varly.  That’s what it will take to win tomorrow!


  39. jimmy shaker says:

    Please tell me then who is the other top 2 defenseman we have on this team?  Gill, NO!  Hammer, NO!  Spacek, NO!  Gorges, NO! O’Byrne, NO and MAB, NO!  But MAB is in my opinion the best fit for Marky.  Next year will be a different story, but for now MAB’s as good as it gets.


  40. SeriousFan09 says:

    Selke Finalists named: Pavel Datsyuk, Ryan Kesler and *spitting out my drink* Jordan Staal.

    Staal is more deserving than Jonathan Toews, Patrice Bergeron, Travis Zajac or Nick Backstrom? Staal has got the be most glorified names in the NHL but without the talent to back it up.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  41. HabFanSince72 says:

    I don’t know, but in this particular comment on Habs inside out they are saying you’re a pathetic loser.

  42. jimmy shaker says:

    Who are tangled up in the AHL playoffs right now that have a real good shot at hoisting the calder cup.  So does it make sense to take them out of that team, where they would gain valuable experience and be better because of it.  Or should we shite in our pants and bring these guys up let them go into the wolves.  And who are you going to sit in favor of one of our young D from Hamilton? Let them have a long run in the AHL, because in all fairness we don’t have a real chance for Stanley this year.  In my heart, I believe, and understand anything is possible, but on paper and based on what our team brings to the table….it just doesn’t seem possible!  Anyway, we only have 1 call up left to use, unless it’s because of an injury.  Let Guy have his boys and enjoy the long run without the big boys screwing it up!  O’Byrne for Hammer is the only course of action JM has, but he won’t use that angle.  So again, lose the MAB thing, concentrate on 3rd and 4th line scoring and traffic in front of Varlamov.  There’s the game within the game for the boys!


  43. SeriousFan09 says:

    WSH figured him out and it didn’t take them long, no NHL team would dress MAB as a regular partner for a Top 10 defencemen, except us it seems. Has Nick Lidstrom, Scotty Niedermayer, Brian Rafalski, Chris Pronger, Dan Boyle spent their careers propping up guys who are 2nd-pairing on their best days next to him?

    I sometimes worry Markov may walk on this team if we keep tossing him guys that can’t hack it as his partners and makes him kill himself trying to make up for their mistakes.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  44. Storm Man says:

    JM was not at the Caps practice to spy, He wanted to give his resume for the stick boy job with the Caps next year

  45. Mr.Hazard says:

    I saw it, but at the time, I didn’t catch on. I’m pretty sure you’re right. Because I was like “why the heck would he say ‘next year’? it doesn’t make sense”. But it makes sense if he was trying to cover for “next series”.

    EDIT: It’s in the video titled “Boiling Point” on, near the end. He says something along the lines of “maybe not this series, but maybe next year or something”.

    “love cannot drown truth, Nefertiti”

  46. tanhaa says:

    Interesting Hypothesis. 


    Theories aside, I don’t see how JM can scratch SK74 over players he plays for less than 5 minutes in the game.  I don’t know what personal vendetta he has against SK74 but he is far more talented than some of the guys who are playing (or sitting on the bench)…. and if his talent can’t be nurtured here, then we will be crying again for letting another one of those go. 



  47. Mr.Hazard says:

    You can be sure ALLL the media will frame it that way. “MARTIN CHERCHE DES IDEES”.

    “love cannot drown truth, Nefertiti”

  48. Matthew says:

    Way to outclass Joe the dope. Good on you Storm man

  49. Mr.Hazard says:

    lol. That all sounds about right! I guess you didn’t catch on that I was referring to Ovi’s comment following Game 2 about MAB being “not that strong”. 🙂

    “love cannot drown truth, Nefertiti”

  50. Kalcon says:

    Anyone else see Bruce Boudreau on TV after the game last night? Not sure what station but when asked about the Caps’ lack of productivity on the powerplay, he said something along the lines of “we may not score a powerplay goal in this series, but we’ll score one (short pause) next year”.


    It looked and sounded like he was going to say “in the next series” but he caught himself at the last moment.


    Obviously, I’m paraphrasing here because I cannot find the actual link to the footage but I remember thinking…this b@stard thinks they have this series won already!


    I was wondering if anyone else saw this?

  51. TripleX says:

    Fighting and aggressive play is not part of the system!  Did you not get the memo?  Moen knows if he starts anything that JM will bench him like he did with Laps when he dared to shake his gloves.  JM despises any fighting and will bench anyone who dares try.

    MAB is a big problem.  He is a huge defensive liability and is big weight on our best player Markov.  Markov can’t be free to free wheel on offense if his partner is totally useless as a backup on defense.  So MAB effectively hampers our offense from the backend and is a defensive disaster at the same time.

  52. keepthefaith says:

    What i dont understand is how come everybody on this site know s what kind of lineup to ice and the penguin getting paid the millions does not?

  53. Le Jadester says:

    Hey Tom N.

    I hear ya regarding coaching and I thought whatever JM did in Game # 1 was good and it worked.  Carried over to game # 2 and the Caps were soiling their pants up until 4-1.  Then…….SK 74 goes for a cruise with the puck keeps it for a while see’s nothing and dumps it midway into the Caps zone……then boom its 4-2.  JM gets his hard on for SK 74 sees his opportunity and benches him for the rest of the series so far and we all know whats happened up till now, and what’s happened all year long regarding those two and the soap opera but players react to how they and their teamates are treated by the coach

    My theory is this:  (and that’s all it is, cause I don’t know much and SK is not my favourite player on the team but I think he is important to the team’s success and especially that 3rd trio and he’s young with alot of potential – I personally have not seen a dime a dozen players like this grow on trees in our farm – he adds value IMO)

    That changed the momentum and was the “TSN turning point” in the series – I really hope I’m wrong and its not over till she sings but .

    1) SK 74 one mistake….. back to the bitch house 2) AK 46 after a hattie…. see’s his bro get in crap and loses his focus.  2) 2nd line gets shaken up cause of # 2 and Cammi and Pleks are affected. 3) First line trys to pick up the slack and presses to score even more and opens up defensive holes 4) The 3rd trio has Lappy up there to fill the spot and all chemistry generated with the Original 3rd line is gone – so that line goes outta whack. 5) Fourth Liners see SK eatin’ pine and then start playing nervous and scared to not make any mistakes either and that throws ’em outta sink – especially after a great game # 1 where I thought they were dangerous and were gonna pop one in. 

    ALL this because of one selfish man who took this personally.  It is all JM’s fault IMO. Although clearly hypothetical….I believe if he would have done the right thing and was a REAL MAN…all it takes is a “hey SK not a smart play, it was a bit of a mistake you can’t be doing this we need you to be a bit smarter or whatever don’t deviate from the system and don’t worry, points will start coming your way, especially against the best team in the league, we can beat them……….and Bob’s your uncle……. we go home with a 0-2 Lead. Instead, everytime he’s benched SK to send a message, we’ve lost every single time ! Nice Strategy Coach !

    My point is that, we have to roll 4 lines and either win or lose as a team and “Eff-face” JM refuses to do that !

    Like you said it, we’re destined to be a good team with him as our Coach.  You’re being to kind, He’s Pathetic.

    Habs, OLE !


  54. TripleX says:

    MAB is I believe a -5 so far and was directly responsible for two goals last game.  If he is not a major problem in the Habs defensive coverage then I don’t know who is?

    Alternative to MAB.  There are several actually.  If JM deems it vital to keep MAB’s shot in the lineup then move him to the fourth line or dress 7 Dmen.  My choice would be to replace him with O’Byrne, something I have advocated since the beginning.  If JM has a personal dislike for him, or he feels that O’Byrne is simply not up to the job, then bring up PK Suban.  No one can tell me either of these players is not a serious upgrade on MAB.

  55. Batalla says:

    JM can use all the help he can get.  I really hope it’s some coaching tips, though…

  56. Rudy says:

    This just makes JM look desperate

  57. tony d says:

    he parted his hair the ‘normal’ way and was  mistaken for the team accountant

  58. tanhaa says:

    agreed with Jimmy, MAB is definitely a concern, but not as much as the absence of 3rd/4th line from the game or the fact that we take shots from so far away with not a soul in front of varly.  Of course Varly is going to come out looking like a God when he has open sight to the puck, no body crashing him, no body screening him ..

  59. jimmy shaker says:

    Did he at least put on the fake eye glasses, with the funny nose and bushy moustache?  That might have made him more inconspicuous.


  60. jimmy shaker says:

    And JM’s alternative to MAB?  Right, you are exactly correct.  There is nothing!  Like I said before, MAB is the least of our worries right now!  Talk to me first about Hammer, Moen….3rd and 4th lines not showing up, no traffic in front of Varlamov, then we can discuss MAB!


  61. jimmy shaker says:

    All the jabroni’s on here going after MAB….WOW!  How about Hammer and his total meltdown over the last month or so.  OR what about Moen not showing up for oh the whole year pretty much.  Is he a fighter, is he a grinder, is he at least a potential scoring threat, or is he a shut down guy, the way he played when he was with Anaheim.  Whatever he is, he’s done nothing!  Makes us miss TOM THE BOMB that much more. The third and fourth lines have been invisible, and need to be present Wednesday night.  You guys, and sorry to pick your take to reply to this and generalize, have got your eyes focused on the wrong thing right now!  MAB is one of the last things we need to worry about right now.  Traffic in front of Varlamov and some 3rd and 4th line momentum swinging or energy shifts at least, is what this team needs right now.  Carey will give us a shot in the arm, and the the crowd will do the same.  Wednesday will be a far closer game with much needed different outcome!

    Sorry….but it is what it is!


  62. CHsam says:

    “Look at the size of that thing!”

  63. Brocas Brain says:

    He better do more than SPY!

  64. Mr.Hazard says:

    What next!! MAB spying on Ovi at the gym?!

    “love cannot drown truth, Nefertiti”

  65. adam76 says:

    Just exemplary “journalism”  

  66. Say Ash says:

    They should have replaced the second period with a classic episode of mini-putt. BIRDIE!!!!!

  67. Storm Man says:

    Im in town for a friends wedding and to see game 4, god bless my mother and father. I live in Calgary and work very hard for my living. I had a very nice childhood thanks to my parents, hope you cheer very hard for the boys on Wednesday

  68. HabsoluteFan says:

    And when the Habs play like they did in DC (most of the time), the Caps don’t have much out there.  Really they don’t


    On december 18th, in the middle of a 5 game losing streak, this guy said the habs would turn it around and make the playoffs.

  69. HabsoluteFan says:

    Watching Canadiens Express, we had a great first period and had lots of chances.  Spacek missed that wide open net and we couldnt score on a few PPs.  If we can manage the same start in Game 4 and find a way to take the lead and keep the crowd in it, we’ll have a different result.  I remember a few years back playing against the Eastern Champs Bruins and trailing them 3 games to 1.  We ended up winning the series in 7 games.  This aint over, the fans say the season’s over but the team won’t quit so easily 


    It takes 4 W’s to win a serie


  70. SegerHabs says:

    Maybe not the greatest hockey strategy but…

    >40 shots, 1-0

    <40 shots 0-2.

  71. CHsam says:

    yeah except this time its the Black Spy shanking the White Spy with a dagger over and over again

  72. joe the pro says:

    storm man, it must nice to have so much free time and money, living in upper westmount, god bless you

  73. likehoy says:

    anyone catch this? AK/benny better be looking to “cap off” mike green after this.

    “Though up only 2-1 in the series, the Capitals
    top defenseman believes they can be unchallenged. There is the
    unmistakable vibe of the Canadiens
    being on the run now and the Caps firmly in control of this Eastern
    Conference quarterfinal. They’re up just 2-1, but are looking like the
    opening night skittishness that marked their overtime loss to the Habs
    is now nothing but an old memory. And the Caps haven’t even scored a
    power-play goal yet in this series (0-for-14 so far). That’s the way Capitals
    defenseman Mike
    sees it, even if his coach did not. “That’s the type of
    efforts we need to win. When everyone plays like that — they don’t have
    much out there. Really, they don’t,” he said of the Habs to a
    Washington reporter.

    Toronto Sun”

    – Habs Romance (Lady Gaga remix)

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