Audio: Metro game-time decision for Game 3

AUDIO: Jacques Martin | Michael Cammalleri | Brian Gionta | Scott Gomez | More Gomez (listener discretion advised for first 10 seconds)

Canadiens centreman Glen Metropolit gives assistant coach Pierre Groulx a push on Bell Centre ice this afternoon.
Allen McInnis, Gazette

Canadiens centreman Glen Metropolit was working up a good sweat this afternoon at the Bell Centre while he was doing some heavy on-ice work, suggesting he might be back in the lineup this week.

Head coach Jacques Martin says that Metro, lost to the team with a shoulder separation since March 27, will be a game-time decision for Game 3 Monday night. Skating with defenceman Ryan O’Byrne and forward Ben Maxwell, Metro was taking plenty of contact and doing a lot of heavy pushing work. He consulted at the bench with Habs doctor David Mulder, no doubt giving himself the green light. Now, we’ll see if the good doctor will do likewise.

The Canadiens held a team meeting followed by off-ice workouts. The Washington Capitals practised this morning in Arlington, Va. They’ll be flying into Montreal this evening on the eve of Monday’s third game in the teams’ Eastern Conference quarterfinal, the series tied 1-1 after Saturday’s 6-5 overtime win for the Capitals.


  1. Doo says:

    I don’t know if you saw it but during his interview with Renaud Lavoie on RDS, Cammalleri said that on his first slashing penalty, the player’s stick was already broken before he touched it…

  2. HabFanSince72 says:

    I am aware that there is corruption everywhere.

    In this case it doesn’t make sense. Bettman would have to be reckless to risk something that would bring him no direct benefit. It would also bring the league little benefit, as a sine qua non for its long-term success is the general perception of fair play.

    Moreover the conspiracy would have to be widespread and would have to involve bribes. Finally the conspiracy would have to be undetectable, and hence  subtle enough that it would only slightly favour its supposed goal.



  3. Danno says:

    Another little thing I forgot to put above. Washington was offside on Carlson’s tying goal. Take a look at the replay and you will see.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  4. Bill J says:


    In case it was not clear enough, I do NOT respect your opinions.  As they almost always seem to be of a ignorant nature.

    So NO – I was not “trying” to engage YOU in any intelligent discussion, because you really do not have anything credible to bring to the table.

    Lets use for example, the numerous times you come on here with your imaginary swagger.

    “Whats the score tonight, call it”

    You allow people to reply, and when someone brings up a theory you do not like.  You are ignorant with them.

    Too afraid to share your own opinion in your original messages ?  WEAK! that is what you are.


  5. showey47 says:

    totally genious move about the defective twig. It would have to be a forward though. All you would have to do is hold the puck in the corner and wait for a dman to come to you. As soon as he whacks at your stick you lean on it and snap it in half. Then throw your arms in the air to get the refs attention. Just no clean cuts to make the twig defective. Just bend them naturally till they are on verge of snapping then put it away till needed. mmmmuuuaaaahhhhhhhhh.

  6. Ian Cobb says:

    I am very happy that we have Muller and the other guy behind the bench. I just do not think JM is the guy to take us to the top. But we will see.

  7. Ian Cobb says:

    It is simple for me. We are a new group including coaches playing play off hockey with one of the best teams in the league for the first as a group.

  8. Bob Barker says:

    I don’t have a problem with Backstrom’s OT winner after watching it several times. Backstrom did several good things to make that shot difficult to stop. Carlson’s on the other hand is just Halak missing it. There was a slight screen but it wasn’t really a laser shot. That save needs to be made to win playoff games. 

  9. Tis Himself says:

    I agree with you. He should never have been hired in the first place. I groaned when he got the job.

  10. Bugs says:

    Especially not if you disagree with it, right, Bill?

    That’s how to promote discussion on a forum, right?


    Ridiculously overhyped, call me

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  11. MontrealAtheist says:

    Whatever happens during these play-offs, I hope we can get rid of JM afterwards and get someone like Boudreau who doesn’t hesitate to make the necessary decisions without trying to sugarcoat things.

    All that poor coaching by JM has Gainey’s signature written all over it and given that it was Gainey himself who hand-picked JM it’s not surprising.

  12. Favorite Son says:

    Markov plays better with Bergeron. All the experts agree. Bergeron is doing well defensively. Nothing horrible from him.

    No need to mess with the lineup right now.

    And why are you such a douche? It boggles my mind why you chose to be a jerk over simply responding to the post. Are you a frustrated person? Are you angry?

    You’ll find your way one day…

  13. sailor2963 says:

    That would neither be helpful nor accurate.  The truth is the Habs can beat this Caps team, they have exposed their weaknesses.  What JM needs to say is that the players have to play a 60 minute game, when this team plays for 60 minutes they can compete with anyone.  We have seen that.  The Bell Centre should be rocking tomorrow and the team should feed off that positive energy.  

  14. SmartDog says:

    I agree about Ovi.  I have no respect for the guy.  He’s a real knob.  I wouldn’t even want him in a Habs jersey. Seriously.

    About the Halak-Price thing… I agree with you there too actually.  I didn’t mean promising Halak game 4, but I’d tell him to be ready. If Price stones the Caps… Halak would know what’s coming and he’d wait (like he has and can). The point I was making was don’t tell him he’s gone, just tell him to sit and be ready to come back.  



    Not signing or trading Pleks = yet another missed opportunity.

  15. adam76 says:

    Incompetent officiating hurt the Habs – it did not cost the habs the game.


    Leaf fans blame the refs for losses.  We are better then that.  

  16. habsguy says:

    Yo dude,  go to tsn and look at the replay of the game,  tell me if at the 138  mark if the cap is in the blue paint and stopping Halak from coming out to cut down the angle…then go to the 148 mark and tell me the hab who pused Poti into halak???….On OV’s goal the ref is supposed to blow the whistle when he loses sight of the puck,  did he???….Pouliet didn’t know the net off the caps did,  I always thought that was a goal?????….Ovey punched gionta any call on that one!!!!….Cammi for slashing,  come on,  Gill for iterwhatever, come on..

  17. MontrealAtheist says:

    We came out with a split, and that is more than most people gave them.”

    It’s not that simple … Had we been outplayed and shot down 4-0 I think people wouldn’t be quite as hard on us. However, relinquishing a 4-1 lead and turning it into a 5-6 OT loss in only 22 minutes, along with some questionable (non) calls and poor coaching decisions by JM (timeout anyone?), is not easy to forget. The way things are, the Caps have the momentum and are back in the driver’s seat.

  18. adam76 says:

    It happens for sure does it?  Sure as the drug companies have a cure for cancer, 911 was an inside job and the moon landing was shot on a sound stage in Hollywood.


    Even if it was “off the record” – the risks GREATLY outweigh the payout.  Sure the NHL, in theory – would get more marketing and press by having the Capitals in longer – but as HabFanSince72  pointed out – if these “off the record” favours were ever discovered – there would be legal and criminal prosecution.   


    A scandal like you are suggesting would destroy the league.  Now ask yourself, would ANYONE in Garrys position risk legal consequences an the destruction of the league for a .25 share increase on NBC in the second round?  logically – the answer is no.


  19. Bugs says:

    1) 2nd stringer to Theo???


    Ok, your argument just crumbled, Bill. …second stringer to theo..,that’s funny.

    2) My “poster-boy” is The Priceberg. Sadly, but pragmatically, I must admit that Halak has been better than him for AT LEAST the last two years, unquestionably better than him THIS year to the point that the playoffs are his. That being said, I recognize that he won’t win’em all. Like Luongo, Brodeur, Miller, you know, those guys? They dropped a few important ones too but they return the net.

    Unless they’re completely rattled and a guy who’s been sitting on the bench for three weeks becomes a better option for victory. Personally, I don’t see that in this case.

    Sorry if that embarrasses me.

    Ridiculously overhyped, call me

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  20. spoonfullofjelly says:

    Look none of the goals were weak. And Halak should continue to start. However, he let in 6 goals. Let’s not forget this. Let’s not also forgot what I’ve heard here time and time again, your goalie needs to be your best player. He wasn’t.

  21. downeast hab says:

    What needs to happen whwn they start running or pushing the goalie back in the net, the defensemen need to give them a four finger glove punch right betwwen the eyes to help improve there vision.


  22. terrygain says:

    No, that’s why 20 should have been playing with 79. Do you have trouble with reading comprehension?

  23. terrygain says:

    Barking up the wrong tree. The refs bread is buttered by doing their jobs competently. They made mistakes but they are working against themselves if they are not calling it as they see it.

  24. Tis Himself says:

    Knocking the net off its pins twice and not getting penalized was ridiculous, especially the second time. The broken-stick calls have to be revisited as well. I would put the odd guy out with a defective twig just to draw one, especially if we are already on the power play. Skating 5-on-4, it’s worth the risk.

  25. Zepphead says:

    If I were Jacques Martin in the meeting, I wouldn’t give my team any compliments from last night. I’d be mad and instead of saying “Look at the positive side: we won 1/2” I would say “We should’ve taken both and you’re all bums”.

  26. Bugs says:

    Just makin sure. Symbolic logic says your message is: “Bugs is overhyped and so should be ignored.”

    Is that your position, Bill? That’s how you approach discusson?

    Just makin sure.

    Ridiculously overhyped, call me

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  27. Favorite Son says:

    Did you expect Markov or Bergeron to fight?

  28. deuce6 says:

    What bothers me and worries me about him was that after the Caps starting running him, he started to play deeper in his net..He stopped challenging shooters and the Caps made him look small..He needs to be out of the blue ice challlenging those shots..He was deep on both..


  29. Bill J says:

    Hey Gringo!

    The 2nd stringer on the Caps side – He did alright right Genius ?

    I mean he DID win – didn’t he ?

    Despite Theo going on a great streak heading into the playoffs…

    Oh wait… Yeah your “Poster boy” has been hot himself eh ?  4 Losses in 5 games ?  4 of the BIGGEST losses this season !!!

    3 to try and get a spot in the playoffs…. and now another loss that would have put the Habs up 2-0.

    DO NOT CARRY ON VARMINT, in fact walk away from the computer NOW before you embarrass yourself further!

  30. I_SAY_FIGHT says:

    As Logical as your argument is, you left emotion out of the equation. Regarding SmartDog Issue No.4, As much as I agree that it’s Prices’ time to shine the Bell Center will cause this team to lose with their irational Booing.
    However, guaranteeing Halak a start in game 4 is illogical because you failed to see the possible outcomes of price getting his first shut-out (he tends to bring his A-game to the playoffs, last year the team was horrible in the playoffs), or beating the Caps by a 2 goal or greater margin OR beating them without going into overtime. I could continue but I will assume by the pattern that you will get the point.  
    Regarding OV – He’s a dirty player (well all the caps are) and I’m finding myself becoming more and more agitatied with him as the games go by. The Refs aren’t doing their jobs and it’s about time Mad Max And O’B get to hit OV (i wouldn’t wish this on too many people) but I would love an Andy Sutton type hit given to OV. Clean and Lethal.
    Go Habs Go!!!!
    ”Playing goal is like being shot at.” – Jacques Plante

  31. Favorite Son says:

    It’s not that simple. You can’t just forget a game like that. It stings for the Habs and it woke up the Caps.

    Yes it’s 1-1 but it’s advantage Washington going into game 3. They have the momentum and surely the loss was de-moralizing for the Canadiens.

    What’s good is that we know that we can play with “la creme de la creme”. It’s up to the Habs to come out and play the same way on Monday with solid goaltending from Halak and tighter defense. Plus, we also know we can score on either Theo or Varlamov.

  32. Bugs says:


    Final analysis?


    Ridiculously overhyped, call me

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  33. Tis Himself says:

    The NHL is still a very long way from FIFA, but it is moving in that direction. I don’t think the officiating is intentionally biased, but it has been pretty miserable all season long. Even last night’s extended goal review was ridiculous. Whether the Habs scored on the first play was irrelevant after they scored on the following one. Was it really that important to have an extended review to put time back on the clock?

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