Audio: Metro game-time decision for Game 3

AUDIO: Jacques Martin | Michael Cammalleri | Brian Gionta | Scott Gomez | More Gomez (listener discretion advised for first 10 seconds)

Canadiens centreman Glen Metropolit gives assistant coach Pierre Groulx a push on Bell Centre ice this afternoon.
Allen McInnis, Gazette

Canadiens centreman Glen Metropolit was working up a good sweat this afternoon at the Bell Centre while he was doing some heavy on-ice work, suggesting he might be back in the lineup this week.

Head coach Jacques Martin says that Metro, lost to the team with a shoulder separation since March 27, will be a game-time decision for Game 3 Monday night. Skating with defenceman Ryan O’Byrne and forward Ben Maxwell, Metro was taking plenty of contact and doing a lot of heavy pushing work. He consulted at the bench with Habs doctor David Mulder, no doubt giving himself the green light. Now, we’ll see if the good doctor will do likewise.

The Canadiens held a team meeting followed by off-ice workouts. The Washington Capitals practised this morning in Arlington, Va. They’ll be flying into Montreal this evening on the eve of Monday’s third game in the teams’ Eastern Conference quarterfinal, the series tied 1-1 after Saturday’s 6-5 overtime win for the Capitals.


  1. rwparent says:

    Fair enough – but JM does not seem to see it that way. Wonder what it will take to reverse his opinion?

  2. terrygain says:

    His biggest mistake was having 13 on the ice while trying to protect a lead in the last 2 minutes.

  3. Bugs says:

    But since today is Sunday, you’re back to task.

    And putting in the 2nd stringer who hasn’t played in almost three weeks and whose Achilles Heel just HAPPENS to be the VERY thing you accuse Halak of NEVER showing, that is, “not being used to the pressure”, is the task set before you, one you conveniently avoid. 

    Yet you quickly side with mockery against me… Your priorities are now clear to me. Shan’t bother you any further.

    Carry on, Pup. 

    Ridiculously overhyped, call me

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  4. rwparent says:

    I agree. He keeps his focus.

    Halak is doing what you should expect from a legit starter. Standing up when he should be up, squaring up to shooters, playing the posts tight, pushing off on the correct leg..etc.

    His fundamentals are rock solid. Those shots were going in on most goalies – that is reality.

  5. Bill J says:

    Seems to me I did.


  6. terrygain says:

    It’s not minor. We need 20’s  size. We lost 91 for 5 minutes b/c he had to fight Poti, a defenceman. 79 and 47 were on the ice watching.

  7. Bill J says:

    I definitely agree.  I see what he brings to the table & it aint much.

    I just wish his signature was a disclaimer stating that his opinion is purely for humor purposes and no-one should believe anything he says.

  8. habsguy says:

    wow,  I thought I was bad!!!…LOL

  9. Tis Himself says:

    We will see how JM fairs in the next two games when he gets to make the last change and can react to Boudreu’s choices.

  10. terrygain says:

    Several here have claimed Halak gave up two soft goals. I’m assuming they are referring to the 5th and 6th goals. Both goals were from shots from  the centre of the ice, just above the hash marks.  The first was through a screen. The second was through 44’s legs. The only way any goalie stops either shot is if the puck hits him. And no, Halak did not go down before the winning goal was shot.  

  11. rwparent says:

    Mes amis,

    The whole world believed we would be coming home down two games, but now it is a best of five series.

    Plain and simple they got it done. Forget about last night – means nothing anymore…it is all about Monday and they are starting clean at home. AK showing up, Gomez getting nasty, Sergei being creative again…it is all coming together. MAB is getting pushed around in front of the net and I would rather see OB but that is a minor complaint. Not that I don’t want to see MAB dressed so you can’t have everything.



  12. SmartDog says:

    Good post Ian.  I was wondering about that too.  What could Martin have been thinking?  Saving his guys for the next game?    It seemed REALLY stupid to me…. and I hope to him now.  Lost us the game, no question.


    Not signing or trading Pleks = yet another missed opportunity.

  13. SmartDog says:

    Thanks Bill.

    I take Bugs just like I did when I was a kid. Something to laugh at on a Saturday morning.

    Not signing or trading Pleks = yet another missed opportunity.

  14. Bugs says:

    Something to say, Bill?

    Ridiculously overhyped, call me

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  15. Danno says:

    For your dartboards folks:

    Dan O’Hollaran and Brian Pochmara.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  16. Bill J says:


    Overhyped?  –  Yes you ARE

  17. SmartDog says:

    Most biases don’t come from planned conspiracies.  They come from people knowing where their bread is buttered and favoring conditions – even slightly – that put food on the table in the near or long term.  I’m not saying the next game won’t be just as biased for us, or that there IS this bias, but a) the reffing sucked and probably handed the Caps the game and b) biases are part of every human situation, and could be in play… the Caps are one of the most important US based teams… without them, the playoffs get a lot less interesting in the games biggest potential market.  It would certainly be good for the whole NHL industry (from refs to sport stores to season passes) if the Ovi saga keeps going and the Caps stay in.  If you’re a ref, you know that.  Hell, there are people that think that if the go to the fridge for a beer and the other team scores it’s their fault.  The human psych has a lot of hidden machinery….  would it be so hard to believe that the refs deep down are thinking “oh boy – the Caps can tie it up here!”   On the contrary. It’s impossible to believe that DOESN’T happen.  No matter what people SAY. 

    Not signing or trading Pleks = yet another missed opportunity.

  18. Bugs says:

    Agree top to bottom.

    The 5th goal against was also…unfortunate, but totally agree with your post.

    We played really good, 2nd goal pumped their mojo, it’s all on the Cappers to begin with.

    Can’t wait til tomorrow.

    Ridiculously overhyped, call me

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  19. Pat8987 says:

    It happens “off the record” for sure man…If you don’t think so you’re naive…MTL = largest fan base in the NHL, win-lose this series will still be there….However Ovechkin moving on = money + publicity in the states =…He is a marketing MACHINE, why would they not want him to move on? Did you ever take any business classes?

  20. Ian Cobb says:

    Everyone now knows that we can play with the best this league has to offer. I think the coach made two mistakes. After playing power lines against power and going up 4 to 1, he decided to put his 4th line against their power line and they were clearly over whelmed and it went to 4 to 2. Then he did the exact same thing two shifts later and it was 4 to 3. We clearly lost the momentum and took 3 stupid penalties.

    We had a great game plan but did not stick to it. Instead thought we could run and gun with them and clearly we can not.

    We came out with a split, and that is more than most people gave them. Now playing at home I just hope they can play as loose as they did on the road. But we sure know now that we are a better team than most people believe. Even a split in Mtl. will be OK by me as we learn how to play, play off hockey together as a group for the first time!

    We can and we will send these guys to the golf coarse.!

  21. Jbird says:

    That was a horrible play by Darche.  

  22. SmartDog says:


    1. TSN. Despite their overall knobishness.. even the TSN panel was saying it was goaltender interference on one of the Caps goals and talking about how the Caps are getting away with things they shouldn’t be.  Score one for TSN for being accurate and a ZERO for the league, for the refs and for hockey in general.

    2. MARKOV. Ovi went and pushed Markov over on his first shift.  Who pushed back?  Nobody.  Marky got hurt later.. I didn’t see the exact play, it was just out of the screen but remember thinking the set-up looked bad and the commentors said something about it too.  He was good on O but not on D.. maybe he needs Obi-wan to punch Ovi in his giant grinning face.

    3. HALAK-PRICE. No question it wasn’t Halak’s game. He let in some softies.  Like he did in many of the late games in the season. I can only think he’s tired. He’s NOT used to this from being in the shadows for YEARS (thanks Bob)….from the Olympics to now, that’s a ton of pressure.  I can’t see any reason NOT to start Price. Tell Halak he’s going back in the next game, but let the Caps see a bigger goalie (who also beat them this season), and let Price have at it.   I think that’s a MUCH lower risk than assuming Halak will be rested and ready when he’s been off his game 4 of the last 5. 

    4. 60 MINUTES. This team may have grit, compusure, and experience, but it seems to ahove that for about 40 mintues a game MAX.  A team like the Caps can do a lot of damage in 20. If we loose in fewer than 7 games, that will be why.

    5. OBI. Let the big man play, just make sure that the goalie is aware of when he’s on.  We need his size and his rested legs… yes he’ll be a pilon sometimes, but I don’t see a choice.


    Not signing or trading Pleks = yet another missed opportunity.

  23. Danno says:

    A few little things that affected the game’s outcome:

    • Two goalie interference incidents on Halak not called. 
    • Many, faceoffs won by Montreal were waived off and restarted by the refs.
    • Two needless and momentum-stopping reviews. One on Gionta’s good goal the other on the Poulliot miss
    • Ovechkin given a free pass and carte blanche to hack away with no penalty
    • Caps net was lifted on Gionta’s potential game-winning goal – no call
    • Another occasion Varlamov obviously lifted his net to stop play
    • Markov hit in the face with a high stick – no call
    • Bullsh*t call against Hal Gill
    • There are probably others that I missed…
    • Feel free to add your own, I’m running out of cyber ink…


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  24. Pat8987 says:

    Refs are protecting the interest of the NHL by helping all they can to ensure a marketing machine gets to at least round 2…Not making excuses but the refereeing displayed yesterday was an disgrace for the NHL…Could it be anymore obvious?

  25. Bugs says:

    Yeah! Cuz the Priceberg, he’s REALLY “used to the pressure”, boy, oh boy, the way he handles the pressure, especially in Montreal? Woof! No one is better than the Priceberg at that.

    Right, Pup?

    Ridiculously overhyped, call me

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  26. matmacat says:

    Habs in 5.

  27. Bugs says:

    (Forgive repeat)

    Like I said yesterday: no matter WHAT happens 2nd game, we have the advantage.

    1-1, comin back home?

    It’s all good, baby.

    Put last night behind us. Find zen. And resume butt-kickin with 21273 cheerin the right way.

    Then we’ll see what’s what with the Cappers.

    I remain confident that we’re gonna corpse’em up, box’em up and send’em home to momma.

    Ridiculously overhyped, call me

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  28. Storm Man says:

    What game are you watching? MAB is folding like a tent after a long weekend of camping. The Caps game plan shoot and crash the net we need to knock down any Caps player that does that, OB would fit better 

  29. HabFanSince72 says:

    You guys who think Bettman and the league order the refs to favour certain teams realize that they would be risking prosecution, possibly criminal,  if they did that?

    I mean go ahead and vent, just as long as you know it’s all in good fun.

  30. matmacat says:

    All series tied. Besides the nsh/chi who are 1 game behind.

  31. KenD29 says:


    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  32. SmartDog says:

    I disagree!

    I still think he’s our #1, but I think Halak could use the break.  He’s not some 5 year NHL veteran #1.  He’s young, not used to the pressure. After the Olympics he came out great, but then slowed and I think we’re still seeing some fatique from that. Let him recharge – and let Price show he still belongs.  I bet he’ll shine. 

    Not signing or trading Pleks = yet another missed opportunity.

  33. KenD29 says:

    Yo Dude… Habs D pushed Caps forwards… all you need to do is watch the replays!

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  34. Caballero says:

    I agree, but there is clearly an issue we need to work on thinking long term. This team needs to take less penalties and the main issue I am seeing here all season is a complete inability to win a game when we are leading by one goal.

  35. SmartDog says:

    Do you mean that like our team he needs to improve? LOL


    Not signing or trading Pleks = yet another missed opportunity.

  36. HabFanSince72 says:

    I really don’t agree. 47 has been playing well defensively.

    In fact the whole team has been playing very well. The Caps are just explosive. We were 90s from winning that game.

  37. Bob Barker says:

    Halak needs to start game 3. It’s his chance to bounce back. If he doesn’t then Price needs to replace him in Game 3 and start Game 4. A great regular season doesn’t mean much if you can’t get it done in the playoffs. Ask Cloutier, Turco (for the most part), Lalime (with Ottawa). 

  38. wotever says:

    Funny how the different goalie camps apply one standard to their goalie and another standard to the other goalie. Dunno if you’re one of them Terry but… We’ve heard this tune before. The other goalie is a bum, mine doesn’t give up soft goals (like last night) it was the reffing it was the defense it was the offense, as long as you get the win.

    We really do have two good goalies. People have good nights and people have bad nights, when they let in soft goals.

    I wish we could have done something wacky and put Carey in at 4:2 until 4:3. A shot of espresso to wake up the team and throw the caps off. Maybe carey would show up, maybe halak would calm down. It wouldn’t be worse than what happened but of course the fans would freak.

    You’ll have to speak up – I’m wearing a towel.

  39. terrygain says:

    20 replaces 47 who moves to the 4th line. We need 20’s size.  

  40. habsguy says:

    you dude should get a rule book and see what goaltender interference is,  cuz while a couple were questionable,  a couple were very obvious…..

  41. Bill J says:

    Frankly I’m more stunned at the fact no one has accused him of having a Man-Crush on Price!!!

    :O lol

  42. Bob Barker says:

    AK46 was built for playoff hockey. Look at him tied for the NHL lead!! 9 goals 5 assists in 18 GP is pretty impressive. I can live with inconsistent regular season play if he continues to step up in the playoffs.

  43. BKAK72 says:

    (SARCASM HERE). What? How dare you challenge the play of Lord Halak? — I will not apologize for being a delirious HABS fan! —

  44. KenD29 says:

    Good point. Fustrating however when they should have come back up 2-0 against the first place Caps!

    Hopefully they come out with the same intesnity tomorrow night and do not let up!

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  45. Off-side says:

    I, on the other hand think Montreal played a really good game.  Caps are a powerhouse with so much expectation and pressure to win.  They played home where the energy was intense.  That second goal of their turned it all around and they got a big pump from it.  Let’s remember that Montreal is playing a first-place team.  Damn it, we did really, really well. 


    Please, let’s encourage from here forth no matter what.

  46. HabFanSince72 says:

    Both goalies gave up at least two soft goals. Unfortunately for us Theo’s came early and Jaro’s came at the end of the game.

  47. HabFanSince72 says:

    You mean like there’s no need for you to post on this site but you do it anyway?


  48. forskis says:

    Keep your heads up folks…I was watching the Buffalo-Boston and series and the Sabres had the following record: after 2 periodds, if they have the lead, the Sabres were 31-0-0…and they blew it against the Bruins yesterday, so stuff happens, but what we should take into account is the following Miller post-game quote:

    “It doesn’t matter in what order you win, you just need to win four games.”

    A couple of other things:

    Do not start Price on Monday, the series is on a knife’s edge and you do not risk destroying the kid and having him lynched by tyhe mob in Montreal.

    When was the book on Halak, “high, glove-side”? That is the book on Price, wasn’t the book on Halak “rebound control”?

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  49. HabFanSince72 says:

    Dress 20? How is that a good idea?

    Our two iffiest defenders last night were Markov and Hamr.

    I don’t see Oh-Oh’Byrne replacing either of them.


  50. BJ says:

    We will win this series in 6. As an after thought for the older guys out there, the Ovechkin solution is to re-incarnate good old #14 Claude Provost (Bobby Hull’s shadow) for a few games.

  51. KenD29 says:

    Let’s hope he does it again tomorrow night and not fade away as he has done many a time this past season!

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  52. BKAK72 says:

    To win in the playoffs you must be able to maintain the opposition to 2 GA with the assumption you’ll produce 3 GF. I know the HABS are a .500 hockey team and live up to expectation (failure), it’s the CAPS that s/b worried with their version of crappy goaltending. I maintain HABS in 7 with a two more of these undisciplined games. — I will not apologize for being a delirious HABS fan! —

  53. Duke_Rauol says:

    Metro,Darche and Pyatt is a 4th line , i think, that can score goals.  And to win series u need some 4th  line goals.  Pray to the Norse Gods for Metro’s return!

  54. terrygain says:

    79 and 14 were weak in our end. As his biggest critic let me say 6 played a really strong game. 52 made an uncharacteristic,  unforced error that let Washington back into the game. 

  55. sam says:

    great call. not his fault we lost the game but it’s more than time to make him understand how this game should be played.

    according to TSN’s John Lu, JM was close to having the option to play Metro last night? come back tomorrow, Metro !!

  56. terrygain says:

    Based on his history Price would be spectacular. Or he would mishandle the puck, overplay the puck, give up soft goals and demoralize the team. 

    I’d rather Martin make less risky decisions: 1. Complain about the crappy refereeing. 2. Dress 20. Keep 13 on the bench if you are trying to protect the lead in the last 5 minutes. 

  57. Duke_Rauol says:

    Good Call, and send Laps up to the press box!

  58. terrygain says:

    Your second suggestion is better than your first.

  59. Castor says:

    Markov had a bad game so the team had a bad game. It’s the matter of fact.

  60. terrygain says:

    Too risky. Price gives up too many soft goals. They are killers. Halak got us here. Washington got one goal by interfering with Halak and a second with a slow whistle. The second might not have happened if Martin had called out the refs for the first.

    I think Washington can be had and there is no reason to panic. It took a lot of unlikely things to happen for them to win. In addition to the two non-calls, the usually reliable Darche coughed up the puck on a totally unforced error and the coach made another unforced error with 13 on the ice protecting the lead in the last two minutes and 14, who usually takes care of things in his own end,  was weak on three goals. We  need 20 to clear the front of the net. 

  61. Bob Barker says:

    You can at least admit the forwards found the back of the net. AK46 – back-to-back hatties on Monday. 

  62. Shublips says:

    I know a lot of people are talking about Halak, this morning, but the reality is the the whole team let the Caps back into the game.

    Here’s the Habs game breakdown:

    Habs on Facebook: on Twitter: on

  63. Bob Barker says:

    Handing the Cup is a little far but Toronto’s definitely making Boston a lot stronger. First JFJ trades Rask to them who’s basically a franchise goalie, this year they’re getting Hall or Seguin. Next year, Toronto will likely be just as bad or marginally better so it could be another top 5 pick. 

    2 firsts and a second for Kessel is definitely getting robbed. 

  64. CHsam says:

    yeah and I thought they’d get swept. We’re still in there. Goals. Everywhere.

  65. habby27 says:

    we need metro… where is he… play injured metro… its playoffs.

  66. KenD29 says:

    No golaie interference. Habs own D pushing the Caps player into Halak! Reviews clearly showed that…

    Our D should be to blame for those 2 goals while Halak gave up 2 softies to allow for the tie and then the win.

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  67. KenD29 says:

    Are you sure it was just a couple of beers?! Handing the Bruins the CUP?! Not this year or even next!

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  68. Top Corner says:

    Well , they played another GREAT GAME….these boys are suprising me at every turn. Reffing finally went WAS way….we went almost 2 periods without a call so u knew they had “CONSTIPATION of the WHISTLE” and that they had to let er rip on us in the end. Goalie interference on HALAK for 2 of there goals….and robbed GIO of a great winning goal. Shake it off cause there coming to OUR HOME TOWN…THATS RIGHT – Get your pom pom’s ready ! Lets show wash what a real hockey town sounds like…..losers!


  69. Peterborough Habs Fan says:

    Again this goalie thing. Can you imagine Price playing at home and losing. Never happen. Big disappointment last night but we’re still in there.

    I had to suffer 2 Laff fans last night over some beers who just drove me nuts about our loss. Didn’t take much to remind them of their plight and handing Boston a Cup with idiot Burke at the helm.

  70. CHsam says:

    Was it just me or did Markov get nervous when Ovie was on the ice ?

  71. Danno says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I think both goalies are great and super talented. Here’s the thing. Even the greatest goalies hit a slump. We are blessed with having two good goalies, so why wouldn’t we make the logical decision to have Price rise to the occasion and POSSIBLY help us take this series. He won against the Caps in the regular season, so right there JM has justification to make a switch. Better now than when it is too late.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  72. j2w4habs25 says:

    I think soo. Esp against Washington

  73. j2w4habs25 says:

    I totally agree with you….

  74. Windwalker says:

    Starting Price would be a good move…it would also be consistent with the way which goalies have been played this year.  You win you play.  In many of Price’s losses he’s been spectacular…but…It may be time for him to shine…

  75. smiler2729 says:

    The Playoffs are no time to excuse “softies”, Jose Theodore found that out quickly and Jaro Halak should too.

    Give Carey Price the start Monday, it’s his time, he’s hungry to play, he’s angry at having to watch and he’s so effing talented.

    And dress Georges Laraque to punch out the referees.

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