Audio: Marinaro on Gainey’s dollars and cents challenge

a-mic.jpgCanadiens GM Bob Gainey faces any number of hurdles attracting free agents to Montreal.

Today, The Team 990’s Tony Marinaro, host of the 12 noon to 1 p.m. Montreal Forum hockey show, put the financial questions to Jonathan Bicher, a chartered accountant and tax partner at Nexia Friedman in Montreal.

What followed was both interesting and depressing for Canadiens fans, and team management trying to improve their roster by way of the free-agent route.

Tony asked Bicher the following:

a) Which NHL city is most advantageous regarding lowest taxes?

b) How much will a $7-million salary net in Montreall?

c) Montreal offered Ryan Smyth six years and $39 million. Finally, Smyth signed with Colorado for five years and $31.5 million. Which of the two deals would bring him more money?

d) Which Canadian city has the lowest tax rate and what does it mean?

e) Can the Canadiens do something to defer some payments so taxes are lower?

f) Are there tax breaks for players such as Daniel Brière and Smyth, seeing as both are married?

Tony generously has sent along the audio of this enlightening, nine-minute interview to share with readers/listeners of Inside/Out. You can listen to it here.

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