Audio: Hossa on trade-deadline madness

Marian Hossa
Maybe or maybe not a Thrasher tomorrow night

Marian Hossa of the Atlanta Thrashers speaks at the Bell Centre this afternoon, commenting that he knows he’s in "a hockey city."

He says he tries his best to separate hockey from business when he’s on the ice, talks about the welcome that awaited him today in Montreal, the general madness of the NHL trade deadline, his brother Marcel’s famous hockey gloves, about whether he’s already played his last game as a Thrasher, and more.

Hossa hasn’t strayed far from his team’s hotel in Montreal, for obvious reasons…


  1. HABSMANIA says:

    Lets win it!!!! it being the CUP

  2. jonhab33 says:

    In the end we will never land the big player and we will say stuff like “just as well, why mess with chemistry”, but in the end we will all be disappointed in the GM.

    Then we will wait for the off season and once again there will be no big free agent signing and we will all say”just as well, why overpay for talent”, but we will secretly get angry at the GM for not being able to sign the big one. This has repeated itself for 10 straight years. In the end we will be fighting for 8th place during the last few games of the season.

  3. HABSMANIA says:

    I would just like to say how exciting and exilerating this trade deadline period has been all these big deals WOW!!!! no wonder why they have all these shows and rumours there is just so much deals to talk about!

  4. rogus says:

    What in god’s name is a Foppa? And why would someone like Forsberg let people call him such a ridiculous name? Anyways, I have to laugh at this signing. He just said less than a week ago how he wasn’t ready to come back, and everyone was like, “oh Foppa’s classy, he could have duped anyone into paying him while he’s hurt”…ya real classy, FOPPA.

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