Audio: Higgins and Kovalev after practice

Following practice today at the Bell Centre, audio from:

Christopher Higgins, seemingly bound for a reunion with Saku Koivu and Alex Tanguay
Alex Kovalev


  1. captaink4life says:

    Went to see “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” at Scotia Bank theater on Peel today at 4:30pm and I was fortunate enough to be in the company of Higgins, O’Byrne and Gorges

    Koivu for Prime Minister 🙂
    Drive for 25!!

  2. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    well you seem to be downgrading Lats – I think Lats is having a career year or will have….and being sent to the 3rd really isn’t a demotion with Lang and Kostjr there…and we did see good chemistry and a big goal with Higgs and Koivu last game (comeback of the century again!) – so I think credit should be given to Carb for making that adjustment. Speaking of spreading out, it does make our 3rd line tougher because Lats is a wreaking machine this year…possible the most impact hitter we’ve seen thus far.

    anyway, we have to destroy the leafs on Sat….that game means everything.

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

  3. Drive_For_25 says:

    Got mine yesterday. No bonus features on any discs I’ve watched yet (only 3 of them) and there is no bonus disc. Still very good collection though.

  4. Number31 says:

    Considering he’s comparing the Habs to the Sens record last year is completely missing the whole story anyway. Habs have more than one top scoring line, unlike our friends in Ottawa, so even if a team shuts down line #1…well line #2 is ready to fire, etc. Last year Habs had 7 players notching over 50 points, instead of relying on one guy who might score 50 goals himself, and most of those 7 players are still on the team. Habs have two more than capable goalies, unlike By-Town’s tandem of two career backup goalies who can flash occasional greatness and then stink up the house a second later. Habs have 3 ex-Habs as coaches (4 if you count Rollie) and an ex-Hab GM who know the formula and if that Islanders game is any indication, can GET the team to play a Third Period Bonanza and completely crush the other team’s chances. (Hey they almost did it in the playoffs too). Two teams with completely different mindsets.

    Anyway I’m sure this guy’s high on the “comeback kids” of Hog Town. Don’t really care.

  5. Number31 says:

    The Bulldogs tickets are a steal! I got two seats in the area near the players bench.

  6. twocents says:

    I am not trying to stir things up but, I am curious. Are you feeling a little better about Tangauy than you were in the preseason, now that you have seen what he brings to our team?

  7. Steiner says:

    I just got my flu shot!
    Im soooo mad! I love to give every year! I just hadnt heard anything about it, it’s normally late in January!

  8. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Man is Kovy a Genius…we need to sign this guy for life, give him a 10 year contract for $50 mil!!

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

  9. bea_hab_fan says:

    would love to as I used to b=give blood three times a year.
    but Hema Quebec doe snot want my blood anymore – apparently I’ve spent too many years in mad cow countries !!!!

  10. cautiousoptimist says:

    A little off-topic, but according to, Chipchura earned $41,000 in the 8 days he was with the big club this year. Wow.

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Josh Gorges on Montreal’s attack: “They’re comin’, they’re comin’ and they keep comin’. Just line after line, wave after wave…”

  11. Steiner says:

    Hey, did anyone know that the Habs Blood Drive is tomorrow?!
    Normally its not until January, but I just saw an add….
    Anyone going?

  12. nightmare_49 says:

    Video of Brodeur’s injury .. NHL FanHouse ….. …………………………………. Price will be Great .. by Louis Jean ….. ………………….. New York Times – The Morning Skate : Brodeur, Brodeur and Brodeur .. by Stu Hackel ….. …………………….REMINDER : Hamilton Bulldogs will play at the Bell Center on Sunday Nov-30. Your chance to see PacMan, Maxie, Chips, Dag and Webshot.

  13. habs haven says:

    Lats playing so much better that he doesn’t have a point in his last 5 games, and has a grand total of 1 goal in 10 games. can we put him on the allstar ballot as a mascot?

  14. bea_hab_fan says:

    did anyone see this?

    I can’t decide whether this guy is a serious pessimist, a blind person or a serious Hab hater

  15. Habs64 says:

    Vote for 6 Habs!!!!!!!

  16. Dee says:

    CHsam…I will send my Greatgrand children to Kovy to learn how to handle a PUCK.If I was 30 years younger I would marry him lol,lol…………….

    Habs Fan 4 Ever & Ever Amen.

  17. Xtrahabsfan says:

    how bout 1 for 1 trade Halak for Zak Parisse?

  18. bidds55 says:

    He actually does have a point in his last 5. He got an assist two games ago.

    So…..OH NO! His longest scoreless streak of the season so far is 3 F’ING GAMES!

    How’s Sergei Kostitsyn doing? Wanna make him the mascot? How about Andrei Kostitsyn? Robert Lang? Chris Higgins? ‘Cause Latendresse actually has more points than all of them, even with only 1 point in his last 5 games.

    Don’t quit your day job, the GM spot in Montreal is full at the moment.

  19. sidhu says:

    If anyone is interested in shipping Halak to NJ, here’s who NJ has on its roster:

  20. Gr8stFranchizEvr says:

    just read the article. his points are based simply on individual stats and he seems to think he knows players inside out as if he were their coach! What he fails to include in his ‘habs demise’ conclusion is that this team:

    a) came in first in East last season and now have a stronger lineup by way of experience and talent

    b) came in first in the league in scoring without a 100 pt. player – all-round team effort and contributions count for a lot more than one or two high-scoring forwards.

    c) yes, Price is still young and might not be able to carry the team on his shoulders come spring hockey, but there are enough veterans to carry this team and spur on the young guys

    d) Carbo, scrutinized sharply last year by media and fans, is showing he has the goods to lead this team to a strong season and deep into the playoffs. He is a student of the game and hates losing. These are good qualities and he’ll use them combined with last year’s season and playoff experience to improve himself and his team.

    So, Mr. Grigg – whoever you are – is showing himself to be a Hab hater, pessimist extraordinaire, and shallow hockey analyst by comparing Mtl to Ott!

  21. Harani says:

    Hey…you can watch the show on the rds website! Pretty cool!

  22. Robert L says:

    The bonus DVD has an interview from a crank camera handheld with George Vezina right after he died. 🙂

  23. RetroMikey says:

    Anybody buy the Habs DVD set today?
    For anyone interested in purhasing this set, the cheapest I hear is at Best Buy $42.99 before taxes. The Habs boutique charges over $50.00!
    Just curious what bonus features are in the set, if there are any.
    Everybody knows how I feel about this set.

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  24. twocents says:

    I think, since we are winning, Carbo should have kept things they way they were a while longer. Keeping Higgins with Lang presents our opponents with a more balanced attack than does having Lats on Lang’s line. I also think that Higgins has come to depend too much on Koivu and could use the challenge of having to adjust his game to a new centre, again especially since we are winning. Having said all that I suspect Higgins will get a boost from the move and that line will be very effective. I just think we could learn more about our team and certain players the other way and that the change could have easily come later if things didn’t mesh. Ultimately, we are a better balanced, more resilient team and a tougher opponent if our weapons are more spread out.

  25. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Koivu is playing great this year…and Tanguay is a big part of the reason.
    Do you agree that Higgs should stay with that line?

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

  26. twocents says:

    I am glad, I remember you predicting he was going to be a bust back before the season started. I am really happy that Koivu finally has a linemate that brings a high level of all around offensive skill, something that few of his past linemates have possessed.

  27. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Absolutely, I haven’t made a bad comment about him…only praise. He hits, goes to the net and has a knack for finding the back of it, in a way he’s what you’d get by fusing Higs and Koivu.

    as for the Pre-season, his linemates were rubbish, zero chemistry, Carb did well with pairing him with Mr.K…and it may get better with Higs. I prefer Lats with Lang.

    1. The work of BGL will be key to our success this season…
    2. The Bell Centre should be rebuilt to hold 80,000…
    3. Kovalev is now in his prime…

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