Audio: Halak is NHL’s 1st star of the week

AUDIO: Jacques Martin | Jaro Halak | Brian Gionta | Hal Gill | Josh Gorges

Goalie Jaroslav Halak has been named the NHL’s first star of the week. Halak had back-to-back shutouts Friday in Philadelphia (35 saves) and Saturday in Montreal vs. Buffalo (29) saves to earn the honour. Second star? Former Canadiens captain Saku Koivu of the Anaheim Ducks; third star is Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask.

It is Halak’s second first-star selection this season.

Defenceman Jaroslav Spacek made today’s flight to Long Island, having missed the past two games with a virus. Spacek is back on practice ice in Brossard this morning. That doesn’t mean Spacek is sure to play tomorrow, with head coach Jacques Martin saying further evaluation will be made on game day.

The Habs can clinch a playoff berth tomorrow. One more Canadiens win and one more New York Rangers loss – the Rangers are in Buffalo on Tuesday – puts Montreal in the postseason. There’s more arithmetic at work; we’re putting it into our blender and will try to spell it all out.

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  1. Say Ash says:

    for third-line money, sure

  2. habs4ever2894 says:

    yupp he’s on a 1yr deal …. i doubt we will sign him though , he’s been very good for Anaheim and he will probably get a contract extension. Plus i doubt he would want to come back here instead of living the good life in cali, however maybe if we cant get pleks back we can go after him.

  3. ed lopaz says:

    patrick roy was NOT RUN OUT OF TOWN.

    Most fans ADORED patrick roy. and for good reason – he was one of top 5 goalies in the world EVER.

    he had a conflict with his coach, mario tremblay, and GM rejean Houle.

    The GM decided that the conflict between Roy and Temblay was too great to be resolved.

    The GM, Houle, decided to trade Roy.

    That’s the way it went down.


  4. Say Ash says:

    The team’s performance should always come first. Development is what Hamilton is for, and that’s probably where Price should have spent a good deal longer than he did. Not sure why there was such urgency to trade Huet at the deadline. Of course, all this is hindsight…

  5. linp says:

    You earn my respect. Just hope that more french canadians are as objective as you.

  6. SPATS says:

    Is Koivu on a 1 yr contract in Anaheim? Can we get him back if he’s available please?

  7. Daard says:

    What more could they do for him?


    Simple…Trade him out of here, and preferably sooner, rather than later. Trade him to a decent organization that is capable of developing young talent.

    And wasn’t the coming into camp overweight thing last season?


  8. I_SAY_FIGHT says:

    so one year he lost 20 pounds going into training camp the next he gained. i remember him better as the fat goalie when he had 2 shutouts as a rookie in the playoffs… or maybe he gained 20 pounds in muscle.
    i would like to read this article if you could provide it.  

  9. The Beer Guy says:



    You’re going to love my nuts!

  10. Say Ash says:

    Attendance: 2,768. Is that right? Seems low.

  11. adam76 says:

    I’m so sick of this argument. How is price not getting a fair shake?  Is it because some fans boo him?  He comes to training camp 20 pounds over weight, nothing is said.  He gets start after start and fails to win, even after Halak carries this team.  How many more chances should this guy get?  


    This franchise has bent over backwards for the kid – to the point they jeopardized our post-season chances.  What more can they do for him? 

  12. Joe_Habs says:

    Good Job Jaro! I love both our goalies, but I think we need to ride Jaro going in here, there’s no room to think of Careys pride or development right now, the teams performance must come first. <—My Blog, new post on playoff Match-ups. Feel free to comment, let me know what you think!

  13. JD_ says:

    You are so intent on making a point, you’re being driven to absurdity. Get serious. The fans had nothing to do with it.

  14. Habscore says:

    It’s probably a good thing…a sign of Timo becoming more optimistic with the Habs :)

  15. Mr.Hazard says:

    Last time I checked, Komisarek was playing for the Leafs.

    Just saying…

    “love cannot drown truth, Nefertiti”

  16. C-Dawg says:

    …and somehow, there are geniuses here at HI/O that blame that on Price too.

  17. christophor says:

    sure there’s such thing as luck. 

    do i really have to explain?

  18. TOEmastro says:

    Timo: The most infamous fan on the H I/O blog!

  19. Matt_in_TO says:

    Congrats to Jaro.  Nice to see Saku with the second star as well.



    - Guy Boucher for head coach

  20. adam76 says:


  21. C-Dawg says:

    I am one who has posted I expect Price to have a long sucessful career, but not in Montreal. I never said I didn’t want it to be in Montreal, but I would be very surprised to see Price stay after the way he’s been treated by Montreal media and the Bell Center fans. I expect him to agree to a contract that will keep him here til he can be an UFA, and then bolt, and I wouldn’t blame him.

    I would love to see the Bell Center fans and the local media embrace him, but history isn’t on Price’s side…..look at the list of names the geniuses have run out of town, starting with Roy. We have given away more talent over the past 20 years than any other team.

  22. adam76 says:

    How many games did Halak start after a loss? 

  23. Daard says:

    It’s not a matter of not wanting him to succeed here. In my case, I’d like nothing better than to see him go on to win the Vezina wearing a Habs jersey.

    But, I highly doubt that the frnachise, the fans, or our ever-lovin’ ever-lastin’ medi will ever give him a chance to properly develop here. For the rest of his career in Montreal, no matter how long that may be, he’s never going to be cut some slack. As soon as he doesn’t play stellar hockey every single game, he’s going to get booed again and again.

    So, as my opinion is concerned, I’d rather see him go and succeed on a massive scale someplace else; sooner than crap and scrape every inch of the road, fighting for a bit of respect in this toilet of a hockey town.

    Plainly stated, I’d rather see him play and win for even the Leafs than end up another Patrice Brisebois here.


  24. Matt_in_TO says:

    You got some pent up criticism you’re looking at unleashing??


    - Guy Boucher for head coach

  25. Chris says:

    All of the things you state are absolutely true.  But it was still, even with all those things, a situation that could have been resolved with Patrick Roy staying in Montreal if Rejean Houle had made the difficult decision to fire Mario Tremblay after watching Tremblay and Roy’s dirty laundary be aired so very publically.  Various Habs legends, from Henri Richard to Dickie Moore to Jean Beliveau, all of whom Patrick Roy adored, could have stepped in and helped calm the fires.

    But that situation required that the fans did not mock Patrick Roy.  It was bad enough that he was humiliated by his coach…bad enough for him to demand a trade.  But the gasoline on the fire of that night was the crowd.

    Was he run out of town by the fans?  No.

    Were the fans the main reason he left?  No…not even remotely close.

    Did the fans have “nothing to do” with Roy leaving town?  No…that is the assertion that I find completely absurd.  The fan reaction that night, for better or worse, DID play a role in how the situation played out.  It enflamed Patrick Roy’s wounded pride, it hardened Mario Tremblay’s resolve and it put a very nice but completely out of his element Rejean Houle in an untenable situation of having absolutely ZERO choice but to trade Patrick Roy as quickly as possible.

  26. adam76 says:

    Montreal is a unique hockey environment.  Many players are not menatally strong enough, and don’t have the off ice discipline to survive in Montreal.  Look at Latendress – he increased is offensive output five time over with the Wild.  He would never have those numbers in Montreal.

    Not everyone is strong enough to handle the pressure of Montreal.  

  27. Jordio-oh says:

    Yes, definitely.

  28. Chuck says:

    Then when Carey takes back the starters role next season, I expect that you won’t characterize it as “lucky”.  ;)


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  29. Ronan G says:


    being french canadian, I am used to listening to french people’s constant judgemental upbringings and will blame it on that. It’s like french people love pointing out faults on others so they can continue on merrily in their own egos. I am proud to be french, but this is why people make fun of the french. CAUSE WE CAN BE PIG HEADED.

    “The NHL was going to test the Stanley Cup for lysteria, but then they realized it hasn’t touch a Maple Leaf product in over 42 years!”

  30. ed lopaz says:

    I believe that MOST habs fans agree with you entirely.

    Most fans were also saying all along that goaltending was NOT the issue on this team.

    Most fans would be happy for Price to play (or Halak) as long as the team wins.

    Most Habs fans are good fans!!

    I have been a Habs fan since 1979

    1986, and 1993 – were unbelievable.

    Montreal is the best hockey town in the world, and habs fans all over the world, are the best fans!!


  31. Chris says:

    Look, the Habs had two choices that could have resolved that long-simmering situation:  fire Mario Tremblay or trade Patrick Roy.

    After December 2, 1995, the Habs had one choice:  trade Patrick Roy.  There is no way in this world that the single biggest ego-maniac to play in the NHL in the 25+ years I’ve watched hockey was staying in Montreal after the crowd serenaded him with mock cheers on those long saves in the second period.  That was all she wrote for Roy.

    So yes, the fans emphatically did have something to do with it.  Did they run him out of town?  No.  But they sure as heck burned the bridge making it all but impossible for Rejean Houle to do anything but trade Patrick Roy for 50 cents on the dollar.

  32. Say Ash says:

    Put them in a frame next to your Expos 1981 World Series tickets – or maybe that’s just me…

  33. Chuck says:

    Halak started the season as the backup (though not in JM’s mind), started the 3rd game of the season, has 40 starts, and will be given the starter’s role in the playoffs.

    That’s not exactly what I call “lack of support” when your backup goalie to start the year is given those number of chances to shine.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  34. Ronan G says:

    I’m 100% in the Halak is our starter state of mind. Halak is the better goalie as of right now, to what the future holds, who the hell knows. (Never would have thought the Coyotes would be where they are right now) Anybody would have mental issues playing in a city where your the games 3rd star and you get booed. (Absolutely insane, and to have the coach not back you up in the media is absurd) We can’t have Halak being a Luongo playing every game in net just to have him burnt out for the most important time of the year. Welcome to the New NHL. You need 2 good goalies. Guess what we have 2 great goalies. This team just lacks a solidified D-unit. We are slow and get burnt by fast players. Price is our future whether everyone likes it or not. But right now it all depends on Carey Price. Would he want to re-sign with us knowing you guys are all schyzophrenic and change your favorite players like you change your underwear.

    “The NHL was going to test the Stanley Cup for lysteria, but then they realized it hasn’t touch a Maple Leaf product in over 42 years!”

  35. adam76 says:

    wut?  Why would Price slap me with money?  Can I keep the money he hits me with?  

  36. Chuck says:

    I keep seeing this kind of thing posted over and over again:

    “Price is going to have an awesome career, just not in Montreal.” “The kid is going to be a superstar; just not in Montreal.” “Carey’s got the tools to be a thoroughbread, but it won’t be in Montreal.” “He’s probably win a Stanley Cup one day, but it won’t be with Montreal.”

    So let me ask you this: If you think that he’s going to have a long, awesome career as a superstar goalie who will probably win a Stanley Cup, WHY THE HELL WOULDN’T YOU WANT HIM TO DO IT IN MONTREAL?!”



    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  37. adam76 says:

    Congrats to Halak.  26-12-3, a .927 save percentage, a 2.31 goals-against average.  Amazing numbers.  I honestly believe that if Martin had started you in10 to 15  more games, we would be in 4th place with home ice advantage.

    You earned your success – it was not easy but you got the job done in spite of lack of support from this franchise.  

  38. matraque says:

    Last time i checked, he’s playing for the Ducks.


    Komisarek: 0 – 4 – 4 (-9)

  39. Jordio-oh says:

    It is incomprehensible how many of you fools don’t understand that its totally fine to favor Halak without having to go the extra lengths to hate on Carey. You like Halak? Great. You think he’s the better goalie and will always be that way? Excellent. But is it necessary to publicly display hate ( or jealousy) for a young kid who, despite what most of you think, is working in practice and playing well in his most recent games?

    If Carey ever gets traded, or if he chooses not to resign with us because of how he’s treated, i hope he comes back in 5 years and slaps all of you in the face with a huge stack of money while you are at home working on your gardens or sitting in your cubicles at work unhappy with how you’re living your life.

    I love halak, but I don’t hate Price (amazing concept right???) And i certainly don’t use a made up user name and icon to shred on him because he makes more money than i ever will and i don’t think he’s ‘earned’ what he’s achieved thus far in his career.  


  40. Danno says:

    Good read. Thanks Shublips.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  41. skoalbandit33 says:


    well, hopefully its habs/ sabers round one, and habs in 7

  42. Habscore says:

    Very proud of him! He deserves every single mention he got.
    He makes me very proud to be a Habs fan.

  43. adam76 says:

    Luck is how losers justify defeat.  No such thing as luck.  

  44. Chuck says:

    They turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight.

    Actually, you’d have your money refunded to you.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  45. Danno says:




    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  46. matmacat says:

    If Ovechkin played here, he would love all the attention. Some people have what it takes to be celebrities, others can’t handle it. This goes for role players as much as it does star players.

  47. joeybarrie says:

    There is only room for 1 player in the goals. Your guy is the best. Every game Price played Halak would have done better, and vice versa. Its so stupid.

    Price will have to win the #1 back from Halak. Or one of them will be traded. This is a good thing. Price has done well this season. He has had some bad luck and some mental issues, mostly external issues. Brought on by unrealistic expectations. But he is young, and so is Halak. This is great for both of them. Price just has to learn how to deal with it, and play. He will be GREAT. Halak has looked great. If this is as good as he gets, then I will be happy next season. But trust me.  Price will be incredible. And I just hope it is in a Habs jersey. Either way, the fans have nothing to do with it. So why are we so obsessed? Because we have nothing else. Its sad.

    Halak is winning. We are playing Halak. If it doesnt work out, only a fool would not want to have Price there. But then again we are pretty foolish in Montreal. Roy has 9 goals scored on him in 1 game, and we send him to win 2 Stanley Cups in Colorado with the Nordiques 2.0…  That was awesome….

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  48. Ronan G says:

    There is an auto-refund.


    “The NHL was going to test the Stanley Cup for lysteria, but then they realized it hasn’t touch a Maple Leaf product in over 42 years!”

  49. Chuck says:



    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  50. skoalbandit33 says:

    hey guys, i just bought tickets to game 7 in buffalo. If there is no need for a 7, what happens to the tickets?

  51. Chuck says:

    If they’re going to make the playoffs, then Carey needs the final game or two to get some minutes under his belt in case he’s needed during the postseason.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

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