Audio: Habs react after elimination

Audio from the Canadiens dressing room after tonight’s Game 5 elimination at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers, who go on to face the Chicago Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup.

Michael Cammalleri | Scott Gomez | Jaro Halak 1 and 2 | Josh Gorges | P.K. Subban 1 and 2

The Habs will meet the media in Brossard at around noon Tuesday.

GM Pierre Gauthier is expected to provide his postmortem late afternoon, also in Brossard.

Jacques Martin’s comments are below; couldn’t get back to the media room to record them, so here’s the transcript courtesy of the NHL:

Q.         With all the rallying you
guys had to do in the first two rounds, did you guys just run out of gas at
this point?

COACH MARTIN: Well, I don’t know if we ran out of gas. I think I give
credit to the Flyers. They had a good Series. They played well
defensively. They’ve got some people back; I think that helped
them. You know, I think we battled hard, but we just weren’t able to score
enough goals.

Q. The power play was a big problem in this Series. I mean, you had a
hard time scoring goals on the power play?

COACH MARTIN: (Answered in French).

Q. You came out strong the first period taking the lead. What do you
think the turning point of the game was?

COACH MARTIN: Well, probably a couple of breakdowns. I thought we
came out real strong with some good opportunities in the first period. You
know, their shorthanded goals got them back in the game.

In the second period, we came out hard again, and spent some time in their
zone. A couple of mental lapse or mistakes, and they were able to
capitalize. They’ve got people that can capitalize.

Q. How much do you think Carter and Laperriere changed the momentum of the
Series after they returned?

COACH MARTIN: It helped. You get two players, especially an
individual like Carter who is a premier player. But, they played
well. I give them credit.

But at the same time, I think we just didn’t score enough. That was the
difference; and the special teams were the difference in the game.

Q. Did you need ?? when you talked about you didn’t score enough
goals ?? did you need more presence in front of the net? Was that
something that you were looking for that you didn’t get in the Series to help
create some of those goals you were talking about?

COACH MARTIN: Well, there was a presence in front of the net. I don’t
know, I just think that we didn’t ?? the Game 1, we didn’t play
well. But I thought Game 2, first period we came out. Their goalie
made some good saves, and then Game 2 as our game. We just didn’t finish;
we had some good opportunities and we didn’t finish.





  1. aemarchand11 says:

    Helluva Season boys.

    Next is my favorite part of the season(other then actual hockey).. Draft and July1. Much can change, i expect changes to our forward group, see AK46 and SK74.

    -Halak it alot because the Price is right-

  2. Caballero says:

    I’m gonna miss watching Habs hockey! But somehow it feels like summer officially now. I guess it’s postmortem time.

  3. c.robillard says:

    I had a great time watching these playoffs. Being 23 years old, this
    is the first time I’ve ever seen the Habs go that deep into the
    playoffs. I love May hockey in Montreal, and I hope this is the
    beginning of many May-games to come.

    That being said, I hope
    we have an active summer in terms of finding the right players to
    compliment and round out our established core of Gionta, Gomez,
    Cammalleri, Moen, Moore, Lapierre, Gorges, Subban, O’Byrne, Spacek,
    Gill, Pyatt, Halak and Price.

    I left out Markov on that list because
    he would be a great asset on the trading block. As much as I think
    Markov is an outstanding defenseman, it’s possible that he is
    injury-prone. Also, the Habs have proven that they can win without
    Markov (albeit with horrendous powerplay numbers), so maybe his status
    as a core-member could be questioned. I think any team looking for a
    D-man would salivate at the option of acquiring a guy like Markov.

    think the Habs should part ways with Plekanec because he will ask for
    and might recieve upwards of 5 million. Trading away both Kostitsyn’s
    is a no brainer. Metropolit and Bergeron can test the waters of
    free-agency. Trading Hamrlik would be a feat to witness. Also I hope we re-sign Moore and Lapierre

    Anyway, lots of time til October.
    Thanks Habs for a great post-season.

  4. FSUPhi1584 says:

    I just turned 24 a month ago so I feel the same way. Markov, Spacek, and Hamrlik all have No-trade clauses. I think Hamrlik’s is decently flexible though, and it expires in February.

    I would like to see the Habs go after three players: A big tough winger that can park himself in front of the net on the PP, a center that can play on the third or fourth line that wins a high percentage of faceoffs and has good size, and a D man that has a hard RH shot.

    Tomas Holmstrom and Robert Lang are two forwards I have in mind. Lang could play minimal minutes on the third or fourth lines and on the PP at C, moving Pleks to the wing. Both player are over 35, so we could give them bonus laden contract, with a low salary cap hit. We could also give them one of those long, front-loaded contracts that goes well into retirement.

    Kurtis Foster comes to mind as the D man we should pursue. All of the above players are UFA

  5. Captain aHab says:


    Welcome to Drupal Hell ;-D. I have been given a Joomla site to manage and it is just as bad. These CMS have more conflicts than the Middle East.

  6. ooder says:




    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  7. SLONCOLD says:

    well they said hard ware failure….so basically assuming that is true they’re dealing with a crappy hosting provider/solution. Looks like they aren’t using a virtulization enivonment with redundancy and tape back ups lol. site link this should be able to get back up in 4 hours not 3-4 days if you hit a hardware failure…

    open source cms… you get what u pay for sometimes lol

  8. G-Man says:

    At long bleeping last.

    So, who’s to be let go or traded and why?

  9. pmaraw says:

    I’ve heard a couple things 1 is that they’re considering letting halak go and keeping price??? and 2, they might not go after pleks in hopes of getting kovalchuk

  10. G-Man says:

    To answer my own question:

    Mara, Metro and perhaps Moore are gone.

    Hamrlik may be dealt, but for 5.5mil I think he will still be here by season’s end. No one wants his contract.

    Pleks is a tough call. Do you pay $5 mil for a 2nd line center who plays the PK and scores maybe 70pts?

    Price and the K bros will be traded on draft day to some daft GM out west.

    Barring Pleks re-opting for Montreal, I think the Habs will make a play for Marleau.


  11. bigjames says:

    it was bad enough that our team got eliminated. but then when the site got tanked, i was so lost. went from hope and glory to lost and befuddled. and i live in hong kong so it is not like i am surrounded by habs news. rds on line helped a bit. but still. welcome back. still stung bad but dealing.

    big james

  12. G-Man says:

    There, there, all is back to normal now. (head being patted)

    Know the feeling. Tough week for Hab fans, no matter where they reside.

  13. pmaraw says:

    i was hoping for a forums upgrade, but it seems faster at least, hey guys!!!  long time no see LOL

  14. G-Man says:

    Having so-called talented Russians whose inKOnsistency has driven me round the bend, I for one only want the ones that will do anything to win. I’m tired of watching the Kos of the world garner big bucks and deliver steaming turds on the ice. Kovalev, Kavalchuk and both Kostitsyns (Belo, yes, but still Russian) can go play in the KHL for all I care.

  15. jrshabs1 says:

    I really hope that they dont attempt to go after  Kovalchuk more Russians or Bellarussians. Soft and lazy no team concept. They are not worth the small glimpses of brillance that they show in November. The Canadiens need a line up of big strong passionate kids from North America who only want to make Mom and Dad proud. During this cup run it was the North Americans who showed the heart and passion the Euro’s not so much. Halak is a whole other story..keep that guy for sure!

  16. RFQ says:

    Best HABS or any Canadian team have played in years…addition of Cammalleri was brilliant.  Took out the two best.

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