Audio: Habs react after elimination

Audio from the Canadiens dressing room after tonight’s Game 5 elimination at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers, who go on to face the Chicago Blackhawks for the Stanley Cup.

Michael Cammalleri | Scott Gomez | Jaro Halak 1 and 2 | Josh Gorges | P.K. Subban 1 and 2

The Habs will meet the media in Brossard at around noon Tuesday.

GM Pierre Gauthier is expected to provide his postmortem late afternoon, also in Brossard.

Jacques Martin’s comments are below; couldn’t get back to the media room to record them, so here’s the transcript courtesy of the NHL:

Q.         With all the rallying you
guys had to do in the first two rounds, did you guys just run out of gas at
this point?

COACH MARTIN: Well, I don’t know if we ran out of gas. I think I give
credit to the Flyers. They had a good Series. They played well
defensively. They’ve got some people back; I think that helped
them. You know, I think we battled hard, but we just weren’t able to score
enough goals.

Q. The power play was a big problem in this Series. I mean, you had a
hard time scoring goals on the power play?

COACH MARTIN: (Answered in French).

Q. You came out strong the first period taking the lead. What do you
think the turning point of the game was?

COACH MARTIN: Well, probably a couple of breakdowns. I thought we
came out real strong with some good opportunities in the first period. You
know, their shorthanded goals got them back in the game.

In the second period, we came out hard again, and spent some time in their
zone. A couple of mental lapse or mistakes, and they were able to
capitalize. They’ve got people that can capitalize.

Q. How much do you think Carter and Laperriere changed the momentum of the
Series after they returned?

COACH MARTIN: It helped. You get two players, especially an
individual like Carter who is a premier player. But, they played
well. I give them credit.

But at the same time, I think we just didn’t score enough. That was the
difference; and the special teams were the difference in the game.

Q. Did you need ?? when you talked about you didn’t score enough
goals ?? did you need more presence in front of the net? Was that
something that you were looking for that you didn’t get in the Series to help
create some of those goals you were talking about?

COACH MARTIN: Well, there was a presence in front of the net. I don’t
know, I just think that we didn’t ?? the Game 1, we didn’t play
well. But I thought Game 2, first period we came out. Their goalie
made some good saves, and then Game 2 as our game. We just didn’t finish;
we had some good opportunities and we didn’t finish.




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