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A whole lot of alliteration to say that Canadiens head coach Jacques Martin will put his faith tonight in goalie Jaroslav Halak.

The Canadiens need a win to force Game 6 back in Montreal on Monday. If Halak and the team don’t succeed, they should be back at the Bell Sports Complex on Monday, not to practice but to clean out their lockers.

Don’t believe the wildfire rumours that defenceman P.K. Subban is being recalled from the Hamilton Bulldogs for tonight’s game.

(Personally, I think Jacques Martin should tonight follow late coach Toe Blake’s strategy employed during the 1966 All-Star Game at the Forum between the Canadiens and NHL stars. Toe rotated goalies Gump Worsley and Charlie Hodge every five minutes. Gump must have been thrilled by that… Habs lost 5-2 and Gordie Howe scored a shorthanded goal for the winners.)


  1. joeybarrie says:

    Its the Canadiens fault for letting that info able to get out into the public. But what can you do. Your in DC and everyone has Cup fever…….  I remember last year when Mexico lost to El-Salvador in world cup qual. The game was in El-Salvador, and the fans went out and had a HUGE party the night before the game, banging on drums and playing LOUD LOUD music ALL NIGHT. Pulling fire alarms, and making havoc, so the team couldnt sleep.  To me the mistake was in the organization of the accomodations. It was known that this would probably happen, so why not stay at a hotel IN Mexico near the border and fly in on game day. Not a long flight. but, either way……FUNNY, just not if your a Habs fan…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  2. jimmy shaker says:

    Dandy would come back for free if they would give him a job.  He loved it here, wanted to stay here and even turned down the cubs who offered him a contract.  Dandy would be a huge improvement from Hammer, spacek, Gill, Gorges and O’byrne.  So I could see Dandy and MAB staying here for 1.5 combined or less.  Dandy paired with MAB would be good for MAB and his braincramps because Dandy is incredibly fast and physical.  I think it would work!   But Dandy is my favorite player so I’m a little biased on him as well.  So that makes me president of MAB’s, Jaro’s and Dandy’s fan club.  That’s a lot of work!


  3. Laramy87 says:

    haha at least price can laugh about it and then hang up…

  4. smiler2729 says:

    The last time the Habs had a goalie with his kind of mojo, he won two Cups and then after an awful game vs. Detroit, the fans gave it to him, his coach screwed him and the idiot GM swapped him (and our captain!) for some guy named Rucinsky, a dud named Kovalenko and some scared little goalie named Jocelyn…

    Let’s NOT do that again.

  5. avatar_58 says:

    People it makes no DIFFERENCE who’s in net. Goals. Defence. That’s what we need.

  6. notbigbird says:

    He did well with the U18’s by all reports.

  7. Corio says:


  8. joeybarrie says:

    BUT NOT TO MY TEAM. I hate being on the other end now….. I hate that all of a sudden because they are good, everyone is all about Hockey and how great DC is. 

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  9. Laramy87 says:

    I hate when that happens to your team. But there is a radio show in Toronto that does it too, and i have to admit it was funny. They did it to flyers players and it was jokes. And this year during the world juniors, they called at 6:30 am Toronto time so it was earlier in Saskatoon and called the American players… It was funny….

    But like i said its not cool when its done to your players lol… for that lets beat them

  10. ShangaDoo says:

    Sorry, it wasn’t an actual “story”, (got ahead of myself there) but if you scroll down to the comments section, you’ll see someone commented on it with detail…

  11. Storm Man says:

    I guess you flet the same way about Roy also, Its time to turn the page on this sillyness it’s like a TMZ show on here sometime OMG I saw Price having some drinks and having a goodtime what a donkey. unreal this fanbase will run PK out of town in no time…..

  12. wmarcello says:

    Wow. I thought you were joking last time you posted about Dandy and MAB being part of our D corps next year. I can’t believe you were serious. MAB will be gone next year, no doubt in my mind. He’s simply not consistent or good enough on D to warrant being a regular D-man. Montreal doesn’t need a specialist that they will regularly have to hide on the 4th line. I’d rather keep Spacek, move him to the left side and pair him with OB.

  13. joeybarrie says:

    I would like a link or to know where the story was too.

    Not a sports show, Here in DC its called the Eliott in the Morning show. He is a Canadian DJ who grew up in Houston and LOVES HOCKEY. So because he has been here so long he plays like he LOVES the Caps. He probably does, but you never know.

    He is a Shock DJ kinda like Howard Stern. Been fined a few times for his bits and so forth. Its pretty entertaining. i like it, EXCEPT WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT HOW AWESOME THE CAPS ARE, and how Ove is the best player ever and all that crap.

    3 years ago here, you would NEVER hear a thing about hockey, and no one cared AT ALL about the Caps. Half the arena was empty for most games. Finicky crown here, based on popularity. I HATE THAT. Kinda like when USA beat Canada in the first game of the Olympics…. All of a sudden EVERYONE around was all about Olympic Hockey. Now, NOTHING again…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  14. Storm Man says:

    I just want JM gone I dont care where he goes or how, What kind of fool does not give the C to someone in a whole year? This guy should headline the just for laughs festival.

  15. GoalieT says:

    Martin is stupid. And I sincerely hope that that comment blows up in my face. I have my doubts that this is a great move.

    Time will tell. But I hope I’m wrong.

    Ultimate Die-Hard Since 1986. T.

  16. Bill J says:

    Shaker!!!! I’ve been waiting for you lol

    I want your opinion as Co-President (along with Timo) of the MAB Fan Club.


    What did you think of MAB standing in front of Carey along with a few of his teammates all looking at Chimera with a stunned look in their eyes between them and Price scoring the 4th goal ?

    I found myself yelling like a madman at MAB “WTF ARE YOU DOING – HIT THE GUY!!!!!”


  17. Ian Cobb says:

    Ottawa played a great game against the Stanley cup champs. And the best team won the game. I was pulling for the Pens. Dislike Spezza intently, but love Fisher and Alfredson.

  18. AndyF says:

    Prefer the bilingual version:  “Abs Opes Inged Hon Alak” 


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    for You and Your Bike

  19. joeybarrie says:


    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  20. Habs1st says:

    I gotta say, I think its a mistake going back to Halak.  Hopefully I’m wrong, hopefully he will play like he did for most of the regular season – after the back to back shutouts during the 2nd last weekend of the season, he was sub-par.  The last week of the season and the playoffs, he has not been spectacular.  Even the first game, the whole team outplayed Washington, so Halak did not have to be spectacular.  Personally, I think the pressure (to make the playoffs) got to him at the end of the season and carried over into the playoffs. 

    Like I said, hopefully I’m wrong and hopefully Halak stones the Caps tonight, but sadly I don’t think that’s gonna happen.  Oh, and hopefully the team as a whole plays better!

  21. Bill J says:

    Both tender sides have their own “logic” for why either goalie should play.

    I am a Price supporter, I want him to stay here LONG term.

    However – I am also a Habs fan first & foremost, and for now that means Jaro is the #1.

    Price & Jaro should never have been put into this situation (in hindsight)

    two young goalies in the Montreal hot bed of hockey.  Just craziness that I hope never repeats itself in Montreal.

    One of them needed a mentor who was at least 5-10 years older and more experienced.


    However…. Halak deserves the start, not because Price played badly….  Not even because he showed emotion in that last game.

    Just because Halak earned the #1 spot by the end of the season.

    Last 2 years Price stole the show, and was “the go-to guy” in the playoffs.  This season was Halak’s turn.

  22. Laramy87 says:

    They played thier best and were in the lead… the only reason why the score wasn’t higher is beucase varlamov had horse shoes up his ass…. Then came a bonehead move by hammmer and in the 3rd we came out flat… if they played the same way in the 3rd as 1st and 2nd, this series is tied tonight

  23. joeybarrie says:

    The HALAK plays better than Price in BIG games theory is flawed. Halak has taken 37 points this seaon in 24 games against teams that are NOT in the playoffs. Price has taken 14 points in 14 games. In Playoff team Price has taken 19 points, and Halak has taken 20 points.

    Plus Halak has had the benefit of playing MORE games with a more complete team, and at least most WITH Markov. I dont agree the roles should have switched. It was win and your in, and then it changed……. So if it changed it should go both ways.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  24. Say Ash says:

    Meanwhile, in New Jersey:

    “The Devils were booed in the second and third periods and heard chants of ‘Let’s Go Flyers’ echo through their building on Thursday.”

  25. jimmy shaker says:

    Are people really crying on here about the goalies.  If so, you guys are no better than our hallowed leader JM.  If Hammer is the “Monster” again tonight and plays his regular part as the TSN turning point then we are done no matter who’s in net.  IF, we don’t capitalize on Varly when we have our chances , it won’t matter, and if Moen and the rest of the 3rd or 4th line guys don’t add anything at all like a goal, an energy shift, a big hit, a solid defensive play, sustained cycle in the offensive zone etc, then we’re screwed again.  So, lay off the goalies.  You go down with your best, and JM feels that Jaro has been his best this year.  I liked the Carey angle, but again, it didn’t change things and it’s no fault of Carey’s for sure.  So here’s hoping Hammer comes down with salmonella poisoning and he can’t go…..ah what the hell, JM as well.


  26. habs4cup says:

    can we please just forfeit the game!

  27. lenny says:

    doesnt matter if they are both in nets at the same time. they just arent that good (not the goalies, the team itself)….there are only a couiple of guys that show up every game but more that dont.

  28. joeybarrie says:

    You make a point. I dont agree with the idea, you are right, so I see what you are saying. Regardless of Assuming Price to be our future goalie, thats not a decision for JM, thats a PG decision. So JM’s decision are short term. I will say i agree with the poster below in his point of still pushing Halak’s trade value.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  29. Hayward4Price says:

    I think we saw enough of Price during the regular season to know how he plays too.  Earlier in the year Halak was the guy that played just one game…regardless if he won or not, Price would be back in.  The roles have shifted because he earned it.  Halak has played in plenty big games and has done well for himself…not to mention the Olympics.

  30. Habfan29 says:

    Agree 100%!!!!!!!!!!

  31. ed lopaz says:

    Ottawa won the game right?

    isn’t that the point I’m making?

  32. joeybarrie says:

    Whatever man, dont come into my rants with your common sense…….

    Good point. I didn’t think about that.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  33. mike g says:

    Ottawa got hammered last night.

    I watched all of the overtimes, and Pittsburgh outshot and outchanced the Sens by far. Malkin hit the post, and Leclaire stood on his head. The Sens got a few chances here and there, but Pittsburgh was the better team..

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  34. wmarcello says:

    By default the backup goalie will get less chances to shine. JM is not obligated to be completely fair when doling out ice time or starts. Price will just have to suck it up for now.

  35. nick says:

    Price should get the call.

    Didn’t perform any miracles, and neither did Halak.

    Halak got MTL this far, and he got the first 3 starts. In my opinion, Price looked much better in front of the net than Halak. He’ didn’t take any crap from the big forwards, kept people out of his crease. He let a few in yes… but he didn’t look shakey. I’ve noticed Halak has been shakey during this series. I don’t feel comfortable with him out there. My 2 cents.

  36. ed lopaz says:

    your basic premise is flawed, that’s why you do not arrive at Martin’s decision.

    if you start by understanding that many weeks ago halak was winning and winning – 6 game winning streak, 2 consecutive shutouts,

    that’s when martin decided that Halak was HIS #1 goalie and Price would be the back up.

    whether I agree with that, is not my point here.

    when you say “I don’t get it”, its because you are ASSUMING that the 2 goalies should be seen as battling for the #1 spot.

    furthermore, you are ASSUMING “our future goalie” is Price.

    If Martin does not see things the way you do – and he does not – then that is the reason his selecting Halak and you are confused.

  37. habsgirl74 says:

    isn’t that the truth

  38. lenny says:

    The bottom line is this, the Habs jut arent that good. They lost their last 3 games of the season to sub par teams and still managed to back into the playoffs. Last game for the first two periods they played the best they were capable of, and it simply wasnt good enugh. Washington just sat back and when they felt the need to score they did. I dont see anything different next year or the year after…JM is a huge problem, his coaching style does not match his team, and there is little to no leadership in the dressing room. A captain should have been a ppointed but I guess JM doesnt want some one to question him or stand up do his stupid moves he continues to make.

    If the Molson boys were serious about winning, they would have interviewed SEVERAL GM;S, instead we get the same old crap another french guy that has done little…..

    this organization is a joke, it’s not the players it’s the front office staff…..

  39. lenny says:

    The bottom line is this, the Habs jut arent that good. They lost their last 3 games of the season to sub par teams and still managed to back into the playoffs. Last game for the first two periods they played the best they were capable of, and it simply wasnt good enugh. Washington just sat back and when they felt the need to score they did. I dont see anything different next year or the year after…JM is a huge problem, his coaching style does not match his team, and there is little to no leadership in the dressing room. A captain should have been a ppointed but I guess JM doesnt want some one to question him or stand up do his stupid moves he continues to make.

    If the Molson boys were serious about winning, they would have interviewed SEVERAL GM;S, instead we get the same old crap another french guy that has done little…..

    this organization is a joke, it’s not the players it’s the front office staff…..

  40. habbifier says:

    Halak needs as many games as possible in the clutch to prove his worth/increase his value. We had the slimmest chances at the cup of all playoffs teams 1 week ago…even more so today. Price is a long term project.

    Imo, the organization is about 99% sure that Carey is their man of the future. The 1 person doubt rests in the hopes of another GM calling Milbury for advice on an offer for Price. Not going to happen.

  41. ed lopaz says:

    ottawa really showed something last night.

    same situation as us. came up and took a 2-0 lead, only to see the pens tie it and the game went into triple OT.

    but sens prevailed, and now they get a game 6, at home, to tie the series if they can win.

    I think most would agree that we have played well in washington the first 2 games and should have won both games.

    can we win tonight and make this a series?


  42. joeybarrie says:

    Halak had his chance to shine in the last 3 games of the season and the first 3 of the series. He was not good in the last 3 of the season and mediocre in the series. Price has had only 1 chance to be great, and he didnt have a chance on wny of the goals that went it. However by the same token he was not GREAT, nor did he play how we needed him to in order to win. That being said. AGAIN, Halak had his chance. Price should get the call. It makes no sense to me now to go back to Halak. Price didn’t get a chance in any of the 4 games Halak lost at the end and it was only in the middle of the 5th loss than Price got the chance. So why after ONE game do we run back to Halak. I don’t like it. I HAVE SEEN PLENTY FROM HALAK TO MAKE MY MIND UP ABOUT HOW HE PLAYS. He has showed us this year how good he can be and he has showed us how he folds (which wasnt very often, so dont get me wrong). But we have not seen enough from Price. It should be his game. HALAK HAS NOT EARNED THAT START BASED ON HIS PLAY IN HIS LAST FEW GAMES. So in my mind there is NO REASON not to let Price try to get the win.

    Hopefully we are wrong and Price gets the start, but for some reason I doubt it. His play has not been any worse than Halak, if fact his play was decent in the last 4-5 periods we have seen him in. Not enough.

    This is a BIG GAME. Can we win to give the Fans in Montreal another home game???  We are playing for pride, and to say ‘if we are going down, its not gonna be easily’… I for one, want to see what our future goalie can do for us. How can he come up big in a game like this? Last chance to shine, CAN YOU DO IT? Thats what i want to see. I don’t get it.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  43. SuperStarz says:

    …We all knew JM was a bad coach, this just proves it

    Happy Golfing HABS!!!!!!

  44. Laramy87 says:

    Sens outshot pens 11-6 in first ot and should have won it there….  The point is who won, if halak plays like he did in game 1, we have a good chance to come back home

  45. Storm Man says:

    It starts from the top, If the Molson bros want this team as a contender it’s time to clean house, If it’s to make money stay with the same blue print this team has had the past 17 years.

  46. forskis says:

    I was of the opposite mind:  Halak gets Game #4 and if the team loses the game, then Price for Game #5…however, as it has happened at several times this season, when Halak has a shaky stretch, an extra couple of days “off” helps him get back into the scheme of things.  Halak should be A-OK for tonight.

    In any case…GO HABS GO…get 3+ goals tonight, preferably by the end of the second period and help the goalies out please!

    I want a Game #5 win!  We can worry about the rest later.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  47. mike g says:

    Nice to see people complaining about Price showing emotion and having some character…All you guys are doing is spitting out that same garbage that the media says; “He’s immature”, he “needs to grow up”. Listen, just because they’re looking for a story for you guys to bite on, don’t chew it….He’s 22 years old, if they are 60 and don’t understand the position he’s in because they’ve never laced up a pair of skates, well don’t encourage their uneducated suggestions and opinions…

    Think whatever you want about his 1st unsportsman like penality, but it was a BS call. Every single goalie gets mad when he lets in a key goal like that. They also often swap the puck out of the net, whether it be with their glove hand or their sticks. If you watch the replays properly, Price has absolutely no idea as to where the Caps players are celebrating. He’s simply looking in the net, and FLICKS the puck out only to have it touch one of their players…

    Trust me guys, with the puckhandling skills Carey has he could have hit whoever he wanted in that scrum straight in the head. It was a clear accident and wrong call. I’ve seen goalies shoot the puck down the ice in frustration and not get anoything….

    The 2nd one on Backstrom passing by the bench, I didn’t see it. But wtv, at least he tried to get under the skin of their best player. Say whatever you want, Backstrom has been their best player all series. Nobody has tried anything to get him off his game. He’s allowed to do whatever he wants, and the kid is only 21 years old or something. Seriously, something should have been done about him earlier.

    So maybe Carey was pissed that we just let these kids come into our house and do whatever they want. Maybe he was frustrated that the Habs basically gave this series to the Caps on a silver platter last night. Maybe Carey just wants to win more than most of the guys on the team, and he’s doing whatever he thinks will get the Caps off their game….

    Whatever the case is, at least he’s trying. Unlike most of you guys, I’ll take someone who tries over the bunch of guys wearing the CH who have already given up…


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  48. Storm Man says:

    The team did the last two

  49. Habs1st says:

    Very good points, and it was Halak who got us here.  Personally, I think he should have went with Price, but that’s just my opinion.  And as I’ve said before, no matter who’s in goal, they can’t be blamed for the forwards (or D) not scoring!  But of course, based on a lot of comments in here over the season, a lot of things were Price’s fault – the team not scoring, crappy defensive play, etc. (and sometimes, it seemed, it didn’t matter whether he played or not!!!! LOL).

    Go Habs!


  50. anotherhab says:

    I remember Halak standing on his head in the first period of the first game as we got outshot 18-2 or something.  He was spectacular!!!!!!

  51. anotherhab says:

    I have no problem with Halak tonight, he’s refreshed and will come out with a huge game! When was the last time we got a win from Price???  THe scary part of our team tonite will be the pairing of MAB & Hammer — just makes me cringe when I see those two donkeys making asses of themselves!!! Pk should have been called up for last game!

    Love to see a game 6 in Montreal. Go Habs Go!!!!

    “Size Matters Not … Yoda”

  52. joeybarrie says:

    You wouldnt be too popular in Montreal if you did that at 8am on game day.  But, no here in DC. Actually it was pretty funny when he asked Price how many he was going to let in so he could make a bet… But still tasteless, and frustrating to a Habs fan…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  53. jimmy shaker says:

    Huge braincramp that he’s well known for, but again Hammer started that fiasco by not clearing the puck out of the zone, but MAB did add to the chaos for sure.  Moore let Chimera go out of the corner in front of him, and MAB was covering air.  But the writing was already on the wall with Hammer and his 3rd TSN turning point play in as many games, basically handing the caps their 3 wins.  Believe it or not, I’d still take MAB at age 29 and his 750,000 price tag over Hammer’s 36 year old pilonesque frame and his 5.5mill salary, hands down for sure.  Said yesterday that I would buy out Hammer, trade Spacek along with one of our tenders that we aren’t able to sign and have a D lineup of



    Gorges/Gil & O’byrne.

    I know a lot of people wouldn’t go for it, but it would be a very big upgrade to what we have now, and at a big discount as well.  Dandy and MAB would be about 1.5 mill, gorges/gill, marky and o’byrne are already locked up so with the savings from hammer and spacek, we could go after that all important big top 6 forward who are very very common in the NHL.


  54. Bob Barker says:

    That is ridiculous. It was a Montreal radio station?

  55. forskis says:

    What bugs me is that the people complaining about Price showing emotion and character are the same people who complain that he does not show emotion nor character and instead acts like he is too cool or is a prima donna….pick one folks:  show emotion or show no emotion…you cannot complain that he does one and not the other and vice versa.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  56. Bob Barker says:

    Both Halak and Price have 1 W in their last 6 GP. So either goaltending is not the problem, or they’ve been equally bad. That said, hopefully Halak comes up huge tonight. 

  57. Bill J says:

    Not to mention pulling Price a bit too early.

    IE if the 5th goal is not scored on the empty netter, when Moore scores the game is now 4-3

    THEN you pull the goalie, and have a legitimate shot at tying it up.

    JM is a tool.  Roy in hindsight would have done better with this team.

  58. SeriousFan09 says:

    Difference between the Pens and the Capitals?

    If their No. 1 centre has a guy on his wing and sets him up, good chance he’s going to cash in on it. Crosby must have set up Kunitz 10 times last night with decent scoring chances, he couldn’t cash in on one of them.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  59. Hayward4Price says:

    Never said that one is better than the other in big games.  I’m not comparing the two or pitting stats against each other.  The outcome of the game and series will not rest on who is in goal.

  60. joeybarrie says:

    So all I know for sure it this. Carey Price was awake this morning in his hotel room at 8am. Brian Gionta was asleep in his room at the same time. Extremely frustrating to listen to the radio show where they called the players in the hotel room early to see if they could poke some fun at them.

    Price answered and the DJ asked him if he could tell him how many goals he was going to let in tonight so he could make a bet. Price hung up. Gio hung up as soon as he realized he didnt know the person.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  61. Hayward4Price says:

    Normally on board with 99% of your posts but I have to disagree here.  It’s not the media telling me that he is immature.  It’s what I think and feel when I see his reactions to letting in goals.  It’s what I think and feel when seeing how he conducts himself on and off the ice.  It’s what his own coach admitted in a not so direct way when he said Carey has grown a lot this year.

    As for it being unintentional to hit the Caps players, it’s precisely because he is such a good stick handler I am certain that it was intentional but he wanted to make it look unintentional.  The corner boards are not so far off out of his field of vision that he didn’t know they were there.  As a goalie he has got to have excellent peripheral vision to be successful.  He has to be able to see and know what is happening on more of the ice than any other player.

    Anyhow, I don’t mind him being emotional one bit.  I just don’t want him to be typecast as a Ray Emery type so early in his career.  As I said way down below, earn your stripes and then act as crazy as you want.

  62. mb says:

    Do you have the link to the story?

  63. ShangaDoo says:

    Ugh. I was just reading that story. Who does that?

    Was it a sports radio show?

  64. Storm Man says:

    I just got tickets to the just for laughs festival.

  65. Storm Man says:

    I think it was more of Price saying cant wait to be your teammate sooner the better

  66. Bill J says:

    Your prolly right (not many people will go for it)

    But I can live with your P.O.V. on the play.

    Your defensive pairings are somewhat realistic though – maybe not in the players names, but in the sense we will not have as much salary invested on D-Men next season, we simply can not afford it.

    So will likely be some “filler” guys….

    Hey if they play hard & the cap hit is less then 1.5 Mill per player, I can live with that.

  67. Storm Man says:

    Radio shows have been doing it for years to other teams that are in town.

  68. Habs1st says:

    But how many is “as many games as possible”?  The last week of the season were clutch games.  Face it, we basically backed into the playoffs by losing in OT.  We needed two points out of a possible six against three non-playoff teams and that’s all we got – by losing twice, once in a shootout and once in OT!  Halak was amazing the weekend before, with the back to back shutouts.  Since then, I wouldn’t say he has sucked, but he’s definitely been “sub-par”.  Halak was definitely the superior goaltender during the vast majority of the regular season, but he stumbled during the last week of the season and in the playoffs.

    I agree that Price is a long-term project.  Personally, I think he’ll be a great NHL goaltender, hopefully it will be with Montreal.  Who knows, maybe the team is planning to trade Halak and are gambling that he will shine tonight.  If they lose, no big deal, the team wasn’t expected to make it this far anyway.  If they win, on a brilliant performance by Halak, then it just increases his trade value. 

  69. nickster13 says:

    This was the smart move, he was the best goalie down the stretch, and if im Halak, this is what i played for, i played my heart out all year, and deserve to get the start in the pivotal game. It makes too much sense guys, even though Price didnt play bad at all last game, Halak earned the right to start this game all year long

  70. lenny says:

    they could have both of them in nets at the same time, wont matter issue isnt the goalies. it;s the coach and his mismanagement of the team…I like MAB, but he has no business playing as many minutes as he has…just one of too mny examples to get into

  71. matmacat says:

    funny how we used to say the same concerning caps goaltending.

  72. lenny says:

    JM is useless, bring back Carbo

  73. Bob Barker says:

    It’s crazy they’re able to get their numbers. There should be better security for that sort of thing. 

  74. matmacat says:

    Anger is the path of the dark side.

  75. SuperStarz says:

    He’s injured but he was doing fine

  76. Hayward4Price says:

    Depends how you look at it.

    How’s Ray Emery working out in Philly?

  77. SuperStarz says:

    Joey 1, Clay 0

  78. Hayward4Price says:

    Not quite…

  79. nunacanadien says:

    I think letting Price go and getting something of value for him would save us all years of the Price goalie debate.  I mean look at the other teams with crappy goalies, the only difference is Montreal which has one goalie Halak who has proven himself to be reliable over the past couple of years, and Price who has shown he doesn’t have what it takes even though he is only in his early 20’s, makes me wonder if Price has what it takes to be an elite goalie.  Why do we have this goalie debate in Montreal?

    Well when half your team gets mistaken for a CHL prospects team, and the other half are well, mainly CHL prospects, and you have very young goalies, and the whole team is midget sized, of course the only way to win is if your goalies help you win.  This is why Gainey was really hoping Price was the answer.  Turns out Price is not the answer, never will be.

  80. wmarcello says:

    I think Halak starting is the right decision. Price had his chance and at best he was marginally better than Halak.
    Might as well go back with the guy who brought the team into the
    playoffs. Price’s unsportsmanlike conduct last game also didn’t help his

  81. Bill J says:

    Judging by your screen name I am surprised you forget so quickly. (the Hayward mention)

    Roy was a hot head from the day he laced his skates.

    Never improved, was a steady emotion filled guy from the beginning of his career till the day he retired.


  82. likehoy says:

    the only player that showed emotion?

    gomez with a fight + misconduct



    pleks with the opening hit on green

    price being the only player that showed emotion is an understatement that you’re trying to cherry gloss your favoritism with.

    – Habs Romance (Lady Gaga remix)

  83. habsgirl74 says:

    there’s no favortism, i’m sick and tired of both goalies being blasted by so called fans when its not their fault, if the team can’t score goals they won’t win

  84. Bill J says:

    I think the post below mine is true… However.

    as compared to Halak…. YES I agree… Jaro needs to grow a pair…. Because I see nothing wrong with Price showing emotion as the rest of the team has shown.

  85. Hayward4Price says:

    Not one to get into the goalie debate. I think both got huge potential but Price still has a little growing up to do.  He needs to channel the emotion and play with edge instead of reacting out of frustration.  It makes him appear that he is out of control…won’t bode well for him in the future in terms of getting calls go his way.

  86. habsgirl74 says:

    doesn’t anyone remember how much emotion Patrick Roy showed and it didn’t hurt his career

  87. Hayward4Price says:

    I’d say the D-men need to grow 6 pairs…In the days of Robinson, Green, Ludwig, Odelein, etc. players would think twice about taking liberties with our goalies.

  88. adam76 says:

    Yes – maybe next time he can show emotion like a man.

  89. Bill J says:

    I think the best thing to do is not trade either, they are both RFA’s – sign em both.

    This season was a mess from beginning to end.

    I hope Management & Coaching staff are cleaned out, and next season all of us armchair Head Coach’s/GM’s can re-evaluate the goalie situation again lol.

  90. Bill J says:

    Adam, do you believe ALL human beings mature at the same rate ?

    If so…. Sorry your are SADLY mistaken.


    If this is your BIG selling point for dumping Carey, I recommend you find a new one.

  91. Storm Man says:

    Very true but the fans ran him out of town also.

  92. Hayward4Price says:

    Way too soon to make that comparison…earn your stripes, then act as crazy as you want.

  93. Hayward4Price says:

    Dude – I loved the Roy/Hayward tandem back in the day…I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was like having hot and cold faucets on a sink.  A perfect tandem.  Roy needed a mature, capable backup to push him and guide him.  Price has needed that all along hence the screen name.

    I don’t see your point though…I never said Roy was cool as a cucumber.  I think when you show greatness it gives you a little more leeway to act like a nut.  Price has had some sparks of greatness but never consistently, so as soon as he shows he is at or near Roy’s level, do anything you want.  But until then…it just makes him seem like a spoiled brat which I am sure he is not.  Anyhoo, I stopped posting and coming on to the site because of the Price-Halak garbage and now, here we are again! :)

  94. Bill J says:

    Well I think I owe you an apology for one, I miss-read your message.

    WE seem to be on the same page.

    I too loved that tandem.

    I too felt that two young goalies (albeit both talented) in Montreal is a HORRIBLE mistake that should NEVER EVER be repeated.

    a guy like Kolzig who has had great rapport with Carey in the past would have prolly been a GREAT choice (of many others)

    Sorry if I somehow made you feel like you where dragged back into it.  I too have tried to stay away from the picking sides thing. 

    Management however — THAT is an issue I want resolved like ASAP!

  95. Hayward4Price says:

    Ah, no worries.  It’s hard to express oneself in black and white sometimes so it is easy to misuderstand the feeling behind some comments.  Price v. Halak is an endless he said-she said debate that goes around in circles. 

    Management is indeed an issue with the team.  At the time we drafted Price we had Jose at his peak and a farm system chock full of goalies with potential (including Halak)…why add another to the mix?  With pick #5 they could have gone in so many different directions.  Anyhow, they decided Price was the way to go.  No problem, let’s work from there right?  Give him all the tools he will need to succeed.  Failed again.  It is not Halak’s fault for this, he is caught in the cross fire.  I sometimes wonder if Huet would have been that guy…the Hayward-esque big brother to Price.  Split the seasons 45-55 like they used to do with Hayward and Roy for the first few years until Price shows he can take and handle the reigns.  But that ship has sailed too so here we are…turmoil  yet again.

  96. adam76 says:

    I agree that we all do at different rate.  Thats my Point, Prices slow process is a major character flaw.



  97. arcosenate says:

    Well I’ve done the analysis and my numbers show that the Canadiens will need 3.5 miracles to win tonight and 27.7 miracles to win the series. However, should both Price and Halak share the net tonight, and at the same time, those miracle numbers increase to 4.7 and 35.2. Also, should that happen a civil war will break out between and probably among Halak and Price supporters on HabsInsideOut.

  98. Bill J says:

    Post of the day — LMFAO!

  99. likehoy says:

    the way it should be…martin already tried to save us with price and that didn’t work, with our backs against the wall, you go back with who brought you to playoffs out of respect. they have nothing to lose by making this move. it puts faith in halak for contract talks.

    that being said, halak is usually good when his back is up against the wall… see : olympics, urpsurping carey price

    – Habs Romance (Lady Gaga remix)

  100. wmarcello says:

    In reponse to Stubbs’ Twitter:

    “A Subban
    recall would be huge buzz for fans, but P.K. alone wouldn’t be
    difference between win or loss.”

    Not sure I agree with that. In the past few games the Habs have given up truckloads of momentum based on just a bad goal here and there (Hammer and MAB are the obvious offenders). Take away the goals we’ve given the Caps on a silver platter and that could most definitely be the difference between a win and a loss.

    I do somewhat agree with his other Tweet though, saying it would demonstrate a sense of “panic”. I guess it just comes down to whether that panic is worth it if PK would give the Habs a better chance to win.

  101. likehoy says:

    i’m not going for an 11th hour crap.

    if we were to bring in subban, it would have to have been a game ago, now it’s too late. there’s no need to add that pressure on PK.

    – Habs Romance (Lady Gaga remix)

  102. Chris says:

    The Habs have been doing a reasonable job of defending the Capitals throughout the series.  Their problem has come down to the frequent brain cramps (ill-advised pinches, lost coverage, etc.) that almost without fail seem to end up in the Montreal net.

    Bringing up a 20 year old defenceman with a well-deserved reputation for offensive wizardry mixed in with frequent brain cramps in terms of defensive zone coverage doesn’t strike me as the solution.

    I can buy the arguments that some big game experience wouldn’t hurt him and that he might bring some offence to the blue line.  But it would come with a tremendous amount of buzz and perhaps unrealistic expectations that he can help the team turn the series around.

    He’s doing well in Hamilton…let him finish off that run and then we will see what he’s got at the NHL level next year.

  103. Clay4bc says:

    The right move. Show respect to those who deserve it. Halak deserves this. Win or lose, he is the best goalie on this team, and BY FAR the classier of the two.


    Don’t argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

  104. adam76 says:

    He earned it.  

  105. habsgirl74 says:

    classier of the two, oh please, where have you been, Price never complained once when he was sitting and so he got frustrated in the last game, arn’t all the fans frustrated, he’s been the only player to show any kind of emotion and nothing wrong with that, all the other players take stupid penanlties and that doesn’t make them unclassy, Price was not to blame for the loss, if you had been watching you would know that his defencemen were responsible, and Price is the better goalie by far

  106. joeybarrie says:

    By far the classier????  STUPID COMMENT.

    I want my goalie to actually SHOW that he cares about winning. The great one’s do, The mediocre one’s we dont remember because of it. So CLASSIER, don’t be ridiculous.

    BE AS CLASSY AS YOU WANT. Ovechkin scores goals…..Take it like a gentleman and all you got is a NICE LOSER. Gomez, wont take it lying down, Gionta wont take it lying down. These guys are GOOD. REALLY REALLY GOOD, they have experience and SUCCESS… Back to my original argument about this. DO YOU THINK PATRICK ROY WOULD HAVE GONE DOWN SMILING???????  Maybe Frederik Chabot would have. But then again I dont really remember him…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  107. SeriousFan09 says:

    Time to see what we get tonight. This could be our last game of the season, I always said I didn’t mind the Capitals being our opponents because facing off with them, we had a chance at a very exciting series with an up-tempo team, rather than possibly lose in the same amount of games to a Buffalo or Jersey trap that left us comatose.

    Hopefully Halak is in a bounce-back mood for tonight, we’ll need some ace goaltending to make it through the night. Or Varlamov spraining his ankle so Theo has to go back in.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  108. wmarcello says:

    Personally I would just see it as a regular call-up to fill in for an injured Spacek. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  109. likehoy says:

    you see it as a regular call up…but the media, pk, and the fans don’t.

    first on the call up list for me would be weber, he had 2 points in 3 games last playoffs and has a boomer from the point.

    – Habs Romance (Lady Gaga remix)

  110. adam76 says:

    I don’t think he would feel pressure.  I would give him a unique experience that would help him develop as a player.  Then we send him back to win the cup.  I don’t see any negatives for bring him of for one game (especially a road game).

  111. wmarcello says:

    I suppose so. I think if the coaching staff or management sat PK down and explained their expectations (basically that there were none), a lot of pressure could be taken off of him and he could see it as just a regular call-up, especially since the game’s not at home. There would no hope for the media and fans though, I agree.

  112. likehoy says:

    i feel it would break his mental aspect and commitment to the bulldogs. the dogs play the same nights as we do, so his team is up 3-1 and we’re taking him away from a chance to be with his team and closing out the series.

    can PK maintain focus once he’s returned to the bulldogs? will he play at the same level of commitment?

    i think it’s WAY more important for PK to learn to win in the AHL than to learn to lose in the NHL. are our needs tonight greater than subban’s needs as a player?

    I personally would not want to break him out of any rhythm, routine, and focus he has in hamilton. He has a chance to win down there and I wouldnt’ risk taking that away from him (given his 2 goals and overtime winner a few nights ago)

    – Habs Romance (Lady Gaga remix)

  113. Bill J says:

    You see adam lol – when the topic is not the goalies…

    I agree with you 200% hands down, The Capitals would not be able to handle the explosiveness of PK.

    Not saying he would of won the game all by himself, but I am fairly certain he would be more help then a negative to the team in trying to make the series 3-2.

  114. Bob Barker says:

    I’d love to see him called up. From what I can tell about him, the bigger the game, the better he plays. The Bulldogs can afford to lose a game or two. The Habs should be pulling all the stops to win this game. I think he can be a difference-maker, just like Carlson was for the Caps in Game 2. 

  115. Le Jadester says:

    Hey I wonder how much of an impact it takes on a team to not go into the playoffs without a captain.  I’m sure its been discussed before but I was listening to the Team 990 and they were saying that Guy LaFleur said he couldn’t believe Markie wasn’t named the C right away from the start of the season ?

    My thinking is that JM is afraid to have a captain on the team because it undermines his authority to a certain degree. He looks insecure, with not much confidence.  My guess is….. that’s why he’s so rigid on his system and his ways. I’m sure if he really had to, he’d probably assign someone he could control as opposed to the old school way of lettin’ the players vote for their leader. 

    JM is ruining our team !

    Please Molson Bros.  Out with the old and into the new, with someone new. 

    Habs, OLE !

  116. Caballero says:

    Winning or losing this game is besides the point because well, we are going to lose most probably. But it is really how you play the game at this point. I want to see 60 minutes of 100% effort and non stop skating and hitting. I want to see an illustration of that famous saying which I can’t quite recall: when two great tigers meet in battle one is left mortally wounded and the other dead.



  117. Storm Man says:

    I wish I could say the same, I see this as a great tiger vs a lion cub.

  118. wmarcello says:

    I don’t know how reasonable of a job they’ve been doing. Spacek and Gorges have done well against Ovechkin, and Gill has had his moments as well. Hammer and MAB have been brutal for the most part though, and the Caps have adjusted to take advantage of this as the series has worn on. No Spacek tonight means that the weak links will get more ice time, and the Caps will take advantage. Subban at least would have tempered that a tiny bit by bumping MAB to the 4th line.

  119. HUDSONHAB says:

    Don’t miss the first 10 minutes, that is usually the Habs best time and effort. If they don’t score, it will only be frustrating the rest of the way. Just a thought.

    Three Stars in Victory. 1) Halak  2) Cammi 3) Markov                                                                                                  

    Go Habs Go!


  120. krob1000 says:

    An article Read today…I found the Hammer thing kind of funny

    Mother Nature played her own neutral zone trap on the Washington Capitals in the small hours of Thursday morning and U.S. Customs did what the Montreal Canadiens could not, check them to a standstill.

    The Caps couldn’t land because of fog at the metropolitan airports here as their charter returned after Wednesday’s 6-3 win at the Bell Centre for a 3-1 lead in their Eastern Conference quarter-final.


    They wound up being rerouted to Baltimore and then had tocool their jets on the tarmac for three hours while U.S. Customs officials, who had gone home for the night, were summoned to clear the Caps. “Anything to declare?” “Hmmm, the Habs don’t have a prayer of winning this series because every time they get a lead, we just skate around that guy wearing No. 44 and score a short-handed goal?”

    “No, I meant more like, are you bringing back anything of value?”

    “You mean like the knowledge it’s not too hard to drive that Price kid nuts in nets?” The Caps didn’t get home until 5 a.m., cabbing it from Baltimore. The inconvenience is easier to take when you’re up 3-1, right?

    Caps coach Bruce Boudreau gave the players the day off Thursday with only a few showing up at the team’s practice facility.

    The Habs, meanwhile, flew in Thursday afternoon, the skies clear if their minds were not. They are no doubt still thinking about what might have been in this series and how they have themselves to blame — and some opportunistic play by the Caps — for facing potential elimination Friday night in Game 5.

    Carey Price’s frustration was evident Wednesday, flinging the puck at the celebrating group of Caps after Jason Chimera had made it 4-2 and then trying to whack Caps forward Nicklas Backstrom from the bench area after he had scored the emptynetter to make it 6-3.

    Price said he wasn’t trying to hit the Caps with the puck.

    “That’s hockey,” he said, “Let ’em know you’re there.”

    The first unsportsmanlike conduct penalty he took hurt his team because there were still eight minutes left in the game and the Habs were only down two goals.

    As it turns out, teammate Mike Cammalleri was harder on him for his petulant actions than the Caps.

    “When we act out in these ways — and we’ve all done it, we’ve all been part of it — it’s the mentality as a group and it’s about us being accountable to one another. It’s not one guy, it’s not two guys, it’s our maturity level as a group, maybe,” said Cammalleri. “It’s not OK to be doing that. To beat these guys, we have to focus 100% of our energies and anything that distracts us from that will be working against us.” Boudreau was willing to forgive Price and give him the benefit of the doubt. “Well, I could picture his frustration. He is a pretty reserved man from what I’ve seen on tape. He was probably very frustrated with the way things happened,” he said. “I don’t think there was a lot of malicious stuff. The flip wasn’t very hard and I think with the stick on Nicky, he would have liked to have hit him hard, but (it was) sort of, ‘Ah, what is it I’m doing?'” Like Cammalleri said, frustration isn’t something the Canadiens can allow at this point. They have got to be perfect for three games, because just about every time they’ve made a made a mistake, the supremely talented Caps have made sure it has wound up in the Montreal net.


  121. cautiousoptimist says:

    Because I can’t help myself when it comes to GM brainstorming, here’s some blue-skying…  What do you think, and what would you do different?

    Tampa has a powerful offence but positively piss-poor defence and goaltending.  Send Hamrlik, Weber and one of our goalies to Edmonton for Malone and a 1st.  We get a 6’4″ 220lb forward who can score, $2M of cap relief and a 1st-rounder from a team likely to draft high.  They get a defenceman who saved our season while Markov was hurt, a defensive prospect with offensive upside that would be wasted in Hamilton with Subban in next year’s lineup, and a bona fide, often game-changing starting goalie.

    Save $3.5M by not re-signing Mara and MAB, dealing Lapierre for a 3rd-rounder and sending Darche and Pyatt to Hamilton.  Use the cash to re-sign Pleks, Moore and whichever goalie we keep, and still maintain some $2.5M of cap space for a rainy day like we had this year.

    See if we can deal Laraque’s 1-year $1.5M cap hit and a 6th-round pick to the Islanders for future considerations.  They’re rebuilding around Tavares and need all the picks they can get, and this won’t make a dent in their $18M of cap room.  It’s not like they’re going to attract any big-name free agents to Long Island anyway.  Better yet, clear up the paperwork so he can play in Sweden or wherever.

    I’m not a big fan of blockbuster free agent signings.  First-liners and top-2 D-men are just too expensive, and we don’t have the cap space anyway.  I am however a fan of signing solid free agent pluggers — so often, we’ve lost games because the other team’s bottom two defencemen or 3rd and 4th lines were better than ours.  So, we can use what’s left of our cap space to sign…

    Kurt Foster, a 6’5″ 223lb 27-year-old defenceman who was a -5 on a team this year where Lecavalier was -16.  He made $600k last year — let’s see if we can get him for double that.

    Pick up Mark Recchi too, and give him a carbon copy of his current 1-year $1M contract, or give him a small raise if you have to.  Yeah yeah, he’s 42.  He’s also got three points in four playoff games against Buffalo, averaged 16-17 minutes a game all year, and scored 43 points on Boston’s second and third lines this season — 10 more than 25-year-old AK46 did on our top line, even though he earns more than 3 times as much.  Play him with Metro and Moen and ice the best fourth line in the league.

    Call up Desjardins, who’s been at the top of the AHL stat chart all year.

    The result is a team that rolls four lines, all of which can score and keep pucks out of their own net.



    Halak or Price

    Fire away! : )

  122. 123456 says:

    i’d be more than happy with that. i appreciate a post with thoughtful input – too many bashers on this site without a clue as to what needs to be done

    secret mod

  123. Storm Man says:

    How did the team get better?

  124. cautiousoptimist says:

    Oops, that should read “Send Hamrlik, Weber and one of our goalies to Tampa for Malone and a
    1st.” : )

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”
  125. CHsam says:

    You forgot one thing. Fire management. Bring in Boucher as coach- he can’t do any worse than Martin right? ANd just a thought: Robinson as GM.

  126. Bob Barker says:

    Malone, who’s 30 had 47 points in 69 GP, he makes $4.5 million

    AK46 is 25, had 33 points in 59 GP and makes 3.25. 

    Malone’s as good as he’s gonna get. AK46 is just entering his prime. If AK46 is overpaid then Malone is definitely overpaid. 



  127. Natrous says:

    I like the out-of-the-box thinking, however there’s no way Tampa will let Malone go (recently signed a 7-year FA deal there) for a washed up old man and an overrated young defenceman in Weber. On top of that, one of our goalies would be able to fetch a Malone-type player straight up (or damn close to it), so I imagine you’re picturing Halak as the goalie who moves in the deal.

    If the Isles were interested in Laraque, they would have scored him for 1/2 price on waivers. I only WISH any other GM out there was interested in Laraque.

    I really like the idea of beefing up the D by going after Foster, a UFA who will probably fetch a pretty penny more than $1.2M per season (I’m willing to bet upwards of $3M). If Komisarek can get $4.5 per, Foster can rightfully demand $6M and see who’s still talking to him after the laughter subsides.

    Recchi would be a bit of a risk at his age, however you’re right – if he’s able to put up points the way he has, maybe a one-year deal would give our bottom 6 something to strive for.

  128. habbifier says:

    Playing hard for the first part of the game without converting on your chances is our key to failure against Washington. Game one is a good model of the mentality we should adopt. I’m of course not suggesting we let Washington apply pressure while we sit back for the first half of the game, but we need to remember that the 3rd period is perhaps more important that the opening 10 minutes.

    Our players get so excited when breaking out of our zone and almost see every rush as a do or die opportunity. We don’t have the size to easily maintain the puck in their zone, but we should look for more intelligent dump and chase scenarios and SKATE JUST AS HARD off the puck in both zones.

    Pretty much, i think that JM is the definiton of playoff FAIL.

  129. mrhabby says:

    our speed and skill through the neutral zone thats how we play our best..we cannot play the forecheck game as we lack some size up front to play a dump and  forecheck game effectively…my opinion for what its worth.

  130. Bugs says:

    You could beat the Capitals if you were coach of this team, right, Habbi?

    …playoff fail… He’s been to the Finals, kaputnik.

    Give him a 1st place team insteada of 16th place team and maybe the “coaching” will suddenly seem more “competent”, yeah? Maybe? Whaddayou think?

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  131. notbigbird says:

    I think I understand what you’re saying, and I agree. They have a habit of getting overly high and expending too much energy. Playing at a high but sustainable tempo is key IMO.

  132. Lancer says:

    Tonight we will witness the beginning of the Habs greatest comeback in history. If not the Flyers will beat up the caps.

  133. Bugs says:

    What, are they having a checkers tournament on the side?

    Go Habs!

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  134. wotever says:

    It would be the sports story of the year if we recovered from this and went to the cup.  Even the conference finals would be amazing, especially if we shutdown the caps, pitts beats ottawa and then we beat them (do I understand the matchups correctly?).  A great big FU to gary bettman.

    If we can’t do that, I think we should just moon him, next chance.

    You’ll have to speak up – I’m wearing a towel.

  135. DieHardCareyFan31 says:

    I honnestly cant believe this. Martin ALWAYS gives jaro chances and he NEVER gives pricey chances. Jaro lets in 9 goals in 2 games. Pricey lets in 4 goals in 1 game. Price actually played well on monday when he got put in and he played well wednesday. Jaro on the other hand, hasnt played well the last 2 games. Monday, his goals were pretty weak.. I think that his confidence is a bit shaken and he is shaky now.

    I guess its now obvious that I dont really like Jaro. Yes, he played very well this season. I wont take that away from him but I just think that his confidence has gone down a bit and that we are better of with Price tonight.. In my opinion, we have better chances of winning tonight with Price in nets cause he has played very well against the Caps this season, but what do i know? I guess Martin knows more, eh?


  136. cautiousoptimist says:

    My guess, and this says more about JM than about who I think should start: if Carey doesn’t take two dumb penalties in Game 4, he starts Game 5.

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”
  137. BJ says:

    Sorry double post. I hope the Habs can unleash shots as fast and easy as its to double post on this blog.

  138. BJ says:

    I like Price and think he will be a good one. I also think Halak tonight is the right move. He got us in to the playoffs and he will either get us in deeper or out. We would not have made the playoffs this year with Price getting more starts. Price probably will benefit more from this season riding the pine than riding the false dream that Gainey created by having him jump to many steps at once. 

  139. smiler2729 says:

    It can seem that way but it’s not. 

    Halak has earned his chances in the big picture and JM’s hoping a game off might recharge whatever batteries were waning in the last couple of weeks.

    It’s obvious too that he considers Price still to be a work-in-progress and is probably very aware of where Carey’s emotions are especially with his penchant for following up good games with not-so-good games.

    It can also be the swan song of Jaro and the organization wants to send him out with some dignity. Who knows, he may just steal a game!

    I’d be more worried by the 5 skaters in front of the goalie than the goalie.

  140. jimmy shaker says:

    Once again, the goalies are not the headlines we should be worrying about!  JM played the carey angle and it didn’t work.  Now he’s going back to what he feels is his #1.  I’m not faulting Carey at all, thought he did what he could, but once again he, just like Jaro, was the victim of Hammer and his TSN turning point plays/mistakes he’s made the last 3 games.  I posted below the same thread.  Moen showing up for once, 3rd and 4th line contributing in some shape or form and actually burying our chances when they are available are going to be the keys to any kind of win tonight!


  141. SLONCOLD says:

    well 9 in 2 game, price let in 6 in 2 games. he lost his start  as well. notice a trend, goalies aren’t the issue… Halak was a big reason why we won a game in this series, why you have an issue going back to him is beyond me but i get it that you’re a price fan and you want to watch him play.

    whenever jaro loses, he’s tired and shaky… when price loses it’s his demeanor or he can’t make the big save. you might love price but even price fans are critical of his play, to much is placed on the goalies and when u lead the league in turn overs and you play the most explosive team in the league what do u think is goign to happen?

    Look at the philly/devils series. was boucher the difference? not really the team played well.

  142. cautiousoptimist says:

    Well, we’d have size and skill on all four lines, a gritty Malone who’s not afraid to stand in front of the net crashing on the first line, Recchi stirring up the locker room, a 4th liner who’s good for 30 points, a solid but aging D-man’s $5.5M salary off our books, and a 6th/7th defenceman not named Marc-Andre Bergeron.

    The 1st, 3rd and 4th lines are all significantly better, the D is at least as good if not better
    with Subban and Foster in for Hamrlik and MAB, and goaltending stays
    about the same.

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”
  143. Storm Man says:

    Your bottom 6 is small, I like the rest of the team and Recchi would not come back here, Fix the bottom 6 and your on to something.

  144. shootdapuck says:

    With a stacked lineup in Ottawa he won what?


    True measure of a good coach is one who can win without a stacked lineup!


    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3”

  145. notbigbird says:

    OTOH: maybe they are a first place team being coached by an incompetent fop?

  146. Bugs says:

    Is that your position then, Notty? That we’re a 1st place team underneath our coach’s incompetence?

    Just to get you on record, please.

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  147. Caballero says:

    Precisely, but it’s too easy to just say the Caps are a better team and that is why we are being beaten. It is also more painful somehow isn’t it. Pointing fingers is more cathartic and fun.

  148. Hayward4Price says:

    Flip Lalime and Tugnutt for Halak and Price and he may have had something there…

  149. Bugs says:

    Who was our coach in 89?

    Was it Pat Burns? I forget.

    Every final, there’s a winner and a loser. Doesn’t make the loser what eliminated 3 teams a bum.

    In fact, getting to the Finals is HELLUVAN accomplishment, I don’t care who you are. I’m a soccer nut; that’s how I see it anyway.

    Furthermore, apart from that year, no, he wasn’t “stacked”. There was ONE position that was seriously NOT-stacked. Happened to be an important one.

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  150. Say Ash says:

    Barry Trotz  – Nashville has had three 100-point seasons in the past five years, with a less-than-star-studded cast.

  151. notbigbird says:

    Naw. Just saying there’s more than one way to look at things. That and maybe goading you a bit. 😉

  152. Bob Barker says:

    The had a stacked lineup except in net. Lalime was terrible in the playoffs. Can’t win anything without at least decent goaltending. 

  153. shootdapuck says:

    Not stacked?

    6 All-Stars , Heatley, Alfredson, Spezza, Phillips, Redden and Emery!


    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3”

  154. Bugs says:

    We had a good team in 89 too.

    We lost.

    Coach was a bum, right?

    That’s how that works, right?

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  155. Ian Cobb says:


    Answer to your question of earlier.

    I worked pipeline construction around N.A. in
    the 60’s 70’s and later contracted out at times with fire and rescue
    teams. Lot of warm water sports diving up to the 80’s.

    Cannot fit into my suit anymore. Do you dive?

  156. Bugs says:

    Well, in that case…

    It’s YOUR fault, Cabby!

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  157. Bill J says:

    Better not let Timo see this post, considering the team that DID win that year. lol He may think you where paying that team a compliment.

    😉 lol

  158. Bugs says:

    They had a helluva team.

    Helluva leader too.

    They deserved it, even though we were friggin good that year too.

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  159. Storm Man says:

    Still your bottom 6  has no jam. Still soft and small the big reason this team is down 3-1 right now

  160. cautiousoptimist says:

    I dunno — AK46 needs to score more, but no way is he soft.  Moen’s not soft either.  Still though, I wonder what it would take to pry Stortini off of a rebuilding Edmonton team?



    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”
  161. Storm Man says:

    Stortini now your on to something :)

  162. arrow says:

    I hope we can pull a WIN tonight. Heart-Attack-Halak must give his BEST! Ottawa did not give up last night, a great exciting game, although I’m sure the PENS will win the next one. We must BELIEVE!


  163. SLONCOLD says:

    i think that hd somethign to do with it. but i also think yuo but the goalie who won a game in the series as well

  164. Chuck says:

    I think that you’re right, but I hope that you’re wrong. We’re facing elimination. It’s not the time to sit someone for a game to teach him a lesson. If he thinks that Carey has the best shot at winning, then that’s who he should go with.

    My guess is that he was coming back with Halak anyway, unless Price had held the caps to 2 or fewer goals.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  165. habbifier says:

    Speed and skill through the neutral zone are indeed key, but what we do with the puck once we’re in their zone is even more crucial. We often try the perfect passing play and fail to get a shot on goal…i would say 4 times out of 5. The quality of our final pass/shot has been lacking. Their goalies are never bothered…therefore our goals need to be either sweet as fck passing plays or a result of mistakes on their D.

    Then, once we turn the puck over in their zone, our forwards appear to have been so mentally “focused” on the prospect of the offensive play they had attempted, that they often find themselves a step or 2 behind in getting back to defend the Washington counter attack.

    My point is, our offensive system against Washington is good, but needs to be great. Do we have what it takes to make it great…yes. Unfortunately, our head coach is a lifetime good but never great mind. He can not be faulted for missed chances or horrid turnovers by his players, but he is at the origin of every off-puck strategy and decison that our players take when they have the puck. His system is awesome if you’re looking to make the playoffs. Nothing more.

  166. craz11 says:

    Spatch has the sniffles and is out of the lineup.

    How’s that for playoff intensity?


  167. ooder says:

    it’s not a cold.. it;s a virus..

    and if the team doctor didn’t allow him to play.. well then i guess its understandable


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  168. Mattyleg says:

    I’m sure he appreciates the sarcasm and questioning of his dedication.

    There’s a great fan. I’m so happy you ‘support’ my team.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  169. Chris says:

    Yes, I’m sure an eleven year NHL veteran is taking the game off because of the “sniffles”.  He’s clearly somebody who lacks in intensity.

    Ole, indeed.

  170. Hayward4Price says:

    Yeah, we’d be much better off having him hang around the team and board a flight to spread the virus…

  171. Drive4twenty5 says:

    well said


    “Well, he’s a thoroughbred, and maybe your wife doesn’t recognize that, but then again, I can’t bake bread all that well. We all have different skills.” …Bob Gainey “Classic”

  172. SmartDog says:


    is that he makes changes about a week to a month after he should (and after many of us saw the need for change).

    At the start of this series we all KNEW that Halak was tired.  Post-Olympics he was still riding high… but then sagged.  Everyone knew.  I said at the time if it was me I would’ve started Price and Halak one each in each of the first two games, and then gone with the better.  Give Halak a break from the full pressure; give Price a chance to play in a big game because he CAN win big games.   Instead Martin rode Halak until too late… then switched to Price (also too late), now back to Halak (who cares really which plays tonight… we’re down 3-1 to the President’s trophy winner). 

    Not signing or trading Pleks = yet another missed opportunity.

  173. HabFanSince72 says:

    I’ve been defending Martin against some of the loons on here, but I think his biggest failure has been with the young players. They have all regressed this year.

    In some cases (LaT and SK) he has been largely responsible.

  174. Storm Man says:

    Robinson as GM I like that and fire Boivin and have Lacroix take his spot.

  175. Bill J says:

    No thanks to Lacroix either

    the cleanup must be from top to bottom (coaching staff)

    Only one I want to see stay on that is not a player.  Is the guy in your avatar.

    If Price could have been sent to Hamilton without risking him being picked up off waivers, I would have called for Price to go work with Boucher this year.

    The guy is a Sports Psychologist…. I mean seriously HE IS perfect for Carey!

  176. Natrous says:

    You’ve got a really good point there about Boucher and his educational background. Someone needs to get Carey some mental strength conditioning and Guy would be a nice place to start.

  177. HabFanSince72 says:

    We’ll come out like gangbusters. Dominate early maybe even take a lead into the 2nd period.

    Then it will unravel.

    Still we were somewhere between 15th and 25th in the league all year, they were 1st all year. What do you expect?



  178. BJ says:

    The greatest disappointment on the Habs so far has to be Hamrlik. He may be just too long in the tooth age wise to continue as a top four. Also does anyone know if its possible to demote someone to the AHL and pay them their NHL salary without taking a hit on the cap? just wondering as it may be difficult to trade Hamrlik with the 5.5 M he makes. I cannot not see keeping him at that price. I would rather use some of that to re-sign Plekanec as I do not know how we could replace him and who would be available from another team.

  179. Chris says:

    Yes, you can demote somebody to the AHL (provided that they do not have a no-movement clause in their contract, which I am not aware of Hamrlik having) and the salary will no longer count against the cap.  The Sharks did it with Kyle McLaren a couple of years ago, while the Devils did it to Alexander Mogilny.

    But it is a risky move….Roman Hamrlik was the first top-tier UFA to sign with Montreal in years.  He’s entering the fourth year of his deal and played quite well for the first half of the season while Markov was down.  That he was seriously overplayed is probably a significant factor in the decline of his play late-season, although I hoped that the Olympic break would let him recharge. 

    The optics of such a move are ugly…Montreal already struggles to sign UFA’s for a variety of reasons.  Treating the ones they do sign (such as demoting Hamrlik, benching Samsonov, buying out Laraque) “poorly” can always come back to haunt you in the future.  Not saying that they will, just that they might if it becomes a trend.

  180. Bugs says:

    For me, there’s at least the small consolation that we weren’t eliminated first.

    Save a little face over here…

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  181. Chuck says:

    I hope that someone slathers Halak in Crazy Glue before he steps onto the ice.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  182. smiler2729 says:

    Defending the Cup in the 1986-87 Playoffs…

    Habs sweep Boston in 1st Round, beat the Nords in 7 in the 2nd Round and go down to Philly in 6.

    Brian Hayward plays 13 of those 17 games. Patrick Roy, the previous playoffs’ Conn Smythe winner sits after pretty much splitting the regular season starts with Hayward.

    Sound familiar?

  183. Bill J says:

    LMFAO!!!! I suddenly have a visual of a Ref stuck to Halak, because he was trying to pry the puck off Halak’s Goalie Mask.

    Thanks for the CHUCKle lol sorry pun was too good to resist…. 😀

  184. mike g says:

    Habs 2010-11 lineup…



    Moen/Colby Armstrong/Scott Walker

    Ryan White/Lapierre/Metropolit


    Markov/Zybanek Michalek





    sign Kovalchuk to a Hossa type deal with a cap hit of 5.5 million (there’s the money you get from dumping Hamrlik). sign Pleks to a 3 year deal at 4 million each year (he will take that money if he can play with Kovi, and you get that 4 million by dumping AK and SK)…..

    Now there’s a serious team.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  185. SeriousFan09 says:

    Hamilton Bulldogs have an opportunity to close out their series with the Manitoba Moose tonight, they lead 3-1 right now in something of a reverse situation compared to Montreal, Guy Boucher has an opportunity to advance his team to the 2nd round of the post-season and continue their quest for a 2nd Calder title for the Bulldogs.



    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  186. habbifier says:

    That’s a sexy lineup indeed, but what happens to the tits?

  187. Storm Man says:

    I like, But you have no one in nets and I dont feel we can keep Pleks I would have Lombardi in his spot 

  188. Jbird says:

    Go SteelDogs!

  189. Bob Barker says:

    Because Michalek’s a UFA and Doughty is the best young defenseman in the game, if not the best period. 

  190. homerbowen says:

    Interesting comments from a couple of hockey analysts on Toronto Fan 590 this morning, and not from the usual Laff butt kissers. When asked to describe the Habs this season the first said said “in one word Soft” and the other said I believe you hit the nail on the head. I think he did too!

    My view was we were an emotionless, punchless and leaderless team trying to ice an undersized group against much larger and just as quick opponents.

    As a start I believe the coach must go. I don’t care where just from out behind the bench. While I don’t believe Boucher is “the one” apparantely he is one of so few that would be acceptable to the RDS types. However, he won’t be the first francais virgin coach we have killed in Montreal and probably won’t be the last.

    Management must address the size issue quickly perhaps packaging one our many overpaid smurfs with Halak for some good returns. It will be tough to move Hammer’s salary but efforts should be made. Stop drafting from US colleges and high schools and concentrate on large farm boys from the WHL or OHL. Additionally, without wasting a draft pick  we can copy (I hate saying this) Burke and sign undrafted college players with some skills (Bozak is an example).

    I still believe Price can be our future more so than Halak and Cedrick Desjardins has played well in Hamilton.

    I don’t think we have a chance against the Caps tonight but I will cheer for them no matter what. It’s getting tense in the house as my wife says she is sick and tired of the swearing coming from my little hockey haven TV room. I told her it’s just one more day!!! Go Habs Go

  191. BJ says:

    Thanks for the info. I suppose it does carry the risk you suggest.

  192. Say Ash says:

    You forgot about getting Iginla, too. Keep up the roster porn.

  193. Storm Man says:

    He is UFA and only 27

  194. habbifier says:

    I doubt Andrei wants to play in the KHL considering he can score 30 goals being lazy in the NHL, and get paid accordingly.

    AK46 and Pouliot need to link up with Chris Chelios or Rod Brindamour in the off season and learn a thing or two about the advantages of lifting weights. Just sayin.

  195. Chris says:

    Hmm…let’s see how the Cult of the Goaltender is doing elsewhere in the playoffs this year:

    (7) Philadelphia 4 – 1 New Jersey (2):

    Veteran journeyman and joke punchline Brian Boucher (4-1, 1.59 GAA, 0.941 SV%) dramatically outplays All-World superstar and Vezina candidate Martin Brodeur (1-4, 3.01 GAA, 0.881 SV%) as the Flyers upset the Devils in 5 games.

    (6) Boston 3 – 1 Buffalo (3):

    Young Tuukka Rask had an excellent season, unseating reigning Vezina Trophy winner Tim Thomas on the way to his own ultimately futile run towards a Vezina candidacy.  Rask (3-1, 1.81 GAA, 0.939 SV%) is currently outplaying one of the other Vezina candiates, Ryan Miller (1-3, 2.26 GAA, 0.921 SV%) who has been very good in his own right but isn’t getting any support from his teammates.

    (5) Detroit 2 – 2 Phoenix (4):

    Ilya Bryzgalov had a memorable season that led to a Vezina candidacy and some buzz about being nominated for the Hart Trophy as league MVP when it is announced.  The playoffs, haven’t been as kind, with Bryzgalov putting up much more pedestrian numbers:  2-2, 3.26 GAA and 0.910 SV%. 

    His counterpart in the Detroit goal, Jimmy Howard (2-2, 2.78 GAA, 0.914), had an excellent finish to the season that garnered him a Calder Trophy nomination, and he has outplayed Bryzgalov in putting up adequate numbers to let the Red Wings win, but he certainly hasn’t been stealing the series.

    (6) Los Angeles 2 – 2 Vancouver (3)

    All-World goaltender Roberto Luongo has been very pedestrian thus far against the young Los Angles Kings, putting up numbers (2-2, 3.41 GAA and 0.871 SV%) that are hardly befitting a player that is generally regarded as one of the top goaltenders int he world.  Fortunately for Vancouver, they are getting some offence this year to keep them alive, because otherwise this series might already be over.

    The moral of the story…

    The goalies are not the be-all, end-all story that people would like to believe.  We could very well see a situation where all three of the Vezina Trophy finalists get outplayed in their first-round playoff series.  The two goalies largely seen as the best in the business over the past few years, Martin Brodeur and Roberto Luongo, both had very below-average performances in the first round thus far.

    On the flip side, if I told you two weeks ago that the star goaltenders of the first round would be Brian Boucher, Antti Niemi, Evgeni Nabokov, Tuukka Rask and Pekka Rinne, how many of you would have taken that bet?

    It is a team sport.  Teams can make their goalies look very good or, as we are seeing with the Habs, they can make their goalies look very bad. 

  196. Bob Barker says:

    I’d love to Kovalchuk in a Habs uniform but I think he’ll end up in LA. 

  197. mike g says:

    Alright buddy relax. Just having a little fun here, and it’s a very possible lineup…

    Enough with your little jokes all the time.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  198. Caballero says:

    thank you my friend for this well researched and argued post. Blaming the goalie is for people who don’t watch the game and who don’t do their homework.

  199. SLONCOLD says:

    no money in LA unless they move a lot of other cap. they have like 45m committed next year liek us

  200. habbifier says:

    Agree on all fronts. Also worthwhile to mention that teams can make opposing goalies look very good, and no team has done that better than our glorious Habitants….for almost two decades now.

  201. notbigbird says:

    IMO it’s not the so-called, stupidly so-called, smurfs who are the soft ones — with the notable exception of Queen MAB, I guess.

  202. PrimeTime says:

    WRONG DECISION! Not because I am on either side
    of the Price or Halak’s debate but for this reason.

    JM just
    limited his team to 1 goalie. If, and that is a HUGE if, the Habs win
    tonight they have to string off 2 more. The Goalies have not been the
    reason for any of the 3 losses. If he started Price and if things didn’t
    start well, say going down 2 early, then you can go to Halak to switch
    things up and hope it turns the tide. With the same scenario with Halak
    starting, how can he expect the same result putting in Price?? IMO my
    opinion, the mentally stronger goalie AFTER this decision is Halak and
    he just eliminated Price from any further chance of playing. If he
    started Price tonight he still had a mentally ready goalie as a backup.

    Halak win 9 straight periods?? Not likely but then again I’m not sure
    if George Vezina himself could against a team that only needs 1 good
    period to win a game and now the series.

    PLEASE: No kneejerk
    replies from the “Halak Camp” unless you completely understand my
    opinion b/c this is not a shot on your boy.

  203. SeriousFan09 says:

    Norris nominations are in, only returning candidate is Mike Green, who isn’t going to win. He had a chance last year with his huge 30-goal season and breaking a league record by scoring in 8 straight games, but this year his goals production isn’t that hot and he hasn’t made himself a better defencemen in the process, less impact offence with no improvement in defencemen hurts him in this race and outlines more how Lidstrom, Chara and others struggled this season instead. I suspect if Markov had played the year, he might have edged out Green.

    Duncan Keith is considered a strong favourite because of his excellence throughout the NHL season and leading one of the best defences in the entire league, he is 2nd in the league in average TOI, leads all defencemen in even strength scoring and posting a healthy +21 while facing off against basically every top line when playing the opposition. His 14 goals and 55 assists with only 51 PIMs on his season make him the model of the perfect two-way defender.

    Drew Doughty, well what can you say? A 20-year old phenom with 16 goals, 43 assists this season and very similar TOI to Keith. He’s got incredible poise and ability as a young defender, he’s +20 while having only 54 PIMs as well. He has been nothing but universally praised this season. He could win it based on the excellence he’s displaying as a 2nd-year defencemen alone. He is the best under-25 Defencemen in the league and could be the absolute best in another year or two.

    I think it goes to Keith myself, there is a certain veteran’s bias I find in these trophy votes and Keith’s ‘paid his dues’ as it were with solid work to get where he is over the years, Doughty will have many opportunities down the line to win the Norris.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  204. notbigbird says:

    Although I generally detest that nickname, I am laughing because due to my love life I have been wondering the same thing — in a personal sense, of course. :)

  205. SLONCOLD says:

    i think they don’t want to have to pull a goalie period. and chances are if price started and he gave up 2 or 3 quick goals we just as doomed as is halak did the same

  206. Bugs says:

    This could be our last game of the season.

    Halak plays. Or else we’re Mickey Mouse.

    End of story.

    …mentally strong…better chance to win…the coach…bla-bla-bla.

    Last game of the season. Halak plays.

    Halak plays because we’re not Mickey Mouse.

    And that’s all there is to it.

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  207. Storm Man says:

    Your thinking about T.R Goodman the whole Habs team should go to his camp over the summer, He will make them tough. His workouts can make you puke all day.

  208. Bob Barker says:

    Goalies can obviously make themselves look bad as well but I agree with your overall point. 

  209. Chris says:

    Until you change the scouting staff, drafting the “large farm boys” from the WHL or OHL won’t be any better.  I still haven’t forgotten the following ten year run of 1st and second round draft picks by the Habs:

    • 1990:  1st – Turner Stevenson (Seattle Thunderbirds, WHL), 2nd – Ryan Kuwabara (Ottawa 67’s, OHL)
    • 1991:  1st – Brent Bilodeau (Seattle Thunderbirds, WHL), 2nd – Jim Campbell (US), Craig Darby (US)
    • 1992:  1st – David Wilkie (Kamloops Blazers, WHL), 2nd – Valeri Bure (Spokane Chiefs, WHL), Kelli Corpse (Kingston Frontenacs, OHL)
    • 1993:  1st – Saku Koivu (Finland), 2nd – Rory Fitzpatrick (Sudbury Wolves, OHL)
    • 1994:  1st – Brad Brown (North Bay Centennials, OHL), 2nd – Jose Theodore (St. Jean Lynx, QMJHL)
    • 1995:  1st – Terry Ryan (Tri-City Americans, WHL)
    • 1996:  1st – Matt Higgins (Moose Jaw Warriors, WHL), 2nd – Mathieu Garon (Victoriaville Tigres, QMJHL)
    • 1997:  1st – Jason Ward (Erie Otters, OHL), 2nd – Gregor Baumgartner (Laval Titan, QMJHL)
    • 1998:  1st – Eric Chouinard (Quebec Ramparts, QMJHL), Mike Ribeiro (Rouyn-Noranda Huskies, QMJHL)
    • 1999:  2nd – Alexander Buturlin (Russia), Matt Carkner (Peterborough Petes, OHL)

    When the Habs tried drafting size, especially from the OHL and the WHL, they almost always made poor picks.  Throw in recent draft picks that haven’t made an impact yet in Montreal, such as Kyle Chipchura (WHL), Ben Maxwell (WHL) and Duncan Milroy (WHL), and I’m very wary of the Habs concentrating their draft like that.

  210. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Can everyone please just cheer on Halak for tonight? Seriously, WTF is wrong with you people?!

    Cripes, this gets so old on this website…bunch of effing whiny little …..

    The HABS are going to win!


  211. Bob Barker says:

    but they don’t have as many people they need to sign. They’ll probably let Frolov walk and both their goaltenders are already under contract. 

  212. Storm Man says:

    How about just cheering for all the players with a Habs jersey on, And not for some name on the back of it. 

  213. Bill J says:

    Agree without all the adjectives.

    Just like Price was the #1 heading into the previous two playoff runs he was in for the Habs.

    Just gota go with your #1 in what could amount to be the last game.

    End of story.

    Good luck Jaro.  I hope you can take some of Carey’s intensity and fight back when the Caps charge your net tonight.

  214. Chris says:

    Absolutely agree…and a big part of that arises from the peripheral style of play that the Habs have adopted in recent years. 

    NHL goalies, whether they be perennial Vezina candidates like Brodeur or Luongo or veteran journeymen like Boucher or Martin Biron, will look like superstars if there is no traffic in front of them to obscure the goalie’s vision and capitalize on the inevitable rebounds that come from not being able to see a puck clearly until it is right on top of them.

    There isn’t a goalie in hockey that won’t stop almost every puck that they get a clear look at.  Goalies are too good, the equipment is too big and the advanced scouting is too complete for them to get fooled by long-range blasts when they have an unobstructed view.


  215. homerbowen says:

    Really, well with that payroll why are they sucking so bad?

  216. mike g says:

    Drew Doughty hands down…

    take him out of LA and that teams not playing hockey right now. I watch a ton of LA games, he’s unreal

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  217. Bugs says:

    Weren’t hardly any adjectives. Two, I think.

    Last…better…what else?

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  218. Chris says:

    No question…the problem I’ve had in recent years is that I just don’t see too many goalies that make themselves look bad on a consistent basis.  Maybe Toskala (although injuries have really limited him) and Raycroft…outside of that, you just don’t see “stinker” goals like the goalies of the 1980’s used to give up all the time.

    Heck, even Patrick Roy, who is fully deserving of his label as one of the best goalies in history, was horifically prone to giving up soft goals from the long shots.  I remember him frequently losing shutouts on long shots from the point.  :)

  219. KenD29 says:

    That would make too much sense  !!  lol

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  220. Bill J says:

    Hmmm Ok my English education is showing here then (was born & raised in French, so my English is of a 2nd language)

    Anyways…. I was counting the “Nicknames” too …. IE “Mickey Mouse” because the way I read your post it was used as an adjective to describe the team (or what it wasn’t)

    Expressed myself a bit wrong likely, but do you see what I meant now ? lol

  221. ShangaDoo says:

    LOL! I’m dying right now.

  222. Nightwind says:

    My bet is for Keith, though I’d presonally vote for Doughty.  But the voters will probably realize that Doughty is going to win at least 3-4 times in the next decade, so give Keith his chance now.

  223. Bob Barker says:

    Yeah Doughty is a god amongst mere mortals

  224. Bugs says:

    Mickey Mouse est un nom propre.

    Tu l’sais, ça.

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  225. smiler2729 says:

    Anybody seen Andrei Markov in this series? Anybody??? Bueller? Bueller??

    Thought so. The new Malakhov is officially a playoff dud. Now, Plekanec, who I have been on for years, has impressed me with his fire.


  226. habbifier says:

    The change will never be made, but i still think this is our best possible lineup up front,

    Gio- Gomez- Cammi

    Sergei- Pleks- Andrei

    Moen- Moore- Pouliot

    Pyatt- Metro- Laps

  227. KenD29 says:

    No thanks to Kovalchuk. Another player who will play soft while making big bucks. He sure did help the Devils..

    As Therrien once said  “never seen someone so soft like I seen tonight. How about we atke 50% of their salary for playing 50% of the time” !

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  228. Bill J says:

    Like I said – I expressed myself incorrectly…  Of course Mickey Mouse is a “Name” but the way you used it was as an adjective (as a comparison to make a point as to the childishness of the decision to pick anyone but Halak to play tonight)

    Mickey Mouse HAS & will likely still be used as an adjective for many years to come to describe something that is childish.

    You know that!

  229. KenD29 says:

    wearing Plecanec’s girl outfit !

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  230. TripleX says:

    Well I was way off base on Halak.  I was positive we had seen Halak for the last time as our goalie and that management had given Price the goal.

    Now I have no idea what the plans for the two goalies are for this summer.  My best guess is that they plan to keep both unless they get a fantastic offer for one of them.  Can we all take another season of goalie controversy??

  231. Bob Barker says:

    I wonder if we’ll be able to re-sign Pleks. After Kovalchuk and maybe Marleau he’s the best UFA available. A lot of $$$$ could be thrown at him. 

    They should look at Alexandre Giroux. He’s 28 and hasn’t been able to stick with the Caps but he scored 60 and 50 goals in his last two seasons in the AHL. He’s 6’3 as well. 

  232. Ian Cobb says:

    If the coach plays his whole team tonight, we will have enough energy to spend and win the day. This is a very good and well coached team that we are up against.

    We can beat this Washington club if there is a total team sacrifice and effort right up to the final whistle. This is not a few or an individual game.! We will win as a team or lose as a team, but for sure this year we are a team.

  233. Natrous says:

    “Now, Plekanec, who I have been on for years, has impressed me with his fire.”

    If only every season was a contract year for him…

  234. TripleX says:

    I have been pressing for that exact lineup for some time myself.  Why JM did not at least try it during the season for a few games is beyond me.  Two skilled offensive lines with speed combined with a third line with size and some skill and a fourth energy line.

  235. DJay says:

    If i’m not mistaken…markov is paired with Bergeron. And when he’s not it’s O’Byrne.

    If i was Markov i’d just stay in my zone all the time and try to cover both D positions. I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s doing.

    I remember when markov was paired with gorges, that was an amazing pair…I’d like to see that return.

  236. Bill J says:

    To answer your last question – PLEASE NO!!!!! This must be resolved….

    Whatever goalie they choose to go with, needs a experienced mentor.

    This season has proven that 2 talented young goalies can NOT succeed in the Hockey Hotbed that is Montreal.


  237. Ian Cobb says:

    Ya! he is baby sitting MAB.

  238. HabFanSince72 says:

    He’s been our best defenceman, by far.


  239. TripleX says:

    In the last three seasons he has had one lackluster performance.

  240. mike g says:

    Base your opinion on facts, instead of just reading the newspaper and seeing NJ is eliminated in 5 games.

    Kovalchuk was NJ’s best player. He cared, had over 8 shots in every game, and was dominant. He was way better than all their North-American player in Parise, Zajac, Langenbrunner and Brodeur….

    Watch the games, and then talk. He did his part for the Devils, nobody else did…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  241. Bugs says:

    Put me downfer:

    Gio – Gomie – Cammy

    Poolio – Plecky – K sr

    Yappy – Moore – K jr

    Mo – Metro – Pyatt

    Markov – Gorges

    Bergie – O’B

    The Hamr – Gill

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  242. ed lopaz says:

    has markov ever been nominated?

  243. HabFanSince72 says:

    But the conclusion surely is that goalies ARE important.

    All your data proves is that reputation is not always an index of  performance. But goalkeeping is by far the most important position in the playoffs.

    Just think if Theo had played the whole series.


  244. Bugs says:

    True but sad.

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  245. Natrous says:

    I agree for the most part, but then how do you explain ’93?

  246. TripleX says:

    It is a double edged sword when it comes to the Habs as they have a habit of making the opposition goalies look all world.

  247. forskis says:

    LOL…you mean when PG said the plan was to keep both that me meant it?  But that would mean a GM told the truth…but that ain’t possible is it? 😛

    I want to keep both…Halak is #1 next season and Price gets to learn and get spot duty…this season, Halak has slumped or had a difficult game after 4-6 great games and needs a game off to get his game back together…with Price as his backup, and as a Price-guy, I am cool with that arrangement….Halak gets what he has thoroughly earned and Price gets the belated patience he should have gotten.

    I am sure contractually something can be worked out…probably 1-year deals…Price signs the qualifying offer and they sign Halak before he gets to arbitration, a substantial raise…I could see them spending 2MM on each goalie, whether that is good for cap space is a different story.


    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  248. Chuck says:

    Not with yo-yo goalie mismanagement, they can’t.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  249. Natrous says:

    Exactly – it’s not the goalie with the best historical numbers that makes the difference, but the goalie who is hottest going into the post-season. Goaltending makes or breaks a team and usually comes down to who wins the Cup in the end..

  250. SeriousFan09 says:

    Pleks is suddenly a hero when playing in a contract year, if Markov goes lights-out next playoffs when his contract is up, does that make him Lidstrom? Not saying Pleks is playing for money, just wondering what your opinion will be for the 10-11 playoffs.

    Markov’s doing the best he can in this post-season, first propping up a one-dimensional PP specialist for 3 games, than doing all he can from the back end to make goals happen. It wasn’t Markov that has been on when SH goals were against us and his -2 from game 4 resulted from the EN goals.  I’m not sure what magical deal will bring in a defencemen of Markov’s calibre that’s younger or why getting one older than him will do us any good, but I’d love to hear your theory that isn’t based on something that you pulled off in NHL 10 Front Office Mode.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  251. habbifier says:

    Because apparently keeping the top two lines intact while playing musical chairs with the bottom two is the way to be unpredictable and to keep the Caps on their heels. Jacques Martin’s system and awareness are off the charts. His communication skills with our young players are awesome. His decision making is flawless. His hockey IQ Gretzchtein like. Also, he is a scholar and a gentleman who realizes that it is rude and disheartening to intimidate a reffing duo (forcing your top centres to take out their frustrations on the refs is the way to do it). His hair is magnificent and his skin looks younger than ever. Truly the man for the job.

  252. SeriousFan09 says:

    No, but he’s a much better defensive defencemen than Green is and he can produce 60+ point seasons when uninjured. Not saying he would have been, but the possibility could have been there had he gone uninjured this season I think.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  253. Natrous says:

    I’m referring to his playoff record. Sure, he got 9 pts in 12 games a few years back, but on the whole he tends to play smaller than his already-small stature.

  254. Chuck says:

    So what you’re saying is that JM’s playing the wrong guy and that we’re not going to win the Cup this year.  😉


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  255. pmaraw says:

    keep hope alive!

    i still have faith!

  256. KenD29 says:

    He is the best Habs forward this year. However not worth more than $5 million. If he gets offers more, let him go. Problem is the Habs are to close to the Cap as it is now. Guys like Hamrlik ($5.75m), Spacek ($4 m) tied up for another year, Gomez ($8 m) for another 3 years chewing up allot of the cap dollars. Not ot mention the two goalies are RFA’s at season’s end surely going ot be making more than the minimal salaries they are currently making. And Markov will be a UFA after next season!

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  257. Bugs says:

    That’s incorrect.

    If I say “we were surgeons last night”, obviously, it would mean that we played with swift and assertive efficiency and dominated our opponents. The term would be serving an adjectivial purpose.

    But “surgeons” would REMAIN a noun, not become an adjective.

    Mickey Mouse is a noun. A very, very WELL-KNOWN noun. It will also not UNBECOME a noun just because you say so. It’s a noun.


    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  258. sillywalk says:

    No, a Mickey Mouse organisation is one that can’t get their act together or is generally disorganised. In this context it just means that the decision would be silly and not well thought out.

  259. PrimeTime says:

    Even when your short stacked you don’t lead with “All In” until you know it’s your last hand. Starting Price still gives you outs.

  260. KenD29 says:

    Thanks for the lunch time laugh, just what I needed!

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  261. Bill J says:

    Thanks smiler – it’s what I’ve been trying to say for the last 24 hours… lol

    Albeit we can not properly compare Roy to either goalie, Roy is a perfect example of a few things to remind ourselves of reasons we should NOT give up on Price so easily.

    1) Roy had his own growing pains for the first 2-3 years. of his career. And that was with the likes of Robinson, Chelios, Green, Ludwig, Svoboda on the back end.  That team HAD a great D-core…. but still Roy suffered some early career hiccups.

    2) Roy has had a hot temper for as long as he has been in hockey, the only reason I can see on here that people “excuse” him for that is that he won a Cup in his first year.  Bull-Spit.  In today’s NHL that does not happen anymore, so to use that as a “reason” to excuse is very unfair to Price.  Who never had what Roy had when Roy came to the NHL.

    3) Roy was not competing with Steve Penney (the equally young goalie who was ousted by Roy as the “next great
    goalie of the franchise”), because Management made the choice early — Sound familiar ? Only problem here, is unlike Penney – Halak is still here.

  262. Storm Man says:

    Now Im upset :(

  263. Storm Man says:

    If Pleks walks bring in Lombardi

  264. Bill J says:

    I was under the impression it became an adjective when it was describing something else other then a Cartoon Mouse.

    Regardless…. Thanks for the English lesson, but again – you DO get the point of my original message no ? lol

  265. Bob Barker says:

    We should bring in Taylor Pyatt next year to play on the third line. He’s huge and was only making 600K. It would be cool to see him play with his brother. 

  266. Storm Man says:

    A nice high of 22 in Washington today means the ice will be crap 😉

  267. Bill J says:

    I’m scared of that idea.

    Last time the Habs chose to re-unite two brothers…. One played like crap when the other was in the doghouse.

    Oh wait…. that was just this past season wasn’t it ? lol

  268. habbifier says:

    Is Backstrom already an overall ‘better’ center than Joe Thornton?

  269. Bob Barker says:

    That’d be sweet. LOMBO!!!

  270. smiler2729 says:

    Your Ken Dryden morphing masks avatar is the coolest!

  271. SeriousFan09 says:

    Just for the fact that he remains an All-Star in the post-season, yes. Probably the 3rd-best Centre in the NHL behind the two-headed monster in PIT.



    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  272. smiler2729 says:

    Taylor Pyatt wants to stay away from the Canadian hockey media’s limelight and the intense fan scrutiny, that’s why he chose the Coyotes after his tragic year.

  273. BoomBoom says:

    Giroux sounds like a career minor leaguer…we already have one sitting in the pressbox called Darche. I like Taylor Pyatt though as suggested above.

  274. Bugs says:


    Get your analogy-maker looked at, ferpetessakes; it’s on the fritz what bad.

    …leading all in with no outs waitin for the flush, c’mon…what the hell? PT? What the hell?

    Yeah, playing what could be our last game of the season with or without the goalie who’s the single reason we’re there in the first place is exactly like going all in with no outs, going double-blind on the short stack, or whatever. Yeah, it’s exactly like that.

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  275. mike g says:

    Were still waiting to see that “coolness factor” with the Kostitsyn bros….

    Problem is one is hated by the coach for no apparent reason, and the other looks like he’s on blow 24/7.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  276. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Well yeah that makes sense, that is why I said the HABS are going to win. But from what I have seen here today, so many people are just so negative towards Halak…Disgrace really.

  277. Bugs says:

    I forgot it in all this double-talk to tell you the truth.

    Something about a tomato flying on an electric donkey?

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  278. Storm Man says:

    LOMBO with cammy and ak on his wings :) speed on ice

  279. smiler2729 says:

    Which brothers? Pete and Frank Mahovlich? Claude and Jocelyn Lemieux? Stephan and Patrick Lebeau? Alphonse and Gaston? Beer and Pizza? Batman and Robin? Mick and Keith?

    Ohhh, the Kostitsyns!

  280. KenD29 says:

    Ok, but could they also try and sign someone who is taller than 5’8′ as well? !

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  281. jimmy shaker says:

    Save Ferris!!!!


  282. Big Ted says:

    I misread this at first as I was scrolling down the page, thought it said “he is sitting MAB baby”… almost got excited for a second there.

  283. KenD29 says:

    It has been played many times on Team990 since he was on that station after the loss on Wednesday.

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  284. Chuck says:

    Markov has been fantastic in his invisible-ness. Robert L and Chris nailed it in their breakdown of this series: When Markov is on the ice, Ovie and Backstrom don’t score. Unfortunately, Markov can’t play 60 minutes per game.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  285. Bill J says:

    WOW – I heard about it – but did not HEAR it….

    Sal speaks for me too.

    Seriously that first empty net goal ??? If Price was still in net, odds of the game becoming 4-3 when Moore scores are MUCH higher, then you pull your goalie to make it 4-4

    JM is a USELESS tool!

  286. Chuck says:

    Just what Halak needs… more bouncing pucks.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  287. Kooch7800 says:

    Why is the title all hopes hinged on Halak?  Shouldn’t it be “all hopes on our forwards that they start scoring?”

    You have to score to beat Washington.  That is the only way to beat them.  They are going to score goals and there is not much we can do about that.

  288. Big Ted says:

    Yes. And there are a host of other players outside of Crosby and Malkin who are better than Thornton too. The guy is not clutch.

  289. Bill J says:

    Yeah & Timo wanting us to import the Calgary Upper Management staff into Montreal.

    😉 lol

  290. KenD29 says:

    He’s got company in that dept. MAB, Hamrlik to name a couple!

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  291. Bob Barker says:

    He might be, but he has way more offensive skill than Darche. Darche has never come close to a 50 goal season let alone 60 in 69 GP.  

  292. G-Man says:

    Sal sounds like a clown who had his shoes stolen from him.


  293. Storm Man says:

    5’11 200lbs I like his speed plus he is a home town boy

  294. Kooch7800 says:

    Wow,  that guy is a little too stressed about a hockey team.  I agree with his statements but I think he may be ready for some valume.  I would hate to see him when they screw up his Happy Meal at McDonalds!

  295. Bill J says:

    If you where a clown who lost his shoes, you’d be one pissed off &*^#$^&*# too lol


  296. Bugs says:

    Science reporter has chimed into the Ward. He’s not happy either.

    Might be goin overboard.

    Superfluously redundant, I remain

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Assistant-Director of St-Habbie’s Hospital for the Blind, Head Physician of Neuroflannelogy Unit, and Occupational Therapist in Habsbros Emergency Ward:

  297. KenD29 says:

    Sorry, make that taller than 6ft. We have enough in the SMURF village right now.

    Someone who will be on the line with Camm, Gionta and or Gomez who will add some size, grit  and toughness ultimately allowing them to skate and handle the puck.

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

  298. G-Man says:

    Sorry, Ian, I don’t see Washington as well-coached. A team that talented shouldn’t be dominated for those long stretches in this series. Boudreau doesn’t preach any defensive system so they are goingto hope they outscore everyone. That kind of coaching gets you into the 2nd round, but not beyond.

  299. SeriousFan09 says:

    He is, he’s a great AHL scorer but he’s never made an impact on the Caps roster when called up. Something about his game just doesn’t make him suited for the NHL level.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  300. Habsrule1 says:

    Really annoying. I wish they’d stop playing it.

    Just another fan who thinks he knows so much better than Habs’ management. Makes me want to hit someone.

    Go Habs Go!! “I don’t have a copy of Georges’ code, I don’t know what it is,”. “I think the code is that you’re here for your teammates. It’s not your code, it’s our code.” – Bob Gainey

  301. Storm Man says:

    The bottom 6 will have all that you want in your order

  302. SuperStarz says:

    You’re Right All Hope Hinges on Hamrlik playing a flawless game!!!!!!!

  303. crabvader says:

    Ugh, Mike Green is getting nominated PURELY off of stats for the Norris because he is a terrible defenceman. He’s a good offensive guy… but defensively, he is pure crap. He makes MAB look like Nik Lidstrom.

  304. SuperStarz says:


  305. crabvader says:

    Our forwards have been getting the job done. I dunno what series you were watching. Our D has been unable to do anything to hold the lead. When the D blows a 4-1 lead, you know it ain’t the forwards who are at fault.

  306. SeriousFan09 says:

    The MAB comparison is a bit overdramatic but I agree, Doughty or Keith will walk away with this thing leaving Green wondering why he can’t win, aside from not improving his defensive game in 3 seasons.



    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  307. Chuck says:

    Forget tennis balls… I vote that from now on they work on their hand-eye coordination by scrimmaging with Super Balls.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  308. habaddict_andy says:

    When I saw the goal by Moore, I thought “SURE! when it mattered you couldn’t score.  Now theres no hope for that game, he scores an amazing goal.  Too little too late!”.

  309. jimmy shaker says:

    I’ll take this lineup

     Patch/Gomez/Gio…St.louis/Pleks/Cammy….Moen/Metro/SK74…..White/Pyatt/trotter or Maxwell or wild card



    Dandy/O’byrne and MAB

    Jaro or Carey and Dejardins

    Head coach:  Robinson  Assistants:  Muller and Bob Boughner (hometown hero here in Windsor with the spits)


  310. Chuck says:


    Now only if I could channel some of Dryden’s success into our ‘tenders…


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  311. Corio says:

    I totally agree, that headline is simply retarded.

  312. mike g says:

    I heard it live Wednesday after the game, and wanted to applaud him while I was driving…

    He was the 1st caller into the postgame show, and nobody questionned his call. He spoke like he was pissed, and has every reason to be.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  313. crabvader says:

    Hahaha, well, in this series he’s given up the puck probably as much as Hamr and MAB combined (we just don’t have Ovechkin, Backstrom or Knuble to take advantage of those situations), he’s also been outmuscled by some of our smallest guys (MAB can at least say he’s stopped Ovy and Backstrom a few times) and Green, honestly, has been a total non-factor and one of the worst Caps on the ice the entire series.

  314. deuce6 says:

    I am optimistic as the next habber, but I don’t see us coming back from a 3-1 deficit against this offensive juggernaut..We lost 4 periods of hockey in 4 games and we are down 3-1 in the series simply because WASH turned it up a notch and we can do nothing about it..

    We don’t have the horses on the back end to compete with their fire wagon/up tempo style of game..We run into a hot goalie like Varlamov and it’s lights out..Their D relies on their goalie..They are getting the goal tending to win this and we simply aren’t..

    Besides, we threw everything AND the kitchen sink at them and we still get scored on at will..5-2 WASH final and an early exit from the show, yet again..

    GO HABS GO!! I guess..

    *Hamrlik has to go..


  315. crabvader says:

    Lol, how about game 1, game 2, game 4?

    One game out of 4 and you can talk smack? Get outta here.

  316. jimmy shaker says:

    Hammer isn’t playing tonight.  The team had him taxied to an undisclosed location where he can’t hurt the guys or give Washington another TSN turning point during the game tonight!  Rumors have it, he’s been taken to a local watering hole where he’s engaged in a riveting action packed game of quarters where his heinekens are going down faster than that whole White house scandal that happened a few years ago…but we won’t go there!


  317. Kooch7800 says:

    How about the last two games when we have dominated the play for the first two periods and walk away with 1 goal in game 3 and only three goals in game 4 when we had a ton of chances to put the game away early.

    We blew a major lead in one game and that was the turning point in the series.  But game three would have been a lot different if we would have score more early.  Same as game 4

  318. jarat says:

    Still WAY better than the love-fest I’m forced to hear on Leafs Talk
    every other night.

  319. crabvader says:

    How about 4 games of defence blowing the damn lead?

    I can give you 4 out of f’ing 4 games where the god damn D blew it for us!

    You can only give me one game.

    4 games makes more of a difference, friend.

    I’m going Sal on your ass now and telling you that JM and his crap management of the D and the D itself is to blame.

  320. Chuck says:

    Except tonight it’ll be THREE empty-net goals.  😉


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  321. mbplekfan says:

    When Mara got injured (not sure if this is true but he may have just left the team) our whole defensive scheme went out the window.

    The plan was never to try to compete with 4 undersized defencemen. If Mara was still available and playing up to his normal standards we would have 3 big guys playing beside 3 smaller guys.

    We always could have had a big guy out to handle the larger forwards and keep the goalies safe. Now with OB getting reduced icetime we can play half the game with 2 small d-men who cant physically handle the playoff type hockey.

    No wonder that our goalies are getting run and we are consistently losing puck battles in our own crease area.

  322. crabvader says:

    It’s a bit demoralizing to your forwards when a knucklehead like Hamrlik allows two friggin’ shorties.

    Still, our team RESPONDED all series to the Craps.

    When we did, though, our D came back out and allowed them to keep scoring.

    Do you see what I’m getting at? These forwards have been going toe-to-toe with the leagues best offence. Our D hasn’t.

    I exclude for the most part, tremendous play by Gorges, Gill and sometimes Markov.

    I NEVER would’ve expected our offence to come close to Washington’s and we have made it interesting. When the Caps broke away it’s been solely on our D. Not being able to clear the net, letting douche bags like Knuble sit on Halak or screen him, Giving up the puck for odd-man rushes at their blue line, etc.

    Some goals were soft on Halak but the majority were all directly linked to soft play by MAB and Hamrlik. Sometimes Gill was caught out of position but his overall play has been exceptional.

    If you are honestly going to say that offence is the problem, there is something seriously wrong with you, bud.

  323. HabFanSince72 says:

    He’s an emotionally incontinent  train wreck.

    He is probably unlovable and unemployable, and he  pins his hopes for redemption on sports.

    If he has managed, against all odds, to reproduce, he abuses his kids.

    He calls phone-in sports shows because he’s  afraid to slit his wrists.

    I wonder what username he uses on H I/O.


  324. SuperStarz says:

    Wow you didn’t mention Jaro
    I’m impressed (not much)

  325. SLONCOLD says:

    wonder how much he lost on the game

  326. crabvader says:

    Just because someone vents his frustrations in a different manner than you do doesn’t make him everything you called him.

    Very cynical and perhaps more-so, very hypocritical of you to say that.

  327. SLONCOLD says:

    nope hope with them scoring i suppose

  328. jimmy shaker says:

    And what are you not impressed much with, Vinny?  You don’t agree with JM going back to his #1 after the Carey angle didn’t pan out?  At no fault of Price, may I add!


  329. AH says:

    Interesting point. I know he got hurt, but I was wondering too, what did happen to Mara, he is never mentiond in any reports? Did he actually leave the team? I know he had a crap +/-, but he was a banger and a fighter, something the Habs could have used in many games.

  330. crabvader says:

    Hell, I’ll agree that we need size and I’ll be the first in line to say that, even.

    But you just can’t blame the offence for the losses. Everytime we got fired up, the D dragged us back down.

    Your theory of them having to score isn’t really applicable because we saw what happened to us with a 4-1 lead.

  331. secretdragonfly says:

    Doubt we’ll see him back – he signed for a one-year contract and went out with a separated shoulder early March and underwent surgery.  He may have had a bad +/- but you’re right, we could have used his size over the last few weeks. 

  332. mbplekfan says:

    I know his shoulder was an issue but for him to up and go home and not workout with the team or stay in MTL and train seems odd.  Even if the surgery recovery time is factored in he was still a veteran presence and was supposed to be a positive dressing room guy.

    He was on a one year contract and there appears to be no desire to sign him for next year. Im thinking there’s more to this than just a shoulder injury.


  333. SuperStarz says:

    I Would rather he give Hamrlik a good kick in the pants or an extra 45 min in the Video Room to help him improve his game or spend some time on the ice with our So called “tallented Vetran player” or I would rather he Bench Hamrlik (given he’s not been to impressive in the playoffs ….EVER).
    If you want to make this about goalies and if you compare stats, like you tend to do, Price’s playoff stats are better than Jaro’s.
    I’m A team player I wanted Halak Benched in game 2 when he let in the second goal (with hamrlik’s help)
    we would have saved the win and not been down after the second goal the rest were all halak’s fault. He’s too small, too fragile and too easy to get off his game.

  334. Kooch7800 says:

    first off, I am not your bud.

    I see what you are getting at but in the last two games it is our offense failing to capitalize in the first two periods of the games that has caused the collapse. If we had scored a couple of more goals (which we had the chances to do so) in the first two periods the Hamrlik brain cramp would not have been such a momentum swing.  If you have ever played hockey you would know when you are getting a lot of chances and not scoring eventually they are going to score and take all the momentum.  it is demoralizing when you have so many chances and the other team has few and capailizes.  Mistakes are going to happen when you are playing a team with finish like the caps so you have to score.

    Face facts our D is better than Washington’s but our offense is not better.  Halak blew game 2 along with our D but our offense has not helped us at all in the last two games.  yes we scored 3 goals last game…guess what the game was over when we got the third goal and Washington was not trying anymore.  The offense on this team all year has been a problem and will continue to be with our current line up.

  335. HabFanSince72 says:

    The guy’s a loon. If I got into his cab at night I’d ask him to let me off at the next corner.

  336. mrhabby says:

    our d is better than the caps…thats not saying much.

  337. jimmy shaker says:

    So yes, we agree that Hammer sucks and shouldn’t play!  That’s fine, but I recall you were the one who brought up the goalie handle, when you were so impressed with how I didn’t mention Jaro.  I didn’t have to mention Jaro, because we were discussing the weakest link, Hammer.  But now you go off and make it a goalie boxing match by jabbing me with Carey’s better playoff stats.  Yawn!!!!  Even though I said in game 3:  IF Jaro struggles, JM has to go to Price to try and change the momentum, in which he did, but we still lost!  I was fine with JM staying with Price in game 4, but we still lost!  And to make myself clear:  Price was not the reason we lost, nor was he at fault on any of the goals from game 4, our main man Hammer was responsible for that game again, as well.  So now that I’m not a Carey hater, just a pro-halak guy, and wanting this team to pull off what is basically a miracle, JM is going back to the guy who’s actually won the only game we’ve won in the series, and who was basically the number 1 guy throughout the year.  You win with your big guns and you lose with your big guns… do you argue with that?  And you might want to check the replay’s on couple of those so called Halak’s fault goals……goalie interference on Backstroms, Ovechkin allowed to dig into Halak’s equipment with the stripes forgetting to blow the whistle, an easy tap in for Backstrom uncovered in front of the net……yes Carlson’s goal he should’ve had and then Hammer backing in basically on top of Jaro and Backstrom using that screen, plus with a sweet shot to the top shelf. And the first goal we forgot to add, a breakaway from an unfortunate Markov pass that gave Fleishman a one on one with Jaro and beat him with a great shot to the blocker top corner.  SO get over your Price bias, he’s lost his last, what, 8 starts and that’s just in the playoffs I believe, not including the regular season.  So for future reference, don’t start things you can’t finish……I never turned this into a goalie rant…you did, and I think I just clarified it for you!  I like Price, I never said anything bad about Price and his play, but Jaro is the logical choice tonight! 

    Thanks though.


  338. Bill J says:

    Dude… Good post…. But ya gota add some spaces between some of your sentences…. otherwise it’s hard as hell to read what your trying to say.

    BTW – I do appreciate despite your appreciation for Halak over Price, that you STILL back Price as opposed to slamming him to prove Halak’s worth.

    Trust me when I say, took me a while to convince others (yourself included) that I was not some Price-Man-Crusher.

    I appreciate your efforts, just wanted to put it out there. 😉


  339. Kooch7800 says:

    No but it speaks volume on our offense

  340. crabvader says:

    Get real. We are not the team that has 100+ goals over our opponent, they are.

    And no need to get so touchy about the bud business.

    We had a 4-1 in game 2 and that didn’t serve us at all. Your theory is garbage, BUD.

    Don’t give me that “if you’ve ever played hockey” crap either. I know that a short-handed goal usually kills off all momentum. The Habs have fought back from getting scored on almost all series and anyone with half a brain would find that commendable compared to how we’ve reacted during the course of the season.

  341. Natrous says:

    Left the team?? Do you really think that if Mara left the team, it would go un-reported, let alone ignored by team management? Laughable.

  342. jimmy shaker says:

    I thought the standard 2 spaces after a peiod and 1 space after a comma applied. I thought I did that for the most part, but if not, I aplogize!  Really, I felt that way towards you and others about Price?  Could be, maybe.  I’ve been a pro-halak guy this year, but my only underlying statement between the two has been:  Jaro gets the W’s whereas Price for some unknown reason cannot get the W’s.  I know he’s had horrible luck and no goal support on most nights, but I just go back to Jaro more often than not coming out with a W when he plays.  I like them and want to keep them both, but when I looked at the numbers and the 12 mill we have this year to sign Pleks, a goalie and 7 other forward spots……it’s going to be very hard to keep them both.  So one of them will be dealt in the offseason, and I wish them well.  And come next season, be it Price or Halak, I will be Pro-whoever is there and Desjardins as well.  I just hope that doesn’t become a year long goalie controversy  /soap opera as well.


  343. Kooch7800 says:

    oh sorry Yoda, I didn’t realize that is all the fault of our Defense that cannot contain THE HIGHEST SCORING TEAM IN THE LEAGUE….who would have thunk it?   We knew going into the seriese they were going to score goals and lots of them.  If you didn’t your a fool BUD.

    Why are you referring to one game to blow my theory. I said the last two games?  Halak and the D stunk up the joint in game 2.  It takes more than one game to win a series. 

    When did we fight back in the last two games after being score on?  On Monday we folded like a cheap chair and our best offensive players took stupid penalties wearing down our D even further.  Wednesday the short handed goal killed us cause it tied the game when we out played and out shot the caps so much and they tie the game with absolute ease.

    I am not saying our D has been good because overall they haven’t been but our lack of offense at key times when we have needed it against a weak defensive team in the last couple of games has been the biggest factor.

  344. Chris says:

    The Habs would probably still be giving up 5-6 goals per game and therefore losing.  :)

  345. Storm Man says:

    Coaching has something to do with young players regressing dont you think. JM has never been a winner and he is coaching like he is back in the 90’s, he should just step aside.

  346. HabFanSince72 says:

    Did you miss the part where I said it was his biggest failure?

  347. cautiousoptimist says:

    He’s no passer, but he’s scored 21, 26 and 27 the last three seasons, and Pittsburgh thought he was good enough to play on Crosby’s line — not just because of his offence, but because of his valuable combination of offence and grit.

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”
  348. Bob Barker says:

    I’m just not a fan of his 4.5 million cap hit until 2015. And if you look at Crosby’s wingers over the years, it’s not exactly a list of all-stars. 

    I’d rather go in the opposite direction and get St-Louis, he had 94 points and makes $725,000 more than Malone. If we’re going to have small forwards, we might as well have the best small forward in the game. 

  349. homerbowen says:

    At what point should JM yank Halak?

    At what point should JM resign?

    What a freekin waste of another year and the horizon looks bleek.

  350. Storm Man says:

    JM should resign today… I know I dare to dream

  351. lenny says:


  352. crabvader says:

    WTF @ “the horizon looks bleek.”

    Have you been paying attention to our farm team at all? Have you been paying attention to Guy Boucher, who seemingly came out of nowhere like a bat out of hell and coached the hell out of the entire AHL?

    For a middle of the pack team, we have a good amount of young potential in our lower ranks.

    Even outside of Hammy, we have some good players rising: Andreas Engqvist, Louis Leblanc, Dany Kristo, Gabriel Dumont, Mac Bennett, Alex Avtsin (barring injury).

    Hell, Hammy has a couple of guys who could make the jump as soon as next year!

    Subban, White, Trotter, Patches, Palushaj, Desjardins (backup, but still).

    The horizon looks bleak… management-wise, maybe. Player and future coach-wise? NEVER.

  353. Ian Cobb says:

    The sun gets up every day where I live friend, maybe you are to young and to short to be able to look out the window to see the horizon! You will see the light one day.!

  354. A. Berke says:

    I’m not sure about yanking the goalie but JM needs to resign YESTERDAY!

    Ali B.

  355. G-Man says:

    Are you Homer Simpson?

  356. Storm Man says:

    A man of your age watching cartoons?

  357. G-Man says:

    A man of your age so Dohhh!


  358. Storm Man says:

    Act your age not your shoe size, I made my point you do watch the show.

  359. dicktracy says:

    Good work. What do you think about we bring up 6-8 guys from the farm…let go 6 or 8 on the current team, and stick with the farm guys, let them grow. Not tanking but ‘developing’ . Then we evaluate and look for a good draft a year from June. At that point we would be in a good position salary cap wize as well. Ya know I personally could get excited about a year developing all those kids from the dogs and dreaming about 2012. Screw the ‘tweaking’.

  360. crabvader says:

    I believe in AHL developement.

    We need a healthy amount of vets aswell as young guns on our team to develop properly.

    All I’m saying is we don’t have a bad future. We have rising stars in our ranks and we have a great coach ready to take the reins of this team as soon as the Molsons realize how bad JM is as a coach.

  361. Bill J says:

    I think many thought after the Bulldogs won the Calder Cup 3 years ago that the future was bright then too.

    I agree 100% though, if Management & Coaching staff are cleaned out this summer, the future goes from bleak to bright without even changing anything on the ice in terms of personnel.

  362. Instant Karma says:

    if they trade Price or Halak and then bring up Desjardins as backup, I’ll lose my shit!

  363. Storm Man says:

    I just cant see the Molson wanting to watch other 3 years of JM behind the bench.

  364. Bill J says:

    Me either…. Since Coaches do not affect the cap – this decision can ultimately be decided by the Molsons, because just like Carbo we would still be paying Martin.

    Could care less.

    I want Boucher working with Price ASAP!

  365. Storm Man says:

    Martin can join Carbo and work for CBC.

  366. HabFanSince72 says:

    Our farm team also won the Calder Cup 3 years ago with a young goalie who evoked comparisons with Patrick Roy.

  367. G-Man says:

    Listen, Price ISN’T THAT GOOD! He’s displayed it for well over a year and a half now. Trade him draft day to some daft GM that thinks he’s the next big thing. He’ll be disappointed in 6 months.

  368. SeriousFan09 says:

    It’s amazing that you can see what a legion of pro scouts and GMs don’t.

    If Scotty Bowman says don’t trade a goalie, it’s sound advice. If a random blog poster says to trade him, it’s less so.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  369. Ian Cobb says:

    To bad he missed out on all his development time in Hamilton. It is costing him big time today.

  370. Storm Man says:

    You must have said the same thing about Lafleur after his first 3 years with the Habs also. I guess you think Scotty Bowmen does not know what he is talking about when he comes out and says dont trade Price, But what does he know 😉 keep it real and enjoy the game tonight. 

  371. Bill J says:

    Wrong!!! – Too bad He’s not had a decent Head Coach at the NHL level.


  372. Bill J says:

    I think the other posters who replied to this post get it.  Too bad you don’t.

  373. Ian Cobb says:

    The game is practised and learned in the minors. Then executed in the NHL.

  374. HabFanSince72 says:

    AHL is not considered a minor league.

    Many star players never play there (or no more than a few games at any rate).



  375. HabFanSince72 says:

    My guess is the Molsons are smarter than you guys. They probably leave the hockey decisions to their GM and his assistants.


  376. SeriousFan09 says:

    Ryan Miller, Jimmy Howard and Ilya Bryzgalov all served significant time in their minors perfecting their craft for the pro game, all were outstanding goaltenders this season because of that valuable experience. Gainey had a very good eye for talent, but he did not have a strong sense of player development, always expected a bit too much from the players unfortunately and it cost the team over the years.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  377. Habit in the west says:

    Okay, the future looks great, eh? What about Gomez $8mill a year eating up space? Almost 1/5th of the payroll is being taken up by a player no one will take over the next 5 years. Gomez is a suck hole!

  378. crabvader says:

    Chicago has Brian Campbell eating up 7.1 and they are in a good position. What is your point?

    Teams can manage around an albatross. Besides, Gomez hasn’t been useless.

  379. Bill J says:

    Ian – do you live in Hamilton perhaps ?

    Mehtinks you care more about Hamilton’s success then the team in Montreal.

    You sure find it important to have young players “develop” for long lengths of time in Hamilton.

    But somehow your reasoning is still flawed, and the more you try and act holier then though when you post it.  The more you lose credibility.

    By your standards, the following would ALL be in the AHL

    Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, Fleury, Price (thus the reasoning behind your post right?), Toews, Kane, Stamkos… Do I really need to go on ???


    There are MANY players in the AHL Ian, who are FAR from joining the NHL.  Are you telling me they do not learn as well as others ?


    COME ON!!!!!

  380. Ian Cobb says:

    AHL is a minor pro league to be sure. And that is where this craft is taught and developed.

  381. SeriousFan09 says:

    Award nominees with notable AHL experience this year:

    Ryan Miller (Olympic Tournament MVP), Ilya Bryzgalov, Duncan Keith, Mike Green, Jimmy Howard, Ryan Kesler.

    That’s 6 out of 12 nominees in Vezina,  Norris, Calder and Selke categories.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  382. Ian Cobb says:

    The better and more grounded players put in their time learning how to be pro,s first.

  383. Bill J says:

    Wow imagine how much better Crosby would have been had he just played ONE game in the AHL.

    Too bad he didn’t learn his craft eh ?


  384. Bill J says:

    This is a joke post right ?

    Because we ARE talking about Management….

    If the Molson’s do not have authority to fire Management — who does ?

    Who holds Management accountable for this horrible season ?

    OH btw – I refer to coaching as well, because New Management almost always brings in their own picks for Coaching.


  385. Bill J says:

    Meanwhile the BEST & Most likely to win the Cup players – bypass the AHL altogether.


  386. HabFanSince72 says:

    Or Nicklas Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin.

    No AHL games between them.

    Duncan Milroy on the other hand is going to blow your mind when he finally makes it to the NHL.


  387. HabFanSince72 says:

    No Bill.

    No joke.

    If you want owners who meddle in hockey decisions I suggest you look at the likes of Tampa and Atlanta.



  388. Bill J says:

    No doubt.

    Makes me wonder why Darche didn’t score 80 goals this season while playing for the Habs.

    since he learned “his craft” in the AHL for so long.


  389. Bill J says:

    Please answer my question then.

    Who holds the Management accountable ?

    in the examples you cited…. Both those teams Management should be fired (in fact it already happened in Tampa)

    So not quite sure how this helps your case…. Just seems to add credence to my case…

  390. SeriousFan09 says:

    We also don’t have the luxury in Montreal of selecting in the Top 5 overall except for Price and looking at him right now, I don’t see how a year in the AHL would have done anything to hurt the kid. Michael Neuvirth in WSH won the Playoff MVP with Hershey last year like Price did 2 years before him, he’s still playing in Hershey behind Theodore and Varlamov.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  391. Chris says:

    I’ll jump in here.  Actually, Ian lives in Belleville.

    And he has been a boarder for Bulls players over the year, including Jason Spezza and, I believe, P.K. Subban for a year.  He is probably one of Subban’s biggest fans on this site…Ian and I have often disagreed on Subban’s career potential.

    But like many of us who actually attend OHL games regularly, Ian knows that some guys (such as Crosby, Doughty, etc.) can make the jump to the NHL immediately because they are ready, both physically and mentally, to play. 

    But the much more common path is to spend a year or more in the AHL to hone their skills and adjust to the speed and strength of AHL players.  For example, I have seen P.K. Subban play live over 10 times here in Guelph or in Belleville, as well as all of the games the year they played in the Memorial Cup (as it was held just down the road in Kitchener).  One could clearly see that Subban was a bright prospect, but he relied far too heavily on his speed advantage to mask very clear defensive positioning issues.  Guy Boucher has mentioned time and time again that he has worked hard with Subban on his positioning and feels that Subban has come a long way.  THAT is the role of the AHL.

    The jump from junior hockey to the AHL in terms of speed and strength is huge.  The jump from the AHL to the NHL is even bigger.  Players who have already mastered their positional game can make that jump somewhat more easily than players who rely on superior physical gifts.

    That the AHL also affords players an opportunity to adjust to the pressures and responsibilities of being a professional hockey player outside the spotlight of the Montreal market is an added bonus.  We’ll never know if Price would have been better off with a year in the AHL.  But it is not completely unfair to think he might have.

  392. Storm Man says:

    I guess Mike llitch has no say about who and how the team he owns is run? That is some very sound business management, You think anyone that owns a company should just sit back and not have a say on what is best for a company? You should be a professor at McGill and show them how to run companys.  

  393. Chris says:

    By the way, Ovechkin played three years with Dynamo Moscow in the top Russian league after playing one year split between Elite League and Division 3…so not exactly a fair comparison.

    Malkin also played three full seasons in the top league in Russia with Metallurg Magnitogorsk.  So again, not exactly a valid comparison.

    Some guys can make the jump right away.  Some can’t.

  394. ed lopaz says:

    that was squarely on Gainey that price missed out on his pro development in hamilton – 100 per cent Gainey’s call.

    in fact, Carbo wanted to send Price back to Hamilton and Gainey INSISTED that Price stay.

    why is it that you leave out all of the errors that Gainey has made, Ian???

  395. Bill J says:

    Now Chris… you seem to be level headed and think out your posts.  However allow me to catch you up on the topic, so you can see MY p.o.v.

    Ok ?

    You make solid points, my point is Price could easily be labeled in that category.

    When has Price had a Head Coach in the NHL that truly backed him ?

    Carbonneau was a twit with respect to the goalie situation (see benching Halak to play Huet 4 years ago in the last game of the season) which cost the Habs a playoff spot.

    Martin this year, took the #1 goalie, and made him the #2.

    Dunno bout you, but when you have talent – you do not snuff it out.

    Fleury sucked ROYALLY in his first few years, by far worse then Price has done so far.

    Penguins STILL played him, because the more he played the more likely he was to eventually WIN.  Because he had talent, but needed NHL experience.

    Get my point a bit better ?

  396. ed lopaz says:

    FYI carbo wanted to send Price to Hamilton – Gainey refused and forced Carbo to keep Price.

  397. Bill J says:

    hmmm that year — methinks I remember Price WINNING a playoff round & landing 2 shutouts in that series.

    Granted he craped his shorts in the 2nd round, but so did the rest of the team if memory serves.


  398. Chris says:

    The difference was that Pittsburgh fully accepted as an organization that they were going to struggle for a few years when Fleury started directly out of junior.  In fact, that is the common denominator that most of the guys you mentioned share:  they played for last place teams with little pressure for team success.  Stamkos in Tampa Bay, Kane and Toews in Chicago, and so on.  Occasionally, you get physical specimens like Tyler Myers, Victor Hedman or Milan Lucic, guys whose physical strength is far beyond their 18 or 19 years, who can make the direct transition and contribute to NHL teams that are vying for playoff spots.  Even a guy like Latendresse falls in that category, although many feel that he would have been better served learning to dominate on the top two lines in the AHL than learning while being mediocre on the third or fourth lines.

    Price emphatically did not have that luxury.  By the nature of his position, he was doomed to lofty comparisons in Montreal.  Montreal has never adopted a complete dedication to re-building:  they do not deal veteran players for draft picks, they do not play their youngsters through thick and thin.  And to be honest, I doubt that the Montreal fan base, despite frequent assertions to the contrary, would tolerate those things.

    People in Montreal have grown content with making the playoffs now.  We all obviously want them to win, but recognize that without much improved drafting and better talent evaluation via UFA signings and trades, making the playoffs and hoping for an exceptional run is the best we can do.

    Like you say, maybe a different coach along the way would have seen Price star.  Maybe a different, less error-prone defence corps that clears the front of the net would have paved the way to success.  But it is also entirely possible that he would still be struggling.  There are no guarantees in this life. 

    I think Price has a lot of potential.  But potential only gets you so far in professional sports.  If drafting were an exact science, there would be no such thing as a draft bust. 

    If being the goalie for World Junior Championships guaranteed success, Justin Pogge and Manny Legace and Stephane Fiset and Trevor Kid would all have become star goalies.

    If winning a playoff MVP in the AHL guaranteed success, we would be raving about guys like Wade Flaherty, Johan Holmqvist and Antero Nittymaki would be starters in the NHL as opposed to excellent backup goalies that have been journeymen over their careers.

  399. Chris says:

    Ovechkin, I already addressed above.

    Backstrom split a season between his Swedish Elite League Club (Brynas IF, the alumnus of my illustrious avatar!) and their Junior-club (the Swedish Elite League “farm” team).  He then played another two full seasons of Elite League hockey (for a total of over 100 games in his SEL career) before coming to North America as a 20 year old for his rookie season in Washington.

    So again, not the best choice.  He spent a few years honing his craft outside of the NHL playing against men so that his transition would be eased.

    In Canadian junior hockey, you have 19 and 20 year old overagers playing against 16 and 17 year old kids.  The differences in size, strength, speed and skill are huge:  only a tiny fraction of the best junior hockey players even make the NHL as journeyman third- and fourth-liners.  When those 19 and 20 year olds make the jump to the NHL, playing against the best players in the world, they are often overwhelmed by the physical strength of the older players.

    The absolute elite guys in junior hockey can and do make the jump and can contribute.  But even some of those guys sometimes take years to develop…I’m thinking Stephen Weiss in Florida, David Legwand in Nashville, Olli Jokinen with the Islanders/Panthers or Cam Barker in Chicago as good examples.

  400. Bill J says:

    Excellent post – thank you for taking the time :)

    1) RE the teams who “tank” because lets be real, all but the Habs of the players mentioned HAVE tanked, save Buffalo in your example of Tyler Myers.

    My wish is that the Habs should have just lost this season for example, do the Fleury thing – sorta, pickup Taylor Hall. And THIS summer do the player rebuild, the fans would have forgiven the team next year mighty quickly. 

    I WISH Habs Management had more balls.  Now if we tank, it would be obvious.  There was a PERFECT opportunity to tank, and not a team in the league would have thought twice that it was intentional OR un-deserved as a team that has NOT tanked in 100 seasons & counting.


    2) Your last 2 sentences, the goalies you mentioned have NEVER shown moments of brilliance at the NHL level.  We all can admit that. 

    This is why I have a hard time with fans who are quick to call Price a bust or are ready to ship him out.


    Once again, thank you for taking the time to properly express your opinions with sound & logical points.

  401. Chris says:

    “Your last 2 sentences, the goalies you mentioned have NEVER shown moments of brilliance at the NHL level.  We all can admit that.”

    You raise an excellent point here, and one that I am occasionally guilty of:  the assumption is that because Price is a draft bust because he’s not a star yet.  And you are right to call me on the examples of Flaherty, Holmqvist and Nittymaki.

    Price HAS shown that flashes of brilliance already in his young career.  The potential is there, and so is a pretty decent career record for this point in his career.

    The only complaints I have regarding Price revolve around his bouts of immaturity (where I think an AHL stint might have helped him out), his reaction to crease traffic (he makes it obvious that it gets to him…he’s got to learn to hide those emotions so that the other team doesn’t know it bothers him) and tendency to not track the puck very well when his focus seems to waver.

    All in all, there is an awful lot to like in Carey Price, even after this most forgettable year.  He still has the potential to be a star player in the NHL.  But he’s going to have to work his tail off and earn that status.  This season, despite all the negativity, I felt he has shown signs of that hard work.  Hopefully the results will come next year.

  402. Bill J says:

    I hope you return to see if I replied, best conversation I’ve had with someone on here in a long time now.

    Wont go long…

    But – the solution to Price’s maturity issues ?

    GUY BOUCHER (Sports Psychologist)

    Guy is a perfect match for Price, 😉

  403. krob1000 says:

    Mike Green (24), Duncan Keith (26) and Drew Doughty (20)…….Chris Chelios is 48 …he is older than Keith and Doughty combined  or Doughty and Green combined….and only a couple years off being older than Keith and Green combined

  404. Batalla says:

    Why?  For GOD’S SAKE, why?  Is this coach on crack?  Price wasn’t the reason we lost last game.  It was a few lapses and some bad luck.  Way to devalue your goalies, d**chebag…

    Cloning is the answer:

  405. lavie says:

    Would rather die with #1. That’s the logic.

  406. Bill J says:

    You do realize how condescending this statement is right Ian ?

  407. Ian Cobb says:

    That is to big a word for me my friend, sure hope you spelled it correctly.

  408. Bill J says:

    Sure hope you have a dictionary to check 😉

  409. 123456 says:

    thank you brother!

  410. pmaraw says:

    if atdhe isnt working yet, it should be soon

  411. HabFanSince72 says:

    Changing the topic slightly.

    The Sabres are still without Vanek. He was slashed on the knee by Broon Johnny Boychuck.

    My question is why isn’t Boychuck suspended?

  412. cautiousoptimist says:

    Because I can’t help myself when it comes to GM brainstorming, here’s some blue-skying, slightly tweaked from my last one after your helpful input. :)

    What do you think, and what would you do different?

    Tampa has a powerful offence but positively piss-poor defence and goaltending.  Deal Hamrlik, Weber and one of our goalies for Malone and a 1st.  We get a 6’4″ 220lb forward who can crash the net and score, $2M of cap relief and a 1st-rounder from a team likely to draft high.  They get a defenceman who saved our season while Markov was hurt, a defensive prospect with offensive upside that would be wasted in Hamilton with Subban in next year’s lineup, and a bona fide, often game-changing starting goalie.

    Storm Man’s right, our bottom six needs some jam.  I’ve got no problem with having a dedicated tough guy on the team, so long as he can also eat up minutes and play solid defensively.  So, deal Carle to Edmonton for Stortini straight up.  A rebuilding Edmonton gets a promising young NHL-ready defender that it sorely needs, and we get a real bona fide tough guy who’s also surprisingly solid defensively and was a +3 on the worst team in the league last year. (Horcoff was a -29.)

    Save $3.5M by not re-signing Mara and MAB, dealing Lapierre for a 3rd-rounder and sending Darche and Pyatt to Hamilton.  Use the cash to re-sign Pleks, Moore and whichever goalie we keep, and still maintain some $2.5M of cap space for a rainy day like we had this year.

    See if we can deal Laraque’s 1-year $1.5M cap hit and a 6th-round pick to the Islanders for future considerations.  They’re rebuilding around Tavares and need all the picks they can get, and this won’t make a dent in their $18M of cap room.  It’s not like they’re going to attract any big-name free agents to Long Island anyway.  Better yet, clear up the paperwork so he can play in Sweden or wherever.

    I’m not a big fan of blockbuster free agent signings.  First-liners and top-2 D-men are just too expensive, and we don’t have the cap space anyway.  I am however a fan of signing solid free agent pluggers — so often, we’ve lost games because the other team’s bottom two defencemen or 3rd and 4th lines were better than ours.  So, we can use what’s left of our cap space to sign…

    Kurt Foster, a 6’5″ 223lb 27-year-old defenceman who was a -5 on a team this year where Lecavalier was -16.  He made $600k last year — let’s see if we can get him for double that.

    Pick up Mark Recchi too, if he’s up for another run in Montreal, and give him a carbon copy of his current 1-year $1M contract, or a small raise if you have to.  Yeah yeah, he’s 42.  He’s also got three points in four playoff games against Buffalo, averaged 16-17 minutes a game all year, and scored 43 points on Boston’s second and third lines this season — 10 more than 25-year-old AK46 did on our top line, even though he earns more than 3 times as much.  He’s a bull, and he hates losing like Gainey hates facial expressions.  Play him with Metro and Moen and ice the best fourth line in the league, and bump him up to fill in for injured top-liners so we don’t have to disrupt our other scoring lines.

    Call up Desjardins, who’s been at the top of the AHL stat chart all year.

    The results:



    Halak or Price

    Now we’ve got a team that rolls four lines, all of which can score and keep pucks out of their own net.  We end up with:

    – size and skill on all four lines
    – a gritty Malone who’s not afraid to stand in front of the net crashing on the first line
    – Recchi stirring up the locker room and potting 30 points from the 4th line
    – a defensively responsible tough guy who breaks faces better than nearly anyone
    – a solid but aging D-man’s $5.5M salary off our books
    – a 6th/7th defenceman not named Marc-Andre Bergeron.
    – A significantly better 1st line, a still-strong 2nd, a lights-out 3rd, and a 4th line that eats up minutes and is as tough as we need it to be
    – D that’s at least as good if not better with Subban and Foster in for Hamrlik and MAB
    – Goaltending that stays about the same as it is now

    Once you’ve done that, call up Boucher.  Sure, Molson doesn’t want three head coaches on its payroll — until you make the argument that if Boucher gets you to one more playoff home game next season than Martin did, the profits from that single game probably pay his salary for the whole year.  If he gets you to the second round, that’s at least two more years’ salary.

    Funny how just a couple of personnel changes — and mostly supporting cast at that — can really change a team.

  413. SeriousFan09 says:

    It’s the Playoffs and Boychuk didn’t pull out a gun and shoot him in the kneecap, which could be considered Unsportsmanlike Conduct under the Wheel of Justice.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  414. Chris says:

    The Habs have already indicated that they will be buying out Laraque. Why would anybody trade any assets at all for him when they can have him for nothing but a lower salary?

  415. Brocas Brain says:

    Hopes shouldn’t rest on Halak or Price both have played admirably. Our defensive breakdowns, how non existen Poulliot has been on the ice…..we should hope they have  the best game of their lives if we wish to continue in this series. 

  416. Bob Barker says:

    Because he slashed his right knee and Vanek hurt his left knee when he went in the boards. It wasn’t like Bobby Clarke on Kharlamov, he just took out his legs because Vanek was on a partial breakaway.

  417. jimmy shaker says:

    I’ll go with:

    Patch/Gomez/Gio…St.Louis/Pleks/Cammy…Moen/Metro/SK74…White/Pyatt/Darche/Maxwell/Trotter etc.



    Dandenault/ O’Byrne or Weber or MAB

    Halak or Price and Desjardins.

    Hopefully Patch is ready for the dance now….St.Louis for AK46 and Spacek and buy out Hammer…get rid of Pouliot, Laps, Moore.


  418. Ayan_SB says:

    Instead of Stortini or Recchi, how about another Tampa Bay Lightning who’s soon to be a free-agent this summer? Zenon Konopka, he was not only one of the most active fighters this year, but he was also one of the best faceoff players in the league.

    By the way, Kurt Foster became a PP specialist this year, in 71 games, he had 8 goals, 34 assists for 42 points. That’s pretty solid production. I’d pair him with Subban, and drop old man Spacek on the third pair with Gorges.

  419. Bob Barker says:

    Malone is signed until 2015 at 4.5 million and had 47 points this year. That’s about $96,000 per point. 

    St-Louis makes 5.25 and had 94 points this year. That’s about $56,000 per point. He’s half the size but twice the production!! I hear he wants out of Tampa also. 

    I like Foster though. He’d definitely help our D. 

  420. Olay Olay Olay says:

    well said. I think the D has been getting a free pass this year, because everyone is too busy arguing over the brightest spot on the the team which is goalies. 

  421. ed lopaz says:

    I believe that Boucher will help the Habs and that he will be here next year.

    so why, if Gainey is such a great long term thinker, would JM have been hired and given a 4 year contract?

    forget about all of the other Gainey moves for a moment – almost veryone on this site believes that JM has been a terrible failure – especially with the young players and their development

    JM is a fraken dinosaur – he is so old school – he has no clue how to get the most out of a young players’ development.

    we all agree.

    so here;’s my question: why would Gainey even sit down with this dinosaur????

    why would gainey hire JM? why even bring him into this “long term” plan???

    it just doesn’t add up, does it.?

    either Gainey is a long term genious as some are suggesting, and JM belongs in the organisation for the next 4 years

    or Gainey screwed up the JM file and left us holding a bad 4 year, long term contract.??

  422. homerbowen says:

    You’ve still left us with 3 expensive guys all under 5’10″…just won’t cut it. Too many small guys.

  423. homerbowen says:

    Simple….BG had to find a coach who would meet with RDS types approval and JM filled that bill. Sad but true.

  424. Storm Man says:

    My bottom six



  425. ed lopaz says:

    why was Bob Hartley not chosen to be the coach?

    he won cups in Colorado?

    He is from around this area and speaks both languages fluently

    its not like JM was the only bilingual coach available?

    it just doesn’t make sense.

    it was a terrible mistake to hire JM when you have so many young guns breaking through the minors and up here already.

    and 4 years at that – wow!!

    not a good management move at all.

  426. HabFanSince72 says:

    You all agreed about Carbo, Julien, Therrien, Vigneault etc …

    You have Gainey on the one hand and a bunch of ignorant blowhards on a talkboard on the other.

    Who is more likely to have a clue?


  427. homerbowen says:

    He has issues.

  428. HabFanSince72 says:

    Bob Hartley!!!


    Are you freaking kidding me? Have you heard that guy on l’antichambre.



  429. mike g says:

    Why is everyone being so harsh in regards to Markov? Are you guys seriously bored, or have you had enoug of bashing the rest of the team and it’s Markov’s turn?…

    The guy sliced his ankle in half and came back 6 weeks ahead of schedule. Do any of you guys know what cutting rehab 6 weeks earlier is with an injury like that? Add that to the fact that he’s been literally babysitting MAB during the playoffs, and did anyone forget which team we are playing against? Oh yeah, only the most dynamic offensive team in the league. And if you watch the games, he’s not invisible, he’s actually doing pretty good.

    So for a guy who’s doing all that and playing on one leg, be happy with it. Just remember if he didn’t come back early, we don’t get that 1 point extra that got us into the playoffs and allowed us to even have this conversation regarding the postseason…We finish way below where we were…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  430. SeriousFan09 says:

    I’d take Vignenault back I think, none of the rest though. I still think Boucher is the real answer for Montreal, the first coach in a while to take player development seriously and he’s shown that in Hamilton.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  431. SeriousFan09 says:

    Because some people can never be happy with the team, even the guy who’s been team MVP since the lockout.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  432. Storm Man says:

    Gainey had his hands tied, He had a coach in mind but Boivin said no the coach must be french so JM was plan B as in bad.

  433. ed lopaz says:

    I don’t quite understand your post, but I will comment any way.

    Carbo – terrible Gainey mistake – he was hired at the wrong time and then fired for no apparent reason – in my books, Gainey blew that file twice

    Junlien – had a great track record in Hamilton – Hello you AHL lovers out there – he deserved to stay but was fired so gainey could bring in his favorite son Carbo

    Gainey blew the Julien file as well.

    I always liked Vigneault – he is total class act – and a great hockey guy in my opinion

    now Gainey has blwn the JM file – he is not a coach for 2010 – JM’s style of “my way or highway” was good when you and I were kids.

    today the kids need their hands held more – they need more approval – more pats on the back – otherwise they call their agent and demand a trade – right Sergei??

  434. ed lopaz says:

    I’ve heard him on antichambre – he seems to know his hockey – but I’m interested to hear what you dislike about him. I watch antichambre all the time – I find it very entertaining

  435. ed lopaz says:

    How do you know that? I have never heard that before and I keep up with everything said and written on a daily basis in English and French in this city – not everything, but almost everything. :-)

  436. supremefan44 says:

    Hey guys, we really have to stop with all this goaltending stuff. Price or Halak has not been the problem this year. I dont know that we lost many games due to poor goaltending. However I am sure we won a few because of good goaltending. Our young goalies have time to mature while we are working on the other positions. Noweone and I mean noweone, not even Scotty Bowman can guarantee either one of the two will ever be Top # 1 goalies. Only time will tell. We have to let work there way through it. I agree management has dropped the ball on there development a bit. Hope fully not too badly. Leo G.

  437. ed lopaz says:

    who has issues? Hartley does.

    don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of Boucher coaching – he’s our man – I’m just speculating why JM was hired???

  438. Storm Man says:

    It has been said a few times last fall and more of the story would come out after this season.

  439. ed lopaz says:

    Agreed on Boucher 100 per cent.

    why was JM hired?

    why even interview a dinosaur like that if gainey is such a great long term thinker???

  440. Ayan_SB says:

    In a way, I kind of underststand why people are somewhat harsh on Markov. They probably expect him to be getting a goal and three assists per game. He has been rather quiet offensively. But for that, I blame JM. Just like you said, when you pair up our best defenceman with a weak D like MAB, a player like Markov loses his maximum effectiveness because he has to babysit and cover-up for MAB.

    Two years ago, Markov, with his awesome mobility and hockey sense, was paired up with Komisarek, a mean hitting machine. It was probably one of the best D pairings in the league at the time. Why not try to recreate that with a bigger, better skating version of Komi in Ryan O’Byrne? I think Rhino would’ve been pumped if he was playing Game 1, trying to hit everything on sight, setting up the pace for the series.

  441. slapshot777 says:

    Anyone think that if we lose tonight this will be Halak`s last game in a Hab jersey


    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  442. Ayan_SB says:

    Why not just fire JM? His contract doesn’t count against the cap anyways.

  443. HabFanSince72 says:


    game one when all of you were praising JM and BG for the great team they had
    put together I predicted on this very blog that (1) we would still lose the
    series and (2) that the minute we started to lose the “JM is a moron”
    meme would reassert itself.


    to why JM was hired, my best guess is that Gainey wanted someone with enough
    experience to withstand the onslaught from the moronic hockey fans and some
    local media that the Habs are unfortunately saddled with. After trying rookie
    coaches for almost a decade they figured it was time to go with experience. Bob
    knew JM from Team Canada, and I am sure his Ottawa buddies also put in a good
    word for him. My bet is it was between him and the other Jacques. Hard to say
    who would have been better.


    JM a great coach who managed to get an injury riddled talent-challenged team to
    the playoffs? Is he a poor coach who couldn’t manage to get the most out of
    this team and messed up our young players? Who knows? Possibly the truth is
    somewhere in between. He can certainly be criticized for some of his decisions,
    and ultimately for the outcome of the season.


    when you have a bunch of ignorant pub bores on a talkboard saying that JM lost
    us the series ‘cuz he didn’t play Ryan Freaking O’Byrne, and he didn’t yell at
    the refs, and he didn’t call a time out at some point, and he doesn’t know
    hockey and only got the job because he’s French, I have to object. 



    presume JM will eventually move upstairs to make way for Boucher and I look
    forward to that day. Less appealing is the inevitable “Boucher is a
    moron” jerk-fest that will undoubtedly grace these pages one day.

  444. Storm Man says:

    Oh he is very entertaining, Good thing for the press core he is not coach he would have knocked out most of them by now :)

  445. mike g says:

    He knows that because he uses his logic, and I’ve thaught the same thing all along…

    Seriously, do you think JM was plan A-1 from day 1? Comon you have to be kidding. Of all the coaches in the world, you are telling me JM was the best one available overall?…Stop with the jokes. JM was clearly the best bilingual speaking coach available according to them. And they even screwed up with that decision, because Bob Hartley is 100 notches above JM. Not saying he’s the best in the world, but he’s alot better than JM…

    2nd thing, if the language issue was irrelevant, no way JM is behind that bench tonight. Pete Laviolette, Dave Tippets, etc……those are serious NHL coaches.

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  446. Ayan_SB says:

    Claude Julien is so defensive-minded that he was fired from New Jersey just before the playoffs, the most defensive-mind team in the NHL in the past 15 years or so,

  447. Bob Barker says:

    just because you’re not attracted to men under 6’0″ doesn’t make them bad hockey players. 

  448. Bill J says:

    I really, really hope he is not thinking this way, because his mental game will be messed up, and the game will be decided in the first 10 minutes.

  449. HabFanSince72 says:

    Julien was fired because the team was in the doldrums.

  450. ed lopaz says:

    Thanks Friedrich – appreciate your input.

  451. mike g says:

    He’s not being used with OB because that would just make too much sense…

    And, JM’s “system” has 3 major rules…

    -Don’t make coaching adjustments during a game

    -Decide something and stick with it for long periods of time, even if it is costing you games.

    -Roll the bench at all times, even if you are losing just continue to do so. If God want’s you to win the game, he will make it happen. No need to scream, play your best players, or coach for that matter…

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  452. Bob Barker says:

    Way to go out on a limb and predict the Habs would lose this series. What’s the future like? 

    If one thing is for sure it’s JM is a much better coach than Guy “let’s go bowling” Carbonneau. 

  453. pierre lapuck says:

    Only way Price plays tonight is if Halak is injured or if we’d won the othr night.  Can’t put him in there with the season on the line after  the coach spent the entire season yo-yoing this kid in and out of the lineup.  Although the same is true of halak, in essence they made him number one after the Olympics so they have to ride the horse they brought to the rodeo.  This team will not live and die with halak in the future,  but this year……….

    Oh and it would be real nice if we knocked a few Capitals on their azzes as they’re busy hanging around the crease drinking a beer and waiting for a pass orr a rebound.

  454. matmacat says:

    Everyone keeps saying JM will eventually be moved upstairs to make room for GB.

    Is he even good at that job?

  455. ed lopaz says:

    you see – I thought Bob Gainey was respected in the Habs organisation and he would have been given the authoority to pick his own coach.

    now you guys are saying…nope – Gainey had no choice to even pick his own coach.

    Gainey was actually working as Boivin’s bitch, and Boivin forced Gainey to take JM even though Gainey really wanted to pick someone else.

    doesn’t sound like Gainey was in charge at all – according to your logic.

    correct me if I am misunderstanding your logic.

  456. habsgirl74 says:

    has anyone considered that Gainey might not be responsible for hiring JM, i think he was told to and that was the start of him deciding to get out of there

  457. Storm Man says:

    JM as GM??? look at his track record as GM, you can fill in the blanks. He could work with Houle upstairs.

  458. Bill J says:

    I somehow believe you would not be alone, and the numbers would far higher then the “RE-SIGN KOVALEV” Protests from last summer.

  459. ed lopaz says:

    He does not have to be good at the front office job – he was a terrible GM in Florida – because Gainey gave him 4 freakin years any way.

    that’s called “long term” thinking – the Gainey version.

  460. missy44 says:

    This is a free Country ,that is why we are all entitled to our own oppinions.With all do respect,I disagree with you on Carboneau. When the Caps (esp in game 1 and 2) were constantly and penalty less for ramming Halak in his crease,Martin remained emotionless.Carbo would of had a fit.(you have to admit ,there were 3 or 4 guys in the crease sometimes ,sfter Halak had stopped it,and the damn refs wouldnt whistle!)


    Carbo got fired,I presume for one reason.he did not play Gaineys” Favorite enough(Price)

    Halak was on a roll,and was probably told to put Proce back in the nets.(In Gainey”s words “the future face of the Canadians”)Personally after 3 yrs I dont have anything against the guy,but if it comes to a choice this summer,I hope they are smart enough to keep Halak.(numbers dont lie)

    But back to Carboneau.How many games did Gainey win after he said “We needed a change on Ice level”????

    we got stumped in 4 by the bruins.Among others.

    Carbo had heart and passion.Im not saying Martin does not,but he sure isnt showing it.I also miss Koivu as captain.When there was a problem with the refs ,he was there.

    As it is ,there is no leader during games behind the bench or during the games.

    Again ,I dont understand your dislike for Carbonneau,but I respect your oppinion.

  461. Habby4life says:

    We’re toast!

  462. HFX-HabFan says:

    The summer of 2010 could potentially be a memorable one.  Here are some of my fantasy-GM moves:

    Gone via free agency: Mara, MAB, Metro.  3.5mil off the books.

    Re-signed: Pleks for 4 years and 20 million (has to be done before July 1, otherwise we’ll lose him via a bidding war).  Price signed for 2 years at 5mil. Moore signed for another year at 1mil.  Costs for those three go up from 6mil this past year to 8.5mil.  Still 1mil out there.

    And then here it comes, the big draft weekend deal:  Kostitsyn brothers, Hamrlik, Halak and our third rounder to FLA for Nathan Horton, Tomas Vokoun, D prospect Michael Caruso and the Panthers’ third rounder.  FLA makes the trade so they can get younger and cheaper in goal, another veteran D who comes off the books the next summer/becomes an attractive target for contending teams at next year’s trade deadline, and two talented wingers who have yet to reach their full potential and could blossom outside of the pressure cooker of Montreal.  The Cats would still have some cash to go after a free agent or two.  10.3mil comes off our books in return for their 9.7mil, 5.7 of which (Vokoun) would be gone in the summer of 2011, freeing up more cash for 2011 RFA raises and/or contract extensions.  We would be set up with a goaltending situation not unlike Toronto’s, where a veteran (albeit a slightly expensive one for a platoon) comes in to help mentor the younger gun, in this case Price.  In Horton, we get a big-bodied power forward who can play centre or wing and shoots right.  With Hammer out of the picture, a spot is opened up on the back end for Subban.

    Laps and Pouliot can get modest raises from the leftover 1.6mil, leaving us with:



    Moen-Moore-Lapierre-Pyatt, and two spots opened up for kids- Pacioretty and White would be my top two, but maybe someone like Kristo could surprise with a strong camp. White would be a fourth liner, MaxPac probably on the third.






    2010-2011 might be our first divisional title since ’07-’08. Subban could be a Calder candidate, Price and Vokoun provide excellent goaltending (if one goes down, the other is capable of taking the reins as a number one), and the forwards (as long as they stay healthy) are a little bigger, a little tougher, and a little stronger at both ends.  Let me know what you think.

  463. ed lopaz says:

    when the Habs were running well at the all star break last year –

    Gainey was asked what his greatest move was since he became GM??

    Gainey replied: “hiring Guy Carbonneau has been my greates move as GM of the Habs”.

    2.5 months later – Gainey fired his old friend, and took over behind the bench.

    that’s ‘long term” thinking a la Bob Gainey.

  464. Bill J says:

    lol I found your post interesting because it could totally be read two ways.

    JM – SUCKS at Coaching & GM.  Ottawa stank till JM left.  Florida is now having to RE-RE-BUILD now that JM is gone (who btw I’ve heard FLA was going to fire him from his GM job when BG swept in to save JM)

    GB – ROCKS as a Head Coach 😉 the other way your post could have been read lol

  465. mike g says:

    You see my friend, in all fairness you need to visit some different pubs. Clearly the one you visit either has 1 television, or only shows Habs games….

    I am fortunate enough to have the NHL Center Ice package. I am also fortunate enough that my gf understands that in order for her lover to function properly, he must watch hockey games every night (that’s right, top notch gf I have). So I make it a point to watch minimum one game per night…

    So many coaches use different ways and styles  of managing their teams. Some are sucessful, others aren’t. But the biggest difference between JM and all those other coaches is this; intensity. Now I’m not talking about breaking sticks, screaming at the refs, etc…..Intensity for a coach is different. Intensity for a coach is is when he senses that his team desperately needs a shakeup during a game, and he does that for them instead of hoping it happens on the ice. Intensity is knowing your players, how they react, and doing your best to accomodate their skills. A few examples:

    -Intensity is what Bruce Boudreau had when he switched Theo for Varly and this series turned around.

    -It’s what Peter Laviolette had when he called a timeout in game 4 of their series with NJ. The Flyers were winning the game 3-1, and the series 2-1 at the time. With 12, yes 12 minutes left in the game he calls a timeout to set up a PP properly. WHY? They had the lead! Well, they set it up, scored to make it 4-1, and broke any hope of NJ coming back in that game. So, they took a 3-1 series lead and finished it off last night. That’s intensity.

    Coaching decisions like those are what define coaches when they are gone. Jacques Demers is remembered for the stick measurement, and other coaches for other reasons. JM had his chances to be remembered with a defining moment when he had great teams in Ottawa, but he stood in neutral behind that bench like he has been doing in this series vs Washington. Coaches will often try and pull crazy things. Often they don’t work, but when they do they are remembered. I am not asking for it to be remembered, I’m just asking for him to try and be remembered…..

    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

  466. habsfanmandy says:

    Cammy’s audio is actually Ovie’s … a rude surprise lol


    Bring the Cup home Boys! I Will Always Believe

  467. HabFanSince72 says:

    The rumour was always that Carbo got caught in a compromising position …

    Not that one would need such a justification to fire him, he had clearly lost control of the ship.

  468. Led says:

    Martin’s snore-fest “system” made this team significantly better defensively this season. People like to have scapegoats to blame so they don’t have to admit that the team just isn’t very good.

  469. WindsorHab-10 says:

    JM’s decision to go with Halak will seal his fate as he will be canned after tonight’s game. A bonehead move on his part because he’s too stupid to realize that Halak simply doesn’t have the balls to carry this team and perform in pressure situations.

    What kind of message is he sending to Price? That it was his fault we lost game 4? JM is a joke of a coach and I can’t wait until his sorry ass is gone. Idiot.

  470. TripleX says:

    Martin’s mediocre coaching was made impressive by stellar goaltending and the incredible record in overtime.  The miserable showing five on five and lack of wins in regulation indicate his true measure as a coach.

  471. DONJUAN says:

    We got slower this year on D GILL, Spacek we also forget Mara (mini Hall Gill).  I player like Pk is what we needed for some of the season.  This kid can skate and is a game breaker ie. OT wnner last bulldogs game.  Gorges keeps plugging away.  Hope to resign Markov and we should be better for 10/11. GO HABS GO 1 more game at the phonebooth GITERDUN!!!!

    In HABS we trust.

  472. TripleX says:

    USA beat Sweden to win the U18 tournament to go along with the win in the WJHC.  How did that team Carbo is coaching do by the way?  LOL

  473. HabFanSince72 says:

    He turned Ottawa around in 1996 when he took over. They stank until he got there.

    They had never qualified for the plyaoffs, in fact had never won more than 18 games in a season until he took over.

    They made the playoffs each of his 8 years there, and were one of the best teams in the league during that time.

    His record in Ottawa was


    His post-season record was less good I admit. As was his record down in FLA.

    But to suggest that Ottawa stank until he left is revisionism at best.


  474. KGB_AKA4787 says:

    First game back from injury against florida i think he had 2 goals and won us the game if not for him cutting rehab we would be out of the playoffs

    Markov with Georges to me have been playing to their best capabilities this post season along with our tiny fowards

    3rd and 4th line need to chip in a goal tonight or we have lost, cuz frankly no contribution from relates to them playing less phsical, cuz if I was a 4th line player and scored an important goal for my team in the post season, I think that would fire my bench and line till the very last minute of 60 min hockey

  475. HabFanSince72 says:

    We have to face the fact that the US might be in the process of overtaking Canada in hockey: world juniors, U18. And their young team at the Olympics gave us a lot of trouble.


  476. TripleX says:

    In other words playing Price would have guaranteed a win?


  477. HabFanSince72 says:

    When was Price’s last win?

  478. showey47 says:

    LMAO,no kidding. Ah well,at least when these kids are asked  “who was the worst coach they ever had?” They will all have the same answer.

  479. TripleX says:

    I don’t disagree.  It is just so annoying that they are progressing so much when most of the US could care less.  If Canada can’t dominate the World in hockey then what do we have?  LOL

  480. jkirk says:

    I find the idea that Halak can’t win big games or perform in pressure situations to be rather incredible.

    A. This season, it was Halak’s late-season win streak that secured us a playoff spot. Those were all big games.  

    B. Last season, it was Halak’s late-season performances that secured us a playoff spot. Those were all big games.

    C. Last playoffs, it was Halak who (in game two I think) came in to a third period under huge stress and let in zero goals against the Bruins. That was a big moment.

    D. For the last season, every game has been big for Halak personally, since he was battling for the #1 goalie position. And he won that battle fair and square.

    E. Not to mention the Olympics….

    And speaking of Price:

    F. Price tanked at the end of last season.

    G. Price totally tanked in the playoffs last season.

    H. It has been a very long time since Price won any big game whatsoever.


  481. HabFanSince72 says:

    Yeah if only we’d had one of those “intense” coaches like John Tortorella or, Pat Quinn, or Ron Wilson.



  482. Bill J says:

    Sorry – I guess I should have expressed it more clearly, but in the end you did address it.

    I was referring to the playoffs.

    And revisionism is giving JM credit for the tanking that was happening prior to his arrival, kinda like giving Dan Bylsma credit for winning last years cup winning team.  Except with JM it’s worse, he never DID achieve that, or anything close to that.

    Because is that NOT why we do not tank here in Montreal ?

    Because we MUST make the playoffs & perform ?

    I think JM was doomed to fail in Montreal.  I would much prefer make way for Boucher who has the best chance of helping our young players who need “guidance”

    Boucher IS after-all a Sports Psychologist.

  483. anotherhab says:

    I wonder how much bashing will go on tomorrow with a big Halak win tonite???


    “Size Matters Not.  Yoda”


  484. HabFanSince72 says:

    Prudent bankers.

  485. Bob Barker says:

    Both Price and Halak have 1 win in their last 6 GP

  486. SeriousFan09 says:

    We’re going to keep falling behind further as long as a province of 7 million people continues to languish and fail to have good junior hockey programs and development. WHL and OHL so badly outclass the Q it is somewhat tragic now.

    The best French Canadian skater in the NHL is Martin St. Louis and there’s not another in his weight class with Lecavalier’s injury-plagued career and performance issues in perspective. How many French Canadians measure up to St. Louis? None that I can name. Quebec must restore their hockey programs to help Canada keep our hold on the dominant hockey power in the world.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  487. Somethingwithhabsinit says:

    I agree that the Under 18 loss is legit and troubling, but I’m not overly concerned about our World Juniors taking them to OT without Doughty, Myers, Stamkos, Duchene, Tavares & Kane. I think the addition of those 6 would have improved our lineup somewhat.

  488. Bill J says:

    I don’t know about others, but unless Halak pulls 3 consecutive shutouts (or 1 goal games).  I doubt people’s opinion of Management & Coaches will change much with ONE win.

    Only way Montreal wins is if Jaro goes on a tear, against the best team in the league, who happens to be on fire right now.


  489. Bob Barker says:

    lol somewhat. They would’ve stomped them. 

  490. Mikey_39 says:

    What are the odds that Saku is brought back next season and reclaims his capitaincy?  Personally, I really hope this happens.  He comes back where he belongs, Markov finally gets a good defensive partner in Subban, Obyrne becomes a physical beast…the cup will be ours.

    As for tonight, Halak will rob the caps and the forwards will light Varlamov up like a christmas tree, en route to our eliminating the caps in 7.  GO HABS GO!

  491. Led says:

    Triple, your probably right about the stellar goaltending. I’m in no way a Martin apologist (he has many flaws) but giving credit where due this team has significantly lowered it’s goals against (with the same goalies). I responded more to the fact that I agreed with the idea that far too many people seem to blame our poor play on seemingly minor things as opposed to admitting that the team just isn’t that good. This team has repeatedly responded poorly to challenges, often self created, that suggest to me that they just don’t have the guts. Case in point, last game’s SH goal against merely created a tie game. Instead of coming out hard in the 3rd they roll-over and get outshot 20-6 and lose. Yet Hammer is cosidered the sole reason we lost. No blame for the other players just one scapegoat.

  492. Mikey_39 says:

    The last time Price won was like 2 months ago.  How is it a bad decision to play Halak?

  493. cautiousoptimist says:

    We’d do it because this way we get all his salary off our books, and they’d do it because they don’t actually want him to play for them — they’re just willing to accept his cap hit in exchange for the pick.

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”
  494. TPlow says:

    Koivu’s too big. We all know that.

    But I miss the guy. I really do.

    “Put your hand on the record player and say, ‘I’m gonna get my freedom!'” — King’s X

  495. Bob Barker says:

    I didn’t say it was a bad decision. Halak deserves the start.. But people keep talking about Price’s last win. I just thought it was relevant to point out that they both only have 1 win in their last 6 starts. 

  496. ed lopaz says:

    Torey Mitchell and Claude Giroux

  497. pmaraw says:

    here’s some audio for you  i wanna know which HIO member this is lol  my guess is that its Gerry cause it sound like hes talking in bold italics

  498. Favorite Son says:

    Sweet. Fax it over to Gauthier when you get the chance.

  499. ed lopaz says:

    sorry – I think any coach would have switched Theo for Varlamov – theo was terrible!

  500. The Cat says:

    I think Halak can steal it tonight, hes good at stopping the bleeding, habs been bleeding for 3 games.

  501. Bob Barker says:

    Claude Giroux might put up 90 pts in a season in the future but Torrey Mitchell? no chance. 

  502. Bob Barker says:

    I hope so. I want to see that pissed off Caps fan on Sportscentre again. 

  503. adam76 says:

    Price who?

  504. The Cat says:

    Gomez, Plekanec, Koivu are too similar…Habs need some variety at centre.

  505. Habit in the west says:

    RIP 2009/2010

  506. Kaptain K says:

    Does anyone know where you can watch the game online… CBC sports insnt showing it, and ATDHE link isnt working

  507. terrygain says:

    The Kostitsyns and Halak for a 20 goal scorer and a 33 year old  backup goalie who led the  league in losses this year. Dream?  Don’t give up your day job.

  508. HFX-HabFan says:

    By that logic, you probably don’t think Price is a good goaltender, nor do you check injury reports.  Horton is a 30 goal, 70 point guy when healthy.  Vokoun had how many shutouts this year? 

  509. supremefan44 says:

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  515. Habit in the west says:

    Never mind PK Subban, what about Matt Carkner, lol. They will end up letting Plek go, because that’s what they do best, let other teams develop, or let future stars go where they end up making it else where. Matt Carkner was drafted 58th overall, but wasn’t good enough to be part of Montreal’s system, they never considered sigining him to a minor pro contract, yet he’s playing for the Ottawa Senators and scoring overtime goals. Or, even better, a player playing with PK, Shawn Belle, he’ll be gone at the end of the season, signed just to fill space in Hamilton. There are several options down there, but the team would rather sign scrap from else where. I’m sorry, but Montreal’s D is full of holes. There goaltenders get hung out to dry. It’s no wonder they look like they’re shell shocked half the time. There D was suppose to be tougher to play against, they were suppose to move the puck quicker, and after tonights game, the team will use the excuse that at the start of the year, there are 29 other teams competing for a chance to play for the cup, and that 15 other teams made it there with them, and that it was a good year all a round. Another year of learning for them. They will get bombed out, for the 3 straight game tonight, 7-2. Washington has no pressure, who is trying to fool them. Like they’ve said, they haven’t brought a full 60 minute game, and they are up 3 to 1. The fourth will be formality. I don’t know that I have the time to waste tonight. Good luck, good riddance.

  516. jkirk says:

    We have a good backup goalie in Carey Price but the reality is that he has yet to prove himself at the NHL level. Halak’s a great young goalie with a lot of potential and we should start him in all of the post-season games for the sake of his development, regardless of his performance at the end of the season or whether or not we win games when he plays in the playoffs.

    We need to keep the long term in mind. Imagine how everyone would feel if we traded Halak and, with another team and another coach and another GM in another city and after a few years, he took a team all the way to the cup? We’d all feel like we missed the boat and would hang our heads in eternal shame. 

  517. A. Berke says:

    If you replace Halak’s name with Carey Price, then your scenario is the most likely to happen.

    I’m guessing here but probably quite a few NHL teams are salivating with the prospect of getting their hands on Price this summer (remember #33?).

    Don’t be surprised if Price gets an offer sheet that Montreal can not match (yeah! yeah! we’ll get draft picks and what the team will do with them? Mismanaging them also comes to mind).

    Ali B.

  518. sam says:

    i’m a Price fan -and i don’t feel he was the reason we lost Game 4- but i agree with the decision. Halak got us the wins in the post-Olympic stretch to keep us in the playoff race. he gets the final game. win or lose.

  519. Batalla says:

    Then he should have played in game 4.  Honestly, I think both goalies are good and Halak was definitely the better one this year.  But pick a goalie and run with him.  And if you have doubts (like with Theo in WSH), then switch and STAY switched unless that goalie is worse.  Don’t pull a Keenan.

  520. Ian Cobb says:

    Both of our young goal tenders will be signed and be on our roster next year. They will not be expensive to keep as neither one has arrived at the big buck level yet.

    So keep posting all this stuff about trade and expense if you want to waist your time. They will both be here in the fall for sure, battling each other for the net.

  521. B says:

    Montreal can re-sign both young goalies for less than many teams pay for one goalie. Goaltending should not be a problem next season.

  522. Bill J says:

    Signing both (and I mean it, even if it meant Price leaves the Habs) is a ENORMOUS mistake.

    They are both too young & talented to go through this again.


  523. habbifier says:

    I see you’ve also been practicing the piano with Bob Gainey recently.

  524. habaholic68NJ says:

    Ian.  I will miss tonight’s game and strongly suspect that I will have to wait until sept to see another Habs game live. 

    This season has been entertaining to say the least.  Considering the new team, injuries and pathetic coaching, I am glad we made the playoffs and have at least competed with the best offensive team in the league.  The games against the CAPS have not been boring as our boys are at least putting in an effort, much more than what we saw last year.

    As for next year, I would like to see us go after a LARGE top 6 and another LARGE bottom six forward and a stay at home D-man.  I would let some free agents walk, get Martin far away from the bench, trade Hammer, Spacek, Halak and Laps and bring up Boucher, PK, (Desjardin or Sanford) and possible Belle, White and Max Pac.

  525. habaholic68NJ says:

    Ian,  I will miss tonight’s game and strongly suspect that I will have to wait until sept to see another Habs game live. 

    This season has been entertaining to say the least.  Considering the new team, injuries and pathetic coaching, I am glad we made the playoffs and have at least competed with the best offensive team in the league.  The games against the CAPS have not been boring as are boys are at least putting in an effort, much more than what we saw last year.

    As for next year, I would like to see us go after a LARGE top 6 and another LARGE bottom six forward and a stay at home D-man.  I would let some free agents walk, get Martin far away from the bench, trade Hammer, Spacek, Halak and Laps and bring up Boucher, PK, (Desjardin or Sanford) and possible Belle, White and Max Pac.

  526. TripleX says:

    Three FREE NHL games available for download from iTunes including Habs vs Chicago.

    classic NHL games through iTunes!

    iTunes Store – NHL – NHL Playoff Hat Trick

  527. Ian Cobb says:


    We are only going to appreciate what Gainey has done for us in a year or two. Long term planning at its best. Great job Bob.!

  528. ed lopaz says:

    Ian – I’ve been a hockey fan for over 40 years, and, in my opinion you (and most of the hockey world) give Bob Gainey way too much credit.

    M. Gainey was a GREAT hockey player – he was not a great “long term” planner as a GM – IMHO.

    1) why would anyone NEED to give Jacques Martin 4 years? JM is not gold – he has never won anything; we are stuck with his contract

    2) why would M. Gainey chase after Kovalev and Komisarek – if he had such an elaborate long term plan – he had to “settle” for Cammy and Spacek

    3) why would Gainey change 10 players and then not even see the end of the first season?

    4) Why would gainey let Koivu go and then leave the team with no captain

    I do not see “long term” brilliance here – sorry to say.

    Gainey won a championship in Dallas with an owner who had unlimited money to spend  – pre salary cap.

    Gainey proved to be a terrible judge of pro talent

    how about a #1 round and a #2 round for Alex Tanguay? was that long term thinking when we didin’t even re-sign Tanguay after 1 injured season; and then we needed to get Pouliot because we were missing a top 6 forward.

    if Tanguay was not worth re-signing why was he worth a #1 and #2 only 10 months prior?

    I could keep going.

    But overpaying Cammy, Gionta, Gomez, Gill, Spacek, Mara – by at least 30, 40 and 50 percent more than they are worth in the market place is not difficult to do and its NOT good long term planning.

    I’m sorry Ian – this crap that somehow 1 or 2 years from now everything is going to miraculously come together because M. Gainey is a GM GURU  – is freakin horse dung.

  529. Habsrule1 says:

    Wow…I don’t have the time to go over every detail, but you are so far off on so many points.

    I hope Ian or someone else has time to clarify things for you.

    Go Habs Go!! “I don’t have a copy of Georges’ code, I don’t know what it is,”. “I think the code is that you’re here for your teammates. It’s not your code, it’s our code.” – Bob Gainey

  530. Bill J says:

    What a incredibly weak & pointless post…  Why did you bother at all ?

    But keep cheering on mediocrity.  Some of us want change… 

  531. Habsrule1 says:

    And that one really needed to be done, didn’t it?

    Things were pretty good this seaon. are you not aware of the injuries we had? Without them, me may have finished 5th in the conference. Unfortunately, we didn’t make quite enough changes. We still need a couple more, but we’re heading in the right direction.

    Go Habs Go!! “I don’t have a copy of Georges’ code, I don’t know what it is,”. “I think the code is that you’re here for your teammates. It’s not your code, it’s our code.” – Bob Gainey

  532. ed lopaz says:

    hey buddy – I live here in Montreal, follow the habs for 40 years, every move Gainey has made since the day he arrived – don’t think you’re such a big shot, run away, and ask Ian to make all of your points for you.

    when you are capable of disputung my points, just let me know – I’d be happy to debate you one on one

    unless you need Ian, of course!!

  533. ed lopaz says:

    every team has injuries – we finished 8th – what direction is that? – “may have” – every team can say the same.

    blaming injuries is so lame that no one even tries to do that in pro sports.

  534. Bill J says:

    That was last years excuse…

    Why is Markov just as transparent as he was last year at this time ? (BTW Markov was injured last year, not this year)

    Why did Lats suck royally under JM – but tore it up in Minny ?

    Why has SK74 been benched so much of late, when he’s been playing his butt off ?

    Why is Hammer playing on the Power-play ?

    Why is MAB playing on D & O’Byrne is benched.

    Why is PK not playing for us right now when Spacek is “out with the sniffles”


    So many questions, but will start with that.  In the hopes you start to doubt you “injury plagued season” logic.

  535. ed lopaz says:

    Bill – nice job!

  536. Led says:

    Actually all of those points are pretty much spot on, valid questions.

  537. Ian Cobb says:

    Ali, Bob hired new coaches for both Hamilton and the Habs. As he was going to retire this year, he went out and hired his replacement as GM from Florida. Martin will be moving upstairs and Boucher will be working with Muller and Peron next year.

    This way they will all have a better feel for the organisation and its players at both levels. Bob had said that he was taking the job for only 5 or 6 years. So he went out and hired Florida GM to eventually replace him.

    We are only going to appreciate what Gainey has done for us in a year or two. Long term planning at its best. Great job Bob.!

  538. Bill J says:


    Look if you where right (cuz your likely wrong) Martin would be the GM/Coach And Gauthier would still be associate GM.


  539. Ian Cobb says:


    I know I am right.! Martin and Gauthier will run the upstairs.

  540. A. Berke says:

    Do you know how to read and understand what you read?

    What I did was to remind what was done to Roy in terms of mismanagement and how we lost him as a result, which may happen in Price’s case as well.

    BTW, I’m not drunk nor in grade school (just fyi, I have post graduate degree in geophysics – something that you may have trouble spelling – and 40 years of industry experience). On the other hand the level of your comprehension and subsequent try to insult leaves a lot to be desired. 

    Ali B.

  541. Bill J says:

    If I knew you in person Ian – I would put a $20 down on that with you.

    We will soon see.

  542. Ian Cobb says:


  543. Ian Cobb says:

    Just send it to me and I will autograph it for you. You might be surprised.!

  544. Ian Cobb says:

    Those of us that have known your great credibility for years on here Ali, need no explanation.

  545. Bill J says:

    LOL Funny.

    If you see $20 coming from me, your right…. I will be VERY surprised to see that happen.

    😉 lol

  546. A. Berke says:

    You still don’t get it do you? What a moron. (and don’t misquote me in order to make yourself credible- you’re not).

    FYI, I don’t cut grass but if you ever make it to the West Coast, maybe I’ll let you clean my outhouse.

    PS: I don’t give a flying fig on where you live or what you do for a living.

    Ali B.

  547. A. Berke says:

    Thanks Ian,  

    Ali B.

  548. Bill J says:

    Look without getting drawn into the comparison that can not be made, at least not in the way YOU seem to be looking at it from.

    Allow me to perhaps paint it another way.

    We lost Roy due to poor management .  I think the vast majority will agree with this.

    1) Roy should have been a Hab for his entire career.  And Tremblay should have been fired, along with Houle if he tried to back Tremblay.

    2) Houle should have received MUCH more in return for Roy & Keane.

    So the comparison I saw in Ali’s posts where not on the value, but on losing a talented player for likely NOWHERE near his true value, &/or losing a goalie that has shown potential of carrying a team to championships SEVERAL times now.

    Before you say, “we still would have Halak”, and I seriously again do not want to get into a which is better debate.  I only want to raise one concern on the Halak V. Price… Yeah Jaro can win games like no other, but Olympics & these playoffs & the last 3 games of the season that meant so much have shown:

    Jaro has a weakness, and right now it seems to be winning the BIG GAMES.  This was just the first round of the playoffs!  Every round gets tougher, not easier.

  549. Chuck says:

    For me, the most frustrating part of this season won’t be not winning the Cup, or (should it happen) not advancing to the second round, or not having a 100-point regular season… it’ll be the missed opportunity of developing our younger players.

    In the salary-cap era, for a team to be successful you need at least a couple of young kids contributing in excess of their hit to the cap; no longer can you buy your way out of a lack of talent.

    When the Habs pulled the trigger on The Purge (TM) it was the perfect opportunity to give the youngsters on the team the chance to prove that they belong with the Habs. In came a bunch of character guys like Gionta, Cammalleri, Gomez, Gill, etc. who have won Stanley Cups. With all of the new faces on the team, no one really knew what to expect as far as number of games to be won, so a focus on developing young talent would have been ideal.

    By holding on to Price, Halak, Andrei, Sergei, Georges, Latendresse, O’Byrne and Lapierre while at the same time kicking the Old Guard to the curb instead of using them as trade bait, Gainey gave the kids votes of confidence that they would be a contributing factor in the future of the team. But what have we really gained this year?

    Is Price a better goaltender that he was at the beginning of the year? Is Halak? Sure, he’s won more games, but isn’t that just a direct result of him playing in more games? How about O’Byrne? He’s still a healthy scratch, even with Mara on LTIR. Sergei? Still not out of JM’s dog house. How about his brother? Has he turned the corner to become the player that his skills indicate that he should be? Lapierre has regressed, and although Georges has had a steady season, it still couldn’t be described as a “growth” year for him. And Lats had to go to Minnesota to get the environment that he needed to blossom.

    Instead, the coach decided that Price was going to be the scapegoat for the team not playing well in front of him, Lats and O’Byrne weren’t going to get the ice time that they’d need to develop, Sergei was made an example of and held down, Andrei and Lapierre were asked be something that they’re not, and Georges hasn’t had the stability of a steady defence partner.

    Yeah, injuries might have thrown a big monkey wrench into Gainey’s master plan, but those injuries should have been even MORE of an opportunity for the youngsters to prove themselves. Instead, it was band-aid after band-aid applied to the wound, when what was really needed was the youngsters being given the chance to make mistakes, learn, succeed and grow. We might not have made the playoffs, but the Habs would have been in a far better position for next season.  

    From day one, this season should have been all about getting our youngsters to the next level of their performance. And in that regard, the Habs have been woefully unsuccessful.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  550. Ian Cobb says:

    Well put post Chuck.

    But I think you will see that philosophy come into play next year as we bring up the group of kids in the fall. Along with their coach.

  551. A. Berke says:

    Sorry double post

    Ali B.

  552. A. Berke says:

    Good post. Agree fully.

    Ali B.

  553. SeriousFan09 says:

    Yes, reasonable arguments, thank you.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  554. Chris says:

    Couldn’t agree more.  This was what upset me the most in the off-season when Gainey made all the moves.

    If he felt like a purge was in order, then I could live with it.  But what I could not understand was signing Spacek, Mara and Gill (none of whom filled the need for a left-handed shooter on the PP, necessitating the further signing of Marc-Andre Bergeron).  All of these guys are good players in their own right, but with Hamrlik, Markov and Gorges already in place, it created an effective log-jam at defence for Carle and Weber, who are at the stages of their development where the Habs should have been taking a look at them with the big club, while also finding out what they had in O’Byrne.

    Even next year, barring a trades or demotions, it will be hard to promote anybody from the farm…we’ve got Markov, Hamrlik, Spacek, Gill and Gorges pretty much locked in as they are either untradeable contracts or too valuable due to their small contracts.  That leaves one spot for O’Byrne, Subban, Carle and Weber to fight for.

  555. Le Jadester says:

    Great Post Chuck, I agree as well.

    IMO JM should be on the farm developing young players while Muller or Boucher should be with the big team or anyone else who can coach the new game with speed, skill and attacking principles (I’m not downplaying the importance of D) but it seems to me that successful teams like Pitt, Wash, Det, Chi etc. play the best D by constantly attacking (i.e your best defense is your offense) IMO. Try explaining that to that old goat JM who thinks he has 20 robots playing for him.

    I think back to how Bobby G. was defending his move of starting a young Carey Price last year against the Booins in order to keep adding that “thin layer by layer” of experience to help him develop into an elite player for our Club (and I bought it to a certain degree) yet the exact opposite is being done this year with all the guys you mentioned above, especially SK and OBy.

    WTF good is it when the Hammer and Darche make huge mistakes to the club in the long term compared to SK, Oby, Price etc.

    JM is a clown, get ‘im the eff out ! He’s ruining our team.

    Habs, OLE !

  556. coachdoug says:

    Chuck…good post…we have traded away most of what was our “youth” movement and brought in guys in the twilight of their career…and we paid a fortune for it!  We are salary capped out to just barely back into the playoffs…

    I think O’Byrne has been treated the worst of all…JM is not a young guys coach that is obvious…

    “Save us Turtleneck Man…We need you now more than ever!”

  557. Olay Olay Olay says:

    Some good points there but I’d add that.

    Carbo for the most part lost his job because we put to much faith in the young guys, that for the most part, were a bust.

    But a couple of things to argue about.

    • I never thought I say this, but O’Byrne is one our most improved players this year, I still don’t know why he was benched.

    • Guys like Darch, Pyatt (spelling), and Metro make up the back bone of this team in my opinion.

    • I said at the beginning of the season that I would have been surprised if Price had his job by christmas. The writing has been on the wall with him for a while. All talent, bad attitude.

    • It’s amazing to me that Halak is the number #1 considering that management was hell bent on making Price the go to guy. He got us to the big dance last year and dito this year. That’s proof enough for me.

    • Our Defense is ok at best and we rarely see them at their best. (A big part of Prices W/L record)

    • We have no Captain…kind of important in sports.

  558. TPlow says:

    For that matter, if they were planning The Purge (TM), why didn’t they trade some of those players for youth and picks instead of letting them go for nothing? Short-sighted management.

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Put your hand on the record player and say, ‘I’m gonna get my freedom!'” — King’s X

  559. Ian Cobb says:

    At least this year we were entertained, unlike last year’s floaters. The team will be much better next year 68 NJ.!

  560. SeriousFan09 says:

    Desjardins isn’t ready for the NHL, I have seen him play this season and he has some good potential, but his ability to play the puck is brutal, his skating needs work and he’s got some unfortunate mental lapses left in his game. Sanford is only good for backing up 65, 70 game goalies, I just don’t see him as a true NHL backup either.

    I think Belle has potential but I’m not sold on him yet after seeing some Dogs games. Max Pac’s injury-marred season since he was sent back to Hamilton I would say he’s not ready, not enough time under the Boucher system to develop I think, he never had enough AHL time to begin with anyway. White I think is a lock for next year’s roster along with PK certainly.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  561. joeybarrie says:

    SO let me ask this simple question.

    3 years ago Price is a Calder Cup winning goalie. Say he stays in the AHL for 3 years. He comes up next season as a young 22 year old goalie to back up Halak who sometimes needs a break. Would we still be saying how much of a BUST he was since he has not made it to the BIG TIME yet? Does it work that way when we say should stayed down cause he is ruined now, HOWEVER we have not seen him play as he would have if he was in Hamilton……….

    Does this make any sense to anyone???  3 years in Hamilton and he comes up next season to lead us to the Cup???? We say he has missed so much in terms of development comparing him to a FUTURE Price that we havent even seen yet?

    Is it possible that these 3 years in the NHL have done him some good, and he is simply as good as he would normally be no matter where he got his experience from???  Is it possible that if we did not have a WHOLE SEASON of poor defending that MAYBE he is a good goalie coming along nicely??? I dont know about you, but his sv% and GAA are not terrible, especially for a team that has had the injuries we have and missing its top defense for a little less than half the season…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  562. Habsrule1 says:

    I’m honestly not so sure about the whole Hamilton arguement. What i do know is most goalies are not at their best at 22 years old. We have seen flashes of Brilliance from Carey Price and I still believe he will be a great goalie when he’s 24 or 25.

    Let’s be patient.

    Go Habs Go!! “I don’t have a copy of Georges’ code, I don’t know what it is,”. “I think the code is that you’re here for your teammates. It’s not your code, it’s our code.” – Bob Gainey

  563. SeriousFan09 says:

    I don’t think 3 would have been even close to necessary unless he contionously suffered injuries. A year or a year and a half perhaps but the flashes of brilliance Price has displayed shows he’s an incredible talent, but I don’t think he was quite prepared for the NHL and the pressure of being a goalie in Montreal of all places.

    I just think we’ve all become a little too star-struck by Sid the Kid, Doughty, Ovie, Kane, Toews Stamkos and Myers this year about guys hitting the NHL with no AHL time and believing all our guys can do it as well. Larry Effin’ Robinson had to play in the AHL before he became the 2nd-best Defencemen in Team history and an NHL legend. Our most talented goal scorer Mr. Cammalleri played over 100 games in the AHL, Gionta did 4 years of College hockey, Martin St. Louis in Tampa had a very long road to the NHL, Tomas Plekanec was a Bulldog for a while before ever wearing the coveted CH. This is a very difficult city to play hockey in with many, many distractions and a revolving door of coaches with different philosophies. That we have player development issues is not a surprising thing.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  564. Ian Cobb says:

    Good post 09!

    We don’t get to pick top draft, so we must develop them in the minors.

    Teach and learn how to be a pro in the minors, then execute with confidence in the NHL.

  565. Isabella60 says:
    Post I already digged this
  566. Perez163 says:

    i would love to read more from you on this

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