Audio: Gretzky on Olympics, Habs and more

Wayne Gretzky makes an animated point to the officials during tonight’s game against the Canadiens.
The Gazette

Any time The Great One comes to Montreal – and it doesn’t happen often enough  – you’ve got yourself a story.

The legendary Wayne Gretzky, managing partner and head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes, dropped in for a pregame media visit late this afternoon, in the hours following Hockey Canada’s hardly-news announcement that Detroit Red Wings vice-president Steve Yzerman would head the team to assemble Canada’s squad for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. It’s a job Gretzky had held in 2002 in Salt Lake City (gold) and 2006 in Turin (seventh).

Gretzky spoke about the Hockey Canada announcement and the scope of the Olympics, as well as his memories of playing in Montreal, against Hall of Fame Habs goaltender Patrick Roy, his own young, promising team, the fragile state of the world economy, and more.

Have you got 15 minutes? Give Wayne a listen here.


  1. Ian Cobb says:

    You know nothing of the game or fair play, glad your not a team mate of mine.

  2. madhabsfan says:

    PLEASE tell me we haven’t started blaming the victim now. A Kost was skating too fast? A Kost failed to defend himself? A Kist failed to look at Sauer? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

    I’ll tell you what. Let’s organize an imaginary game of shinny guys. The second one of you is skating quickly, not looking, or running out of room, I’ll absolutely clock you one, forearms, elbows, you name it. When you come to, will you blame yourselves for being in that set of circumstances?

    What’s next? Are we going to blame Steve Moore for having his back to Bertuzzi? The main issue here is the league. They said they were cracking down on head shots, and their officials failed miserably to do so last night. Most of us agreed with my statement that they could have made one of several possible calls, and nobody would have disputed it. Bottom line: The NHL needs to do what they say they will. They need to set rules and procedures and enforce them consistently, not selectively. The play should be reviewed, and the league needs to decide whether or not there was a clear attempt to injure. Intent is the only relevant issue here, and a thorough review of the play is the only appropriate course of action

  3. filincal says:

    I remember some years back when low-bridging a player was a “legal hit”, until some “stars” started to get significant injuries(Cam Neely) that it was then considered “dirty”.
    Now I wonder how long after NHL poster boys start getting knocked out of line-ups for the league to take another REAL look at head shots.


  4. HabsFan2 says:

    “Look the only people that think it wasnt a clean hit are Montreal fans.”


    My buddy and my cousin are both die-hard Bruins fans, they both agree it was a dirty hit and it was intentional.

    They also hate A.Kost with a passion.

    Sauer is a pussy, just like his coach is!


    When you talk about the Canadiens, you have to put the word ‘family’ in front of it.” – Patrick Roy

  5. habsgod says:

    well you could look at it either way,it could be deemed a dirty hit and it could also be deemed a clean hit but but delivered high! by no question a penalty should’ve been called and there wasn’t 1 then kovalev gets highsticked in the face a still no call! i was wondering when i was watching the game last night and seen this stuff taking place how long or how serious would a guy be injured before those incompotent idiots in the stripped shirts were going to call a penalty! because right after andre kostitsyn was hurt if i was a referee i would’ve been calling the slightest infraction on both teams! it is it me or does the officiating just seem to get worse every season especially when our habs are playing! i.e. koivu’s eye injury, last nights hit on kostitsyn etc,etc….!

  6. Hockey11 says:

    No way it was a late hit, how did the defender know AK was going to dish it off at the last minute? It was only a head hit because AK did not protect himself. If is simply bad luck and magnifies the violent and dangerous nature of the this game the fastest of all the pro sports.

  7. Hockey11 says:

    The hit was not dirty, sure the defending player stepped up to close the gap and the attacking player was moving quickly, the hit was violent and the attacking player made no attempt to defend himself so the result was not easy to watch. It appeared to me that AK’s head/face struck the glass perhaps causing a lack of consciousness and a second blow to the head took place when the players head hit the ice. This is a violent game and we all forget how fast and string these players are.

    You could call it a high hit or boarding but it was not dirty, a minor penalty at the worst. I suspect the defender was surprised that AK never looked his way. AK had run out of room so he should have protected himself better. He over carried the puck and found himself with no room so he dished it off.

    I would not be surprised if the player misses 1-3 weeks.

  8. georgesd says:

    When my son played soccer for the McGill Redmen, around 2003, he got a concussion. The NHL has it rules but medically the question is very simple: 10 days sympton free before you can return / begin to train. Dr. Delany is Redmen and Impact doctor and an expert on concussions.


  9. madhabsfan says:

    The hit on Kostitsyn had all the characteristics of an illegal hit. This is not a situation where Sauer could quote other goons in the league by saying that he was just finishing a check. A legal check is done with the body. Most of the impact on this hit came from Sauer’s forearms, and there was a direct momentum of the arms towards the head. It was not defensive, it was down right vicious. The hit was also late and completely unnecessary, and the officials could have chosen one of several different calls on this one, but they chose to sit on their hands. The league has clearly stated that it was going to cut back on “head shots” (their terminology), whether the hit was deemed legal by officials or not. Sauer and the league must be held accountable and kept honest on this one, and I seriously hope that Gainey asks for a review.

    As far a Cherry is concerned, unless this man is blind, senile, or stupid, he clearly lacks fundamental knowledge of the game if he feels the hit was clean. If the hit were from a European player on Darcy Tucker, he’d be singing a different tune entirely. Of the CBC doesn’t want to fire that twit on the grounds of his bigotry and stupidity, they could at least sack him on his rapidly deteriorating knowledge of the game.

  10. habs R my team says:

    What I want to know, is when Andrei will return to the lineup. I ndestand that the league mandate a 1 week absence, following a concussion. I read in the Gazette about possible cracked ribs. Does anyone have any info regarding that? I hope he’s back in the lineup in the minimum amount of time. And did you guys see Sergei on the bench talking with Koivu. The kid was crying, poor kid was so distraught. I hope both Kostistyns get refocused, otherwise our team could be in trouble.

  11. Ian G Cobb says:

    ______Final Summit Agenda______

    Bell Center Tour, 10:30am pick up a $5.50 HIO price ticket there. Look for Stephen Herron (aka Connecticut man) for direction.

    Pre Game Dinner and Bob Gainey Foundation Raffle at The Baton Rouge Restaurant 1050 Montagne St. 60 seconds from the Bell Center.

    After Game get together is at The Sports Station & Bar, 2051 St. Catherine St. W. across the street from the Hotel De Fort.

    I am looking forward to meeting all of this years HIO Summit Community.

    And a special thank you for all the help that I have received from many.

  12. Ton says:

    It takes more than one guy and he can’t be on the ice at all times nor do you want him to be. Habs need to model their team after the 76 to 79 editions. Greatest team of all time! They had speed (present team has it), goatending with Dryden(were on our way with Price), management (we on our way with Gainey and Carb) but were missing the overall toughness that the old team had.

    Remember the scare Robinson would put into opponents. I’m hoping O Byrne could do this. I saw it live in Florida last year. If not Bouchard, than it was Chawtraw, or Lupien, or even smaller player like Risebrough and Tremblay broke opponents noses. I am not advicating violence but your right either they see Big George as the aging lion or he has not supporting cast that is really really tough. How can you percieve Max L, Lattendresse has tough their baby’s. Let’s not get rid of them but somehow it would be nice if one of those players had a stellar fight that would send shockwaves across the league “look out” lets not bully their players.

  13. Ton says:

    The BS that is coming out of this hit is unbelievable. In one way Avery calls it like it really is with Don Cherry. His knowledge of hockey is terrible. Is it because a North American player hit a European that makes it a good hit. Clearly watch his feet when he makes the motion to hit Ak. Furthermore he aims with his arms and elbows and targets the head. The NHL has stated on many occasions that they want to protect the head. On another note Don Cherry showed clips of an NHL player hitting from behind in most cases the victim were North American hockey players. His recommended solution is showing a clip of Chris Simon taking care of the problem as he thinks (Don C) it should be taken care of this. My kids need to watch him. CBC do the right thing and fire the b d.

  14. bidds55 says:

    An illegal hit doesn’t neccesarily mean a late hit, and I think that’s where a lot of the confusion is coming from. Most of the time with a hit that is questionable, or “dirty”, the issue is that the hit comes well later than is allowable under the notion of finishing the check. In this case, the hit wasn’t late, but there was without question a blow to the head with the left forearm/elbow, and that is what makes that particular hit illegal.
    For anyone interested, there is an awesome hockey card show at Centre Pierre Charbonneau in Montreal Oct 24, 25, 26 (the weekend of the HIO summit). I have no affiliation with it, but I’ll be there, as will Carey Price, Andrei & Sergei Kostitsyn and more!

  15. Ian Cobb says:

    I going to phone the league office Monday, and can you imagine when pussy Wayne was playing if anyone hit him like that! They would have got 15 games.

  16. filincal says:

    from every angle shown, I saw Sauer’s forearm/elbow impact A.Kost in the head. He was out before he even hit the glass, nevermind hitting his face on the ice while already KO’d. If getting a forearm to the head is legal (no matter where you’re on the ice),then it was a clean hit, as some of you think.


  17. habsguy says:

    The hit on AK leads me back to why we need a guy like big George sitting on the bench. The argument here was that having a guy like him would stop the other teams goons from taking liberties with our skilled guys.
    Well, we have the toughest S.O.B in hockey on our team and it didn’t…

  18. habsfan reduxit says:

    … sorry, but I’ll pass on giving fifteen minutes to Gretzky. I’ve heard way more than enough from “The Great One” over the past couple of decades.

  19. CHsam says:

    Good ol Laraque. I loved watching Gretzky go red. Hope AK is alright.

  20. georgesd says:

    Important win. Hope AK is back soon. High hit, head down. Carbo calls it a head hit, intentional or not intentional. Still a head hit.

    Lats: 5 hits, 1 point, close a number of times, strong intelligent play, great hands. Looks like he’ll stick with Koivu and Tanguay. Could be that Higgins will play with Lang and S. Kostitsyn.

    Lats is tied for 9th in league for hits, is in 10th for +/- at +5, is among league leaders in points w 6 in 5 games.

    Lapierre 68% Koivu 86% on face-offs.


  21. Ton says:

    Definately a head hit. In addition to this the RDS commentators didn’t call the hit right during the intermission. The key was to watch the defencemen’s feet. He took 3 agressive strides towards AK before he hit him. Charging, attempt to injure, and head shot. Sorry to say this but anyone in agreement that RDS was better last year. I miss Yvon Pedneult. I found RDS to be better last year. I don’t like Brunet on the play by play team.

  22. bidds55 says:

    Hope AK46 is ok. That is first and foremost.

    What I am now wondering from a team perspective though, is what does this do for Higgins, Pacioretty, and Chipchura.

    Also, IF AK ends up out for an extended time, does this put BG in a situation to maybe start thinking real hard about Marian Gaborik, even as a rental? I have to think if the rumours of trade talks with Minnesota have any basis in reality, they just got a lot more serious.

    For anyone interested, there is an awesome hockey card show at Centre Pierre Charbonneau in Montreal Oct 24, 25, 26 (the weekend of the HIO summit). I have no affiliation with it, but I’ll be there, as will Carey Price, Andrei & Sergei Kostitsyn and more!

  23. georgesd says:

    On CBC where Pedneault acts as special commentator, you may be surprised that he called it a clean hit. It took him and his partner (Glen Hanlon??) about 10 more minutes to begin to disect the League’s rule book to finally conclude that it seemed to be in a “grey” area.

    Carbo didn’t hesitate to call it a head hit.


  24. nightmare_49 says:

    gd – I think Glen Hanlon is coaching in Europe.

  25. Hoegarden says:

    Pedneault never played the game, he wouldn’t know the difference between a fart and a stink bomb.
    It was a clear hit above the shoulders, period.

  26. georgesd says:

    Can’t remember who commented the game with Pedneault.


  27. Hockey11 says:

    The hit was not dirty, sure the defending player stepped up to close the gap and the attacking player was moving quickly, the hit was violent and the attacking player made no attempt to defend himself so the result was not easy to watch. It appeared to me that AK’s head/face struck the glass perhaps causing a lack of consciousness and a second blow to the head took place when the players head hit the ice.

    You could call it a hi hit but it was not dirty. I suspect the defender was surprised that AK never looked his way. AK had run out of room so he should have protected himself better. He over carried the puck and found himslf with no room so he dished it off.

    I would not be surprised if the player misses 1-3 weeks.

  28. georgesd says:

    It wasn’t dirty. You’re right. But it was a head hit. According to NHL rules both players have a responsibility: the hitter to hit, but if there is serious risk to injure to hold back. The player hit, not to put himself in a position to be hit in a dangerous manner.

    My take is that the NHL has not demonstrated that they are there to protect players. Defensemen are bigger, stronger and faster. The application of the rules has to follow. It should have been a 5 minute major because it was a high hit and propelled the player at a distance from the boards into the glass.

    BTW the Coyote player, in the post game CTV video commentary didn’t express regret for the hit.


  29. habsguy says:

    did you even see the hit, it was clearly a hit to the head, and his face never came near the glass…Take another look dude !!!!

  30. mjames says:

    Look at the hit again. As I saw it was a high hit with Sauer’s gloves making contact with AK46’s neck and face. 46 had just passed and was watching the pass when he got nailed. 46’s mistake was watching the pass. Sauer did not leave his feet but it was a head shot and at least a boarding penalty given the distance between the boards and 46. My only regret was GL’s in ability to nail Sauer. Maybe another game.

    I won’t even talk about Kovalev’s slash across his face. Although accidental it was nevertheless a slash.

    The ref’s set the tone for this game.


  31. sam says:

    hope AK is alright. should be, according to Carbo.
    i was thinking the same thing about who to bring in if AK is out for a week or more. my guess is Higgins comes back on monday to play with Lang and SK (gd did he make me proud by being AK tough little brother out there). that leaves a spot with Pleks and Kovalev. why not call up Pacioretty? isn’t this what they he’s there for? you can’t tell me Kostopoulos (as much as i love him) will fill on that line. and don’t even think about putting in Dandy.

    Pac is the only logical player to put up there with those kinds of players (no 4th liner will do, no matter for how many games). until AK comes back ready to play.

    also, i’m glad Guy mentioned he doesn’t want Laraque to only be a fighter because, in his first two games, they’ve needed him to fill that role. and it’s a relief to have such a respected player like that. but i’ll be happy when he goes a game without having to drop the gloves. i don’t want him to feel he has to protect the whole team all to himself.

  32. georgesd says:

    I doubt Pacioretty will get the call. He has 1 point in 4 games. D’Agostini has 5 in 4. He’s had 2 very good seasons w Hamilton. My guess is he’ll get the call. Hamilton is undefeated in 4 games and Danis is doing real well. Desharnais has 5 points and Maxwell 4. Stewart has 3 i believe.

  33. The Cat says:

    I think its only natural for Pacioretty to have a bit of a letdown after probably hearing theres no way he should be sent down from various sources.

  34. nightmare_49 says:

    gd – Nobody will be called up as Higgons is ready to comeback, it’s Marc Denis thats playing well in Hamilton. Chips, Pacioretty and White had fighting majors last night.

  35. georgesd says:

    i remember Lats being sent back to junior after an excellent camp. Yes it is only normal. That’s why there’s junior and Hamilton to continue to develop players. In being sent down, Pacioretty is learning to invest in loss. It happens to many players. The real problem to avoid is to have it happen too often as in the case of Chips.

    Georges D.

  36. nightmare_49 says:

    NY Times : The Morning Skate – The Numbers Game .. by Stu Hackel ….. (an excerpt) .. The rumors are flying in Montreal that the Wild’s Marian Gaborik is destined to wear the bleu, blanc et rouge, but in La Presse, Richard Labbé wrote: “Honestly, do the Canadiens need Marian Gaborik? I think the answer is a big ‘No.’ ” He reasons that the Habs have a pretty fair first line right wing in Alex Kovalev, that Gaborik is often injured and that he’s a diva, which doesn’t fit with the current Habs team concept. But the biggest problem is money and G.M. Bob Gainey, not to mention owner George Gillett, isn’t likely to fork over the kind of money Gaborik is seeking .. and much more …..

  37. Robert L says:

    I agree on your assesment of Gaborik. I’d rather see Gainey target Kovalchuk.

  38. twocents says:

    I really hope Andrei K. is ok, I am sure he is not feeling well this morning.

    That was the best all around game of hockey I have seen Lats play. His confidence is growing by leaps and bounds and it is allowing him to do a far wider range of things on the ice. Though I didn’t like how he praised himself in the clip Mike Boone posted. That clip really shows how self conscience he is of all the criticism he has received over the past two years. What he has to do now is put it all behind him and keep playing. If he develops a chip on his shoulder it will only hold him back every time he has an off game, which I suspect he has plenty in him yet.

    Ah… Saku Saku Saku…. 1 goal, 2 assists, +3 in 12:44 of ice time. Dandy played more! Carbo is doing a brilliant job of managing his ice time for maximum effect. I would suspect he is likely the league leader in points per minute of ice time right now. For that matter, Carbo is handling the bench very well this year. Tanguay has been a godsend(gaineysend) for Saku, not to mention vice-versa. He’s the best match for Saku since Recchi.

  39. georgesd says:

    As I’ve indicated before, Lats is bringing his game to the Habs more and more. We’ve not even seen the best of his play. To do so much so well at such a young age—with the Habs and not some far away place such as Phoenix, Carolina or Anchorage Alaska—indicates how strong mentally he is becoming.

    His growing belief in himself is VERY similar to what Lafleur went through over 35 years ago. We’re not comparing players but rather situations. Lats, as I’ve mentioned earlier, has just the right amount of cockiness and belief in himself. When you begin to believe in yourself, all that you bring to your game coalesces: attitude, intensity, physical attributes, pure talent (hands, shot release, vision, etc.), and positioning during the play (which takes speed, cardio and timing).

    I’ll conclude in saying that Lats will bring more fire power than Higgins because he is a more talented “scorer”. When he finishes growing into his frame, he COULD be one of the best power-forwards in the NHL. Will he be? I think so.

    Just imagine the striking power of the Habs with AK, Lats and Pacioretty when he gets his chance. Chance he will get, BUT not at Lats’ expense you can be assured of that. BG and Carbo are not that stupid to promote one to demote the other.

    Georges D.

  40. nightmare_49 says:

    2cents – Nice post and Dandy been playing inspired hockey lately and much better than last year when in a stetch of 10 games he had one shot on net and nothing else. Lats played well even though it was against a none playoff team again it was a great omen for the Habs. Now Carbo is stuck and i love it, he wants in the back of his mind to have Higgy with Saku but his boy is not making it possible so his two stubborn priorlties are clashing and in the end i think protecting his boy will override the duo. From the clip you read self conscience but i read not having a clue. How can you analysis your first 2 years when you don’t know how the game is played and his second half of last year is proof. It all goes back to junior hockey where he learnt nothing and was taught nothing cuz they pushed his scoring only.

  41. mjames says:

    I agree entirely. A very good analysis of the hit. I hope this does not ruin a kid that was becoming such a complete player.


  42. HabFab says:

    On the TSN replay looked like contact was left forearm and would be natural to assume the elbow would have at least glanced AK46’s head in following thru.

  43. The Cat says:

    Personally, I dont see anything that wrong with the hit. Its unfortunate but AK got his clock cleaned…We’d be here laughing had Komisarek dished out a similar hit… IMO Scott Stevens used to do a lot worse than that.

  44. habsguy says:

    Totally agree…..I can’t believe the amount of people saying it was a clean hit. Even loud mouth Cherry said it was a clean hit after the game!!

  45. slamtherimtim says:

    totally agree , had he just dipped his shoulder and hit with the same force it would have been a lot eaiser and safer to take , ak’s head took the brunt of the hit , the fact he got up was amazing

  46. Robert L says:

    The same kind of check must have been levelled on you at some point!

  47. The Cat says:

    There wasn’t a deliberate attempt to injure.

  48. The Cat says:

    Ak was in a vulnerable position a bit too far away from the boards. Sauer’s hands clearly landed on AK’s chest, it doesnt make it a dirty hit just because AK’s head snapped back. But I do hope the kid is alright and recovers, no one likes to see someone get hurt no matter what team they’re on.

  49. Robert L says:

    Yes, I agree with both of your statements, but…

    Deliberation never enters the question when something is done so instinctively, and neither does the result enter into it. What’s in the clip and pictures show how Sauer is lining him up when hitting him.

    It’s not a clean, by the rulebook, legal hit.

    Vulnerability has nothing to with it. Just because a player does something that has made him vulnerable, is it then okay to take his head off?

    If Sauer hits AK with a hip or shoulder, this injury is not the result.

    Instead, the aim is upper body, with forearms, elbow, and stick, on a player that is flying.

    The intent is what needs to be penalized. The result is often too circumstancial.

  50. georgesd says:

    I don’t agree. There is no pleasure, i.e. laughing as you say, in seeing a player seriously injured during the course of a game. No matter what team he plays for!

    Need I remind you of last year’s incidents.

    Georges D.

  51. The Cat says:

    Sorry but I got to disagree, Ive looked at it and relooked at it to see what I am missing but Id say the defenseman was finishing his check rather than lining him up and he cant let him go just because hes flying.

  52. The Cat says:

    No of course I didnt mean to laugh at an injury, I meant laugh if one of our players really leveled another but without serious injury of course.

  53. Robert L says:

    You just live to disagree then. Says all I need to know about you. Go back to your Leafs board!

  54. The Cat says:

    Look the only people that think it wasnt a clean hit are Montreal fans. Im different I don’t boo certain players opposing teams for fickle reasons or national anthems, or riot whether Im elated or crushed.

  55. georgesd says:

    Cool. Je comprends.

    Georges D.

  56. Hoegarden says:

    Is it not strange that Sauer could not help himself but treat himself to this opportunity to clean someone’s clock but then when asked to do it a different way, as in a quick invite for a dance with George, he has enough judgment to decline; He is only 6’4″, 220 after all and surely would not want to hurt George. But wait, a few minutes later he’s all willing to dance with Tom K, a much smaller player. This guy is smart but no brave heart ! Has anyone noticed how quickly he left the ice after the hit ?

    Legal or not is not the issue here; he could have avoided hitting AK above the shoulders. Some comments here sound like the old Flyers favorite line of “his face ran into my stick”.

  57. LeGrosBill says:

    Did he really need to get his arm and elbow up into AK’s neck/face to finish his check?

  58. Robert L says:

    I have never ever been biased in my judgement. It’s not because I am Habs fan that I see it like I do. I would bring the same sense to Bertuzzi’s hit on Naslund and Stevens hit on Lindros.

    You’ve lost the argument trying to paint me.

  59. Robert L says:

    Not to be contrary, but “legal” is one of the issues being debated at the heart of this conversation.

    My POV is that a totally legal hit was available to Sauer. He instinctively employed a different means – one that should have had a match penalty for attempt to injure attached to it.

  60. HabsFan2 says:


    My buddy and my cousin are both die-hard Bruins fans, they both agree it was a dirty hit and it was intentional.

    They also hate AKost with a passion.

    Sauer is a pussy, just like his coach is!


    When you talk about the Canadiens, you have to put the word ‘family’ in front of it.” – Patrick Roy

  61. HabsFan2 says:

    What the hell is this…”warning: preg_match_all() [function.preg-match-all]: Unknown modifier ‘/’ in /home/main/drupal/sites/all/modules/spam/spam.module on line 1275.”

    and why am I getting this??

    When you talk about the Canadiens, you have to put the word ‘family’ in front of it.” – Patrick Roy

  62. HabsFan2 says:

    Triple post…?


    When you talk about the Canadiens, you have to put the word ‘family’ in front of it.” – Patrick Roy

  63. Number31 says:

    Well.. No, ’cause if it were Komi, he’d have just used his body, plain and simple, and it’s crushing enough. Watchin the recap on TSN’s site, not only did he check Andrei, but he then shoves his head towards the glass. It’s the movement of his arms to an area above the shoulders that warranted at least a serious look. Whether intentional or not, the guy should learn not to do that.

  64. Robert L says:

    And the last time Cherry was right about anything was….

  65. The Cat says:

    I dont watch him a lot but he did call Ottawa-Anaheim in the finals, and he did say Boston would take Montreal to the limit (something most of us didnt see coming). He does know his stuff if he just stopped being controversial for the sake of being controversial.

  66. georgesd says:

    After the aborted agreement BG had with Atlanta for Hossa’s services last year, I don’t believe we’ll see Bob negotiating with Atlanta any day soon. Bob keeps his word, Atlanta doesn’t/didn’t.

    BUT, I also would love to have Kovalchuck. After Ovechkin, he’s the best attacking forward i see in the NHL.

    Georges D.

  67. Robert L says:

    In trade talk, the highest bidder rules. I don’t blame the Trash for grabbing the Pens offer – it was better.

    If Waddell is still Atlanta’s GM by midseason, Gainey would be wise to investigate their shaky foundation regardless of what happened with Hossa.

    This time it might pay off.

  68. georgesd says:

    What you may not know is that Waddell renaged on an agreement with Bob. That’s all. If you and I agree on something, you renage on the agreement, do you really think I’ll want to consider sitting down and talking with you. I don’t think so. A burnt bridge in this business is ‘toast’.

    Best regards.

    Georges D.

  69. nightmare_49 says:

    Robert – That was part of the article and Hackel’s assessment but i liked the Diva bit and that concerns me.

  70. Robert L says:

    I understand where you are coming from, but please consider that, unless you are privelege to inside info, the Waddell reneging is pure speculation.

    All Gainey has said, is that he felt he had a deal in place. Five minutes before the trade deadline closed, Atlanta received a better offer for Hossa that Gainey would not match.

    There’s not really a burned bridge there. A deal is only done once it is signed and filed with the NHL as an official transaction agreement.

    Such apparently, was not he case.

    Either way, if and when the time comes, Gainey will deal with Waddell if Kovalchuk is on the market, if it means improving his hockey club.

    Gainey wouldn’t let an old snub stop him from improving the team.

  71. mrstewart61 says:

    Amen! I said that a while ago. They need a 50 goal scorer. Kovalchuk’s weaknesses won’t be as obvious on a strong team. We need that game-breaker.
    If a man speaks in a forest where no woman can hear him, is he still wrong?

  72. georgesd says:

    There was a time when a hand-shake was enough between men of honour. It goes way back before Sam Pollock to when Frank Selke Sr. came over from Toronto to build the Habs’ dysnaty of the 50s.

    Gainey and all former Habs around the league who are in positions of power respect the word they give. Most GMs worth their salt don’t do what Waddel did. Look where Atlanta is and you’ll see where they will stay.

    Waddel has a lot to learn.

    Cheers, GD

    I don’t remember Gainey ever going public. What I’ve heard comes from undisclosed sources around Quebec.

  73. twocents says:

    nightmare, that’s a good point on Latendresse’s comments. He does seem to have a loose grip on what has happened. I have to admit, I was really impressed with his game and then quite disappointed with his comments. Him talking about his own defensive effort was especially off. Playing with Saku might help him in more ways than one way, he may learn to be a little more grounded and aware.

    Btw, I agree with your assessment of Dandy, he played his game well. This internal competition stuff is really paying off. Now, if Brisebois could realize that he needs to join the movement to excel we could reach the next level sooner rather than later.

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