New off-ice hires: audio from Canadiens press conference

On the first day of development at the Canadiens Brossard training complex, general manager Marc Bergevin introduced the new members of his off-ice team.
Sylvain Lefebvre becomes coach of the Hamilton Bulldogs.
Martin Lapointe and Patrice Brisebois will work in developing the Canadiens’ prospects.
They will travel to Hamilton and to junior clubs and U.S. colleges. With the Bulldogs, Brisebois and Lapointe will draw on their own long NHL experience to help young players make the transition to professional hockey life.

AUDIO: Marc Bergevin | Sylvain Lefebvre | Martin Lapointe | Patrice Brisebois

An organigram of the Canadiens’ new front office would have Bergevin at the top, above his assistant GMs: Rick Dudley and Larry Carrière.

One level below are Trevor Timmins, who got a ringing endorsement from Bergevin, focusing on amateur scouting and Scott Mellanby concentrating on player development.

Below that level are Brisebois and Lapointe.

Regardless of the hierarchy, Bergevin stressed teamwork and the importance of collegiality in the culture he is trying to create in the Canadiens’ front office.

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do in the organization,” Lapointe said. “Marc’s attitude is put something together and I’ll listen. That’s how he works.”

“I always stress teamwork,” Bergevin said. “These epople hired today aren’t window dressing.”

When asked about the repatriation of Quebec-born executive talent, Bergevin described Lefebvre, Lapointe and Brisebois as “good solid hockey people who will help the Montreal Canadiens. They happen to be French, but they’re good hockey people.”

Bergevin had the funniest line of the day. When Tony Marinaro of TSN 990 asked the GM if this has been his busiest two weeks of talking to the media, Bergevin said: “Two weeks? It’s more questions than I had in 20 years of playing.”

On a more serious note, the Canadiens’ GM said the keys to NHL success are goaltending, solid defence and strength at the centre position.

The Canadiens are set with Carey Price in goal. Their best prospects at this camp are defencemen Nathan Beaulieu, Jarred Tinordi and Morgan Ellis.

Centre is another story … although Bergevin was at pains to heap praise on Tomas Plekanec as a hard-working, intelligent player.

Bergevin also said he has no interest in signing Georges Laraque.

  1. commandant, 13 June, 2012

    Great to hear that Timmins gets a ringing endorsement.

    Go Habs Go!
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  2. aemarchand11, 13 June, 2012

    I am so relieved that Bergevin has no Interest in BGL. But i hope he kicks the tires with Shawn Thornton. I would take him in a heartbeat for the 4th line. 34 years old, but still two good years left in him i would think.

  3. commandant, 13 June, 2012

    Already re-signed in Boston.

    Go Habs Go!
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  4. aemarchand11, 13 June, 2012

    Crap, i didnt even see that come out… Well back to hating him again. Staubitz!

  5. Mr. Biter, 13 June, 2012

    Staubitz stood up for his teamates and stood up to anyone when he arrived. BTW he was a +2 during his 19 games with the Habs (-7 with Wild) and except for the Malone incident with Emilin (and a Lighting goon took a beating in the 3rd period from Staubitz) there was a huge decrease of opponents running Habs after he arrived. To bad we never played the Bruins after he aarrived. Staubitz and White and Moen or Bulden for 4 th. line to help keep order.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

  6. boing007, 14 June, 2012

    He also has a good left hook.

    Richard R
    Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  7. habsfan0, 13 June, 2012

    What’s the difference between an organigram and a flow chart?

  8. commandant, 13 June, 2012

    One looks dirty if you read it too fast.

    Go Habs Go!
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  9. JayK-47, 13 June, 2012

    One is for decision processes, the other for chain of command.

  10. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    An organigram is a chart of people responsible for the decision making process… a flowchart is a roadmap of the decision making process. And that line my friend once got me a standing applause from a room and a bear-hug from my superior who inked a superlative contract based on that one line.

    It may have even gotten me one of those love-taps from the elegant lady in charge post-agenda ‘agenda’… but by then I was too drunk to know for sure.

    I shoulda done like George Costanza and gone home on a high for it went downhill after that primarily because I really didnt have a clue on how to accomplish what the client needed.

  11. habsfan0, 13 June, 2012

    Then perhaps, like Costanza, you should have become a hand model.

  12. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012


  13. AceMagnum, 13 June, 2012

    Hey Lefebvre is so articulate in English! Hopefully he becomes head coach of the Canadiens after the buffoon is fired.

    He’s come a long way since Mitch Melnick called him “200 pounds of jello” back in 1992.

  14. otter649, 13 June, 2012

    Remember Lefebvre as a Leaf fighting Rob Brown not the biggest player but The Leafs PBP announcer Joe Bowen calling Down Goes Brown – Down Goes Brown later Lefebvre got his when he tried fighting Kelly Chase……

  15. Hobie Hansen, 13 June, 2012

    Hey there’s no talking about fond memories of fights here! You must be huge Brian Burke or Don Cherry fan for saying that! The nerve on you man for even showing your face around here.

    I saw my best friend get a bloody nose and a headache one time in a hockey fight and i never want to see one again. It was traumatizing and I’m still trying to deal with it.

    If you see your 13-year-old son watching a hockey fight on television and wrestling with one of his buddies make sure you send the other boy home and your son to his room!

  16. shiram, 13 June, 2012

    Yeah, you can only bring up non-fond memories of fight, as a ploy to try make people believe having a non skilled fighter on the team helps that team.

  17. JayK-47, 13 June, 2012

    Some of my favorite memories are my fighting days or Habs hockey brawls.

    Some of my favorite memories are my fighting days or Habs hockey brawls.

  18. Hobie Hansen, 13 June, 2012

    Hey come on now. This site loves the Smurfs OK. Nobody here likes fighting and everyone here believes the 4th line on the Habs should consist of 19-year-old Swedish prospects who figure skate and knit sweaters in their spare time OK! How dare you!

  19. shiram, 13 June, 2012

    Here’s one figure skater I’d take on the Habs.

  20. Hobie Hansen, 13 June, 2012

    But can hit knit a sweater?

  21. Bripro, 13 June, 2012

    Yeah, but they make a good income selling those sweaters online! You can’t mock that!

  22. shiram, 13 June, 2012

    He would not play on the 4th either.

  23. HabFarmer, 13 June, 2012

    This is the figure skater you’re looking for:


    Bring on zee Fembaahhts!!

  24. habsfan0, 13 June, 2012

    NOBODY beats this figure skater.

  25. boing007, 14 June, 2012

    I’ll take Jennifer Robinson, thank you. Even if she doesn’t know how to knit.

    Richard R
    Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  26. Mr. Biter, 13 June, 2012

    +1 JayK-47. Ever see someone sitting down during a fight at an NHL game. Also haven’t they changed the rules for young players to wear cages on the helmets until they play Junior Hockey and this has been standard for many years now in Manitoba.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

  27. Ncognito, 13 June, 2012

    I didn’t know Georges Laraque posted here.

  28. VancouverHab, 13 June, 2012


  29. Ian Cobb, 13 June, 2012

    Help! On 09/24/2009, at 11:47am,
    I wrote a HIO article about Patrice Brisebois’s retirement. How do I bring it up on here please??


  30. Sean Bonjovi, 13 June, 2012

    I don’t know if the archived threads even go back that far. The menu is right there on the right. —>>>

    “I’m not opposed to trading Plekanec and/or Markov”
    – Sean Bonjovi

  31. Ian Cobb, 13 June, 2012

    I have tried google, but to know avail. It must be out there somewhere.???

  32. Bripro, 13 June, 2012

    If it’s off their servers, chances are it’s gone Ian.

  33. Ian Cobb, 13 June, 2012

    I’ll just write it again, thanks

  34. bigjack, 13 June, 2012

    Ian – Nothing on the Internet is ever gone… lives forever…

    Submitted by Ian Cobb on Thu, 09/24/2009 – 11:47.
    Patrice Brisebois took it all in stride. And with his large heart and broad shoulders he carried more of the blame for his teams poor performance than he should have. He was the consummate professional team mate.
    Brisebois was never a top 2nd defenceman his whole career. He played the game with all his worth every time on the ice. His low shot from the point was on net more than not, creating chances.
    After 16 years in this tough league he came back home as the 7th D for the past 2 years. He replaced the young and developing kids, and injured players that were higher and younger on the pecking order than himself. He had to fill in on the power play and in situations that required a younger player, but he never complained. As an older player he was chalenged to keep up at times and errors that all players make were critisised way out of proportion.
    I am every bit as proud of him as any player who wore our colours over the years. Patrice Brisebois has played his all and entertained me over the years in the game we both love. Merci Monsieur !!!

  35. HabFab, 13 June, 2012

    Very impressive bigjack!

  36. Ozmodiar, 13 June, 2012

    no luck, but there’s this, from the same day.

  37. Bripro, 13 June, 2012

    I noticed on the list of players at the combine is Lukas Sutter. Any relation to the NHL-famous Sutters? Must be….EDIT: Found it. Son of Rich.
    Do I bother naming all the uncles?

    2nd EDIT: I thought the Sutters hated the Habs. Is this kid any different? Anyone know anything about him?

  38. commandant, 13 June, 2012

    Had him a couple weeks ago. Hopefully that gets you started.

    Go Habs Go!
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  39. Bripro, 13 June, 2012

    Thanks Ben.
    Can I ask (in all seriousness, no mockery here) how you know all these kids? Are you in a junior scouting program, or do you just follow diligently?

  40. commandant, 13 June, 2012

    Follow dilligently, but I also am not the only one.

    I write the reports, but notice all the wes I use. At our site Scott, John, Grant, and Bill also contribute their notes to these reports. We all met in university, but we live in different areas now, so they get to see games I don’t get access to. I’m the only Habs fan of the group.

    We do a group wide vote.

    I’m also watching hockey almost every night…. whether it be a stream off of neulion, or fasthockey, or other illegal places I don’t talk about, or my OHL games off the super sports pack, or whatever it may be.

    Go Habs Go!
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  41. EasternOntarioHabsFan, 13 June, 2012

    wow, Breeze-by!!??

    this team is truly going to the dogs

  42. Ian Cobb, 13 June, 2012

    Dave! NOT NICE!

  43. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    Is there another team in the entire world in any sport who just cant seem to get their act together like the Dutch. They have had so much talent and have squandered it all over may decades.

  44. Mattyleg, 13 June, 2012

    The Spanish.

    They are on an up, much like the Dutch were in the 70s and 90s (not many decades since they were good, btw!), but apart from their current success, the Spanish were always good on paper, but always disappointed.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  45. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    True but the finally WON!

  46. Mattyleg, 13 June, 2012


    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  47. Timo, 13 June, 2012

    Habs since 1993 (minus the talent)

  48. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    Yeah but the Dutch have had the talent. I may be being kinda harsh but I see a little bit of the “Dutch disease” to mix my metaphors in the Vancouver Canucks.

  49. ed lopaz, 13 June, 2012

    so I noticed Tom brought up the name Vlassic on the other thread.

    for those who don’t know, here’s a nice story about Vlassic.

    playing for the midget AAA Lac St Louis Lions, same team that produced Louis Leblanc, Mike Matheson, Ryan Culkin, Jonathan Drouin and Anthony Duclair,

    Vlassic was not being noticed by the QMJHL scouts and the risk that he would go undrafted was very real.

    It seems Vlassic was nothing “special”, he didn’t score very much, didn’t hit very hard, was not the fastest or the strongest, so the scouts were looking elsewhere.

    The Lions coach got on the phone and started calling the Q teams one after the other.

    What the coach was trying to tell them was that they were missing out on a terrific prospect because they would watch 1 game at a time and then move on to another team.

    The “talent” that Vlassic brings was (and still is) his ability to go game after game, week after week, 10 or 15 games in a row, without making a mistake!!

    Remarkable ability to make the correct decision, when to skate when to pass, who to pass to, when to take the body, etc, etc.

    finally the Remparts caught on and they drafted Vlassic.

    After a successful junior career, the Sharks drafted Vlassic and he

    made their roster right out of training camp as a 19 year old!!

    The young man who was nothing “special” has been a fixture on the

    Sharks defence ever since.

    I think he would be a great addition to the Habs roster.

  50. Habitant in Surrey, 13 June, 2012

    …except for Therrien, and not Roy as HC, I enjoy what’s happening
    …of course, proof is in the puddin’ …it will be a year or two before We know if this will work
    …but, quite amazing so many years have gone by without bringing together the manpower needed to address Player development in the way Bergevin seems to have identified it as being essential

    …I was afraid Breezer was being thought of as an Assistant Coach to Therrien …mon Dieu ! …what, teach Our Guys how NOT to play ???
    …yet, Breeze would be the ‘sensitive’ type of Dude to help Our Prospects adapting to pro life in Montreal …as He had to endure the fiery tempest Himself over His career

    Michel Therrien ???: HIS’ new Official Habs’ Fan Theme Song; Morrissey/The Smiths ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’:
    HIO’s BC Odd Couple: UCe, the supercilious stickler; and HIS, the stubbornly relentless ‘schismatist’ 🙂
    What I WANT ! is an aircraft carrier at centre and nuclear destroyers on each wing going to the net like bats out of Hell !, …NO MORE rubber duckies !!!
    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  51. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    I think Brisebois would turn out be a huge surprise, especially in helping non Quebecois players feel comfortable. He is not a ‘clique’ guy either.

  52. Habitant in Surrey, 13 June, 2012

    …agree Trini

  53. Bripro, 13 June, 2012

    Me too!
    I always felt that he was always a positive influence in the dressing room, faced the music every night, and showed nothing but courtesy and professionalism to everyone. That takes a lot of maturity.
    And if he can instil that in the kids, well good for him!

  54. Habitant in Surrey, 13 June, 2012

    …though, I just wished He had popped Hartley in the schnozz when He had the opportunity 🙁

  55. VancouverHab, 13 June, 2012

    Proof isn’t in the pudding: the adage is that “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

    FYI ;–)

  56. Habitant in Surrey, 13 June, 2012

    …AND, it’s not ‘pudding’ …it’s puddin’ …Professor 🙂

    Michel Therrien ???: HIS’ new Official Habs’ Fan Theme Song; Morrissey/The Smiths ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’:
    HIO’s BC Odd Couple: UCe, the supercilious stickler; and HIS, the stubbornly relentless ‘schismatist’ 🙂
    What I WANT ! is an aircraft carrier at centre and nuclear destroyers on each wing going to the net like bats out of Hell !, …NO MORE rubber duckies !!!
    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  57. Timo, 13 June, 2012

    This is so going to blow in their faces.

  58. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    I dont think so Timo. Either Bergevin is the freaking best snake oil salesman to land in La Belle Province, or he is plain and simply a master builder.

  59. Timo, 13 June, 2012

    I hope you’re proven right. To be honest, I am getting a bit bored being right all the time.

  60. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    LOL! Hey if it all goes to hell anyways, then it’s the young ‘uns like you who would have to live through it. In a coupla years I wont be able to stay up thru a whole hockey game.

  61. That’s-Hockey, 13 June, 2012

    These guys are just a bunch of minds that will sit around a table come up with ideas and hope it works.
    Timo you could be right again.

  62. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    Everytime I think negatively of Bergevin’s decisions, the guy stands up and sincerely and forthrightly answers questions and induces new confidence in me. Did you listen to the part where he disarmed the whole damn room by explaining how by hiring good people he gets to look smart .. or something along that line.

    I hope every employee of his does the best for this guy. He deserves it.

    May I also draw your attention to the possible hire of Claude Jedoin as MT’s assistant. The process being followe (as described today) convinces me even more that Bergevin, while giving MT enough power is, ensuring that MT bases the hire on sound organizational goals.

  63. That’s-Hockey, 13 June, 2012

    I think Bergevin could sell ice to an Eskimo.

  64. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012


  65. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    I am glad Hudon is in the camp. Pencil this name down. I dont know where he will go in the draft but when you talk about intangibles of charcater and intangibles of ‘born to play a game’… this guy has them.

    I dont think he is a priority for the HABS based on need and the position they are drafting in 1st and 2nd… but if he is available to them in the 3rd round I hope they grab him.

  66. commandant, 13 June, 2012

    Natural, instinctive point producer.

    Also plays LW, which if you look at the Habs organizational depth chart is an area of weakness. RW is in a lot better shape.

    Go Habs Go!
    Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

  67. frontenac1, 13 June, 2012

    I am really liking what Marc is building. I have made some negative comments about Brisebois and his game,but after a little more research about his screw ups and subsequent depression and use of antidepressants, I understand how Marc wants him in the organization to help the kids who might be overwhelmed by the pressures that he faced.Very shrewd guy this Bergevin. Go Habs and Go Breeze-by!

  68. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    Good sign.. Gallant or Robinson or Ramage joins MT staf.

    Bad sign.. we bring back Latendresse. I would take Pouliot or Lapierre before Latendresse.

    As I posted before, he used his ‘french’ heritage as a club against Gainey and management. Dont think he has learnt.

  69. frontenac1, 13 June, 2012

    So how’s Canada doing in this soccer thingy?

  70. GrimJim, 13 June, 2012

    Do you mean EURO 2012?
    Well they haven’t lost any games yet…

  71. Harditya_CareyPrice, 13 June, 2012

    LOOL – better than Netherlands.

  72. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    Hod do u say “ouch” in dutch.

  73. HabFab, 13 June, 2012

    Videos today from HabTV

  74. Habsrule1, 13 June, 2012

    Excellent hires all around today. The habs are going to have the best management team in hockey!

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  75. HardHabits, 13 June, 2012

    Aren’t you glad that Geoff Molson selected my first choice for GM!! 😀

  76. Habsrule1, 13 June, 2012

    I’m sure you never heard of him until a week after he was hired!

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  77. HardHabits, 13 June, 2012

    I’ll admit I didn’t know much of Bergevin before PG got fired, however when the top candidates were mentioned I did my research on all of them and after compiling the data, Bergevin was my pick.

    It was a hunch, albeit still a perception and an analysis based upon the information that was provided by others and by my own observations and opinions.

    I hope Bergevin does well, as all Habs fans do. He at the very least gives the impression that he knows what he is doing and is capable of handling himself in public. The moves being made are accomplishing on two fronts, personnel and public relations.

    I think the Habs are going to go young and involve themselves with mentoring the youth. If anything that is what Chicago did with success and something the last regime has dropped the ball on. One could expect a better future and a better managing and developing with less squandering of talent moving forward.

  78. HabinBurlington, 13 June, 2012

    Okay, let’s go with that. As long as it looks like you are ahead of the curve HH, after all this site is more about who predicts the future than sharing opinions.

  79. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    OK here’s poking the hornet’s nest. If Molson had hired Pierre McGuire who had turned around and hire Michel Therrien… what would have been your reaction?

  80. Habsrule1, 13 June, 2012

    I don’t hate the hire, myself…but would have preferred Roy….just because I prefer something new….and I love Roy’s passion.

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  81. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    I think all hell would have broken loose here on HIO.

  82. frontenac1, 13 June, 2012

    Hey Hobie! Don’t write us all off! I Love Fighting in Hockey! Alway Have,Always Will! Consider us the “Un-Vocal Majority” Ding Ding Baby!!!!

  83. That’s-Hockey, 13 June, 2012

    Now lets see if they can assemble the best team in hockey.

  84. frontenac1, 13 June, 2012

    Agreed Biter! Said it before.Moen,Staubitz and White. That’s your 4th line. Ding Ding Baby!

  85. ProHabs, 13 June, 2012

    Listened to McGuire on Melnick today. During his interview with Geoff Molson, he told him that one of his first moves if he got the GM job would be to hire Sylvain Lefevre and bring him to Montreal.

    When Bergevin was asked today if he mentioned Lefevre during his interview, he said no and that he just talked about his philosophy.

    With the amount of interviews the Habs did, you got to wonder how many of the moves they are going to make were “stolen” from other candidates as they picked their brains during interviews.

  86. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    I didnt hear McGuire today. But if Mc.Guire mentioned Lefebvre (and no reason to not believe it) then it is again testimony to Bergevin’s readiness to listen and take counsel from all areas that he investigated and decided on hiring Lefebvre. Also shows there has been consultation with Molson, from whom the reference to Lefebvre would have come.

    While on the topic, there is a clip on Habs website of Bergevin in very casual wear talking in a scrum. He mentions the ‘workings’ behind the hiring of Lefebvre and Jodoin moves from Hamilton. It is very interesting.

    And if I may pat myself on the back, it supports my theory that Bergevin is hands-on on the assistant coaches selection.. which is normally just a formality left to the head coach.

  87. PureGuava, 13 June, 2012

    I thought McGuire was the guy that Molson should have hired. I like Bergevin, and am thrilled with all of his moves so far….but I still would have liked to see McGuire.

  88. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    Let’s not start that again LOL!

    I suggest you disown this post; join the witness protection program and put your family up in a safe-house. HIO is essentially an anti-McGuire realm.

    You’re on your own! Sorry LOL!

  89. Habsrule1, 13 June, 2012

    I got your back. Despite what I think is a good job so far, I still think McGuire was the better candidate (without knowing what happened during the interviews).

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  90. Sir.Plekers, 13 June, 2012

    Agreeeee (Runnnns for cover)


  91. HabFab, 13 June, 2012

    Four of you in one spot and me fresh out of hand grenades…oh the injustice of it all!

  92. HardHabits, 13 June, 2012

    Wanna go for a ride in my tank?

  93. frontenac1, 13 June, 2012

    22-17 Argos in 3rd. Als up tomorrow night! Go Als Go!! Oh yeah, Go Europe in that soccer thing!

  94. saskhab, 13 June, 2012

    So what did Patrice Brisebois have to say. Sorry I’m not bi-lingual. Thanks

  95. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    OK… so if Devil’s Salvador is sitting around for ever with no real offers do we make him one just before season starts.. for as little as possible. He is fairly old and missed whole year from inuries but looked good this year and has quite a good plus-minus history.

    Wont go after him right away but some UFA’S go unsigned quite long… maybe he would.

  96. commandant, 13 June, 2012

    I think Salvador would be a great guy to go after even on July 1st. You get him for a 1 or maybe 2 year deal, he can play 20 minutes a game, and he’s a stop gap until the young d are ready.

    He might work better than giving a 5 year deal to some other UFA and clogging things up for Tinordi and Beaulieu etc…

    Go Habs Go!
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  97. habstrinifan, 13 June, 2012

    WOW! I am kinda surprised that you ‘rank’ him as that covetable. His age and slowness kinda scare me but I will sign him rather than bringback Gill which some have suggested.

  98. commandant, 13 June, 2012

    I think I’d rather have Allen or Jackman, but both are probably looking at 4 or 5 year deals. Even so, I probably still want Allen or Jackman.

    But if we are talking guys who are third pairing dmen and they want 3 years, I’d rahter just take Salvador for 1 year.

    Go Habs Go!
    Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

  99. frontenac1, 13 June, 2012

    29-17 Argos in 4th. Gotta wonder if loosing offensive co-ordinator Milanovich to Argos is going to hurt the Als this year.

  100. commandant, 13 June, 2012

    Argos have been putting up a lot of those points after the ticats first teamers went to the sidelines for the day. I think they have scored 2 TDs in the late third quarter or fourth quarter. Its garbage time in preseason.

    Go Habs Go!
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  101. Sir.Plekers, 13 June, 2012



  102. frontenac1, 13 June, 2012

    Lotsa Canadian college kids out there gettin a taste Commandant! Enjoy!

  103. frontenac1, 13 June, 2012

    Nice catch Charbonneau!!

  104. Malreg, 13 June, 2012

    Official heights and weights from the NHL Combine:

    Interesting Galchenyuk is only 6″ tall… Many people talk about him as if he’s the BIG center we’ve always needed. He’s only an inch taller than the “small” Yakupov.

  105. HabFab, 13 June, 2012

    You’re missing the .5 of an inch plus that he is only 18 years old.

    Noticed that Yakupov turns 19 this year and a year older then Galchenyuk.

  106. Malreg, 13 June, 2012

    He’s 4 months younger than Yakupov.

    I’m not saying I don’t like Galchenyuk, I would love for the Habs to draft him, I’m just trying to point out that he is not going to be the “big center” the Habs have always needed…

  107. HardHabits, 13 June, 2012

    The Habs need a number 1 centre. As for the size thing, big wingers can insulate and compensate for a small centre. Pacioretty and Cole proved that with Desharnais.

    I’d take Yapukov or Galchenyuk in a heart-beat.

  108. commandant, 13 June, 2012

    There is a 1.5 inch difference from Cole or Pacioretty to Galchenyuk.

    Go Habs Go!
    Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

  109. kempie, 13 June, 2012

    Galchenyuk should have had his shins lengthened when they were rebuilding his knee.

  110. Marc10, 13 June, 2012

    What a contrast! Instead of PG the introvert micro-manager, MB the extrovert is assembling a team.

    I don’t know how any of these hires (from MB on down) will work out, but I like that we’re doing something about player development.

    If anybody knows the fishbowl, it’d be Breezer and Lapointe. They’ve grown up here (and in Breezer’s case suffered here) which invariably will help prepare the next gen.

    Badly needed IMO. I wish this methodology had been employed when the amigos were taking on Saku’s gang.

  111. 24 Cups, 13 June, 2012

    The Habs don’t have a 4th line centre for next year but this is what 1.6M gets you in today’s NHL.

  112. HardHabits, 13 June, 2012

    Paraphrased from below:

    My first indelible impression of the Marc Bergevin hiring is that the Habs are going to go with a youth movement and very much involve themselves with the mentoring of their youth. If anything that is what Chicago did successfully and in my opinion something that the Gainey/Gauthier regime dropped the ball on.

    One could expect a better future for the Habs, a better managing and developing of talent with less squandering moving forward.

  113. HabFab, 13 June, 2012

    Who said that?

  114. The Dude, 13 June, 2012

    I agree but the formula starts with size and I mean size!

  115. HardHabits, 13 June, 2012

    Desharnais, Gionta and Gallagher can make my team any day of the week. I do agree though that after that big bodies can be extremely useful if not absolutely necessary. Pacioretty and Cole proved that. As well, the lack of that size and grit on the back-end proved to be one of the weak links that contributed to the Habs falling apart as opposed to rising together. I am tired of seeing opponent’s forwards press in the Habs zone with impunity. Secondary and tertiary scoring would help too.

  116. The Dude, 14 June, 2012

    Hell Hardhabits,let’s have a fouratary line O giants that pump it up an pump it in,it’s time no?

  117. Marc10, 13 June, 2012

    So Grigs it is then…?

  118. Strummer, 13 June, 2012

    Lots of pieces finally falling into place as we move toward draft day.
    Time will tell which way the team’s fortunes go.

    “The future is unwritten”
    – Joe Strummer


  119. dgaud096, 13 June, 2012

    should be an interesting season.

  120. dgaud096, 13 June, 2012

    Well we have an opportunity this draft to pick up some good prospects. Third pick overall better not be a bust. I’m truly sick of hearing every year which players we could have gotten. I want to be able to say wow, those other teams really missed out on this guy.

  121. Steven, 14 June, 2012

    In our drafting’s defence, Subban is definitely that kinda guy(And Gallagher, as well as Ellis might be, too).

    Totally get what you’re saying, though. It’ll be hard to pick wrong, though, between Grigorenko, Galchenyuk and Murray(and maybe even Yakupov if the pieces fall in place). Grigs is most risky, but I don’t see any of those guys turning into a bust.

  122. Marc10, 14 June, 2012

    Timmins has done well at the draft table. I’m not too worried.

    Teams have very different ideas on who will turn out to be gems beyond Yakupov so it will be interesting to see who we get.

    We need a true number one center. Given the right wingers, Pleks, DD and Eller if he continues to progress are fine as secondary centers.

    Here’s something we’ll never do and way out from left field… How about we get both AK and Radulov to play with Pleks? Do-able…?

    And how would those two survive under MT?

  123. Lizardking89, 14 June, 2012

    Haven’t we taken on enough of other team’s problems? Gomez, Kaberle, Bourque and you want to add those two lazy floaters to the mix. No thanks.

  124. Marc10, 14 June, 2012

    Lazy floaters who have produced in the past… but yeah… I hear you.

    AK worked in 08 following the Kovy train and Radulov is a first line talent. With the right player centering them and playing as a 1A tandem to Cole’s line, well I could think of worse. It would be a serious lift in talent depth. Think of your third line with that kind of talent injection – Gio-Eller-Bourque. Not bad…

    But yeah, they have a serious history of floating and it will never happen.

  125. HabinBurlington, 13 June, 2012

    Am I really reading where somehow McGuire gets credit for MB hiring Lefebvre? WOW maybe we should revisit Al Gore inventing the Internet. Sorry, not buying, this guy takes huge credit when something he says turns out but refuses to revisit all his proposed drafts that turn out disaster.

    PG is not our GM who cares what he spews on his infomercials with Melnyk.

  126. otter649, 14 June, 2012

    McGuire almost started talking about the 2005 draft where he thought Montreal should have taken Kopitar instead of Price but PM was on the record The Habs should have picked Gilbert Brule – Depending what day of the week it is & what radio station he is talking to McGuire stories change accordingly…….

  127. Marc10, 14 June, 2012

    Price was a great pick. Why even go there.

    Kopitar over Price… I’m not even sure you’d do that (even knowing Kopitar ends up winning a cup with a team on a mission…)

  128. HardHabits, 14 June, 2012

    I predicted that McGuire would say that. 😛

  129. Lizardking89, 14 June, 2012

    Do you have a link would be interested in reading that. McGuire is a arm chair GM and his opinions change depending on where he’s at. So happy we got Bergevin instead of him.

  130. commandant, 14 June, 2012

    Brandon Whitney of the Victoriaville Tigres

    Go Habs Go!
    Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

  131. AlbertanHab, 14 June, 2012

    Hey fellow die-hards,

    I’ve been toying with a blog today. Obviously, it’s in its very early stages, but want to check it out and give me some feedback? Be gentle please haha


  132. 24 Cups, 14 June, 2012

    If you truly want to be respected as a Hab blogger then I would dial back on the vulgarities. Mike Boone writes with humour and a bit of an edge without going into the gutter.

    A great example to help mentor you along would be . It’s the most insightful and well written Hab blog out there in cyberland.

  133. Un Canadien errant, 14 June, 2012

    The Canadiens are amassing a formidable brain trust and I couldn’t be happier about that. I’d posted last winter about how the Canadiens needed to have an effective organizational structure and a good succession plan.

    For example: “As I’ve stated before, we now must also attend to the succession plan, and be ready when another team raids our front office for talent, or people decide to leave for whatever reasons. We have to have personnel ready to assume higher positions in the organization when someone at the top moves on. We have to have people in the front office learning the ropes and being groomed to succeed when an opportunity arises, either in Montréal or elsewhere. It won’t hurt us to have five or ten people who were groomed at the University of the New Forum working in other organizations. They’ll be good contacts to have, and a pool of candidates to draw from when we have openings as well.”

    These three new hires serve that purpose precisely. They will have a useful role currently and in the short-term, but we can also think longer term and see them being promoted to posts with greater responsibility when necessary, as they demonstrate their competence. They can also be hockey people who can be poached by other organizations who can then eventually be poached back. There is nothing wrong with stocking the pond with quality homeboys. As we can discern, the NHL is a bit of an old-boys network, and if guys like Patrice Brisebois or from the LHJMQ can’t get their start here, where are they likely to get it, aside from maybe Tampa Bay?

    Sylvain Lefebvre is an experienced player and coach in the NHL, taking on a new challenge as a head coach in the AHL for the Hamilton Bulldogs. He was a hard worker who had some success personally as a player and won a Stanley Cup. His boyish mien may have been replaced with a Dr. Evil countenance, a striking change which made me look twice, and a third time before I recognized him. He seems very aware of what his career path is, what his strengths are as a coach, and what his role will be in the organization. I have been advocating for Les Glorieux to draw on their history, and dip in the pool of former players who can be a link between the past and our future, and Sylvain Lefebvre fits that bill. He can speak eloquently to our prospects about what a long successful career he had after slogging through a thorough AHL apprenticeship.

    Patrice Brisebois is another former Hab and welcome addition to our management team. He’s obviously a thoughtful, dedicated guy who can keep tabs on our prospects and help keep them pointed in the right direction and provide any support they need.He’ll work primarily with the defencemen, and may do the heavy lifting with Québec prospects, since he’ll be based here as opposed to Martin Lapointe who will remain in Chicago.

    Mr. Lapointe explained that his and Patrice’s job will involve a lot of traveling, so he can work out of anywhere, and he didn’t want to uproot his family. Martin Lapointe is an intriguing choice in that he once spurned a comparable offer from the Canadiens to sign with the Boston Bruins as a free agent. Such a history would nullify the possibility of a job within the Canadiens organization in this poster’s mind, but he brings a background as a winner and of strong leadership as a player. He served on the Blackhawks’ front office staff with Marc Bergevin, so there is a connection there. When asked by reporters whether his friendship with Mr. Bergevin would preclude one from challenging the other, Mr. Lapointe was quite clear that their strong relationship would ensure that they can speak frankly with each other.

    This atmosphere of collaboration and collegiality will hopefully prevent situations like occurred in the Gomez trade, where Trevor Timmins advocated against including Ryan McDonagh in the deal, but who was overruled by Bob Gainey. We can hope that these guys all work in the same mindset with the same team goals in mind, and that we won’t make short-sighted decisions or let things slip through the cracks. We have a big, varied brain trust, with homegrown talent and experience from various organizations. Let’s see it get to work on June 22 and July 1 and beyond.

    In the very long view, it is important that kids growing up in Québec love the Canadiens and recognize themselves in the team, and a bit of the team in themselves. There must be a strong, visceral, emotional connection between the fans and leurs Glorieux.

  134. Marc10, 14 June, 2012


    It’s night and day with the previous regime. Now I want to see that translate into a more competitive lineup. There’s still a lot of work to be done…

  135. TommyB, 14 June, 2012


  136. 24 Cups, 14 June, 2012

    This hiring basically expands the talent pool of legit French speaking coaches for the future. Smart move in that regard.

    Therrien is only going to get two years to show his stuff.

  137. ths, 14 June, 2012

    Any truth to the rumour Zack Parise is coming to play with Gomez and Gionta ?

  138. 24 Cups, 14 June, 2012

    That’s pretty funny but the most recent rumours has Minnesota making a major pitch for Parise.

    Factor in New Jersey and Detroit and you can see that this guy is going to hit the motherlode. I find it interesting seeing that he is a very, very good player but not a real star. Timing is everything I guess.

    Same goes for Suter.

  139. boing007, 14 June, 2012

    Parise is overrated. Talented? Yes. Great? Not yet.

    Richard R
    Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  140. Newf_Habster, 14 June, 2012

    Are you following hockey_insiderr/hockeyinsiderr on Twitter? If so, you are a crackhead. He made this crap up to entice gullible and pathetic Habs fans to believe it. Ugh!

  141. petefleet, 14 June, 2012

    Good morning Habs fans,

    The excitement is starting to build as the draft comes closer and closer. For fun, I went back to see when some of the best players in recent years were selected. The list could be infinately long but here’s who came to mind. I would have any of them on my team or all of them….
    Joe sakic #15
    Pat Lafontaine #3
    Jagr #5
    Jari Kurri #69
    Jonathon Toews #3
    Patrick Sharp #95
    Adam Oates undrafted

    The point is, there are always some gems in the draft after #1. The trick is getting them. Go Trevor Go.


    “It just goes to show how difficult predictions are, especially ones made about the future.”

    ***Habs Forever***

  142. petefleet, 14 June, 2012

    Rick Tocchet #121
    Brendan Shanahan #2
    Rod Brind’Amour #9
    Scott Niedermayer #3


    “It just goes to show how difficult predictions are, especially ones made about the future.”

    ***Habs Forever***

  143. Lafleurguy, 14 June, 2012

    Great examples. Would be nice to select examples from the Habs’ past. Patrick Roy is too far in the past, 1989. Markov is on the decline part of his career, 1998. Maybe P.K. and Max. Halak was a 9th rounder and was parlayed into Eller but I doubt a conversation like this happening ten years from now would list Halak or Eller.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  144. petefleet, 14 June, 2012

    Point taken but I just imagined that everyone here would know the Canadiens draft history. I thought listing some of the greats that we didn’t get would be more thought provoking.


    “It just goes to show how difficult predictions are, especially ones made about the future.”

    ***Habs Forever***

  145. Bill H, 14 June, 2012

    I’m excited about the draft too Pete. But along with your list, it would be easy to compile a list of first rounders that never made the NHL, or had short unproductive careers. There are no slam dunk choices in the first round. Even drafting in the third position, while the prospects make me optimistic, neither Galchenyuk nor Grigorenko come with a guarantee.

  146. Lafleurguy, 14 June, 2012

    Terry Ryan, Matt Higgins, Eric Chouinard, David Fischer.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  147. petefleet, 14 June, 2012

    Buzz killer.


    “It just goes to show how difficult predictions are, especially ones made about the future.”

    ***Habs Forever***

  148. petefleet, 14 June, 2012

    Very true. But imagine being in the drivers seat of picking the next great Hab…..Shutt, Lafleur, Richer etc.


    “It just goes to show how difficult predictions are, especially ones made about the future.”

    ***Habs Forever***

  149. 24 Cups, 14 June, 2012

    “30. Finally, best wishes for Shawn Burr, who recently went through a bone-marrow transplant in his fight against acute myeloid leukemia. Early reports labelled the procedure a success, which is great news.” (FYI from 30 Thoughts)

  150. Clay, 14 June, 2012

    Good news – thanks for sharing Steve.

    ☞ The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. ~ Richard Feynman ☜

  151. Old Bald Bird, 14 June, 2012

    I didn’t know about his problems, but I’m glad that he’s got a decent prognosis. I taught him in grade 9 geography way back when. He was a good kid.

  152. habs-hampton, 14 June, 2012

    So Gerard Gallant will be named an Assistant Coach today? That’s the strong rumor. I’m hoping that Larry Robinson will be named as well.

  153. TommyB, 14 June, 2012

    So then we’re looking at Jodoin and Gallant as asst coaches? That doesn’t provoke either joy, or alarm, for me. Anyway, if there is a good product on the ice I won’t be too concerned with the coaching staff. It’s clear that Geoff Molson has set his sights on turning things around in Montreal for the long term. He doesn’t appear interested in the short term fix. The roster and stock of prospects is what will matter most, and although the Habs are in fair shape in that respect, there is still much work to do. It will take a couple of seasons before we can start talking about Montreal as one of the elite, or top, teams in the league. But we could be on our way.

  154. steve17, 14 June, 2012

    I love what Bergevin has done so far. Now I hope he and Therrien add Robinson as an assistant coach.

    One of the things I have read in the colomns from yesterday is how Bergevin want the centre position to be the next strength after goaltending and defence. I think the defence is sound and that the Habs will draft a goalie in the 2nd or 3r round. Maybe Dansk or Murray.

    With the draft coming up, I wonder if Bergevin would trade some players to get another 1st round pick to shore up centre. They have a couple of players who may be solid 3rd or 4th line centres, such as Nattinen, but no impact top 2 centres. It remains to be seen if Leblanc would be better at right wing or centre. Eller has shown that is much more effective at centre and gets more out of his linemates. On the wing he is so so. Desharnias had a very good year, but now that other teams know him, can he continue. That leaves Plakanec. I love the way he plays, but again, he will not take the team on his back to the promised land. He does have a lot of value to teams that need a strong 2nd line centre.

    With Grigorenko, Galyenchuk, Fasek, and Gaunce, I would like to see the Habs trade Plekanec to get one of these players. The most likely is Gaunce, and he would be a great compliment to Grigorenko or Galyenchuk depending on who is available at 3rd overall and which one they like best.

    As much as I like Eller, if the new braintrust doesn’t think he has more upside, then maybe moving him with a Weber and or Pulashaj to get another first round pick.

    It will be interesting to see what they do. Some things I would love to see are Kaberle, Gionta and Gomez traded or otherwise demoted. Make some space to go after some of the better free agents that would upgrade the team.


  155. Bill H, 14 June, 2012

    Steve, your suggestions/ideas might pay off in 3 or 4 years. But what about 12-13 and 13-14? If Eller and Pleks are traded for draft picks, who are our centres? Yes, we have Desharnais as you mentioned, but we don’t know how he will do next year. Are you suggesting the Habs tank next year? Because with Desharnais, Leblanc and Nattinen as our top 3 centres, we don’t sound very competitive.

    Timing for trading Eller and Pleks is off too. The value of both will be higher in 6 – 8 months.

  156. steve17, 14 June, 2012

    I am throwing out my thoughts. I like Eller and would like to keep him , but I would trade Pleks. I am not sure if there are any centres available as UFA’s. but if it meant many years of success at the cost of next season, then I wouldn’t mind if they trade both Pleks and Eller. They still have Leblanc and Desharnais, and if need be could resign Nokelainen for one season. Engqvist may finally be ready too.

    I would rather they trade Pleks in a package for Bobby Ryan and Eller in a package for Staal in Pittsburgh. Then try to sign Shultz when he becomes a UFA from Anaheim. Then if they draft either Grigorenko or Galchenyuk, they would still be competative for the long haul.

  157. gmur, 14 June, 2012

    The old maxim ‘A fish stinks from the head down’ was appropriate when referring to last year’s debacle with this team. How do you take a team that brought the Bruins to a seventh game overtime the previous year and turn them into one of the worst teams in the NHL? Well, Gauthier’s memoirs will thresh out the finer details of that disaster, but in the meantime, if the hockey team ends up reflecting the management team that has been put in place, we’ll be contenders.

    Now, I’m not saying that Craig Button is a guru, but when asked in April which canadian team he would manage tomorrow morning, he said Montreal without hesitation… which was surprising to me, given Edmonton’s talent and their first overall pick. He maintained that Montreal had a bad season, but the proper elements were in place to build a very good team. A very good young goaltender, a good, mobile young defence, and a good mix of veteran and youthful forwards. In short, there’s a solid base on which to build.

    The Habs are not a tweak away from becoming a top-tier team in the league. But the future looks bright. A lot has been made of putting Lapointe and Brisebois in charge of young players’ development. The fact that Timmons was on the ice this week timing players as they skated around the ice raised some eyebrows in the media. Should the head of scouting for an NHL team be manning the stopwatch or watching things from above and taking care of other matters? Basically, people’s job descriptions have to cleaned up… the best way to create stress within an organization is to have vague, all-encompassing job descriptions.

    The administrative team now in place has a very complete skill set to analyze in detail what every player does on the ice this season. With a good sense of where the team should be headed, player talent will be properly assessed so it fits with where the team wants to go. For example, I don’t think Bergevin will move a young player without consulting people around him. When I heard yesterday that Timmons almost shed a tear when he heard that Mcdonagh was part of the Gomez package, it hit home how little communication (or, even worse, how much disregard) there was between the different levels of Canadiens management under Gainey and Gauthier. From what I hear and read, Bergevin brings a style of management that will be empowering to those around him. He’ll consult at length with sharp hockey people before he makes a move. It will be very interesting to watch the changes.

  158. Cal, 14 June, 2012

    The “worst season ever witnessed by most living Hab fans” is over and the page has been turned. Despite all the heaps of scorn piled upon Gainey and PG, the team does have good assets in Cole, Pacs, DD, Price, Subban, Gorges, Pleks, Eller, Gionta, Emelin, and (likely)Leblanc. The battered Markov may return confident enough to play as he can, thus increasing the Habs’ chances for success this upcoming season.
    However, there are many holes to fill up front with the likes of Gomez and the almost-as-enigmatic-as-AKostitsyn Bourque, low scoring Blunden and enforcer Staubitz. The D needs to be rid of Diaz, St. Denis and Weber. They are simply too small to be effective other than a very occasional pass or shot. Kaberle must show up in camp in shape and not with the 15 or 20 pounds of fat on his frame.
    So, lots to do in little time. Look for surprises on the trade front come Draft Day and a little over a week later with UFA Day.

  159. commandant, 14 June, 2012

    The Robinson dream is a nice thought as an assistant coach, but I think its dead.

    He went on record and said that the report of him wanting to come to Montreal was over two years old and that he doesn’t feel the same way today. With New Jersey getting to the cup final I doubt he wants to leave now.

    We’ll have to move on with other options, and getting Gallant would be a good move.

    Go Habs Go!
    Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

  160. HabinBurlington, 14 June, 2012

    If indeed Jodoin and Gallant are the asst.’s do you expect Jodoin to be the one working with the Dmen?

  161. commandant, 14 June, 2012

    Jodoin has always been a defensive coach, so yeah I expect him to be working with the D more than Gallant.

    Therrien was also an AHL dman, so that is his area as well.

    Go Habs Go!
    Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

  162. frontenac1, 14 June, 2012

    Was having a beer with a buddy yesterday who is a lifelong Blackhawks fan.He is pretty upset and concerned with management developments in Chicago.He kept saying how the Habs are doing all the right things with the Front Office. Interesting perspective from an “outsider” Hola!

  163. frontenac1, 14 June, 2012

    Yeah,starting to feel the same way about the Big Bird dream,commandant. I’m ok with Gallant,but can someone fill me in with Jodoin.I realize he kept loosing players due to the frequent call ups,but how did he work with Dogs?

  164. Ali, 14 June, 2012

    Clement has been around a long time. He was assistant to Therrien first time around. He was first hired by Alain Vigneault when he got the MTL job and Therrien kept him when he took over. He was let go when Julien came no board. He is good with the young guys apparently.

  165. francbiss, 14 June, 2012

    Can’t help but think how different habs would look today if they had that kind of player’s support some years back. Latendresse, Lapierre, O’byrne and so many others could’ve been striving instead of being traded at the first sight of trouble. Bergevin is doing all the right thing and I’m getting very excited for Habs future. Timmins most be happy about all the changes. He will look like the genius that he is.

  166. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

    The first sight of trouble? I see the morning revisionism is here. Latendresse was given two and a half years to play the way he was instructed, to get in shape and to work on development. He chose to do none of those things. He should have been in Hamilton for a couple of years, but that only slightly mitigates his lack of maturity.

    O’Byrne was a train wreck. How many times have we seen a defenseman paired with Markov who flourishes and is an absolute waste elsewhere. O’Byrne needed a change of scenery, he got it. Hopefully he makes the most of it elsewhere.

    Lapierre is nothing more than a third line player on his best day. If you’re going to regret the departure of a borderline complimentary player, you’ll need held back from jumping off of a cliff when the team trades a top six forward.

  167. shiram, 14 June, 2012

    Yappy could still be a usefull 4th line C, with PK duties. I would not complain about him being gone, but the 4th line C’s we’ve had since he left have not been great either.

  168. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

    You’re exactly right. I just don’t think it’s worth while to cry over spilled milk when with competent management the role could have easily been filled.

  169. shiram, 14 June, 2012

    Agreed, If Blair Betts would have worked out at the start of last season, that would have helped some.

  170. 24 Cups, 14 June, 2012

    I find it interesting that we are now looking for a player or two like Lapierre to fill out our bottom six. It wasn’t an earth shattering move but the team still screwed up.

  171. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

    Trading him may have been a screw up, but it should have been among the easiest fixes for an NHL GM.

  172. petefleet, 14 June, 2012

    You are too quick to judge my friend. I think the point he was making was that with the proper people in place, those 3 would have / could have been viable players in the Habs system instead of cast aways. I’m not saying I agree, just saying I think I get the point. But lots of guys cannot make the transition to pro, no matter what.


    “It just goes to show how difficult predictions are, especially ones made about the future.”

    ***Habs Forever***

  173. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

    Ryan O’Byrne played around 140 games with both Hamilton and Montreal.

    Latendresse played around 230 games with the Habs.

    Lapierre played around 400 games between Hamilton and Montreal.

    I don’t think it was too quick to judge their development and contributions at the times they were traded or today thank you.

  174. petefleet, 15 June, 2012

    I wasn’t talking about judging the players.
    “you’ll need held back from jumping off of a cliff when the team trades a top six forward”.
    Not necessary. Read the comments and sit awhile before you jump all over other posters Tom.


    “It just goes to show how difficult predictions are, especially ones made about the future.”

    ***Habs Forever***

  175. habsnyc, 14 June, 2012

    I like these off ice hires. They make a lot of sense. In the past, the organization got off kilter with many prospects. Looking forward, the team needs to groom future biligual coaches. These are the exact right steps.

    Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

  176. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

    I believe I’ve stumbled onto the reason why the “scouts”(I always use this term loosely because most are rarely willing to put their names behind an evaluation or generalized statement) are saying that this draft is weak on elite talent. It appears to be because the elite talent is coming from Europe and not North America.

    Stay with me on this. Yakupov, Grigorenko, Forsberg, Faksa, Teravainen and Maatta are among the top ranked skaters. Not a coincidence that Alex Galchenyuk is the only North American born skater within the top 5.

    Also, many of the interesting project players who have shown elite talent but not necessarily elite production are Europeans such as Matej Beran, Anton Zlobin, Daniil Zharkov, Martin Frk, Tim Bozon.

    On Beran and Zharkov. Their games translate incredibly well to the professional game and should probably both be first round picks. They have pro skill sets today and just need time to develop mentally. They get lost defensively and each take themselves out of the play when things don’t go well for them on the rush. Fortunately for both of them and the teams that draft them, these mistakes can be corrected with teaching.

  177. commandant, 14 June, 2012

    Thats definetely one factor, Tom.

    I think the other big one is the number of injuries this year. This draft class has been more injured than any other that I can recall, and it leads to limited information and limited viewings of the guys.

    Now with a Galchenyuk or a Rielly who are top 10 picks, it may not matter that much. But when we talk about Jarrod Maidens, Matia Marcantuoni, and a number of guys who would otherwise be looking at mid to late first rounders, or second rounders, etc… it makes them harder to get a read on, and they slip.

    Go Habs Go!
    Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

  178. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

    The injuries haven’t helped much either. I don’t think that it would have made a significant difference though. Realistically the strength among North American skaters this year lies within the defensemen. Slater Koekkek and Morgan Reilly specifically have had their draft stock fall(Koekkek more so) because of the injuries.

    There are very few North American forwards who have experienced this. And they are the bigger attraction to scouts due in large part to the ability to develop defensemen more so than forwards.

    There are going to be a lot of excellent European forwards come out of this draft I think. And a lot of lesser known North American forwards will surprise I think. Guys like Chris Tierney, Phil Di Giuseppe, Charles Hudon, Devin Shore and Raphael Bussieres.

  179. ed lopaz, 14 June, 2012

    I like Hudon a lot. I think he can be a real offensive threat.

    He is a natural. A scorer. A creative player.

    The Habs will draft him if they have scouted him properly.

    Bussieres, maybe, but not as talented as Hudon.

    Bussieres is a bigger body and he can play a bigger game.

    One thing bothers me a “little” about Bussieres.

    When he made the Q as a 16 year old he wasn’t playing much so he

    became quite vocal and disruptive about it. Its not a big deal but its out there.

    Then there’s the undrafted Matt Bissonette.

    He complained bitterly and refused to play for Chicoutimi, and eventually forced a trade.

    He and his father have a history of stirring the pot, but what a talent this young man is.

    He played with and against Chaput, and matches up very well, with his 6’4 frame.

    83 points and 37 goals in 65 games for an Acadie Bathurst team that was very average

    Amazing how players get a bad name and then the NHL won’t touch them.

    I would invite Bissonette to a camp and see what he can do against our best prospects.

    I think the Habs would be very pleased and would sign him as a free agent.

    I’m assuming he has not signed with anyone yet, so if he has, its too late!

  180. nunacanadien, 18 June, 2012

    That’s the thing, we seem to have scouts who only look for the injured players no one wants. I guess when the rich man who owns the team doesn’t let anyone do their jobs…….

    No wonder. And when the rich man who owns the team is cow towing to his Toronto based investors and the American investors who don’t give a rat’s arse about hockey no wonder.

    When will we get a real GM and a real coach in Montreal. So far we got these great press conferences with a clown for a GM, and a nasty man as coach, and a couple of men who proved themselves to be head coach material…..but who are stuck as assistant coaches.

  181. boing007, 14 June, 2012

    Anton Zlobin of the Shawinigan Cataractes? If yes, then sign him.

    Richard R
    Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  182. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

    Same one.

  183. 24 Cups, 14 June, 2012

    Murray is also a consensus top five pick from North America. Dumba is knocking on the door. But you may have a point.

  184. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

    I’m speaking more to forwards but didn’t really communicate that effectively with the skater categorization.

    To clarify, I should say that the elite talent among forwards is coming from Europe, and that doesn’t sit well with scouts I reckon.

  185. HabinBurlington, 14 June, 2012

    I think you are correct on that Tom. I was speaking with a friend of mine recently who coaches in the OHL. His stereotyping of the “Russians” was brutal. I had to correct him on this as it related to Galchenyuk, who he considered to be soft and lazy and that he was a typical Russian. I know many people involved in various forms of high level hockey here, and am shocked how many sound like Don Cherry when it comes to players from Europe and specifically Russia.

  186. 24 Cups, 14 June, 2012


    Skaters usually references everyone who isn’t a goalie while goalie references only goalies!

  187. commandant, 14 June, 2012

    Alvin Backus was added to the Habs website as a scout in the BCHL yesterday. Anyone know anything about him?

    Go Habs Go!
    Visit Your NHL Draft Headquarters

  188. That’s-Hockey, 14 June, 2012

    enough about management – lets put a team together

  189. Marc10, 14 June, 2012

    Interesting that apparently no one is calling about the Habs 3rd overall pick. Too much of a crapshoot this draft?!

    I wonder if the pick was part of a greater swap if we could get something.

    JStall for Eller and the pick? Provided we can lock up Stall of course…

  190. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

    You really believed that?

    I know that Marc Bergevin has created the impression that he’s a no nonsense, forthcoming and jovial individual. But there are going to be pieces of information that he can’t volunteer.

    Sure as I’m typing this he’s had calls about that pick.

  191. shiram, 14 June, 2012

    Crapshoot, no I doubt it, it might just be that the 3rd overall is more valuable to the Habs than whatever is offered by other teams.
    I’d rather keep the pick and Eller, instead of having to give Staal the monster contract he is lining himself up for.

  192. HabinBurlington, 14 June, 2012

    Agree Shiram, our team is getting closer to shedding much of the “caphell” contracts. It is imperative this team keep the pick and develop the elite talent chosen while being cap friendly. To add another big contract while still chewing on the Gomez, Kaberle contracts could be painful. I hold out hope Bourque’s contract will not seem bad if Therrien can get performance out of him. Markov will either help this team or if he cannot perform I suspect he would end up on LTIR.

  193. shiram, 14 June, 2012

    Staal is already making a 4 million cap hit per year, and he wants more reponsibilities and ice time etc… He wants the money that comes with that as well.
    Bourque’s deal is more annoying on length, as the cap hit is friendly, I think he can be a good 20 goal guy, hopefully Therrien works his magic on him, it did not seem to work all to well between him and Pleks, so maybe he gets to play with Eller?
    I hope Markov bounces back, even if he is not as good in his own zone, we need his PP skills and vision. I doubt you can put him on LTIR, unless he is injured though.

  194. HabinBurlington, 14 June, 2012

    The reason for my LTIR comment on Markov, is I suspect he is either fully healthy and thus helping our team or the knee simply cannot take it anymore and he then essentially stops playing. I don’t see Markov being a guy who continues to play if his knee prevents him from being effective. He has too much pride in how he plays to be half ass out there. I think those interviews at the end of the season showed how frustrated he was with his play. He was rusty and still trying to trust his knee would hold up. I do expect very good things from him this upcoming season.

  195. shiram, 14 June, 2012

    So much rests on that one knee. I guess he would retire if the scenario you paint pans out.

  196. Kooch7800, 14 June, 2012

    One major positive with Bourque is that he was pretty decent for us in the shootouts. Not sure what his stats were as a hab in the shootout but I seem to remember him being dangerous and scoring a few.

    “Like Canadian Hip hop..check us out

  197. shiram, 14 June, 2012

    here Kooch :

    Bourque took 4 shootouts shot, and buried 2, so yeah pretty good, tied with Gio for second best on the team, behind DD.
    The rest is pretty awful.

  198. Kooch7800, 14 June, 2012

    I have to look for the positives…that is huge though cause the habs were the worst team in the league in the shootout. The sad part is think about how valuable the shootout goals are…..we learned last year

  199. Kooch7800, 14 June, 2012

    wow look at how bad Max P was on the shootout….don’t think he should be getting a lot of those next year with those stats

    “Like Canadian Hip hop..check us out

  200. shiram, 14 June, 2012

    I think having Gio for the whole year would have helped too.

  201. Cal, 14 June, 2012

    LTIR wouldn’t apply as he was signed while he was in rehab for the injury.

  202. boing007, 14 June, 2012

    I think Galchenyuk (if he becomes our pick) will turn out to become a much better player than Jordan Staal. So let it rest.

    Richard R
    Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  203. shiram, 14 June, 2012

    “Hearing the Flyers and Habs may be looking at a backup goalie swap…Bobrovsky for Budaj (e2)”

    Heh, sure why not.

  204. Kooch7800, 14 June, 2012

    yeah, they are both about the same callibre. Why would they bother?

  205. nunacanadien, 18 June, 2012

    Why can’t we swap back for Halak? At least then we’d be guaranteed exciting hockey in March…not the piss the lead away Price…..

  206. JF, 14 June, 2012

    Marc Bergevin seems to be putting together a very solid management and player development team. These hirings make it even more apparent that the organization operated with little more than a skeleton staff during the Gainey-Gauthier years. We have all deplored at length the squandering of young prospects, the missed opportunities, the bungling of player development, the inability to deal with maturity issues. There are solid grounds now for optimism that the new team will be able to handle these problems and that the Habs will become one of the better organizations at turning young prospects into good NHL players. Bergevin has laid the foundation for building an elite team.

    The Lefebvre hiring and the probability of Jodoin’s and Gallant’s joining the coaching staff suggest also that he is deepening the coaching pool. There should be options to replace Michel Therrien when the time comes (and over the last week I’ve come round to accepting him as probably the best available experienced bilingual candidate). If in a couple of years, Lefebvre looks like being the man, Bergevin should be able to ensure that he is not poached by another team and that timing does not play against us as it seemed to in the case of Guy Boucher a couple of years ago. I’m starting to get excited about next season, and just praying that there is one…

  207. HabinBurlington, 14 June, 2012

    Agree on all fronts JF. At the risk of over analyzing the scenario from afar, it seems both PG and JM felt almost threatened by having talent around them which could be seen as replacements for them. Whereas it appears MB has the proper disposition about him where he chooses to embrace having talent all around him, confident that he will do a good job with their help.

    I think specifically of the loss of Muller in this respect, Boucher while this same thing could be true, may have been lost more as a result of timing as he was ready to take a Head Coaching job and JM was still early in his contract with the Habs.

  208. Cal, 14 June, 2012

    I am glad Boucher is in Tampa boring his players and the teams fans to death. he “innovative” 1-3-1 was exposed by poor goaltending and a porous defence.

  209. JF, 14 June, 2012

    As far as Kirk Muller is concerned, I don’t see how the Canadiens could have kept him. It seems that he’ll be a great coach, but he speaks no French and apparently made no effort to learn it. During his roughly five years in Montreal, I never heard him say more than “Merci.” He must have known that if he wanted to coach the Habs, he would have to learn French, so I guess he didn’t want it enough. Marc Crawford, for example, did.

  210. Kooch7800, 14 June, 2012

    That to me is Montreal’s loss. Muller was underrated as look at our PP without him. He is also a great communicator with his players and motivates them. Carolina will be better with him at the Helm

    He can’t speak French and that is why he would never be considered as a habs head coach. That is the Habs loss and not Mullers IMHO.

    I wish him well.

  211. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

    Look at our powerplay before Muller.

  212. shiram, 14 June, 2012

    I think Muller might have prefered MTL over Carolina, but the point is moot now.

  213. Kooch7800, 14 June, 2012

    @tom, Sorry it won’t let me reply.

    Look at it right after he left 😉 major drop off. JM is not a great player coach that is why it was needed to have Muller there to help smooth it over.

    Regardless, Muller could never be a habs coach because of the language issue. He helped the organization when he was here and I wish him well.

  214. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

    Look at the powerplay before Muller came on Kooch. It was ranked 5th at close to 20% efficiency.

    In Carolina this year it was 20th at 16%.

    Perhaps Kirk Muller isn’t the special teams guru he’s made out to be.

    I think he’s great, don’t get me wrong. But I think he’s an excellent teacher and communicator. I’m not willing to say that he’s the reason that the powerplay worked efficiently.

  215. boing007, 14 June, 2012

    Good thing that criteria wasn’t in play when Scotty Bowman coached here. Yes, I know, he could parler un peu. All the same. In today’s Quebec he probably would have been passed over. Pas de bon sens!

    Richard R
    Price is an oyster. Unfortunately not all oysters produce pearls.

  216. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

    Interesting that the Habs had Slater Koekkek come to their combine. He could go anywhere from #10 to the mid twenties in the first round.

    I wouldn’t be shocked at all if they traded back into the first round to get him and even with his limited body of work, I saw a lot of him. He’s going to be great, possibly the best defenseman to come out of this draft.

    And for those wondering about Ryan Murray. He met with the Habs privately on the weekend.

  217. HabinBurlington, 14 June, 2012

    Seems to me MB/Timmins are doing a really good job of covering all their bases. If indeed draft day becomes trade day, they will be ready and prepared to make moves and get the players they want. If indeed they decide to trade some 2nd round picks and perhaps some of our Dmen (Diaz, Weber etc.) to get back into the bottom of the 1st round I would be okay with that.

  218. Ozmodiar, 14 June, 2012

    Murray met with Bergevin and Timmins early last week.

    Where did you read they met again on the weekend?

  219. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

  220. Ozmodiar, 14 June, 2012

    if both reports are accurate, that makes 2 meetings in 1 week.


  221. TomNickle, 14 June, 2012

    They’ve had two meetings with Forsberg, Galchenyuk and Grigorenko too.

    The Flyers drafted Sean Couturier without meeting him once and I believe the Blackhawks drafted Philip Danault without an interview.

  222. HabinBurlington, 14 June, 2012

    So with both Kostitsyn boys no longer on our roster, I guess we won’t be getting any juicy interview clips from Belarus this summer. 🙂

  223. shiram, 14 June, 2012

    I think if they do those interviews, AK might be asked about his time in MTL, if so it will make it’s way on here.

  224. nunacanadien, 18 June, 2012

    At least the Kosty boys showed it the way really was, how terrible Gauthier and the management staff treated the players. No wonder no one wants to come to Montreal. It’s the management who are to blame. No wonder, when it’s two committees any agent has to deal with, who the heck wants to negotiate with some nasty rich person who doesn’t care for anything connected to hockey?

  225. frontenac1, 14 June, 2012

    So,looks like Front Office is set and Coaches are probably Mike,Gallant and Jodoin.Draft next Friday will be interesting as has been discussed here. July 1 Free Agency will be equally interesting as we will truly get an idea what the team will look like.I would like to see a Moen ,Staubitz,White 4th line to start the season. More size on and nastiness on D, and some size added up front. Oh yeah, and have Don Cherry and Milbury make a guest appearance on L”Antichambre. Hola!

  226. shiram, 14 June, 2012

    Staubitz is a guy you play 6-7 minutes a game, and White is not that far off from that, Moen is the only guy that can eat some minutes on that line, I’m hoping they make it so the 4th line can eat at least 10 minutes on most games…

  227. Kooch7800, 14 June, 2012

    I thought Staubitz showed he could play in the last few games of the season when they actually gave him some minutes and he wasn’t fighting. He is a decent skater and could probably play more of a shutdown role if given the chance as coming up he was a d man and not a forward. I liked him more than Blunden

    White was effected by his injury but if he doesn’t recover his game this year he will find himself with the bulldogs pretty quickly.

  228. Hobie Hansen, 14 June, 2012

    Staubitz is fine. He can skate and hit. Bergevin will talk to the players, they’ll all agree that he’s an asset and they enjoy having him around because they have less nonsense to deal with him in the lineup. It’s a basic hockey decision.

    If he isn’t brought back it will be because someone bigger and tougher is brought in instead.

  229. shiram, 14 June, 2012

    I’d rather have say Brandon Prust, whom you would not consider a heavyweight, but can drop em and is alot more usefull on the ice.
    Having a 4th that you can play 10 minutes + would means the other lines would have less TOI and less fatigue.

  230. Hobie Hansen, 14 June, 2012

    I’d take Prust over Staubitz as well. Prust is the better player. In saying that, we still need a heavyweight though.

    If we have to sit through another year of having a few light heavyweights and middleweights while we wait for Tinordi, I could live with that :-).

  231. shiram, 14 June, 2012

    If the team is intent on getting that tough guy heavyweight, I’d rather it be a Dman, he could be on the ice more often, and it seems to fit in better with the qualities our Dmen need, big, can hit and shove people out of the crease.

  232. neumann103, 14 June, 2012

    “He is a decent skater and could probably play more of a shutdown role”

    These are key points. One of the revelations of seeing the last two Habs games in buffalo from the 6th and 22nd row respectively was what a good skater Staubitz is. I mean really head-turning who the heck is that good skating.

    And in the last few games of the season when Randy Cunneyworth was giving role player guys audition tape material (god bless the man for the fundamental decency of letting some of these pending FAs showcase in lost causes) he played some decent PK minutes.

    Speaking as someone who loves Brandon Prust enough to have picked him in a hockey pool, I agree that he would be ideal, but Staubitz is a guy with enough skill to contribute regular 4th line minutes, step in for PK duty if needed and (not that I am advocating fighting) really mess people up.

    “Et le but!”

  233. nunacanadien, 18 June, 2012

    That’s the problem with the habs, they can come to the game, play fast the first period but hey good luck lasting the whole game, only to watch Carey throw away the one goal lead…..but hey when the team only has enough good players for one line, it’s no wonder….

  234. Ncognito, 14 June, 2012

    I grew up street over from Gerard Gallant and we played lots of ball hockey at the Boys and Girls Club together. Of course I was the goaltender and he made me look really bad some days :-). Anyway the news is official here on PEI. I was taking to his sister inlaw this morning at work and she said her father called last night stating “Turk” signed a 3 yr deal to be an assistant coach with the Habs. He also mentioned that Dallas was also interested.
    Can’t wait to hit Montreal this fall for a few games! Have not being there since 2003!

  235. nunacanadien, 18 June, 2012

    Gallant can only be good for the habs, look at his impact with Vancouver and how they rebounded after he went there. The only problem for Gallant, is Molson and his committee have signed lacklustre players no one wants but who have shifty shady agents…..who rip the habs off big time, look at Gomez et al. Too bad Gallant is coming at a time when the Committee to Ruin the Habs have left Gallant with nothing but crappy 3rd and 4th lines…..good luck Gallant. We got you a fast car with only 3rd and 4th gear…good luck getting it to go.

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