Audio exclusive: Habs’ Gionta, Cole, Gorges on talks breakdown


Canadiens forward Erik Cole (left) speaks with defenceman Josh Gorges during a game last March in Vancouver.
Rich Lam/Getty Images Sport

The Gazette and Hockey Inside/Out’s Dave Stubbs spoke with Canadiens forward Erik Cole, captain Brian Gionta and defenceman Josh Gorges shortly after Thursday’s breakdown in NHL/NHLPA collective bargaining agreement talks in New York. Here is a good portion of the audio of their conversation, done by phone with the three veteran players travelling by car.

You’re best to listen to the edited audio clips in sequence as they’re posted below; in this way, their comments are true to the flow of the conversation (forgive the sometimes shaky quality, they were speaking by Bluetooth).

Gorges is the Canadiens representative on the NHLPA, Cole is the alternate rep.

1. Erik Cole on owners’ anger about apparent lack of player gratitude for $100 million bump on “make whole”
2. Cole asked whether he thought there was reason for optimism after Wednesday’s upbeat mood
3. Cole asked whether he thinks the season is dead
4. Josh Gorges asked whether he was surprised by the breakdown in talks
5. Gorges asked whether he saw the spectacle unfold on TV
6. Gorges asked whether at some point he takes the lockout personally
7. Cole adding to Gorges’s comments on taking it personally, related to Habs owner Geoff Molson
8. Brian Gionta on the mood we might see when/if talks resume
9. Gionta, Gorges on whether we’ll see hockey this season
10. Gorges on how a player’s relationship changes with his owner after lockout
11. Cole on whether decertification is the next step, or where the union goes from here

Below: Canadiens captain Brian Gionta last November, in action in Anahheim.
Debora Robinson/NHLI via Getty Images

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