Audio: Comments from the rehabbing Habs

An offday for the Canadiens today, who returned home immediately after Monday’s 5-3 victory over Philadelphia.

But there was a little action around the Bell Centre, with the injured Francis Bouillon, Christopher Higgins and Georges Laraque happy to say a few words.

Inside/Out’s heartfelt thanks to Andie Bennett of The Team 990, who provided the audio content you’ll hear below – all of it cut up into tiny bite-sized morsels, not the huge, rambling files we usually post here. Read below for the links:

Georges Laraque:

We’ll be tough to beat;
Ready for the end of fantasy camp;
His goal is to make his teammates feel safe;
Great for him if other teams take liberties;
On watching the Flyers’ rough play;
Up to Guy Carbonneau when he plays;
Caught up in 100 years of Habs history;
Death of Cherapanov put things in perspective.

Christopher Higgins:

Only a game can test the groin;
Most likely back in action on Saturday;
Must be more careful now;
1993 Cup is his best memory as a kid;
What’s impressed him;
What he’s seen watching games.

Francis Bouillon:

On starting the season injured – again;
On the team’s season-starting road trip;
On the Flyers;
On Cherapanov;
Hoping to be back on Saturday;
Can’t tell if he’s ready to go yet.


  1. Jrod McStitsyn says:

    I’d like to quote George Bush in response: “Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice, well… I-I caint get fooled again.”

    And as per your question about how is he good for hockey… did you read my post? I thought I made some valid points.

    Don’t worry Rob, you’re good for hockey too.

  2. Jrod McStitsyn says:

    I’d like to give credit where credit is due: Eklund, love him or hate him, is a diehard hockey fan. He lives and breathes arena air like a lot of us. He’d forego water in favour of zamboni snow if it came down to it. Say what you want to say about his buzzing about rumours; the man is good for hockey.

    Sure he’s wrong or off the mark a good part of the time. OK, his sources might be Ogie Ogilthorpe and the ghost of Tim Horton. What matters to me is that he has made a good living off generating buzz about hockey. He has a knack for putting puzzle pieces together. The Higgins-Gaborik connection makes sense when you look at the two teams’s managerial connections, perceived needs and so on. So what if it’s a false rumour–it sure is compelling and has fueled loads of discussion.

    Right or wrong, Eklund is good for hockey, simple as that. Take him with a grain of salt and you won’t get hurt.

  3. Robert L says:

    Yeah, I shouldn’t have missed that one. I will correct it. Thanks much!

  4. nightmare_49 says:

    krob – I’ve been reading and posting about Gaborik all summer cuz i knew it was a hot potato for Riseborough but LW isn’t a priority for us as we have ample players who can play that position besides we have to sign this UFA and Higgy will be easy to sign and Gaborik didn’t look good in the playoffs last year and is another perimeter boy though he has speed and is a sniper. As you say he’s nice to have at our price but IMO not a necessity. Now that you have found the carrot for the sandbox on Eklunds site i’ll let you get back to the National Inquirer

  5. Robert L says:

    How is Eklund good for hockey? He lowers the intelligence of everybody who believes what he writes.

    While hockey bloggers are looking for credibility, this clown is out there under an assumed name, publishing nothing but pipe dream speculation.

  6. krob1000 says:

    Attachment to Eklund???? Geez I thought I mocked him in my post……at the time I wrote this post there had been about 5 or 6 posts on here all morning….the mind wanders and next thing you know….there I am staring an Eklund rumour right in the face. The thing was..I kind of liked his rumour…whether or not I beleive it at all…..I didn’t say that …I just said I liked the idea of going after Gaborik….which I have said all along. I like Higgins as much as the next person but we supposedly shopped him last year…twice at least. Yes he may be captain material but we have one of those and we have several others of that mold. I do not want to see anyone go nor do I think anyone has to at this stage but if a guy like Gaborik becomes availabe you pay the price….”our price”…I agree wholeheartedly with that.

    We also have pretty significant ties to Risebrough and Lemaire with our management team. Gaborik is entering the prime of his career (as is Higgy ) and is being wasted in a defensive system like Minnesota. Gaborik is one of the forwards out there who would actually make us faster and more skilled and that is hard to find givent he talent of our forwards. Mcdonagh is a Minnesota prospect, Higgy would be the kind of player that Lemaire could mould into his system. I don’t like Eklund but I do like being entertained and at least his rumours make some sort of sense …on the surface anyway. This was just to get the juices flowing anyway because I already found out a week or two ago that I was the only one who wanted Gaborik…it baffled me but there weren’t many takers on here despite his skill set being perfect for our game.

  7. nightmare_49 says:

    Krob – Your attachment to Dwayne ‘Eklund’ Klessel is puzzling and it’s like Carbo’s attachment to Gui, at least Gui comes through once in awhile. Doug Risebrough is on the hot seat and we are dealing from power as we have accumulated assets for that purpose so let him come to us and beg and maybe we will accommodate him but we will not be charitable and McDonagh is in our future plans but then again we can make an attractive package if Bob sees it fit for this elite UFA (8.7+ million) who isn’t a priority. Nice to have but only at our price. As far as our forwards you mentioned on the farm if they develop correctly there will be spots available as we have many UFAs’ and not all will return and for our excess of D prospects i’m sure Gainey and his team will be accessing them and tag them as sure bets, potential NHL etc. and use the excess for draft picks or package in a deal. I always liked what Sharks GM Wilson did in the past in accumilating draft picks to make the big deal at the deadline though he dealt for the wrong players doesn’t smire the theory.

  8. Habs_008 says:

    I like what you said here.

  9. coutNY says:

    Nah, I just write wierd broken literal tranlation from french …?LOL

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