Audio: Comments from the rehabbing Habs

An offday for the Canadiens today, who returned home immediately after Monday’s 5-3 victory over Philadelphia.

But there was a little action around the Bell Centre, with the injured Francis Bouillon, Christopher Higgins and Georges Laraque happy to say a few words.

Inside/Out’s heartfelt thanks to Andie Bennett of The Team 990, who provided the audio content you’ll hear below – all of it cut up into tiny bite-sized morsels, not the huge, rambling files we usually post here. Read below for the links:

Georges Laraque:

We’ll be tough to beat;
Ready for the end of fantasy camp;
His goal is to make his teammates feel safe;
Great for him if other teams take liberties;
On watching the Flyers’ rough play;
Up to Guy Carbonneau when he plays;
Caught up in 100 years of Habs history;
Death of Cherapanov put things in perspective.

Christopher Higgins:

Only a game can test the groin;
Most likely back in action on Saturday;
Must be more careful now;
1993 Cup is his best memory as a kid;
What’s impressed him;
What he’s seen watching games.

Francis Bouillon:

On starting the season injured – again;
On the team’s season-starting road trip;
On the Flyers;
On Cherapanov;
Hoping to be back on Saturday;
Can’t tell if he’s ready to go yet.


  1. Bugs says:

    Thanks to Jim for reminding me to get crackin’.
    My brother’s already started and I’ve now jumped into the fray.
    Our claim at Habs Bros?
    To be the goofiest, yet still insightful, Mtl Canadien blog on the planet.
    That’s right, the whole dang planet. And yes, I mean Earth, smart guy.
    First up: Plus / Minuses for Kovy and Saks. Though you have access to as much as you want, just scroll down.
    Et si vous entendez le son des cloches? Vous tournez la page!
    Peace Out.
    Lord Bugs Potter, esq. Earl of Fluppitburg, Baron of Flopshlupshire and Knight of the Flannel Republic.

  2. GHG33 says:

    also on TSN’s top 10. (which is probably the same thing lol)

    Drive For 25 Is Alive!

  3. nightmare_49 says:

    B B – laffs Alex Steen’s father Thomas lost in Winnipeg.

  4. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    Nilan, Kordic, I remember a guy called ROBERGE who was tough also… I think his name got on the cup.

  5. Robert L says:

    I tried this earlier, and it seems everyone had trouble with it. Can someone let me know if it worked for you.

    Click this link below, click download, then click open. A Windows media player will open.

    It is an audio clip of Danny Gallivan and Dick Irvin calling the third period of the Habs 1973 Game 6 Cup win over Chicago.

    I’ve loaded three clips at my site at this link. They work for me from there, but others might have a problem with it.

    Can someone help me with this test? Let me know if it works or not, and what browser you are using. Your help is much appreciated.

  6. StillattheMapes says:

    That would be Mario Laberge. Skate poor. A hitter. Major-middle boxer. Nearly ’86. Just basta cosi. Though I cannot remember even one single fight with him, anyone? Or playing……

  7. JIMVINNY says:

    Robert, I’ve tried the link from your post, as well as the direct links from your site, but none of my media players recognize the .lnk extension. Now, that could be my media players causing the problem, but I don’t think so.

    Taking a closer look, it seems that you are possibly uploading a shortcut, rather than the actual file, which is why it works on your computer.

    I could be way off, though. hope this helps.

    P.S, I’ve tried both IE7 and Firefox 3.

  8. GHG33 says:

    Does not work.. says a drive or network connection it refers to is unavailable.

    Drive For 25 Is Alive!

  9. Jrod McStitsyn says:

    I’d like to quote George Bush in response: “Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice, well… I-I caint get fooled again.”

    And as per your question about how is he good for hockey… did you read my post? I thought I made some valid points.

    Don’t worry Rob, you’re good for hockey too.

  10. Jrod McStitsyn says:

    I’d like to give credit where credit is due: Eklund, love him or hate him, is a diehard hockey fan. He lives and breathes arena air like a lot of us. He’d forego water in favour of zamboni snow if it came down to it. Say what you want to say about his buzzing about rumours; the man is good for hockey.

    Sure he’s wrong or off the mark a good part of the time. OK, his sources might be Ogie Ogilthorpe and the ghost of Tim Horton. What matters to me is that he has made a good living off generating buzz about hockey. He has a knack for putting puzzle pieces together. The Higgins-Gaborik connection makes sense when you look at the two teams’s managerial connections, perceived needs and so on. So what if it’s a false rumour–it sure is compelling and has fueled loads of discussion.

    Right or wrong, Eklund is good for hockey, simple as that. Take him with a grain of salt and you won’t get hurt.

  11. Robert L says:

    Yeah, I shouldn’t have missed that one. I will correct it. Thanks much!

  12. nightmare_49 says:

    krob – I’ve been reading and posting about Gaborik all summer cuz i knew it was a hot potato for Riseborough but LW isn’t a priority for us as we have ample players who can play that position besides we have to sign this UFA and Higgy will be easy to sign and Gaborik didn’t look good in the playoffs last year and is another perimeter boy though he has speed and is a sniper. As you say he’s nice to have at our price but IMO not a necessity. Now that you have found the carrot for the sandbox on Eklunds site i’ll let you get back to the National Inquirer

  13. Robert L says:

    How is Eklund good for hockey? He lowers the intelligence of everybody who believes what he writes.

    While hockey bloggers are looking for credibility, this clown is out there under an assumed name, publishing nothing but pipe dream speculation.

  14. krob1000 says:

    Attachment to Eklund???? Geez I thought I mocked him in my post……at the time I wrote this post there had been about 5 or 6 posts on here all morning….the mind wanders and next thing you know….there I am staring an Eklund rumour right in the face. The thing was..I kind of liked his rumour…whether or not I beleive it at all…..I didn’t say that …I just said I liked the idea of going after Gaborik….which I have said all along. I like Higgins as much as the next person but we supposedly shopped him last year…twice at least. Yes he may be captain material but we have one of those and we have several others of that mold. I do not want to see anyone go nor do I think anyone has to at this stage but if a guy like Gaborik becomes availabe you pay the price….”our price”…I agree wholeheartedly with that.

    We also have pretty significant ties to Risebrough and Lemaire with our management team. Gaborik is entering the prime of his career (as is Higgy ) and is being wasted in a defensive system like Minnesota. Gaborik is one of the forwards out there who would actually make us faster and more skilled and that is hard to find givent he talent of our forwards. Mcdonagh is a Minnesota prospect, Higgy would be the kind of player that Lemaire could mould into his system. I don’t like Eklund but I do like being entertained and at least his rumours make some sort of sense …on the surface anyway. This was just to get the juices flowing anyway because I already found out a week or two ago that I was the only one who wanted Gaborik…it baffled me but there weren’t many takers on here despite his skill set being perfect for our game.

  15. nightmare_49 says:

    Krob – Your attachment to Dwayne ‘Eklund’ Klessel is puzzling and it’s like Carbo’s attachment to Gui, at least Gui comes through once in awhile. Doug Risebrough is on the hot seat and we are dealing from power as we have accumulated assets for that purpose so let him come to us and beg and maybe we will accommodate him but we will not be charitable and McDonagh is in our future plans but then again we can make an attractive package if Bob sees it fit for this elite UFA (8.7+ million) who isn’t a priority. Nice to have but only at our price. As far as our forwards you mentioned on the farm if they develop correctly there will be spots available as we have many UFAs’ and not all will return and for our excess of D prospects i’m sure Gainey and his team will be accessing them and tag them as sure bets, potential NHL etc. and use the excess for draft picks or package in a deal. I always liked what Sharks GM Wilson did in the past in accumilating draft picks to make the big deal at the deadline though he dealt for the wrong players doesn’t smire the theory.

  16. Habs_008 says:

    I like what you said here.

  17. coutNY says:

    Nah, I just write wierd broken literal tranlation from french …?LOL

  18. cautiousoptimist says:

    Congratulations on your baby boy’s first steps!

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Josh Gorges on Montreal’s attack: “They’re comin’, they’re comin’ and they keep comin’. Just line after line, wave after wave…”

  19. cautiousoptimist says:

    The article goes on to say that Laraque practiced for the first time with the team this morning, and that Carbo and the team doctors say he’s healthy enough to play and that playing won’t aggravate his injury. Carbo also said he didn’t like the liberties taken by the Flyers on Monday.

    Not sure I like this… I know it’s the big bad Bruins, but if he’s hurt, he should sit until he’s all healed up. I’m not sure the team is served by having a half-injured player out there, and I’m wondering what his ice time will be like tonight.

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Josh Gorges on Montreal’s attack: “They’re comin’, they’re comin’ and they keep comin’. Just line after line, wave after wave…”

  20. coutNY says:

    What about the payroll?
    How do fit the $7 mil or ($5.3 mil differential) under the Cap this year? Wouldn’t we have to get rid of a top 6 salary player or to make this work?

  21. Jrod McStitsyn says:

    If you look at the cap numbers it doesn’t work. With Higgy at $1.7 mil. we’d have to offload some salary somewhere (in the range of 4 million) in order to accomodate Gaborik’s $6.33 million under the cap.

    I don’t see it happening: Timmins is high on McDonagh, Higgins is younger and cheaper and Gaborik is injury prone and not a proven playoff performer. If we wanted someone like Gaborik we should have signed Kristian Huselius in the off-season. No thanks.

  22. cautiousoptimist says:

    I don’t like this one bit.

    Think about it: Higgins is young, he’s captain material when Saku retires, he’s already scoring around 30 times a year, he’ll only get better, and his presence in Montreal may well help us keep his best buddy Komi here at a decent price. On top of that, McDonagh may well be next year’s Max Pacioretty.

    If Gaborik were signed for three or four years (and if we could afford to pay him), I’d say go for it. But with all our RFAs and UFAs to resign after this season, we likely can’t even afford to keep Tanguay (barring some serious personnel changes), let alone dish out $8-million to re-sign Gaborik. I can’t see Gainey trading a current excellent player and a future one, in exchange for six months with a guy who we likely can’t afford to re-sign in June. As well, Higgins is good for 25-30 goals a year — more if he continues to develop — and for the team to be so hot on McDonagh they must see future excellence in him as well. Gaborik may be good for 40-50 goals a year, but Gainey has a record of preferring two 25-goal-scorers to one 50-goal one.

    It doesn’t even really make sense for Minnesota — why would you deal a star UFA in exchange for a lesser UFA that you may well lose in June?

    Oh, and with his knack for vague, non-committal language that conveys no information, Eklund should write Sarah Palin’s speeches.

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Josh Gorges on Montreal’s attack: “They’re comin’, they’re comin’ and they keep comin’. Just line after line, wave after wave…”

  23. bigjames says:

    did you use a translation program? LoL!

    Steve Bégin sera quant à lui laissé de côté

  24. Habs_008 says:

    I dont see that deal happening, but we still might end up with Gab, maybe higgins, McD and one of our prospects for Gab and a first. But i dont see that first one happening. It would be great, and if we sign Gab long term even better…but we do have more then a few guys with contracts up.

  25. krob1000 says:

    My bad…that is ridiculous ….if Gainey pulls that off it is the steal of the century. That would basically be Higgy for Gaborik as Mcdonagh is at this stage the equivalent of a first rounder. That would be unbelievably low IMO and teams like Pittsburgh, Vancouver,etc would be willing to pay more than that. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Gaborik end up in Vancouver or Pittsburgh….Pitts because Crosby needs someone to set up and Vancouver because Gaborik could get his ridiculous money and play with his buddy Demitra…oh yeah and they could use a trigger man like most teams.

  26. krob1000 says:

    Yikes?….are you Shawn Thronton?

  27. Oleg Petrov says:

    Since it is Eklund, I put no credence to this happening as you suggested Krob1000 but to the question of the players involved, I would have no problem moving Higgins in exchange for a “Star” forward as I think it would be a case of selling high with Higgins. I like Higgins but I don’t think he is irreplaceable on this roster and I think he could be sacrificed in this proposal.

    I would have a harder time moving Mcdonagh however. By all accounts he is going to be a good one and I would hesitate including him.

  28. Habs_008 says:

    the blog says we get Gab and a first rounder…I like the deal. but i think if Minny waits they can prolly get a lot more for him come trade deadline…

  29. tony d says:

    did he roll over and wake you up, or was it a phone call?? inquiring minds want to know

  30. tony d says:

    just heard as well on Sportsnet that Begin is out and Big George is in….yikes

  31. coutNY says:

    According to RDS Laraque is IN for Bégin!!!!!!!!!!!

    Georges Laraque finally compete his first game with the Canadiens tonight as the Boston Bruins will be the visitors.

    Steve Bégin will be for its left side.

  32. G-Man says:

    Sorry mapes, the best was Fergie. Goal scorer and pugilist extraordinaire. Not that Nilan isn’t right there, but his lack of goals sets Fergie ahead of him, imo.

    2008/09 is the season of the Habs

  33. Drive_For_25 says:

    I saw someone post on here (forget who it was) that they hate when easy saves are built up too much and referred to Price’s save against Philly to be an “easy save” and that he “didn’t have to do much”, and all I have to say to that person is WTF were you looking at?!?!?!?!? That was an unbelievable save that was very difficult to react to. Most goalies would have knocked it in the net just trying to grab it, or wouldn’t even have seen it and would have knocked it in with their bodies. I thought it was a ANOTHER great save by Carey.

    GO HABS GO!!!

  34. Robert L says:

    Montreal Canadiens 100 Seasons Facts And Trivia

    This is a list from Sportsnet Toronto, with the usual goofs and misunformation. I took the liberty of correcting it and sending them a copy!

  35. nightmare_49 says:

    Empty Netters – Eric Godard – Riley Cote, Great Tilt and Fabian Brunnstrom makes debut .. by Seth Rorabaugh ….. ………………………………………… TSN Reports Lightning sign Veteran ‘D’ ….. The Tampa Bay Lightning have signed unrestricted free agent defenceman Marek Malik to a one-year contract, worth a pro-rated $1.2-million for the 2008-2009 season.

  36. 24 Cups says:

    Robert – just read the article on your site a few minutes ago. I’m exhausted! Tons of interesting info. As for the errors and misinformation, like any historical event, there will always be people who try and jump on the bandwagon and present their piece as being factual. Thanks for keeping them honest.

    Going for the Brass Ring – 25 Cups in 100 Years

  37. Robert L says:

    For those attending the Summit, more prizes have been added to the raffle.

    Have a look at and see what you could add in for the benefit of the Gainey Foundation.

  38. twocents says:

    Robert, I like your blog entry yesterday morning. It is a real treat watching this team evolve. When it comes to Kovalev, I think you hit on a key factor. As other players step up and assert themselves and the team relies on him less, his role evolves too. As other players become consistent offensive threats, our opponents will not be able to key on Kovy as much. I hope your instincts on these changes prove right and he sees this as a relief and it allows him to be freer do to more things. But, I believe there is the risk that as the focus is taken off him he may become less motivated and less effective. Kovalev clearly loves the attention the fans heap upon him, and has expressed this often. As the Bros. K, Tanguay, Lang and others get more fan attention and the teams strategies, like the PP, focus less on Kovy, he may fall into some of his less attractive habits.

    Again, I hope this is not what happens but, this will be a good test of far he has come in terms of being a team first player and a real leader and mentor.

    For those of you who are really angry at me after reading this post, please reread and see that I am not predicting this but, simply having a dialogue and discussing a potential issue.

  39. Big Bird says:

    Not to discuss politics but Ken Dryden got re-elected as an MP tonight.

    Whatever you political stripes, it’s nice to see a former member of les Glorieux succeed in public service.

  40. Robert L says:

    Thanks people. I’ll get back to the drawing board. This is new stuff to me. i appreciate your help and patience.

  41. Harani says:

    Here’s something interesting:


    Here’s a scary thought if you’re a Sabres’ fan: Minnesota winger Marian Gaborik is on the trading block, and there’s a chance he could land in Montreal.

    Gaborik has one year remaining on his contract, and all signs point to him leaving before he becomes an unrestricted free agent. He has played in Jacques Lemaire’s defense-first style throughout his career and wants to play for a team that puts more emphasis on offense. He’ll command more than $8 million in the open market, perhaps much more.

    Wild General Manager Doug Risebrough has a good relationship with Habs GM Bob Gainey going back to their playing days in Montreal. The word around the league is that the Canadiens are interested in Gaborik, who had 42 goals and 83 points last season and who fits into their speedy, skilled lineup and understands defense.

    If this becomes true, what do you think?

  42. moser17 says:

    Think Ignatieff is done?

  43. Xtrahabsfan says:

    I foresee a battle between Justin Trudeau and Ken Dryden ,with Justin Trudeau becoming the new Liberal Leader.

  44. Taipei 101 says:

    Whoops…double post! Server gave me an error the first time…sorry!

  45. Taipei 101 says:

    Anyone else really happy that Philly is still winless on the season! Man, I hate those guys….

  46. Xtrahabsfan says:

    I think he still has a chance and it’s better than the chances of me spelling Ignatieff right twice in a row,lol. I think it’s time again for Trudeaumania,time to stir the pot.

  47. RudeMood19 says:

    lol, let the games begin HAYOO

  48. Ramseys HIO Nightmares says:

    Geez… at least learn to spell his name properly.

  49. The Teacher says:

    Mario Roberge #32 on our cup winning team.

    Either 32 or 36 (I believe that was Ewen’s)

    My suggested overtime format and other sports talk

  50. Chuck says:

    Let me guess… you didn’t do your civic and vote.


  51. nightmare_49 says:

    A Summit Reminder : The pre game dinner on Oct-25 – 3:30pm will be at the Baton Rouge a football toss away from the Bell Center , 1050 rue de la Montagne ….. ……………………… Check it out ….. ……….. After the game will be held at The Sports Station – La Station des Sports – Resto Bar .. 2051 St. Catherine St. (corner Fort) and across the street from Hotel du Fort …..

  52. Xtrahabsfan says:

    We have got Philly’s number this year forshure in scoring,fighting and goalkeeping. The Fliers are yesterday’s news!

  53. Bugs says:

    Habs Brothers 2009 Centennial Special Edition Train pulling out of the station with a blast…
    From the PAST, baby.
    Gainey’s number retired. Feb 23, 2008.
    Other ditties from Yesterday?
    – Roy’s kid ruins it for everybody.
    – Maple Leafs apparently giving it another shot.
    – Ryder not the same since losing virginity.
    – Canadiens to trade for LeBron James.
    – And then came Grrrabovski.
    Single home page if you click on “2008”. Go aaaaaall the way down and my brother (he’s the best) breaks it down beautifully with What We’re All About.
    Menu: Short ditties. Promise. We guarantee giggles. Got a laptop, ya c’n bring it to the warshroom wit ya to do ya bizness.
    If you are not 100% satisfied with the site, Habsbros will grant you a 24hr super-duper, carte-blanche goooold Ticket to bash us unto living hell, hell from which, we would consider ourselves touched by the gods to claw our way out of… Hell that would even see us use a preposition to end our sentences…with.
    After that, since there’s really no other means to validate our guarantee, we would naturally, yet kindly, ask you to please get bent.
    Peace Out.

    Lord Bugs Potter, esq. Earl of Fluppitburg, Baron of Flopshlupshire and Knight of the Flannel Republic.

  54. Bugs says:

    “The smurfing began in late Smurfember right around the time where the top smurf on the roster got a smurf in his smurf. After that, there was no smurfing his smurf and the Canadiens really started to smurf.”
    Habsbros 2008. I ain’t sayin’ which article. Letcha guess for yehselves.
    Ok. Enough. G’night.
    Peace Out.

    Lord Bugs Potter, esq. Earl of Fluppitburg, Baron of Flopshlupshire and Knight of the Flannel Republic.

  55. Habs fan in SF says:

    carey price’s save against philly (the one that was under review) was the #1 play of the week on NHL network’s top 10 plays of the week!

  56. Habs fan in SF says:

    probably so. unfortunately, i don’t get TSN in the US. i find it kinda ironic that TSN is paying so much focus on the habs this season … oh yeah, cuz they all know the leafs are rebuilding, oh and it’s the habs 100th year, so yeah, it’s in their favour to do so! idiots …

  57. krob1000 says:

    I believe Sundin is in Toronto to tend to business, play poker and guest star in a promotional hotdog eating duel with Kobayashi for Maple Leaf.

  58. krob1000 says:

    I wonder if there is any substance to this or if the source was our discussion the other day but Eklund is at it again……

    I know many will object to the thought as I found out when I suggested we go after Gaborik last week as a star to move forward with for the next few years. He is tailor made for our speed game and he is “available”. Higgy is a fan favourite and great team guy with two way skills but given how he was rumoured in both the Hossa and Sundin talks I can’t help wonder if he is available for the right price. Mcdonagh and a first is steep but we are pretty solid in the back end and it looks like Maxwell, Max Pac and Dagostini are all primed to challenge for roster spots over the next couple seasons. Add to the mix our depth at defense and two young goalies moving forward and this kind of makes sense. This is the same package we were rumoured to be throwing around a couple of times last season (sundin, hossa,etc)so there just may be something to it….or not.

    You gotta love the line “This is a definite possible outcome”….Eklund at his finest.

  59. HKisses says:

    Well Gainey woke me up this mornign to tell me that Sundin is gonna come play a game for us tonight…

  60. Sami says:

    Great list, and even better corrections. One more for you, #92, I believe Jacques Plante was the first Canadiens’ goaltender to win the Hart Trophy (1961-62 I believe), not Jose Theodore as stated.

  61. the real vinnydj says:

    I hope so tooooooo

  62. moser17 says:

    I dunno, HIB, it wasn’t acrobatic, but it was pretty impressive: he was on his back, watching the play from a skewed angle, tracking the puck from there with people in his crease, and he still managed to swat down a shot headed right into the gaping wide open net.

  63. REB says:

    and y’all complain about Bush Sr and Bush Jr….astounding!

  64. Habs_008 says:

    Just read your facts, it was a great read! I hope they fix it, Thanks for the corrections. Looking forward to a Big opening game tonight. GO habs

  65. HabsInBlood says:

    I’m just as big a Carey fan as anyone, but come on, that was a pretty easy save … it just looked spectacular. He probably made several “more difficult” saves during the game.

  66. bigjames says:

    OK this may be completely crazy, but last year, nov 17 2007 my son was born at 5pm HK time, or 4am Montreal time. that night, habs played bruins at the bell and won 7-4. i actually was watching the game with my son in his little hospital crib (on on my laptop in the hospital). today, almost 11 months to the day, my son took his first steps. and guess what? we’re playing the bruins again. i hope we’re 2 for 2 on my son’s milestones!

  67. nightmare_49 says:

    Boston Preview : Canadiens Thumbnails ….. ………………………………….. Some Streak .. Bruins Blog ….. ………………………………… A Bruin Wants Win in Montreal .. by Steve Conroy .. Boston Herald ….. …………………………………. Great Refs tonight – Marc Joannette and Bill McCreary …………….. NHL Morning Papers – Hollweg Lucky to get Three Games and much more .. by Richard Pollock …..

  68. twocents says:

    Thanks for links Bugs. I have bookmarked and am looking forward to a some good laughs when I get time to check it out.

  69. moser17 says:

    I dunno. I always respected Dryden for taking care of his mind and his future, skipping Boston’s drafting him to go get his degree at Cornell, and then when Pollock didn’t offer him enough money in 1973 he held out and went to get his law degree at McGill. Someone might say ‘money-grubber’, and hey, what do I know, maybe: but I always thought it showed a keen appreciation of the fleetingness of the careers in professional sports and the importance of developing yourself while there’s time. Compare that thought with me thinking: ‘Gee, I wonder what fine academic and intellectual pursuits Eric Lindros is up to while he waits to be traded from the Nordiques …’ Dryden may not have gone out of the goodness of his heart (according to the ancient philosophers, he would have to have been a much older man to do something like that, and even then politics is mainly a duty and not a passion, unless it’s a passion for personal glory and honour), but he went out of diligence and concern. He was interested in being interested, which is a diamond in the rough in today’s widespread numbed apathy. Wow. I hit a rant there. Nothing personal, Timo, I just get pumped a little when I think of what Dryden has done. I wonder if Yale-man Higgins will do something similar? (OK, I had to laugh a little at that myself.)

  70. twocents says:

    Robert, Your last line is very true.

  71. Robert L says:

    I believe that after what Kovalev went through in 2006-07, he came out of it a better person as well as an improved player.

    It’s true that he enjoys the limelight, but he’s a team first guy, and I think he’ll see that what’s best for the club is also what’s best for him.

    There aren’t many unhappy players on a winning team.

  72. nightmare_49 says:

    A Summit Reminder : The pre game dinner on Oct-25 – 3:30pm will be at the Baton Rouge a football toss away from the Bell Center , 1050 rue de la Montagne ….. ……………………… Check it out ….. ……….. After the game will be held at The Sports Station – La Station des Sports – Resto Bar .. 2051 St. Catherine St. (corner Fort) and across the street from Hotel du Fort …..

  73. Robert L says:

    At this point. I’m starting to believe they do not know any better. Years of listening to Bob Cole and Don Cherry will wreck a pure mind that way!

  74. showey47 says:

    god i hope so

  75. habs R my team says:

    team 990 says that they heatd from a source that Laracque will be in the lineup tomorrow night.

  76. Robert L says:

    Doing a little experiment with Habs audio here.

    Click this link below, click download, then click open. A Windows media player will open.

    If everything works as I think it should, you can listen to Danny Gallivan and Dick Irvin call the third period of the Habs 1973 Game 6 Cup win.

    If this doesn’t work, I will delete the message and replace it with “Oops” and go back to the drawing board!

  77. twocents says:

    Robert, I couldn’t do it. But I am on a Mac.

  78. RetroMikey says:

    Does not work Robert!
    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  79. trembl27 says:

    I could not do it with Firefox, it says “unkown error”. It worked with IE in part. I could download the link but it did not work when I tried to open it.

    So I saved it on desktop and I opened it with MediaPlayer and RealPlayer and it did not work. Could not find the WMA file. I think it was searching locally. It offered me to browse for the file.

  80. Xtrahabsfan says:

    That’s going to be the best to see,can’t wait!!!

  81. moser17 says:

    My favorite bit from Laraque: “that’s how Philly plays, but, you know, the good thing about it is the three other games against them that I will be there, so, we’ll see how those games are gonna be.”

    Oh yah.

  82. Xtrahabsfan says:

    If the Rock played last nite and the bozo fliers tried that crap they would still be picking up teeth today,he he

  83. twocents says:

    Thank you for the audio, it’s great to hear from these guys.

    I will say that I prefer the audio in one larger file. Clicking on all these bits is unnecessary and doesn’t save any time for those who are interested in all the comments. Don’t get me wrong, I am still grateful to have them offered.

  84. 24 Cups says:

    Timo – It’s Downie for me, with Hartnell a close second. These clowns love to blindside and hit from behind. They both remind me of that Hollweg slug in Toronto.

    Going for the Brass Ring – 25 Cups in 100 Years

  85. Drive_For_25 says:

    Me personally would love to see him just destroy Kaleta from Buffalo. He busted up Markov pretty good with an elbow last year and is just a goon and good for nuthin else. He pretty much doesn’t even need a stick to play his game and BGL won’t stand for any head hunting out there!!

  86. Naila Jinnah says:

    I’m so glad to finally hear from Higgins… I was starting to think he’d never speak up!

  87. havok says:

    Lots of love to the lovely Andie!

    Thank you!

  88. Habs_008 says:

    i can not get this at work, anyone want to post the important parts of what was said by each….just the important parts, thanks in advanced to anyone who posts.

  89. habscup25 says:

    I think Andi’s amazing. Thanks for the audio snippets.

    I personally like the big chunks of audio that you gotta go thru and digest… ;P

    Can’t wait til tomorrow @ the Bell Center! The atmosphere is going to be HABSolutely INCREDIBLE!


  90. Vid says:

    great avatar btw. Wish I had thought of it myself.

  91. Harani says:

    Here are the main points from Laraque’s audio:

    -The quality of the top 3 line is unbelievable
    -Powerplay is a s strong as it was with Souray or Mark Streit…no changes…
    -Fantasy camp is over…felt like he won a contest to skate with the stars
    -Feels like 100% ready to go
    -His main goal is not have a career high in goals but to keep the players high and protected so they could do their work : ‘’Try to climb the ceiling as high as we can’’
    -Lot of teams are physical….He knows that when he plays none of that is going to happen…says jokingly that it is the way for ppl like him to be in the NHL
    -Was frustrated to see the Philly hits… ‘’The good thing is that in the next games, I will be there and we’ll how those are gonna be!’’
    -Opening game…the coach has to decide coz he hasn’t practice with the team…timing and stuff…wil trust Carbo’s decision
    -He was born here and feels happy to be back here in the atmosphere….family is also excited
    – The death of Cherapanov…we’re frustrated and this puts us back on track…fortunate to have doctors and sometimes….our heart gives away ‘’When it’s too late, it’s too late!’’

    I will do Higgins and Bouillon later…

  92. Habs_008 says:

    Thanks, thats great. He is going to be huge for us this year. What if the rock was playing yesterday? I dont think Philly would have taken liberties like that. The habs would have had the game won sooner, or at less be less banked up.

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